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Whistler’s Mumma

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Synopsis; ‘Plain Janes’ are not always as they seem – some have been tutored by relatives who lurk in the background, waiting to receive those caught in a contrived web.

Jane Whistler’s appearance was that of a well groomed, prim and clean living girl. At 30, she appeared to have been left on the shelf. She rarely socialised, other than to indulge her workmates on rare occasions – she was rarely asked to dance by the males as she was considered to be flat, a bit fat- not like the beanpole women that the ‘blokes’ seemed to lust after-and very plain.

She was often seen wrapped in a cardigan with a tight blouse, whilst the other girls flashed their cleavages etc. The men often made jokes about her; ‘the ice maiden’, ‘Miss Vinegar’, ‘The impenetrable forest’ and so on.

He had arrived with the others and listened to the jibes and pretended to join in with the jokes. This was one of those occasions on which Jane was out with workmates. He saw something in her that they obviously didn’t but he was not sure what it was. He had always found all women attractive in their own way and, he viewed her body shape, which though might be described as ‘plump’ by some, was certainly not fat by any stretch of the imagination. She had dark brown hair in a pony -tail and dark brown eyes to match, which were not unattractive.

He fantasised designs on her and reasoned that if she just made a little effort she might receive attention. Maybe she didn’t want it. He was looking at her at one point when she noticed his glance and their eyes met. He looked away immediately and could half see through the corner of his eye and sense a look of disdain from her.

‘He’s just like all the others’ Jane thought.

‘If only they knew! I’d like to get him amongst my REAL friends, and mother would soon show him the error of his ways.’

As the crowd filed away from the venue, some arranged to go to clubs and parties’, Jane collected her dull grey coat and made for the exit alone. He downed the last bit of his beer.

‘You coming to the club mate?’ said a friend.

‘No, I’m bushed mate-I’m away home’

As he left the building his friends zoomed past in a cab as he followed about 20 yards behind Jane, who was walking with determination. Wolf-whistles and jeers such as ‘Phwooar! You’re lovely’ were directed at Jane as she moved on. She stopped momentarily as the babble registered with her, and stared at the occupants of the cab with utter contempt. He fastened his pace, he wasn’t sure why but he wanted to at least make some communication with this woman, whose shape and posture though in a dull grey coat was unmistakably feminine in the extreme.

Oh… err hi—err Jane?’ he stumbled out as he reached her. She seemed to know he had been behind her, because even though her retort was a plain contemptuous

‘What do you want?’ She almost had half a smile on her face.

‘Oh, I err just wanted to apologise for staring at you the way I did.’

‘Bingo’ thought Jane, with a sensation of success,

‘I’ll soon have this one on a hook, mother would appreciate him too.’

Jane had known many men in another life she led, and this one had the right smell and look. He may not have been fully aware of it, but she was. His manner and attraction to her was chemical and not just an urgency to be polite. She knew that given the correct stimulus he would submit completely to women.

‘Yes, I saw you staring and joking at me with those other pigs, why must you?’

He was anxious to make her see another way; her question would make him make the first move. She knew this.

‘No, no, really I wasn’t poking fun,… just, just..’

‘Just what!’ she barked; this reaction from her showed an assertiveness that pleased him-why? He didn’t really know, but he told her;

‘I just think you are an attractive woman and I wondered if you’d be interested in me.’

Jane stopped dead at that point.

‘So that’s it; It’s not just an apology then, you’ve obviously missed out on your usual date and are that desperate you think you can get your hands into my panties.’

She knew full well from what she had seen and heard from him already that this was not the case, but she was relishing what he would now offer her. She so hoped he’d bite and not just say ‘Oh well suit yourself’ and walk off, as many others had done, proving they were not what she was after. She was beginning to want this man already; he smelled that right.

‘No, No, no,’ His voice broke as he replied; ‘I just wanted to know you; I’ll see you again tomorrow or the day after, please just name the date, I really do find you attractive.’

Jane’s nether regions tingled with delight. She looked him full in the eyes, put her arms around his neck and pulled his face toward her. As their lips met she put one arm down and around his buttocks and squeezed his middle up to hers. As she demonstrated a warm and succulent kiss, the nature of which he’d not had in a long time, she felt his cock swell as she squeezed. He tried to pull away his middle region, embarrassed at the reaction, but she was having none of it. She released her lips only for a moment to say;

‘Don’t worry I’m just as excited too.’

She pursed her lips and took him in again. She was definitely the one who was in control of the situation. His cock went rock hard up against her. She had captured him. He was finding it hard to comprehend this transformation, but he was oh so glad he’d made the effort. His heart palpitated the way it did when he’d looked at childhood sweethearts. There was something intoxicating about this woman.

You’ll let me walk you home then? He said eagerly, like a pupil trying to please a favourite teacher with the correct answer.

‘Why of course’ she said. ‘If you’re to take me out, you must first see my mother. She’ll only let me go if she approves of you.’

He thought this a little strange of a woman of 30 or so, and began to think that the situation may have something to do with her being the way she was. Anyway, he thought of that kiss and the way it made him feel, so he was happy to oblige and hoped that her mother approved of him. As if she had read his mind, she said:

‘You needn’t worry, the fact that you’ve looked after me in bringing me home and are willing to come in for coffee will seal her approval.’

They walked slowly to a residential part of the town, not saying much to each other, just glancing and smiling now and again, stopping occasionally to repeat the kiss. His member was now permanently semi-erect, such was his pleasure with what he thought was his ‘catch’.

‘I live in ‘The Avenue’ –it’s just up here.’

‘Christ!’ he thought,’ her family has money too.’

‘The Avenue’ was made up entirely of huge detached houses. Her mother would never approve of him he thought; ‘he was just a working-class bum and she’d not like that. Still, he looked at Jane and imagined her in a fashionable outfit with high heels. He was really beginning to want her badly.

The houses had names, not numbers, in ‘The Avenue’ they reached the drive on one called ‘Valhalla’;

‘Here we are she said, and tugged him anxiously up the drive.

She would not calm down inside until she had him in the door. He squeezed her and gave a sheepish grin as if to say ‘here we go then’. And they walked on. ‘Valhalla’ was a nicely proportioned six bedroom residence in typical Edwardian style, with whitewashed stucco walls and a large arched entrance porch. Jane pulled the house keys from her bag and grabbed his arm tightly with one hand as she crossed the threshold.

Once inside she smiled at him and he sensed she was excited about his meeting her mother. His feeling was more one of trepidation. She took his coat and coaxed him through the large, sharply decorated hallway. There were several modernistic pictures on the walls which were painted white; a long multi-coloured rug lay on the polished floorboards. She led him into a large sitting room which was furnished with dark brown leather sofas and modern state of the art fittings, large plasma television etc. Because of Jane’s appearance, he had half expected to walk into a house which still had an Edwardian feel to match its exterior. Something did not compute about her appearance. It was all a bit weird. She sat him down and said:

‘I’ll put some coffee on and find mother’.

She left the door ajar and he could hear conversation in the background but not make out what was being said. He expected to hear sterner tones and for her to come back and ask him to leave; this was too comfortable a situation to be true. He then heard exactly the opposite; clearly there were giggles. Jane reappeared and said:

‘Mother’s in another room smoking; I’ll take you’

He was led through another room to the one in which she was. The room was much darker with heavy crimson drapes at the windows, heavy embossed wallpaper mainly red and orange, Black and russet leather furnishings. The lights were low ad there was a sweet smell of joss-sticks burning to quell that of the tobacco. There sat in the corner of a huge black leather sofa was mother. She was stunning. She sat with her legs crossed facing him, tight black lycra leggings showing her curvy hips and thighs which ran into long slender legs, thinly strapped stilettos set off her elegant feet. She wore a low cut black satin blouse from which a pale skinned cleavage was made very evident. A shiny four inch thick golden belt about her waist completed the vision. She must have been about 55 but was in excellent shape; she had deep auburn hair, a delicately sharpened nose, hazel eyes and dark crimson glossed lips. She held in one hand a cigarette holder about six inches long. Somehow the fact that she smoked made her all the sexier.

She eyed him up and down and casually said;

‘seen something you like?’

– and gave a little laugh before he could reply- she knew he would ogle her and had received just the reaction she wanted. At this point Jane said:

‘Help yourself to coffee; I’m just going to change.’

