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Go On, Ignore Me Now…

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Skylar McGill was an attractive girl. She was just 19 years old, around 5 foot 5 and just the right balance between slim and curvy, with tanned skin, grey-green eyes and dark brown hair to her shoulders, she was nothing special but certainly not ugly. However, that morning, after crying all night, she definitely did not look her best. Looking in the mirror, she sighed, wondering when it would be over. Her friend Magdalena was playing mind games with her again.

Magdalena, a 48 year old German beauty, significantly taller and slimmer than Skylar, with creamy, pale skin, platinum blonde curly hair and ice-blue eyes, could be a very manipulative woman and took great pleasure in doing things like this. Fuelled by the knowledge that the bisexual Skylar found her attractive and wanted to make love to her, Magdalena would tease her, kissing her and telling her hot stories about things she’d done, purring compliments in German into her ear and even holding her hand in public. Then she would ignore her completely. This time she had deleted the girl from her Facebook page and would not answer any texts or phonecalls from her.

Skylar pulled on a pretty red summer dress, put on some foundation and eyeliner, teased her hair to make it a little thicker looking, looked in the mirror and smiled. She looked decent again, and she vowed to never let Magdalena do this to her again. She wanted to teach her a lesson, she just didn’t know how she would do it yet.

Suddenly Skylar knew exactly what she was going to do. Sitting on her bed, she called Magdalena’s number. As expected, the German ignored the call. An automated voice told Skylar to leave a message after the tone, so she did. “Ma-Ma-Magda.. I need you, please come and help me.. Someone hurt me real badly, please get here, just let yourself in,” she said, voice shaking with fake sobs. She knew that although Magdalena was being a bitch, she did still care, and she would come.

After half an hour or so, Skylar heard Magdalena’s footsteps walking quickly up the stairs towards her flat. Smirking to herself, Skylar positioned herself in a corner beside the door where Magdalena would not see her. The door opened and Magdalena rushed in. “Skylar? Skylar, where are you?” she cried in that unbearably sexy accent. Skylar slipped silently out of her corner and locked the door.

“I’m right here,” she said. Magdalena turned around, looking confused.

“I.. I didn’t see you,” she said. “Are you alright? You look alright.. I thought you said you were hurt,’ she said in a questioning tone.

“I am hurt,” snarled Skylar. “YOU hurt me, Magda. You keep fucking with my head and teasing me, then you ignore me and it hurts. Real fucking bad.” Magdalena stepped back, looking scared, and ended up with her back against a wall.

Skylar walked towards her and turned her around, so she was now facing the wall. She grabbed her slender arms and held her wrists tightly behind her back. “What are you doing to me?” cried Magdalena. Skylar did not say a word, just took Magdalena into her bedroom, where Magdalena realised what was going to happen. While she was waiting for Magdalena to arrive, Skylar had looked out some things she thought she would need, including handcuffs, a ball gag and a huge strap on, at least 12 inches long and very wide. Magdalena, seeing these things lying on the bed, gasped and struggled, trying to get out of Skylar’s grip.

“We can do this the easy way or the hard way, Magdalena,” Skylar told her. “If you want to do it the easy way, you do what I tell you.” Magdalena nodded. “Now I’m going to let you go, but if you try to run, you will regret it. I just want you to undress and lay on the bed.” With that, Skylar released Magdalena’s wrists.

Magdalena, not wanting to be hurt, did as she was told and removed her clothes, first her black wedge heeled shoes, then her light green blouse, then her black tight jeans. She now stood before Skylar in only a grey lace bra and thong set. She removed the bra but looked reluctant to take off the thong. Skylar was about to tell her to remove that too, but decided that she looked hot like that, and the pants could easily be moved out of the way or taken off at a later stage if necessary. “Leave them on,” she told her, “and lie on the bed.”

Magdalena moved the sex toys on to the floor and lay down on the black satin quilt with the pink Playboy logo design, her eyes wide with confusion and fear. Skylar picked up the black fluffy handcuffs and straddled Magdalena, kissing her hard on the lips before cuffing her slim wrists, already starting to show bruising from her tight grip on them, to the gothic-styled metal headboard. Skylar kissed her again, then sat up. Looking down at the frightened gorgeous German, she told her: “You’ve teased me for months. You knew how much I wanted you and you played with my mind, the only time you stopped was to ignore me completely. You fucking bitch!” As she screeched the last word, she gave Magdalena a sharp slap across the face. Magdalena flinched, and opened her mouth as if to say something, but decided against it. Skylar walked out of the room.

