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Wrestling with Lance

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I don’t consider myself to be gay. I have never kissed a guy, and have no desire to. I don’t want to stick my dick up another man’s ass, nor would I like one stuck up mine. I have never met a guy whom I wanted to have sex with. Despite all that, I had what can only be described as a steamy sexual encounter with my best friend from college, Lance.

Lance and I were both on the college football team, so in college we were both in pretty good shape, but I was always slightly jealous of his physique. The same height as me at 6’2”, Lance had broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and lightly tanned, golden skin. His blond good looks always attracted lots of female attention.

The first indication of anything sexual between us happened in our final year at college, when we shared a house off-campus. Lance was getting ready for a date with his girlfriend Michelle, and as a joke, I hid his shoes. Lance was really keen on Michelle, and was becoming quite frantic as he searched for his shoes, fearing he would be late. When I eventually relented and held his shoes out to him, he was furious. Standing at the living room door in a pair of black jeans and a tight white t-shirt, he shouted, “You asshole Jerry!” and launched himself at me, knocking me over and we landed in a heap on the floor. We both started laughing, me on my back and holding the shoes above my head, Lance lying full length on top of me, trying to reach for them. My face was pressed into his neck and I don’t know if it was his cologne, or our muscled bodies pressed together, or maybe our legs entwined together, but to my horror I felt a growing erection. We stopped laughing and looked at each other, and I could feel Lance’s cock begin to harden too!

Lance stood up, looking away from me and muttered, “I’d better be going, don’t want to be late.” He pulled his shoes on as quickly as he could and rushed out. I continued to lay on the floor. As I thought about what had happened, I was uncomfortably aware that not only did I have an erection, it was rock hard and throbbing. I went to the bathroom and began to stroke my cock, thinking of Lance’s hard body pressed against mine as I shot a load of hot cum into some toilet paper.

After I cleaned myself up, I tried to rationalise what had happened. I hadn’t had sex for about a month and I’d been horny as hell for most of that time. Maybe it was just that feeling of breaking a sexual taboo which had turned me on so much. Who knows, but the one thing that I could not deny was that grappling with Lance had been an amazingly sexy experience. What was more, Lance had been every bit as aroused as I was. I thought about it some more. I knew I didn’t want to have sex with Lance, and the thought of kissing him repulsed me, but I knew that I wanted more.

I fell asleep on the sofa, and was awakened by the sound of Lance coming in at about 11pm. This surprised me, because he usually stayed the night at Michelle’s.

“What’s up dude? I didn’t expect you back till tomorrow afternoon.”

“I know man, but the thing is, I couldn’t stop thinking about earlier,” he said.

“Look Lance, we can forget all about that, it was nothing…” I began.

“I don’t think it was Jerry,” he interrupted. See, there I was in bed with Michelle and we were kissing real hard, I was fondling her tits, she was stroking my dick, then we started fucking. She was riding me like a horse… and all I could think about was the feel of your dick against my leg. So when we were finished I decided to come home.”

“What for?” I asked him.

“Wanna wrestle again?”

“What?” I spluttered, “Are you gay or something?”

“No! But didn’t you find it kinda horny?”

“Well… yeah a little bit I suppose…”

“So let’s do it again.”

We decided to go into the back garden where there was more room. It was pretty secluded with some trees and a tall fence preventing any of the neighbours from overlooking it. I was dark as we got outside but it had been a hot sunny day and it was still warm and humid. The first drops of rain were just beginning to fall.

“Hey Jerry,” he said, “why don’t we take our clothes off?”

“What, all of them?”

“All of them.”

I could feel my dick begin to harden as we stripped off. The only light came from the kitchen window but I could see enough of Lance’s muscled form to see his obvious excitement, almost eight inches of throbbing man-meat standing erect.

“Why don’t we make this interesting?” he said, as if this wasn’t interesting enough already. “One fall, loser jerks off the winner?”

“Sounds good to me!”

