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Widow Tom Fucks his Neighbor

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My name is Tom, I am 60 years old (but have been told I look a lot younger), my wife passed away suddenly just over a year ago, for a long time I was very low, I just could not get used to her not being with me any longer. The couple that live next door were very good, Paul would come in for a chat and a drink and his wife Julie would shop for me, sometimes cook me a meal and help me clean the house.

Julie is mid thirties, she has a teenage daughter and a son aged 10, she is a very bubbly, lively lady with a great sexy figure – I must admit over the last few months she has been the object of many of my erotic dreams and fantasy’s. My late wife was 15 years younger than me and we were very active sexually, since she died my sex life has been non-existent – that is apart from me playing with myself to relieve my frustrations.

One day over coffee Julie told me how worried they were, their car needed a lot of work doing to it and they couldn’t afford to pay for the repairs, I suggested she could look after my house, the shopping, cooking on a permanent basis, basically to become my ‘part time housekeeper’ of course I would pay her, that way I wouldn’t have to cope by myself and she would have some more money coming in – and to thank her for all she has done for me in the past I would pay for the repair bill on their car, Julie’s face lit up, “Thanks Tom, that would be great, but are you sure? I mean – you know I don’t mind helping out but the money would come in handy” I told her I was sure, my mind was made up and asked her if she wanted to start our arrangement the next day.

For the next few weeks Julie came in every morning, I really looked forward to seeing her, it was certainly nice to have someone to talk to, more importantly someone who made me feel alive again – sexually! It was the middle of summer, very hot and Julie would often wear skimpy clothes, sometimes just a pair of shorts and a T shirt which showed off her tits which were quite large, if I was lucky she would go braless, her nipples poking out of the material of her top. After she went home I would think of her whilst playing with my dick, imagining myself sucking on her tits, she sucking on my dick, me fucking her – Oh how I was missing sex!

One day over coffee Julie mentioned that Paul’s firm were cutting his hours, “If I didn’t have the money you paid me coming in I don’t think we could manage” she told me, “If things carry on like this I will have to get an evening job as well” she said, this was my chance, I had been waiting for this moment, I knew they were short of money but wondered just how far she would go to earn extra cash, nervously I said to her “Julie, can I suggest something to you? There is a way that you could earn more money working here but I don’t want you to take it the wrong way, if I was to suggest something to you would you promise to think about it?” Julie looked at me inquisitively, “I’m intrigued Tom, tell me more” she said, “Well Julie, you must know how much I like you being here, it makes me feel so good just having you around, you’ve made me feel alive again, the thing is Julie I’ve started to think about you sexually, when I dream I fantasise about making love to you” I went on to tell her that before my wife died I would have sex three or four times a week and that I missed it so much.

Julie was quiet for a while, it seemed she couldn’t think of what to say, “Tom, you are a very nice man and I’m flattered that you think about me that way but I love Paul and there would be no way I would cheat on him, no matter how much money was involved” “No, Julie, you don’t understand, I wouldn’t expect to touch you or for you to touch me, what I thought was that maybe while you were over here you could wear something sexy, maybe every now and then give me a glimpse of your tits, you know, flirt a little, tease a bit, you could indulge this old guys fantasy’s, c’mon Julie, what do you say, if you say yes I will pay you well”

Well, at least she was still here, she hadn’t walked out so maybe I was in with a chance, after what seemed like ages she spoke, “So all you would want me to do is to act in a sexy way, to give you an occasional show, you wouldn’t expect more, is that what you are saying?”

“That’s all I ask Julie, you have a think about it and let me know what you decide”

“Ok tom, I’ll do that but I want to make it clear that if I do there will be no contact between us, ok?

