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Holiday Shopping

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The bookstore was crowded with last minute holiday shoppers. I stood in a long checkout line and finally worked my way up to the front and was able to pay for my items. I was purchasing a few last minute presents, as well as, a book for myself. The checkout girl scanned the bar code on my book, then looked up at me with a knowing smile after noting the title of the thick volume.

“Are they interesting?” She asked as she completed the sale. “I’ve never read erotic stories.”

“Oh yes. You should try reading some good sexy stories sometime; they can be quite stimulating.” I told her with a sly little smile and I noticed she was starting to blush.

As I was about to leave the bookstore, I decided, on the spur of the moment, to get a coffee at the attached coffee shop.

As crowded as the bookstore was, the coffee shop was jammed. It was so crowded that I almost changed my mind; but once the thought of coffee was in my head, I just had to have one. So I suffered through another long wait in line, which I made tolerable by starting to read the first short story in my new book; then after ordering, I had to wait for my latté. I collected my coffee and squeezed through the throng of shoppers to find a table where I could sit and enjoy my coffee and continue to read my book. As I wormed my way through the crowd, turning sideways to squeeze past the shop’s patrons, I felt fingers cop a feel of my left breast as I passed. Surprised and infuriated, I turned to confront the creep but saw only the back of a gray haired man retreating swiftly through the crowd.

When I finally got clear of the cluster of people around the cash register I was disappointed to see that all of the tables and seats were taken. It occurred to me that I should have known, before I ordered my coffee, that this would happen since the shop was so packed with holiday shoppers. I really did not want to leave and go sit in my car to drink my latté; but just as I was resigned to that fate, I saw a table along the wall with an empty seat. A young couple was sitting on the opposite side of the table on the upholstered bench that ran the length of the wall. I do not normally impose myself on strangers but I really did not want go out in the cold and sit in my car, so I made my way over to the table. As I approached I saw that the two young people were obviously very much in love; they could scarcely keep their hands off each other. Their heads were together and they stole kisses from each other completely oblivious of the many coffee shop customers. When I reached the table I even noticed the young man had his hand up the girl’s short skirt and she had her hand resting in his lap. Well, ‘resting’ isn’t precisely accurate; suffice to say they were being very intimate.

“Ah hum … ah, I hope you don’t mind if I sit here. There doesn’t seem to be any other seats available.”

Both the guy and the girl where startled that someone was addressing them; both removed their exploring hands quickly as they turned to regard who it was that was interrupting their romantic interlude. The guy sort of glared at me, but the girl looked more like she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, when in fact her hand had been somewhere far more damning … that is, if, like many in our culture, you’re a prude; which I am certainly not.

“Oh … please, go right ahead.” The girl said. Her boyfriend didn’t look at all happy as she extended the offer.

I set my book and small shopping bag and coffee on the table; and I hung my purse over the back of the chair. As I sat down, I took in the two kids I’d just imposed myself upon. I made them both to be early twenties; most likely students at the college in town. They were both good looking young people in a pierced and tattooed kind of way that you see so much of these days, though not to the extremes you sometimes see – neither had purple hair. Both had multiple ear piercings and she had a tiny little bauble in the side of her nose. He had a couple small tattoos on his arms that were visible. I could not see tattoos on the girl, though I would have bet money that if she were stripped naked, you’d find art work on her somewhere.

Aside from their body adornments, they were both quite handsome specimens of youth. The girl even reminded me a bit of my own daughter, who the girl looked very much like; though my daughter was perhaps ten years older than the girl. The girl was petite and had brown hair with bold blond streaks in it; she had a cute little upturned nose and, unlike my daughter, she was blessed with a very ample bosom made obvious by the large amount of cleavage she displayed in her very low cut tight sweater which so many women are wearing now – I confess, I myself wear such blouses too, from time to time, though I don’t have quite cleavage as the girl. The guy had very dark hair, which was disheveled, and a dark complexion; he sported a rather sparse and closely cropped bread, had dark eyes, and fine facial features. I thought he looked really cute. I am sure the girl must have considered him gorgeous from the way she looked at him with adoring eyes.

“Thank you so much. I really hate disturbing you like this … I mean, I never do this … you know, barge in like this.” I apologized. “But there was just nowhere else to sit and my feet are killing me.” It was true, my feet were sore. I always wear heels when I go out and the pair I wore that day were not my most comfortable; but they went nicely with my skirt and blouse. I know… most women today are more sensible and wear sneakers everywhere, except weddings – if they’re a bridesmaid, that is. But I like to look and feel feminine so I wear skirts and dresses and high heels – always.

“Hey, that’s OK … no problem, right Paul?” The girl said. Paul just nodded his head, not really paying attention since his eyes were riveted on my book. I had not thought to discretely place it on the table with the front cover facing down, so its title, which was printed in a rather bold font, was easy for anyone nearby to make out.

“So, I take it you’re both students at the college. It looks like you’re heading home for the winter break.” I said, alluding to the two large and overstuffed back packs sitting on the bench seat next to both of them; and, I was hoping to distract Paul away from being dumbfounded by my predilection for a certain genre of literature.

