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Kelly’s Moonlight Serenade

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Hello and welcome to my readers. I appreciate your votes, comments and feedback on my previous submittals. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks to my editor Rogue Lurker for her invaluable assistance in the preparation of this story.


“Attention, everyone, attention. One more selection and rehearsal is over for today. This will be the closing number, ‘Moonlight Serenade’. One, two…”

Preston Barstow’s stentorian voice echoed through the empty ballroom as the Waterside Swing Band moved easily into the familiar melody of the Glenn Miller signature tune. Kelly Johnson loved the gentle swing refrain; it always brought tears to her eyes. Lately, it made her think of romance in the moonlight; something that had been missing in her life since her sometime boyfriend had gone home after graduation. In fact, all of her college friends had gone home after graduation, scattering to the four winds from the campus of Clear Lake City College.

Kelly had decided to remain in the city instead of going home. She was determined to make it on her own and not depend on her parents for support. I’m twenty-two years old and I can make my own decisions, she thought. With her degree in Music, she considered teaching or possibly trying out for the City Symphony Orchestra. Her major was in the Classical Guitar and she was at the top of her class at graduation. Her professors said she had great potential, but needed more training.

First, she needed money. After answering an advertisement in the paper and a successful audition, she was playing her guitar in the rhythm section of a swing band. The band was the featured attraction in the Waterside Pavilion for the entire summer. As her fingers strummed the chords, Kelly looked about her at her fellow band members. Almost all of them were men in their fifties and sixties, older than she was, but not old enough to have been there when the song made its debut in the late 1930’s. They were a fascinating group and had ‘adopted’ Kelly when she joined the band.

Once rehearsal was over, Kelly was on the move, she had to catch her bus. Saying goodbye to her friends, she placed her guitar in its case, gathered up her music and ran for the entrance. She also wanted to avoid Mr. Barstow, the bandleader. Since he had hired her, his demeanor had changed from friendly to vaguely predatory. He was the only person in the band she did not like. He was always putting his arm around her, calling her ‘his little girl’. It made her flesh crawl. In her haste to leave, Kelly collided with someone coming in the door. She fell back, dropping her guitar. “Oh my, are you okay, sugar?” said a woman’s voice in a gentle southern drawl.

Kelly looked up at one of the prettiest women she had ever seen. There was a look of genuine concern in her big brown eyes as she helped Kelly to her feet. Her chestnut hair hung to her slim waist, flowing over a blue tube top barely restraining her large, firm breasts. Her long, shapely legs were bare and her round ass filled out her tight white shorts to perfection. Kelly was captivated by the woman’s heart shaped face, full lips and long eyelashes, not to mention those eyes. Getting to her feet, she suddenly felt frumpy and inadequate in her t-shirt and jeans. “Is your git-tar okay, darlin’?” the woman was asking, lifting the case and handing it to the staring Kelly. “Ya’ll better check it and see.”

Kelly placed the case on the floor and opened it. Her guitar wasn’t damaged. She looked up at the vision before her and shivered. Although Ted had been her boyfriend in senior year, she had secretly desired her dorm mate’s friend Sarah. They had a few tentative embraces and kisses at parties, but were afraid of what their friends would think, so they went no further. Gazing into this woman’s lovely brown eyes, Kelly could feel the stirrings begin anew. “I… I think it’s okay,” she replied, running her fingers over the instrument. “It’s pretty well cushioned in its case. I’m sorry I ran into you. I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“It’s my fault, sugar,” the woman replied, “I’m always bustlin’ about, getting in folks way. I’m SandyLou Crawford. Call me Sandy or Lou, whatever suits ya’. What’s your name, little lady?”

“Kelly, Kelly Johnson. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Kelly grasped the woman’s extended hand and felt a tingle pass through her body. She saw SandyLou’s eyes widen and knew she felt it as well. Kelly’s face broke into a smile and SandyLou grinned back at her, brown eyes flashing. Both women stood staring at each other before Kelly asked, “Are you a member of the band? I haven’t seen you before.”

“I start tomorrow”, SandyLou said happily, “I’m your band’s new vocalist.” Kelly was thrilled. Marion Peck, their previous vocalist, had decided to do a summer stock musical and left abruptly, sending Mr. Barstow into one of his famous rages. “Is Preston Barstow around?” SandyLou asked, “I wanted to let him know I was in town and ask him if he knew where I could stay until I found an apartment.”

“You can stay at my place,” Kelly blurted. “My roommates moved out and I’ve plenty of room.” She was surprised at her impulsiveness. This woman was a total stranger and she was inviting her in her home. It’s better that she stays with me than letting that letch Barstow get a hold of her…

“Well, that’s mighty neighborly of you, Miss Johnson,” SandyLou said with a smile. “Ya’ll have a car? I’m parked over there.” She pointed at a red Honda Civic coupe crammed with suitcases and boxes.

“I rode the bus,” Kelly replied. “Will you have room for me?”

“We’ll make room,” Sandy replied. “If we have to, we’ll throw some of this crap in the dumpster. Don’t know why I brought so much stuff anyhow.”

Kelly was able to wiggle into the passenger’s seat, her guitar in her lap. The scent of Sandy’s orange blossom perfume filled the coupe’s interior. Kelly leaned as close to her as she dared, their bare arms rubbing together as Sandy shifted gears and turned the steering wheel. Sandy seemed to be enjoying the contact as well, leaning against Kelly with a broad grin on her face.


They parked at Kelly’s building and carried Sandy’s belongings inside. Kelly was embarrassed at the appearance of her sparsely furnished and decorated apartment, but Sandy said it looked ‘right pretty’ and thanked her for letting her stay. Kelly showed Sandy the spare bedroom and the futon she could sleep on. Sandy insisted on buying Kelly dinner, so they walked the half block to Angelo’s Pizzeria and shared a pizza and a pitcher of beer.

In no time, they were chatting like old friends and enjoying each other’s company despite the difference in their ages. As Sandy put it, she hailed from a little town in Alabama that no one had ever heard of and she was in no hurry to return. Sandy had heard about the vocalist job opening from a friend of a friend who lived in the city and knew Sandy might be interested. When Preston offered to hire her after she sang for him over the phone, she loaded her car and hit the road.

Kelly told Sandy about her hometown, her college experience and her desire to make it on her own in the big city. Sandy congratulated her on her willingness to make a life for herself, saying she wished she had left her birthplace sooner than she had. Now she was gone and glad of it.