We made for a stunning spectacle as we squared off, two big men both over 6 feet, both with hard, muscular forms. Where Lance was blond, I was dark-haired, with a deeper tan, like a contest between a Norse and a Greek god

What followed lasted about 10 minutes, but left us both in an exhausted heap. We leaped at each other, our chests and stomachs slapping together as we grappled for supremacy. The rain was falling heavier now and our bodies quickly became slippery with rainwater and sweat. With a grunt and a heave, Lance managed to lift me off my feet and slammed me onto the grass. As he fell on top of me, I managed to wrap my legs around his waist, keeping him from pinning me and I gasped as I felt my cock rub against his washboard abs, while his own huge love muscle slapped against my butt-cheeks.

We were so evenly matched neither of us could gain an advantage. We rolled around the garden, locked in an erotic embrace, first Lance, then me on top, but neither managing to claim victory. Fit as we both were, it was not long before our strength was nearly spent. Eventually we came to a rest, me on top and trying to apply a grapevine, but without the strength to force a submission. It felt unbelievably erotic, with our bodies in total contact, two muscled chests pressed tightly together, both panting for breath. As they rubbed against each other, his tufty chest hair scratched at my hard nipples. Our cocks bulged together and I could feel his pulsing against mine, sandwiched between our bellies.

The next few minutes was a homoerotic parody of a wrestling match, as we writhed around, grinding our crotches together and pawing at each other’s chests and buttocks.

“What say we call it a draw?” I said.

“But what about the forfeit?” He asked.

“No problem man, we can jerk each other off.”

Lance grinned and rolled off me. We lay on our sides facing each other and Lance wrapped his big hands round both of our cocks. The rain was by now torrential and both our naked bodies were soaked as our throbbing cocks were squeezed and stroked together. I could tell I was reaching the point of no return, so pushed Lance gently onto his back. Lying alongside him, I took a firm grip of his dick in my right hand and began kissing his nipples, gently biting and flicking them with my tongue, before lapping at them like a dog taking a long, cool drink on a hot day. His heady, musky scent made my head spin as I caressed his ripped chest and stomach. His back arched in ecstasy and I knelt beside him, swapping hands and cupping his big balls in my right hand, squeezing and kneading as I jerked his cock furiously with my left. He let out a long, low groan as his hot man juices spurted forth, landing on his heaving chest, my hand keeping a firm grip on his dick until it began to go soft.

I lay on my back beside him and said, “your turn.”

Lance got up on his knees and knelt between my spread legs, gripping my pulsating shaft in one hand, while kneading my balls with the other. He bent down and took the engorged head of my cock into his mouth, sucking and licking it into a throbbing, pulsing love pole. Licking the length of my shaft and balls, I could barely take any more. He finished me off by taking me into his hot wet mouth again while reaching up to caress my chest, lightly scratching and squeezing my nipples. Waves of pleasure coursed through my body, from my crotch to every extremity, like the ripples on the surface of a pool when a stone falls into it. “I’m coming man!” I gasped as I tried to move his head away. Lance refused to stop and I shot a load of hot cum into his mouth.

That’s when it began to go wrong. We lay beside each other on our backs, totally satiated, thunder rumbling as our naked, muscular forms were washed by the torrential rain. As the initial euphoria of an insanely satisfying orgasm began to subside, I began to feel a burning shame at what I had done. Lance chose this moment to put his arm across my chest. We looked at each other and Lance tried to kiss me. I jumped up and shouted, “No!” as I watched the rain wash the dripping cum from my belly.

“I can’t believe we did that Lance, I’m not gay!”

“Sure you are Jerry, I think we’ve proved we both are.”

“That was nothing, just a bit of messing around. Damn!”

Unable to cope with the feelings of disgust and shame I felt about what had happened, I moved out of the house a couple of days later, telling no-one the reason for my sudden relocation.

I never saw Lance again after graduation, but I heard he came out as gay and last I heard was living with his partner, an ex-marine.

That was my one and only sexual experience with another man. I still never want to repeat it, but now, twenty years later, thinking about it no longer gives me that burning sense of shame. In fact, it is making me feel uncomfortably horny horny.

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