The next day when Julie turned up I was dismayed to see her wearing jeans and a baggy sweater, she must have noticed the look on my face and laughed, “Don’t worry Tom, I’ll do as you ask but I thought I would bring a change of clothes with me so if you don’t mind I’ll just nip upstairs and change” She came back down and entered the kitchen where I had just made coffee, “Well, what do you think, will this do for you Sir?” she joked, spinning around to give me a good view of her, she had on a very short mini skirt, her black stocking tops were visible, a tight blouse which was very sheer, her lacy bra underneath vaguely showed the dark outline of her nipples, she looked very sexy indeed, “You look great Julie, just great!” I told her, my dick was straining against my pants, “I’ve been thinking about what you told me Tom and I can understand what you are going through, don’t you think you ought to get out and try to meet someone, it must be very hard for you right now”

“You’re right Julie but I don’t want to get involved with someone just now, I was thinking of phoning one of those ‘agencies’, you know, pay for a girl to visit me, do you think I should?” I asked, “No Tom, I don’t think that’s the answer” Julie said, “Let me see if I can come up with something, somehow there must be a way that I can help you Tom, leave it to me” she told me. Julie got on with her work, from then on she did as I asked, she playfully exposed herself to me as she did the chores, whenever she noticed me looking she flaunted herself, bending over allowing me to see her panties etc. this is how things went for the next few days, she got a little more daring as time went by, wearing skimpy tops with no bra or shirts that were almost totally unbuttoned, her tits almost falling out as she leaned forward. One day over coffee I asked her if she would feel comfortable if I was to play with myself while she went about her work, she told me as long as there was no contact between us I could do whatever pleased me, trying not to push my luck I asked her if she would take off her top so that I could see her tits, again she followed my request, she stood up and pulled her top over her head now just dressed in a skirt and stockings, her tits were magnificent, they looked firm and although not massive had lovely thimble sized nipples, just right for sucking on I thought, “What about my skirt Tom? Would you like me to take that off as well?” she asked, this was going better than I thought it would, “You know I would like that Julie” I told her. Slowly she reached behind herself and unzipped the skirt letting it fall to the floor, she stood there now just wearing her stockings, suspenders and a pair of tiny lacy panties, I could see the darkness of her bush through the material, my dick was rock hard, almost to the point of bursting, “Can I play with myself now Julie” I asked, will you dance for me as I wank on my dick?” “You go ahead Tom” she replied, I quickly slid my trousers down and my 10 inch dick sprang out, I looked at Julie, she started to play with her tits as I slowly wanked myself, “I didn’t realise your cock was so big Tom” she said tweaking her nipples between her fingers, “Do you like big dicks Julie? Tell me, does Paul have a big dick? Does he fuck you good Julie? I watched her as I pumped my dick, she was getting turned on, I could see she was enjoying watching me as much as I enjoyed watching her, “Yes, I love big cocks” she said as she slid her hand inside her panties, “C’mon Tom, let me see you cum, show me your spunk” she moaned as she continued to play with herself, my dick was throbbing, I knew it wouldn’t last long before I shot my load, seeing Julie play with herself, looking at her lovely tits and near naked body was too much, “I’m Cumming” I said as I furiously wanked my dick, shooting my cum in Julie’s direction, unfortunately she was too far away and it streamed out across the room landing on the carpet, I collapsed back into the chair, my dick still throbbed, spunk still oozing out. Julie came over to me, leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on my forehead, “Was that good for you Tom, did I turn you on as much as you thought I would?” she asked. I told her I had not experienced an orgasm like that for a long time, “Will you let me do that again sometimes Julie?” I asked her, “Anytime you want Tom, anytime I’m here” she said. She went back upstairs and got back into her ‘Normal’ clothes, when she came back down she said “Tom, I’ve been thinking, there’s a woman I know, she’s called Alice, about 45 and divorced, nice looking, would you like me to try to fix you up with a date with her, I’m sure she would love to meet you, what do you say?” “I don’t know Julie, I’m pretty much stuck in my ways now, I told you I’m not sure I can handle getting involved with anyone right now. Let me have a think about it Julie, ok?”

Julie said she would see me tomorrow, “You think about it Tom, promise me” she said as she was leaving, all I thought about for the rest of the day was Julie’s body, oh how I would like to fuck her, but one thing I didn’t want to do was to upset her in any way, she had seen my dick now and I had seen her almost naked, that was a start.