“Oh … ah, well … ah … sort of, but not really … I mean, we don’t’ know where we’re …” The girl stammered, obviously uncomfortable with my seemingly innocent question.

“I’m sorry. Did I say something I shouldn’t have?” I said; a little confused.

“Oh no … it’s not you. We just don’t know where we’re going to go. They shut the dorms down at school for winter break and unless you’re a foreign student, you have to go home … we just don’t have homes to go to.” The girl said.

“Oh? I don’t mean to pry, but why is that?” I asked.

“Well, Paul’s parents both died over a year ago in a car accident.” She started to explain.

“Oh my, I am so sorry, Paul.” I said to Paul, almost instinctively at hearing of such a tragedy. Paul just looked down at the floor. “I’m sorry I interrupted.” I said to the girl.

“That’s OK. Paul has been living with his uncle since then but it hasn’t been working out. His uncle hates Paul and they had a huge fight during summer break, just before Paul came back to school – his uncle called him a freak and accused Paul of doing drugs, which neither of us has ever done … well, we did try marijuana once at a party, but that’s it.” The girl explained. Paul was so quiet I was beginning to wonder if he was a deaf mute.

“His uncle said he didn’t want that kind of influence around his own kids; so Paul told his uncle he was never going back there, and he hasn’t. Have you Paul?”

“Uh … yeah, that’s right.” Paul said, sounding somewhat embarrassed, but, finally finding his voice.

“Well, couldn’t he spend the holidays with you and your family? My daughter often brought her boyfriend home from school when she was in college.” I said, being a bit presumptuous that it would be alright with her family.

“Ah … that’s a problem, too. I’m not going to my home either.” She responded. “My parents are getting a divorce. It’s been dragging on forever, and every time I stay with either one of them, all they do is try to convince me what scum the other one is. So, I had it out with my mom last time I was home and told her I was sick of it – sick of both of them trying to make the other one out to be Attila the Hun.”

“Oh my.” I said softly.

“And my mom has got this boyfriend who’s moved in with her and I really don’t like him … he gives me the creeps. He’s always starring at me; you know … my boobs, when mom’s not looking. And touching me – not my boobs or anything, but putting his arm around me and stuff, and telling me “what a looker’ I am. I just hate him.” She was clearly agitated as she told her story, and I was feeling for her, having been through my own, not so pleasant divorce, years ago.

“Oh, and they’re always … uh … I mean they, uh … well, they’re always having sex; constantly! Last time I was home I was walking down the hall to my bedroom and they hadn’t even closed their bedroom door and I saw him on top of my mom, just … doing it to her and she was moaning and squealing. Ugh … it was horrible. She’s too old for that kind of stuff.” The expression on the girl’s face confirmed that she truly thought her mother’s behavior deplorable, but I couldn’t let her indictment of people my age having sex, pass without comment.

“Careful dear, I suspect I am probably at least as old as your mother, and probably a few years older, and I can tell you that I am most certainly not too old to enjoy a good romp in the hay. It just so happens that I’m presently unattached … I guess that partially explains my choice in reading material, though I’ve always enjoyed reading sexy stories.” I said. She looked at my book for the first time and turned sort of red.

“Oh my.” Was all she said after the book title registered with her.

“So you’re not going home, then?” I said, attempting once more to divert attention from my reading material.

“No. I walked out on my mom last time I was there and told her I was never going back. My dad sends me a monthly allowance. I guess he has to … you know, with the divorce stuff, so I don’t need to put up with her and her creepy boyfriend.”

“Why don’t you go and stay with your dad, then?” I asked the obvious next question.

“Well, for one thing, he just moved to Japan for his job or something. But even if he hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t stay with him, either, ’cause of all the nasty things he says about mom every time I see him. I’m really mad at both of them, but they are my parents, and deep down, I still love them both; I just can’t stand to be around either one of them. Maybe someday it’ll be different.”

“I’m sure it will, dear. So, where are you two going for the winter break?” I asked.

“We’re going to go camping … out at the State Park … at the beach.” Paul chimed in.

“Yeah, but we don’t have a tent or any camping stuff.” The girl added. “Paul and his sister get a small allowance, too, from his parent’s estate – there’s like almost a million dollars, but it’s in trust until they turn thirty, which I think is a dirty trick for parents to play on their kids, but that’s what their wills said. So, neither of us have enough money to buy that kind of stuff, you know, for camping.” The girl added.

“Yeah but we both brought a couple blankets from the dorms; and I can make a lean-to. I remember how from when I was in Boy Scouts. And we can cook over a camp fire. It’ll be sort of fun.” Paul rationalized for the two of them.

Until it rains or freezes, or both, I thought.

In fact, the forecast called for rain that night and falling temperatures with frost likely for the next few nights. The guy on the weather channel that morning said we had a ninety percent chance of heavy rain over the next twenty-four hours with two to four inches of cold rain likely.

“Ah, listen, you guys. I know we have very mild winters down here on the Gulf, but you can’t camp without the proper equipment. It’s going to pour rain tonight and then turn very cold over the next several days. A lean-to made from a blanket will not keep you dry. You will both, very likely, end up in the hospital from hypothermia, or at the very least, with pneumonia. You can’t do that.” I said sternly.

