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Chapter 1 – The Meeting

I was doing my bit for the local community centre, delivering leaflets about the classes and services. I’d just finished and jumped on my push bike to cycle back home when I noticed two very fit looking girls in shorts smiling at me. Their smiles were so inviting and they were kind of giving me the eye. One of them beckoned me over so I stopped just by them.

“You put things to our door letter hole?”, she said with quite a thick eastern European accent.

“Yes, I’m delivering leaflets for the community centre round the corner.” I replied, admiring her long blonde hair and large, round, low-neck-sleeveless-sports-top covered breasts. Well actually they were more uncovered and showing rather a lot of cleavage and the nipples were quite obvious through the thin material.

“I see, please?” she asked with her hand out, smiling wryly, obviously noticing my interest in her well endowed chest.

“I don’t have any left. If yours is the corner house it was the last one.” I said disappointed that I had no other excuse to talk to them (and ogle their bodies) any further.

The other girl then spoke, “Please, you come and tell us about community centre. What happen there?” They had the same accent. The second girl’s voice was really deep and sultry. Her brown eyes were large and puppy like and she had gorgeous dark brown hair hanging down almost to her waist.

“It’s all on the leaflet.” I said, not thinking as I was entranced by the two girls’ bodies.

The first girl spoke again. “We not good at reading English. You help us understand?”

“Please, come to our room. Explain leaflet,” insisted the second girl again.

“OK, yes, if that’s OK with you,” I stammered, getting off my bike and turning it round. I noticed they were both looking at my lower parts. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a bulge probably revealed that I was a normal bloke appreciating their ample female charms.

“Where are you girls from?” I asked. They looked puzzled. “Your country? Where is home?”

The sultry voiced one answered. “We arrive from Romania…” she spoke to her friend in Romanian.

She added, “yesterday. We live here.” and opened the gate to a large Edwardian townhouse. The front door showed evidence of about six separate flats.

The blonde girl opened the door, picked up the wadge of leaflets I’d stuffed through the letterbox and led us up the stairs to their flat. Eight bloody flights of stairs! They lived right at the top. The compensation was I got to inspect their rear ends as they walked up the stairs ahead of me. They were both wearing running shorts that were high cut around their muscular legs and molded to their pert bottoms. There was no evidence to suggest either of them were wearing underwear. It was such a struggle not to reach out and fondle them both.

I was breathing heavily when she opened the flat door. It revealed quite a large room, probably covering the whole of the floor area of the house.

“You come in, sit down, make your comfortable,” the dark girl said, almost remembering a learned phrase from a book or English class.

“Thank you,” I replied looking round for something to sit on. There was a drop leaf table over by the front window with a couple of chairs by the wall and the king-sized double bed against another wall. I thought to myself, ” If they’re both living in the same room then they must sleep in this bed. I wonder if they’re lesbians?” My mind was making up fantasies quicker than I could cope. I sat down on the bed as it was nearest.

The room wasn’t very tidy. There was the remains of their breakfast on the table, clothes draped over the chairs several pairs of skimpy panties on the floor and more on the bed along with bras and other paraphernalia.

“You wish some tea?” said the blonde one.

“Not tea. Do you have something cold?”

“Orange juice?”

“Great!” She went to the small fridge in the corner by a sink and a Baby Belling cooker. “Not many creature comforts.” I thought.

“What is your name?” asked the dark one.

“Chris,” I answered holding out my hand.

She took it and held it, “My name is Erika. She is Anna. Pleased to meet you.” She squeezed my hand and lightly pumped it up and down. Anna is the blonde one and Erika is the dark one, I reminded myself. Anna came over and took my hand too. She just squeezed it lightly looking at my eyes, probably daring me to look down at her breasts.

Anna came over and gave Erika and I glasses of orange juice. She went back and got herself one in an old mug. It looked like they had just two each of the necessary crockery. The landlord had supplied the bare minimum. They came and sat close either side of me on the bed. Erika took off the light jacket she was wearing uncovering an identical T-shirt to Anna’s and tits to die for. Erika’s breasts didn’t seem as large as Anna’s but they were long and more cone shaped. The bulge in my shorts grew and throbbed with anticipation. I tried to surreptitiously cover my midriff with my hands but the movement was not lost on the girls who looked as if they were enjoying my discomfort.

Erika bent down to pick up the leaflets she’d dropped on the floor, stretching the material over her buttons and the mound between her legs. Her pussy cleft was outlined in the thin material.

“Please, you tell us of Community Centre?” She turned to me with the leaflets brushing my bare arm with her left breast. Erika drew closer on my left side.

“The Community Centre runs many classes for people who live locally, nearby, the local Community,” I explained, trying to clarify the English words they were unfamiliar with. “You would be interested in the English classes, yes?”

