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Hot Tub Party

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Jenny floated through the party, taking in the sights at Natalie’s new place. Word around the campus was that Marcus and Natalie threw the best parties in town. She and Natalie had been friends since high school, though they hadn’t had a chance to talk much in the past year when Natalie moved away for college. When she heard that Jenny had finally gotten into the same college and moved into town she sent out an invite right away.

Jenny had decided to go with her usual ‘clubbing’ look for the party, nice tight capris and a handkerchief tank top with her long blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. The outfit never failed to help her strike up conversations with new people. There were quite a few new people too. With a house this big, Natalie could afford to invite just about everyone she knew. She spotted a few people she knew from her classes here and there, and she noticed more than a few guys enjoying the view provided by her tight pants as she sashayed by. None really sparked her interest though. Many of the rooms were dark save for assorted blinking lights, which more than a few seemed to have used to their advantage to find good make-out spots. Couples in secluded spots tried to look like they were just having simple conversation as they sneakily nipped at each other’s necks and slipped fingers under each other’s clothing. She made a note to maybe come back here if she found someone fun on the dance floor.

Finally she found her way into the house’s biggest dance room, complete with the disco balls and multicolored lights and whatnot. Gracefully she made her way onto the floor, letting the rhythm carry her. She always loved dancing because it allowed her to just cut loose and forget about all the stress of the average day. She drifted elegantly through the crowd, her hips gyrating sensually to the smooth tempo. She caught some shy guy watching her movement with interest, who sheepishly turned away when she winked at him. Too bad, his loss. The next to catch her eye was a pretty good dancer. Not amazing to look at, but not bad either. Sadly, his girlfriend soon stepped in and flicked his ear in annoyance to get his attention, after which he went back to dancing with her and probably tried to fabricate some silly excuse. Jenny chuckled softly and rejoined the flow of the music.

Suddenly a pair of strong but gentle hands appeared on her hips, causing her to gasp in surprise. Whoever he was, he was a very good dancer. He instantly matched her rhythm, his body just barely touching hers as he grooved with her. She grinned and leaned into him a little to feel him better and reached up to let her fingers play across his neck. His breath was warm on her neck and she leaned her head back a bit, getting a whiff of his cologne. The effect nearly took her knees out from under her, but his hand swiftly moved to her midriff to help her stay up. She found herself purring softly, enjoying the feel of his hand on her bare skin.

He nuzzled her gently as they danced, his clean-shaven skin gliding smoothly along her neck and heightening her arousal. She answered him by playfully nibbling at his neck. His hand moved slowly back and forth along her belly, fingertips just barely sneaking under her top without exploring farther north. She eased herself in just a little bit closer to him to encourage him and felt his growing bulge pressing against her tush. She bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud.

All too soon the thumping beats faded away, but a nice slow song followed shortly after. She grinned and turned around in his arms to stand face to face, casually slipping her arms around his neck, and he smiled back and placed his hands at the small of her back to hold her close.

He matched her movements as perfectly as before, gently swaying this way and that. Even though they were slowing down her heart was still speeding up. She leaned in close and rested her head on his shoulder, partially to catch her breath and partially to nuzzle his neck and get another whiff of that wonderful cologne. She purred again for him as he smoothed his hands up and down her bare back and playfully nibbled his neck in return. Her stiff nipples gave her little waves of pleasure each time they rubbed against him. She made a mental note to thank Natalie later for inviting her, and him. They nuzzled each other as they danced, her hands exploring his firm shoulders as his fingers slowly wandered up her side and traced along her collarbone. He gazed into her eyes as he brushed his finger up the nape of her neck, and she found herself closing her eyes and slowly leaning in to meet his lips. She just barely felt the tip of his tongue brush against her lips before he pulled back teasingly. His hand playfully glided down her arm to take her hand his and he brought it to his lips to kiss it softly before disappearing into the crowd.

“Jenny! Hey Jenny!”

“Nat!” Natalie weaved through the crowd to envelop her friend in a big hug, and then the two quickly moved on out to a slightly quieter room to catch up on things. She passed Jenny a drink and got one for herself as they flopped down onto a couch in a nearby room. Natalie crossed her legs as she sat down, sipping at her drink as they exchanged stories of the past year. Jenny noticed that her friend didn’t dress quite so conservatively as she had a year ago. For the longest time she had been a simple jeans & t-shirt gal. Tonight she was dressed in a dangerously short skirt and a blouse that she had tied up under her breasts, displaying them rather prominently. They reminisced for quite awhile, bringing each other up to date on all the things that had happened over the past dozen months. Jenny was particularly anxious to hear about this mysterious Marcus that her best friend was so crazy about, asking all sorts of questions.

“I went through quite a few frogs before I met my prince. I guess most of them came after me cause they thought a quiet little girl like me would be easy to control.” She sipped her drink thoughtfully. “But Marcus was different. He kept me safe and gave me freedom at the same time.” She laughed a little at that. “That doesn’t make any sense does it?”

“Kinda,” she agreed with a giggle. “He sounds like a really nice guy.”