“But we don’t have any choice. Neither of us is going home and we don’t have anywhere else to go. We tried spending the night at the bus terminal last night and got thrown out at three o’clock in the morning and had to sit in an all night diner ordering coffee every so often to keep from getting tossed out o’ there, too. So, it’s camping … or … I don’t know.” Paul argued.

A thought came to me and I put it to them without asking, I just told them in no uncertain terms.

“OK, OK. But you are not going to camp at the State Park.” They both started to object. “Hold on, hear me out. You’re coming to my house and I will NOT take ‘no’ for an answer. I live alone. I have a four bedroom house with a guest room. There’s plenty of room and I have no plans for the holidays. I too am divorced – so I know what you’re going through sweetie – and my daughter is living in Australia with her husband. So I am all by myself and would actually welcome the company. So that’s it – no arguments.”

“Oh no, thank you but we couldn’t …” The girl started to say, and Paul added, “We’ll be OK camping. I’ve been camping a lot and I …”

“Hold it, right there. Let me tell you something; I know Martha – she’s a very good friend of mine – and she happens to be one of the park rangers at the State Park. She’s told me stories of finding and chucking out derelicts at the park, so I know exactly what she’s going to do when she rides past your camp site in her little park ranger go-cart doing her rounds. When she sees you two huddling drenched and shivering under a sopping wet blanket, she’s going to call the authorities and you two will be hauled off to a shelter. Now, we don’t have co-ed shelters in this town, so you two will be separated and taken who knows where, but it certainly will not be together. Now, tell me, is this how you really want to spend the holidays?”

“Well …”

“I know I’m lecturing and probably sounding just like a typical parent. I know we parents are unreasonable, unthinking, doddering idiots – because that’s what my own daughter has told me a time or two over the years. But you have to understand, they make us swear an oath to uphold the parent’s code of behavior before they let us take our babies home from the hospital – that’s why we act this way.” I said. They both laughed, easing the tension.

“So that’s why I am not letting go out and freeze your butts at the campground. How were you going to get to the State Park? Have you got a car?”

“We’re going to hitch hike.” Paul blurted out.

“That’s it! Get your things and come with me. Right now!” I ordered.

I forgot about my coffee, picked up my book, shopping bag, and purse, and glared at them … in a nice sort of way. “Come on … let’s go.”

They reluctantly stood and both picked up their backpacks. I stepped aside so they could go ahead of me. I didn’t trust them behind me, fearing they’d turn and flee at the first opportunity. We went outside and I pointed in the direction of my car and made sure I kept them where I could see them.

“You know, I like you guys. You remind me so much of when I was your age and in school. Oh there I go again … sounding like a parent. Sorry.” I said as we walked to my car.

“No, no … it’s not that … we just don’t want to be any trouble for anyone.” The girl said.

“Not only is not any trouble, I haven’t celebrated or even decorated my house for the holidays for the last couple years. With my daughter gone and me living alone, it just doesn’t seem worth the effort any more. Last year on Christmas Eve, I opened a bottle of wine – I actually went through two bottles – and I sat around feeling sorry for myself until I fell asleep on the sofa. So, if you two don’t mind, let’s all pretend you’re home for the holidays. We’ll all go out and pick out a tree later, take it home and decorate it, and make cookies – you do like cookies, don’t you?”

They both said yes.

“We’ll all pretend we’re a happy little family enjoying the holidays together, OK? Or … I’ll drop you at the homeless shelters so you don’t have to go through the soaked and freezing bit, and you can each enjoy the holidays in your own separate shelter with drunks, drugies and derelicts until it’s time to go back to school. Your choice.” I offered.

“Let’s go home and make cookies.” The girl said as we reached my car.

“And I really like decorating trees.” Paul added.

“Great.” I said, pressing the button on my key fob to open the trunk. “Oh, and one more thing; I want you to know that it’s perfectly OK with me if you two want to spend as much time as you like screwing each other’s brains out, too.”

They both stopped dead in their tracks, both their jaws fell open, and they stared at me in astonishment like I’d just said something utterly horrible. I laughed – a lot.

“Listen, I’m sorry I seem to have shocked you both, so. I told you earlier; you remind me so much of when I was your age in college and had a boyfriend. Hell, that’s all we ever wanted to do any time we managed to be alone together for more than five minutes. And it’s OK, in fact, I think it’s healthy – sex sure as hell beats drugs and invading foreign countries. My only regret right now is that I don’t currently have a man in my life ’cause I sure as hell would like to get laid, too – it’s been entirely too long. So come on, let’s get in the car and go home.”

They both silently climbed into my car, not quite sure how to respond to my audacity.

“By the way, I’m Alice. I know your name is Paul, but sweetie, I don’t think I got yours.” I said as I started the engine.


“Pleased to meet you, Laura.” I said.

I drove them home with me. We got the tree that evening and put it up and decorated it after dinner. I put some of my other holiday decorations around the house to make it look more festive in keeping with the season. When we were finished decorating, we sat in the family room and admired our work. We all agreed the tree was beautiful.

“Would anyone care for a glass of wine? I’m going to have one.” I said.

“Oh yes, that sounds nice.” Laura said. Paul hesitated.

