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Just Another Day in Paradise

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I watched one last set of waves roll into shore before turning and walking across the beach to the outside shower in the Beach Park. I leaned my surfboard against a picnic table nearby, tossed my bag by it, and stepped under the shower. The sun-warmed water cascaded down my tanned trim body. As I turned around under the shower I noticed a couple of guys sitting on another nearby picnic table; they were closely watching me rinse off.

Secretly smiling to myself I lifted my arms and ran my fingers through my long hair. Of course, I wanted to get all the salt water out of it, but I also knew that when my arms were raised it made my tits look real good in the brief bikini top I was wearing. I started rubbing my hands all over my body, again of course; to get the dried salt off my skin. I made a point however of doing my best to make it look very sensuous as I moved my hands over my legs, torso, arms, and breasts. Looking at the guys out of the corner of my eye I could see them watching me, looking fascinated. I loved showing off my tight tanned body. As I turned off the shower I stood facing them, smiling as I sluiced the water from my long dark hair. Looking closer at them I suddenly realized that I knew one of them. I smiled even wider as I walked over to the table.

“Hi Jeff, what’s up? Long time no see”, I said as he jumped up and met me halfway, giving me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Hey Roxie, I thought that was you. I haven’t seen you since Sarah and I broke up, almost a year now.”

Jeff had been dating my friend Sarah, that was how we had met. I’d always envied Sarah; Jeff was a buff guy, tall, handsome, and black. I had always thought he was fascinating but off limits as a girlfriends guy. I’d never dated a black man but had always wondered if they really did have big cocks.

We chatted, catching up on each other’s happenings over the last year. Jeff mentioned Sarah, saying he had not had a serious relationship since breaking up with her. I mentioned Kapena; my former boyfriend whom he’d met when him and Sarah had doubled dated with us. He was surprised that Kapena and I had broken up also. Still chatting he walked me over to his friend and introduced us.

“Roxie, this is my cousin, Ray, from Alabama. He’s visiting the island for the summer and I’ve been showing him around. Ray, this is Roxie, an old friend.”

Ray jumped up and gave me the requisite hug and kiss, saying, “Damn Cuz, with old friends like this, who needs new ones”. Ray was good looking too and had a nice hard body.

We laughed and talked about the places he had been sightseeing with Jeff. When I mentioned the Falls down the coast and said it was too beautiful not to visit he said, “I’m looking at about as much beauty as I can handle right now” and winked wickedly at me. I have to admit I was enjoying the attention I was getting from both the guys.

As I grabbed my surfboard and bag, Jeff asked where my car was. I told him it was at my brothers’ house, getting a new alternator put in, and that I had caught a ride to the beach with my neighbor. He offered me a ride to my place and I gladly accepted. Pulling a pareau, a length of bright fabric, out of my bag, I wrapped it around me sarong style and followed them to Jeff’s car. My place was only a few miles farther down the coast but it was definitely farther than I wanted to have to walk after all day long playing in the waves.

“It’s the next driveway on your left Jeff.”

We slowed and turned in. The guys thought my small old house, hidden in the jungle-like growth and looking out on the ocean was the perfect Hawaiian home. I loved it too; it had once belonged to my grandfather, and I had just sort of inherited it when no one else wanted to live so far from town. I invited them in for a cold beer and they excitedly accepted. We sat outside on the lanai, talking, drinking a couple of cold beers, and watching the sun set. I went into the house and lit some lamps; no electricity was another reason no one else in my family had wanted to live there. I made do with gas appliances and a solar powered system for my electric needs. I loved living the simple life there.

While the guys settled on the couch I went and took off my swimsuit and wrapped a clean dry pareau around me. I didn’t put anything on under it because I was feeling turned on having both these good-looking guys all to myself. While braiding my hair I was thinking about the fantasy I had of making it with two guys at the same time and the thoughts running through my mind were getting me hot. I walked back into the softly lit living room and smiled at both of them. I asked if they were hungry and Jeff laughed, saying, “Yes, but not for food”.