“We want to learn English,” Erika confirmed. “What day is English classes?” she asked grasping my hand with the leaflets closer so she could see.

“The English classes are on Wednesday afternoon,” I said, pointing out the entry on the programme.

Now Anna pulled my hand with the leaflets to her side. “What is the cost? We have little money.”

“It’s all free. They all cost nothing.”

The girls leaned in across me towards each other and held hands together, obviously pleased with this bit of information. Both sets of nipples brushed the tops of my legs causing my increasingly uncomfortable cock to strain against the inside of my clothes.

“How we join the class? Where, Community Centre?” asked Erika in her incredibly sultry voice.

Our hands touched yet again as I turned over the leaflets to show them the map on the back. “Here is the community centre. You are here.” I said pointing to the two locations on the map. I realised then that because they were both still holding on to the leaflet their hands were resting on my lap and my cock was twitching only a couple of bits of material separating them.

“You show us to the English classes on Wednesday?” Anna asked with a pleading look.

“We like you to show us many things.” Erika added letting her hand fall, seemingly accidentally, on my leg.

“Yes… We… I…” I stammered nervously. “I’ll be glad to show you around and help you.”

“You will be good friend.” Anna said, this time it wasn’t a question. “You help and teach girls and we can help you.” Her hand also fell onto my leg. Not an accident! She continued, “We not experienced…”

At what I wondered.

“…In your country,” she added after rather too long a pause. “We want to see many things.” At that moment I could have sworn they were both looking at my crotch.

“Do you both live here, in this one room?” I asked, changing the subject.

“We only have money for one room,” answered Anna.

“And one bed,” added Erika suggestively. “We are used to this. We have large family. Two sisters and me in one bed.”

“I am lucky. Only have one sister in one bed,” snickered Anna. She paused for a moment as a thought struck her. “You think we are, how you say, lesboes?”

“Lesbians,” I corrected. “No! I… Sorry! I didn’t think that… Not at all,” I jabbered not even convincing myself.

The two of them were giggling at my discomfort. They even leant forward across me and put their lips together in a mock kiss. That made them laugh even more.

“We are not lesbians,” stated Erika. “We are just good friends.” That made me laugh. They both looked at me, puzzled. “Why you laugh? I say something wrong?”

“No, not at all. It is just an English expression that sometimes means more than what is said. It would take too long to explain. English is often very confusing.”

“You like us be lesbians?” asked Anna, out of the blue.

I paused, perhaps longer than I should have before saying, “No!” I wasn’t sure whether the fantasy was better with them being lesbians or straight. “I’m very happy with you whatever you are,” I added hedging my bets.

“We like men,” said Erika, “but we are close friends too.” and she held Anna’s hand across me.

I changed the subject again: “What are you both doing here in England?”

Anna replied this time: “We are good gymnastics. We enter British competition and go to British college.” That certainly explained the way they looked so fit, their muscular legs and their sporty clothes.

“Is that where you’ve been this morning?”

“Yes. We go to gym every morning.”

“Even on your first day here?”

“We have to join club and register with organisers.”

“Didn’t they look after your accommodation?” Anna looked mystified again. “Where you would live. Didn’t the competition organisers look after you?”

“It all cost more money. Our gymnastics club in Romania paid so much but it not enough for place to live. We pay this ourself. We must get job soon.”

“I can probably help you.” I started, looking forward to their reaction. “The children at the community centre want to do some gymnastics. You could teach them. It won’t be very much money but it will help and you can do other jobs as well.”

“You will do this for us?”

“I will try. I will be able to sort something out for you.”

“You are very lovely man,” proclaimed Anna as she through her arms around my neck and hugged me close to her bosom. She then planted a lovely sloppy kiss in my surprised lips.

Erika followed suit. “Thank you so much, Chris.” She hugged and kissed me too but her kiss went on for longer and I felt her tongue lick my lips for a brief moment.

“We get you something to eat, yes?” Erika jumped up all excited, her lovely tits bouncing under her T-shirt.

“Listen. You don’t have to do anything for me. I’m glad to help you.”

“I want to give you something from my country. It is sweet and very…” She asked Anna what was the word in English.

Anna said “Erotic.”

“I think she means exotic,” although I didn’t think things could be much more erotic.

While Erika was up getting the exotic food, Anna asked about something else in the leaflet.

“What is all this computers?”

“I teach people to use computers at the community centre. Do you know about computers?”

“Yes we have computers in our town bibliotheca.”

“Library. The place where you can get books and now use computers.”

“Yes. Library. I would like to learn more computers.”

Erika came back with the food. It was like shredded wheat with honey. I’d had it before a a Greek restaurant. “This will make your lips dribble,” she insisted as she gave me the small plate.