“I have beer, too.” I said, and Paul’s face lit up. “Thought so.”

I brought the drinks out and served them. “Remember Paul, you’re home, so help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge; don’t wait to be asked, OK?” He nodded OK.

“Now, tomorrow we go shopping for presents. We’ll head to the Mall after lunch. We’ve still got a few shopping days left, even though it will be a zoo out there. In the mean time, I need you both to discretely give me some hints as to what presents you think the other one would like. OK?”

“Oh no, you don’t have to …” Laura began to protest.

“I insist. You’ve both given me a wonderful present; just being here and keeping me from being depressed. So, I really do insist; I’ll hear no more arguments … please let me do this, OK?” And they agreed.

We sat and talked and got to know one another better during the rest of the evening. Around midnight I yawned and announced it was past my bedtime and I bid them goodnight.

“You can sleep-in tomorrow, but remember we go shopping right after lunch.” I said, and went to bed.

I like to read before going to sleep and I had my new book of short stories, so I continued reading the story I’d started in the coffee shop. It got very sexy very quickly and I found myself lying in bed with my hand between my legs as I read – I really hadn’t been with a man for many many months, just as I’d told the kids, and I was getting rather randy as I read on through the story.

Not long after I started reading, I heard Paul and Laura go into their room – it’s the bedroom right next to mine. The other two bedrooms I’ve converted into an office and a workout room.

As I continued reading, I felt myself getting hornier and hornier. Soon, I head a distinctive sound coming from the next room. I was delighted that my house guests had heeded my advice to fuck as much as they wanted while staying with me. You see, the bed in the guest room is sort of squeaky. Hearing the high pitched noise, I had to stop reading and I lay there just taking in the rhythmic sound of their fucking. It went on and on, and as it did, I spread my legs and started rubbing my clit. After a bit, I leaned over and retrieved a vibrator from the drawer of my bedside table. I think I climaxed around the same time they did, since there was a lull in the action, or at least the sound coming from their room, at about the same time I got myself off with my seven inch vibe/plastic cock. As I recovered from my orgasm, I stroked the insides of my cunt with the long soft penis shaped tool and I longed for it to be a real warm hard cock inside me.

After I regained my senses, I put my toy away and went out to the kitchen for a glass of water. I like having one on the table next to the bed in case I wake up thirsty during the night, but for some reason, I never remember to take a glass of water with me when I first go to bed. I almost always have to get up after I’m done reading and retrieve one. When I returned to my bedroom, I placed the glass in the customary place and turned off the bedside lamp.

As I fell asleep, I thought I heard squeaking again, but I couldn’t be sure – perhaps I dreamed it. However, the next morning, I certainly heard the squeaking again and I had to smile once more.

At different times during the morning they both whispered gift ideas in my ear and I managed to find everything at the Mall that afternoon. I also gave them each fifty dollars to buy each other something personal and I picked up one more gift for Paul that wasn’t on Laura’s list of suggestions. I bought the sexist sheerest little nightie I could find in what I hoped was Laura’s size. Later, I wrapped it, as I was wrapping the other gifts, and put Paul’s name on the tag. My reason for doing so was a little bit of playful revenge for all the males in the world. Why? Because of all the times my ex had given me garter belts, demi-bras, and sheer black teddies under the guise of them being presents for me. But no, I was just the model for those presents; all those naughty sexy things had really been presents for my ex, not me. I hoped Paul would see the humor in it; if not, I was certain that he would eventually really appreciate seeing Laura in it, though not for long, if you know what I mean.

That evening I put the presents under the tree after dinner. And Laura and Paul put a couple things for each other under the tree too. We had some wine – Laura and I did – Paul enjoyed a few beers again. We talked more. I told them more about my daughter when she was growing up and I shared some amusing stories from years past that she probably would not have appreciated, had she been there. Hey, I know we parents are all the same, aren’t we … but remember, there’s that code of ethics we’re sworn to follow.

Around midnight I had to excuse myself again.

“Good night, everyone.” I said.

“We didn’t disturb you did last night we when we went to bed, did we?” Laura asked. She had to have known that the bed squeaked and she was clearly probing to find out it I could hear it from my bedroom.

Pulling no punches, I answered her. “No Laura, you didn’t disturb me. But, I do know the bed squeaks during, shall we say, certain activities, and it did my heart good to know you two were enjoying each other so much last night; and this morning, too.”

Laura looked stunned and blushed.

“I told you both I understand … even encourage it. Please, there’s no need for embarrassment; sex is the most natural act on this green earth. Without it, the human race wouldn’t exist. OK?”

They both nodded their heads.

“And while I’m in the mood for shocking everyone, I’ll even tell you that listening to you two fucking like little minks last night got me so worked up I had to pull out my little seven inch vibrator and get myself off, too. You know, if the squeaking from your room was any indication, I think I reached my climax about the same time you did.” I smiled at them when I finished my little soliloquy and watched both of their jaws drop simultaneously.

“Oh … my … gosh.” Laura said.

“Good night kids.” I said again. They were speechless, so, I went to my room.