“Mmhmm. He showed me so many things. And he encourages me to experiment with new ideas too,” she added with a wink. Jenny’s eyes strayed a little as Natalie casually leaned on the back of the couch, giving her a rather extensive view of her friend’s cleavage. Her breasts strained against the tightly tied blouse, and the thin material did nothing to hide the twin protrusions of her nipples. “You like ‘em?”

“Wha?” She belatedly realized she was staring and couldn’t help but grin sheepishly.

Natalie smiled back. “All natural, babe.” She gave her breast a light squeeze as if to prove the point. “I’ve filled out nicely in the past few months. Don’t worry though, you’ve still got the biggest tits on campus.” They both giggled at that.

Jenny finished off her drink and set it aside. “So when do I get to meet this Marcus of yours?”

Natalie grinned. “You already did.” Jenny gave her a blank look of confusion. “On the dance floor.” Just then her dance partner from before sauntered up behind the couch, casually giving Natalie a quick greeting kiss.

“That was… oh I’m sorry, I didn’t…” She tried to stammer out an apology but Natalie waved it off with a laugh.

“No need to apologize. Marcus and I are very open with our relationship. He was just making sure my favorite guest had fun. Looks like you did too,” she added with a wink. To punctuate the statement she casually reached over and gave her friend’s stiff nipple a little pinch through her top, eliciting a surprised squeal from her. Before she could ask where that came from, Natalie got up and motioned for Jenny to follow. “Hey, wanna see my hot tub?”

“I could, but I didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

“S’ok, you can use one of mine. Would you get things ready for us Marcus?”

“Sure thing.” He made Natalie giggle with a hug and a nibble on her neck.

Marcus headed off to get the hot tub going as the girls made their way upstairs to Natalie’s room. Rummaging through a dresser drawer, she procured a black string bikini for herself and a blue one for her friend. They were terribly skimpy little things, even by Jenny’s standards. The top would barely cover more than her nipples, and the bottom had that sexy French cut that seemed to be so popular these days.

Jenny took the bikini and turned away to get changed, as well as to hide a slight blush. Natalie certainly had changed in just one short year. She seemed more mature now, not the shy little thing that had hung around her in high school. She seemed to have grown up physically as well. She couldn’t help but steal a glance at the way Natalie’s breasts bounced as she freed them from her shirt. She unsnapped her skirt and set it aside, then bent over nice and low as she slid her thong panties off. Jenny would have to ask her later what gym she had been visiting to get a tush like that. Her legs were great too. She was almost disappointed when Natalie put on the bikini, though it left little to the imagination. Whoa now. What was all that about? She and Natalie had always been close, but not like that (despite the numerous rumors to the contrary). She did admire Natalie’s good looks. But in a ‘I’d like to look like that’ kinda way. Right?

She jumped back to reality when she felt Natalie tap her on the shoulder. “Hey, you gonna change or just watch?” She chuckled at her own joke as Jenny sheepishly refocused on getting changed. Swiftly she undid the ties on her top and slipped her capris off, wondering if Natalie was watching her too. She switched her panties for bikini bottoms, and then made a futile attempt at getting the top on.

“Hm. I can never seem to tie these things right.”

“Lemme help ya then.” Jenny gasped softly as Natalie’s hands casually smoothed up her back to get the top tie in place, then caressed down to the lower one. Then she stepped in close to her friend, slipping her arms around Jenny’s waist to embrace her from behind. Jenny found herself blushing again as her friend’s soft breasts pressed into her back. She stayed that way maybe a little longer than needed, the two of them checking out Jenny’s new look in the mirror, their cheeks touching slightly. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear Natalie had just sniffed her. “Perfect,” she said with a mischievous grin. She then took Jenny’s hand and led her out. “C’mon, this is gonna be fun!”

Many eyes and whispers followed them as they made their way out to the hot tub, no doubt making various entertaining assumptions about to bikini-clad girls sneaking off somewhere hand in hand. They met up with Marcus as they stepped out onto the patio, already set to go in swim shorts. He looked even better now that she got to see him in a good light, especially with that toned body. “Hey.” He greeted Natalie with a warm hug and a passionate kiss, casually sliding his hand down to give her tush a playful squeeze. She purred softly as they rubbed noses, and then turned their attention back to Jenny, who sheepishly glanced away as she realized she was staring again.

Natalie casually slipped her arm around Marcus’ broad shoulders. “Hey baby. Everything ready?”

“You bet.” Marcus grinned and took Jenny’s hand in his to give it a familiar kiss. He seemed to enjoy making her squirm. She kinda liked it. “Shall we?”

They made their way outside to the hot tub, which was secluded away to give a nice view of the nearby waterfront while also keeping those in the hot tub out of view of those in the house. Natalie sat on the side and gracefully swung her legs over to slip into the water. Marcus simply stepped in and offered Jenny a hand climbing over the side. She took it with a smile, giggling as he sat her down in between himself and Natalie. The girls’ breasts bobbed nicely on the bubbly waters. “I always like to come here after a long night of dancing,” said Natalie. “Feels real good on my legs.”

Jenny nodded and sighed softly, enjoying the feel of the bubbles traversing her skin. She stretched her arms and leaned back, resting her hands behind her head and maybe semi-intentionally giving Marcus a nice view of her cleavage. He scooted a little closer to her and casually leaned on the side of the hot tub. They exchanged smiles at the development. “This is a really nice place you’ve got here, Nat,” said Jenny.

