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Just Passing Through

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Sixty two year old Wallace Stone wasn’t from Saratoga Springs, he was just passing through on business. When after dinner he walked through the park and stopped near the little stage where an angry young man was singing angry songs, mercifully without benefit of amplification.

Most of the couple dozen or so folks who were around the performer listening didn’t seem much more interested than Wallace was, but the salesman didn’t care about them.

His eyes were focused on the skinny kid who had one foot on a skateboard, slowly rolling it to and fro in time with the music.

“You sweet thing,” Wallace whispered to himself as he took in the sight that was glorious to him, perhaps in part because the lad looked much like a roommate he had back in school four decades ago.

The lad’s dirty blonde hair was long and unkempt like his roommate’s had been, back when a hippie-looking fellow got noticed more than they did now. The skateboarder was skinnier too, almost painfully so, as was revealed by the sloppy outfit that hung on the boy.

The tank top showed much of his scrawny shoulders and arms which were devoid of tattoos and piercings but had plenty of scrapes, likely from skateboarding mishaps. The baggy shorts revealed a particularly nasty bruise on the kid’s bony knee as well, so while Wallace though he was beautiful looking he looked like he needed some tender loving care.

Would that lad even feel that knee injury if he were on all fours in Wallace’s hotel bed, he fantasized? Would the boy like a fistful of his scruffy hair in the salesman’s grip while he gave the lad something he probably never experienced before?

Never the shy one, Wallace worked his way over to the fellow, happy that he didn’t seem to be there with anybody, and after a song ended he gave a couple of claps while leaning over to the boy and asked, “Pardon me – is he anybody?”

“Dale,” the boy responded, looking up at the tall old man and noticing him for the first time. “I only know who he is because he goes to Skidmore too.”

“Oh? You’re a college man?” Wallace asked, and when the boy nodded the salesman got more interested.

It only took the persuasive salesman the time between songs to learn that the skateboarder’s name was Essex Franklin and he was about to start his sophomore year tomorrow at the pricey college. Essex had a part-time job washing dishes in town and used the skateboard for transportation to and from the campus dorm.

“Essex. That’s an unusual name,” Wallace said, quickly added that he liked it a lot. “Let’s see, there was a music group back in the 60’s called the Essex, but I’ll bet that you were named after…”

“David Essex,” the lad interrupted. “My Mom had the hots for this teen idol from ancient times so she named me after him.”

“Rock on,” Wallace chuckled in mentioning the signer’s claim to fame. “Well, I think that if she chose between David and Essex you got the best choice. Distinctive names get you remembered.”

“I guess,” Essex said, and when he moved his head his long locks parted a bit to reveal he had an earring – a little rainbow earring – and suddenly Essex got even more interesting to the salesman.

“So tell me Essex,” Wallace said as another song began. “What do you want to be when you grow up – or better put after you graduate from college?”

“I dunno. Are you a cop mister?” Essex asked.

“No son, I’m a salesman,” Wallace chuckled. “Why? Do you think I’m interrogating you?”

“Kinda,” Essex admitted. “But I don’t have to answer if I don’t want to, I guess.”

“That’s right,” Wallace agreed with a smile.

“I thought I wanted to design video games but now I’m not sure,” Essex said. “I used to want to be a model. I did some things for this local rag…”

Essex pulled out an old clipping that showed a very neat and tidy Essex modeling a shirt, and after Wallace said he looked good added, “Your hair was much shorter then. I like it this way better. And I like your earring too.”

“Oh,” Essex replied.

“Of course if you were to model full time you might have to give up the skateboarding,” Wallace observed as he nodded down to the boy’s wounded knee, noticing for the first time the light dusting of faint light brown hair that graced the inside of the lad’s wiry calves. “That must hurt.”

“No, not really,” Essex responded. “You know who you look like?”

“No, but I’m almost afraid to ask,” Wallace kidded.

“Harrison Ford sort of. I guess you might be taller but…” Essex said but as he started to explain Wallace cut him off.

“Say no more. I’ll take it,” the older man replied. “You made my day. So tell me, since I’m new around here, where do Harrison Ford type men go for fun around here. This isn’t exactly my cup of tea.”

