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Traci Is Hazed in College

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I realize I’m the only freshman girl and the youngest member of the cross-country team, but Jesus. I’ll be nineteen in the spring, so I’m not a kid any more. Oh, I expected some hazing. In fact, I didn’t even mind it that much when they told me I’d have to hand out towels in the boys locker room the first week of practice…naked. I just wrapped a towel around me. When they argued, I said I was naked under the towel and they needed to be more specific next time.

It was fun watching the water flow over their cocks and cute butts. That is, until the seniors decided it was time for them to shower and we were out of towels. They gave me the choice of drying them off while wearing the towel or giving it to them. Now, I might have chosen to rub myself all over Tommy Harper…he really makes me hot…but the others? No way. So I stood there in the nude while they all stared at me like idiots.

My real problem was with the “initiation run”. I was told by some of the older girls on the team that it would happen on one of the hotter days so I should plan on wearing my smallest sports bra and running shorts. That was easy because I like to show off my 34B, Ashley Judd-like tits and little ass.

When the day for the run finally came, I was anxious to get it over with and be
accepted as a member of the team. I got to the locker room a half hour early and changed quickly. As instructed, I wore a little black bra that exposed a full one-third of my breasts and baggy, high-cut jogging shorts that showed just the right amount of my butt cheeks without being indecent.

Walking past a mirror, I stopped to check myself out. From all angles I looked good. Wait until Tommy catches this act, I thought.

One by one, team members emerged from the locker rooms and congregated on the lawn in front of the athletic complex. I was asked several times by smiling guys if I was ready. I just smiled back and said, “Ready.”

The team captains, Eric and Kyle, and the coach outlined the distance and route of the run. They emphasized that no times would be kept, so we could keep our own pace. We were told the path took us off campus and through some thick, secluded woods with a walking/jogging path winding through it. At the end, Eric acknowledged that it was my “initiation run” and that everyone on the team should “welcome Traci on board.” I smiled self-consciously and felt my face blush when they cheered.

We started the run at an easy pace over the grassy lawns of the campus, past dorms and classrooms and, finally, into the woods. I ran mindlessly, paying attention only to the backs of the shorts in front of me—some guys, some girls. Occasionally, I caught a glimpse of the outline of a guy’s cock in a pair of too-tight shorts. I also noticed the sound of small packs of guys running close behind me. Guys that would normally pass me with ease. I purposely swayed my hips as I ran, assuming they were watching me just as I watched them.

It was hot even back in the shade of the woods. Sweat began to run down my neck and between my breasts. My bra clung tighter than normal to my moist tits, showing my nipples clearly. As we reached what appeared to be the most secluded area of all the woods, I heard soft talking in the pack behind me. Almost instantly after that, two boys were on either side of me. They each grabbed an arm and we came to a stop.

Behind me, I heard the Eric’s voice.

“Traci, don’t make a sound. We’re not going to hurt you. Don’t be scared. We’re only going to initiate you.”

I heard some of the guys laugh as I was led off the path and into the woods. We walked about 50 yards through thick undergrowth, hanging branches and fallen trees. Ahead was a small clearing. In the center was an odd looking tree, which, I soon found out, had been stripped of bark from the ground level to the first set of branches ten feet up the trunk. Hanging from the branches were two ropes with loops at the end.

By the time we got to the tree, six or seven guys and a couple girls were standing behind me. Eric told me to stand with my back to the tree.

“Get naked,” he said.

I stood and stared in disbelief. When he repeated the order and it was obvious the others weren’t going anywhere until I did, I took off my shoes and socks. I felt the sweat roll down my body when I leaned over. My hands shook as I stood up again and reached for my bra. With my arms crossed, I slowly lifted it over my breasts. The air felt cool when it hit my moist, uncovered tits. I raised the bra over my head, shaking my hair back into place as I dropped the bra to the ground. Instantly, I could feel my nipples hardening. Expressionless faces stared at my half naked body.

After a momentary pause, I put my thumbs inside my shorts and pushed them down. They fell to the ground and I kicked them aside. Again, I felt the cool air slide across my bare ass. Underneath the narrow patch of hair covering my pussy I felt wet.

I stood awkwardly, my hands hanging by my hips. Then Eric told me to turn around. I stopped when I faced the tree before continuing around without waiting for more instructions.

“God damn,” one of the guys said. “That is one fine body.”

“I think we’ve seen enough. It’s time to try her out,” Eric said. “Tie her up.”

Two boys took my arms, raised them over my head and placed my hands through the loops on the ropes. A quick tug upward on the ropes tightened the loops securely around my wrists. There was just enough slack in the ropes that I could move my arms slightly. The reason for this I would soon find out.

“As captains, Kyle and I will begin the initiation,” Eric said with a smile. “Traci, you may ask to be released at any time. The team will vote at the end of the initiation run whether you are still on the team. Do you understand?”

I nodded nervously.

