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First Time With Others

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My girlfriend Anne and I have a very open sexual relationship, I don’t mean we have other partners just that we talk about it a lot and fantasies to each other all the time. She had a lesbian experience many years ago and has only ever told me about it, a story I have got her to repeat many times. We have both been married previously and neither of us could be as open with our spouses as we are with each other. We have also confessed to each other that we like being watched and have accidentally on purpose put on a show a couple of times, usually in the car and once on a local beach.

During our fantasy talk we have often involved other people, both male and female, something, which turns us both on particularly Anne. Neither of us wants the other to have sex with anyone else but we get incredibly horny thinking and talking about it. I must be honest I would love to see her with another woman, but that generally goes without saying for most men.

I also love to see her exposed to other men, she has a gorgeous arse and once in the car, on a secluded car park, quite late at night I realized we were being watched through the window, I got her on all fours sucking my cock, with her arse pointing towards the passenger window. Reached over and slid her dress up and her thong down. I switched on the interior light.

“What are you doing “ she asked.” someone will see us”.

“So” I replied “ if anyone is around here at this time, then they are up to no good or watching somebody up to no good”.

She gave me a really dirty smile and resumed her oral attentions.

I reached round and fucked her with my fingers, whilst our friend watched and wanked at the window.

She stopped after a while, took of her panties and straddled my thighs reached down and put me inside her. This enabled me to pull her dress off completely, she does not have a large bust so was not wearing a bra. Anne was now naked whilst being fucked in front of a stranger.

Later that night, I told her about it whilst we were having sex, she thought it was just fantasy talk and really got into it, asking about his cock and what he was doing to himself.

Later I managed to convince her that it was no fantasy, “My god “ she exclaimed “did he come” she asked, “I think so” I replied,

“My god” she repeated, “that feels really dirty and sexy, and I wish you had told me”.

“I thought you might freak”

“True, I might have, at the time, but I won’t next time”.

That was a month ago and we have not repeated it, but we have talked about it and elaborated on the story to get each other off. I even got her to talk about stroking this strange cock through the window whilst I was fucking her, it really turned us both on, I think if someone had tried to shove their dick through the window I would have gone fucking berserk, but talking about it was different.

We were both taking a few days off work so decided to take a trip to Amsterdam, we had been a couple of times previously and both love it, see the sights, smoke some blow, and spend the evening around the red light area, perhaps watch a live sex show.

The first evening, after a nice meal and a few drinks we took a tram up to red light area, it was busy as hell lots of couples like us having a look round.

“Which do you fancy” she asked pointing towards a line of working girls displaying themselves in the windows, some of them are quite beautiful and most are dead sexy, not like a lot of the tired looking girls you can see working some of the cities in the uk.

“Most of them” I replied “what about you”

“I think I could be tempted by one or two” she replied.

She was nicely tuned in and horny as hell, she had been squeezing my dick under the restaurant table for most of the night and didn’t care too much who was watching.

As it was a warm night she was wearing a light summer dress and matching bra and thong panties so I could return the compliment by occasionally sliding my hand up her leg.

“Where are we going” she asked, “ I fancy watching somebody having sex”?

I looked round, “what about there”.

I pointed to a movie theatre.

“I thought you wanted to see some live action, “she asked

The live shows are great but are usually a bit too busy, people coming and going, also too well lit for a bit of private fondling, which is something I quite fancied. I explained my reasoning, she agreed very readily with a dirty grin.

We paid our money and went inside, it was a bit dingy, dark and about half full, a lot of couples and some single blokes. The cinema was laid out with the door at the rear and the seats in rows of six in the middle with aisles on both sides, I picked out an empty row three from the back and we sat in the middle seats with me on the left.

I had a quick look round, there was a single bloke behind us to the right on the end seat and a couple to the left, in front of us there was a bloke sat to the right of Anne an empty seat in front of me and two girls sat next to each other to the left.

The film was in English and must have been near the beginning, showing two couples playing strip poker.

