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Swinging with Mom and Dad

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Hello! I am a 45 year old male. I am the youngest of 5 children. My parents are in their 70s. I have been involved in the swinging lifestyle for over 15 years. I play with women and couples and am bi with couples. I have been living in the Seattle area for the last 20+ years and most of my family, including my parents live in the Portland, Or area. I live close enough to my family to get together for holidays, birthdays, etc but far enough away that I can still maintain my privacy and live my life without their interference.

Usually, when I make my trips to Portland, I like to mix it up and play with some of the locals. One couple that I play with regularly was having a house party and invited me to join them. All of the people who were invited were known by this couple and most were bi so it was a kind of ANYTHING GOES type of affair. It was a Friday night and due to typical Seattle traffic I was a bit late for the party. I called ahead and the hosts knew I was on my way.

The party started without me, but I was greeted at the door by the hostess who was quite eager to introduce me to one of the other couples there. The party was in full swing and there were naked people all about the place. I would guess about 10 or 12 couples and maybe a few singles thrown in. I removed my clothes and put them away and then followed the hostess to go meet this couple she had mentioned.

The lady was a very sexy woman with long, wavy, red hair and a shaved pussy. She was currently riding a big black cock and seemed to be enjoying herself. She was also a BBW, with huge boobs and a large round ass. I am extremely fond of BBWs and the hostess knew this…. Especially red-headed ones. I had actually seen pictures of this beauty online and was quite attracted to her.

The hostess introduced us and the red-head smiled, said “Hello” and proceeded to suck my already hard cock. Since this was a PRIVATE PARTY and all the guests were screened by the hosts most of the people were playing bareback. The red-head stopped sucking me long enough to coax a load from the black guy she was fucking and then offered her pussy to me. I was very eager to fuck her, but wanted some of her creampie first. After licking the black guy’s cum from her pussy and sucking her huge clit to at least two orgasms, I rammed my cock into her pussy and started fucking her.

I had only been fucking her for a couple minutes when somebody tapped me on the shoulder. I figured it was some guy who wanted a turn but also planned on taking my time and enjoying this sexy lady for a while. A few seconds later, another tap on the shoulder… I turned around to tell the guys to wait his turn and got a bit of a surprise.

Standing behind me, with his finger to his mouth saying “SSSHHHHH!!” was my father.

He was completely naked and sporting a rather impressive hard-on. He just smiled and motioned me to follow him. A bit confused… I followed.

He led me to another room where one lady was laid back and was getting her pussy eaten by a lady who looked exactly like my mother. I was quite shocked. I was standing naked next to my naked father, watching my Mom eat some other lady’s pussy. My Mom didn’t notice me as she was on her knees getting fucked by some other guy. Again, my Father motioned me to be quiet and then tapped the guy fucking my Mom on the shoulder. The guy recognized my Father and reluctantly pulled his cock from Mom’s pussy and moved out of the way.

This time, my Dad leaned in and whispered, “Go fuck your Mother!”

I looked at him with a bit of confusion, but he just smiled and motioned for me to go ahead. Normally I do not always do what Dad says, but this time I jumped at his command. I got on my knees behind Mom and guided my cock into her waiting, hungry pussy.

I heard Mom moan as I went in full depth. I could tell by the feel of her pussy and the juices inside of her, that I was not the first guy to fuck Mom that night. Mom’s pussy was full of cum and I hoped to be adding mine as well.

As I started fucking her, I turned around to see Dad, smiling and getting his cock sucked by the guy who was just fucking Mom. I never once in my life considered that dad might be bi. But then, I never thought my parents were swingers or that my Mom ate pussy either.

This night was full of surprises so I thought I would throw one out as well. I motioned Dad to be quiet and to get closer. When he was close enough, I grabbed his cock and guided him close enough for me to put his cock in my mouth and start sucking. Dad and Mom were both moaning. I had Dad’s cock in my mouth and my cock was in Mom’s pussy. Not your typical Friday night.

A few minutes into this I heard Dad call to Mom, “Hey Marge… turn around and see who is fucking you!”

Mom looked back over her shoulder and made eye contact with me… briefly.

I smiled and said, “Hi Mom!” and she closed her eyes and started cumming.

I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock… milking it. I pulled out. I didn’t want to cum yet. I could see Mom’s gaping pussy in front of me, finishing it’s last few contractions without me. Mom spun around and sat up right next tome. Gave me a big hug and kiss and grabbed my cock.

