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Remembering Skye

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Today i knew would be long hard day for Him so i had used my key to let myself in. This was not something i did often for normally i would wait for His call. That afternoon i had shopped for the ingredients for dinner which would be His favorite meal. Dinner was in the oven baking, and i had just finished picking up around His place when i heard Him in the hallway.

Quickly i went to kneel up by the doorway to await Him. Downward i looked towards the floor, my heart skipping a beat as the door opened and He walked through the door. His gaze, i felt upon me. Out of the corner of my eye, i could see a sheepish grin and i knew that He was pleased to find me there.

The smell of dinner baking brings a smile to His face and He asks me when it will be ready. Softly i tell him it will be done soon and He nods. I tell Him that He has time to shower while it finishes.

He gives me a playful tap on my bottom and i follow Him to the bathroom. He smiles as He sees that I have all ready laid out things for Him. Without a word, i turn the shower on for Him adjusting the temperature to what He prefers. He tosses His shirt at me while my back is turned and i stifle a laugh. The imp, i can see just below the surface and i smile.

i turn around to finish undressing Him, and gently push Him in the direction of His awaiting shower. He wraps His arms around me and softly kisses my lips. Another playful tap on my bottom lets me know to go and finish preparing things for dinner.

Dinner is waiting for Him on the table and i wait for Him to ask me to join Him. With a gesture of His hand, i know that He wants me to join Him and we sit down to eat.

At the end of dinner, i cleared the table and poured Him a glass of wine as i saw to the cleaning up. He sat down to watch a program as i finished in the kitchen. i could see a look in His eyes that told me this night had just begun for U/us.

When i was done in the kitchen i kneeled up on the floor beside his feet. He finished His glass of wine as I massaged His feet. It wasn’t something He had asked of me but i knew it would help Him to relax. He set the glass down before me on the coffee table and tapped me on the shoulder to turn towards Him. He patted on the seat next to Him and meant for me to join Him there.

i tried not to show a smile but one escaped me none the less. He laughed and looked at me with a look i had come to know so well. Letting the minx in me show was sure to be punished and i would just have to await His word. He turned my neck to the side and nipped at me. Oh was my only word that came to mind.

i knew then that my presence here was certainly needed and was to be rewarded after the minx had been contained once more. Without out so much as a word He pulled me to my feet and walked me back to the room where all the toys were kept.

As soon as i had crossed the threshold into the room a blindfold was placed about my head. Something He knew i struggled with, but wanted me to be able to except for it pleased Him to do so. He placed me in the restraints on the bed. The silken cords were placed around each foot and hand. He loved this for if i moved overly much it tightened of its own accord.

i heard the flick of a lighter and knew what was next to come. The anticipation was great and i knew He would not keep me waiting long. i felt the bed shift as He knelt beside me as He slowly dripped wax onto my exposed nipples. The heat of the dripping wax on them made me squirm a bit.

Something He took much joy in and slowly continued until my nipples were hard and encased in wax. i felt Him spread my nether lips and i stifled my sounds as the first drop of wax dropped onto my clit. So intense was the feeling that i squirmed against my restraints. A soft chuckle was heard from Him as I did.

“Be still my dear or they will continue to tighten, and you know I will not loosen them until W/we are through.”

i gave him a nod so He knew i understood him. i felt his gaze upon me as He admired His handiwork with the wax. His hand softly caressed me watching me blossom at His attentions.

“Since you’ve been a minx you’ll stay like this for the night, and I will use you as I please”.

i shuddered a bit at the thought because i knew it meant the blindfold as well. A soft whimper escaped my lips, as i heard those words. He chuckles softy at me and pats me on the arm to reassure me that it will be okay. He makes a few adjustments to the restraints.

He inserts a few favorite toys, a remote controlled vibrator into my pussy and a plug with tail into my ass. He spreads the tail out so that it will tickle and caress my skin if i move. i can feel Him peer down at me and smile at the presentation before Him. He taps me on the shoulder and says that He will be back later to finish this.

I don’t hear him leave the room but i know He has none the less. This will be the challenge being by myself for a time not knowing when He will rejoin me in this room. i know that i will not hear Him reenter this room for He is very quiet, and likes to surprise one. i am left to my own thoughts as i am sure He is finishing up some paperwork He must do.

i do not know how much time passes and as i lie there i am growing more accustomed to this. Without warning or a word, i feel the vibrator turn on and know that soon He will be joining me. It is His way of saying be ready, and i try to contain a smile. I hear a chuckle from the direction of the doorway.

“And still the Minx is not back on her leash, “He says with a sigh.

i know that he is only teasing as He says that. i hear the rustle of a drawer opening and wonder what He is up to. i know i will know soon enough and waits to see what will happen next. The soft cool touch of fur is felt over my skin, and i try to hold back another smile. i know He is going to tease me relentlessly with the bunny fur flogger, a favorite toy of mine.

He flicks it across my skin whipping me with it here and there, and then runs it across my skin. i bite my lip to keep from uttering a sound and squirm a bit in my restraints. He chuckles at me and i can feel him watching how my body reacts to all that He is doing.

