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Jeff’s Snow Day With Sara

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The alarm. Again.

He had heard it now maybe twice before, and always at intervals of 10 minutes. Time just enough to fall back into dreaming–the plot continues but is now informed by that subliminal contingency of just 10 minutes more.

Shit. Why don’t she turn the fucking thing off?

And so consciousness arrived to confirm a splinter–at first only a vague, almost phantom pain; but soon registering smart inside his bestial paws, now pawing at her pillow.

Yes, she was up already–how long had she?

His somnambulant fingers worked to silence the alarm, and bypassing the confusion of its buttons managed to pull the cord from the socket nearest her side of the bed.

The alarm stopped. He could now make out the distant sound of a shower coming from the bathroom adjacent to her sister’s room; to the right and further down the hall. He went back to sleep.

“I thought you were getting up early today. Don’t you have work to do?”

Playfully she said this, but even as a child Julie’s play must have centered around the ritual of the costume (or was what is typically called play-acting). Any prop that struck her as being out of place for the period, any behavior that she thought threatened the proper motivational-arch for the character, and Julie was left stewing in a bilious broth. At such times sarcasm colored every cadence; her eyes becoming hard as marbles, their whites constricting two pale circles of blue–the same blue as the shell of a robin’s egg.

“I will but I need an extra hour. One hour and I’m good to go.”

“I guess some of us just aren’t that lucky. Anyway, I’ll try to be home around 6.

Keep Sara company. And it would be great if you could finish shoveling out the driveway like you promised to do before I get back so I don’t have to park on the street when my parents come back tomorrow, remember? Their flight is supposed to land at Logan around 5 in the afternoon, if the weather is good–which is what the latest reports are saying. Good luck writing your paper, honey.”

She kissed his cheek. She smelled like lipstick and shampoo.

“And stay out of trouble, you!”

Julie talked to him like he was a kid but she was only a year older–25, a Scorpio and with more than a moon in Cancer. She swung her black vinyl purse over her shoulder and left.

After a minute or so he heard her car stall into drive and than wheels backing over the hard packed snow. He needed to piss but heard Sara moving in the hall. Since before the first alarm he had had a giant erection and didn’t want to scare her with it–she was after all only 18, a senior in high school and – according to her sister – still a virgin. Once he heard Sara’s feet stomp their way down the cold hardwood stairs he bolted for the bathroom.

Downstairs Sara had plopped, feet-up on the couch and was scooping Capt. Crunch with an oversized spoon. She was watching cartoons and managed to laugh in between, and sometimes during, those big milky bites of cereal.

“Morning Jeff.”

“Hey Sara, what you watching?”

“Sponge Bob.”

“Oh… man, I need some coffee.

“Rough night?”

“No worse than usual.”

He started to fill the kettle with water in the sink.

“Yeah, you two kept me up.”

“Oh, yeah? What’d you hear?”


She began to laugh–at the cartoon, or at the memory of the noise made the night before by him and her sister? He was uncertain.

“I see.”

He put the kettle on the stove and lit the burner with a match.

Coffee in hand – black, and with a copious amount of sugar – Jeff joined Sara in the TV room and took a seat on the red suede lazyboy (their Daddy’s chair).

She was not pretty in the way cheerleaders are supposed to be pretty. Her ass was a bit too big and her tits not perky enough. But she wasn’t bad. She had a very healthy look. Her cheeks still held an oz. of babyfat and her complexion was always a rosy flush– as if she were still blushing from some long forgotten embarrassment. Her legs were a lot longer than her sister’s legs, and of a better shape he thought. Her feet were another matter; they were bigger than a man’s (maybe even bigger than mine? he thought). Her hair was a wild nest of red and wiry ringlets which dangled down to her broad and freckled shoulders.

After his coffee Jeff found his boots and began to lace them up to their brim. He had remembered to double his socks that morning. Jeff knew from yesterday’s go at it that the snow in spots drifted well over his waist. The blizzard had hit the day before yesterday and the schools were still closed, many now comparing the storm to the big one of ’78. He buttoned the brass buttons of his green corduroy jacket and pulled a wool knit-cap over his brown uncombed hair. Jeff was tall at 6 foot 4, but even though he was a heavy weight most of that was bone. He had deep brown eyes that made him look sad even at his happiest. Over last few months with Julie his eyes betrayed him less and less.

“Well, I’m going to go finish that damn driveway. I think there is still some wood

left over, so you might want to start a fire if you’re cold. I don’t think we burned all the newspapers last night, so you might want to hunt around for some starter. I’ll be outside if you need me.”

After a good 10 minutes the door swung open. Jeff’s breath was heavy. His coat had a festive tinseling of ice, and his pants were saturated with melting snow. Jeff stood a moment in the doorway bending his back backwards in an effort to straighten his spine.