When she came back, she was completely naked apart from a pair of black high heels. Her 36B breasts were round and pert, and her pussy was shaved apart from a small landing strip just above her clit. Magdalena looked at her and could not stop herself from getting wet at the sight. Skylar walked slowly towards the bed, and when she got there, she got on top of Magdalena again. “I want you to lick my pussy,” she told her, positioning herself in a 69 position on top of the hot German. When Magdalena started to protest, she lifted her open hand and brought it down with a loud slap on Magdalena’s smooth shaven pussy lips. Magdalena yelped in pain and Skylar told her again, “lick me.”

Magdalena had never been with a woman before, but she had been licked many times herself and knew what felt good. She licked along Skylar’s slit, then used her tongue to tease her tiny pink clit. When Skylar started to moan, Magdalena pushed her tongue into her and started fucking her with it. Skylar was grinding against her face and gasping and moaning loudly. It was not long before she came, soaking Magdalena’s face with her juices.

After she had stopped shaking from the intense orgasm, Skylar stood up. Magdalena, who had half been expecting to be licked herself, looked disappointed. Skylar looked at her and smirked. “You expected me to make you cum too, didn’t you, Schlampe?” she spat. Magdalena felt tears sting her eyes at being called a slut in her own language, she had never expected the sweet Skylar to have such a nasty side. “I’m punishing you, not rewarding you, remember that.”

“Yes, Skylar,” Magdalena said, in a voice so quiet she may as well have whispered it.

Skylar smiled at her, a smile full of hatred, and walked back over and bent down to Magdalena’s level. “I bet you wish you hadn’t fucked with my mind now, don’t you?” she whispered.

Magdalena looked into her eyes. “Yes, Skylar. I’m so sorry,” she said. For a moment, looking into those beautiful eyes, Skylar thought of forgiving her captive and freeing her. But then she remembered how she’d made her cry and doubt herself and wonder what she’d done wrong, and knew she had to keep her at least a bit longer, teach her a lesson. Quick as a flash, Skylar moved her head down and bit down hard on Magdalena’s nipple. Magdalena screamed and tried to protect herself with her hands before remembering that she was handcuffed to the bed. Tears ran down her face, and she shook with fear and pain.

Skylar picked up the huge strap-on from the floor, and clicked it around her waist. The toy looked even bigger now in proportion to Skylar’s body. Magdalena guessed that it must have been 14 inches long, and at least 4 inches wide. She picked up a little pink bottle of lube and slathered it all over the toy. Skylar mounted Magdalena and kissed her on the lips again while moving her thong aside, before plunging the dildo deep into her.

Magdalena let out a bloodcurdling scream and bit Skylar on the shoulder because of the pain it caused her. Although it was well lubricated it was still far too big, and Magdalena felt like she was being ripped apart. Skylar slapped her. “Don’t you dare fucking bite me, and if you scream like that again I’ll gag you. Take it like the bitch you are,” she growled. She pulled the dildo out, then shoved it back into Magdalena’s surprisingly tight cunt and began fucking her, pounding into her full force while pulling her hair.

Magdalena cried loudly and begged her to stop. “Please, Skylar, no more,” she pleaded as Skylar got faster and harder with her thrusts. “Nein, nein, nein..” she repeated over and over, but could not help some sounds of pleasure escaping her lips as the initial pain calmed down and the intense pleasure of the huge toy plowing into her pussy started to take over. When Skylar noticed this, she pulled out. She uncuffed Magdalena, then took off her thong so that she was completely naked, and pulled her off the bed by her hair before pushing her to the floor. Magdalena looked up at her, still crying. A raised eyebrow from Skylar told Magdalena what was wanted from her.

She tentatively licked the head of the strap-on, still soaked with her wetness. Skylar grabbed her hair again and pushed her head onto the dildo, forcing her to deepthroat it. Magdalena choked and gagged and her eyes widened in fear. Skylar released her hair and she fell backwards and lay on the plush black carpet, humiliated, drooling and crying. She hoped and prayed that this was the end of her ordeal, but knew deep down that it was not.

Skylar stood over her, looking down at her. “Look Magdalena, I’m losing patience with you.. If you don’t want me to piss on you, you’ll get up and suck it. Properly this time.” Magdalena was not sure whether or not Skylar would really go that far, but did not want to find out, so she got onto her knees and started to suck the toy as if it was a real dick, swirling her tongue around the head before taking it deep into her mouth and throat. The tangy taste of pussy was something she had never tried before, and she was ashamed that she actually liked it, so she tried her best to look disgusted or upset when Skylar looked down at her. When Skylar was satisfied that she had done her job, she stepped back and took the strap-on off.

