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Jaime-Lynne’s Anal Reaming

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I was lying on my stomach recovering from a massive orgasm with Seamus’ huge fat cock buried up my snatch. I could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing. I had just finished being driven through my second orgasm. The first one was almost simultaneous – I had started coming first and was writhing and screaming when Seamus, riding me hard, fired his load up my snatch. We rested a bit with his cock buried up my snatch until he was ready for another go around;

his cock would soften a bit, but it wouldn’t go soft. After resting for a minute or so, I would start to squeeze my pussy around his cock to get him rock hard again. When he started fucking me a second time, it took less time for me to come and my second come was more intense than my first; my ass would be pumping and gyrating as I screamed out my orgasm.


I rode a massive orgasmic wave writing and screaming as Seamus pumped his cock into my snatch. When it finally subsided, I lay there panting, trying to catch my breath. Seamus’ cock still rock hard and throbbing; I knew what would come next…Seamus would slowly pull his fat cock out of my pussy and press the fat head against my ass-hole. He’d push his fat cock up my ass until it was buried…then he’d fuck my ass. Knowing that I’d have to take it up my ass made me ensure that my asshole was very well lubricated before I went to Seamus’ apartment.

“Are you going to make me take it?” I gasped.


I was well familiar with the routine. Seamus would slowly pump his cock in my ass with long, deep strokes. He would have a lot of stam-ina now that he had come already. The slow, steady and deep ass fucking would drive me to an incredibly intense anal orgasm. Once

the anal orgasm started, Seamus would keep me riding the wave by increasing the speed and power of his thrusting. The orgasm would not stop until he unloaded deep in my ass. Every time he comes in my ass he forces his cock as deep as it will go; pressing hard against my firm ass cheeks to unload his come so deep in my ass. He would remain mounted in my ass for several minutes. When he finally dis-mounted, he would further assert his ownership of my ass by inserting a large butt plug in my ass. I would have to wear the butt plug for the rest of the day and endure the incredible filled feeling in my ass. He would then leave me to get myself together.

“Do I have to take the butt plug? Don’t make me take the butt plug?” I pleaded with him. “I have a very busy day today with a lot of running around and…”

“You will take my cock up that ass. I will fuck that ass. I will dominate you in the ass. You will take my come up that ass and you will spend the rest of the day with my come up that ass and a butt plug in that ass. I own that ass and I’m going to make sure that you are con-stantly reminded. You will keep the plug in place for the rest of the day. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand.” I said meekly.

“Tell me what you understand.”

“You own this ass. I will take your fat cock up this ass. I will take a fucking in this ass until you come. You will unload you come deep in this ass. I will wear the butt plug in this ass all day.”

“That is correct. You are going to take it up the ass.”

So there it was. I was already very well fucked and before I would be set free to go about my day, I would be sodomised…who am I kid-ding, I wouldn’t be sodomised, I was going to get cock-fucked up the ass. And then, for the rest of the day I would have to go about my business wearing a large butt plug and carrying Seamus’ load up my

ass. It was dominance and ownership of my ass; all day I’d be re-minded that he owned my ass. My ass was his; a place to put his fat cock and unload. The thought of being his anal bitch would drive up my level of horniness all day long. There would be no relief until Sea-mus fucked me again.

“You own this ass, but what can I do so that you won’t make me take that horse’s cock up this ass?”

“You like taking my cock up that ass.”

“I do. Ever since that first time when you forced your cock up my ass and made it your ass I’ve become an addict. Please not today; don’t make me take it. I have trouble walking after taking you up the ass and I struggle in my heels with the plug up my ass.” I pleaded with him. “Fuck me in the ass tonight. Make me take it in the ass twice or three times tonight, but please not now.”

It was true. I love taking his cock up my ass, but the after effects, fullness of the butt plug up my ass stimulating my ass all day long was too much. After being ass fucked I have trouble walking at first, but with the butt plug in place and me wearing heels the fullness in my ass makes walking gracefully a challenge and then sitting…well suffice it to say that I will only get relief once Seamus removes the plug.

“I own that ass. I am going to fuck that ass so, yeah, you are going to take it.”

