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Fishing Camp

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It was the biggest fishing trip of the year. Four couples were preparing to spend a week in the woods at a remote lake accessible only by seaplane. The plan was for fishing, just getting away from the city for a while, and communing with nature. Then disaster struck. All at once it seemed, one after the other, for various reasons, all of the other wives dropped out. Given the disastrous news all around, I telephoned my husband, Rick, and suggested that they make it a stag affair and I’d find something to do around here.

He wouldn’t hear of that saying that if I wanted him to be laid up, just make him eat Sam’s or Howard’s cooking for a whole week.

“Nothing doing,” he told me, “You’re going, so get packed.”

Somewhat nervously, I did as he told me and packed our things for a week in the woods. A few short hours later, I found myself isolated from the world with four men. We waved the pilot off as he headed homeward and all pitched in to carry our gear to the cabin.

With so many hands to help, the gear was soon all stored away. The men decided to survey the possible fishing sites nearby. After the reconnoitering was done, they reported that the boat just wasn’t large enough for all of us at once. The fishing would have to be done in shifts. I volunteered to stay behind and get things in order and heat the skillet if they would be sure to bring something back to put in it. All well and good they said, but someone else, at least, would have to take the second shift also. That boat couldn’t safely handle all four men at once.

Since it was really too late to fish, we prepared a light supper from our stock and the men settled down to play some cards. They decided that whoever was the big loser in the card game would have to stay behind at the cabin with me in the morning. Whoever caught the most fish on the first day would stay behind the second day and they’d work out the rest of the week later. As the cards were shuffled, I served drinks all around and retired to an easy chair with my book. The conversation got progressively rougher and the jokes a little more crude with each deal of the cards until a look from me in their direction reminded them that there was still one lady present. That only served to turn the conversation toward more jokes, one of which was that I would have to be the “house” wife for the week.

“Meaning?” I questioned.

Wayne said with a mischievous smile, “You’ll probably do most of the cooking and generally taking care of us, and whatever else a “house” wife would be expected to do.”

“Hmmmmm,” I replied and returned to my book, never dreaming where that idea would lead.

The next morning, I was up before dawn, making coffee and baking biscuits, frying bacon and eggs and making sandwiches for our adventurous fishermen’s lunches. Rick was the first to arrive in the kitchen since my desertion of the bed had awakened him and he smelled the coffee. He told me that my companion for the day would be Sam, who had been the big loser last night. Then he dropped a bombshell about what had transpired after I had gone to bed. He said they had all ganged up on him and said that if he wasn’t the big winner in the card game, I would have to truly be a “wife” to them all for the week. He had finally agreed to this on the condition that I had no serious objections to it. He told me that he had NOT won. I was a little shocked by this revelation, but had no real objections since I’d known all these guys since our college days when they had all been fraternity brothers and I had always liked them all.

The more I thought about this, the better I liked it. Having dated three of them and married the fourth, I was comfortable with every one of them and was more than a little flattered that they had wanted more of me. Besides, here I was with a veritable smorgasbord of men to play with. Who needed fish!

One by one the others drifted in to the kitchen. As I set the biscuit platter on the table, I looked up and said, “Sam, what got you up so early since you’re not going out?”

“What! And miss all this,” he replied, looking at me in my thin housecoat more appreciatively than at the biscuits. Thirty minutes later, we stood in the cabin doorway together, waving the others off onto the lake and Sam playfully put his arm around my shoulders and yelled at them, “Come back to see us sometime,” giving them all a BIG wave. As we stood there, his hand left my shoulders and drifted downward with an unmistakable brush across my hips. Startled, I looked up at him and he winked at me. “Time to perform another of your “housewifely” duties, love.”

Surprised, I took a second look at this gentle, shy giant. He had always been the quiet one at the frat house. “You’re absolutely right”, I said as I went to the kitchen to start washing the dishes.

Sam followed me into the kitchen and poured himself another cup of coffee. As I finished washing the dishes, he grabbed a dishtowel and said, “I’ll dry.” Thanking him, I excused myself to go shower and dress. As the warm water cascaded over my body, I thought about their bet and what I should do about it. At first, the idea was out of the question, but the more I thought about it, the more it felt like I had just won the lottery. OK, I thought, if it’s a housewife they want, it’s a “house” wife they’ll get. In spite of all our antics back in college, I had never slept with any of these guys. This might really be fun and Rick hadn’t seemed too upset with the situation either.

