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Real Selfless Lover

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About 3 months after Jeri, I met Janine. Now Janine was a little submissive too. Years earlier when we were teenagers, I’d actually went home with her. She was on that time of the month but had given me a blowjob before we went to sleep and from memory it wasn’t that great, mainly because she probably hadn’t given one before. Anyway, I was still 26 and she was a couple of years my junior. She had apparently liked me for ages;

I found out later a few girls had liked me but while I was with F, they knew I seemed smitten with her. Janine had a place about 10 minutes walk from my own place and the first night, I went home with her. She did let me lick her to orgasm, unlike Jeri and I did immediately fuck her, cumming over her stomach in the end. When I settled back, she then went down and brought me back to hardness with her mouth before proceeding on a blowjob. It took me a while to cum and I didn’t give her much warning.

“I’m cumming” I think I managed to say about 5 seconds before I shot a thick wad into her mouth, but she was relaxed about letting me do so.

She told me that it would be great if we could see where things led between us and I agreed; it would be good to have a steady lay again. In the morning, I left and agreed to hook up again soon. That led to me seeing her every 2nd night and after a few weeks it was obvious she was smitten with me. I had talked to her about the fact she liked being a little submissive and she admitted it turned her on when I enjoyed anything I wanted from her. On one occasion, we were out in a late bar and I turned to her on the sofa.

“Go to the toilet, take your tights off and come back here” I instructed her and was surprised when she did.

Seeing her return, I saw her bare legs and told her we were going home to get up to no good. She was grinning happily and whispered to me that I could be as rough as I liked with her. On the way, we cut through an old part of town and I pulled her into an alleyway, telling her to get on her knees. She proceeded to give me a fantastic blowjob and I held her head while I pistoned in and out of her mouth. However, I pulled her up before I finished and said we’d continue it at home.

“Please cum now, I want it,” she pleaded with me but I shook my head.

We reached my place 5 minutes later and she was on her knees the second we reached the lounge. I sat down and let her work me up again until I came in her mouth as she moaned in pleasure. Then we increased our excitement the following week and I had a superb time pushing the boundaries further. We had been at her mum’s house for a party and afterwards, a friend of hers who was a bit older at 38 came back with us. Her friend looked miserable and usually I’d be putty in an older woman’s hand but this woman seemed timid and insecure. We reached my place and I opened a bottle of Chablis, Janine sitting beside me on the sofa while her friend took a seat close by to us. I was a little tipsy, not drunk but certainly emboldened by the alcohol. I was thinking how good it would be to have the two of them and kept this idea in my head while speaking to them. Janine had told me her friend thought I was lovely and I wanted to push the envelope. When her friend went to the toilet, Janine smiled at me.

I can’t wait to get into bed when she’s gone and take you in my mouth” Janine said to me.

“Why wait that long? How about now?” I asked.

Janine froze and smiled nervously.

“But Lynda’s still here” she said.

“Doesn’t bother me, does it really bother you? Isn’t the idea turning you on a bit?” I pushed her.

“Um, if you want me to I will but I’m worried how she’ll react” she said.

“Leave it to me. Tell you what, you go out the room and I’ll make small talk with her. If I get the sense she wouldn’t be shocked then you do it the next time she goes to the toilet, okay?” I told her.

“Um, okay” she agreed nervously.

Lynda returned and Janine excused herself to fetch wine. I immediately engaged Lynda in conversation and we made lighthearted comments to each other. I joked that it wasn’t easy having size 12 feet and Lynda’s eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to my crotch.

“Yeah, it’s quite a mouthful” I joked and Lynda laughed, half nervous, half excited.

“I’ll bet it is,” she said out loud then looked embarrassed she’d said it.

Janine returned and we chatted again. Lynda had come out of a long-term relationship and I suggested she spend the night on the futon to save getting a taxi home. She agreed and we continued chatting more. I used the toilet as did Janine and then finally Lynda had to go again.

“Right, do it now” I said to Janine.

She looked so nervous at first, and then with a final glance at Lynda’s empty chair, she sunk to her knees in front of me. Unbuttoning my jeans fully, she pulled down my boxer shorts a little too and took my stiff cock in her hands, and then her mouth engulfed me. I heard the chain flushing in the bathroom and confidently fuelled by the drink, I knew what I was going to say. Lynda then entered the room and at first, she didn’t quite take in what was happening, then she saw Janine from the back, kneeling in front of me, her head bobbing away. Lynda gasped but didn’t take her eyes from me.

“Come here” I said strongly and although she must have felt awkward, she walked towards me.

I patted the sofa next to me where Janine had been sitting and she sat down, looking timid. I didn’t waste time and moved to kiss her; to her credit she responded well before I withdrew. I wasn’t sure what Janine was thinking, but she wasn’t jealous as I felt her mouth continue its rhythm.

“I want you to stay over. Besides, apart from my big thing being delicious, it really is, well, big. Why don’t you help her out?” I quizzed Lynda.

I could see the desire in her eyes and she looked in two minds.

Pulling her head to mine again, I kissed her and she responded immediately. I was doubly excited as Janine still held me in her mouth and when we stopped kissing Lynda looked down at Janine’s head still bobbing away.

“On your knees” I said authoritively and that did it.