I read for about forty-five minutes, or so, and found myself dozing off. I started to reach up to turn off the bedside lamp and remembered my water, so I got out of bed and headed barefoot to the kitchen wearing only a short little nightgown, that, had it been black, would have reminded me of one of those sexy things my ex used to buy me. Remember, I said I like to look and feel feminine, and the sheer little white baby doll nightie made me feel just that.

As I approached the kitchen, I heard something that sounded like it was coming from the family room. I thought the kids would have been in bed by then, though come to think of it, I hadn’t heard any squeaking. As I approached the doorway to the family room, I heard heavy breathing and a rhythmic sound, along with sighing and moaning. As I peeked around the corner of the doorway I saw exactly what I’d just concluded I would see.

Paul was sitting on the sofa facing away from me and Laura was on top of him, her back to him, and therefore, also facing away from me – they were both naked. She was bouncing up and down on his lap. Her breath came in quick little short gasps as she rode his cock and I could just make out Paul moaning softly. His hands were cupping and squeezing Laura’s beautiful full breasts.

I furtively watched from the darkened doorway – the only light was that given off by the lights on the tree. The scene was at once sweet, romantic, sexy and incredibly hot as I watched Laura so obviously in a state of extreme bliss as she fucked Paul. I felt myself shudder and my insides tensed with excitement. My loins began to tingle and a hot chill ran throughout my body. I looked down between my legs and saw my fingers clutching my pussy – I hadn’t even been aware of doing it. M breathing got shallow as my fingers began to work my clit. I heard a little squeal from Laura as she threw her head back in ecstasy. Her hand appeared to working her own clit, and I thought to myself, maybe she’s close to coming. That thought excited me even more; I wanted to see her come, to experience her climax vicariously. But, at the same time I felt guilty. I was spying, a voyeur, I should have been ashamed of myself, but, my sexual need was too overwhelming and I could not stop watching and I could not stop stroking my clit feverishly.

I was sure Laura was very close when she put both hands over her mouth to stifle a scream of rapture – Paul had to hold on to her to prevent her from falling off his lap. When I saw her come, I let out a little yelp myself since I was almost over the edge, too, but not quite.

Laura heard it, and froze.

I froze. Oh my gawd, I thought, oh no … she heard me … they’re going to hate me.

I was suddenly despondent with shame and guilt for spying on that sweet couple. I saw her turn her head toward the door … toward me … and I knew instantly she’d seen me. I wanted to cry. My knees buckled and I collapsed onto the floor and I made some mournful sound of regret.

“Oh my gosh … Alice is that you?” Laura said. “Are you alright?”

“I’m sorry … so … so … sorry … I didn’t mean … you looked so sweet … so hot … I couldn’t help … I just had to …” I was weeping; my eyes were clouded with tears and I could hardly breathe. I felt soft hands on me, then arms wrapping around me, holding me, rocking me gently.

“Its alright Alice … just calm down … everything’s fine … just take it easy …” I heard Laura’s soft gentle voice trying to console me. “What happened, Alice? Did you hurt yourself? Are you sick?”

I began to calm down enough that I was able to speak, though I was almost incoherent.

“No, I didn’t hurt my … I was … ah … I’m sorry … I was watching you … and Paul … making love … I couldn’t help it … you looked so sexy so sweet I just stood here and I couldn’t help myself … I … I’m so sorry please forgive … please?” Tears were welling up again.

“It’s alright … clam down. I’m not upset. Are you Paul?” Paul had come over to see what was going on and was standing next to where we both knelt on the floor. Laura was still embracing and rocking me and I put my arms around her and held on tight. It felt so good having her hold me.

“Ah … no. Like what’s goin’ on, anyway?” Paul said, confused and wondering why I was having a complete melt down.

Of course, Laura and Paul were both still totally naked.

“You’re not angry with me, either of you?”

“Why would we be angry?” Laura asked.

“Because I was … watching … watching you make love.” I said. Laura was rubbing my back still trying to calm me.

“Hey, Alice … that’s kind o’ kinky … huh Laura?” Paul said trying to make light of the situation – a typically inept and insensitive male response … but what would we do without them?

He was standing right next to Laura and me. I looked up at him; his cock was just inches away from my face.

“Oh my …” I mumbled.

“What’s wrong now?” Laura asked, still sounding very concerned about me.

“It’s gorgeous.” I declared.

“What?” Laura asked, baffled.

“Paul’s cock …” I said, in adoration.

Laura started laughing. It began as a little laugh but started to build and then I started laughing too. Soon we were both hysterical – laughing uncontrollably and still hugging each other. We both were laughing so hard that we both had tears in our eyes.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on? What’s so fuckin’ funny?” Poor Paul was clueless. Totally left out and the object of something he did not understand, something I could never explain to another soul, but Laura understood and so did I. Somehow, Paul’s cock made everything OK.

“Yes … oh … oh … you’re … you’re right … oh gawd … it … is … is beautiful … oh shit …” Laura managed to blurt out through her laughter. And remarkably, Paul’s cock was still stiff as a board. Young men can be so remarkable … sometimes.