“Dale? He sucks. Thinks he’s Kurt Cobain. I’m just here because there’s nothing to do. Can’t get into bars yet,” Essex lamented.

“But you like an occasional cocktail I assume?” Wallace asked, and after the boy sheepishly grinned he continued. “Of course, if I didn’t want to get arrested I could always invite you to my room for a drink or two.”

“Who would know?” Essex suggested shyly.

“I suppose that’s true. When I was your age I could not only die for my country but drink in it too,” Wallace remarked.

“One year 9 months and 1 day,” Essex calculated.

“Until you’re 21? Have it all figured out I see. Well, let’s just say that maybe it’s because I’m an 62 year old fossil but you don’t look 19,” Wallace said. “I mean that in a good way.”

“You don’t look 62 either mister…”

“Wallace,” he reminded him.

“Wallace,” Essex said.

“Still old enough to be your father – or even grandfather,” Wallace commented. “If any of your friends have seen me talking with you, tell them I’m your Grandpa.”

“Don’t have many friends,” Essex said. “With school and my job and all, plus I’m kinda shy.”

“Shy? You don’t seem like that to me,” Wallace opined. “You’ve been quite charming and are an excellent conversationalist.”

“Thanks. Guess I get along better with people that are – not my age.”

“Very diplomatic,” the elder remarked. “Well then, I’m staying at the Hilton Garden. If you would like we can stroll up and have a drink. Would we pass any stores?”

“Yes sir. There’s a liquor store and a regular store up that way if you want beer.”

“What do you fancy Essex?”

“I like Sam Adams Cherry Wheat when it’s warm out like this.”

“Then let’s be off.”

“Did you walk?”

“Yes. Just wandered through the city some. I am old but can still get around pretty well. Why? Is it a distance? I don’t even recall.”

“It’s about a half mile,” Essex explained.

“Not too bad if you’re up to it,” Wallace said, and after the boy nodded he added. “Is there someplace in this park one can relieve one’s self?”

“Sure, it’s over on the end of this building,” Essex said. “I’ll show you. Got to go too.”

“Splendid,” Wallace announced. “Lead the way.”

Wallace followed his new friend to the brick building and as he picked out a urinal on the right of the row, Essex set his skateboard to the side and joined him.

“Perfect,” Wallace whispered inaudibly as the lad picked a urinal just one down, not nearly as far away as he could have chosen.

The elder gent made a show out of pulling his zipper down and reaching into the fly of his baggy trousers to extract his member, and after giving it a lazy pull the amber flow began. As it did Wallace moved his hand away and placed it on the wall in front of him to allow his acquaintance an unobstructed view if he wished.

A subtle use of his aged man’s still-keen peripheral vision showed that not only was Essex looking he seemed impressed as well. Wallace also noticed that Essex was not shy either but the older man chose not to look, waiting for later to see more of the boy’s beauty.

After giving his languid manhood a brief wiggle and shake before putting it away, the two then washed and dried their hands they headed up Broadway towards the hotel.


“Did you try to show me your cock back there in the park?” Essex asked as he sat on the little ledge next to the hotel room window and looked out at the evening.

“Let’s just say I didn’t care whether I was seen or not,” Wallace replied.

“It was kind of obvious that you left it out for my benefit,” Essex declared. “But then I was putting on a little show for you in there and you kept staring straight ahead – mixed messages there.”

“Let’s just say that even in my youth I was never one to try and find out where the Christmas presents were hidden beforehand,” Wallace said as he put his hand on the lad’s slender shoulder. “I like to be surprised.”

“I never had the patience for that myself,” Essex replied. “That’s why I looked over at you pissing.”


“You really did have to go, that much I know.”


“You’re uncut,” Essex replied. “Never forgive my parents for doing that to me.”

“I love your straight forward attitude,” Wallace answered as he kneaded the skateboarder’s shoulder while he drained his beer.

“You’re hung like a horse too, although you know that. There’s no reason not to be straight forward. After all, we both know what you want,” Essex told him.

“Very perceptive Essex, but I don’t have your gift in that regard,” Wallace told him. “Exactly what is it that you want?”