They were all in various stages of undress and were very attractive, I settled into my chair and watched the screen, resting my right hand on her bare thigh; she parted her legs slightly and moved her left hand onto my thigh. We watched for a while, we have both seen lots of blue movies and even filmed ourselves a couple of times but being in that theatre in the dark seemed a lot sexier, I was sporting a big boner by now and Anne was gently resting her hand on it, giving me the occasional squeeze, whilst never taking her eyes of the screen. I moved my hand further up her dress until it was brushing against the front of her very skimpy panties. I was still a little nervous about being observed so had a quick look round, the bloke behind us was very obviously wanking under the jacket on his lap, I looked over my left shoulder and could clearly see the girl with her hand inside his open fly, she had jeans on but the top couple of buttons were undone and she had her left hand tucked inside. I couldn’t tell if she was actually masturbating but it looked really horny. It was hard not to stare, as what was going on, on the back row was hornier than the shagging and nob sucking on screen. I moved my hand from the front of Anne’s panties and slid my hand under her bottom she lifted up slightly so she was now sitting on my hand, I started to rub her pussy through her dress, and she loves being touched like this and always comes quickly.

I leaned towards her, kissed her neck and whispered, “Pull your dress up”.

“We’ll get thrown out” she replied.

“I don’t think so, look behind you”. She turned to look at the masturbating man, then looked at the couple, by now she had his knob out and was blatantly wanking him with her right hand, whilst gently stroking herself with her left, both of them were staring at the screen, seemingly oblivious of anyone around them.

Anne didn’t say anything; she turned away from the couple, removed her hand from my fly and stood up. I thought she was going to get up to leave, she leaned over and said “ I am going to have to nip to the loo”, she kissed me on the cheek then slipped away.

I hoped she would return soon, as I felt a bit of a berk, sat in the middle on my own with my flies undone. I looked over at the couple; they were doing up their pants and getting ready to leave.

I turned round and watched the film. Anne did not return for about 5 minutes, she sat down next to me “Our friends have gone” I whispered “looks like we will have to watch the film instead”, “They haven’t gone” she replied “I have just been listening to them shagging in the next cubicle for the last 5 minutes, made me randy as hell, I need to come really badly “, she reached over, slipped her panties in my shirt pocket and after a quick look round pulled her dress up over her bottom. From the front she didn’t look any different, but now she was sitting with her bare bum on the seat. I slid my hand back under her behind, she lifted slightly again so now her bare pussy was resting on my hand, I slid a finger inside, she started to squirm on my hand, pushing down hard. I looked at her as she closed her eyes and came with a small gasp. Anne is multi orgasmic and comes many times during any lovemaking session, coming just the once makes her even more frustrated.

I looked round to see if anyone had become aware of us, our wanking mate was still wanking and another single bloke was sat next to the end where the couple had been, both seemed blissfully unaware, however the bloke in front had started to glance over his shoulder a bit, I couldn’t tell how much he could see, probably not much in the dark.

Anne slipped her hand back inside my fly and managed to get her hand inside my undies, then pulled it back out unbuckled my belt undid my trouser button and slid her hand back in. I was hard as iron, she wrapped her hand round my cock. I pulled my sweater down so I was covered up. Anne however did not seem to be as concerned about her modesty as I was. A combination of my fingers and her squirming had made her dress ride up so I reckon that if the bloke could now get a reasonable view of Annes pussy hair, especially as she had opened her legs so her knees were a good 8 inches apart. All this time she never took her eyes of the screen.

The bloke in front got up and nipped out, gone for a wank I thought, however he returned a couple of minutes later and instead of returning to his seat, he sat at the end of our row, so there was just one empty seat separating him and Anne. When she heard the seat move she turned to look then turned back to the screen. This was all the encouragement he needed, he moved next to Anne.

Cheeky bastard I thought, but Anne didn’t seem to care, she was still writhing on my hand and must have come 3 or 4 times by now. Anne was now really getting off on this now, she reached down with her right hand and gently stroked her clit, and our fingers were now brushing against each other’s. There was no pretence any more, she spread her legs wider and hooked her right leg over the arm of the chair, and her foot was now brushing against this stranger’s leg. I watched as he took his dick out of his jeans, must be honest he was a big lad, not long but wide and a big circumcised bell end.