Kelly and Sandy were pleasantly surprised to learn that they both had their first exposure to swing music while visiting elderly relatives after school or in the summer. Both Kelly’s uncle and Sandy’s grandfather had large collections of 78-rpm records of the big bands that they played on old phonographs. For some reason the music spoke to them on a deeper level, and they enjoyed singing and dancing to the clever lyrics and upbeat rhythms.

Finishing their dinner, the women walked back to Kelly’s apartment, laughing and singing swing tunes. Sandy had a beautiful voice and Kelly could understand why Mr. Barstow hired her. Sandy said she needed a shower after her long drive, so Kelly showed her where the soap, shampoo and towels were.

She was tempted to peek in the bathroom to see Sandy in the shower, but decided that would be rude. She liked Sandy and did not want to disrupt their blossoming friendship. When Sandy walked into the living room, Kelly thought her heart would stop beating. Her voluptuous figure barely concealed in a pink baby doll nightgown with tiny matching panties, Sandy sat on the couch next to Kelly and said, “What do you do for fun around here?”

Kelly jumped from the couch, stammering that she needed a shower too; the remote was on the TV and she would be back in a while. Sandy grinned to herself as she watched Kelly practically run into the bathroom.

Kelly stood trembling in the shower, resisting the urge to rub her clit. Sandy was awakening the feelings she once had for Sarah. Kelly was still hesitant, undecided if the feelings were mutual. We’ve just met, but she excites me. I’ll just put on something sexy and we’ll see what happens…

She slipped on a sheer white peignoir and a lacy thong. Running a comb through her shoulder length hair, she strolled into the living room, ready for whatever might happen. She sat down next to her guest and smiled. “Would you like to watch some TV?” she asked. Sandy nodded, and smiled back. Dimming the lights, they settled back on the couch.

Three hours passed as they channel-surfed, giggling and making caustic comments about the programs. They became more relaxed, sliding closer on the couch, touching each other to make a point or emphasize a remark.

Sandy rose from the couch and stretched, her nightgown pulled tight over her breasts. “It’s been a long day, I think I’ll turn in,” she said, stifling a yawn. She and Kelly had been casually flirting, but she was uncertain if her new roommate wanted to make love.

Kelly was also unsure as to what Sandy was thinking. She was so cute and sexy. Kelly wanted to kiss her, but did not want to rush things with her new friend. She rose from the couch to close the curtains on the balcony doors. Sandy’s heart skipped a beat as the moonlight silhouetted Kelly’s figure through her sheer nightgown. A familiar lyric crossed Sandy’s mind. She began to sing softly:

“I stand at your gate.

And the song that I sing is of moonlight.”

Kelly turned at the sound of Sandy’s voice. She knew the lyrics, but no one had ever sung them to her.

“I stand and I wait.

For a touch of your hand in a June night.”

Brown eyes gazed into green and saw the desire waiting there.

“The roses, a sign of, a moonlight serenade.”

Kelly trembled as Sandy walked slowly toward her, crooning the love song.

“The stars are aglow.

And tonight, how their light, set me dreaming.”

Sandy held Kelly’s hands in hers.

“My love, do you know

That your eyes are like stars brightly beaming.”

Kelly melted into Sandy’s arms.

“I bring you, and I sing you, a moonlight serenade.”

Kelly and Sandy kissed softly, their tongues teasing through their open lips. Kelly sighed as Sandy’s hand lightly squeezed her breast, rubbing the hard nipple between her fingers. Kelly pressed her mouth against Sandy’s, their kisses becoming more passionate as their desire increased. Gently lifting Sandy’s breast in her hand, Kelly’s thumb flicked the stiff nipple as Sandy nibbled and sucked on her neck. Rubbing her flat belly against Sandy’s, they swayed together in a sinuous dance of lust, kissing and caressing, tongues swirling in each other’s mouths. Sandy’s tongue licked along Kelly’s jaw, down her neck and into the hollow of her throat as she mewed in pleasure.

Sandy’s fingers danced down Kelly’s back lingered on her round ass and slipped between her legs. She moaned as Sandy’s fingers brushed her shaven mound and slid inside her wet lips. Kissing hungrily, Kelly’s hand sought Sandy’s furry pussy, her fingers teasingly entering the silken folds. Whimpering and sighing, they continued to kiss and finger each other, hips surging against probing fingers. Breaking their embrace, they flung off their flimsy sleepwear as the desire to have their skin touching became overwhelming.

Sandy took Kelly’s hands in hers, moved back and lay on the couch. Opening her legs, she pulled Kelly on top, rubbing their pussies together. Kelly crushed her mouth against Sandy’s, their tongues writhing. Sandy moaned as Kelly’s hard nipples rubbed against her own stiff nubs. Kelly rubbed her bare pussy against Sandy’s, moaning as their erect clits made thrilling contact. Sandy wrapped her legs around Kelly’s ass, humping frantically. Kelly pressed her throbbing clit against Sandy’s, their wet pussy lips sliding back and forth as the first ripples of her orgasm shot through her body.

Sandy fucked against Kelly with all her might, wishing that she had unpacked her double dildo, already anticipating their next coupling. Kelly moved eagerly against Sandy. She was so close and she could feel Sandy’s body quivering as she reached her climax. “Ohhh,” she moaned, grinding her pussy against her lover. “Cum with me pleeease…”

“Ahhhh, fuck me baby,” Sandy screamed, their sweat-covered bodies writhing on the couch. “Fuck meee. Ooohhhh…”

Sandy and Kelly squirmed and twisted as their orgasms ripped through them. Gripping each other tightly, they drenched their pussies in their mingled cum, love juices pouring down their thighs and pooling on the cushions. They finally slumped on the couch, panting for breath.

Kelly sat up and looked lovingly at Sandy, their bodies quivering. Sandy gazed with hooded eyes at her young lover, lust coursing through her, already wanting her tight body again. Kelly’s desires for Sandy were also far from satisfied. She slid between Sandy’s legs, licked her inner thighs and began sucking on her pussy. Sandy moaned and gripped Kelly’s head in her hands, drawing it to her juicy cunt, wanting to feel her warm tongue.

Kelly didn’t disappoint her, plunging her silky muscle deep into Sandy’s pussy, moving it back and forth like a little cock. Then she licked and nibbled Sandy’s clit, the sweet sensations driving her partner wild. Sandy thrust her hot slit repeatedly against Kelly’s face. “Yeesss,” she screamed in her pleasure, “Eat me … eat meeee…” After two exquisite orgasms, she pushed Kelly’s face from her pussy, crying “No more, please …”

Kelly straddled Sandy’s body and clung to her as she calmed. She squealed in delight as Sandy rolled her on her back and she felt her lover’s fingers slide into her wet pussy. Kelly’s back arched as Sandy worked her fingers in and out, stimulating the sensitive flesh. Sandy’s hot mouth engulfed one breast, then the other, biting on her nipples, sending shocks of pleasure through her body. Sandy pumped three fingers in Kelly’s pussy, wiggling them against the soft walls. Kelly’s back arched as her climax rose within her, the sensations driving her wild.