Just when i had started to grow accustomed to this He stopped as suddenly as He began. A small pout formed on my face before i realize what i had done. i hear a soft growl and know what is to come next. I feel His teeth upon me biting me here and there.

With a sigh, He says, “I see that the Minx is still not back on that leash. Why are you testing me so after such a long day?”

He knows i will not utter a reply back to Him for there was no command to answer. He growls at me a bit more removing the toys from my ass and pussy. He adjusts the restraints once more to open me more to Him. I feel His teeth upon me once again as He leaves His mark here and there. i bite my lip as not to utter a sound.

He knows what His biting does to me. My body feels as if it is on fire…waiting for it to be set free or extinguished. i know He will tease me relentlessly know for not containing the minx in me better. He grabs my hair holding me tightly and turns my neck to the side. He bites down hard but does not break the skin.

It sends a wave of pleasure through my body and then i feel His hand playing with my nether folds. His fingers pull and rub at my clit as He waits for that first shudder to escape from me. He need not wait long for my body betrays me and He simply chuckles and gives me a reassuring pat as my juices coat His hand.

i feel the bed move and my body being adjusted to accept Him. His hard cock pushes against the outside of me and without hesitation He is inside. He thrusts long and hard as He claims what is His. His nails rake down my skin leaving tiny marks here and there. He bites and pulls at my hardened nipples.

i think to my self, “Who is being the minx now?”

He is relentless and does not stop until He brought me again. His heavy breath upon my skin as i know He has come to completion himself. i bit my lip to keep a smile from crossing from my lips. Slowly he loosens but doesn’t let go the restraints.

One final adjustment to the blindfold to make sure it is still in its place. The lights are turned out and He curls himself around me to sleep as He draws the covers over us. He pats me one last time and kisses me sweetly on the lips. i fall asleep with Him curled around me.

i awoke in the morning with Him still curled around me. i felt Him stir as i slowly began to awaken. i felt Him nuzzle against me as He sometimes does in His sleep when i am here with Him. He reaches around me and undoes the restraints and the blindfold.

He tenderly kisses me on the lips and tells me that i have done very well. With a tap on my bottom, he tells me to go take care of my morning routine and to return to Him promptly. i do as He asks and kneel up beside the bed when i return. i wait for Him to acknowledge my return, and He does with a tap on the bed which means to join Him there.

He tells me to kneel at attention and to wait right there. i wonder what He is up to. i hear the front door unlock and open. my heart starts to race as i don’t know what He is up to. He walks back into the room and i can see that someone was at the door. i’m not sure what He has in mind at this moment but i know that He won’t keep me waiting for long to find out.

He told her to kneel up beside me on the bed. He then look at me and began to speak, “minx, this is skye. she is the new pet I have been telling you about. she is your reward for having done as I asked of you. she is to follow your orders as if they are Mine.”

my heart raced at this news. i was generally had not been the top to any of His before now. i knew that this was a test in itself. He had wanted to see my Dominant side that keeps slipping out now and then.

He pats the bed again and we both look at Him. He tells us both that He must go out for a bit but will return in a few hours. In the mean time, i am to collect my reward however i see fit. i am told which toys i am allowed access to. my heart is racing because i know He really means for this to be.

He tells me to wait until i hear him leave and to remain kneeling until so. i can hear her heart racing as well. i know she is not new to this lifestyle but new to Him…and well to me as well. It was not unusual for Him to introduce me to a pet of His.

Finally we both hear Him leave and i wait for the sound of His truck leaving before i say a word to her. i stare into her bright blue eyes as i look upon her face and quickly realize why He calls her skye. It suits her well.

i softly caress her face and pull her into a kiss. i whisper in her ear and tell her that she is going to enjoy this as much as i. i pat the center of the bed and motion for her to lie down. i gently place her in the restrains. i lean down and ask her for her safe word which she freely gives me.

i grin as i pick up the bunny fur and run it along her skin. she moves a bit against the restraints and i tell to lie still. she confesses that would be hard since she is ticklish most places. i get a huge grin on my face as i continue touching her body with the rabbit fur. she continues to squirm in the restraints.

i lean down and place soft kisses her and there on her body. i run my hand between her legs to see how well she has been taught and am pleased to find her wet. i nip and scratch at her skin, while softly stroking her clit with my fingers. she strains a bit at the restraints.

i whisper in her ear and tell her to just lay back and enjoy. i slowly work her into a frenzy using my fingers and then my tongue on her clit. she squirms all the more as the restraints get a bit tighter.

i stop just short of orgasm knowing that neither of us is allowed to cum without His permission. i curl up next to her after i undo the restraints and snuggle close. i tell her to relax and take a nap with me.

she eagerly complies because she knows as well as i that the day has really just begun. He returns in a few hours and finds you curled up together. He smiles and leans over to caress us both. He asks me one question and smiles when i answer him.

He replies with, “That’s my good girl, minx. I think skye will be your play mate from now on.”

i simply smile at him and await his next command.

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