“You look beat. Maybe you should warm up near the fire.”

She said this proud of the healthy fire she had built in the black belly of the cast-iron stove.

“I need to warm my insides first.”

He picked open the lock to Daddy’s liquor cabinet with a small flat-head screwdriver, which he kept in his pants pocket for solely this purpose, and pulled out a big bottle of Irish whiskey. He poured out one shot – downed it – than poured another. After this he carefully placed the bottle back where it was before and closed the cabinet door, leaving it unlocked.

“I’m telling! No one but Daddy ever drinks from that bottle. He had it brought

back special from Ireland, they don’t even sell it here.”

He winked at her and she started to laugh again. She had a great laugh he thought. Sara wasn’t afraid of the sounds she made. Most people catch themselves in the middle of a laugh and for company’s sake try to suppress the belly’s joy. Not Sara. She just let it go–whether she was fearless, or simply oblivious Jeff could never tell.

“Well, back to work.”

Again he left to go shovel outside.

After 5 minutes or so, Jeff felt something hit him soft on the shoulder-blade. Then again another soft blow, this time to the hip. He turned around and saw Sara just as she cut the corner of the house and began to chase her as best he could through the snow. Sara had a good 20 yards on Jeff but he was faster and soon over-took her pushing her screaming into the snow. Her arms flailing like a snow angel in the midst of an epileptic fit. He pummeled her face with cold handfuls of snow; taking some and stuffing it down the back of her sweater at which she squealed like a kitten yanked hard by her tail. Sara managed to wiggle out of his clumsy hold, got up and ran back to the house. When Jeff too was back inside she had already thrown off her sweater in a frigid panic and was now shivering by the wood-stove trying to get warm. It took Sara more than a moment to realize all she had on top was her bra. Jeff noticed immediately and for the moment was transfixed like children sometimes are alone and playing with matches.

“You got snow all down my shirt. I’m fucking freezing!”

He said nothing and she began to notice a change in him. Jeff had never looked at her that way before, and in truth the thoughts Jeff was thinking now had never before formalized in his mind. Even in his most sinister masturbation fits – when lust would hit him like a narcotic and his eyes would cloud over with sin – never had he dared think of Sara as he was thinking of her now.

“Look, you even got my pants all wet. Just look at me, I’m soaked straight through to the bone!”

She slipped her pants button loose and slowly zipped down. Sara’s big eyes could not stand to look at him now. Slowly she slid the soaked pants off her hip. She froze in the middle of this and for a good time the pants were being held up only by the thick round of her rump. Jeff could now see that her panties were pink and had cute little rows of tiny red hearts stenciled on them. He started to move slowly towards the furnace. Sara just stood there frozen with eyes bent downwards and looking at her big masculine feet, still cold and covered by wet white socks. As Jeff was now an arms length away, she turned back towards the stove and felt the fire’s hot breath wash over her skin. Then hands. Sara felt hands! Hands touching soft, but there on her hip. Hands with fingers now alive and running along the elastic on top of her panties. Hands finishing the push of pants – now down beyond her butt – and falling down her long and shapely legs. Pants like a lasso around her weakening ankles. Knees wobbling together. Nerves caught in an electrical stutter… Jeff let his hands cup over her bra and felt her heart beating like a migraine against his sweaty palm. Through all of this Sara did not move an inch. He unhooked the bra and let it slide off her broad and freckled shoulders. Her breasts bare now as he held them again, this time squeezing and giving her nipples a slight pinch before leaving…

Sara cleared her throat. Jeff thought she was about to say something but Sara remained silent and perfectly still. Was she catatonic with freight? He kissed the back of her neck and spoke gently into her ear.

“Do you want me to stop?”


She turned towards him. She felt him press closer and she could not breathe. She felt the gravity of his kiss and soon her tongue was dancing in congress with his. Sara had only kissed a few boys in her young life but this felt apart from the others. She was aware of Jeff’s right hand, how it was suddenly – yet drawn-out like a slow-motion picture – cascading down her side and across her belly. Then the feel of fingers burrowing down – past where the tan-line would be, if this was summer and not cold December – fingers limberly falling down, and then…

“Oh God!”

Her voice rising above a whisper for the first time.

“God has nothing to do with this.”

He said this final blasphemy as the V of his fingers spread across her damp and fuzzy mound. He let then the V turn into and I and dipped it in a little deeper, but careful not to go to far…

“Oh fuck!”

“I’m listening.”

He said while kissing away the dot from underneath her exclamation.

Jeff started to pivot away from the fire and she moved with him and they both stumbled in one hot heap onto the floor. Looking into his eyes Sara again became afraid; there was nothing in his eyes to mistake with what he now wanted. Sara blinked and her eyelids held shut, tight as she felt him slowly peel away her panties and tighter as she came to know this strange and novel kiss.