She looked at Janine again and then moved to the floor. I moved Janine’s head off my cock and pointed to my balls. Her smile told me I hadn’t pissed her off and she began to suck gently on one of them while Lynda inched forward. She hungrily eyed my cock then finally brought her mouth to its tip. I moved matters on by pressing on her head and felt my length slide into her mouth and throat. After a few sucks, she seemed to get into the situation more and began to really give me a blowjob while Janine sucked and licked my balls. They kept this up for about 10 minutes before switching roles and I revelled in how good it felt.

“Which one of you is going to get my cum?” I said aloud and I could feel Janine step up the pace as she tried to get me to cum in her mouth.

I held off though and switched again as Lynda engulfed me again. This time, I could hold back no longer and erupted down her throat. What surprised me was when she drew off me after the 2nd load. Janine quick as a flash engulfed my smaller loads and me landed on her tongue. While she lovingly cleaned me, I looked at Lynda on her knees, savouring the taste of my cum.

“Lets go next door,” I suggested and both girls followed me.

We were all soon naked and Janine reluctantly left my cock while Lynda mounted me as I lay on my back. Instead, Janine mounted my face and I tongued her as I fucked Lynda. I did this for a while and at one point swapped them over as they changed roles. Lynda’s pussy was okay, but I preferred Janine’s and soon they swapped again. This time, Janine reached an orgasm on my tongue while Lynda tried to bring me to one. Janine watched Lynda ride me then move off me as I neared orgasm. While Janine took me in her mouth this time, Lynda worked my balls and the girls did a role reversal of the living room, Janine taking the bigger load, Lynda cleaning me up afterwards.

We fooled around a bit more; despite my hopes, the girls kissed but did not get down on each other. I was looking forward to attempting to fuck them both in the morning when Lynda changed it.

“Look I’m sorry, could you call me a cab? I’m actually working at noon tomorrow. This is amazing, but I need to be ready for work” she said.

I assured her she had nothing to apologise for and within half an hour she was gone, while Janine and I cuddled up. We were both exhausted and fast asleep quickly but in the morning, I felt movement below the covers. Janine had manoeuvred down to my legs and swiftly taken my cock in her mouth. I was hard in seconds and with the hangover horn, I was pretty turned on too.

“Please be rough with me,” she said and I smiled down at her, amazed she’d want that after the previous night.

“Work me up slowly then” I told her, pushing her head down until she was licking my ass.

She kept it up until I let her tongue my balls. I realised that Lynda had sobered up and became embarrassed and probably to her credit worried she might feel awkward in the morning so left in the cab. My mind was soon brought back to the present however.

“I want them so shiny you could do your makeup in them” I told her, gripping her hair hard.

She responded well and moaned as she licked and sucked my balls until I let her go higher still.

“Please let me taste your cum” she pleaded and I felt I should respond.

“Don’t back off” I said harshly and pressed on her head as she struggled to take more and more of me in her mouth.

I let her back off then pushed down before grabbing handfuls of her hair and fucking her face hard. I didn’t let up either until I groaned and came in her mouth. Releasing her hair, I felt her swallow and suck lovingly. Even when I stopped, she just kept going and I glanced down at her.

“Again?” I quizzed her and she nodded.

“Yes please” she managed to say then went back to sucking me.

“I want you to swallow every time now, don’t ever waste any okay?” I checked and she hummed her acknowledgement while she continued to suck me.

The next one took a lot longer but was every bit as enjoyable as the first.

By a few weeks later, Janine told me she was completely falling for me but she could sense some sort of reluctance on my part. I had thought a lot about it and went round to her flat one evening and we talked. Janine said if I didn’t feel the same way, she would be too hurt to continue. I told her that I wasn’t sure if she was ready to take the relationship the way I wanted it to go. This really intrigued her and she wondered what I meant as I’m sure she was convinced I was simply going to leave her.

“Well for example, I want your mouth a lot more often” I stated.

Janine just nodded in agreement as I continued.

“And just in general doing a lot more kinky stuff. I know you’re submissive so lets enjoy the relationship to it’s full potential” I offered.

“Um, I would love to” she gushed but I interrupted her again.

“For example, maybe I’ll come round to visit you one night and you can greet me at the door in just a business suit jacket, lots of lipstick and a blow job” I continued.

“That would be amazing” she continued.

We made up there and then and the sex was it’s usual wonderful self but soon I wanted to push her the way I’d suggested. I texted her at work and told her I’d be round that night and that I looked forward to a very warm welcome. By 6pm, I was at her flat and rang the doorbell. She opened up, just her head looking round the door and I smiled at her, walking in. It was soon clear why she was acting so shy as she just had her work jacket on.

“Please let me pleasure you” she said before slipping to her knees.

I let her free me and take me in her mouth, audibly sighing happily as she did so.

Gradually, we spent more and more time together and she was either staying at my place or I was staying with her almost every night now. Each morning began the same way, whether we were both working or it was the weekend. Janine would duck under the covers and take my hardening cock in her mouth. Then she would move lower and lick my balls before sucking them gently. I just relaxed as she worked on them before going even further to lick my ass. Then she would glide back up until I was more turned on and grabbing fistfuls of her hair, I would fuck her throat until I felt my cum erupt into her mouth. Once she had swallowed the lot, I relaxed to let her gently suck and lick the last remnants before we got out of bed. If it was the weekend, she would keep me hard before getting on all fours to let me fuck her.