I was now bothered that this was taking a different turn and that if he started waving his dick this way, Anne would not be to happy and I was definitely unsure of how I would react. He did not seem to want to push it and was happy enough watching and wanking with some slight contact with Annes foot. The couple from the toilets returned and seeing that their previous seat was taken, sat on our row with the woman sat next to me. When Anne realized she was being watched, she put her right leg back to the floor, but left her legs open. This seemed to bring her back down to earth, but she didn’t remove her hand from my cock. She looked at the bloke sat next to her and realized for the first time that he had his dick out in his hand, whilst watching Anne gently stroke her clit. She closed her legs and pulled the front of her dress down, it wouldn’t pull down too far, just enough to cover her pussy. The poor bloke, now obviously bothered about Anne’s reaction, quickly tucked his dick in his pants. She turned to me and said, “Did you see what he was doing”, “Yes” I replied “horniest thing I have ever seen, can you not feel how hard I am She gave me a squeeze under my sweater and giggled

“Does it not bother you” she asked “if it doesn’t bother you, then it definitely does not bother me, I thought it might, but you just look so sexy and he obviously agrees with me. Does it bother you?”

“I suppose not “ she replied, “It mustn’t do, I haven’t felt this horny for ages, you are going to have to take me in the toilets and fuck me, if there is any room that is”.

“There must be, look” and I pointed to the couple sat at the side of me.

“Fucking hell has everyone in the place been watching me”,

“Not everyone, just this row” I replied. Laughing quietly.

“Are you going to fuck me,” she asked “not yet” I replied “Why” she quizzed,

“ I want to watch you again”,

“I don’t know if I can”,

“Then you wont get fucked, not by me anyway,” I said with a smile.

“Bastard” she exclaimed “what do you want me to do” she knew I wasn’t serious but played along anyway, probably feeling less slutty about it as I was sort of forcing her to do it.

“Put both your hands on the arm of the chair and don’t move them unless I tell you to”

She removed her hand from my trousers, and gripped the arm of the chair; she was already gripping the other arm with her right hand

“Move your bum forward a little”, she slid forward a few inches, without saying anything.

I removed my hand from under her bottom and leant towards her gently kissing her neck I slowly lifted her dress up, sliding it up her thighs until her pubes again became visible.

I carried on nuzzling her neck; she loves this and can sometimes cum with this alone.

“Open your legs” I whispered. She turned to me “What if he tries to touch me “ she asked.

“Do you want him to touch you”?

“I don’t know, it feels so dirty and sexy being touched by a complete stranger, but at the same time I don’t want him near me”

“The moment you feel uncomfortable, we will leave, ok ?”, this reassured her and she turned back to the screen. I looked down, she was partially exposed, I wanted her completely exposed, I reached round, pulled the dress up to her waist and tucked it up behind her to hold it up.

I kissed and bit her earlobes; she closed her eyes and came with a small shudder.

I looked over and our friend had pulled his dick back out of his pants and was tugging on it vigorously.

I turned the other way, he was watching the screen, she was watching us, our eyes met and she smiled at me. I reckoned she was in her mid thirties, like us, seemed slim and fairly attractive. She had her left hand resting on the top of her partner’s jeans, probably trying to get him up again. Her right hand was on the arm of the chair, the fingers were only inches from my thigh, I turned back to Anne and moved my left leg as close as I could without being too obvious, I could feel our knees lightly touch, she didn’t move away, so I left it there.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to happen, but reckoned that we could up and leave whenever we wished. I started to stroke Anne’s inner thigh with my right hand, she gasped slightly but never took her eyes away from the screen. I could tell from the way she was breathing that she was really turned on, probably dying for her clit to be touched and if I hadn’t told her to keep her hands on the arm of the chair, would probably be doing it herself. I decided to tease her for a while; slowly working my hand towards her pussy I turned to watch the screen. The film had moved on a little since last time I looked, one of the girls was being fucked at both ends whilst the other sat close by, both her legs over the arms of a big comfy chair and fingering herself with both hands.

I felt the woman on my left touch my thigh with tips of her fingers, Christ I thought, wondering whether it was an accident or not. She touched me again, a little firmer, probably gauging my reaction.

My heart was pounding like it might burst, Anne might not like this, I didn’t know what to do about it, plus I might be mistaken. Anne couldn’t see what was happening, I would tell her later on when we were in bed.