‘Come and sit next to me!’ said mother; ‘It’s not often men have the courage to be nice to Jane, never mind walk her home, I’m so pleased. You must be special.’

He came and sat next to her, as he sat back the leather sofa sank invitingly; allowing him a perfect view of this woman in her prime. She took a gentle puff from the cigarette and heaved her cleavage disproportionately.

‘Tell me what is you like about Jane’ She asked-

‘I’m not really sure’ he said ‘I just find her very attractive.’

‘She wasn’t much to look at earlier was she? She will insist on being dowdy when with her workmates. You should see her when she’s out with our friends- she tries a little harder then!’

He wondered who her friends were, and did mother tag along? How weird!

‘Maybe you liked her tone? She can be so assertive at times; do you like assertive women? There’s no shame in it you know, we have plenty of friends and acquaintances where madam has the upper hand’

He suddenly felt strangely relaxed at this question which some people may have found very very personal. She smiled at him wickedly; she had an idea what his answer might be. He thought of the sites he visited on the net, yes, women such as the one he was next to, and dominatrix’s excited him.

‘Perhaps’, he said, ashamed to tell a girl’s mother the whole truth ‘ I certainly don’t think that men should boss women around, and there’s something about her I really like, but I don’t know what.’

She smiled knowingly at him,

‘You naughty thing you! Oh, you’ll tell me all when you get to know me a little more. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of each other. I like you already’

She then made an announcement to him, as if in preparation for something that was to come. Putting her hand on his thigh and leaning across him she said quietly:

‘Jane may not have told you yet, but I’m actually her step-mother, her real mother died when she was 14 and I married her father who has since passed away, two years after. Because she was of mature age when we first came together, this helped me become as much of a friend as a mother to her – please don’t let on I’ve told you, she’ll let you know in her time.’

Just then the door opened and in walked Jane. He took a sharp intake of breath at the sight.

She said she was to change and change she had! She was now wrapped in a black silken kimono style dressing gown wrapped tightly round her curves, her hair was down, and she had applied a little eye-liner and glossy red lip-stick. She also wore slippers with spikey heels. The coffee was on a table some distance from the sofa; she walked between him and the table, her back to him, placed her feet together, kept her legs rigidly straight and bent over to pick up two coffees. This gave him an inviting view of her sumptuous bottom.

‘Good Girl’ Thought mother.

‘What is going on?’ He thought to himself. ‘This cannot be happening to me, I’m not that lucky!’

She handed him a coffee and sat next to him in the opposite corner to mother, mirroring her pose, but allowing one side of the kimono to slide off exposing a luscious pale thigh. He nearly choked on his coffee and only just managed to stop spurting it out through his nostrils when mother next spoke;

‘He was just telling me how he adores assertive women’

She turned to her as she smiled sweetly at him and said;

That is true, isn’t it?’

He resigned himself to it-he reasoned he must do why else was he here? And even if he was unsure of the fact, he wanted her all the more so he wanted to please mother.

‘Yes he said. In fact I worship women.’

Jane placed her hand on his crutch and rubbed him gently. There was no way he could hide the bulge in his trousers. Mother did not bat an eye-lid.

‘Wonderful!’ said Jane; ‘can we take him to the club next Friday?’

Mother said;

‘Of course; we’ll have to find him an outfit though’

Jane squeezed his bulging cock.

‘You don’t mind if mother comes along do you?’

He looked at the magnificent woman next to him-

‘Not at all, it will be a pleasure.’

Both the women knew it would be. He gave them his shirt, waist and shoe size so they could prepare. He didn’t dare ask about ‘The Club’ he was just ecstatic with his find.

‘Time to go now’ said Jane, ‘kiss mother goodbye’- as he leant over to peck her cheek, she pulled his face in and kissed him fully on the lips.

‘Sweet dreams’ she said smilingly and gently patted his crutch, feeling his firmness as he stood up. He swallowed sharply. Surely he was dreaming already? Jane took him to the door for a parting kiss, as he turned by the door to begin, she stepped back a pace and threw her kimono wide open, showing him her beautifully voluptuous naked body; she stepped forward and wrapped it about the two of them as she hugged him.

‘Ohhh! I wish you were naked too!’

His cock pulsated as they had a long and sensual kiss.

‘Till next Friday then!’ she said;’you promise you’ll turn up?’

He promised. Even if it meant camping in her driveway, he’d be there Friday. He trudged quickly back to his dingy rented bed-sit. He knew there was something which needed attending to before he could sleep. He could not believe his luck.

The week at work dragged and dragged, oh how he wished he had the same employer as Jane- he could casually bump into her and check all was OK for Friday, to ensure that he hadn’t had his drink spiked on the night he met her, making it all a dream. On the Thursday Evening, he was struggling with a supermarket bag and his key at the door to the shabby Victorian flats where he rented, when a car horn sounded behind him. It was Jane and her mother in an old Jaguar convertible.

‘Hi he said, uncomfortably, ‘I was just visiting…’

Mother cut in- frowning ;

don’t fib!’ then she smiled;

We can’t have you living there, you poor thing – we’ll talk about it tomorrow- be at the house by seven sharp- we have to prepare you, remember!’

Jane looked longingly at him. His cock rose automatically- his embarrassment was forgotten completely.

He walked the drive and rang the bell at the front door of the large house. He was greeted by mother. She was breath-taking. Her hair was tied in a tight bun; her face was exquisitely made up- eyeliner making her eyes all the more piercing-lips cherry red and glossier than ever. She had a black silver-studded choker around her neck and a skin tight latex cat-suit which might as well have been sprayed on – he couldn’t help but notice her sex which protruded nicely, and seemed to do so all the more when she noticed him looking at it.

‘Naughty boy!’ She teased. ‘At least come into the house and inspect me.’

He said nothing; he could not. He was mesmerised by this perfect woman. He had to remind himself that he had come to see Jane, but mother was beginning to suck his soul into her clasp. She was oh so powerful without seemingly even trying. He would willingly do anything, anything, she told him. At that moment he began to realise his submissiveness in earnest for the first time. She shut the door behind him then said;

‘Up you come, Jane is waiting for you. We’re going to have some fun dressing you.’

‘I can dress myself!’ He thought, but did not dare question her. Before they ascended, she smiled and playfully held him back so that she was sure he were two steps behind her, allowing him the best view of her as she swivelled her legs and bottom as she rose. The vision was not wasted on him; her beautiful arse shimmered and stretched the black latex as she took each step, he could not control his excitement and the motion and friction of his trousers on his erection as she deliberately ascended slowly made him fear he might disgrace himself before they reached the top.

The upstairs to the house was lavishly decorated and the floorboards of downstairs gave way to thick carpeting; the décor was darker as they moved toward a room at the rear of the house. She stopped at the door.

‘Kiss me before we go in’ she said.

He did so willingly. She kissed him as before; square on the lips –she held his head with both hands and smudged as much cherry-red gloss as she could on his lips. She then worked it in with a slender finger.

‘Yeeess’. She murmured; ‘that will do just nicely.’

They entered the room. It was a fair size, very darkly decorated with a huge bed about half the size again of a King size which was dressed with black and maroon silk sheets. A dressing table was across from the end of the bed and the entire wall behind it was a huge mirror. He noticed that mother had sat at the end of the bed and had acquired a thin flexible cane from somewhere. She was looking at him with a wry smile. She pointed to a spot in the middle of the floor with the cane.

‘Stand just there!’

He did as he were told. Though he had a queasy feeling of uneasiness in the pit of the stomach, a strange sense of pleasure was beginning to take hold of him. She then said coldly and assertively;

‘Now you will remove all of your clothes.’

Though he was embarrassed by the request, he fully understood the command in her voice and could not deny this goddess. He was also glad to remove clothes which reminded him of another world- he yearned to feel part of this one. He fumbled with buttons and flies which were normally no problem at all; he could see in the mature woman’s face that this added to her pleasure. This was her first act in humiliating the male, who would soon know his place. He stood naked before her; his penis rigid at 45 degrees. She studied him for a moment and then said;

‘Put all your clothes in that basket and return to the spot.’

He disposed of the clothes and returned, but was a foot short of where he had been.