I hadn’t forgotten the night her friend had stayed over and brought it up on a couple of occasions. Janine admitted she really enjoyed it and said for her, it wasn’t about any sort of jealousy because she got to fuck me and suck me so that was good enough for her.

A month later we booked a holiday to a Greek island for a week. The apartment was great, close to the pool and even better, there was a family there. The mother and father had an apartment round the other side of the block but the two daughters shared one next door to Janine and I. Both of them were dancers and as it turned out, the eldest one was 19, her sister just turned 18. Briony was the eldest one, her sister was Megan. I had said hello to them and they said hi back and Briony gave me such a smile. I couldn’t take my eyes off her perfect legs and ass and resolved I just had to try my best and get somewhere with her. It wasn’t that I felt unhappy with Janine, I just felt horny. We settled into our first night and after a few drinks, went back to our apartment. Janine was feeling dirty and when she felt dirty, I was always the lucky recipient of her submissive desires. As soon as we were in our apartment, she dropped to her knees.

“Please fuck my mouth” she begged me and I smiled as she tugged my shorts down a little.

As soon as my cock was free, it disappeared in her mouth and as I shut the door, I just spied the younger sister looking on with amazement as she passed our doorway. The door closed and I let Janine really go for it, giving me a drunken, sloppy blow job.

“What do you want?” I asked her, grabbing her ponytail to hold her head back.

“I want you to fuck my mouth, make me suck your huge cock, cum down my throat Sir” she pleaded and I laughed as I pulled her head back into me and slammed all the way into her mouth.

After a good ten minutes of this, I felt myself about to cum and Janine relaxed and began to swallow as it splashed into her mouth.

We were both too tired for anything more but I fucked her in the morning, spooning into her. She came, muffling her cries of passion into the pillow before slipping her pussy off me and sliding down to take my cock into her mouth. She always swallowed every orgasm now.

“Hey, did you see those two girls next door?” I asked her while she sucked me.

“Yes” she answered.

“That Briony, you can really tell she’s a dancer with those legs, you know?” I pushed.

“She does have great legs” Janine said.

“You like me being honest with you, rather than holding things back, don’t you?” I ventured.

“Yes. At least I know you trust me to share things with me” she responded.

“Well, I’ll be honest, if I was here on my own, I’d probably try it on with Briony. But of course, I’m here with you” I tested.

“You can do what you want. I know you’ll always spend the night with me and I’m the only one that does this” she quickly said, marking her territory but with that delicious submissive twist that indicated I could do what I liked as I was in charge.

I didn’t say anything more but later when she had a shower, I sat on our terrace in the sun. Briony came out with her sister and they saw me, giggled then sat down at their terrace next to ours.

“Hi. Briony isn’t it? And Megan?” I said.

“Yeah. And you’re Dominic?” Briony checked back while her sister nodded.

“Sure am. So, did you have a fun evening last night?” I asked.

“Um, just a few drinks. Did your um, girl, have a drink?” she added with a grin.

“Oh her? Oh, I see what you mean. How did you know?” I asked.

It was clear she was referring to last night’s blow job.

“We heard you. Oh please, blah blah” Briony said, then the two of them laughed.

Megan got up to fetch drinks for them while I joined in the laughter with Briony.

“I guess some people like to be told what to do and others like to do the telling” I quipped.

Briony had a dirty laugh and although she was young, she was so sexy.

“Can I be totally honest?” I said.

“Please do” she responded.

“Well, you are unbelievably sexy. Maybe we could” I said and left it hanging.

“Wow, um, you are super hot yourself, but don’t you have a girl with you?” she asked surprised.

“Don’t worry about her. We’ll work something out. Are you free tomorrow night?” I checked.

She nodded and I stood to leave, but leaned forward to her before I did.

“I’d lick you all over right now if we weren’t so much in the open” I whispered to her and it had the desired affect as I could see her eyes light up with arousal.

I went back inside and was confident that if I dealt with it in the right way, I’d work on Janine until tomorrow evening. I was determined to get it on with Briony. I spent the whole day making Janine feel comfortable but repeatedly telling her I loved the feeling of her warm wet mouth all over my cock. Briony appeared at one point and dived in the pool to do a few laps and I made no attempt to hide ogling her. Janine was also looking at her and before Briony noticed us, I nodded to our apartment. We went inside and Janine was already soaking. She collapsed onto her front on the bed and I lay on top of her and thrust into her pussy.

As I fucked her, I asked Janine if she thought Briony was hot and she nodded.

“What would you say if she came back here one time?” I asked and thrust harder as I said so.

“Uh, oh fuck, this is so good. I would, um, I wouldn’t mind” she managed to gasp then groaned as I went right to the hilt hair.

I got the response I wanted and now I wanted Janine to struggle to concentrate while I fucked her, instead of mulling over what I had said. We collapsed on the bed afterwards and I let her suck me again before we went out for the afternoon.

The next day dawned and we enjoyed the sun while having a dip in the pool too. Janine popped down to the little supermarket at one point and I spied Briony and Megan coming out of their apartment. Briony smiled at me, but I caught Megan’s eyes following Janine as she sauntered off to the supermarket next door; I say a supermarket but it was really just a little local shop that sold anything from beach balls to ice creams.

Crossing over, Megan went to the shop too and I walked up to Briony.