“What I want? What I first want to do is stand up and get up and get you undressed,” he declared as Essex set the bottle down and faced the taller man, and when Wallace made no reply he started to unbutton the older man’s shirt.

“I love your train of thought so far,” Wallace responded and added, “Of course, I hope you’ll keep in mind that at 62 I’m over three times your age so be kind in your assessment.”

“You don’t look it and besides, I love older men,” Essex said as he pulled the shirt open and pulled it off Wallace’s shoulders, and as he raked his fingers through the coating of silver and black on the old man’s chest he sighed, “Older men with hairy chests is Christmas for me.”

Essex kneaded Wallace’s man boobs and tweaked the plump nipples before leaning down and sucking on each of them, and as the senior sighed he felt the lad’s teeth scraping his tender buds.

“And when these older men with hairy chests have big cocks,” Essex said as his hand slid down the front of Wallace’s trousers, and after he found the spongy organ he squeezed it and added, “It’s even better.”

“Surprised that a young fellow would have such tastes – pleasantly surprised I must say,” Wallace cooed as he kissed the lad’s forehead and ran his fingers through his long shaggy blonde hair.

“Hope I’m full of surprises for you,” Essex answered as he glided down to kneel in front of Wallace and made short work of the belt, and after undoing the trousers helped the older man out of them.

“Nice boxers,” Essex sighed as he ran his palm over the bulge in the black satin a couple times before moving his hands to the elastic and saying, “But they have to go.”

With that Essex slowly coxed the boxers downward, exposing first the mostly black bush

and then the base of the old man’s cock, the thickness of the roots making him gasp at first sight, but Essex was smiling at the penis tapered down somewhat as the briefs were lowered down past all 6″ or so of semi-flaccid manhood.

The lad left Wallace to step out of the boxers himself as his hands went right to the meaty organ, lifting it upright and ducking under the member to inspect and lick the meaty balls which dandled low in their furry sac.

Wallace inhaled loudly through his teeth as his young lover’s licking went right up the underside of his raised member and into the opening of his long puckered foreskin, and he exhaled as Essex slid back the shroud to suck on the plump knob passionately.

“You’re so good,” Wallace sighed as he cradled the lad’s head in his hands, and as the boy looked up at him Essex let his lips slide down the slowly stiffening cock, almost down to the base until it got too thick to manage, and then slowly retreated.

“No hands,” Wallace whispered, and Essex complied, moving his hands over to the old man’s lips and moving his head forward and backward, and although as it become erect the lad wasn’t able to go down as far he was still sucking on half of the soon to be 9″.

“That’s it,” the old man sighed as his hands stroked Essex’s lean tanned arms and shoulders, his long wrinkled fingers dipping under the boy’s upraised arms to toy with the sparse wisps of hair hiding in the hollows that felt as soft as it had looked. “But I must get you more comfortable too.”

Wallace reluctantly helped the lad to his feet, fearful that given how aroused he was and how adept Essex was at fellatio the end might come too soon, but he was also anxious to see his young lover.

“Let me unwrap my present now,” Wallace said as his erection bounced off the lad hip, and as he grabbed the bottom of the baggy tank top Essex lifted his arms up to accommodate him.

“You’re a vision to these aging eyes,” Wallace said as he examined the lean upper torso, ignoring the scraped and bruises and concentrated on the smooth chest, a pale white compare to the tanned arms that made the tiny nipples stand out even more. “So cute.”

“Glad you like me as much as I do you,” Essex said as he bit his lower lip seductively and put his hands behind his head, and they both smiled when Wallace looked over at the little wisps of gold the young man was obviously flaunting.

“You’re perfect,” Wallace told him as he leaned over and kissed the downy caverns, something that Essex seemed to enjoy.

“Really sensitive there,” Essex admitted to the smiling senior.

“I know,” the senior replied as he bent back down and let his tongue caress what his fingers and lips had already enjoyed while the slender lad writhed in place. “That’s why you seem to be offering your beautiful armpits to me.

“Oh man,” Essex moaned as the old man leaned into him, the results of his affection evident through the lad’s shorts.

“Did I do that?” Wallace mused as his thigh pressed against him.

“You know you did,” Essex said. “But I was already turned on by you anyway.”