Natalie grinned mischievously as she slid over closer to her, letting their thighs lightly brush together. “Yep. I especially like the extra features.” Jenny mused about what that might mean, and off-handedly pondered Marcus’ special features. Just how open was their relationship?

Then she squeaked in surprise as she heard the click and felt Marcus handcuff her wrists behind her head to the side of the hot tub. “What are you-“

Natalie pressed a finger to Jenny’s lips and quietly shushed her. “It’s okay, sweetie. We’re not gonna do anything you don’t want. And I can tell there’s something you want very badly now.”

Jenny hissed softly as she felt Marcus’ fingers casually trace circles up her inner thigh. She wanted more of that real bad right now, but she was embarrassed at the thought of it all happening right in front of her best friend. Let alone the dozens of partygoers only a few yards away. “W-what if someone walks in on us?”

“Don’t worry,” said Marcus as he reached up to caress her cheek, “I’ve got friends making sure we won’t be disturbed, and the loud music will make sure nobody gets suspicious if we start getting noisy.” Natalie giggled knowingly. “We’ve been planning this for awhile,” he said with a nod to Natalie.

Natalie leaned in and idly drew circles on Jenny’s swiftly hardening nipple through the thin material of her top as she spoke, causing her to squirm visibly. Part of her wanted to wriggle away, but part of her wanted more. “See, Marcus has been wanting to try a three-way for awhile. He even said I could pick the girl. Isn’t he sweet?” She grinned and Jenny grinned weakly back. All this teasing was making it hard for her to think. Her lips moved wordlessly as she stumbled to find some excuse to get out of this while her body distracted her with excuses to stay. Natalie laughed softly at her friend’s indecision. “Maybe you’d like to start off with something more familiar.”

Jenny quivered with anticipation as Marcus traced his fingertip along her jaw to her chin. She was used to being the one in control, wearing the skimpy outfits and making guys’ heads turn. Now she was at the mercy of her best friend and her sexy boyfriend, and she had to admit she was extremely turned on. Her breasts rose and fell quickly with her anxious breathing. She smiled to herself thinking of how sexy she must look right now, nipples erect, her position thrusting her breasts out invitingly. She closed her eyes and parted her lips slightly, anxious for Marcus to finish what he started on the dance floor. The few seconds before his lips touched hers seemed like an eternity.

She let herself go, moaning into the kiss and delicately lapping at his tongue as it slipped between her lips. Her hands reflexively strained at the cuffs, begging to touch him. He slowly walked his fingers down her neck and across her collarbone, then lightly traced down and back up her cleavage. She lightly closed her lips around his tongue and sucked on it gently, swirling her tongue all around it. Absently she felt Natalie’s hand smooth along her shoulder to the back of her neck and swiftly open the top tie. She then brought her hand down and around to get the second tie and pulled the bikini top off, tossing it aside somewhere and leaving Jenny’s breasts bare. She almost moved to cover herself before remembering it would be a futile gesture. Marcus’ tongue dueling with hers was almost too good for her to care anyway.

Marcus broke the kiss to let Jenny catch her breath, and she found she actually was breathing raggedly from the excitement. She glanced between her two friends with a big grin, still nervous but no longer at all interested in leaving. “So Jenny, Nat tells me you have really sensitive nipples.” Casually he circled her nipple with his fingertips and gave it a little twist, laughing softly as she squeaked in response. “Oh this is gonna be fun.”

“Mmm, definitely.” Natalie leaned in and cupped Jenny’s firm breast in her hand, teasingly running her thumb back and forth over the nipple and watching her body jump. Jenny’s first thought was to respond to Natalie with a kiss, but something stopped her. Should she? Why shouldn’t she? Marcus’ soft lips tapped light kisses up and down her neck as she tried to make her decision. Natalie smiled seductively, knowing exactly what was going on in her friend’s head, and leaned in to nibble her earlobe as she whispered softly. “It’s okay. I know you want to.” Their eyes met as Natalie leaned in so close that their lips brushed together as she spoke. “Kiss me.” Society instinct wore away quickly under natural instinct, especially with Marcus’ lips on her collarbone and fingers teasing her nipple to keep her aroused. She wanted him between her legs right now so bad. She gasped as Marcus gave her nipple a light pinch. She was so horny she had to do something. So she closed her eyes and slowly leaned in to kiss her best friend.

The taste was so different than kissing a boy. Her lips were softer and her kiss was less insistent, more casual. She felt Natalie’s small tongue flitting lightly against her lips, not penetrating but just saying hi. She answered by parting her lips slightly to lap at Natalie’s tongue with her own. Jenny almost broke the kiss as another moan of pleasure was released, partially from Marcus’ tongue gliding up and down her cleavage while he gently squeezed her breasts in his strong hands, and partially from the sudden appearance of Natalie’s hand tenderly stroking the front of Jenny’s bikini bottoms. She almost pulled away from the hand, but then gave in and arched her body to press herself against it.