“You’ll never guess; my sister likes, well, your girl” Briony announced to me.

“You are kidding. Honestly? What, you mean, your sister likes girls?” I asked surprised.

“She’s my sister but yeah she does, which works for me as I don’t have the competition when I go after guys!” she chuckled.

I put the suggestion the four of us should meet for food and drinks, assuring her that it would be an enjoyable evening and she accepted. Briony sloped off to swim and I noticed Megan chatting and laughing with Janine as they returned from the shops together. They went their separate ways and I went indoors with Janine.

“Hey, we’re going for dinner with Briony and Megan tonight. How does that grab you?” I asked her.

“Um, cool. I was just chatting with Megan there; she’s really nice and she said such nice things too” Janine gushed.

“Megan likes girls” I announced, watching her face to see her reaction.

Janine’s eyes shot up, then she smiled then looked shocked.

“Really? Um, I had no idea. I mean, she’s still a nice girl, I just didn’t know she was that way inclined. Not that it matters at all” Janine added.

She certainly wasn’t repulsed though and at 6pm, we met at the complex’s bar. I ordered wine and then we ate food. Megan, as I thought, struck up a conversation with Janine and I typed in a text to my phone, saying Let’s get those two drunk but not us and very slyly passed my phone to Briony to read under the table. She read it then passed my phone back and gave the slightest imperceptible nod of agreement. The wine flowed and as we chatted, I had some fun. My hand slipped under the table and while Megan busily engaged Janine in yet another conversation laced with compliments, I stroked Janine’s thighs and pussy hidden by the tablecloth. The mixture of alcohol, conversation and being stimulated was turning Janine on, just as I hoped.

We moved to the bar and Briony and I drank just a little less, as the other two became drunk. At that point, I suggested we head back and the four of us decamped to the sister’s apartment. We opened more drinks and I then suggested we have a game of truth or dare. First up, we all had truths and Megan asked Janine if she’d ever been with a girl. To my astonishment, she said yes, but she was drunk and it was while at University and she could barely remember much. I was asked how big my cock was by a brazen Briony and when I replied 8 inches, Janine nodded in agreement. Next up, I asked Briony if she had ever cum from being eaten out and had the predicted answer of yes. Janine asked Megan if she’d ever eaten a girl and she said yes.

We then spun an empty bottle to play dares and Megan went first, daring Briony to kiss me or Janine. She shrugged and locked lips with me. Janine breathed heavier and I could tell she wasn’t annoyed, just really turned on. Briony then dared Megan to kiss either me or Janine and she immediately went for Janine. I watched, growing rock hard as Janine responded and when Megan pulled away, I was delighted at the look of lust on Janine’s face. It was Janine’s turn and she dared Megan to touch herself in front of us all. Megan let her skirt ride up a little and touched her pussy, playing with the clit for a minute until she dropped her skirt back. The atmosphere in the room was tense now and I used my dare to really push things. I dared Megan to kiss Janine but not on the mouth. Janine didn’t even look at me, just stared at Megan and Megan shrugged and moved to Janine. As Janine stood up, Megan patted the bed and Janine sat on the end of it. Megan knelt down then turned to Briony.

“Not with you watching” she said and Briony stood, as did I.

We backed to the patio door and went outside as the last thing I saw was Megan ducking her head between Janine’s legs. Briony grabbed me and kissed passionately as I ran my hands under her skirt and felt her incredible ass. I waved my room key at her and she smiled. We kissed a bit longer and then I went to my apartment, opening the patio door to enter. Once inside, I asked her to wait a sec and stole outside, peeking inside to see what the other two were doing. The scene had me harder than ever as now, Megan was on her back on the bed. Janine was straddling her face in the 69 position and as Megan ate Janine’s pussy, Janine seemed to be returning the favour to Megan. I smiled as I went back to my room. I knelt before Briony and slipped her knickers down her legs, then immediately licked her sweet lips. She tasted wonderful and she put her hands on my head as I ate her out. Eventually, she lay back on the bed as I continued my oral assault and I licked lower until I was running my tongue around her asshole before it went in. I alternated between her orifices as she moaned in pleasure and as she reached orgasm, her taut thighs gripped me tight and she grabbed a pillow to muffle her orgasm groans. Once she was spent, I moved up her body and slid into her easily.

“Fuck, you really are huge” she gasped as I began to move in and out of her pussy.

We fucked and fucked until I felt my own needs reaching climax. I warned Briony and she grinned and told me to stand up. I did so and she sat on the bed in front of me and proceeded to take me in her mouth. The sight of this hot girl sucking me did it and I came at last. Once it was over, we stood and tiptoed out and looked next door. By now, it was Megan on top of Janine and Janine’s face was buried in Megan’s crotch. We approached and I went up to Janine and grabbed her hair.

“You look so hot doing that. Go on, don’t stop” I urged.

Janine looked confused as it probably dawned on her she was eating pussy then lust took over and she put her face against Megan again to continue licking. Janine was eating Megan’s ass now and I turned to Briony. We approached the other bed next to Megan’s and I lay on it, pulling Briony on top of me. I positioned her so she was poised over my face and then began to eat her out. Remembering what Janine was doing, I began to rim Briony which made her sigh in pleasure. Janine stopped what she was doing and saw us but groaned as Megan shoved her ass back in her face and resumed eating pussy and ass herself.