I hugged Laura even tighter. My lips were close to her ear and I suddenly stopped laughing and whispered. “Oh my gawd … you feel so good.” I whispered, suddenly conscious of her naked body in my arms

I kissed her neck just below her ear lobe. She squeezed me tight in response and moaned softly. My hands traveled over the perfectly smooth skin of her back. She stopped laughing too.

My lips moved along her jaw … kissing, then her chin … kissing, then her lips … kissing … kissing … her tongue touching mine … and our lips exploring each other’s wet soft warm flesh … her hands slipping under my nightie … cupping my breasts … my tongue penetrating deep inside her mouth … she pinched my nipples sending shivers rippling through my body … my hand was on her thigh sliding higher and higher … wet yielding slippery warm folds of softness enveloped my fingers … she was trembling … hungry lips … hot breath … soft sounds of loving … eager sounds of desire … her fingers on my cunt which was burning with searing lust … more kissing … her fingers hot … making more heat … breath coming in hot gasps … my cunt contracting … my hips twitching …

“Hey man, what’s going’ on … huh?” Poor Paul was completely out of the loop.

“Oh Laura … that … oh gawd … oh Laura … Laura … I going … going to … come Laura … oooooooooooooh gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaura!” I lost it.

“Holly shit man.” Paul was beginning to get the picture.

Her hot breath was on my neck … then our lips pressed together … I was coming down from my climax … we clung to each other. She spread my legs wider and gently pushed me back so that I was lying on the floor. Her wet tongue started lapping … teasing my clit … oh shit … oh so gooooooood … her lips sucking me … my clit hot … oh gawd … coooooooooooming again … my body tensing … my pussy pulsing … pulsing … pulsing …

Later – “Did you like me eating your pussy Alice?” Who was it? Laura? Was it Laura … yes, yes … it was Laura … Laura who had licked my cunt … beautiful Laura …

“Oh yes! Oh gawd yes! It was … so … oh fuck … it really was.” My mind was beginning regain some semblance of lucidity.

“Paul, come down here … on your knees … no, no, over next to Alice.” Laura directed Paul. “Yes, right there. Look Alice … Paul’s gorgeous cock … would you like to suck it … its right there for you … you can suck it if you want …really … its OK …”

I turned my head just slightly … the gorgeous cock was there for me … just suck it, Laura said its OK … I opened my mouth, the gorgeous cock slipped in, it tasted so sweet, so salty … I loved the gorgeous cock, I sucked … sucked it hard … the cock slid deep into my wanton mouth … pulled out … slid deep again … faster … faster … deep … I sucked harder … it went faster … faster … hot salty thick juices were spurting … squirting … my mouth was full of warm salty cum and then the gorgeous was cock gone … it was replaced by a warm wet tongue … searching … tasting … sharing … I swallowed cum … our tongues were dancing … our lips exploring …

Later – “Oh Alice … that was so hot,” Laura whispered. “Did you like cuming in Alice’s mouth Paul? Did you?” She asked Paul.

“Oh yeah, babe … that was real hot, man.” Paul’s voice – gruff and harsh in comparison to sweet Laura’s.

Laura’s voice … so hot, so sweet – “Do you like it when I put my fingers inside you Alice? Like this?”

“Uuuuuuuuuuh … oh oh oh oh … oh gawd … oh yes Laura …”

“Would you like to feel Paul’s cock in your pussy Alice? Would you like to have Paul pump his hot seed inside you Alice?”

“Oh fuck yes!” I yelled.

“We have to make him hard again. Come here Paul … please … over here. Hmmmmmm.” Laura sucked him. His cock grew again while Laura sucked him and she continued to pump her fingers in and out of my willing cunt.

“Do you like fingers fucking you Alice? Paul’s ready now … would you like Paul to fuck you Alice … tell me Alice … tell me …” Laura’s soft sexy voice whispered the offer.

“Please … please … let him … please … I want to be fucked … so much … please …’

Her fingers were gone – the soft tip of Paul’s hard warm cock pressed my swollen lips … pressing my pussy … slipped into my slick cunt … filling me … my hips rose to met him … his warmth, his stiff shaft filled me making me wild and wanting …

“Thank you Laura … thank you for letting him … oh it feels so good … so good to have a cock again. Oh Laura … uuuuuuuuh Paul … oh yes Paul … so good … like that … yes yes … just like that.”

Laura’s fingers found my clit as Paul’s cock pumped slowly and sensually into me. I felt my tension building again with each stroke of Paul’s hard member and with each flick of Laura’s finger. Everything they were doing to me felt glorious but there was one more thing I wanted … something I had never desired before.

“Oh Laura … can I taste your pussy … please … I want you so much … please.” I begged the beautiful young creature while Paul slammed into me. She twisted around and straddled my face and lowered her fragrant pussy to my hungry lips. I tasted her dripping juices and my tongue found her little nub and she twitched and groaned as I flicked my wet tongue over her swollen bud.

She faced Paul as she straddled my head and her fingers still rubbed my clit. I think she was kissing Paul too but I could not see as her pussy covered my face. She moaned in ecstasy and I moaned in ecstasy and Paul groaned with lust as his cock penetrated me and moved faster and faster and Laura’s finger moved faster and faster and my tongue licked Laura faster and faster.