I still vividly recall the very first time Seamus fucked me; long before he ever fucked my ass and took my anal cherry. I was amazed at the size of his cock; long enough so that when I held it in both hands, the head was exposed. I’ve seen cocks that long, but never taken one quite that long and not even close to anything as thick as Seamus’ cock. I quickly discovered that a long and very thick cock is what a girl needs; this I discovered the first time I took Seamus’ cock. I was lying on my back with my legs pressed to my chest taking his cock up my snatch and coming in multiples for the first time in my life. Big fat

cocks are where it’s at and Seamus’ cock is plenty fat…fat enough that I could barely close my hands around it.

He had pushed the cock head against my pussy forcing and stretch-ing open my tight hole. I was wet and slippery and his cock lubed up, but it still took a bit of force to get that cock into my snatch.

“Fuck!” I gasped when the head penetrated. “That really fills my fucking hole!”

It was true, never before had I felt my pussy stretched tight around a cock and this was just the cock head. Once the entire cock was buried, my entire snatch was stretched by his thick, rippled cock.

“I’m so full of fucking cock. I’ve never taken a cock as long or as thick as you cock.” I moaned. It felt so big…so fucking big and he hadn’t started pumping it into me.

Then when he pumped the cock the incredible thickness stimulated my clit and g-spot like never before. If he pumped me hard and fast I knew I would come quickly, but he did not ride me hard; instead he slowly slid his cock in and out of my tight snatch tormenting me and making me beg him to bang me hard. The closer I got to coming, the slower he pumped me, or at least it felt that way.


He continued to fuck me slowly preventing me from coming. When I got close, he’d slow down or stop all together. Before too long I was sobbing and pleading with him to let me come.

Eventually he did pump me hard to drive me to come and when I did finally come, it was so intense; I came harder than I ever came before and I was addicted.

We fucked this way for about a month before he put me into a new position. I had been perfectly happy taking his cock while on my back with my legs pressed to my chest, but Seamus said he wanted to feel my ass pressed against him as he rode me. I had tried this position before, but I was unable to come when fucked from behind so I was only quasi agreeable, but I turned over and I took it from behind while I was lying on my stomach. I was an immediate convert. The fat cock stimulated my clit even more and the head pushed hard on my g-spot. My orgasms, believe it or not, were even more intense. I’d be screaming obscenities as I approached coming and when I came I could barely even breathe.

It wasn’t too long after that when I started taking it in the ass. It was maybe two weeks after I started taking it from behind that I was intro-duced to anal sex.

At the time I was getting fucked by Seamus, I was living with Pete. The problem with Pete was that he was unable to satisfy my sexual needs. Nothing wrong with him, I just needed a lot more that what he could give me…more than what any one man could give. So somewhere along the way Seamus and I began our “relationship”. While Seamus accepted that I was involved, he did not like it. The day that I took my first ass fuck was the first time Seamus expressed his displeasure. He asked if Pete had fucked me last night. It had been late night of drunken fucking, I was still horny and the only two hours of sleep I had gotten was obvious. I went to Seamus’ place to get some relief from my horniness.

Seamus told me that I would need to be punished before he would fuck me. Never before had I been spanked as part of sex play and I was not averse to taking punishment before getting fucked; in fact, the idea made me even hornier.

“How will you punish me?” I asked.

“You will lie down on the bed face down. Your bare ass exposed. I will whip you twenty times across your bare ass with my belt.”

“I’m really fucking horny right now and I’m going to be hornier after you punish me. Will you fuck me after you whip me?”

“Don’t you worry; after I punish you, you will get fucked. The punish-ment is going to be pretty intense so I’m going to have to restrain you.”

“I’ve taken the cane a few times at school across my bare ass so I’m sure I can handle your punishment.”

It was true. I went to an all-girl Catholic high school and the nuns were pretty serious. They made a point of ensuring that no one who graduated made it through without being punished for one thing or another. The theory was that they would fabricate a reason just to ensure that every girl who finished will have been caned at least once. Rumour had it that if you made it to your final year, the pun-ishment would be meted out just prior to the graduation ceremony. It appeared to be true, because the entire school would be in atten-dance with the graduating class seated on the stage and several of the girls looked somewhat distressed and were unable to sit still throughout the service.