“I’m so glad,” Wallace said as he grabbed the top of Essex’s shorts and slowly led him over to the bed where the senior sat down on the edge. “Afraid my knees aren’t what they used to be. Now let’s get a look at you.”

Wallace’s long bony fingers undid the lad’s shorts, and after unbuttoning them they dropped right to the carpet, but the old man’s eyes didn’t follow them but stayed focused in front of him where an obviously aroused penis was testing the fabric of the tight white briefs.

Wallace’s heart raced as he enjoyed the faint trail of blonde down that led to the elastic of the underwear, but the goodies in the briefs were what excited him most, and he was pleasantly surprised at the size of the bulge that reached over towards the lad’s bony hip.

“My, you certainly didn’t get cheated, did you Essex?” the kindly senior said as he brought his hand up to run along the length of the protuberance. “Quite a big boy aren’t you?”

“Ohhh!” Essex groaned as Wallace teased the still growing pouch, the lad wiggling and shifting his weight from foot to foot.

“Like that, don’t you?” Wallace chided as he kept gently rubbing his cock from outside the cotton. “I do too. Didn’t expect a slight lad like you to be so well endowed.”

While the lad’s penis seemed to be slender, the length was a definite shock to the old man, and as the wet spot began to form at the end of the protuberance he decided that he could wait no longer so he took the elastic in hand and carefully pulled it around the erection the briefs barely contained.

“Ah!” Wallace sighed as he managed to work the underwear around the obstacle, and as the organ was freed it swayed around the senior’s face, arching slightly upward to reveal the tiny hairless pouch beneath it. “Worth waiting for indeed.”

“Mister – I’m not too good at – self control,” Essex admitted as Wallace admired the pale slender prong that was so erect the skin strained at the roots, clearly visible through the very light dusting of dirty blonde curls.

“Is that so?” Wallace said as he leaned forward, and as he got close he recalled that Essex had lamented having been circumcised.

While he understood the boy’s emotion, the old man also thought that the beauty of the glans before him, very long and conical and shaped like a work of art, it being hidden by a foreskin would have been almost a crime.

The old man’s lips met the dripping tip of the throbbing organ and they slid down the pulsating dick, slowly and wetly, all the way down what had to be 6 or 7 inches of manhood until his nose was in the soft pubes.

“I can’t – can’t,” Essex cried out as the lips went back to the tip, and by the time Wallace leaned forward again the message was understood and ignored as the old man’s hands gripped the lad’s taut buttocks.

“AW!” Essex howled as his knees buckled a little from the force of his orgasm sent him reeling.

The combination of the old man’s hands and Essex holding onto Wallace’s head kept him upright as he spurted volley after volley down the very accepting and experienced throat, and even after his ejaculations ended the senior kept nursing on the sweet dick until it was completely limp.

“Delightful appetizer,” Wallace said as he let go of the lad. “Being such a young and virile young man I trust I’ll be able to enjoy some more of your sweet nectar.”

“Oh yeah,” Essex said with a grin as the senior put the lad on his knee, and as he reached down and slow pulled on Wallace’s semi-turgid cock he asked him what he could do to make him happy.

“I’m having a wonderful time Essex,” Wallace replied as he leaned over to nibbled on the lad’s nipple.

“Don’t know if you’re into it or not,” Essex said bashfully, “but if you want to…”

“What is it son?” Wallace asked. “Doesn’t seem your style to be shy.”

“I feel funny asking for it,” Essex said and then leaned over and whispered in the old man’s ear. “If you want my ass – I really like it.”

“Are you sure?” Wallace asked, stunned and overjoyed at hearing that.

“Yes. Never had one this big before but yeah, I love it. I could sit on this big boy and ride all night,” Essex said. “All we need is…”

“Go over to my suitcase,” Wallace instructed, and as Essex hopped off his lap and walked across the room the senior looked at the cute little butt wiggle and smiled. “In the pouch on the inside.”

“Cool,” Essex said as he grabbed the tube of lube and headed back to the grinning old man. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing. I was just trying to decide whether when you walked you looked sexier from the back or the front,” Wallace said. “I can’t decide.”