Sandy’s eager mouth suddenly replaced her thrusting fingers pleasuring Kelly’s pussy as she sucked on the soft inner lips. Her finger teasingly entered Kelly’s asshole as Sandy’s mouth fastened on her clit, sucking it between her teeth, growling softly. Kelly exploded into Sandy’s face, pouring out wave after wave of juicy cum. “Ahhhh… fuck me… ooohhhh…” she screamed as her pleasure centers overloaded and she slipped into darkness. When she awoke, Sandy was washing her face with a wet cloth, singing softly as she worked. “Well, look who finally woke up,” she said with a smile.

Kelly sat up and embraced her new companion, kissing her. “Sandy, that was wonderful,” she said happily.

“You’re quite a little fireball yourself,” Sandy grinned, returning Kelly’s kiss with equal enthusiasm.

Kelly smiled and snuggled against her as they lay on the couch. The contact of their warm skin was so soothing they quickly fell asleep, pleasantly tired from their lovemaking.


Kelly was having a wonderful dream; a tongue was licking her clit while fingers were moving in her pussy. Her eyes fluttered open and she saw Sandy’s head between her legs, her brown hair shimmering in the morning sun. Kelly uttered a throaty moan and spurted cum on her lover’s face, Sandy licking up every delicious drop. “What a glorious way to wake up,” Kelly sighed, “I wish we could wake up like this every morning.”

Sandy grinned at her, licking pussy juice from her lips. “I’ll see what can be done about that my angel, but first…” She lay back and pulled her legs to her chest as Kelly buried her face in the warm folds of Sandy’s pussy, quickly eating her to a shuddering orgasm as Sandy squealed in pleasure.


Kelly and Sandy prepared a quick breakfast, excited to begin their first day together. They decided to do a little window-shopping and have lunch at the mall. Kelly gave directions as Sandy maneuvered through the city traffic. She maintained a steady stream of information about her adopted hometown, pointing out the various landmarks to an amused Sandy. Her younger partner’s enthusiasm was captivating and Sandy was enjoying being with her more every minute.

“…and that’s where I bought my guitar,” Kelly said as they passed a mansion on the edge of town. She explained that it was the former home of the farm machinery millionaire Cyrus Funston. He had died last year and his family had sold most of his belongings, wanting the money as soon as possible. Funston was an obsessive collector of all things pertaining to the arts, from original movie costumes to obscure musical instruments.

Kelly had attended the tag sale the family had conducted at the mansion and bought her instrument for a low price, sight unseen. She was amazed when she opened the scruffy case and found a magnificent guitar inside. She decided to return it, thinking there had been a mistake. By the time she arrived at the mansion, the gates had closed. Kelly considered it a stroke of good fortune and returned home, the guitar was hers.


Kelly and Sandy left a trail of staring men and irritated women as they strolled through the mall, oblivious to everything but their window-shopping and each other. They had dressed for the summer’s heat in brief shorts and crop tops, leaving little to anyone’s imagination. Their sandal clad feet clacked on the mall’s tile floors as they wandered from one store to the other, discussing the latest fashions and enjoying each other’s company.

Stopping in the food court for lunch, they lingered over their salads and bottled water, watching the people passing by and politely rejecting the overtures of the men that approached their table. They only had eyes for each other, exchanging gentle touches and caresses as they browsed in the stores. As the day progressed, their passions rose and their desires increased.

“Kelly, darlin’,” Sandy whispered in her ear as they riffled through a rack of dresses in a mall kiosk, “Let’s find a Lady’s Room with a lock on the door.”

Hurrying into a trendy boutique, Sandy asked to use the ‘facilities’ in an exaggerated drawl, evoking a smile from the sales clerk. They hurried to the rear of the store, shivering with anticipation. Unlocking the door, they found themselves in a decorated room, complete with a love seat and a large chair. Tall silk screens cleverly concealed the sinks and toilets, giving the bathroom the appearance of a parlor.

The subtleties of decorating were lost on Sandy and Kelly as they locked the door and stripped off their shorts and tops. Already excited that they were in public without underwear, they embraced and kissed hungrily.

Sandy pushed Kelly into the large chair as Kelly spread her legs and dangled them over the arms, opening herself to her lover. Sandy knelt down and licked Kelly’s wet pussy, drawing her flat tongue from Kelly’s clit to her asshole. Kelly moaned as her lover’s tongue burrowed into her pink valley, slurping noisily as she drank the flow of warm fluids filling her mouth. Sandy reached for Kelly’s firm breasts, pinching and rolling the nipples between her fingers, squeezing the firm globes. Kelly clutched the chair arms as her lover ate her pussy, each pinch on her nipples enlarging her throbbing clit. “Oh Sandy…” she moaned. “Eat me… make me cum… ahhhhhh…” Sandy sucked on Kelly’s aching clit, laving it with her tongue as she thrust three fingers in Kelly’s pussy. Kelly shoved her fist in her mouth to stifle a scream as she erupted in Sandy’s face, spraying cum in her mouth. Sandy gulped and swallowed her lover’s juices as Kelly’s orgasm subsided and she sat gasping.

Sandy rocked back on her heels, her face glistening with her lovers cum. “Maybe we should go, sweetheart,” she said shakily, “That woman’s gonna wonder where…”

Kelly arose on trembling legs, her eyes aflame with lust. “To hell with her,” she growled, grabbing Sandy and shoving her in the chair. She knelt and lifted Sandy’s legs on her shoulders, “I’m gonna eat your pussy.”

Sandy’s head snapped back against the cushion as Kelly devoured her pussy with animalistic fervor. Kelly’s tongue stabbed into the silky folds, caressing and stroking, sucking on the sweet fluids that poured down her throat. Sandy bit down on the chairs fabric covering, trying desperately to suppress a scream as Kelly squeezed and pulled on her thick nipples, kneading her breast flesh in her strong fingers.

Kelly nibbled on Sandy’s engorged labia, dipping her tongue repeatedly in the wet slit for another taste of her lover’s juices. Kelly sensed Sandy was close to cumming. She pumped three fingers into Sandy’s pussy, sucking her throbbing clit between her wet lips. A thin, high scream escaped between Sandy’s clenched teeth as she came on her lover’s face, flooding her mouth with warm cum, hips jerking as she rode the orgasmic waves.