‘Swwoooshh!!!!’ She cut the air with the cane and pointed to the correct spot. His bottom tingled at the thought of that cane and he needed no further prompting. She smiled generously at him;

‘Don’t worry, you’re coming along just perfectly, I won’t really hurt you- not yet anyway!.. now kneel and face the bed!’

He dropped to his knees. Mother casually turned her head toward the door on the other side of the room, in which was a luxurious en-suite complete with its own furnishings. The door slowly moved further inward and out from the room stepped the most beautiful women he’d ever seen.

It was Jane Whistler. Jane Whistler! He said it over and over again. The initial dowdy creature had only partly revealed her charms when she had transformed on that night last week. Now she showed just how completely captivating she could be. She wore thigh length patent boots and her thighs and delectable bottom were softly wrapped by sheer black tights. She turned to allow him a full rear view before she sat; the tight thin black leather panties were no more than a g-string at the rear, and the front;, as per mother, revealed the full shape of her womanhood enticingly. Her tight black corseted bodice squeezed her waist and acted to support her prim and perfect breasts which were not hidden, but greatly emphasised by the thin see-through black chiffon of her top. Her pony tail was now jutting from the crown of her head and was bound for the most part in black leather; the three inches or so remaining, like a tassel. Her facial make-up set her off as the very essence of a superior and dominant woman.

From that moment on He knew he would never get away from her, unless this was as she desired. She smiled sweetly at him and glided sideways to sit near mother.

‘Remain on your knees and come closer’ said mother.

He shuffled forward, transfixed by the two.

‘Closer!’ mother barked;

he moved in till his erection was virtually touching the bed between the two women. They had him just where they wanted him. He had smelt their expensive perfume on entering the house, but they knew he’d smell the sweet scent of their arousal now he was close. They toyed with his hair, touched his skin, and mother teased the end of his manhood with her wicked cane;

‘Look at his dear little weapon- it’s so sweet!’

Her tone then became a little sterner;

‘Though you will always refer to me as mother, you will now refer to Jane as ‘Mistress’, as she will now own you. Do you understand?’

He was still dazed by it all, but how he wanted to be hers. Before he could rely Jane said;

‘Please say that you’ll be mine!’

There was more desire than dominance in her tone at this point, and this somehow touched him in sharper fashion than any cane could.

‘Yes Mistress, I want be yours, I want to be owned by you’

Jane Whistler swelled with satisfaction and gratitude at his response; something inside her fluttered like never before. Though she’d had boys and men in this position before, they had been simple objects of lust and titillation. She liked this one like no other. Her full confidence restored, she tried her new goods out;

‘You may kiss my boots now’ she said haughtily.

He bent down and kissed the shiny forefoot of each boot and the women sniggered. His member throbbed at this. Now he was looking forward to what lay ahead.

‘Now we’ll dress you for the club’

He was ushered to the dressing table and prepared. Firstly a silky cord was tied, not too tight, not too loose, around the top of his scrotum and base of his penis.

‘This is to remind you, every time you are erect, and when you are flaccid that you are owned.’

When it had been tied he immediately understood; it was curiously uncomfortable, yet pleasurable and he took in its significance immediately. He was made to wear a baggy black silk skirt which went full length the floor; a simple elasticated waist band. He felt a little uncomfortable in this as he thought people may think him transvestite. The ladies saw his discomfort;

‘Good’ they said, ‘You’ll soon learn to enjoy the humiliation of wearing this, it’s intended to make you feel effeminate and will help you with the humility we desire.’

He tried to look contented with the explanation but they knew this was not the case. They both smiled with satisfaction. The skirt was topped with a sleeveless full length black silk shroud.

‘This is an authentic replica of a shroud worn in regency times by men at the gallows; this would be worn as they were noosed and despatched – we’re told that this attire was chosen because in those days, the mob would steal the clothes from the corpse as it hanged there, and that this would deter them- the clothes having been donated to friends prior to the drop. We believe otherwise though; we think it was done so the men could experience a full and free erection as they hanged, because it is well known that men disgrace themselves and ejaculate when enjoyed by the rope. Oh, if only public hangings were still allowed’ sighed mother.

‘How does it feel to be wearing an ‘execution cape’? Perhaps we’ll have some role play games later.’

For some strange reason this gave him the stiffest erection he’d had in some time which was patently apparent as it caught in the billowing cape; the silky cord squeezed his balls giving him his first reminder.

His feet were adorned with strange soft, high heeled slippers with a sparkly ‘J W’ on each at the toe, emphasising Jane’s ownership; these stretched his legs, making him look even more effeminate; the women could not help but show their pleasure at this- they were thoroughly enjoying his humiliation.

Jane then took great pleasure in finishing the job by fitting him with a collar and leash; this was her privilege alone, as she now owned him. He was made to look at himself in the huge mirror. From the neck down there may well have been a woman in there. He looked at the ravishing dominatrix who was now his mistress, and her mentor, the superior mature woman who could control him without question. He was really beginning to enjoy the the humiliation already endured and that which would no doubt follow. The women delighted in posing before a time-delay camera for a few pictures, Mother picked up two leather face masks from a hook on the wall and then sorted around in a draw for a larger one- she placed it against his face;

‘ideal! , we’re ready for the club’.

Part Two.

At first he wobbled on the humiliating shoes, but managed to gain some control, enough to be shepherded into the back of a large plush black car with, of course, leather seats. He nestled, now strangely comfortably into the back seat; Jane cuddled up to him-

‘I know you’re scared’ she said, as though talking to a small child- ‘but don’t worry, you’ll see, you will learn to enjoy what’s to come.’ And she smiled wickedly.

Mother drove and added;

‘Oh by the way; did you like that room where we changed you?’

‘Err, yes of course, it was very comfortable’ he replied.

‘Good’ she said-‘because that’s where you will be staying-we’ll need to take good care of you from now on-we can’t have you getting ill or something in that hovel you were in!’-she giggled.

‘Thank you.’ he said-it seemed his entire world was moving over to theirs.

Jane pulled him to her on hearing this confirmation; she engaged him in a long luscious kiss once more. Mother saw this in the rear-view and was mildly anxious for once; Jane had not shown this much interest in any of her previous captives before. As per planned , they had all been trained at the house and sold off to other women at the club, having spent weekends at various homes where the prospective buyers could sample and test the prospective purchases. He WAS a darling though, she pondered.

‘Shall we drive through the Town Centre on the way?’ said mother.

She was anxious to pull Jane’s attention away from her present fixation;

‘Oh, oh OK!’ said Jane sitting up.

He was horrified! What if the car broke down? What if he were seen dressed like this by someone he knew? What if the Police stopped us? For the first time in about 2 hours he lost his erection.

Mother caught the look on his face and was delighted. He wasn’t quite so happy, but it was twilight now and images were difficult to make out anyhow, he reasoned. With wicked determination she drove right past the Working Men’s club he had attended only last week; it was about to open and the wall next to it was lined with men and women queuing to get in; one of them casually stepped off the pavement and down the kerb to stamp out a spent cigarette… this was the chance mother had hoped for; she blasted away on the horn!!! Though there wasn’t the remotest chance of the man being run over, he had served her purpose well; all eyes in the queue stooped down to see and homed in on the car and its occupants as the light faded. He held his breath and tried with all his might to appear nonchalant.

The car streaked by. Back in the queue, three of the men looked at each other;

‘Did you see who that was?!

‘Yeah’ said another. ‘The lucky, lucky bastard!-did you see that gorgeous bird he was with, and in that huge car? How the hell has he managed that? Wearing a dicky-bow tie as well- he’s a dark horse! I bet the lucky sod gets to give her a right spanking later.’

They could not have been further from the truth with their last supposition.

As the car moved on he began to relax a little. Mother smirked at her escapade knowing full well that people outside the car may make out faces, but would not see, focus, or recollect what the occupants wore below neck level. He tried not to allow it, but the silk felt luxuriant against his naked body, Jane noticed him squirming and rubbed him gently;

‘Oh how I’m going to enjoy parading you in front of my friends-we’re going to have a simply delicious evening.’

This was better thought mother; ‘when she’s relaxed and had a few drinks with the other women who adored her company, she’d soon need no goading into teasing and tormenting their latest asset.’