As I licked Briony, she moved excitedly around on my face until she felt herself approaching orgasm again. Her cries of pleasure seemed to have spurred the other two on to greater heights as they too seemed to reach orgasm. When Briony calmed down, I urged her on to all fours, then slipped into her pussy again. Janine was looking at me but her eyes were glazed. I beckoned to her and she came over. The look of lust she had was amazing and it took over as she suddenly seemed to reach a decision and slipped under me. She began to lick my balls as I fucked Briony slowly. Janine was lying on the bed but facing down the way as opposed to being directly under both Briony and I. I glanced behind me and saw Megan had slipped to the floor and was gently licking Janine again. This had the effect of turning her on even more and then it happened. Her tongue, either deliberately or accidently moved a little higher and touched Briony’s pussy. After a paused she licked again and Briony sighed loudly as Janine began to work on her clit while I fucked her. Below, Megan was having her own feast and I silently thanked the lesbian girl for making my own girl so turned on that she was totally okay about me fucking Briony.

After fucking her for as long as I could before cumming, I slipped out and grabbed Janine by the hair. Slipping into her mouth, I shot my load and she swallowed quickly. As soon as she was done, I withdrew and pulled Briony’s weight down until she was now sitting on Janine’s face. Janine to her credit immediately attacked the pussy and Briony was so turned on I don’t think she cared who was eating her at that point. Meanwhile I moved off the bed and spied Megan on the floor, still licking Janine out. I made a decision and lay on the floor. Before Megan knew what was happening my face was under her pussy and my tongue was inside it. She may not have liked guys but I was turned on at the idea of eating a lesbian girl out. She began to hump against my face until I was sucking on her clit as she buried her face in Janine as she reached orgasm. I licked her a bit longer then slid out from underneath her. Briony still hadn’t reached orgasm and I wanted to be the one who helped her reach it! I pulled Megan’s face away from Janine and whispered in her ear.

“Why don’t you take your sister’s place on her face?” I suggested and she smiled.

I then shook Briony and she moved off Janine to be immediately replaced by Megan. Janine barely had time to register the new pussy but she licked dutifully and Megan, having just cum on my tongue relaxed as it would probably be a while before she came again.

Briony and I took the other bed again and ended up in a 69. The hot blonde really knew how to suck cock and seemed to love being eaten out. I’ve always found it hard to cum when in the 69 position as I get distracted by pleasuring the other person and both Briony and I were the same in that regard. Periodically, she would suck me then pause while I attacked her pussy then resume sucking me. Then she would pause again while I rimmed her asshole and eventually, she had to pause for longer as neither of us were going to cum otherwise. She turned around on my face and as she sank down onto my tongue, I glanced at the other bed. Megan had a hold of Janine’s hair while Janine was licking Megan for all she was worth. I attacked Briony’s delicious pussy again and she reached orgasm in mere minutes this time. Eventually, she sighed and slumped off my face. I was still hard as a rock myself and led her standing up to the wall. Briony spread her legs as if she was being searched, putting her hands against the wall, while I slipped into her wet pussy again. What was even more of a turn on was seeing Megan turn round to face Janine’s feet, but still sitting bolt upright.

I knew I would last longer from having cum already and as Briony and I fucked, Megan enjoyed Janine’s oral talents. It turned out to be the last act, as once both Briony and I had cum again, Janine brought Megan to an earth shattering climax. Both Briony and Megan were tired and so was I, as I took Janine’s hand and led her next door. We fell into bed and slept almost immediately. In the morning, I awoke and Janine woke up too. I kissed her before pushing on her head. She understood and slipped down to take me in her mouth.

“So, did you have fun last night?” I asked her.

“Um, it was, um incredible” she said quietly.

She seemed to be keeping something from me and I tried to find out.

“Okay, what aren’t you telling me? You sure seemed to be enjoying your time with Megan” I pointed out.

“I did. She, erm, asked me if I wanted to pop down to the beach with her” Janine admitted.

“Let me guess. You’re not totally against the idea?” I offered.

“Kind of” she responded.

“I think you should go. Hey, what happens on holiday, stays on holiday. Once we’re back home, we will have all the time in the world to indulge ourselves. Agreed?” I pressed.

“Okay” she quickly agreed and proceeded to recommence sucking me off.

Eventually, I erupted in her mouth and had a shower. Janine hopped in afterwards and going outside, I spied Megan.

“Hi Megan. How do you feel?” I asked.

“Um, a bit hungover” she said sheepishly.

“I think we all are. Say, Janine mentioned the beach? I just wanted to say, that’s fine with me” I offered.

“Really? Um, yeah, it was just to you know get a good tan for the day. That’s all” Megan said.

“Cool. Well tomorrow?” I suggested.

“Okay” she beamed and went back inside.

We had a really quiet day and I didn’t see anything of either Megan or Briony. The next day, the door went and Megan was there.

“Um, Janine,do you fancy going to the beach?” she asked innocently.

“Sure. Is that okay?” Janine asked, checking with me.

“Sure. Go ahead” I assured her.

Both girls headed off and as soon as they were gone, I went looking for Briony. She was in the pool and spied me, beckoning her. As she walked towards me, I had an instant hard on, watching her still dripping wet body sashaying closer. I entered my apartment and she followed. I closed the curtain and knelt, turning Briony around to face the wall, while I immediately licked up and down her ass crack. She sighed as my tongue began to rim her, then turned around so her pussy could see some tongue action too.