Then there was a tentative tapping on the locked door. “Are you ladies alright,” asked the sales clerk. “Do you need some help?”

Kelly swallowed a mouthful of Sandy’s sweet juices and replied, “No, thank you. My friend was feeling faint, but she’s okay now. We’ll be out in a minute.”

Sandy rose unsteadily to her feet, lifting Kelly with her and they shared a long kiss, tasting each other’s cum. “You’re right about the faint part, darlin’,” Sandy giggled. “That mouth of yours should be registered as a lethal weapon. It just about killed me.”

Pulling on their clothing and washing their faces, the women left the bathroom and calmly strolled from the boutique, waving goodbye to the puzzled salesclerk. “Wait until she goes in that bathroom and finds that chair cushion soaked in pussy juice,” Kelly snickered as they walked to their car. “That was so exciting, cumming like that in a place where someone might catch us. Let’s do that again, soon.”

“You’re my wild child,” Sandy said, laughing. “We’re gonna have so much fun together. There’s lots more fun things were gonna try. You can count on it.”


Preston Barstow could barely conceal his frustration as he watched Kelly and Sandy laughing and chatting before the final rehearsal. His inflated ego was taking a beating- two beautiful women and neither one showed the slightest interest in him. During previous rehearsals, he had been suave and debonair. He asked each one if he could buy them dinner or take them to a play. They declined politely, only showing interest in each other. There was something in the way they looked at each other, those little smiles and touches. They must be lovers, he thought disgustedly, what a waste.

Sandy and Kelly knew Preston was watching, giggling as they recalled his clumsy attempts to hit on them. They had decided to give the libidinous bandleader a thrill at the last rehearsal, dressing in short skirts and tube-tops. Preston’s gaze kept returning to the beautiful women. His annoyance increased as they kept looking at him, laughing and talking in low tones. They were mocking him, he was sure of it.

After the band tuned up, Sandy ‘warmed up her pipes’, by singing the Billie Holliday standard ‘Any Old Time’, following with ‘You Turned the Tables On Me’ and ‘Music Maestro Please’. The band members smiled appreciatively as her strong voice echoed throughout the empty ballroom, easily holding her own against the volume of the music.

Kelly’s heart swelled with pride as her lover’s beautiful voice rang out in the hall. She felt that she was singing only to her. Between numbers, Sandy sat demurely in her chair in front of the brass section. Turning occasionally in Kelly’s direction, she gave her a smile and a wink. Kelly returned the smile, wishing she could be alone with her again, knowing she felt the same.

A part of her was amazed at the depth of affection she held for Sandy. They had been together a short time and yet it seemed they had known each other all their lives. The difference in age did not matter to either of them, Sandy being fourteen years older than her lover, only their fondness for each other was important.

When rehearsal was over, Sandy saw Preston walking towards her, a broad smile on his craggy face. Doesn’t he ever give up? Do I have to spell it out for him?

“Would you care to join me for dinner, Miss Crawford?” he asked. “I know a fine French restaurant. We could review the songs for opening night. Maybe become better acquainted.”

“No thanks, Preston,” Sandy drawled, jerking her thumb in Kelly’s direction. “My roomie and I were gonna grab a pizza and rent a movie. It’s just us girls tonight.” She chuckled, “And every night. Get the picture?” She turned away from him to talk to someone else.

The implication was plain and Preston’s resentment flared. They were lovers, just as he suspected. No wonder they weren’t interested in him. His gaze shifted to Kelly, still in her seat in the rhythm section, fitting a new string on her guitar. There’s something about that instrument of hers that seems so familiar. Where have I seen one like it before? I never really noticed it until now.

“That is a beautiful guitar you have there, Miss Johnson,” Preston rumbled. “May I examine it for a moment?”

Kelly’s attention was focused on her guitar and she had not noticed Preston approaching.

“Um… well… no,” Kelly stammered. “It’s…it’s just been waxed and I don’t want anyone’s fingerprints on it.” It was a lame excuse, but he caught her off guard.

“But surely you wouldn’t mind if I examined it in its case,” Preston insisted. “I wouldn’t touch it.”

“I believe the lady said no, Preston,” Sandy said, appearing suddenly at Kelly’s side and placing a protective hand on her lover’s shoulder. “She doesn’t like anyone touching that guitar,” she paused, “even me.”

A look of suppressed fury flashed over Preston’s face, sending a thrill of fear through Kelly. She was glad Sandy was standing by her and that she didn’t have to face him alone. “As you wish, ladies,” he purred. “I’ll see you tomorrow night. Be here at seven for a sound check.” He turned on his heel and strode out the door.

Kelly stood up and hugged Sandy, giving her a kiss, not caring who saw them. “Thanks for the back-up. I wonder why that creep is so interested in my guitar all of a sudden.”

“At least he’s not interested in your body for a change,” Sandy laughed. “Let’s get out of here. I feel like some barbecue tonight.”


Kelly wondered if the old Waterside Pavilion would collapse; such was the volume of the audience’s cheers, whistles and applause. The floor stomping simply added to the din. She was amazed at the number and variety of people that attended their first performance. From elderly couples who had probably danced to the original bands to teenagers dressed in period clothing of the thirties and forties.

People had to take turns on the dance floor, since there was not enough room for everyone that wanted to ‘cut a rug’ as the older dancers said. The star of the evening, without a doubt, was Sandy. Her beautiful voice warbling the nostalgic lyrics made almost everyone stop dancing and listen. Preston reluctantly modified the bands selections for the evening to include more vocals as the crowd demanded Sandy sing one song after another.

When the band closed the performance with ‘Moonlight Serenade’, Sandy singing the nearly forgotten lyrics, the crowd demanded an encore. Sandy noticed that several of the band members looked tired and whispered something into the bandleader’s ear. A flash of irritation crossed his features, but he knew what the audience wanted and it wasn’t him, much to his chagrin.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Preston addressed the crowd. “We have a treat for you tonight. Our vocalist, Ms. SandyLou Crawford has agreed to sing two more songs for you. One of our band members, Ms. Kelly Johnson, will accompany her on her guitar.”

Kelly was dumbfounded as she stood up from her place in the band’s rhythm section, pleased and a little frightened as she made her way toward where her lover stood at the microphone. Sandy winked at her and said, “It’ll be fine, sugar. Just follow my lead.”