I laughed and said, “You mean, it will make my mouth water.”

I tasted the morsel of food and she was right it did make my lips dribble. I made a complete mess of myself with all the crumbly bits dropping all over my shorts and shirt. We were all laughing together at the mess I was making. Erika was trying to be helpful by brushing the bits off my lap onto the floor but it had the effect of making my prick leap to attention rather suddenly.

“Oh!” she gasped as my shorts tented.

“I am so sorry.” I blustered as I tried to cover the rather obvious bulge.

“It is OK.” said Erika. “I have always wanted to see and feel a man. Can I touch him?”

“She didn’t wait for an answer and stroked the length of my prick through my shorts.

Anna moved to kneel in front of me and put her hand up the leg of my shorts. “I want to feel him closer.”

Not to be outdone, Erika undid the top button of my shorts and pulled down the zipper. I was wearing white briefs underneath but she stroked me again through the thin cotton material.

Anna grabbed hold of the waistband of my shorts and briefs and tugged them down to my knees. My prick sprang up and would have hit Anna in the face if Erika’s hand hadn’t caught it. They were both kneeling now with their faces just inches from my rampant prick.

“We are not experience with men,” said Erika.

“This number one cock for us,” Anna added.

“You mean this is the first naked cock you have seen?”

“Yes. It is good cock?” asked Anna

“I think so,” I replied as my prick stood proudly to attention. “I’ve not had any complaints.” It was certainly impressing the two girls. They both knelt with wide open mouths and eyes. Erika already had it in her hand and was just holding it about half way up. Anna also wanted to touch it. She held the top between one finger and thumb and slid the foreskin up and down revealing the purple head beneath.

I figured that since both of these beauties had hold of my cock. I could perhaps make free with certain parts of their bodies. I reached out and stroked one of Erika’s and one of Anna’s breasts. They looked up at me and smiled so I took a handful of each and gently squeezed.

Anna was the most precocious of the two and let go of my prick for a moment to lift off her top in one movement. Her tits were absolutely gorgeous, so large and round with small, erect, brown button nipples. She delicately stroked the head of my prick again as my hand wandered all over her tits, pinching her nipples and making her gasp with the electric sensation.

Seeing Anna lead the way, Erika pulled off her top revealing her pert breasts with large areola and nipples, defying gravity as they pointed upward. I just had to suck those nipples and I pulled her closer so that I could take as much of her breast into my mouth as would go. She moaned and pulled my head to her as I sucked those gorgeous tits.

Although I was still feeling Anna’s tits with my free hand, I could tell she was getting a bit jealous about the attention I was giving to Erika and moved closer so her free breast was brushing against my cheek. I thought I’d take her to the next stage. I slid my hand slowly down over her stomach, pausing around her pierced belly-button with a tiny ring containing a little stone, over the front of her running shorts and started rubbing gently between her legs. I could tell she was willing by the way she virtually sat on my hand. I could definitely feel the crotch of her thin shorts becoming moist with her vaginal secretions. Her breath came faster and little squeaks escaped her mouth with each rub of my hand between her legs. Then she suddenly took my head in both hands, murmured “ma~ pupi!” (Kiss me!), and covered my mouth with hers. My tongue slid between her lips and hers came to meet it. Our tongues swirled together as the passion rose.

I think Erika was now feeling a bit left out. She had pulled my shorts and briefs completely off and was stroking my bare legs, inner thighs and cradling my balls. She pushed my T-shirt up to expose my hairy chest and was nuzzling my nipples with her lips.

Then Anna pulled away from me and spoke to Erika in Romanian. She sounded a bit miffed with her best friend. I think she was telling Erika to let her have me to herself. Erika didn’t seem to pleased with this at first and she looked at me lustily with her large doe eyes. Anna put her hand on her face and stroked her neck and shoulders. It sounded like she was gently pleading with her and offering her to me when she was finished. The word ‘pula’ kept coming up, which I later found out meant dick. Erika finally moved away and pulled up a chair nearer the bed so she could watch. She called out “Curva!” (Whore), playfully.

“Tarfa!” (Bitch) Anna retorted.

Of course I had no idea what was being said although I kind of got the idea they were fighting over me. While they were arguing I slipped off my T-shirt so I was completely naked.

Anna turned back to me and smiled. I caught the word “Futui,” several times amongst other Romanian words. As she was untying the laces for her shorts from around her waist. She got them all tangled in her haste so I pushed away her hands and untied the laces myself. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and eased them over her hips, down her legs and let them drop to the floor. Anna stepped out of them then turned around and bent over to pick them up. She wasn’t being tidy she just wanted to show off her bum. Her beautiful buttocks were almost pushed into my face. There was nothing covering them, just a pink string running down the crack almost hidden by her buxom arse cheeks.