Jeff could taste the freshness of her cunt. It showed nothing of her sister’s bitter salt. It was also pinker – “pink” pink – and lighter looking somehow. But as he was eating he felt hesitation to breech the issue of penetration. He was wary of her virginity and did not want to inflict any pain.

“Fuck me!”

Sara grunted the words:

“Fuck me right now!”


Confused by the vulgar tonality of her sudden insistence.

“I want you to. Oh God! I want it in me. Oh Jeff, fuck me!”

“You sure?”

“Yes. Please. I want you to. I want your cock in me.”

Sara had never seen it but knew with the curiosity of knowing something new that she had to have it. Down-there his kissing had brought a smile to her womb and now it wanted more. And for the first time in her young life she was in no position to argue against her womb. Sara raced up to the top of his fly and zipped down hard.

“Easy, girl…”

She nodded obediently–obedient not to him but to this new hunger burning bellow her belly. And even though she had never seen a live one and up close, Sara was cock-hungry all the same.

Jeff’s pants undone she reached into them as he helped her pull down his boxers. What she found was far worse that she had imagined. It was big – almost too big, she fretted – and pulsing, like something living apart from the man now holding it. Sara thought it ugly, yet she could not keep her eyes off of it. She was transfixed. And she remembered how Jeff looked when he first saw her standing cold and without her sweater near the fire. She poked at it with her finger and laughed nervously when it responded with a twitch towards the memory of her touch.

“Why don’t you kiss it?”

She gave it a quick peck on its head – laughed again – than took it in her mouth. At first she was scared of choking on the thing, but after a few moments she developed a slow and timid sort of rhythm.

“Try a little faster.”

Her pace increased a little, then a lot.

“Watch your teeth.”

“I’m sorry…”

His cock back in Sara’s mouth before she could fully express her sincere, novice-minded apologies. Jeff let out a moan as his eyes began to roll back to the stem of his skull.

“OK. Stop.”

He said , smiling.

“You don’t want me to finish just yet, do you?”

She shook her head no. She laid back down as he pried open her knees.

“This might hurt a little at first–OK?”

Sara nodded and began to brace herself best as she could figure, still not knowing exactly what to expect and fearful that his size might prove a problem. She felt its head press thick against her wet pussy lips – her pussy until now only pawed at late after her family was all asleep, touching herself while tucked cozy in the warm nook of her bed and the door securely locked – but never, never was it like…

She felt the head push itself in, one hard head against a tender wall…..

Jeff pushing past the membrane of her resistance, mindful to make it as swift and clean as possible. And she let out a cry. And he felt a warm flood surround his girth, blood he thought but kept at it. Fucking her hard and deep. His cock swelling to meet every damp corner of her virgin sex. And soon she was past the pain and her body was commingled and one with his body and every movement was shared. And he felt her hands grabbing at his ass to pull him in deeper and pulling him so deep that he felt in danger of being swallowed forever within the dense black-hole of her womb…

“I want you to cum all over my cock.”


“I want you to get me all wet with your cum.”

“Oh God! It feels so good Jeff. I think I’m cumming… Oh God!”

Jeff pulled out and stroking it like a prize offered it to her mouth once more. She began to suck and was now tasting her pussy for the first time. It tasted good on his cock. Her tongue moving along the belly of his shaft and her hands cupping his tensing balls.

Sara’s mouth filling up warm with his seed beating spasms against the roof of her mouth–letting Jeff’s love ooze out the corners of her mouth, globs of white dropping from her tired pink tongue and landing wet against the bare heave of her breasts.

There was a stain of blood on the carpet; not the flood he had felt, but a couple of spots red and small.

“That’ll need to be clean before Julie gets home.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll deal with it. But… Do you think what we did was wrong?”

“That depends on how you look at things. Do you think it was wrong?”

“I feel bad. Bad about Julie. Do you think she’ll know?”

“Not unless someone tells her. I won’t if you won’t. Deal?”

“Deal. I’ll never tell. But… Sometimes she’s kinda spooky. Like when we were kids she used to talk to ghosts… She told me once that sometimes she can see the past like its a movie. I hope she never sees this.”

“Don’t worry. Your sister’s not as clever as she puts on.”

“I didn’t say clever, I said spooky.”

“Well, I wouldn’t worry about it… Hey, want me to let you in on something?”


“You were wonderful.”

“Thanks, but you don’t have to tell me that.”

“No, I’m not bullshiting you. You were great. In fact, I’d say you are a lot better fuck than your sister is.”

“That’s a terrible thing to say.”

Julie came home on time, stamping snow on the carpet and seeing Sara on the couch watching TV.