Sandy began the set with ‘You Go to My Head’, followed by ‘There’s A Small Hotel’ and finished with ‘Oh, Look at Me Now’. One more song than Preston had promised, but the lovers were caught up in the moment. The more astute or romantic members of the audience realized that as Sandy and Kelly sang and played, their focus was not on the assembled throng, but each other. “You go to my head, and you linger like a haunting refrain…and I find you spinning round in my brain…like the bubbles in a glass of champagne…” Sandy sang, gazing at Kelly.

Kelly’s fingers drifted over the strings of her precious guitar, watching her beloved’s full lips moving sensuously as the beautiful music came from deep within her body. Each note was a caress on Kelly’s skin as each chord from her guitar swept over Sandy like a warm summer breeze. When the set was over, the depth of feeling the music held for them stunned the lover’s and how it spoke to what was in their souls. Then the audience surrounded them, cheering and clapping.

While the other band member’s looked on with pride at ‘their girls’ receiving all the attention, Preston glowered on the sidelines. This was his big night. He had organized the band and he was their leader. He should be receiving the adulation of the crowd not those women.

Sandy and Kelly drove home in a daze. The emotional connection they had experienced as they played and sang for each other still reverberating through their bodies and their minds. The attentions from the crowd had been exhilarating. People clamoring for an autograph, wanting to tell them how much they enjoyed their performance, shaking their hands, it was fun. Now they were going home and couldn’t wait until they were alone.


Kelly had no sooner closed the apartment door and locked it when Sandy swept her into her arms, kissing her with such fervor that Kelly almost came in her panties. Kelly moaned and wrapped her leg around Sandy’s waist as her lover’s hand pushed the wisp of silk aside and plunged three fingers deep in Kelly’s soaking pussy. Sandy pushed Kelly against the door, eagerly kissing and finger fucking her sweetheart. Kelly impaled herself on the thrusting fingers, moaning and thrashing. “Ohhhh, baby…I love you…” Kelly cried as Sandy’s thrusting fingers drove her towards a thrilling orgasm. Then she was cumming, flooding her lover’s hand with her warm fluids.

Kelly’s senses reeled as Sandy’s fingers gently caressed her clit, seeking to coax yet another orgasm from her. Kelly wanted to make her cum too, and with an effort pushed Sandy away, spinning her around until her back was against the door. Sandy’s eyes widened as Kelly dropped to her knees, reached under Sandy’s short skirt and pulled her panties off. Sandy moaned as Kelly’s eager mouth enveloped her steaming pussy, wiggling her tongue into the slick crevice. Kelly gripped Sandy’s ass and ate her pussy eagerly. The night had been one of intense arousal for the women. Now release was at hand and they took full advantage of it.

Sandy tangled her fingers in Kelly’s raven hair and fucked her sweet face, ramming her cunt repeatedly into her lover’s devouring mouth. Her legs were turning to rubber as Kelly’s tongue took long swipes through her spread pussy lips and lingered on her puckered asshole, slurping and sucking. Sandy’s hips jerked as Kelly slid two fingers into her pussy, fucking her rapidly and sucking on her pulsing clit. “Oh darlin’… fuck me… ahhhhhhh…” Sandy screamed as her cunt exploded in Kelly’s face, drenching her lover in frothy cum. Kelly ate Sandy to another orgasm and let her slowly slide to the floor, cuddling her until the tremors subsided.

“Ohhhh, my sweet baby,” Sandy sighed. “It was so lovely tonight. It was as if we were serenadin’ each other. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Kelly whispered, burying her face in her sweetheart’s shiny brown mane. “I want us to be together forever. I can’t imagine life without you.”

Sandy arose on wobbly legs, lifting Kelly to her feet. “Let’s have a little sip of wine and go to bed, punkin. I want to fuck my best girl properly.”


Kelly quivered with desire, her legs spread wide as Sandy sat on the bed sensually coating the double dildo with lubricant until it glistened in the light of the bedside lamp. She had never had anything that large in her pussy before and was scared. She knew that her lover would never knowingly hurt her, so she tried to stay calm and enjoy the experience. Sandy sat between Kelly’s legs and spread her own legs apart, holding the massive phallus in her hands. “Look at this bad boy, sugar,” she said soothingly. “Ain’t it beautiful? There is nine inches for both of us. We’re gonna be two satisfied women when this night is over.”

Kelly trembled with passion and fear as Sandy pushed the massive head between her pussy lips. Moving it slowly in and out, going deeper each time, Sandy soon had the entire nine inches in Kelly’s pussy. Kelly had never felt so full, so stretched, and so complete. She watched in fascination as Sandy slid her half of the plastic cock all the way in her juicy cunt with one lunge of her hips. Kelly whimpered as Sandy’s erect clit rubbed against hers, sending little shocks and thrills coursing through her body. She sat up and grasped her lover’s arms, leaning forward for a passionate kiss, feeling the plastic shaft moving in her pussy.

“Use your love muscles, sugar,” Sandy crooned. “Push and let go, push and…oh yeah, that’s it…ummmmm, you’re a natural, sweetie. Now let’s fuck each other silly.”

The women soon developed a steady rhythm, coordinating their thrusts until the phallus was gliding in and out of their soaking pussies, stretching the blood-engorged lips wide apart. Harder and harder, they pounded against each other, loving the incredible fullness. Sandy and Kelly gripped each other’s shoulders, grinding their mouths together in a long burning kiss, fucking frantically into their partner as their orgasms rose within them.

Kelly pulled Sandy’s pussy against hers, rubbing their clits together, and uttering little cries as her orgasm boiled to the surface and erupted through her body. “Ahhhh,” she cried. “Fuck me …cum with me… now…”

Sandy was on the edge when her lover’s cries pushed her over. “Ohhh…baby,” she moaned, “So good… ohhhhhhh…”

Sandy and Kelly hugged each other tightly as wave upon wave of orgasmic pleasure enveloped them, their pussies gushing floods of sticky cum past the thrusting plastic cock, coating their crotches and bellies and soaking into the sheets. Exhausted, the lovers fell away from each other and lay panting on the bed, the massive phallus buried in them.

Sandy finally found her voice. “Oh my dear God,” she sighed. “That was the most wonderful fuck I’ve ever had. How are you doin’ my angel?”

Kelly shook her head as her vision cleared. “That was fantastic, absolutely fantastic. A devilish grin crossed her face, “Can we do it one more time?”

Sandy looked at her partner in disbelief, and then realized that Kelly was teasing her. “You lil’ stinker,” she grinned. “You had me goin’ there for a second. I think it’s gonna’ take a few days before I’m up for this action again.”