“Get on the bed so I can sit on your face” she eventually said when it was becoming too much to stand and I happily obliged, lying down while Briony let her sweet pussy settle on my mouth and enveloped my tongue in her wet folds.

As I licked her, I couldn’t help wonder what Megan and Janine were doing, apart from sunbathing! I put those thoughts to the side and concentrated on the hot girl on my face instead. As the pleasure built up, Briony eventually reached climax and grabbed my hair to steady herself as she came hard on my face. Once she had recovered, she opened her eyes and looked down with lust at me, before moving down until her pussy was over my cock. Sliding onto it, she impaled herself and groaned as I filled her up.

“Do it hard” she said and I nodded, rolling her over as I got on top of her.

I didn’t hold back and fucked Briony as hard as I could. I did everything I could think of, to hold back from cumming myself and it seemed to work. We changed position after a while and I spooned her amazing body as I fucked her from behind. I also reached my hand around her waist to play with her clit and that seemed to do it, as Briony reached orgasm again. I just kept fucking her although I left her clit alone, when eventually, she asked me to stop. She let me sit on the edge of the bed and dropped to her knees quickly, taking me in her mouth. As I enjoyed the blow job, I saw my phone go off and checked it. A video message had been sent by Janine with a comment saying, look what I’ve recorded on your girlfriend’s phone.

Intrigued, I hit the mute button, then opened it up. The video was dated only 10 minutes before and showed some kind of beach stall, the type of one where you would go to change. There was no mistaking Janine though. She was on her knees and seemed oblivious of Megan, who was standing, clearly filming while Janine licked her pussy. The video lasted 2 minutes and Janine was moaning as she ate the lesbian girl out. Watching it was turning me on even more and I warned Briony I was close to cumming. She didn’t stop what she was doing, but she did make sure her mouth was now firmly glued over my cock. Watching her perfectly taut body, mouth working to make me cum, sent me over the edge. I felt my cum blast out and I could feel her swallowing as more came out.

Eventually, I was done and let Briony’s head go. She smiled at me and got to her feet as I rose also. I let her recline on the bed again and we kissed for a bit. Then I began to shower gentle kisses over her body and she made a sigh of pleasure as I slowly worked my way around her body. I even kissed over her feet, before working back up her legs. Once I reached her crotch, she opened her legs and I moved straight to her ass, licking and kissing her cheeks before approaching her anus. She relaxed as my tongue work began again and then must have remembered something.

“Hey, who tried calling or texting you earlier?” she asked me.

“Um, have a look. You won’t believe it. Your sister actually” I told her before resuming rimming her.

Briony picked up my phone and I heard her gasp as she must have read the message and was now watching the clip.

“Ugh, that Janine is such a slut. Fuck, yeah, put your tongue back inside like that. Fuck, this is awesome” she declared, being more turned on watching the clip as she had her ass licked.

“Maybe they want a holiday romance” I offered.

“Yeah, let’s encourage them then. And we can have one of our own. I actually have a boyfriend at home but when the cat’s away, the mice will play, as they say” she announced.

I moved up to her pussy again and took my time tasting her juices as I ate her out. She eventually came again, holding my head to her as my tongue never stopped until she simply had to push me away.

We had sex again and took a break after that. Later, Janine showed up and I saw Megan head to her apartment too.

“Hiya. So then, how was the beach?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Um, oh yeah it was really good” Janine gushed, no doubt oblivious to the video.

I took her phone out of the bag and showed her the clip; she was stunned at first, then went bright red.

“Hey, it’s okay babe. Listen, we’re on holiday, the weather’s hot and you know, as I said this morning what happens on holiday, stays on holiday. So you had a little fun and maybe you will again. It will still be us two when we get back” I assured her.

“Oh you don’t mind then? I had no idea she filmed me. Um, it’s just, I can’t explain it. I’m just so horny here” she stammered.

“Hey, when will this chance arise again? Possibly never. If you want to spend more time with Megan, that’s cool. Okay?” I said.

“Okay” she said, seemingly relieved.

I saw no reason to mention Briony’s name as I wanted her to think I was doing her a favour!

“Look, why don’t you have a shower and when you come out we’ll spend some time together?” I offered her.

“Thanks” she murmured, kissing me.

Then she glanced at my shorts and kissed my crotch area before running off to shower. Once she was in, I nipped out, knocking on the girl’s door. Megan answered and said Briony was also showering.

“Fine, it was you I wanted a word with. I just wanted to say, if you want to have more fun with Janine, then I’m cool with that” I told her.

“Really? I wasn’t sure. You really don’t mind?” she said, smiling.

“Nope. How many days are you here for?” I asked.

“4 more days” she told me.

“Well we have 4 too then fly out the next night. So if you want to spend time with Janine, just ask her if she wants to hang out, or whichever way you want to ask her” I summarised.

“Gee. Thanks. I don’t mind guys myself but I much prefer girls. Janine prefers you but doesn’t seem to mind girls so it’s a good fit.. Say, you know how to use your tongue too” she added saucily.

“Thanks and I know that’s a real compliment coming from you. Maybe our last night could be something special. Let’s make sure the other two have enough to drink that night” I said conspiratorially.