“Where’s Jeff?”

“In your room I think. Writing his paper.”

When she opened the door to her room she saw her boyfriend lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling. She also noticed that his cock was hard and throbbing in his hand.

“Well, it looks like you glad to see me.”

She said smartly:

“Save some of that for me, will you?”

He said nothing as Julie began to take off her work clothes. Soon she was in a black lace bra and panties and sliding her nylons slowly down her legs. She was a small girl but well proportioned and curvy like a 1950’s pin-up. She had red hair too, but unlike her sister her hair was ironed straight and the shade was darker. She sat on the bed beside Jeff and began to play with his cock.

“Does he want kisses?”

“He wants you to suck him. Suck him all the way down your pretty little throat.”

He was in no mood to be cute.

As she took him in her mouth he grabbed hard onto her hair.

“Suck that cock!”

She began to mutter something but it was too late. The head of Jeff’s cock was spearing Julie’s tonsils and if she could have seen his eyes at that instant she would be freaked. In that instant Jeff looked like a rapist, like some thick-browed primitive having his first premonition of fire. He tore off Julie’s black lace panties and bent her over the bed. She could feel his girth press up against her, then as suddenly stabbing in–drawing out her wetness on the way back and then stabbing again.

“Be careful! I’m very delicate down there, you know.”

Her pleas were met by grunts and silence. As he fucked her he spread open her asscheeks with his hands and his eyes feasted on that little button of an asshole that had so long eluded his cock. He wet his fingers in his mouth and soon was gliding them along the ring of her closed anus. Soon he inserted one wet finger – shallow, but in – and soon deeper and moving in concert with his hard thrusting cock still warm inside her cunt.

“Cut it out! Behave back there.”

He slid another finger in, two fingers now working to loosen the grip of her clenched rectum. He then pulled out of her pussy completely and began to devote his tongue to preparing her virgin ass. He spit on his cock and then pushed the head against her now quivering asshole.

“Please stop! It will hurt!”

His head in, and now further… the ring of her hole pinching tight around his shaft.

“I’m going to fuck you up your tight ass, bitch. Can you feel me up there?”


Julie’s voice was smothered in the pillow she was biting so she did not look up to see Sara naked in the light through the open crack of the bedroom door and fingering her pussy. Jeff stared at Sara as he mercilessly assfucked Julie.

“Oh Fuck! Cum in my ass!”

Not sure if she was getting into it or whether she just wanted this to be over and done with, Jeff abruptly pulled his cock out of Julie’s asshole.

“I think I need a drink of water. Want anything?”

“Yeah, I could use some water too. You really wore me out.”

She was obviously relieved at this respite, and again burying her head into the dampness of her pillow missed that Jeff walked out naked and still stroking his stiff red prick–searching now for sister Sara.

He found Sara at the bottom of the stairs. She grabbed hold of his cock and lead him by his stiffness over to the couch.

“I can’t believe what I saw you doing to my poor sis. How’d you ever manage to get that thing up in there?”

“Here, let me show you…”

He pushed her legs up until they reached up behind her red and unruly curls. She was open once more to his kiss; only now the kiss was more familiar, more friendly than before. She felt his tongue move in wet waves over her swollen clit. His fingers now inside and whipping her into a salty froth which he eagerly lapped up with his knowing tongue. Sara began to cum; her juices mixed with his spit, running down past her pussy and collecting in a pool over the tight wink of her asshole. Jeff moved his thumb in wet circles over her tiny hole.


He said as his thumb pushed inside and she let out a sigh as this newer experience took her over. How strange his thumb felt as it stretched to loosen the elastic ring of her asshole.

But before she could say she liked it, the thumb was out and something new was pressing against her. His cock felt like a monster against her cute teen-age chute. The head was thick, bending her resistance and soon was inside her tiniest hole. This big, purple mushroom of a head was followed by the slow slide of shaft–all 9 inches of his pink pipe working itself in until balls deep inside… Jeff couldn’t believe his luck, having taken Sara’s virginity not once but twice in the same day. He was so excited he couldn’t stand it.

“How does my cock feel up your tight little ass?”

“Mmm… Strange, but I think I like it… Do you like fucking me up the ass?”

“Oh fuck! baby. I’m going to cum! cum up your tight ass.”

“Mmm… Wait! I want you to cum in my mouth again.”

Jeff pulled out, but not in time–spewing his hot load – held back since Julie – all over Sara’s white and dimpled backside Sara took Jeff’s cock in her mouth anyway and sucked him clean for the second time.

When Jeff finally returned with the water Julie was sound asleep and snoring softly into her pillow. He set her glass on top of the bureau and got under the covers, and soon he too succumbed to sleep–all dreams drained away during his snowday with Sara.

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