As I returned to the kitchen, dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, I found him sitting at the table drinking another cup of coffee from a fresh pot. I poured myself a cup and brought it over to the table, intending to sit next to him and chat. Instead, he reached out and pulled me down onto his lap and kissed me. Surprised, I returned his kiss gently. His hands wandered over my body and stopped to pay homage at my breasts. If his intentions weren’t plain enough, what I felt through my shorts as I sat in his lap made them abundantly clear.

Lips followed hands and then returned, hands pressing me to him and lips insisting on better communication. Somehow, we found ourselves in my bedroom, the only private one in the house. He pushed me gently back onto the bed and proceeded to acquaint himself with my body and I with his, in a much more personal way. I welcomed him warmly and we spent the next several hours exploring our new relationship and tasting each other and all the wonder that was ours for the day. Before we knew it the day was done and all the others were trooping into the cabin. The evening was taken up with dinner and more cards until we all tumbled into our beds, exhausted, at an early hour.

According to plan, the next morning Howard, who had caught the most fish the day before, was my companion for the day. He slept in until the others were out the door and then appeared in the kitchen looking his usual, well-groomed self and accepted a cup of coffee with a kiss while I prepared a hot breakfast for him. I sat with him at the table as he ate and had a second cup of coffee myself since I had eaten with the others earlier. After he had eaten, we cleaned the kitchen together. As we put away the last dish, he took me gently in his arms and began kissing me, running his hands over my body, still clad only in my silky robe. His kisses became more intense as he caressed my breasts and hips and soon he was leading me toward the bedroom. Who would have thought that neat, composed, Howard would be so bold, even as fun-loving as he had always been? Maybe there was more to this bean counter than I had suspected. I sat on the edge of the bed and opened his robe as he stood before me, allowing myself a full view of his muscular body. His long, slender cock was fully aroused and saluting me as he stood there. I encircled it with my hand and drew him to my mouth. My tongue licked out and ran teasingly around the head of his cock and then I slowly took him into my mouth and throat, licking and flicking him all the way with my inquisitive tongue. His hands busied themselves with caressing my breasts and gently pinching the nipples. He stood this for as long as he could and then, withdrawing from my mouth, and pushing me backward onto the bed as he approached. He covered me with his body and with one long gentle thrust entered me and began the age-old rhythm of pleasure. Sometime later, we floated downward from the height of our orgasms, still entwined in each other’s arms. Sleepily we snuggled and kissed and spoke of things we found exciting about each other. It was nearly noon when we awoke.

After a quick sandwich, we decided to explore a bit in the surrounding woods. We came upon a small clearing, and, stopping for a moment, we were once again enveloped in our selves and our pleasures. The soft grass was a cool contrast to the sheets from the bed back at the cabin. The sky and its soft clouds, the green canopy formed by the trees, and the animal noises surrounding us, we sought our release and collapsed to catch our breath and find our way to reality once more. Then, as we noticed that the day was fast waning, we returned to the cabin and started preparing some of the catch from the previous day for dinner. Just as we were finishing the cooking, the others came in, happy and tired from a successful day. The evening was filled with drinks, a card game, and story swapping of this and other fishing trips enjoyed in years past.

On the third morning, we had finally dropped all pretense of propriety. I still prepared breakfast for the men, but the robe was past tense. In my sheer baby-dolls (dated, I know) I had to be a sight from the breakfast table as I was bending over to check on the stove or pick anything up off the floor. And the top left nothing to the imagination either, except perhaps for imagining me totally without it. My 38C breasts swung freely as I moved from oven to table

As everybody headed for the lake, I stood at the top of the steps to the porch with Wayne. He was lazily leaning against the railing, dressed only in a pair of shorts. I toyed with the back of his neck for a moment and ran an inquisitive finger along his chin line beard, before I pulled his face to my lips, briefly, as my right hand quickly lowered his zipper. To my delight, he had worn no briefs today. This was having a rapid effect on him as he was quickly rising to the occasion he had anticipated for two days. Glancing once at the others stepping into the boat, I knelt and, fondling him once more, reacquainting myself with old familiar territory, kissed the head of his now engorged member. We had explored this far in a dark corner of the frat house one evening when we’d both had just a drop too much to drink. With just one or two preparatory licks for lube and an estimation of size, I took him entirely into my hungry mouth. Were the others watching? Wayne was beyond caring and I was much too busy to see. As he rose to his feet and stiffened, his spasms, and the way his eyes were rolling back told me all I needed to know. My throat was soon to be splattered with his relief. One groan and he exploded with a force that surprised me. Even at their most excited, nobody I’d ever sucked had produced such volume. It was difficult to breathe, and when I attempted to breathe around him, some of the pearly liquid seeped from the corners of my mouth and onto my chest. I continued to fondle him with my mouth until he was returning to a more relaxed state, not soft by any means, but more relaxed.