“Agreed!” she shot back, as I backed away smiling.

I returned and Janine was soon out of the shower. I stripped off and smiled as she crossed to kneel before the bed, just as Briony had only hours before. She took me in her mouth and if she could smell pussy on me, she certainly never said anything but just continued with her skilled mouth. I let myself fall back on the bed and relaxed, enjoying her wet mouth working away on me. Eventually, I felt cum rising again and told her, as it erupted and hit the roof of her mouth. She moaned happily and began to swallow it as I held her head to me.

Later, the girls left a note for us, saying they had to meet their parents but would be around the next day. Janine and I had a meal then retired for a night of lovemaking and much needed sleep. We had a great day by the pool and later, spotted the girls. Megan came over and her hand rested on Janine’s leg as she crouched by our sun loungers and asked if we wanted to have dinner with them that night. We accepted and I knew Janine was excited. We met them for food and drinks followed, before we headed back to the apartments. We followed the girls in again then Megan said she had something to say to Janine.

“I have a coin here and I’m going to toss it. Heads means one thing, tails mean another. Do you agree that whatever it lands on, that’s final?” she asked Janine.

I watched enraptured as Janine nodded, looking at Megan in her short skirt.

“Okay, well heads you spend the night with your man. Tails and you spend it with me” Megan said and before Janine could react, she tossed the coin, deftly caught it on her hand and covered it with the other.

“Well?” she asked Janine.

“Okay, which is it?” she asked nervously.

Megan opened her hand up; it was tails.

Janine gasped then looked at me.

“A deal’s a deal” I said but I could tell she was excited.

Megan then whispered to Briony and Briony walked out, looking at me once and smiling. I followed her and as I left I heard Megan.

“I’ve been thinking about your tongue all day” she said quietly to Janine.

Briony and I entered my apartment and I smiled at her.

“Well well. Fancy it landing on tails eh?” I chuckled.

“I guess it’s fate. Now then, they’re not the only two who can have fun, are they?” she quipped and as I watched, she stripped for me.

I wasted no time in taking her to bed and kissed every part of her body before tasting her wonderful pussy again. Briony was turned on and came quicker than I wanted but I knew she would cum more than once with me tonight! She got on all fours quickly and let me slam into her. Her body looked great in the moonlight coming through the gaps in the curtains and I grasped her breasts as I slammed into her pussy with force. We sucked and fucked then sucked some more for the next 2 hours until both of us were exhausted. About 10 minutes later, Briony was asleep and I crept out of bed. Quietly opening the door, I went to their place, taking Briony’s key. I quietly opened their door just a little and could see a figure lying prone on the bed, another figure mounted on their face. It was hard to tell who was eating who until they spoke.

“Ah, your tongue was just made for oral. Get it right inside my ass though” I heard Megan say and realised she must be sitting on Janine’s face.

Her gasp told me Janine’s tongue had wormed it’s way even deeper and I could see her silhoutte moving around on the face beneath her.

“Good girl, that’s it. You know, I could just fuck your face all night, it’s so good” Megan mused while being rimmed.

“Oh, if you want” I heard Janine mumble from her position.

“LIsten, who knows when you’ll eat pussy again? I want you to eat lots of lots for the rest of the holiday, okay?” Megan insisted.

“Yes Megan” Janine grunted, clearly turned on by the idea of eating Megan out for the next 2 days.

I watched quietly as Janine eventually moved to Megan’s pussy and brought her to orgasm. Once Megan was done, she climbed off and got into bed, but in doing so, she pushed Janine’s head to her crotch again.

“You’re not finished. I’ll eat pussy when I get back to the UK at some point but it’s you who needs the practice out here” I heard her say and Janine began licking again.

It seemed as if Megan was keen to ensure time spent with Janine was making sure she enjoyed another girl giving her all the pleasure.

I snuck out and quietly locked their door again before entering my apartment again. Briony looked like a goddess lying in bed and aroused myself, I moved down and began kissing her cunt. Before she was even awake fully, I was eating her out and she sighed as she had just woken up to find her holiday lover’s tongue inside her. In the dark, I ate her until she came and then slid up her body. We both fell asleep, as I wondered if Megan would really have Janine eat her pussy and ass for most of the night.

The next morning dawned bright and Briony turned to kiss me. We fucked all over the bed again before she texted her sister to say she was going back to their apartment. This brought Janine out and although Megan looked tired but happy, Janine had dark circles under her eyes, testament to a lack of sleep. She didn’t look unhappy though to my delight!

The girls had to spend time with their parents again and the same that night. We had a quiet one and although we had sex and Janine put me to sleep with a blow job and woke me up with one, she still managed a lot more sleep. The next day was the final one for the girls and us. Janine had just given me a blow job and had a quick shower when the door went. Megan was there and she came in.

“Hi Janine. Let’s spend a last day at the beach” she said, then turned to me and winked.

Janine quickly pulled on a bikini and looked at me.

“Go on then” I urged her and she smiled, before following Megan outside.

I knocked next door and Briony answered it.

“Hi lover, come on in” she said sexily.