The car went down an exclusive drive at the town’s outskirts, past a ‘No through Road’ sign and up to an obscure and unadvertised gated driveway. Mother let the window down and waved an electronic pass card- the gates swung open-on they went. About half a mile further on, in a clearing amongst thickly set mature trees was a huge house; ablaze with lights like a Christmas tree. There were large cars pulling up all the time. From them strutted Dommes with various slaves. As they pulled up, he went to get out,

‘No’ said Jane- me first.

And before several women who watched eagerly; she opened the door and helped him out, as though he were the delicate woman.

‘Oh! what a delightful sissy’ said one of the women.

Jane grinned; his first humiliation- as though his dress was not humiliation enough, he had been made to look even more effeminate by his mistresses’ actions. He wasn’t sure if he felt better or worse than the occupant of the next car; A Rubenesque beauty alighted from her limo and trailed a leash twice the length of his – out followed a man, careful to immediately get down on all fours, dressed head to toe in a ‘Doggy’ outfit; the head with long floppy ears and black spongy nose; his rear end bare but for a butt plug adorned with long floppy tail. As if choreographed, an obviously lesbian domina arrived on cue with a female ‘poodle’ example. The two ‘dogs’ were brought together and performed a ritual smelling of each other’s rear ends. He could not believe it. He was soon to learn that such acts were commonplace here, and practiced ‘de rigueur’.

Before entering the leather masks were donned; they only served to cover the forehead and eyes. They gave the dommes a wonderfully sinister look but did not disguise old friends from each other. He was walked in by Jane, careful not to pull his leash to tight and make him stumble in those precarious shoes, the black silk washed intimately against his body as he watched his delectable mistress lead him to god knows what. He viewed the wicked females and their captives and was suddenly overwhelmed by a deep erotic feeling; like all these other poor wretches he had let himself become owned. He was still yet to completely comprehend why, but curiosity and his growing feelings for the two assertive women gave him a strange sense of pleasure which overwhelmed the natural indignity he felt at being embarrassingly dressed and treated effeminately.

Her usual close throng of friends saw her arriving and began to clap as they espied the new toy within the black shroud of silk; a prominence at the front gave his excitement away; try as he might to quell his feelings and keep himself flaccid, the scent and vision of the myriad of erotically clad women along with his blatant humiliation, meant his deepest carnal thoughts ruled his physical state.

The two women ushered him into the apex of a large horseshoe shaped sofa – a large table in the middle. Jane and mother sat either side; lots of their friends huddled round, eager to get a feeling for the new offering. He was not aware at that point that the two women had had their enjoyment of many males before and when they had tired of them, they had been sold off like livestock to the highest bidder or specially trained for a friend deemed most in need of a ‘pet’.

Drinks were brought to the table by waitresses uniformly dressed in white satin outfits so that they were easily hailed at a distance. Cocktails and wine glasses, bottles and jugs soon cluttered the table, occupying the vacant spaces between whips, crops and flails which rested there, awaiting use by their owners. Various entertainments were performed on the huge stage in the centre of the hall. As the time wore on, the women about the table were introduced to him; he was made to drink some very strong mixtures in order to loosen his tongue. Mother stayed virtually sober of course; she would need to drive them to the next destination and home afterwards, but Jane had had several; enough to bring out her wickedness.

Mother got up to go to the girl’s room; as she did the redhead slid next to him. She looked at Jane first, who winked at her.

‘Tonight is your first night, and we ladies have been waiting to entertain you.’

She produced a blue diamond shape tablet from her purse and looked again at Jane. Jane nodded; a smirk on her face.’Tonight you will need your medicine as we are all going to have fun with you’

She popped the tablet into his drink and swirled it round and round with the aid of a cocktail stick like a miniature teacher’s cane, her slender fingers adorned with spikey nails deftly twirling the liquid. Other members of the throng were leaning in across the table now, crops and flails allowed to casually drop to the floor as they made room for leather and chiffon covered elbows.

‘Who’s house is he to be initiated in?’

said a blonde with sixties style thick black spidery eyelashes and a purple see-through top which allowed him a generous view of sumptuous breasts with pert nipples.

‘We’re at mine tonight; you’ve not seen my ‘pleasure parlour’ since I’ve had it renovated’

said a curvaceous middle-aged brunette with a teasing upper-middle class accent. The women giggled at this.

‘Oh you’re insatiable!;Why can’t you leave it alone for more than 3 months-there was nothing wrong with the old design!’said a ginger woman with sweetly freckled snowy skin. The brunette continued;

‘It’s fitting that we christen them both tonight!’

The women laughed and he tried to take this all in. Jane put her hand through the folds in the silk and held his manhood through the smooth material; the silky cord tensioned around his balls. She looked him in the eye;

‘Tonight you will get to know me for the first time. You are going to please me and all the other women who attend. You will know all of the women with your eyes closed by the time the night is over. If you perform well, I shall reward you when I get you home alone on our return.’

When mother returned she sat half-way round the table and eyed their latest catch. He was certainly as appealing as any of the others they had processed and she relished some time alone with him herself. His new found friends took turns at sitting next to him where mother had previously sat; each of them expressing what they desired most in a good male servant and all of them careful to get as close to him as possible to allow him to sample their scents; each having a subtle tone of its own. They all probed him for what he would most like to do in pleasing a mistress; some were very pleased indeed to hear that there were sordid acts that entered his head but he’d not actually experienced time with a dominatrix before tonight; they tingled at the prospect of realising his and their dreams.

‘Oh, I bet you’d love to be caned by a middle-aged, middle-class woman whilst lying naked in front of many other women, wouldn’t you?’ teased the brunette whose house they would son depart to;

‘I ….I think I might, though just the threat of the cane in the hands of a woman excites me very much’

he cowered- something inside him now wanted to experience a little pain at the hands of this confident assertive lady, but he was too ashamed to admit it.

‘Oh! We’ll soon have you enjoying a little punishment.’

She had had perhaps a little too much alcohol and swished back a glass of clear lemonade in an effort to recover quickly. Noticing that Jane was talking with another and had loosened her grip on his leash, she put her hand behind his head, peeled her skirt back and pulled him down as she parted her legs slightly. He automatically inhaled as he went down to her; her scent was intoxicating. She lifted him back up.

‘Imagine how that tastes’ she said giggling ‘You’ll soon find out!’ and she winked at him and then stood up with the others.

They were ready to leave. They all looked at him intently.

‘Ah yes, ready for execution’ said the ginger Dominatrix.

‘Part of your spirit will die for womanhood tonight, that’s for sure’- smirked the blonde.

He was led out of the club by Jane; the leash held a little tighter than on entry, a band of attractive, experienced, dominatrix’ walked in procession behind, as though he was indeed being led to the gallows. Other women in groups and individually stood by and clapped and giggled as he was led by in humiliation. He now felt a greater sense of erotic pleasure than before and was beginning to relish the shame, and had a yearning to arrive at the private residence as he thought of the passions described by the women.

Part Three

He sat in the rear of the car between Jane and the Brunette; her name was Bella; ‘Mistress Bella’ to him. The redhead sat up front with mother, and sat twisted in the seat as she fantasised about how he would react on his first real step to complete submission. She half hoped he’d need to be held down whilst enduring some of their pleasures; she so loved to take part in breaking a man’s spirit. She doubted it though; this one had little of the chauvinistic attributes that prospective slaves often couldn’t help but show when in the company of females, even those who like her were obviously dominant.

He caught her eyeing him and she softly smiled, he waited till it was fully apparent she was smiling before returning the softest of smiles.

‘No, she thought, he’ll do just has he’s told right from the word go’ she couldn’t wait to have him on his knees, naked, before her.

Bella and Jane squeezed him between their curvy bodies.

‘Close your eyes’ said Jane, she then somehow managed to remove her panties; she placed them under his nose-he immediately felt the warmth and smelled the sweet delicate unmistakable feminine scent;

‘Open eyes’ she said. ‘Now have a good sniff of the essence of the mistress that owns you’.

He did so; she gently toyed with the end of his rigid penis as he enjoyed her musky perfume.

‘One of the games we’ll play tonight will involve you identifying your mistress blindfold – sniff deeply and remember my scent; get it wrong and you’ll be punished!’ She giggled.

She let him inhale for a full two minutes then dropped them on to the floor of the car. She smiled and said;

‘Now Mistress Bella who is just as attractive- don’t you agree?’