I turned to kiss her neck again, to reassure her. She had her eyes closed again and her breathing was even deeper. I moved my hand a little higher; looking down I got the biggest shock of the night so far. The bloke in the next seat was gently stroking her right thigh. He was only a matter of inches from her sex, I moved my hand away slightly and just watched. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t said anything. He was leaning over and using his right hand to brush tiny circles on her upper thigh, sweeping between her knee and the top of her leg. Each time he moved his fingers; he stopped slightly closer to her pussy.

I thought about stopping this, but I could tell she was very aroused by the whole situation, plus I had a strange woman’s hand slowly working its way up my left thigh and I must admit it was a very erotic position for us both to be in. My dick was throbbing inside my pants, and I don’t remember the last time I had been so turned on.

I tore my eyes away from Anne’s lap to look left, the boyfriend had by now realized what was going on and had his left hand inside his girlfriends jeans, he was obviously struggling to get a proper feel as they were pretty close fitting. She removed her hand from my thigh, lifted her bottom up and slid her jeans down all the way past her knees, enabling her to open her legs. She kept her panties on, but her boyfriend reached over and moved them to one side and started to tease her clit. She replaced her hand back on my thigh, this time a little higher. I was quite uncomfortable by now, my knob was aching to be touched and I was willing her hand to move up and grasp it.

I was still conscious of drawing too much attention to ourselves I did not mind being watched as long as nobody else assumed they could join in.

I looked round, it was a very surreal situation, both girls were staring at the screen, Anne still had both her hands gripped tightly to the arms of the seat, the girl on my side had one hand on her boyfriends dick and the other resting in the crease at the top of my leg. We were trying to see both girls; I had the best view of all. It was quite dark and nobody in front seemed to have clue what was going on, but behind us, both blokes had moved closer in, directly behind both girls, trying to look over and get a better view. I couldn’t tell if they had their knobs out, but suspected they did.

Just as I was contemplating lifting Anne’s hand on to my aching dick, bingo, the girl on the left touched me there. I hadn’t fastened my trousers after Anne undid them, so her hand was stroking me through my underwear. She must have let go of her boyfriend, because I felt her other hand grip the waistband of my undies slide it over the end of my cock and tried to pull them down as far as she could whilst wrapping her other hand around me. It felt fantastic and an enormous relief, I must have groaned quietly because Anne turned to me, then looked down.

She gasped again, leaned towards me and asked, “Has she been hold of you all this time?”

“No, she’s just touched my cock for the first time, she’s been stroking my thigh for a while though, do you mind?”

She reached behind my head with her right hand and pulled me towards her, kissing me hungrily, her tongue snaking inside my open mouth. She broke the kiss, “I love it” she whispered, “seeing her hand wrapped round your cock nearly made me come”.

“Has he touched you yet?” I asked.

“No, he keeps getting close then stopping, it’s killing me”.

“Do you want him to touch you?”

“I think so” she told me, hesitantly, then paused to gauge my reaction, “I know I shouldn’t, but it feels so dirty, I don’t even know what he looks like”.

“He might need some encouragement,” I suggested.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re nearly touching his leg with your fingers, if he strains any harder to get near you he’ll break the arm of that chair” She giggled softly.

“Brush your fingers against his leg”.

“I cant”

“Go on, just reach out”, what I didn’t tell her that she must have only been inches away from his dick. She stretched slightly and brushed against the end of his knob. She pulled her hand away briefly.

“Go on” I urged, “ I dare you” she reached over and stroked the tip of his cock with her index finger.

“I’ll teach you to dare me,” she whispered in my ear “you’d better not give me a hard time about this later”

“I wouldn’t dare,” I answered

The balance of power had shifted slightly now and she knew it.

She broke away from me and sat back into her chair, she lifted her fingers to her mouth wet the tips then looking down returned her fingers to the tip of his cock, still not looking at him she turned towards the screen and closed her eyes.

If he had been waiting for any encouraging signs then he had them now. Now probably torn between touching Anne’s pussy and laying back and having his knob fondled, he reached down to undo the button on his jeans, lifted himself up a little and slid them down to just above his knees. His knob sprung fully into view. He reached across with his left hand and started to rub his middle finger against the general region of Anne’s clit. His right hand was pumping his dick, just bellow Anne’s fingers.