I myself was a bit of a rebel and I would get a caning a least once per year and at times twice per year. The first time was for six strokes. Because it was an all-girl school and punishment was meted out by nuns, the caning was always applied to our bared asses. We were required to wear white cotton underwear. Being a rebel, I wore a thong. When I was instructed to bend across the caning bench for my first punishment, the headmaster discovered I was not wearing the prescribed underwear and the 6 stroke punishment became twelve. The way the rules were written a stroke only counted as a stroke if the cane landed on both ass cheeks; if only one cheek was struck then the stroke only counted as half a stroke. Usually the nun would stand beside her victim, me in this case, to ensure each stroke was firm. In my case, she stood behind me and applied six strokes to each cheek, alternating between the left and right cheek.

Records would be kept and subsequent punishments would be more severe. In my final year I took twelve strokes on three consecutive Mondays which comprised a single punishment. I didn’t know what time on each Monday that the caning would be administered and at some random time during the day two nuns would appear at the classroom door to escort me to punishment. Punishment from the nuns is difficult to take, but this was so much worse because I did not know when the punishment would come and I knew that the twelve I would take would be twelve on each cheek. The second caning of the punishment was meted out at the end of the school day. As I was leaving the school building, I was stopped by two nuns. Terror in the pit of my stomach…I had thought that I’d gotten free. That punish-ment was very difficult to take. Usually punishment was administered in the principal’s office, but because this was more serious, I was es-corted to the punishment room upstairs. Four nuns held me bent over a caning bench as I was slowly whipped with a leather tawse on my bare ass. I was told that my screams and pleading could be heard through the partially opened window in the upstairs punishment room.

Regardless of my punishment experience, Seamus insisted that I be restrained. At the time I did not know his ulterior motive. My ankles were tied to the corner posts at the foot of the bed leaving me spread wide and well exposed. My arms were tied behind my back (wrist to opposite elbow) to prevent me from trying to protect myself from the punishment.

Seamus stripped down and took out his belt. I noted that his cock was pretty stiff. He cracked the belt across my ass. I bit down hard so as not to make any noise. It took no more than 5 to make me cry out. Every stroke hurt more than the last and soon I was screaming, swear-ing and writhing and gyrating with every stroke. By number 15 I was begging and pleading with him to stop.

“Now that you’ve reached you limit, the next five are the true pun-ishment.”



“AHHHH!” I screamed. My ass was on fire. I couldn’t take anymore but there were four more to go. He slowly raised up his hand.




The final strikes made me scream and writhe against my restraints as I pleaded with Seamus. It was painful and justified from Seamus’ per-spective and although painful, I had to agree that the punishment was warranted. What amazed me was that I was now even hornier. Instead of releasing my restraints, Seamus straddled me and pressed his thick, throbbing cock up my wet pussy. Slowly he pumped his cock in and out of my snatch riding on my bright red, burning hot ass cheeks. I started coming and he kept pumping me slowly to prolong my orgasm. The whipping I took gave an edge to the fucking I was taking and being restrained made my come more intense. The whip-ping and subsequent orgasm wiped me out; as I gasped trying to recover, Seamus began to ride me harder. He picked up the pace and he was riding me faster as he approached orgasm. I struggled to withstand the cock assault on my pussy and I started coming a sec-ond time with even more intensity than the first. My second orgasm ripped through me as I writhed and gyrated. It wasn’t until Seamus unloaded and stopped driving his cock up my snatch that my orgasm subsided.

I was totally dominated at this point: tied down, whipped twenty times on my bare ass and fucked senseless. I was exhausted and gasping to catch my breath. Seamus was still mounted and his cock was still thick and throbbing in my snatch. He rested on me with his cock buried for a couple of minutes before he slowly pulled his cock out. What I thought would happen now was not what did happen.

I felt his cockhead pressing against my asshole. At this point in my life I had never been fucked in the ass. I’ve known girls who have been fucked in the ass so as to preserve their virginity. I was in total shock and failed to act to defend myself. Once the head penetrated, I was unable to prevent full penetration. I was suddenly terrified: an enor-mous cock and a tight virgin asshole did not, in my mind, make for a good combination.

Gentle, but firm pressure was applied forcing his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. I struggled and writhed as best I could; trying to free myself of the cock invading my asshole. The more I struggled the deeper went the cock. It wasn’t until Seamus was fully seated did I think that I could have squeezed my asshole tight and there would have been no way for Seamus to get that enormous cock up my ass. As it was, his cock was up my ass and I was well restrained so I would have to take it; there was nothing I could do so as to not get my ass fucked. I expected that it would hurt, but it didn’t hurt, there was some discomfort. He slowly pumped back and forth with short strokes so as not to cause me pain or too much discomfort.