‘Yes’ he said hastily-

‘Mistress Bella will have her panties sniffed’ –

the refined and mature woman managed to retain her elegance even in removing her panties in the rear of a moving vehicle. She smiled wickedly and gently offered them under his nose; he was overwhelmed by the immediate difference in scent between the two, though the basic feminine muskiness was always there; her scent was just as sweet though somehow richly seasoned as if to reflect her cultured personality. She squeezed his balls gently; and leaned closer to him smiling wickedly;

‘I may allow you to sniff my bottom later, would you like that?’

He gulped-

‘Oh yes please- will I be allowed to lick it too?’ he blurted out almost uncontrollably- the scent of the two women made him lose all sense of shame completely;

she laughed ; ‘if I get my way, and Jane will allow it- you’ll come and spend a weekend with me and you’ll spend HOURS pleasing my bottom!’

‘He was on the verge of ejaculating when Jane removed her hand.

‘Here we are’ she said, as the car rolled up another lengthy driveway to a huge Georgian house that was fittingly appropriate for mistress Bella. This was to be his first of many places of pain and paradise. Mother had viewed the teasing during the journey and felt happier now she’d seen Jane was willing to tease and share this specimen, as she had all the others before. She was confident Jane was now coming to her senses.

As he was shuffled with eagerness to the front door, it swung open and two beautiful black women looked out beaming at the new captive.

‘Splendid’ said Bella, you made it back in time to join in!- you found the key OK- obviously.’

One of the two, a tall powerfully built beauty with short cropped hair like a boy, and shimmering silky skin the complexion of dark chocolate, came to help him into the house.

‘What do have we here?’ she said, tugging at the leash impatiently

‘Oh you do look sweet , I bet you never dreamt you’d be pleasing black pussy tonight as well!’

Her friend came over, she was a little milkier, but still sensually dark – her hair was long and straightened- she was more buxom but not fat. As he struggled to walk to the door the buxom one purposely dropped something, and bent down keeping her legs straight to retrieve it. She had a very small skirt which simply crested the top of her arse in this position; the skimpiest of g-strings slipped right into the glorious crevice between beautiful round cheeks and split her vulva enticingly.

‘we’ll soon have you cleaning around there!’ giggled the others.

He could not take in the surroundings of the house at this point as he was somewhat distracted, but he was to get to know and become very fond of his visits to Bella’s.

The women led him through the main hall which was splendidly appointed with sweeping curved marble staircases at either side, the wall adorned with classical style portraits of women of authority-no men. They went on through two huge and sumptuously furnished parlours, and opened a door in the rear wall which was camouflaged and not apparent till you neared it as it was more like an oblong part of the wall-papered as per the rest. This led to an oaken stairway; the treads fitted with red leather pads, they went past two doors the entered at the third. It was pitch dark, as there was no natural lighting here, on went the lights; the room they were now in was a about the size of a tennis court. There was all manner of plush furnishings there, mainly leather. There were at least three wall mounted televisions with various recording and playing devices below them. In one corner were several camcorders on tripods, two cocktail bars lavishly stocked with bottles of any alcoholic beverage you could desire.

There were huge soft leather or vinyl padded mats between the grandiose chairs and sofas, and the walls were covered with hundreds of erotic pictures and photographs; he recognised some and had enjoyed himself over them in the past but was unaware of the artists’ names. Bella would soon teach him; Spaddy, Raymond, Ebsey, Huber, Jim Black, Jim of Germany- these were accompanied by photos of such goddesses as Betty Page and her accomplices.

They nestled in the central cluster, the women now anxious to begin. Jane sat in a large black leather chair opposite where he stood. She nodded, mother clapped her hands, and several of the women descended on him, swiftly pulling the shroud and shirt from him, his feet made to step from the shoes. He now felt like the executed man ravished by the mob, as described to him earlier. He stood naked in front of seven women, his manhood erect-the Viagra was to keep it this way-he was at their mercy and this strange pleasure engendered by humiliation and the sight of the dominant women who were now sitting in relaxed positions admiring their catch and contemplating being pleasured.

‘Come and kneel before your mistress’ said Jane in a calm and deliberate yet demanding tone.

He suddenly heard clicking and buzzing as some of the other ladies began to assist their arousals with various vibrating toys.

‘Tonight you will become mine completely and you will get to know your mistress intimately-your old life is over, your one purpose in life from now on will be to please all womanhood. Though I own you, you will be lent out at weekends to all the women here on occasion, and to other friends of mine. They will all assist with your training, and when you are ready and I have tired of you, you will be sold like a pet dog to the highest bidder!’

At that point mother stood up with a wicked smile on her face, cane in hand; the other women did likewise and formed a ring around him as he knelt in submission to them all. Jane tugged on the leash and pulled him down to within an inch of her beautifully shaven mound. She then lifted her legs up, one over each arm of the chair, exposing the full beauty of her womanhood and the sweet orifice below it.

‘Now take in my scent first hand’ she said; ‘no used panties this time’ she smiled as she toyed with his hair.

He was in heaven and strained to get closer and taste her sweet nectar…

‘Don’t you dare lick me until you’re told!’ she said sternly.

Mother took this opportunity to inflict the first morsel of pain; she flicked his cheek with her cane and smiled with pleasure as he jerked and winced at the smartly applied stick,

‘You will learn patience and will do just as you are told’ said Jane; ‘Obey and you will be rewarded’

he inhaled her sweet scent until he felt he would explode-the silky cord had been left about him and squeezed his balls as his drug assisted erection strained like a racehorse in a starting booth.

‘When I give the order, I want you to lick every millimetre of my pussy, starting at the bottom of the opening, working slowly up, careful to explore every fold of my womanhood. You may then progress to my clitoris and you’ll do your duty for the first time. We have all the time in the world so don’t be hasty just because you have six other pussies to pleasure tonight. Mother will be next by the way. If you please us all to satisfaction, you’ll be allowed to cum whilst licking my bottom- now lick my pussy!

He was in absolute heaven as he lapped and tasted her musky wetness; this in itself was ecstasy, but the feeling he got from being controlled by a woman, whilst being smiled at and taunted by other dominant women was sublime. He WANTED to be owned and punished, he WANTED to serve each and every woman and show them that they were superior and that he knew his place- his desire and lust had taken complete control of him, as much as any dominatrix had.

He worked his way to her most sensitive point; as he heard her whimper and moan;

‘Yesssss, yes yes..!’

he forgot that the other women were there; this was his mistress and he truly wanted to please her satisfactorily; he glanced up and as he saw her writhing and he cast his mind back to the dowdy girl at the working men’s club. He was so glad he’d found the courage. Then her legs went straight up and she moaned and shuddered with delight. She patted him on the head and he was now faced with mother. She had been watching both him and Jane intently as she was still uneasy about something. Nonetheless, she had looked forward to this and she gave the commands as before. He took in her rich scent and did his duty.

His tongue was fairly worn out by the time the last in line sighed in ecstasy and slumped in their seat. Initial lust over, the women could enjoy some fun with him in relaxed circumstances, though his member was far from relaxed. The women nodded their satisfaction; he had performed his task well and was laid on a soft padded couch face down. Jane sat at the top and pulled her legs back and into the air. He was to receive his reward, but he was not allowed to use his hands.

Two women held his arms to the side, another sat on his lower legs; he was made to lick her soft sweet anus whilst mother teased his bottom with her cane. The women thoroughly enjoyed his discomfort mixed with pleasure as he squirmed at the strokes of the cane. Though mother did not use the rattan forcefully she wanted him to know it was her and she applied a few blows that stung. He looked at his Jane over the hump of her vulva and could see her smiling wickedly. The cane whooshed down again and again. He squirmed and his cock rubbed against the leather.

,You’re going to come whilst licking your mistresses’ arse, aren’t you? She taunted.

‘And while her mother punishes him!’ said mother;

‘Whooosh!’ it was all too much: he saw her smiling, tasted her tangy bottom, smelled her sweet sex, saw the other women smiling, felt the cane from mother- he convulsed and felt the ecstasy of each spurt and thrust as he disgraced himself before the women- they clapped and cheered as he spent like never before.

As promised in the car, he was blindfolded later, and they had their game of him. Try as he might he guessed the wrong scent each time and was given a ceremonial caning each time, each time that is until one of the black women sent his blind face down to Jane; without hesitation he announced this was her. Mother could not help but notice that they BOTH seemed very pleased with this. She looked on with a little disdain as his mistress rewarded him with hand relief.