He lifted me up and then swept me up into his arms and carried me down the steps and out onto the now deserted pier. Grinning mischievously, he held me out over the water and dropped me. He removed his shorts, revealing the lean, tanned body of the outdoorsman he was and jumped in, grabbing my shoulders on the way down. As I surfaced, sputtering and mumbling something about quick revenge, he grabbed the top of my baby dolls and pulled it off over my head, tossing it onto the dock beside his shorts. Then he disappeared. From underneath me I felt his hands on my PJ bottoms as he pulled them down and off and, as he surfaced, they too, were deposited on the dock. We then indulged in a game of tag. I did my best to drown him without succeeding. Playfully he dodged my every attack and then finally, captured me from behind. Holding me captive, he began to explore my body and nestled his half-aroused cock between my hips with playful but unmistakable strokes. It wasn’t long before both of us were ready for a more serious adventure. He guided us to the ladder at the side of the pier and we ascended and headed back to the cabin.

Both of us wanted to shower and headed straight for the bathroom where we got into the roomy shower. He washed me and I washed him. It was such fun to wash his cock with my soapy hands. By the time the shower was over, we were both fully aroused and ready to play again. As we stretched out on the bed in my bedroom, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me, all the while stroking my body with his hands and pressing me against his hardness. Then, positioning himself between my thighs, he proceeded to lick and thoroughly arouse me with his tongue. When we could stand it no longer, he raised up over me and gently, slowly entered, taking me spiraling upward with this most intimate contact. We lay very still, connected, and the only movement was that of my inner muscles squeezing, massaging, ever tighter around his manhood. Then, he resumed his rhythms as he drove us upward, ever upward to an explosive pinnacle of passion and we tumbled over it together and drifted back to earth amid aftershocks and spasms. Afterward, we napped a little and then decided to make a light lunch and eat it on the wide porch, sitting in the swing at the shady end. We chose a menu for this evening of thick juicy grilled steaks and baked potatoes, which I wrapped in foil and put in the oven to bake slowly all afternoon. They’d be ready by the time the others returned and then we’d grill the steaks and maybe some of the fish too. The evening was again filled with conversation and the laughter of friends. I noticed with a great deal of pleasure the absence of all noises except the sounds of their voices and the nearby lapping of water at the lakes edge, accompanied by the night sounds of the forest.

The next day, our last to spend in our mountain retreat, we decided to forego the fishing and devote some time to maintaining our mountain paradise. Each of the men had a special skill to offer to the enterprise and the others pitched in to help as each project was tackled. By day’s end, everything had been checked, sealed, oiled, or whatever was needed to leave it in top shape for our next visit. Any one of the four couples might come up on a given weekend or all might come together at some appointed time. Late that afternoon, as we were storing away the tools and packing up our gear for the return to civilization, we heard the plane as it splashed down on the lake. The engine droned progressively louder as it taxied up to the pier and two of the guys manned the mooring ropes and welcomed our pilot. He had come up to spend the night before flying us back the next day. He was another of the fraternity brothers, Mike Prescott, and the one whom we always called when we needed to fly short hops.

After supper, as we all sat around the living room and reminisced about the week, I turned on the stereo and put on some of my favorite CD’s that I had brought for my own pleasure. Looking around flirtatiously, I grabbed Mike’s hand and said, “C’mon, let’s show these guys how to dance.” It was a 50’s rock n roll album that was playing and Mike was a great dancer. Soon the other guys were pushing the chairs back against the walls and cutting in on the fun. Then the stereo switched to some slower numbers and Mike was back, taking me into his arms for some slow dancing fun. He was of average height, only 5’10” and our bodies molded together easily as we danced to the strains of an old familiar tune. Holding me closer than was absolutely necessary, he rubbed his body against mine and I against him until our excitement with each other was impossible to conceal. The others, seeing where this was headed, took turns cutting in and showing me how much they wanted to repeat the experiences of the week. A quick head count was enough to remind me that if this went where it seemed to be heading, I was going to be one very busy lady that night.

“Who’s first?” I asked.