Turning to me again, I could see a teeny triangle of pink material covering her mons veneris. She obviously spent time on her bikini line as there were no pubes to be seen as yet. “You take off?” she whispered, indicating the thong, not really intending it to be a question. I had a little difficulty extracting the string from between her cheeks as they were pressed tight together but eventually I managed to slide them down and off. This did reveal some pubic hair, trimmed into a neat rounded triangle just above the top of her pussy slit.

Anna just stood in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed. Her lovely round bosoms at eye, or mouth, level and her bare pussy just where my hands were. She cupped her left breast and offered it to my mouth. “Suge!” she ordered. It sounded like she wanted me to suck her tit (I was right).

Anna’s tits were a little too rounded to suck into my mouth so I did my best to lick the areola and nipple. I was making her breast very wet with my saliva and I couldn’t help but rub my face all over her wet breast. She liked this too and jiggled the breast up and down with her hand as I nuzzled it.

My fingers wandered onto her pubic mound and I felt the soft, downy, blonde triangle there. I lightly traced down the length of her pussy slit, teasing her most sensitive place. Her outer lips were still closed but as I stroked my finger back up again, pressing a little more this time, her vulva opened like a flower when it sees the sun. The inner lips were already moist. my finger slid between them and found her vagina opening. I dipped into her hot, juicy hole and brought the slippery vaginal secretions up to coat her clitoris.

Anna shivered and gasped as I touched her pleasure button. She clutched my hand and pushed it into her pussy. I had two fingers in her now, sliding in and out, feeling her pussy walls grasping as they slithered in the cuntal liquid. The aroma rising from her lower body was musky and heady, causing all my senses to excite. Anna’s knees started to buckle as the sensations overpowered her. I stood and held her while I kissed her, our tongues sliding deep into the other’s mouth. I guided her back onto the bed. She lay right in the centre, drew back her knees and opened her legs exposing her gorgeous cunt: pink, open and moist; aroused and ready for a meaty cock to fill it.

I remembered they’d said earlier that they had never seen a man’s cock before so they had to be virgins. “Are you sure about this?” I asked Anna, as I crawled across the bed between her wide open legs.

“Fuck me! Now!” she cried reaching out to grab my cock and guiding it to her cunt. Understandably, I followed and as she placed my prick head between her pussy lips I carefully eased it into her slippery hole. She wasn’t happy with careful and she lifted her hips up to swallow my prick with her cunt. She took it all in one go.

I thought virgins were supposed to have an obstruction that had to be broken through but I figured that these girls were gymnasts and were constantly stretching their bodies. They may even have used a vibrator or a hairbrush handle on themselves.

Anna had her legs wrapped high around my body. She used her heels to pull my lower body into her with increasing power. I was holding my upper body above her with my hands and arms either side of her chest. Her gorgeous mounds wobbled violently and her wide open mouth uttered a grunt with every thrust. Her hands kneaded my chest and pulled at my nipples. She was getting so worked up it was getting a bit painful. I pushed myself up so I was kneeling with just the head of my prick nestling between the petals of the sexy wet flower between her legs. She moaned several words in Romanian, reaching out for me to come into her again. I do like to tease though and I just watched as I let my cock head slowly slip between her pussy lips and then withdrew, but it had an amazing effect. Anna’s breath came faster and a high-pitched squeal came from her mouth as she climaxed. Juices oozed out of her pussy as I let my prick come out momentarily.

I lifted her legs high over my arms and pushed my prick back into her tight, wet cunt hard as my whole body pressed her back onto the bed. My mouth covered her mouth and my tongue fought with hers for possession. I thrust my prick hard into her cunt. Her hands pulled my buttocks with even greater force. Her whimpers were getting louder and faster along with my pounding. We stopped kissing as we both needed air, but my thrusting continued. My balls slapped against her arse and she gasped and whimpered with each stroke. I could feel her cunt contract around my thrusting cock as we both felt our orgasms coming. Anna shouted, squealed and moaned a whole load of stuff in Romanian ending with a long “Oooohhhhhhhhh!” as my prick filled and shot my creamy spunk deep inside her.

As Anna relaxed her vice-like grip on me I slipped out of her. She lay almost insensible, legs splayed, pussy leaking cum onto the duvet.

Suddenly I could hear Erika laughing. I’d forgotten that she’d been there the whole time watching us. I looked round and she was sitting on the chair behind me. She’d removed her shorts but still had a pink thong hardly concealing a thick bush of dark brown hair. She had her legs wide apart and her hand inside her thong and had two or perhaps three fingers up inside her pussy. “My turn now!” she stated with complete confidence.

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