The lovers slowly backed away from each other, sliding the false cock from their quivering pussies, gasping as the cool air of the room hit the stretched lips and inner skin of their gaping holes. Kelly washed the huge toy in the bathroom sink as Sandy changed the bed sheets. After showering together, too tired to do more than kiss and caress, the women dried off and snuggled under the covers.

“Old Preston was really angry tonight,” Kelly giggled as Sandy’s breasts pressed against her back. “He expected to be the star of the show until you sung him off in a corner.”

“He sounded so nice on the phone when he hired me,” Sandy mused as Kelly’s soft hand caressed her hip. “Who would have thought he was such a weasel. Of course, I may be insultin’ some nice weasels.”

“We’ll just have to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t pull anything,” Kelly sighed as Sandy’s arm slid over her ribs, her hand cupping her breast.

“He sure seems interested in that guitar of yours,” Sandy replied. She snuggled against Kelly, draping a leg over her thigh as the lovers drifted off to sleep to dream of their life together.


Judging by the crowds at each performance, the Waterside Swing Band’s concert series was a success. Everybody had their opinions as to why the concerts were so popular. Local music critics theorized that the participants were seeking a momentary escape from the pressures and terrors of the modern world. Nostalgia buffs thought that the music represented a doorway to a more innocent time between the World Wars as the country emerged from the Great Depression. No matter what the reason, loudspeakers outside the building enabled those who could not get in the hall to enjoy the music as they lay on the park’s grassy slopes.

It was also abundantly clear that Sandy and Kelly were the star attractions. Their affection for each other shone through as they serenaded each other night after night, allowing the audience to share in their happiness. Some of the older members of the audience, and some of the young ones, were mildly disapproving at the idea of two women in love but Sandy and Kelly did not care.

The lovers had developed a following among the regular concert attendees. They surrounded them between sets, wanting to talk to and be near their favorite entertainers. Kelly had always been somewhat shy, usually focused on her music, often avoiding social contact. Sandy had sung in her church choir and in several nightclubs near her hometown, but nothing prepared the women for the degree of adulation they received as the concert series progressed.


The warm summer nights seemed ideal for lovemaking outdoors and Sandy and Kelly took full advantage of the balmy weather. Often they would steal away after the concerts were over, carrying their blankets and bag of toys, seeking a secluded glade in which to make love. Kelly adored being fucked doggy style, thrusting against Sandy’s massive strap-on dildo until she lost count of the number of times she had cum. Sandy always screamed with pleasure when Kelly inserted two large buzzing vibrators in her pussy and asshole, then lashed her throbbing clit with her tongue. Sandy fainted more than once from the intensity of her orgasms, worrying her sensitive young lover.

Sandy and Kelly’s relationship deepened as the summer wore on. Soon the concert series would end and they would need to find other work. Both wanted to continue with their music and decided to perform as a duo as they had at the concerts. They would hire an agent and try to get bookings in the many clubs and lounges around the city. They wanted to stay together no matter what, even if it meant working two jobs and performing to make ends meet. They were together forever and that was that. Kelly’s parents were subdued when she told them of her love for Sandy and how they were now a couple, but they soon warmed to the idea, asking them to visit so they could meet the woman who had captured their daughter’s heart.


The final night of the swing band’s concert series was bittersweet for the performers and their audience. When Sandy and Kelly closed their final set with the World War Two hit ‘I’ll Be Seeing You’, many members of the audience were crying unashamedly, knowing this might be the last time they would hear their favorite performers. Sandy and Kelly received huge bouquets of red and white roses from their grateful fans, along with bags of cards, letters, stuffed animals and other mementoes wishing them farewell and good luck.


Preston, in an uncharacteristic gesture, invited the band to a local restaurant for a goodbye party. He extended a special invitation to Sandy and Kelly and asked Kelly to bring her guitar so the duo could perform for the group. Basking in the glow of adulation from their fans, the lover’s forgot their normal inclination to regard anything Preston did with suspicion.

The food was plentiful and the drinks flowed freely as the party rambled to its conclusion. By twos and threes, the band members left, wishing everyone remaining the best and exchanging phone numbers. Susan and Kelly sang and played for their friends, tears shining in their eyes as they realized they might not see them again for some time. No one noticed Preston pouring yellow powder into two drink glasses.

Sandy and Kelly waved goodbye to the last of their friends when Preston proposed a toast to their successful concert series. Again, their happiness and feelings of nostalgia overrode their normal suspicions. Kelly finished her drink and turned to pick up her guitar. Her fingers went numb as she attempted to grasp the handle on the case. The room spun and with a little scream, she crumpled to the floor.


“Kelly, Kelly babe, wake up, sweetie, please wake up,” Sandy’s voice cried insistently as Kelly struggled to clear her aching head.

“Ohhhh, Sandy. What happened? Where are we?” Kelly moaned. She looked at her lover’s anxious face, her brown eyes alive with concern. “Why am I on the floor…?” She looked about her. Where was her guitar? Her guitar was gone!

Sandy pulled her to her feet, Kelly was unsteady but she could walk. “C’mon, sugar,” Sandy implored. “That son-of-a-bitch Preston drugged us and stole your guitar. I thought he might be up to something and I didn’t finish my drink. It didn’t hit me as hard as you. We gotta catch him before he leaves town.” Half pulling, half dragging the wobbly-kneed Kelly, Sandy buckled her in the passengers’ seat of her car. Engine roaring and tires squealing, they sped off to Preston’s apartment.

“There he is, that bastard,” screamed Kelly as the Honda screeched to a halt in the parking lot behind Preston’s apartment building.

Preston was loading suitcases in the back seat of his sedan when he saw the red coupe approaching. He slammed the door shut, leaped into the driver’s seat and backed out, tires spinning on the pavement. Slamming the bulky vehicle in forward gear, he tore out of the parking lot, the enraged women hot on his tail.

Preston maneuvered desperately through the late night traffic, failing to shake his pursuers. That girl’s guitar was rare and valuable, of that he was sure. Who knows how much a collector would pay to possess such a masterpiece. He had planned on flying to Spain, but he knew he could not move fast enough to avoid them catching him at the airport. He would outrun them on the highway and fly out of Center City, two hundred miles away.

Kelly’s adrenaline was pumping as Sandy sped after Preston’s sedan, guiding the little car like a jet fighter. “Why do you think he’s risking jail time to steal my guitar?” Kelly cried as Sandy whipped around a slowing truck, barely missing a taxicab stopping to pick up a fare.