“Oh. I thought you were laughing at how little my dick is limp,” Essex explained as he handed over the lube and reached down to pull on the organ which was quite small indeed in the flaccid state. “It’s embarrassing in the locker room and stuff when guys used to laugh.”

“You’re a grower to be sure,” Wallace replied as he gave the perfect glans a kiss. “Too bad those fellows that were amused couldn’t see you in all your glory like I have.”

“Now why don’t you lie down for me Essex?” Wallace suggested, and after the lad complied Wallace crawled between the boy’s thighs, spreading them out and then cupping the perfect buttocks in his large hands, lifting them and spreading them to examine the prize.

“You’re a work of art son,” Wallace noted as his eyes went down from the hairless pouch, down the perineum to an pink hued anus that looked so pristine that it looked unused for any purpose.

Wallace sucked on the adorable testicles, first the left and then the right before taking the whole sac in his mouth for a few seconds, marveling that such a modest factory could have produced the copious amount of seed he had just swallowed.

The lad had his legs over the old man’s shoulders, writhing around as Wallace’s tongue slid up and down the taint before moving to the balloon knot, and when the senior’s talented tongue began to work its magic Essex really began to squirm around.

“Oh damn Wallace!” Essex cried out in surprise as the senior licked and probed the tender orifice that he would be enjoying even more very shortly. “You’re eating my ass!”

That was obvious, and it was also obvious that even if the lad had been rimmed before he suspected that it hadn’t been done by an artist like Wallace who took pride in his work. The fact that Essex was so cute made him work harder, and because the lad loved it he kept going until his tongue began to ache.

When Wallace finally straightened up he saw that the formerly tiny penis was once again hard, and the arching prong that reached up to the teen’s navel was so tempting that it wasn’t easy for the senior to not attack it once more.

Instead Wallace opened the lube and poured some on his finger, and Essex held his ass apart so that the index finger could enter a little easier, but it was a tight fit. He took his time, gradually coaxing the greased digit into the hot cavity while the lad moaned.

“Hard to believe you’ve had anything in here before,” Wallace mused aloud as he spun deeper. “You’re tight.”

“I know,” Essex moaned.

“Sensitive too,” he noted as the expression on Essex’s face gave that away.

“Sometimes if I’m alone,” Essex grunted. “I – get myself off – like this – don’t even have to touch my dick.”

“Hard to believe,” Wallace suggested. “The part about you being alone I mean. College boys must not be like they were in my time.”

“Professors,” Essex said. “They – like me – better.”


“Give me another – finger.”

“With pleasure,” Wallace said, and after greasing up the middle finger pushed the two digits into the puckered ring.

“Oh man!” Essex wailed loudly as the fingers corkscrewed into him, with Wallace enjoying the way the lad writhed in the bedding as he loosened up the tiny orifice.

“How am I doing?”

“Good – want your cock though,” the senior was told, and after the fingers came out Essex scrambled up and grabbed the lube.

“Love to prime up cocks,” Essex chirped as he lathered up Wallace’s manhood, his slick fist making the cock hard and throbbing. “Do you cum quick?”

“Not usually,” Wallace said. “Although you excite me so much I’m not so sure.”

“You can have me anyway you want, but I want to ride this big boy at least a little.”

“Very well son. I’ll keep that in mind. Be a treat to lay back and enjoy your ride, but first…” Wallace declared as he maneuvered the teen onto all fours and wasted no time in putting the knob of his member at the puckered gate.

“OHHH!” the two sang almost in unison as the bulbous head eased in slowly, and Wallace gently moved the tip in and out, pushing a little deeper with each thrust.

“Okay son?” Wallace asked as he leaned over Essex, hugging him as he nudged a little more into the vise-like cavity, and the boy’s head nodded vigorously in response.

“Freaking huge!” Essex gasped and quickly added, “Don’t you dare stop. I want it all.”

“Spunky lad,” Wallace muttered in praise as he straightened back up, taking his bony hips in his weathered hands and getting into a steady rhythm, gradually picking it up as the lad’s amazing orifice contracted around his cock.

Wallace forced himself not to look at the sweet thing who was presenting himself to him because he didn’t want to cum, so he looked at the picture above the bed instead.