The stimulation soon became too much. She broke the kiss as her head fell back and her body stiffened, the familiar feeling building between her legs. All too soon, however, their hands and mouths left her body. She strained against her bonds to try to press into their gentle touches again, or at least to touch herself and bring herself over the edge, but to no avail. She whimpered softly with desire as they sat back grinning at her.

Marcus casually reached out to caress Jenny’s cheek and she nuzzled against his hand affectionately, eager for his touch. “Poor baby,” giggled Natalie, “you’re so horny you’re gonna explode aren’t you?”

“You’re having a lot of fun with this yourself I see,” added Marcus with a grin. Jenny watched on as Marcus and Natalie kissed passionately, tongues dueling hungrily as his hand slipped under Natalie’s bikini top to fondle her breast and her hand disappeared under the water, brushing against Jenny’s thigh on the way to give Marcus’ throbbing erection a friendly stroke. Jenny moaned softly just from watching it. She strained against her bonds again, wanting to feel them, wanting to touch them, wanting to do something.

Natalie smirked at Jenny as they broke their kiss. “Our guest of honor seems to feel left out.” She and Marcus then leaned in to join her in a three-way kiss, three tongues lustfully gliding all over each other. Jenny moaned loudly, partially wondering if the music really would drown out their noise but not really giving a damn. A pair of hands, one masculine and one feminine, appeared on her thighs and slowly traveled upward. She continued to nibble at the twin tongues and used what leverage she had to raise her hips as the hands slowly slipped her bikini bottoms off. Then she cried out in ecstasy as something warm and bubbly began to very lightly vibrate against her pussy like a hundred little tongues, throwing her head back as her whole body arched. “Gotta love creatively placed bubble jets.” Jenny whimpered in agreement.

At first she tried to close her legs. Sometimes she sat near the jet in hot tubs but it was usually on too hard, even through her bikini bottoms. But then Marcus and Natalie each placed a gentle hand on her thighs and slowly opened her to the bubbles. She moaned and writhed helplessly as the little watery tongues lapped relentlessly at her center, a few stray bubbles even glancing along her clit. “Relax, babe,” whispered Marcus. “Just ease into it.” She smiled up at him weakly and tried to kiss him again but he teasingly pulled back, leaving her with only the jet. Finally she resigned herself to her fate and let the bubbles wash over her most sensitive place. She found she could even get them to hit all on her clit if she shifted just right.

At first she whimpered and bit her lip as the bubbles assaulted her clit, but she gradually eased into it and let the sheer ecstasy wash over her. She moaned long and loud, her body trembled uncontrollably, her hands strained against the cuffs to try to reach out and touch somebody, and finally she neared orgasm once again… and then Natalie turned the jet off, once again leaving her unfulfilled. She whimpered with desire. “Please Nat, I wanna cum…”

Marcus laughed softly as he drew little circles around Jenny’s nipple with his finger. “Think we should let her cum honey? She asked so nicely.”

Natalie purred seductively and grinned, giving her friend’s nipple a light twist and watching her jump. “Maybe, if she’s lucky.” Then they both leaned in to taste her.

Jenny gasped as twin tongues went to work on her, Marcus flicking his tongue along her collarbone while Natalie nibbled down and back up her neck. Their four hands roamed all over her body. One moment Natalie’s fingers were brushing up her inner thigh as Marcus slowly circled her nipple with his thumb. The next, Marcus teasingly smoothed his hand ever so close to her quivering pussy without letting her feel him touch it while Natalie gently tugged on her nipples. Jenny moaned and writhed under their fingers and tongues, pressing herself into their touch.

She barely managed to whisper breathless encouragements as they began to venture south. Their mouths reached her breasts in unison and Jenny moaned loudly as Marcus closed his lips around one nipple to suck on it tenderly while Natalie’s tongue flitted around the other in little circles. Jenny shuddered as she felt Marcus’ fingers lightly probing at her center, stroking her folds and occasionally teasing her clit with a swift circle of his thumb, and she giggled with elation as Natalie’s fingers played along her neck.

When her fingers touched her lips she couldn’t help herself and playfully licked at her friend’s fingers. She desperately wanted to do something to touch or feel or taste them. She especially wanted to reward Marcus for how well he nibbled at her nipple with those luscious lips of his. Natalie grinned up at her friend as she enveloped her nipple with her lips and lashed at it with her tongue. Jenny gazed down at her friends as they pleasured her and shuddered with pleasure as she watched their lips and tongues dance on her breasts, catching a glimpse of Natalie sneaking her free hand inside her bikini bottoms to stroke herself as well. “Nat…” she sighed, “I want to… ooh…” She could barely speak from the coursing pleasure.

Natalie tugged Jenny’s nipple lightly with her teeth before replacing lips with fingers and gliding up to gaze into her friend’s eyes with a lustful grin. “Want to do what hon?” She let their stiff nipples glide gently against each other, eliciting a soft moan from both of them.

“I want… ahh…” Marcus was making it very difficult for her to speak coherently. “I want to… to taste you…” She blushed as she realized she had just asked to lick her best friend’s intimate parts. She didn’t bother taking it back though.