“Come on,” she told Magdalena, almost as if speaking to a dog, pointing at the bed. Magdalena understood and walked shakily over to the bed, where she was cuffed once again to the headboard.

Skylar rubbed Magdalena’s clit, making her moan with pleasure. Magda got wetter and wetter and started writhing around, murmuring in German and moaning loudly. She felt an orgasm building up inside her, but just as she was about to cum, Skylar squeezed her clit cruelly, making her scream in pain. “I told you about your screeching, you dirty German whore,” Skylar growled. She put the gag around Magdalena’s head and forced the ball into her mouth.

Looking at the helpless bound, gagged and naked Magdalena aroused Skylar beyond belief, and she straddled her, one knee at either side of her body, and began playing with herself while Magdalena watched. Skylar rubbed and fingered herself to orgasm twice before getting off and picking up the strap-on again. The helpless Magdalena could do nothing more but open her legs, hoping that her co-operation would make Skylar a little more merciful towards her. Wrong. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?” cried Skylar. “Well, as you wish,” she said as she got on top of her. This time she fucked her hot German slave even more fiercely than before, shoving it into her, the whole thing with one thrust, with no lubrication. Magdalena tried to scream but the ball gag stopped her. Skylar slammed into her for what seemed like hours. Of course, men lose their erections after a certain time, so Magdalena had never endured being fucked for this long before. After she had finished, she pulled out and took the ball gag out of Magda’s mouth. Magda secretly longed for the taste of pussy and hoped she would be made to suck the dildo again, but Skylar had other ideas. She took the strap on off and fastened it around Magda’s waist. “Look at your big dick,” she sneered, “always knew you had one, you tranny whore.” She picked up the lube from the floor and covered the dildo in it. Skylar occasionally used a vibrator around the same size to masturbate, so it was not too big for her. She slowly lowered herself on to the dildo and began riding it. As she did so, she spat abuse at Magdalena. “Fuck me, you fucking tramp,” she cried, “make me cum with that big cock of yours, I want you to see me cum!” Magdalena whined quietly. She was still sore from being fucked, and the way Skylar was riding her was starting to hurt her skinny hips. Not to mention that she was getting increasingly hurt and humiliated by the ludicrous transvestite comments. After Skylar’s second orgasm, she got off, unfastened the strap-on from Magdalena’s waist and slapped her in the side of the face with it before throwing it to the floor.

“How much longer are you going to keep me here?” Magdalena asked, her voice quivering. Her sexy German accent sounded stronger than ever, but the question infuriated Skylar nonetheless. Skylar uncuffed her, but rather than letting her go as Magda had expected (or hoped), she told her to get on all fours like a dog. Magdalena did as she was told, and Skylar smacked her ass hard.

“Do NOT question me!” she shouted, landing another smack on her tiny bum as she said “not”. “I wasn’t going to fuck you in the ass, but since you’re being a little bitch I think you need it.”

Magdalena flinched as she heard the familiar click of the monster strap-on being fastened around her captor’s waist. She began to cry. She had only been fucked in the ass once, by a hot Greek guy she had a one night stand with on holiday, and that was twenty years ago. Even then it had hurt, and his cock was 6 inches at the most. She felt Skylar spit on her little puckered hole, and then the head of the strap-on pushing against it. Skylar shoved it inside her with force at the same time as landing another stinging slap on her ass. Magdalena let out a long, primal screech, then passed out.

When she came around, she felt someone stroking her hair. She turned around to see Skylar sitting next to her. The girl had obviously been crying. “I’m sorry, Magda,” she whimpered. “I just hated you so much for the way you treated me.. but just then, when you went limp like that, I thought I’d killed you and I’ve never been so scared, I’ve never hated myself so much.. I don’t hate you Magdalena, I love you. I always loved you.”

Magdalena kissed her deeply on the lips and looked into her eyes. “There’s a fine line between love and hate, my dear,” she purred. “I loved you too. But I think you should learn why hurting me like that was a bad idea..”

And with that, Magdalena sprung on top of Skylar. Skylar wondered what was going on until she noticed that Magdalena had the black fluffy handcuffs in her hand. As she bound Skylar’s wrists to the bed, she repeated: “A very, very bad idea.”

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