“Do you want to continue?”

Again I nodded.

Eric pulled off his tank top and removed his shorts. His large cock was swollen, but not fully erect. He had a good body and I had admired his ass in the locker room during the towel incident. Now he stood inches in front of me, both of us naked, my arms outstretched over my head. He was several inches taller than me, which was emphasized even more since he left his shoes on.

His fingers lightly moved over my shoulders down to my tits. He traced around them before cupping each one in his palms. When he squeezed, his large hands nearly swallowed them up and I felt it clear to my cunt when he pinched my nipples.

“Don’t you dare enjoy this,” I urged myself silently.

Eric moved his hands down my stomach to my hips and, finally, around to my butt. The hands felt warm on my cold ass. He kneaded the soft flesh and pulled me toward him. Only then did I realize he was hard, his rigid cock pressed between us. With my ass in his hands, he kissed me hard, forcing his tongue inside my mouth. He rubbed his cock harder against me, moving it up and down just inches above my clit. Without even realizing it, I had spread my legs farther apart—partly to brace myself better and partly out of desire.

I felt one of his hands leave my ass and reach between my thighs.

“Spread your legs,” Eric whispered in my ear.

He moved his hand farther up my thigh until it touched my cunt. I twitched at his touch and raised up on my toes when his finger entered me. He was testing it to see if I was ready. And I was.

He guided his cock to the entrance of my cunt and pushed. Inch by inch he entered me. I closed my eyes and felt the stiff tool proceed farther and farther inside. Cheers from the ever-growing crowd around us brought me back to reality. Soon, Eric’s balls pressed against my pussy. I moaned softly, undeniably enjoying the feel of him inside me.

It only took him a couple of minutes to cum. He lifted me by the back of my thighs so my legs were wrapped around his waist. Holding me up by the butt, he rammed into me fiercely, grunting loudly each time he shot cum into me. I could feel the warm liquid mix with my own and ooze out when he withdrew. Shouts rang out from the crowd and I could see many guys with obvious hard ons pumping their fists in the air and cheering.

Kyle quickly took Eric’s place inside me. He was not as large as the other captain, but still stretched my cunt nicely. He was shorter than Eric and was able to suck on my tits as he fucked me. This brought me closer to my own orgasm, but I fought it back by staring up at the opening between the trees and concentrating on anything except the guy cumming time and again within my cunt.

When my eyes returned to the crowd surrounding me, I was surprised to see several more naked bodies, including Tommy and another female member of the team. Tommy had a killer body, with fabulous abs, big shoulders and arms, a little waist and, at the moment, a huge cock. The naked girl standing next to him was a really cute, small-breasted junior who was always friendly to me. Today I would find out why.

“Turn around, Traci,” Eric was saying to me. “Lean forward, place your hands on the tree and spread your legs.”

The ropes barely allowed me to reach the tree. When I was positioned as ordered, a pair of hands wrapped around my breasts. Gently they caressed my flesh. Just as I began to look behind me, I felt the massive cock touch my ass. Tommy leaned against me and stroked his cock up and down in my crack.

“Relax and enjoy it,” he spoke softly into my ear.

I turned back around to face the tree and closed my eyes, praying he would fuck me; yet dreading what would happen if he did. I heard rustling close behind me and another cheer from the crowd. At the exact moment I felt Tommy’s cock touch my cunt lips, something wonderfully wet and soft hit my clit. A tongue. Then, as Tommy entered me, a mouth. A young woman was sucking me while a gorgeous guy rammed me from behind.

Her soft hands clutched the back of my thighs while her tongue worked on my clit. A couple inches lower, the hardest, longest cock I had ever felt was slowly sliding in and out. Sometimes stopping so only the tip was in, then crashing back into me.

I was on the verge of begging them to stop. I desperately wanted not to cum. My mind raced with the pros and cons of continuing, when two strong hands grasped my hips firmly. Tommy’s pace quickened and his groans got louder until he nearly shouted with the onset of his first orgasm. I felt the shudder of his cock as the cum rose from his balls and into my cunt. The girl’s mouth closed tightly around my fully extended clit and I shrieked.

“Oh, fuck. Damn you. Damn you,” I yelled.

Tommy pushed me nearly through the tree with one last thrust and I lost it. My orgasm started in my stomach and exploded throughout my entire body, centering on the girl’s tongue as it licked furiously at my clit. Wave after wave hit me and I lost track of all time and space. I seized the ropes tightly and pulled as another orgasm shot from one end of me to another.

“Aaaahhhhhhh, shit. Fuck me,” I cried.

But Tommy was pulling out of me, completely spent. Only the girl was left to finish me off. She waited until my body quit shaking, then she too moved to the side. I leaned against the tree in exhaustion, letting my body hang on the ropes.

For another hour, team members of both sexes assaulted my body from every angle. But all I could think about was Tommy and the girl.

I loathed them.

I loved them.

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