Laura screamed. “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” Her pussy ground into my face; I could not breathe, yet I licked and licked and she came again … and again … she flooded my face with her juices … and then I came as Paul slammed my cunt over and over.

I pushed Laura’s quivering hips up away from my mouth. “Oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd … uh uh uh uh uh uh uh …” My pussy clenched Paul’s cock pulsing … releasing … squeezing … releasing … as waves of bliss overcame me. I felt him spasm and twitch and sensed he was filling my burning cunt with his seed as he gave me one final monumental thrust.

Laura collapsed on top of me, her pussy still near my mouth. I raised my head and devoured her sweet nectar. I felt her head between my legs doing the same to me after Paul withdrew. She feasted on the ambrosia of my pussy juice and Paul’s cum. We lapped at each other but made no effect to make the other cum again, we were both spent.

“Man … you two are so fuckin’ awesome.” Paul said as he sat on the floor next to us, resting after the hard fucking he’d just given me. I felt Laura’s fingers inside me again, she was retrieving as much of Paul’s sticky thick spunk as she could and licking it from her fingers. She twisted around to face me.

“Want some?” She offered two fingers covered in Paul’s white juice. I sucked her fingers eagerly … it tasted so good.

“Thank you Laura.” I said.

“There isn’t anymore … I think that was about the last of it.” She responded.

“No no … I mean thank you for … for everything … for not hating me for spying on you … for sharing Paul … and, Paul, thank you too … that was so good … its been so long for me … I’m happy I found you … both of you.”

I saw tears welling up in Laura’s eyes. She leaned over me and hugged me and kissed me … the kiss was long and sweet and sexy. Then she lifted her head.

“No Alice, we should be thanking you. Right Paul?”

“Oh yeah … sure.” Paul added, so eloquently.

“My gosh Alice, you saved our lives. I don’t know what would have become of us if you hadn’t insisted … you know? We’d be freezing or getting molested in some dumpy shelter … you really did save us. So thank you, Alice.”

I had tears welling up in my eyes. Only Paul kept his emotions in tact, but then, many women would argue strongly for the premise that most men are devoid of such luxuries as emotions.

We hugged again. “Come here Paul.” I said, extending my arm to make it a group hug. He mumbled something like “oh alright” and joined us and we held each other for the longest time until I felt something pressing against my leg.

“Are you hard again, Paul?” I queried.

“Ah … well … ah …”

“You are! I can’t believe it. Laura, where did you find this guy?” I said with amazement. “Listen you guys, let’s go to my bedroom … I have a king size bed, there’s plenty of room for all of us. Oh … unless you two want to just be …”

“Oh no Alice, I want Paul and I to be with you … gawd I just love eating your pussy, especially after Paul fills it with cum.”

So we went off to my bed. I removed my flimsy nightgown and we all lay together, naked limbs entwined, our hands and lips exploring each other.

“Laura … I have to tell you something. You’re the first woman I’ve ever … ah, well … I mean I never did that with …” I was suddenly shy with that gorgeous sweet thing I’d been so intimate with only moments before.

“Oh Alice! You’re kidding … that was the first time you ever ate pussy? Oh that is so special … I was your first … oh my gosh … you liked it, didn’t you … it seemed like you did.” Alice was thrilled. Paul, inspired, crawled between Laura’s legs and started licking and sucking on her sweet pussy as we talked.

“Oh yes! It was glorious and to think I’ve gone all these years without knowing how wonderful it is to be with another woman.” Laura hugged me.

“Well, since I met Paul, we’ve gone to some pretty wild parties off campus. You know, parties where there’s maybe six or ten couples and everybody gets naked, and before too long, everybody’s sucking and fucking everyone else, regardless of male or female. At first, I was very shy, but when you’re in a huge tangle of bodies sometimes you don’t even know who’s licking your cunt. It didn’t take long for some girl to end up sitting on my face while some other stranger was fucking me and then I discovered how fantastic it can be to enjoy a girl’s pussy.” Laura said, while Paul continued to enjoy licking her.

I kissed her again, and the kiss turned passionate and lasted for a very long time. Paul’s fingers found my cunt and entered me and his thumb worked my clit as his fingers fucked me.

With my mouth over Laura’s and sharing her breath as we kissed, I could tell she was close to coming again from Paul’s ministrations to her clit with his mouth. We kissed and I felt myself reaching the plateau at the same time as Laura. We kissed right though her climax and mine … our teeth clinking together … our tongues swirling together … I inhaled her breath and she mine, our arms were intertwined and our breasts pressed together … in a way, it was just one climax … together.

As we came down together Paul entered Laura and I watched her face as she relished the man she loved. I fondled her perfect breasts – another pleasure I’d never enjoyed with another woman. Her hard nipples responded to my gentle pressure. I took one little hard bud in my mouth and sucked and licked while Paul fulfilled her. I moved my fingers to her swollen clit and helped her again to that womanly place that no man will ever find and she bucked and twisted under Paul and squeezed his arms with her small fingers while she exploded in a delirium of delight.

Later – “Did you cum Paul?” She asked when she’d finally returned to us.

“Not yet … hey I came twice already … what d’ ya expect?” Men can be such wonderfully sensitive creatures … sometimes.