Natalie smiled wide and reached back to deftly untie her bikini top, tossing it out to join Jenny’s clothes. Marcus shifted slightly next to her, taking over both of her breasts as Natalie caressed Jenny’s cheek fondly, rising up to offer her breasts to her friend. Jenny’s warm ragged breathing caused Natalie’s nipples to get just a little harder. “Ooh, that feels nice… now go ahead sweetie… do what you wanna do.”

Jenny experimentally extended her tongue and lightly flicked Natalie’s nipple, causing her friend to shiver and grin. Jenny grinned back and tenderly kissed her nipple, curiously enjoying the feeling of a stiffening nipple under her lips. Quickly she tried to think of what sort of thing she liked guys to do with her breasts. As if on cue, Marcus made her moan softly as he sucked tenderly on her nipple and flicked it with his tongue. Barely able to focus with Marcus’ magic fingers teasing her nipple and clit, she tentatively nibbled and swirled her tongue in little circles. Natalie purred softly for her. Jenny marveled at how supple Natalie’s breasts were under her lips. No wonder guys liked breasts so much.

Jenny switched back and forth from one breast to the other, enjoying her turn to make Natalie writhe and whimper. She teased one with a few flicks of her tongue this way and that, then tugged on the other with her lips. She wanted to fondle Natalie’s lovely breasts with her hands too, but for the damn cuffs. Softly she moaned onto a nipple as Marcus gently began to ease a finger deeper between her folds down below, adding a gentle nip with his teeth on her nipple for good measure. Jenny did the same for Natalie’s nipple, eliciting a cry of pleasure from her friend. She tried to wriggle harder onto Marcus’ finger, but he wouldn’t have it. No matter how she writhed and arched he would only let her have a little bit for now.

“Ooh… Marcus… Nat… I’m…” The rest of her statement was cut off as the raging torrent of sexual tension built up within her once again. She sucked harder on Natalie’s wonderful breasts, pressed herself harder against Marcus’ magical fingers and lips on her nipples and clit, tried to finally free herself. But once again they pulled away just in time to leave her at the very verge of orgasm. They had made her so horny she might just try to break the cuffs off to get at them. Her body quivered with desire as she looked at them pleadingly, begging them with her eyes.

Marcus brushed a stray hair away from Jenny’s eyes, letting his fingertips brush along her cheek before pulling away. “Well she’s been a really good sport about this. How about we take her inside to finish things up Nat?”

“Sounds good to me. How about you hon?”

Jenny nodded vigorously at the word ‘finish’. She didn’t care where they took her or what they did to her as long as she would get off in the process. With a gentle flick Marcus slipped the chain of the handcuffs off the hook, finally letting Jenny’s arms down. He then picked her up in his strong arms to carry her out of the hot tub, causing her to squeak in surprise and mock protest. He was stronger than he looked. She nibbled at his neck and he turned to let her have one more kiss. She closed her eyes and lapped at her tongue lustfully as she shivered from the cool night air on her wet skin. She was glad he was carrying her because the kiss probably would have taken her legs out from under her. Gently he set her down without breaking the kiss, making her shiver again as he growled softly in response to her hands on his bare chest for support. Then while was distracted, he lifted the chain of her cuffs to another hook on the wall.

As Jenny looked on, Marcus gave Natalie a hand climbing out of the hot tub and enveloped her in his arms for a passionate kiss. Their tongues entwined and her hands roamed affectionately along his chest as his hand slipped under her bikini bottoms to lightly stroke her slit, causing her to moan into the kiss and gracefully wrap her leg around his waist. Natalie slowly withdrew her tongue from Marcus’ lips and rested her head on his shoulder as Marcus with drew his hand from her flower and slipped it up to give her nipple a gentle tweak before resting it back on her hip. They both grinned at her, taking in the beautiful sight of her body aching to be touched, wet skin glowing softly in the moonlight, breasts heaving, all of her being consumed by lust. “We’d better get dried off before we go in,” commented Marcus. “Wouldn’t want to get the bed all wet while I’m getting you two all wet,” he added with a smirk.

Marcus took the initiative, standing behind Natalie to give Jenny the best view as he gently rubbed a small hand towel along her neck, to which she grinned and purred in response, obediently lifting her arms onto Marcus’ shoulders as he continued down. Her lips met his as he smoothed the towel along her skin, giving one breast a gentle squeeze and then the other. Jenny watched the show, moaning in sympathy and wishing it was she under Marcus’ strong hands. Natalie and Marcus purred and growled together, Natalie arching her back slightly as Marcus’ other hand lightly stroked the front of her bikini bottoms. He gradually continued down, tapping little kisses down her belly as he caressed her thighs with the towel. She smiled down at him, running her fingers through his hair. Jenny trembled as she watched the towel move up and down Natalie’s thighs, moving ever closer to her center. She hoped the hook would hold her weight if she fainted. Natalie moaned as Marcus’ tongue flicked up and down the sides of her bikini bottoms, sometimes letting the tip slip teasingly under the material. Finally he gave her thigh a gentle squeeze as he planted a good long kiss on her pussy through the thin material.