“Damn if I know, sweetie,” Sandy hollered back. She turned a corner, tires screeching as Preston’s sedan fishtailed around the corner ahead of her, straightened out and accelerated. “He’s figured out something about that guitar that we don’t know. Maybe there’s money in there or a treasure map.”

“I looked it over carefully,” Kelly replied. “There’s nothing in there but a faded label that I couldn’t read. Besides it was written in Spanish…look, he’s going on the Interstate. Can we catch him?”

“This ain’t your granny’s Honda,” Sandy laughed as the coupe shot forward, the engine emitting a high-pitched whine. “My second cousin Jerry will make anything on four wheels sit up and say howdy, including this little beauty. This little dolly can put out 300 horses with its ported heads, high roller cam and turbocharger. That pig fucker isn’t gonna shake us, you have my word on it.”

Preston was getting desperate as he sped down the interstate. Try as he might to escape, the red coupe filled his rear view mirror like an avenging angel. Then he saw a State Trooper’s car in the median, radar gun pointed at him. No, no, I can’t be pulled over now. I can’t let them catch me. He turned off on the Old Farm Road exit and accelerated into the countryside. The Trooper spoke excitedly into his radio, lit up his light bar and tore off after the speeding sedan and coupe.

“Oh crap, the fuckin’ cops”, hollered Sandy, putting the Honda into a four-wheel slide at the base of the off ramp, rowing through the gears and racing after their quarry. “If he pulls us over, Preston’s won the game. I’m gonna outrun him and stay with our thieving bandleader. Hope Officer Friendly doesn’t decide to shoot our tires out.”

Preston drove frantically down the narrow road, the profound darkness making the road more difficult to see, even with his high beams on. He was used to city streetlights and the rural blackness was confusing him. Too late, he saw the sign for a sharp curve. Desperately twisting the wheel he saw the guardrail rushing at him. He had time for one panicky scream as the sedan sliced through the barrier like a knife, tumbling end over end down the slope as objects flew from its sprung doors, finally crashing into a stand of trees and bursting into flame.

Sandy and Kelly’s red rocket slid to a halt, tires skidding on the gravel. “Whooee,” Sandy exclaimed. “Them big-ass sedan’s never could corner worth a damn.” They jumped from the car and stood openmouthed as Preston’s vehicle evaporated in a red fireball as the gas tank ignited, their faces illuminated by the roaring flames.

“Oh Sandy,” Kelly wailed. She began to cry and embraced her lover, sobbing on her shoulder.

Then police, State Troopers, firefighters and EMS techs converged on them. The police and Troopers were all asking questions as the firefighters sprayed foam on the blazing remains of the car and the EMS techs examined the women for injuries. The police and Troopers fanned out across the field with flashlights, looking for the car’s occupant. Sandy and Kelly sipped on hot coffee and explained everything to the police and State Troopers. “Did anyone find a guitar out there?” Kelly asked anxiously.

“I believe this is what you’re looking for, Miss” said a burly Trooper sergeant, handing Kelly a singed and cracked guitar case. “It was thrown clear and one of my men found it.”

“My guitar,” Kelly squealed happily, as she opened the case with trembling hands. The instrument positively glowed in the beams of the trooper’s flashlights, its rich amber patina enhancing the light brown woods that comprised the body and neck.

“We’ll need that for evidence, miss,” said the sergeant. “I estimate you’ll have it back in a week or two. This looks like an open and shut case to me. However, the courts will decide that. Do you ladies need an escort to your home?”


Kelly and Sandy walked wearily into their apartment, shutting and locking the door. All the anxieties and excitement of their night’s adventure draining out of them, leaving only weariness. They headed for their bathroom, dropping their clothes on the way, stepping into the shower together. They washed each other tenderly, each gratefully caressing the body of the woman they loved more than life itself.

Soon they lay in bed facing each other, their naked bodies gently touching as they exchanged lingering kisses, their tongues curling sensuously in each other’s mouths. Sandy sighed as Kelly’s soft hand cupped her jutting breast, rubbing the stiff nipple with her palm. Kelly moaned as Sandy gently squeezed her round ass cheek, her finger teasing Kelly’s puckered hole. The lovers continued to kiss and stroke each other, letting the tensions slip away and their passions rise, blotting out the horrific events of the night.

Kelly rolled on top of her buxom lover, hugging her tightly and burying her face between the firm mounds, kissing and licking the silky skin. Sandy wrapped her long legs around her raven-haired sweetheart’s firm ass, her heels rubbing sensuously on Kelly’s calves and thighs, her fingernails lightly grazing her smooth back. The women twisted and writhed against each other as if trying to fit inside their loved ones body, glorying in the feel of their warm skin.

“We could have been killed tonight, my darling,” Kelly sighed. “You were so brave, driving after that awful Preston, saving my guitar. I never knew what happiness was until I met you. I never want to be parted from you, I think I would die.” Her mouth covered Sandy’s and their lips locked in a deep soul kiss.

Sandy ran her hands down Kelly’s body and gripped her firm ass cheeks, pulling them apart and probing the puckered hole with a long finger. Kelly moaned and lifted her hips as Sandy slid a hand along her belly and plunged two fingers in her aroused pussy, her other hand fingering Kelly’s tight ass. Kelly mewed in pleasure as Sandy’s fingers worked like pistons in her pussy and ass. She enveloped Sandy’s thick nipple and pebbled areola in her mouth, sucking on the crinkled flesh, laving it with her tongue. Leaning on her left arm, Kelly reached back between their bodies. Her right hand found Sandy’s sopping pussy and drove three fingers deep inside.

Kissing sensuously, the lover’s gently finger fucked each other, filling the bedroom with their whimpers and moans. Kelly’s fingers rubbed and squeezed Sandy’s burning clit as she nibbled and sucked on her lovers’ throbbing nipples. Sandy drove her fingers deep into Kelly’s juicy pussy and slick asshole, stroking the sensitive inner flesh and the membrane separating them.

Sandy felt her lovers’ body quivering and knew she was close to orgasm. “Cum for me my angel,” she panted in Kelly’s ear as her own passions boiled over. “I want you to cum for me. I’m soooo close…”

“Ahhh, my baby,” Kelly screamed as her orgasm tore through her body. “I’m cumming for you…cum with meee…” She rubbed Sandy’s clit frantically, driving her over the edge.

“Ohhhh… yesssss…” Sandy howled as the lovers achieved a thundering simultaneous orgasm, spraying cum on their hands and bodies, rubbing and thrusting until they collapsed in exhaustion.

Kelly rolled off Sandy and lay next to her, both sighing and quivering as their orgasms subsided. “Oh sweetie,” she said in a low voice, “you are an absolute treasure. I have never been so happy in my entire life. I love you.”