“Alice, would you like Paul to fuck you again?” Laura asked.

“Oh my gawd yes!”

“I’m assuming it’s OK with you Paul … you’re always ready to fuck!” Laura said and Paul just smiled.

“Can I be on top? I love to ride a hard cock.” Paul shifted and lay down next to us and I climbed on top of him. I grasped his stiff dick, still wet from Laura’s pussy, then hesitated. Instead of inserting him, I first went down on him and sucked him deep into my mouth and ran my tongue over his hard meat.

“Oh fuck … I could taste your pussy on Paul’s cock … oh my … that’s so … I can’t describe it.” I said.

I shifted back up and put him inside me. My hips twisted and undulated working his dick inside me trying to connect with those special places that give so much pleasure. Paul played with my breasts and sat up and sucked on my nipples adding to my euphoria. Laura leaned in and took the other nipple between her lips and together they made me swoon. They had to hold me up momentarily.

I recovered and as they suckled my breasts and I reached down and put my hand between Laura’s legs which were slippery and hot and my fingers explored inside her as her tight little bottom squirmed. I felt Laura’s fingers lightly swirling around on my belly and with each sweep around they went lower until they were pressed into my slick slit. I went over the edge so fast from her touch … I twisted in an agony of bliss and fell off Paul’s cock and almost crushed poor little Laura.

“You liked?” Laura said.

“Like you had to ask.” I said and laughed as she kissed me again.

“Hey. What about me? I think I’m ready to cum again.” Paul got up and pulled Laura’s hips up so she was on her hands and knees and he entered her from behind. Laura shifted sideways and down a bit until she had her head between my legs. From my vantage point it was the most exhilarating exciting thing I’d ever seen … Laura with her precious face buried in my pussy feasting on me and sending shock waves of ecstasy though my body as Paul furiously slammed her sweet little cunt from behind. I saw sweat break out all over his body and I smelled the pungent musk of our three bodies which was mixed with the smell of our sex and I lost it once again. I squeezed my eyes shut and threw my head back.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee oooooooooooooooooooooooooh Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaura gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd.” I cried. Laura stopped sucking my clit when she came too.


Paul grunted and continued his frenetic pace.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh … uh uh uh uh uh … oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!” One last time his hips slammed Laura’s bottom and he collapsed over her back with a shudder.

I was the first to recover. Paul sort of slid off Laura’s back and tumbled onto his side. Laura lunged forward on top of me then rolled off and lay next to me, her eyes closed, her breath coming in short quick little gasps. I knew what I wanted, so I scooched down the bed to the apex of Laura’s legs and gently spread them. Paul’s cum was just starting to seep from the beautiful folds of Laura’s pussy. I leaned in and collected it on my tongue and savored it – not swallowing, but letting it linger in my mouth, that delicious nectar of his cum and her juices. I got more.

“I want some too, Alice.” I heard Laura say softly. I moved up to her and pressed my lips to hers and let the salty tangy juice drip onto her tongue. I returned to her sweet pussy over and over until the last drop was retrieved.

We were all quite exhausted by then. I pulled Paul up from the bottom of the bed where he’d collapsed until he was laying next to Laura and I. She was in the middle, my leg was thrown over hers, Paul’s leg over mine, and we slept.

Morning came; none of us awoke early. When we did, I hustled all of us into the shower – together. By morning we reeked of old sex and desperately needed washing.

Thankfully, my bathroom off my bedroom has one of those gigantic showers with six different shower heads, some on the ceiling, as well as, on the walls about waist height. We took delight in washing and soaping each other. Paul, after a night’s rest, sprang to attention at the first touch. Laura and I both sucked him while in the shower and he pressed his cock into Laura’s soapy cunt while I embraced her and kissed her. It was pretty clear that, although we were clean, it wasn’t going to last long. We left the shower, dried and returned to bed.

“I’m starved, but Laura, more than anything, I want to feast on you again.” I told her.

Paul did a repeat performance from the previous night. As I ate Laura’s pussy he positioned me on my hands and knees and fucked me silly from behind. Paul came inside me; I felt his cock spasm and jerk as his warm cum filled me. Laura screamed next and I managed to hold off until she sucked and licked all of Paul’s cum from me and then I went over the edge too when she licked my clit clean. She had saved some of Paul’s spunk for me and we kissed and shared his juices again.

Back into the shower we went.

“We really need to eat. I’m famished.” I said. Laura and Paul both agreed.

We spent most of that day in bed until we were sated with sex and love and touching and caring for each other. We spent the rest of their stay as somewhat more normal people, though we all slept in my bed each night and we did partake of each other sexually several times each day. We got to the point where it didn’t always have to be all three of us. We built enough love and trust over those weeks of their school break that we often paired off in every possible combination and enjoyed each other’s bodies without the third person participating, though we still had many times together where we all joined in.

After the holidays, they returned to school, but they often came home on week ends, since my home had become their home. I was their adopted parent and their lover, so they came to me for refuge, and they came to me for love, and they came to me for carnal pleasures.

They married last year after graduating and moved up north for jobs, needless to say, I really miss them. But they’re coming home next week for the holidays … and I can’t wait.

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