“Ooh… you know I love it when you do that.” She caressed his cheek and touched her fingertips to his chin, standing him up to eye level with her just with her touch. “Now it’s your turn,” she said with a hungry grin and a mischievous wink to Jenny. She almost asked them to come give her a go, but she knew that would just make them tease her longer. Instead she just watched as Natalie smoothed the towel back and forth along Marcus’ toned chest and shoulders, often following the soft touch with a soft kiss. He smiled down and gently fondled her hair as she very slowly rubbed the towel along his prominent erection, tracing his abs with her tongue. “These are soaked,” she said with a glance over her shoulder to Jenny. “They’ll have to go.” She paused for dramatic effect, and then swiftly removed Marcus’ shorts. Jenny gasped as she took in the sight of his fully erect shaft. She wasn’t coherent enough at the moment to guess inches but it was plain to see he had more length and thickness than any of her past boyfriends. She felt her whole body tingle just from seeing it. Natalie just laughed. “That’s about the effect it had the first time he showed it to me too.” She flicked her tongue along the head briefly just to make him moan, and then stood up.

Jenny beamed as they finally approached her with the towels. Their tongues entwined in a three-way kiss as they felt all over her body with the thin towels, paying extra attention to her breasts. She arched as they twisted the towels back and forth over her nipples, causing her to toss her head back and forth and mew softly. Their tongues soon followed, flitting all around but never touching her sensitive nipples. She gasped and moaned softly each time Natalie’s stiff nipples or Marcus’ hard shaft brushed against her body. She quivered under their attentions as they traversed down her body, ever so slowly caressing and nibbling and lapping. Four hands appeared on her thighs to hold her up. She was too busy writhing to care whose were where. “So tell me Jenny,” said Marcus as he kissed up her inner thigh, “whose tongue would you rather have inside you right now? Would you like to feel mine?”

“Or maybe you’d like to feel mine,” said Natalie as she did the same on her other inner thigh.

“I… ohh… um…” Jenny wasn’t much in a position to be thinking.

Marcus gently kissed just to the right of Jenny’s slit. “Which will it be?”

Natalie slowly traced the tip of her tongue up and down just to the left. “Better choose quickly.”

“I… I don’t know… I want… ahh… both!”

Marcus and Natalie exchanged grins. “Kinda greedy,” he joked.

“But I like her thinking,” replied Natalie. Then they both began to gently tongue Jenny’s pussy.

Jenny was in heaven. Even with four hands holding her up she could barely stay standing as her body quivered and writhed with the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. The twin tongues lapped and flicked and smoothed and caressed all around. One would glide up and down her folds as the other delicately lapped at her clit. One would tease the outside while the other wiggled inside. Often the two tongues intertwined, lapping at each other inside her. They didn’t neglect her sensitive nipples either. Marcus and Natalie each snaked a hand up Jenny’s body to gently fondle her breasts. She moaned and whimpered and purred and encouraged them to pleasure her further. They nibbled her clit, they teased her slit, they pinched her nipples, they stimulated every fiber of being until she could take no more. She tried to will herself over the edge, but she wouldn’t have her satisfaction yet. As before they pulled away just in time to leave her on the verge. Though it was a bit annoying she had to admit she was starting to like this. She had never been so aroused for so long before.

Jenny practically fell into Marcus’ arms as he opened the cuffs to finally free her hands. She leaned back against him as her legs trembled under her, glad for his arms appearing around her waist. She purred up at him affectionately as she felt his arousal stirring against her tush. Natalie caressed her cheek and gave her neck a playful nip. Then, arm in arm in arm, they took a side door back inside. Jenny nervously looked all around as they went, certain that at any moment some random partygoer would spot them. Luckily they made it up to Natalie’s bedroom without incident, locking the door securely. “Time for the big finale,” said Natalie with a giggle. “But first, we should thank Marcus for all his support.” She took hold of Jenny’s shoulders and gently lowered her to kneel in front of Marcus. Jenny stared wide-eyed at the thick shaft before her. Did Nat expect her to take all of that? It wouldn’t be the first time she had done that sort of thing, but she wasn’t sure she could take the girth. “Bit big for you love?” Natalie knelt beside her friend. “How about we share it then.” The girls exchanged lustful grins.

Jenny and Natalie flicked their tongues back and forth along his shaft, slowly traversing down to the base and back up. They let their hands roam over his toned body as their tongues roamed over his arousal, Natalie preferring to nibble up and down the shaft as Jenny closed her lips around the head and swirled her tongue around it. Marcus growled appreciatively for them and reached down to fondly caress their cheeks and fondle their hair. Jenny purred softly and gazed up into Marcus’ eyes as she teased his head, slowly gliding her tongue in little circles this way and that as she sucked tenderly. She began to absently touch herself, giving her nipple a tweak and then slipping her hands between her legs, moaning as she dipped her fingers into her soft folds.

Natalie lightly nipped Jenny’s neck as she took her friend’s hand in hers. “Naughty girl. Can’t have you cumming too early. You can help me along though.” She held Jenny’s hand to her breast as she pressed her lips to the head of Marcus’ shaft again. Jenny took it from the other side, letting her tongue flit against Natalie’s as she licked all around the head. Marcus moaned under their twin tongues and encouraged them with more gentle touches on their necks and shoulders. Jenny experimentally fondled Natalie’s breast, touching her as she liked to be touched. She felt incredibly turned on in this situation, being in control of the arousal of two people at the same time and yet not being allowed to have an orgasm herself. She hungrily nibbled at Marcus’ manhood as she gently twisted Natalie’s nipple, enjoying the purrs and growls from both of them and gasping as Natalie’s hand appeared on her breast with a gentle squeeze.