Wayne, who happened to be dancing with me at that moment, said he would be first and led me in the dance toward the bedroom door. The others, not to be outdone, followed en masse. In no time at all I was lying naked on the bed, surrounded by naked men and in real danger of being mauled. Mike had somehow replaced Wayne between my legs and was licking me thoroughly and arousing me to the point where I didn’t care what happened, so long as I got to hold, suck, and be mounted by those hard cocks. At this point, Mike scooted up my body and entered me. A hand appeared from somewhere and turned my head to the side and a second cock was pushed into my mouth while others were placed in my hands on either side. Four stiff, hungry cocks at once…wow. But where was the fifth and who was it. Then I saw my husband, Rick, standing back just a bit from the group on the bed, watching and smiling his approval as four men filled his wife from as many directions. Seeing that I was just a little anxious about so much attention at once, he sat on the edge of the bed as close as he could and reaching around under the others, he took my breasts into his hands and gently rubbed and squeezed them, while telling me how beautiful and hot I was.

After this bit of reassurance, he again stepped back and I noticed that the lights were brighter all of a sudden. Rick was videotaping the whole thing for posterity (he could afford to wait since I would still be sleeping with him tonight as every other night this week). I was beyond caring. I felt the head of the one in my mouth swell and then gush a torrent down my throat, so deep that I could barely taste it. As if on cue, first the one in my right hand and then my left were beginning to shower me with their loads, now pooling between my naked breasts. I didn’t have much time to wonder at all this as my muscles were tightening and I was finding my breathing to be quick, shallow, and a bit difficult until I was swept away on the waves of my own orgasm.

A towel appeared from somewhere and my chest was cleaned of the excesses deposited there. As I came back to awareness of what was going on around me, I heard the sound of ice cubes landing in glasses. Lifting up on one elbow I enjoyed the sight of five naked men in the living room mixing drinks and toasting the belle of the evening. Then Rick appeared beside me again, handing me a glass too. As he stood beside the bed, I hungrily engulfed his manhood and began sucking and flicking his shaft.

The coolness of my mouth after the drink seemed to be doubly exciting to him and he was well on the way to a very quick finish. While I was thus engaged, I felt someone behind me coating his finger with my juices and then inserting it in the one remaining opening which had not felt a man tonight. This didn’t last long…soon I felt the head of a large cock pressing its way past the tight muscles and entering me fully. My groan at this newest invasion pushed Rick over the edge. As he came in my throat, my unseen lover rolled me on top of him while still fully inside me. A glance in the reflection from the window answered the question of identity. My latest lover was Sam. I was just balanced and into Sam’s rhythm when I looked up to see Howard parting my legs further and positioning himself between my legs to fill me from the front also.

I guess they had not been content with the hand treatment earlier and wanted their share of the fun inside. The whole scene was so animalistic, even primitive, that it was hardly credible. As we three soared the heights once more, our groans of passion were closer akin to roars of wild beasts. As the twin invaders softened and exited, we rolled and lay together for the time it took to stop the spinning of the world. Rick had never left the room while Sam and Howard had their way and now offered his hand to assist me out of the bed and into the shower. His assistance was more then welcome since my knees didn’t seem quite up to the task of supporting my weight. Rick accompanied me into the shower and both supported and cleansed me after I washed my hair. I reveled in the pleasure of the water pouring over us and his hands pouring over me.

My thin robe was all I wore as I rejoined the group in the other room, announcing the availability of the shower to any and all. There was unanimous agreement and, nearly in unison, they headed for the bath. Left in the room alone with Rick, I leaned against the frame of the kitchen door, arms folded, and was enveloped in the love I felt for this man. He turned from the bar and pressed a soda into my hand as he caressed my shoulders and nibbled an ear.

“You were great!” he said as he led me to one of the overstuffed chairs where I curled my feet under me and relaxed with the cool drink as I considered what a good night’s fun was had by all, especially me.

Morning came much too early and, not surprisingly, I found movement the slightest bit difficult. To my great surprise, I was the last to arrive in the kitchen where I was greeted with kisses from all the guys and served coffee and a continental breakfast of sweet rolls and fruit. As soon as we had all eaten our fill, everyone pitched in and cleaned the kitchen and then began carrying things to the plane. In short order we were watching the lake disappear beneath us as we circled and set a course for home.

Wayne’s wife, Janet, was waiting for us at the airport. Wayne kissed her and she asked, “Did everybody have a good time?”

“Oh, yeah,” Wayne answered, glancing over and winking at me over her head. “She can really cook.”

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