“Did you taste the pussy juice on my lips?”, she asked. “I bet you didn’t know your Mommy was such a slut, did you?”

I don’t know who this lady was in front of me… she looked like my Mother, but acted like somebody I had never met before. I really liked this new person.

“Here…” she said and took my Dad’s cock from my hand and started sucking it. She was moaning and slurping but never took her eyes away from mine. “See what a dirty little cock-sucker Mommy is?”

A few seconds later she pointed Dad’s cock at me and said, “Now show Mommy what a dirty little cock-sucker you are!”

I swallowed Dad’s cock all the way to his balls in one quick move. Never taking my eyes away from my Mom’s. I was just as dirt and nasty as she was and I wanted her to know it.

Mom laid on her back and asked me to fuck her some more, “Come over here and fuck Mommy some more!”

She had said it loud enough that a few people turned toward us and gave her a quizical look.

“That’s right!”, she told them, “This is my youngest son and he is gunna fuck his Mommy’s pussy.”

That time she said it a little louder and prouder. She was thrilled to not only be fucking me but she wanted everybody there to know just how nasty of a Mommy she was.

She was getting loud and crazy, “C’mon Son! Ram your cock into Mommy’s pussy!”

I did exactly as I was told. Mom’s pussy felt even better this time. She was soaking wet still, but this time it was her juices that were lubricating her and making her sloppy wet and not the cum of the guys who had fucked her earlier.

Mom kept yelling nasty things about how she was fucking her son and how good it felt to be fucked by her son’s cock. She caused quite a commotion as most of the people had migrated over to where we were and were watching us. Dad was now fucking the hostess of the party doggie-style just a few feet away. Others were fucking and sucking and masturbating while watching us.

Occassionally, Mom would call one of the lone cocks over for us to suck together and share their cum as they spurted on both our faces or into one or the other’s mouth.

I knew we were the ‘main act’ and I was determined to put on quite a show. I didn’t want to cum yet, so whenever I got close I would replace my cock with my mouth and eat Mom’s pussy while she continued to talk dirty.

“Yes, baby! Eat your Mommy’s pussy! Make Mommy cum!”

Mom and I went at it for quite a while. At one point we stopped pleasing each other long enough to share my dad’s load. The audience actually applauded as Mom and I slurped Dad’s cum off each others faces. This also prompted a few more guys to cum so we just took them in stride, licking, sucking swallowing and ramming our tongues into each other’s mouths.

This Mother/Son marathon fuck session ended with me on my back and Mom riding my cock. Any other position and I probably would have taken another break instead of cumming. Mom was on top and Mom was in charge.

“Oh baby! I want you to cum! I want you to cum in my pussy! Cum in your Mommy’s pussy! Show everybody here how much you love your Mommy! Fill Mommy’s pussy with your cum……”

Mom was riding up and down on my cock, talking like a slut and trying to coax my cum from me. It worked and it worked well.

Now it was my turn to talk dirty, “I love you Mom! I love your pussy! I love fucking your pussy! I’m gunna cum inside you and fill you with my cum….”

Hearing me must have triggered my Mom, I could feel her orgasm as she tightened on my cock… this time there was no holding back.

I started pumping cum into Mom… into her pussy. I know for a fact this was the biggest load of cum I have ever done. It was amazing. My orgasm just kept going and going… spurting more and more cum into Mom’s pussy than I have ever cum before. Eventually Mom’s orgasm ended as well. Mom is not a ‘squirter’ but she definitely left a wet spot.

As she laid on top of me, collapsed in my arms, and the crowd applauded our efforts, I knew I wanted to give her one more gift.

“I’m not done yet.” I whispered to her.

She raised her head and looked at me as if to say “what else is there?”.

“I want you to feed me my cum”, I said. “Sit on my face and feed my cum to me.”

She smiled and gave me a quick kiss before climbing up higher. She had dad hold her hand and balance her as she squated over my face. I licked Mom’s pussy and all of my cum I could get. A lot of it ran out of her pussy on it’s own but she also had to squeeze some out. Huge, gooey globs of cum were running out of my Mother’s pussy and into my mouth. I made sure to give her clit some attention as well and was able to give her one more orgasm before the night was through.

Mom and I laid together for a while. We both must have fallen asleep as I woke up later and the party was over. Dad was asleep on the other side of Mom as she lay there snuggled into me. I went back to sleep looking forward to visiting my parents as often as possible.

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