Their hands went south in unison to find each others’ flowers. All three of them shuddered and moaned from each other’s techniques. Natalie gently parted Jenny’s folds and expertly curled her fingers to lightly caress her friend’s g-spot. Jenny smoothed her hand down her friend’s tummy and under her bikini bottoms and teased her slit with a finger while tracing her thumb around her friend’s clit, mimicking the way she liked to touch herself. There was something different about her friend’s pussy but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it… figuratively speaking. Marcus just savored all the wonderful sensations of two beautiful young ladies tenderly sucking and nibbling and licking at his shaft. Marcus and Natalie exchanged glances, and then when Marcus felt he could take no more he placed his hands on the girls’ shoulders to push them back, leaving him on the edge and ready to go. Likewise Natalie withdrew her hand from her friend’s pussy taking Jenny’s hand in hers and bringing it to her lips to gently suck on her fingers as she gazed at her seductively. Jenny couldn’t help but blush.

They rose into Marcus’ arms and he gave them each a tender kiss, lightly gliding his tongue along theirs and sneaking his hands around to give their breasts a squeeze before sliding down to rest them on their hips. “Hey baby, I just got a fun idea for what we can do with her next,” said Marcus with a mischievous grin.

“Oh?” said Natalie, casually caressing his chest. “Do tell…”

Marcus softly kissed Jenny as he gently pushed her back onto the bed, masterfully entwining his tongue with hers. “I bet you’d love to have that tongue between your legs again.”

“Oh yes… ooh!” She cried out softly as his mouth appeared on her breast, lightly sucking on her nipple and flitting his tongue back and forth over the tip. Natalie grinned as she watched her boyfriend pleasure her best friend, sitting beside them and slipping her hand inside her bikini bottoms to stroke herself.

“Well then, let’s make a game of it.” Jenny gripped the sheets anxiously as his lips tapped down her belly and whimpered softly as Natalie lightly traced a circle on her nipple with a long fingernail. “Nat, bet you’d love a good lick right about now.”

“Mmm, you know it baby,” she said with a wink, giving Jenny’s nipple a light pinch to punctuate it.

He hovered above Jenny’s pussy, tenderly caressing her thighs and leaning just low enough so she could feel his warm breath on her folds. “Therefore,” he said with a mischievous grin to Jenny, “the better you lick her, the better I’ll lick you.”

“Ooh, I like that game!” Natalie giggled like a schoolgirl as she gave Jenny’s nipple a parting tweak before sliding off the bed to remove her final bit of clothing. “And now I get to show her my surprise too.” She winked at her captive audience as she turned away and slowly began to lower the bikini bottoms, ironically much like she had when they were changing into their bikinis. It seemed like ancient history now. Jenny quickly discovered Natalie’s ‘surprise’ as she straddled her friend’s chest; she was shaved. “Do you like it? Marcus says he loves to lick it.”

“All night long baby,” he quipped with a grin.

Natalie grinned back before turning back to Jenny, who gazed upon her friend’s pussy pensively. Here it was, more or less the final step to really calling herself bi. Could she do it? She wanted to pleasure Natalie, and she knew from experience that this was one of the best ways to be pleasured. “Go ahead hon,” she coaxed gently as she caressed Jenny’s cheek. “You said you wanted to taste me, didn’t you? Well here’s the best part of me.” Tentatively she extended her tongue, tracing just the tip of it up Natalie’s slit. Natalie stiffened slightly in response, smiling down at her friend. She continued to slowly tongue up and down, smiling back as she caused Natalie to moan softly. In return, Marcus caused Jenny to whimper by ever so gently pressing his soft lips to her clit. She grinned. She was starting to like this game.

She let her hands caress up and down Natalie’s thighs as she continued to gently lap at her pussy, wiggling her tongue a little deeper inside on each pass. Natalie purred softly and closed her eyes, arching her back slightly as she savored the pleasure. Marcus delicately nibbled Jenny’s folds, causing her to moan into Natalie’s pussy. She decided to try the same and gently closed her lips around a fold, giving it a little tug. Natalie gasped and sighed elatedly, the wave of pleasure traveling visibly up her body.

Jenny cried out softly as Marcus’ tongue wriggled deep inside her, expertly lapping all around. Not wanting to disappoint, she gently closed her lips around Natalie’s clit and swirled her tongue in nice gentle circles. She even upped the ante by smoothing her hands up to fondle Natalie’s pert breasts. Natalie found herself actually quivering from her friend’s lovely fingers and tongue. Jenny began to tremble as well when Marcus closed his lips around her clit to flit his tongue back and forth over it while slipping his fingers deep inside her. Natalie bit her lip and seemed reluctant as she pulled her friend’s hands away from her breasts and moved to sit beside her again.