Many other games were played before the tired wretch was allowed to be taken home. The women chatted amongst each other as he was led to the car. They were all anxious to be first to arrange a weekend with him so they could indulge themselves as and when without having to wait their turn. They could also then unleash their own personal fantasies and fetishes on him.

On the way home in the big comfortable car, Jane allowed her exhausted charge to sleep with his head at her breasts. As she toyed with his hair she looked down at him, so pleased with her find; pleased like she’d never been before. Once again this did not escape mother’s attention.

When they reached home he was immediately taken upstairs to the room he had been prepared in. he was placed in a lower cot-like single bed which was attached to the huge one. Though this was very comfortable, its meaning was obviously symbolic; this was his slave quarters. The ladies said good-night to each other and Jane entered the room.

‘Come- drink this coffee with me she said. ‘I’m so pleased with you-did you enjoy your first night?’ she sniggered.

He could not lie;

‘yes mistress, I’m as happy as you are.’

They finished their drinks and he began to slide down to the lower bed; her hand grasped his arm. She looked tentatively at the door as if trying to sense if someone were listening there, then looked back at him and whispered;

‘I want you to stay in my bed and keep me warm and safe, it’s your duty.’

He needed no further command and the two nestled together; they kissed as per that first night a week ago and then slept sweetly in a warm embrace.

Part Four

Both were reluctant to leave the room in the morning; their slumber was interrupted by the sound of mother pulling something from a stair cupboard below. Jane edged him down toward the lower bed, fearing an uninvited reconnaissance from the older woman. Jane tried to shrug off some of the softness she had shown him last night; she knew it would do neither him nor her any good, and she knew what was to come. She sifted through a lower draw which was loaded with male size pairs of thin cotton baggy leggings and tops and passed a set to him. They gave him an oriental look; if he’d had one of those flared conical straw hats he’d have looked like a coolie.

‘Come with me now; you’ll have some breakfast and mother and I will find you some housework to do. You must earn your keep and learn absolute humility.’

She paused ‘I know she’ll have told you I’m not her real daughter by now; she always does that with our guests at the earliest opportunity. I think it makes her feel a little less guilty about indulging her whims and fantasies in my presence, but it makes no difference to me – I still love her like a mother. You must always do as she says and keep her happy, or I shall be unhappy – understand?’

He acknowledged. She led him downstairs.

Mother was dressed in a cerise silk kimono wrapped tightly to show her curves, and this was set off by red high heeled sandals. Even after a long night like the last, her hair a little unkempt, she was still ravishing. He was sat down for breakfast and mother came and half stood, half sat on the table next to him; the kimono slipped from the leg extending from the cheek and thigh which were planted on the table- he tried to concentrate on the toast he had been awarded but her silky inner thigh, calf and red spikey sandal did not aid his consumption of the toast; he felt his appetite moving elsewhere. Mother stroked his arm and shoulder. She smiled at him wickedly;

‘Jane has an appointment with some of our friends today; she’s going to spend the day shopping at their expense. They’re treating her for bringing you to them. So I shall have you all to myself today. I’m going to take you around the house room by room and watch while you do the vacuuming and dusting. We’ll have a little fun with you too, I don’t doubt!’ she laughed.

‘This is the beginning of your new life. On Monday you will be allowed to attend the old job you had, and will hand in your notice- this will save there being any mystery when you don’t attend on Tuesday; you’ll work for our little co-operation of Ladies from now on, and you’ll be kept warm and fed. You will learn to enjoy the tasks you perform for the various ladies, even if you feel uncomfortable at first. Here, drink this milk; it will help you through your day’

He took the milk and gulped it down, but could not help noticing it had a blue hue to it, and some blue powdery bits remained at the bottom of the glass. He had a good idea what it was, but thought there was little need for it at the moment; the prospect of being controlled by this delectably dominant woman and the thought of working under her, had him as rigid as he’d been at any point last night.

As Jane left he was made to go to the door with her and commanded to kneel and kiss her feet before she went. Jane looked down at him almost wistfully. She knew mother had an idea that her feelings were being stretched by this latest toy, and it bothered her that he might not even be there when she got back. She wanted to squeeze him, but mother looked on, smiling knowingly.

‘You look after my mother and remember what I said, or you’ll be punished when I get back’ – she tried to sound as stern as possible.

Though she would always enjoy dominating him, she could not deny that something else was interfering with her normal system. She sighed and left as at some of the other ladies arrived in a car to pick her up. The door closed leaving him on his knees.

‘Now you’re all mine’ said a wicked voice behind him. ‘Come with me.’

She took him to the stair cupboard where the vacuum had been pulled from earlier.

‘You’re to do the whole house today and I’m going to supervise. You will be given many jobs amongst our little community; you have to pay your way.’

She picked up her cane and shepherded him from room to room, swiping at him when he missed a patch of carpet or upholstery. He did the stairs as they ascended, and all the rooms till at last they reached the final one; this was mother’s bedroom. She ushered him in and made him start at the far wall, around her bed, and he’d then work back to the door. As he was at the last spot, the vacuum died and he turned to see mother who had pulled the plug, walk and stand by the side of her bed. She discarded her kimono and stood naked but for red sandals and cane.

‘Come and lie face down on the bed’;

he came across and scrambled on to the silky sheets which were alarmingly comfortable.

‘I’ve seen the way you look at my Jane; I think you are coming far too attached. You shall have six strokes’-

she set about the task without further ado; ‘Whhuuup!……, Whuup!…… Whuuup! ……Whuuup!……Whuuup!………………………………WWhhuuppppp!!; he squirmed in pain- there had been real venom in the last stroke.

She sat beside him and rubbed his now stripy red bottom;

‘you must know that you are to be sold when trained, I know you hold stronger feelings than you should have for her but it will do you no good.’

She fondled his bottom and back, and urged him to turn over.

‘Now you shall have your reward for your mornings work’.

She climbed upon the bed and straddled his face. Being caned by this woman had given him a healthy erection already, and the sight of her beautiful arse and pussy descending on him made him rigid. He took in her sweet scent and taste and licked as she moaned contentedly. She rocked back and forth and soon shimmered and squeezed his face and head with her thighs and cheeks as she achieved orgasm. She shifted forward slightly and ordered him to lick her arse; he obliged with gusto.

‘Now you will give me your cream’ she said, and gently teased him at first then worked up to long deliberate strokes.

His tongue was deep in her anus, the red sandals about his ears; he thought of the caning and the woman who had delivered it, eyed the beautifully curved vision gently moving above him, felt the power and domination of this fabulous woman and fully appreciated his position of submission and went into a beautiful spasm as he did indeed give her his cream in a most generous proportion.

Monday morning came, and he was awarded his clothes and left the house to give in his resignation as per the women’s orders.

As he walked the streets and revisited the harsh realities of life he could not quite believe what he was doing, but the drudgery of people hopping on buses, the queuing traffic with honking horns and downcast faces made him wonder just who the slaves were? He thought of Jane and this was all he needed to quell any thought about not returning to the women; despite what mother had told him, he was determined to see as much of her as possible whilst he could.

He went to his place of work, told them he was resigning and they let him go there and then; management looking somewhat disgruntled. He gave the new address for the sending of his documents etc. He quickly visited the bedsit, packed a case with his meagre belongings and left a message on the landlord’s voice-mail to say the keys were with a neighbour. He went back to the house. Mother was there to greet him and led him into a sitting room where Jane was sat talking to the two black ladies.

‘Hannah and Cherie have come to take you to their place for a couple of days’, said Jane ‘mother arranged it’ she said staring at him with eyes which showed a certain pain.

‘They’ll take good care of you.’

She bade them good-day then as she passed him, she deftly took his hand and squeezed it.

Hannah and Cherie had a Nice large house with swimming pool; the décor was very dark and adorned with Afro-Caribbean artefacts.

The two wasted no time and took him straight to a bedroom. Hannah- the slender one- stripped naked and demanded to be licked all over, he obliged and thoroughly enjoyed licking the silky black flesh of this superb woman, he was of course made to linger in certain areas and did not mind this at all. Cherie, the chubbier of the two, took endless photographs and passed the camera over when it was her turn. Where Hannah’s athleticism was erotic, Cherie’s soft sumptuous form also excited him no end. She held him between her legs for an eternity and made him pleasure her again and again. He was endlessly teased about having a diminutive member and faced various punishments from the two.