The first few strokes did create a lot of discomfort because of the thickness of his cock and because of my virgin ass. Fortunately Sea-mus fucked my ass slowly so that there was no pain…only discomfort. Surprisingly it didn’t take very long for my asshole to relax and soon I was taking long, slow strokes. The sensations were not what I ex-pected and I started really liking it.

“Go faster and deeper!” I gasped.

He picked up the pace a little and pushed a bit harder to push deeper into my ass. He reached around and began to stroke my clit which drove me to start coming. I came really hard with an intensity that I never experienced before and ever since then the only time I could experience anything so intense and satisfying was with Seamus riding me with his thick cock up my ass.

That was then, but this was now and it wouldn’t be long before Sea-mus would forcefully cock fuck my ass. My asshole was well experi-enced so there was no discomfort or pain from being cock-fucked by Seamus. Afterwards, the ordeal with the butt plug would be a strug-gle all day long to endure the constant anal stimulation.

“Don’t make me take it. I’m gonna feel it for the rest of the day and I won’t be able to concentrate. I’ve got a big day ahead of me.”

Being ass fucked and then having to walk around in heels with the butt plug filling my ass would be challenging.

“Today you are going to take it the normal way. I’m going to slowly fuck you in that ass, but on Friday, you will come back and I will only fuck that ass. I will unload my first load in your ass, not your pussy like today. I will then fuck that ass again and unload more come. Then I have something extra special planned.”

I had an idea and I was hoping against hope that what he had in mind was what I had in mind.

“Okay, let’s do it. Let me get into position.” I said.

Slowly Seamus pulled his fat throbbing cock out of my pussy. I raised myself up onto my elbows and knees with my legs spread wide apart and my ass lowered to receive Seamus’ cock.

The cock head pressed hard against my asshole. I bore down and pushed back to help get the cock to penetrate.

“Fuck!” I moaned as the head penetrated. “You’re making me take it. You’re making me take your huge, fucking cock up my tight ass!”

Slowly he pushed the cock deeper and deeper into my ass. Once fully seated, Seamus waited.

“Okay ass fucker, fuck my ass. You’re making me take your cock up my asshole; now make me take a cock fucking in my ass.”

He began to stroke the fat cock back and forth with long slow strokes. This was going to be a long ass fucking session. His slow strokes would make him last a long time before he came again.


I had no control. The huge cock up my ass owned me.


It was so intense and I wasn’t coming yet, but I could feel it building rapidly. I knew my come would keep going until Seamus stopped pumping me and as he started speeding up, my come would get more intense. For what felt like an eternity, Seamus slowly fucked my ass to ensure my ass fucking was a long and dominating experience.


Seamus slowly picked up the pace making me scream with each inward thrust and in no time I started coming. Now I was screeching, gyrating and writhing.

“COCK FUCK MY ASS!” I screamed over and over as I rode through an intense anal orgasm.

When he finally unloaded, Seamus pushed his cock as deep as it would go. I could feel his cock firing like a cannon unloading a huge come load deep in my ass. Seamus remained mounted for a few minutes until his cock began to soften and shrink. When he dis-mounted, I remained in position on my elbows and knees, my legs

spread wide and my ass up and presented. He would take a sizeable butt plug and slowly ease it into my expanded asshole. The flared part of the plug is quite large to ensure it remains in place; it is be-cause of the large size that walking in heels, sitting and just going about my day would be a challenge. The plug would be a constant reminder of the cock fucking I took in my ass and the come load that was injected.

The routine would be for Seamus to get dressed and leave the apartment to allow me to get myself together. I’d be required to remain bent over with my ass in the air until he left. Then it took me several minutes, which is usual, to get up. I’d waddle around the apartment to become accustomed to walking with the big butt plug in place. It would be at least 10 minutes before I was able to start getting dressed. As I slowly walked down the corridor with the plug firmly inserted in my ass, wearing high heels exacerbated the fullness I felt in my ass.

“It is going to be a long, fucking day.” I thought to myself.

When I got to the elevator, I found that they were being serviced and I would need to take the stairs. Ten flights of stairs in high heels with a fat butt plug in my ass then a 20 minute drive to the office.

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