Essex let out a little grunt each time Wallace pushed forward, and it sounded to the senior much like Robert Plant in the middle of Whole Lotta Love, so much so that he picked up the tempo so the ah-ah-ah-ah matched his mental melody.

The old man recalled being about Essex’s age when he saw the just-formed Led Zeppelin in a little roller skating rink in Schenectady, and now he was taking a teen whose parents probably weren’t born then.

“Your turn,” Wallace said as his back tightened, reluctantly pulled out and rolling onto his back, and the lithe and limber Essex was on top of him in a flash, squatting over his cock.

“Damn! Feels even bigger this way,” Essex exclaimed as he eased down on the flesh monolith, his eyes rolling back in his skull as he impaled himself, and then Essex began bobbing up and down like he was riding a horse on a merry-go-round.

“Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah,” Essex chanted as he bounced, pulling at his shaggy locks, and Wallace had to close his eyes because the boy looked so sexy he was having trouble not cumming.

Even with his eyes closed he still could see the sweet twink, his smooth sleek body sparkling with sweat that rained down on the senior.

The boy’s fully engorged cock had been flying around wildly, the long prong swinging around in every direction as he went into another gear, treating Wallace like he was a trampoline.

“Don’t cum yet! Please don’t cum,” Essex cried out frantically, so frenzied that Wallace opened his eyes to look, and his timing was perfect.

Essex’s face looked like Edward’s Munch’s The Scream as he clutched his scalp, and then Wallace looked down just in time to watch the lad’s swaying cock erupt, sending jets of semen all over the senior’s hairy chest and the surrounding area.

Essex simply fell down on Wallace’s cock, completely impaling himself as his orgasm ebbed, but then his cock started bobbing again and a few more spurts came out before it finally ended.

By then though Wallace was cumming as well and the lad smiled when he felt the huge tool twitching inside of him. Essex moved a little up and down while the old man’s seed filled his bowels,with Wallace letting out a long moan as he came.

“That was so perfect,” Essex declared as he eased down so his body was on top of the senior’s hairy chest which was covered with sweat and cum. “I was hoping you could hold off until I came.”

“I’m glad I did, but looking at you I lost control,” Wallace replied. “That was quite the sight watching you orgasm without touching yourself.”

“I think somewhere along the line when I was developing in Mom, some parts got mixed up,” Essex explained as the cock inside him began to slither out. “I think I got a clitoris instead of a sphincter because I – oh! That felt good going out too.”

“It’s a gift son,” Wallace told him.

“You’re lucky your room has two beds,” Essex observed as he rolled over onto his back in the very used bed, putting his hands behind his neck and looking at the ceiling.

“Yes, we did a number on this one didn’t we,” Wallace responded as he rolled over onto his side and looked at his young lover who looked much like Wallace figured he did, an total mess.

“I must stink,” Essex said when he saw the senior looking under his arm, but Wallace shook his head.

“Not at all son,” Wallace assured him as he winked before running his tongue through the hollow, over the wisp of hair plastered against the pale skin, causing the lad to giggle and squirm. “You smell and taste delicious.”

“Still, I suppose a shower is in order,” Wallace noted. “I’m sure you have places to go and people to see.”

“No, I don’t have class until 11 in the morning,” Essex informed him. “So just give me a nudge when you’ve had enough of me.”

“Not likely son. Check out time is 11,” Wallace noted. “I could drive you up to the campus after breakfast in the morning.”

“Awesome. Beats rolling up there.”

“And we have another bed,” Wallace said. “A clean one fit for sleeping in.”


“Not really. I suppose we could enjoy each other some – although not with the intensity of the last hour or so.”

“Sounds like fun. I like to cuddle and stuff,” Essex said as they got up from the bed.

“Stuff. I like stuff too,” the senior said as he patted the lad’s bare butt. “Who gets the shower first?”

“I was kinda hoping we could take one together,” Essex suggested.

“I would love that, but I suspect that soaping each other might lead to – stuff maybe?” Wallace opined, and after the lad laughed he added, “Remember though, I’m an old geezer, so in case I can’t…”

“Let me worry about that Wallace,” Essex said. “I have my ways.”

“I’m sure you do son,” the senior sighed. “I’m certain of it.”


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