Ray said “You look good enough to eat Roxie, I could feast on you for days baby”. About then I knew I was gonna get to live my fantasy and my pussy started to tingle instantly. Smiling a wicked smile I walked over to Jeff and straddled his lap, leaned forward, and started kissing him. I could feel his instant response through his shorts as we tongue wrestled in a hot deep kiss. Jeff grabbed my hips and pushed my crotch down on his hardening cock, rubbing it against me. Ray moved closer and said, “Give me some of that honey too baby”. I broke the kiss with Jeff, leaned over and started kissing Ray. Jeff started untying my pareau and pulled it off me. His hands were rubbing and squeezing my tits, then I felt his mouth on my nipple, sucking and licking me as Ray kissed me thoroughly. Then Ray was kissing and sucking my other nipple while Jeff worked on his. I tipped my head back and enjoyed as my pussy started throbbing and getting wet. When they eased off working on my nipples I slid off Jeff’s lap and kneeled between his legs as I pulled at his shorts. He helped me get them off his legs and his cock stood up straight and proud in my face. He had a big thick long cock, just like I’d always imagined he would. I wrapped my hands around him and stroked him a few times before leaning forward and guiding his cock to my lips. I let my tongue flick out and taste him there at the tip and then licked him up and down his hard shaft. I loved sucking cock; it made me hotter than a firecracker to do it. I licked all around the big head of his cock, savoring the silky skin there before guiding him into my hot mouth and sucking him inside. I worked my way down his cock, trying to get him deep inside my mouth. As I began stroking him with my lips, I could feel Ray behind me. He was kneeling behind me kissing the back of my neck as he reached around and played with my tits, squeezing the nipples until they were so hard they ached.

I started making long deep slow strokes up and down Jeff’s cock as one of Ray’s hands moved down to my slit. He rubbed his fingers over my clit, then dipped them in my wet pussy, and spread my slick juices back over my clit. I was moaning around Jeff’s cock as he was pumping it in and out of my mouth. Ray then lay down on his back and slid between my legs. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down on his face. His tongue was working on my clit making me squirm against it. I was sucking Jeff’s cock for all I was worth as Ray started sticking his tongue in and out of my pussy. I was sooo ready to come my whole body was quivering. Ray reached around and started rubbing my clit again with one hand; his other hand was rubbing over my ass. He slowly pushed a finger into my ass as he rubbed my clit and fucked my pussy with his tongue. Jeff was throbbing deep in my mouth as I started to moan and come. Damn, I felt like I was falling off the world as I came all over Rays face. I pulled my mouth off Jeff’s cock and kept moaning as Ray reached up with both hands and grabbed my tits and pulled me down harder on his tongue. He sucked my sweet juice as my body shook with the force of my orgasm.

As I was trying to catch my breath Jeff grabbed me off Ray’s face and pulled me up on his lap. He lifted me over his thick cock and put the head of it right at the opening of my hot wet pussy. I started lowering myself over him, slowly pushing his cock up into my pussy. I was still throbbing inside, not quite over my first orgasm, as I felt him stretching me open to take his big cock inside. Sliding down that thick hard cock had me feeling like I was coming again. His was the biggest cock I’d ever had and it felt exquisite as it filled me. Jeff grabbed my hips and started pumping his cock in and out of me, pulling me up and pushing me down on it. Ray moved beside us and put his cock where I could reach it with my mouth. I leaned over and started sucking on him while Jeff kept up a steady rhythm, fucking me slow and deep. Ray’s cock was long and hard, not quite as thick as Jeff’s. We fell into a good rhythm and my mouth would slide down Ray’s cock as Jeff pulled me up his, then my mouth would slide up Ray’s cock as Jeff pulled me down hard on his. This had to be heaven it felt so good. When Jeff started fucking me a little faster I started to come again, moaning this time around Ray’s cock in my mouth.

When Ray saw I was coming again he pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved behind me. Jeff pulled me against him and started kissing me while my body shook with another orgasm. I felt Ray put his finger in my ass again and I nearly went ballistic, squirming on Jeff’s cock as he kept fucking me and I kept coming. Then Ray was pushing his long hard cock into my ass. He slowly stroked it, going a little deeper each stroke as I relaxed and let him inside. Ray reached around me, grabbed my tits and pulled me back as he stroked inside my ass. I couldn’t believe the feeling as they found a rhythm that worked for both of them and started fucking me steady and hard. This was better than any fantasy I could imagine. I felt like I was coming continously as they fucked me. One hard thick cock in my pussy and one long hard cock in my ass, stroking, faster, harder. Just when I thought I couldn’t come any more they both started groaning and fucking me even faster. Then I did fall off the world and started screaming as I came so hard my whole body started shaking and burning. They were fucking me like pistons in a race car motor.

Ray pulled out and I felt him shoot his hot juice all over my ass, I could hear him moaning as he milked it out, rubbing his cock over my ass cheeks. Then Jeff pulled me off his cock and started stroking himself as he shot his come on my tits, rubbing the head over my nipples as he groaned in pleasure.

Jeff pulled me up and kissed me sweetly as Ray sat beside him and took his turn to kiss me next. Both of them were saying that this had been the hottest fuck they’d ever had while all I could do was smile.

As I was trying to catch my breath my active nasty little mind was already thinking of a next session with these two, maybe after a shower and something to eat to regain our energy. Hmmm, now how many other positions could we come up with that would work for two hard cocks and one hot pussy.

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