I spent the day fucking her and at one point received a text again. This time it said thanks for the use of your slut and showed just a picture this time. It was taken without flash so Janine probably wasn’t aware of it and it showed Janine with her eyes closed, a pussy over her nose and her tongue no doubt in Megan’s asshole. I couldn’t wait for our last evening and suggested to Briony that since it was our last night, we should hold off on any more sex as I wanted to be raring to go at night. She agreed and we sloped out to sunbathe together. Eventually the girls showed up again and Megan was beaming, no doubt from some of Janine’s tongue work!

I pulled Janine indoors and said we would meet the girls for a last meal later. At 6pm, we met them and after a big meal, we hit the bar. I watched Megan, who like I was doing, held back on drink a little. Briony and Janine was soon drunk though and we all headed back to our apartment this time. Briony didn’t even check with Janine before she grabbed me for a kiss but I noticed Megan had pushed Janine to her knees in front of one of the beds and was sitting on the edge of it. As Janine began to lick her, I took Briony to the other bed. She seemed really turned on and looked up at me intently.

“I want you in my ass tonight” she said quietly and I grinned in excitement.

I wasted no time in trying to make that a reality by moving down and working my tongue inside her ass for all I was worth. As I ate her out, I could see Megan was already close to cumming and attacked Briony’s pussy until I felt her start to shudder too. Her orgasm hit and I stayed with her clit until she was too sensitive. Sliding back down again, I rimmed her while she moaned in post orgasmic bliss. Eventually, I moved up and turned her on the bed until she was on all fours. At first, I had no trouble slipping into her pussy but used her juices and my earlier anal tonguing to slip 2 then 3 fingers into her ass. As it relaxed, I moved my cock over it and finally after a few attempts, the head managed to get in. Once that happened I slowly eased myself all the way in, before withdrawing just a little. I struck up a very slow rhythm so as not to hurt her but the alcohol also played it’s part as Briony handled it well. Megan had cum by this time and was leading Janine over to us. She then pushed her down and Janine ducked her head under my crotch, licking my balls for a brief moment before pausing at Briony’s pussy. As my cock pistoned slowly in and out of Briony’s ass, Janine’s tongue found her cunt and began to lick

“Oh my gawwd, that feels amazing” Briony declared between gasps of pleasure.

Megan came to me and whispered into my ear as I fucked Briony’s ass.

“Your slut has had her tongue in my ass and pussy so many times I’ve lost count. I just wanted to say thanks and if she ever goes totally gay, send her my way” she said then I saw her bring out an object.

It was a strap on and she put it on and taking hold of Janine’s hips, she thrust into her hard. This had the added affect of making Janine groan into Briony’s pussy and the vibrations, along with her tongue and my cock in her ass, had her cumming in no time. I pulled out of her ass at that point and Janine took me in her mouth, no hesitation as she cleaned my cock thoroughly. Once she was done, I slid into Briony’s pussy this time and Janine worked on her clit as I felt my balls tighten and the cum rushed out. I gasped as my orgasm hit then it was over and I pulled out to feel an eager Janine take me in her mouth again, cleaning the pussy juice and cum from my cock. Once she was finished, I pointed to Briony’s pussy and understanding, she began to eat the creampie I had left there.

Briony was loving this and I was forgotten for the time being as she just enjoyed a very very skilled pussy eating. Megan had actually brought Janine to a shuddering climax while she was still eating pussy and leaving the strap on embedded in Janine, I slipped to the floor with Megan. She straddled my face, down my body and reached a very quick climax on my tongue before stunning me and sliding down my body. I was amazed as she slid her pussy over my cock then smiled.

“It’s been a while” was all she said as she began to fuck herself on me.

The other two were oblivious to us, as we were almost out of sight anyway but Megan clearly wasn’t used to a guy as she stopped before long. Briony was in the throes of orgasm, clutching Janine’s head to her pussy as she humped her face. Then it was over and as Briony recovered, Megan pulled Janine out from under her and led her to the other bed. She straddled Janine’s face and reaching down her body, she began to play with the dildo in Janine’s cunt as her pussy was eaten again. I was left with the sight of Megan beginning to fuck herself on Janine’s face!

I had enjoyed my brief fuck with Megan and wasted no time in sliding into Briony who sighed with pleasure as she felt me enter her. After only a few minutes though, she stopped me.

“Let’s go next door” she said and I agreed, pulling out of her as we got up to leave.

I was left with the image of Megan sitting upright, sighing at what was happening as Janine ate her out. Briony and I resumed fucking immediately and over the course of the night, I came 3 times, twice in her mouth and once in her pussy which Janine had cleaned earlier. Briony looked so hot sucking my cock, perfect taut body as her head bobbed away. If I wasn’t fucking her, then my tongue was inside her and she couldn’t get enough of oral that night. We woke early in the morning and had sex again before I spent close to an hour bringing her to 2 orgasms with my mouth. Finally though, it was over and Briony gave me her number.

“Look, I know I have a guy back home and you have Janine but if things ever change, well let’s sort of keep in touch and just see?” she asked me.

“That would be great babe. Really great” I assured her as we kissed one last time.

Janine returned and looked tired but happy. She said her tongue was sore and when I asked how many times she had went down on Megan she turned to me.

“I lost count in the end” was all she said.

The girls left about 2 hours later, no doubt to sleep off their holiday tiredness on the plane, while Janine and I had until evening to wait. We laid by the pool all morning then in the afternoon went indoors and fucked again before she gave me a fantastic blow job before we packed up to go, no doubt to have more adventures when we returned home!

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