He was sat between them on occasion and forced to watch videos of ‘real’ men performing with the two; this had the desired effect of making him feel very inferior indeed-some of the black men enjoying the women were enormous; the women laughed and teased him about his member as he licked them to satisfaction after a viewing had aroused them sufficiently. During periods of the day, he was made to sweep up around the pool and did countless household chores. At night all three slept together in a huge bed. Three days later they took him straight to Bella’s house. Mother had decided on this.

Bella could see that the two black ladies had taken their toll on him. Though as dominant in her stance toward lowly males as any of the others, she was a rational woman who realised that you will only get your best out of something if it is looked after. She too, took him straight to a bedroom, but she also took with her a bottle of fine margaux.

She would ply him with wine and tease out of him his deepest lusts and desires. It was tiring enough reaching the room which was a loft conversion in the huge house. Where, in typically Georgian style, this house had essentially a flat roof with two pitched roofs which sat within the retaining wall around the perimeter, patio doors on the inside of the roof led to a roof garden between the two pitched structures this was typical of Bella,; the perfect structure of the house remained standard from the outside, yet within were these extra, exquisite features known only those who were intimate friends.

It was a warm day and the bed was right by those windows; they sat and lay in the warm breeze- there was no threat or intimidation from Bella; she did not need to be that way. Her natural supremacy was enough and she toyed with him as he fought to stay awake. He was exhausted and this tiredness made him think of Jane all the more; he mentioned her on several occasions when pressed by Bella on issues as to why he was submissive to women. Bella stroked and caressed him; they both stripped naked and she cuddled and petted him as he drifted into a deep sleep.

One thing was now clear to Bella; this male truly worshipped Jane, and she had not failed to notice, like mother, that the attraction was reciprocal.

He awoke with a bit of start; the sun had moved round and cast a very different shadow now; he must have been asleep for hours. Bella was sat at a table on the roof garden and was still enjoying a glass of margaux; she beckoned to him when she saw he’d recovered. He hastily donned his trousers and joined her.

‘I’m sorry Mistress Bella; you must think me very rude.’

‘Nonsense’ she said –’I was enjoying watching you sleep and thinking what I’d do with you when you woke up.’

She smiled sweetly at him.

‘Your mistress must be missing you- how long is it since you’ve seen the women who captured you and brought you to us?’

‘It must be four days now’ he responded.

He found it strange that this woman who had been so amiable should now tease him in this way.

‘Never mind’ she said; ‘I think I’ll have you in that room’ – she pointed to patio doors in the opposite roof and he walked through the doors which were open.

As he turned to watch her come in also, she smiled at him and pulled the doors to, whilst remaining outside.

‘Come here and kneel before me!’ said a familiar voice behind him;

‘Clothes off; immediately!’

Jane had been summoned by Bella. He dropped to his knees in front of her.

‘How dare you leave me for so long’ she said, then gently slapped his face. ‘I should whip you’

she toyed with his hair and was beginning to shake and tremble. He put his arms around her bottom and pulled his head into her softness. She squeezed him tightly with one arm and drew her nails across his cheeks with the other, careful to show her enjoyment of dominating him yet not able to conceal her deep affection for him.

‘Oh Jane, Jane, Mistress, I just want to be yours forever; I’ll willingly be your slave.’

He had never felt like this before.

She pulled him on to the bed, and both kneeling there they enjoyed a long sweet kiss. Her feminine scent seemed magnified by the fact that he’d not been able to show her any affection for some time. She lay back;

‘Lick Me now!’ she commanded, and he gratefully began to please her.

She then lifted his head , turned her body and lay face down on the bed, she lifted her bottom and said;

‘You may enter me now; you must do your duty!’

He held her by the hips and gently eased himself into her, then held her shoulders and nuzzled the back of her neck as he began to move in and out of her. She was overwhelmed by the feeling of helplessness; now he was thrusting and she could not have stopped him, even if she’d wanted to. She revelled in this new and potentially ‘forbidden in her community’ position.

He had no such feelings of superiority; he was just glad to please her and was simply enjoying his sweet mistress. She moaned and whimpered as she reached a glorious orgasm; this served to trigger him as he convulsed and erupted into her. She was ecstatic as she felt the warmth of his love arrive inside her. They lay together for some time, simply enjoying being there with each other.

‘You realise I will have to punish you for taking advantage of me’ she smiled.’I shall think of something suitable for the next time we meet.’

She left the bed and stood before him, he knelt and kissed her feet, her vulva, and then they embraced as their lips met. He helped her dress and they walked out to the roof garden.

‘Thank you so much Bella; I’m so glad you understand’ she said as she left in nonchalant fashion, careful not to look back at the male who obviously meant so much to her.

Bella winked at him wickedly;

‘I think you owe me one’ she said-‘I shall teach you a lesson or two to about entertaining other women without my permission!’

She smiled at him, downed the last of Margaux and asked him to retrieve another bottle. This ‘romance’ had stirred her. She would allow him time to recover and then have him at her pleasure later.

He spent a great deal of time at Bella’s and the other women’s houses over the next month or so. Bella’s and the blonde and ginger ladies properties all had extensive grounds and he spent a lot of time cutting lawns, gardening, and doing housework. He found this all very natural, as he enjoyed being totally submissive to the women, none of whom were particularly sadistic to him; they had no need to be- he did as he were told and thoroughly enjoyed the acts and humiliations he was subjected to. His only worry was that would he be allocated to one of these women who were part of the close circle? Or would mother ensure he went to an outside acquaintance, ensuring his complete departure from the one woman he felt most for? Before this was to be decided mother had another torture in store for him.

He was at the buxom blonde’s house; Mistress Marcia was her name. She had a penchant for bondage and liked to truss up her slaves when humiliating them. He was by her pool, hands tied behind his back whilst attending to the wicked blonde when her phone rang;

‘Hi mother… Oh, Ok … as long as he gets an extra night with me the day after…she sniggered saucily and poked him with her foot;

‘You’re going ‘home’ this evening- mother has just called and she needs you there tonight, but I shall have you again the day after, and we can finish our little games.’

She smiled as she toyed with a noose she had been preparing.

Mother took him in smiling;

‘You haven’t seen our Jane in a while, have you?’

It was seven in the evening, a Friday and the sun was still warm and the atmosphere sultry. He was taken in to the hall. Down the stairs came the Jane he had seen for the first time- in dowdy dress.

‘Jane will seek another tonight’ smirked mother.

She looked at him as she descended and did her best to give off an air of contempt as she walked purposely toward the door. Her thoughts were torturing her; she yearned to be served and pleasured by her earlier capture, but knew she must provide income for the ‘circle’ by finding another.

‘See you later’, said mother.

The door closed.

‘Upstairs now!’ commanded mother ferociously.

He was taken to her room.

‘Clothes off and lie face down on her bed’.

He did so.

‘Can you smell the essence of your mistress who is no longer here?’ she taunted-

He was engulfed by her sweet smell and was tortured by it.

‘WHHUUUPPP! A cane was brought smartly down across his arse.

‘Can you smell her!?’ –

‘Yes, yes mother.’

She cut the air with the cane-whhhooossh!-making him squirm in anticipation.

‘You have been allowed into my house for one purpose, and that purpose was to make you understand your destiny as a submissive male and be trained to learn how to service your superiors. I have not had my usual quota of pleasure from you, because you have interfered with my daughter’s routine. Tonight I will make you pay for that and what you witness later will give you a full understanding of your worthlessness before all women. I alone will decide who will be your owner, and I have a Chinese lady in mind already. She is particularly spiteful, due to her upbringing in a male dominated society; now free from that world she will inflict her retribution upon you eternally. ‘Bear that in mind as you receive this evening’s first lesson-‘Oh, one more thing before we start- kneel up!’

He did so and she placed an inflated oval tube on the bed which was to be placed under his torso.

‘You’ll not be allowed to pleasure yourself under the cane this time; you shall be denied until I am good and ready to witness your reward in recognition of my dominance.’