I was in the bath when Julie arrived the next day, she called out telling me she was here, “Take your time Tom, have a nice long soak, I’ll get on with my work” she said, when I got out of the bath I put on my robe and went downstairs, Julie was wearing a very sexy dress, low cut at the front, her tits looked great, I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples jutted out through the thin material, “Hi Julie, you look great” I told her, “Thank you Tom, well, did you think about what I told you, do you want me to give Alice a call?” “I’d rather you take off that sexy dress and let me look at you” I joked, she walked over to me, “You take it off Tom” she said turning around, presenting me with her zipper, I reached out and slowly unzipped the dress, then sliding the straps over her shoulders it fell to the floor, she turned to face me, I looked down and saw she was not wearing panties, just a pair of black hold up stockings, then I realised she had shaved off her bush, my dick was hard and Julie looked down at it as it bulged under my robe, she untied the belt of my robe and my dick sprang out, “Do you want to touch my tits Tom? Do you want to play with them?” “But I thought you said you didn’t want me to touch you Julie, you made that clear” “I want you to fuck me Tom, when I saw your cock yesterday I wanted it, I wanted it inside me, I haven’t had a big cock for a long time, Paul’s cock is quite small, don’t you want to fuck me Tom? I thought that was what you wanted, I thought that was what you fantasised about” she reached out and took my dick in her hands and kissed me, I pulled her close to me, my hand cupping her tit, feeling her hard nipple press into my palm, we both sank down to the floor still kissing, Julie played with my dick as I slid my hand between her legs and found her wet cunt, I played with her pussy lips and gently fingered her cunt, it was so wet, I kissed my way down her body, stopping at her tits, sucking her nipples deep into my mouth, then lower until I came to her smooth pussy, this was a first for me, I had never had sex with anyone with a smooth pussy, it sure felt good!

I darted my tongue into her cunt tasting her juices, at the same time I fingered her, she was moaning out loudly with pleasure, “Yes Tom, that feels so good, lick me deeper, finger me harder, deeper, oh I want you Tom, yes…deeper….harder, yes, Yes, OH it feels so good!” I had three fingers inside her, I sucked hard on her tits as I fingered her, “Now Tom, Fuck me now, I want you inside me” I positioned myself between her wide open legs, I rubbed my dick along her wet pussy lips and then slowly at first I slid my dick into her warm, wet cunt, again she moaned loudly as I entered her, finally I was deep inside her cunt, “Oh that feels so good Tom, now fuck me hard” she instructed, I did as she asked and pumped my dick into her without any tenderness, simply animal lust, I fucked her as hard and as deep as I could, she begged to be fucked harder, she seemed insatiable, “Harder, deeper” she cried out, her legs were locked around my back, she pulled me into her as much as she could, I felt myself ready to cum and told her, “Cum inside me Tom, fill my cunt with you hot spunk” she cried out, I lunged forward and felt my spunk shoot out into her, I lay there until I was completely drained, my dick twitching still deep inside her cunt, then I rolled off her and lay alongside her, my hand resting on her heaving chest cupping one of her tits. “That was great Tom, the best fuck I’ve had for a long time” she told me, “Now, you just lie there, let me suck this cock back to life” she said and turning around so her pussy was over my mouth she went down on me, she started off by licking and kissing my dick, she played with my balls as she took as much of my dick into her mouth and sucked deeply on it. As she did this I played with her juicy cunt, this was another first for me, licking at her cunt that I had just filled with my spunk, I must admit it really turned me on, it was so messy and slippery, my fingers slid in to her so easily. She sucked my dick deep down her throat for about 5 minutes, again I felt myself ready to cum and I told her, I expected Julie to finish me off by hand but she continued to suck until I shot my second load of spunk into her mouth. We spent the next hour just lying there, playing with each other – Oh how I wished that I was young again but I knew that I was done for today, my mind told me to fuck her again but my body was not willing.

Later when Julie had dressed she told me that if I wanted we could have sex on a regular basis but made me promise that this had to remain our secret, she told me that she really did love Paul and wouldn’t want to hurt him. So nowadays Julie still looks after my house but two or three times a week she looks after me as well, I’m happy (my sex life’s great) she’s happy (she’s earning money and gets a good fuck) the trouble is that now I have started to fantasise over Julie’s daughter (Jenny) I wonder if I could………. I’ll keep you informed!

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