“My life really began the day I met you, my dear one,” Sandy replied. “My heart feels like it’s fixin’ to bust out of my chest, I’m so happy. I love you, too.” Kelly pulled the sheet and comforter over their naked bodies and the lover’s fell into a satisfied slumber.


“Oh my goodness, this is so exciting,” Professor Capella twittered as he opened Kelly’s guitar case. “I don’t believe it,” he exclaimed, donning white cotton gloves. “It’s the one, It’s really the one.”

“What one is it, Prof.” Sandy drawled, wondering why this fussy little man was making such a ruckus about her beloved’s guitar. Kelly stood beside her, grinning from ear to ear. Once they had retrieved her baby from the police property room, she decided to take it to the head of the Music Department at Clear Lake City College. Maybe he would know what made this guitar so special that a man died trying to steal it.

The Professor lifted the guitar reverently from its case, turning it in his gloved hands, muttering words like ‘amazing and ‘magnificent’ under his breath. “What is it, Professor?” Kelly asked excitedly. “What can you tell us about it?”

The Professor drew in a deep breath, as if to calm himself. “This is an original Santos Hernandez, young lady, possibly one of the last classical guitars fashioned by the hands of the master himself. This is indeed a rare find. Where did you obtain it?”

Kelly explained about her attending the sale at the Funston mansion. How she bought the guitar, and how surprised she was when she opened the case. “Who is this Hernandez fella, anyhow,” Sandy asked. “Is he someone important?”

“My dear woman,” the Professor said in an irritated tone. “This Hernandez fella, as you put it, was one of the great Spanish classical and flamenco guitar makers of the Twentieth Century. Santos Hernandez Rodriguez’ instruments were exquisite examples of hand artisanship, played by many of the greatest Spanish classical and flamenco musicians. He was highly secretive of his construction techniques and refused to take on apprentices. This is truly a rare find.” He paused in his lecture, looking pensive. “Cyrus Funston must have obtained this in his travels, and being the obsessive collector he was, it was probably forgotten about immediately as some new item caught his eye.”

The Professor produced a large magnifying glass from his jacket pocket and examined the label inside the guitar carefully, muttering in Spanish. “It is difficult to read,” he said, “but all indications are that this instrument was made in 1942. Hernandez died in 1943, so this may have been one of the last guitars he ever made.”

“Is it valuable?” Kelly asked. “A man died trying to steal it from me.”

“It is difficult to put a value on such a rare instrument,” mused the Professor. “But at an auction a determined collector would pay at the very least three quarters of a million dollars for such a rare piece of artisanship. Possibly even more if the bidding would become spirited. This really belongs in a museum, young lady,” he concluded.


Kelly and Sandy were sitting in their apartment, still stunned by the revelation that Kelly’s guitar was a valuable museum piece. Kelly had reluctantly left it with Professor Capella, who promised to lock it in the college’s vault until she decided what do next. “Kelly, sweetie,” Sandy finally spoke. “Maybe you oughta sell that guitar. I know you love it, but that money would be a nice grubstake until we can break into show business.”

“I know you’re right, my love,” Kelly sighed. “It’s just that…” a knock on the door interrupted her. Looking through the peephole, she exclaimed, “It’s one of the women from the concerts. I wonder what she wants. It’s after eight o clock at night.”

Kelly let their visitor in as she apologized profusely for calling at the late hour. “You women are difficult to contact,” she said, putting down her briefcase. “My name is Patricia Loeb, Senior Vice President of Second Time Around Music Company. I would like to offer you a contract to produce some recordings of swing and jazz tunes from the thirties and forties. Would you be interested?”


“Ohhhhh, darlin’…” Kelly moaned. She clutched her knees to her chest as her lover buried her face in her pussy, plunged two fingers in her and suckled her clit. “You eat so good babe, ahhhhh…” She sprayed warm cum repeatedly into Sandy’s mouth, watching her lover swallow hard and dive in for more.

Sandy and Kelly had awakened each other like this on many a morning in the four years they had been together. They loved to start the day with a tongue in their lover’s pussy. So much had happened in the intervening years; sometimes they didn’t quite believe the direction their lives had taken.

“Mmmmm… feels sooo good,” Sandy sighed, raising her ass higher in the air as Kelly wormed her tongue in her pussy, stroking her clit with her thumb. “Fuck me lover…eat meeee…,” she howled, bucking her pussy against Kelly’s face and filling her lovers’ mouth with sweet cum. It was the start of another wonderful day for the two women.


Sandy and Kelly’s first CD retrospective of the Big Band female singers favorite tunes was a rousing success. Sandy had a natural ear for song styling and could mimic many of the greats such as Kay Starr, Bea Wain, Martha Tilton, Helen O’Connell, and many others. Kelly had a variety of handmade guitars with which to accompany her lover, often sitting in with additional musicians as the arrangement warranted. She had donated her ‘baby’ to the Clear Lake City Museum of Natural History, choosing to preserve the rare artifact.

Sandy and Kelly’s last two CD’s had gone platinum, quite a feat for a vocalist and a musician who specialized in rendering the songs of the Big Band Era. Their concert tour was also wildly successful, performing to sold-out crowds. Scholars of music speculated that the sometimes simple, but heartfelt lyrics resonated within a listening public weary of the pounding modern rhythms.


Following a long session in the recording studio, Kelly and Sandy lay naked in bed relaxing. “Sandy,” Kelly said, “How would you feel about starting a family?”

Sandy rolled on top of Kelly, her eyes bright with excitement. “Are you serious, babe? That would be so wonderful. I think it would be wonderful being pregnant. I only wish we could create a baby with each other, but I guess a sperm bank will have to do.”

“We’ll find a donor with musical talent, sugar,” Kelly replied. “Let’s continue a family tradition. We’ll let our doctor decide who’s more physically capable to carry the child since we both trust her judgment. Then we can begin the process of becoming pregnant.”

“Now that really sounds like fun,” Sandy giggled. She jumped from the bed and pressed the remote on the nightstand. The lush strains of ‘Moonlight Serenade’ filled the bedroom. “They’re playing our song my love,” Sandy murmured, holding out her arms. “Come dance with me.”

Kelly snuggled into her soul mate’s embrace as their bare feet glided across the wood floor, tears of happiness glittering on her cheeks. Her beloved Sandy’s voice crooning to her as their bodies moved as one:

“So don’t let me wait.

Come to me tenderly in a June night.

I stand at your gate.

And I sing you a song in the moonlight.

A love song, my darling, a moonlight serenade.”

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