She shuddered to a climax almost instantly. He carried on rubbing; taking his lead I slid my jeans past my knees for easier access. This enabled her to use both her hands on me; her right hand was wrapped round the base of my cock, wanking me slowly while she gripped my balls with her left. I opened my legs as wide as I could; she reached under my balls and pushed a finger against my anus. Anne grabbed my bare thigh and gripped me tightly, I returned the favor and stroked her inner thigh with my right hand. She dug her nails in and shuddered, coming again.

My friend paused momentarily from giving me a fantastic wank; never removing her right hand from my cock she lifted both her knees onto her seat, turned her nearly bare ass to her boyfriend and leaned over to put the end of my cock in her mouth. This was gorgeous, particularly when she reached over with her left hand to stroke Anne’s thigh. Sensing the different touch she opened her eyes and looked down, her eyes looked glazed. Lifting her hand of my thigh she grabbed the girls hand and pushed it hard into the soft flesh at the top of her leg forcing it up towards her pussy. She reached up and moved the bloke’s hand out of the way inserting a finger into Anne’s pussy. Anne pressed down on her hand, she came again. The bloke sat back while Anne stroked his cock. I was very close to blowing my stack, but did not want it to stop.

We were now attracting more attention now, especially when the boyfriend slid her knickers down and started to fuck her from behind, while the man on the back row leaned over to touch her ass and bare back.

Behind Anne the man behind was leaning over to softly run his fingers across her bare neck and shoulders.

I wondered if this was a regular occurrence, a sort of swinger’s cinema.

I reached over to Anne and undid the buttons at the front of her dress, exposing the lacy black bra that just about covered her 34b bust. She does not have big breasts, but nice shape with very sensitive nipples. The man behind reached further over and slid both his hands into her bra, she groaned again. Forcing the bra down, he exposed both of her breasts. She was now practically naked, I could not believe how turned on this made me feel, it is an odd mix of lust and a masochistic feeling of jealousy.

I watched as the man on her right leaned in and flicked his tongue against her right breast. She was now receiving attention from 4 different people at the same time; all I was doing was lightly caressing her inner thigh with my right hand, whilst stroking the other girl’s bottom with my left. The bloke on Anne’s right, stopped kissing her nipple and knelt up on his chair, his knob had nearly slipped beyond the reach of her right hand so she had removed it and she was gently touching the back of the other girls hand instead.

He touched the side of her face with his fingers; she opened her eyes a little and turned towards him. His big circumcised bell end was only inches from her face; he was obviously trying to coax her into taking it in her mouth. This was a little too much for me, I squeezed her thigh, and she turned to look into my eyes.

“Do you still dare me” she asked softly, and reached up with her right hand to grasp this strange cock.

I shook my head slightly “No” I whispered.

She looked down into my lap to watch the head bobbing up and down on my cock. Looked up and raised her eyebrows at me, she was teasing me now and I must admit it was sexy as hell. Raising her left hand to her mouth, she spat on the tips, turned and smeared the tip of his dick with her saliva and started to pump with her right hand. The two handed attention must have been too much; he started to hump her fingers and groaning. She must have felt him about to come because she pointed his knob away as he shot his load into her left hand and over the seat. This was too much, I just blew into the girl’s mouth; she never moved, just pumped and licked me clean. Not a drop spilled. She lifted her head reached on the floor into her back and produced some wipes, handed one to Anne, to clean her hands, wiped her mouth with another then gently wiped my cock before planting a kiss on the tip. All the while, being humped by her boyfriend, who probably sensing a climax to the fun, so to speak, sped up and came with a groan.

Anne pulled her dress down over her panty-less bottom pulled her bra back up and fastened the buttons.

I pulled up my jeans, fastened my self up and stood up, pulling Anne with me. We hurried out through the exit.

We discussed this incident for a long time afterwards, not wishing to repeat it in a hurry, but both agreeing what an extremely erotic experience it had been. Anne admitted she had contemplated sucking his cock to teach me a lesson but didn’t really want to go that far, particularly as she had no idea where it had been.

“Is that the only reason?” I asked.

“You will never know” she teased, something she was getting better at “We will have to see next time!’

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