Likewise Marcus scooted up the bed, lying beside Jenny and gently twisting her nipple as he nibbled her neck. She cooed softly and ran her fingers through his hair, feeling her pace quicken as she felt his stiff shaft brush against her thigh. Natalie cozied up next to her to let their nipples brush together and kiss her softly. Jenny let her hands roam, one sliding down to affectionately stroke Marcus’ shaft and the other giving Natalie’s breast a friendly squeeze.

Jenny mewed as Natalie lightly traced a fingertip along her pussy. “Mmm… I think it’s time.”

Marcus growled lustfully and gently rubbed the head of his shaft up and down her slit. She instinctively lifted her hips to try to let him in, but he only let her have the slightest touch at the moment. He then placed his strong hands on her hips as he rolled her over, lying under her and grinning as they kissed briefly. Slowly he leaned her back until she knelt straight up, teasing the head of his shaft along her folds, holding her up with his strong hands to let her take it at her own pace. Jenny took a deep breath, and then slowly lowered herself onto him.

She whimpered with pleasure as the head slowly parted her folds. Her body quivered as she slowly slid down, bringing his thickness into herself a little bit at a time. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, her hands instinctively gliding up her body to fondle her breasts. Finally she came to rest straddling Marcus with his hard erection filling her completely. Every tiny movement sent electric arcs of pleasure through her body as the head of his shaft brushed against her g-spot.

Natalie then got into position, kneeling with her pussy hovering above Marcus’ eager tongue while facing Jenny, allowing her to caress her friend’s cheek and kiss her tenderly. Their lips parted in unison and the tips of their tongues flitted against each other this way and that. Natalie moaned into the kiss as Marcus’ tongue wriggled between her folds. She then began to nibble down Jenny’s neck while Jenny caressed her way down her friend’s body to gently squeeze a breast.

Jenny leaned her head back and sighed happily from the feel of Natalie’s tongue circling her nipple and did the same for her friend with her fingers as she began to slowly ride Marcus’ shaft. Jenny quivered from Marcus’ thickness moving out of her just as slow as it went in. Marcus moaned into Natalie’s pussy as Jenny gently squeezed her thighs together, wrapping her pussy even tighter around his shaft. Natalie let out a shuddering moan as Marcus’ tongue delicately circled her clit, meanwhile putting her own mouth to use by gently sucking on one of Jenny’s nipples while rolling the other between her fingertips.

Jenny pulled out far enough to keep just the head inside her, and then began to slowly lower herself back onto his shaft, starting a gradual rhythm, slowly starting to get used to the girth. Natalie hungrily lapped at Jenny’s breasts, first one then the other, sneaking a hand down her friend’s body to lightly tease her clit with a fingertip. Marcus matched his hip movements with Jenny’s and gave her thighs a gentle squeeze while he nibbled at Natalie’s folds, growling appreciatively as the girls’ hands playfully traced patterns along his muscles on the way to pleasuring each other.

Jenny lightly touched her friend’s cheek to bring their lips together for another kiss, then nibbled her way down her neck. Natalie giggled at the touch of her lips and nibbled Jenny’s earlobe affectionately. Jenny then caressed Marcus’ muscular chest with one hand while she cupped Natalie’s breast in the other and brought it to her lips to kiss it tenderly. Natalie smiled and arched as Marcus’ and Jenny’s tongues flicked at her sensitive spots. Marcus gently closed his lips around Natalie’s clit and swirled his tongue in a practiced technique while smoothing his hands up to fondle Jenny’s breasts. Jenny moved her mouth to Natalie’s other nipple to gently tug on it with her lips while she gave the first breast a friendly squeeze. Jenny and Marcus slid in and out in perfect rhythm, causing them each to cry out in ecstasy.

Marcus savored the sweet taste of his girlfriend’s arousal and the feel of her best friend’s tight pussy wrapped ever so tightly around his shaft. Natalie made soft mewling noises due to Jenny’s tongue flitting and circling on one nipple and then the other and Marcus’ tongue parting her folds and slipping deep inside her. Jenny moaned long and loud from Marcus’ thickness filling her on each gentle but firm thrust and from Natalie’s lips nibbling all along her neck, as well as all four of their hands dancing here and there along her body.

Jenny exchanged glances with Natalie, wondering if they would cut her off or let her ride it all the way in. Natalie just grinned and squeezed Marcus’ shoulder. He responded by gently suckling her clit and slipping two fingers deep inside her to tease her g-spot while picking up his tempo of thrusts for Jenny. Natalie guided Jenny’s lips to hers and swirled their tongues together. Jenny shuddered from Marcus’ increased tempo and lapped at Natalie’s tongue affectionately. Their chorus of purrs and growls and whimpers and moans reached a crescendo as the orgasms finally washed through them in unison like a super powerful explosion. All three paused momentarily as the shockwave subsided, quivering with ecstasy.

Natalie moved to the side as Marcus’ strong hands gently guided Jenny down to lie on his chest, his shaft still deep inside her. She smiled and nuzzled his neck affectionately as he rolled over to lie side by side with her and giggled as Natalie appeared behind her, spooning with her and resting a hand on her breast. The three of them shared a flurry of goodnight kisses, and then drifted off into blissful exhausted sleep. Jenny smiled as she nestled between her lovers and dreamed of more adventures tomorrow.

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