He lay down, his arse elevated invitingly, his member flapped below,barely making contact at all with the silky sheets. She then caned him, mercilessly the pain and the scent of a woman he may never see again ensuring the tears ran down his cheeks as she enjoyed each stroke and watched the red wheals glow.

He was allowed down from the bed. She tied his hands smartly behind his back and she made him kneel before her. She lifted her legs and allowed him the full scent of her sticky arousal; her vulva was plump and engorged-ready to be satisfied ; her tangy bottom glistened with the juices which had run down from her sex as she had enjoyed the caning.

‘You may lick me now- my bottom first-then work up to my womanhood, base to apex as usual.’she said in a matter-of –fact tone.

He went straight in and thoroughly enjoyed the situation, even though he was denied relief. As he completed his task she burst into orgasm, letting out the loudest’OOHHHH,YEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!’ he’d heard her emit yet.

She was getting extra enjoyment from this occasion for some reason. He was then taken into a room next door and led to a padded pole, the base of which was on a trolley. She untied his hands and had him step onto the trolley with the post to his back facing the adjoining wall. She took his wrists behind the pole and bound them tightly; she tied his ankles tightly to the pole- then she popped her panties into his mouth which she’d made into a ball and pulled his head back against the pole binding him there with a silk scarf. She then moved to the wall and smiled most wickedly at him;

‘Tonight you will receive the most exquisite of tortures’

– she laughed as she moved the trolley closer to the wall; a painting was removed to reveal a discrete viewing hatch which would not be discerned from the other room. It gave him a full unobstructed view of Jane’s bedroom!

He was left there whilst downstairs mother helped herself to some alcoholic beverages, honed her nails and visited him occasionally to tease him;

‘I wonder what he’ll be like?’- ‘They shouldn’t be long now’ -‘I bet she’s wet with anticipation over her latest catch already!’

she ran her nails down his body and twirled a chiffon scarf in the air before placing it over his erect manhood, like a coat hanger. After several hours he heard murmurs downstairs. Mother entered the room;

‘Now you’re in for a treat-I’m going to enjoy watching your pain!’

he could not help but watch as his Jane entered the room next door with another hapless male who had been bewitched by something in Jane which he did not fully understand or was willing to admit to. Mother teased his cock with the chiffon scarf as he tried his best not to watch, whilst the wretch was committed to acts with his mistress!

Oh, how he yearned to be that male as she exposed her most intimate parts and had the new slave pleasure her, receive punishments, and be generally humiliated. He was tortured beyond belief as the climax of his ordeal was achieved; the new boy was allowed to masturbate whilst on his knees and wilfully ejaculated with utter relief all over his Jane’s beautiful legs; he lapped it all up at her command; was awarded the cane for his misdemeanour, then ordered to the cot bed. Jane was careful to attach his dog-collar by chain to a shackle by the bed. Throughout the spectacle, mother ensured he had a running commentary if he dared to close his eyes at any point. Now the show was over, she held his manhood and stroked away, smiling right into his eyes;

‘Did you see the pleasure he had? Did you see how Jane enjoyed him? You are nothing to her, NOTHING!’

She squeezed and stroked relentlessly; despite his discomfort with the prior scene his present position at the hands of this woman, the tight bonds and level of humiliation he had received were in their own way exquisite. He viewed the taunting delectably dominant woman and inevitably convulsed in an ecstatic spasm as she gleefully drained his balls.

Jane left the bedroom and was greeted by mother leaving hers,

‘Oh she said. You’ve been evaluating the new one I take it?’- She was patently aware of the viewing hatch.

‘Yes she said calmly, and so has someone else’

– she took Jane into the room; she was only half-surprised to see him there, tied at the hatch, his now flaccid member dribbling.

She looked at mother slightly contemptuously and shook her head- mother just smirked with satisfaction and walked downstairs with a triumphant air;

‘A glass or two of our finest whisky is in order I think!’

Jane quickly moved over to him; she ungagged him and kissed him.

‘You must realise that even if you were to be allowed to stay with me, I will always seek to attract males for usage amongst the women. You remember how it was for you that first night? I had no need to move in on you the way I have with that wretch tonight. I do not deny that he excited my carnal passions but it was purely that, and till I met you it had always been just so’.

‘Oh Jane, mistress, I’m to be sold to a Chinese woman and I can’t bear the thought of not seeing you again.’

She smiled at him softly, held his chin up and looked deep into his eyes;

‘I know of mother’s plan, and the woman is to be here Saturday week with all the others- your despatch to the new owner to be announced. I need to work quickly with my new charge and see Bella again before then. Trust me; your life will not be as painful as you imagine it will. I shall see you again on Saturday.’

She smiled knowingly at him and before she left she rubbed her torso up against him; a strange gesture which puzzled him, and kissed him sweetly before leaving.

When Saturday came, he was washed and groomed by mother and dressed in a pure white full length garment resembling a Victorian nightshirt;

‘All our slaves are despatched to their new owners like this; it’s symbolic of your having completed your training – the white illustrating you have been cleansed of all your former cocky male attributes and chauvinism; your new owner- Mistress Mai- Li- will be so pleased with you.’

He was fitted with a matching white collar and leash and led downstairs to the main lounge and made to kneel in a central position. The usual group were there and they looked at him with smiles of satisfaction at their contribution toward his now totally servile state; they clapped as he assumed his position.

Then the Chinese woman, Mai-Li arrived and entered with two of her many maids. She was also dressed in white; a tight knee length skirt and tight, stiff collared satin top and small white hat with a veil, gold strapped high heels with dangerous looking chrome spiked heels. Though around 50, she had a perfect hour-glass figure. She smiled at him in a way that let him know that she could be every inch the Chinese dragon. Her two maids were dressed in skin tight lycra cat-suits and carried ornamental floggers.

He found her very attractive but did not want to go. The women mingled together and talked business etc.; the two maids came over to him and one of them lifted his chin with the handle of her flogger. They eyed him excitedly and cooed to each other in Chinese, smiling wickedly at him from time to time. Then Jane appeared. She was wearing a Georgian style full length smock which accentuated her breasts and hid her lower body shape. Much to the surprise of every woman in the room-bar Bella-she had brought her newly acquired slave. He too had been dressed in white, but was hooded to intensify his torture.

‘Mai-Li, I cannot allow you to take this slave from me; he has committed an injustice against womanhood and I wish to keep him here to punish him. I know you have come a long way, so I have put this slave who kneels beside me through intensive training-is that not true ladies?’- she said, as she glanced amongst her friends who smirked and agreed.

Yes; they had been asked to assist with more time and effort than ever before and had wondered why? The cur before them had been reduced to tears and taken to the epitome of absolute ecstasy many times in the past week- the women were worn out!

She continued;

‘I’d like to offer you this slave and will find you two more at no extra cost if you allow me to retain the one before you.’

Mother was horrified;

‘you can’t keep him just because you’ve let yourself grow fond of him!’

Jane responded;

‘Mother please allow me to finish; Mai-Li?’

The Chinese beauty lifted the hood and viewed the terrified occupant; this gave her a refreshing thrill;

‘And two more?’ She smiled –’OK!’

Jane then moved over to her male; she kept a serious face and he wondered how he’d done her an injustice; he worshipped her and had done everything she’d asked.

Mother was livid- even though she too found him attractive and enjoyed inflicting torture upon him she wanted him out of their lives, before she too became fond of him. She placed her hand on her hip and pumped furiously at a cigarette; awaiting an explanation.

Jane took one of his hands whilst lifting her smock with the other. She placed his hand on her belly;

‘Feel what you have done to me, you vile creature’. He noted that her belly seemed a little distended.

‘Yes’, she said half smiling now- mother’s jaw dropped,

‘I have been violated by this male and he must be punished eternally by me; he has sneakily performed his one real use as a male in its entirety; I am with child!’

the house erupted, the women, though dominant by nature clapped and cooed at this singularly rare, but strangely welcome event. They clasped at Jane and kissed her; they smiled wickedly at him and told him what a bad boy he was and that he could expect extra special punishments from them from now on. Bella stepped forward to mother and passed her a small white strip with a bright blue dot on it and nodded her head as she viewed it.

Mother stormed into the garden and looked to the heavens. Love it or hate it; Whistler’s Mother was to become ‘Whistler’s Grandmother’ and a ‘Mistress-in-law’. Her mind started to think of suitable punishments; she would make him pay- every single day for the rest of his life

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