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Nicole rang Fiona’s doorbell with genuine trepidation. Her heart was pounding because she was there to have a long time fantasy made real at last.

She had always, for as many of her twenty-four years as she could remember, harboured a vague bi-curiosity and a carefully hidden urge to be submissive. Her submissive tendencies were real enough, she secretly longed to be disciplined and to be made to do things against her will, but she wasn’t so sure about her hankering to go to bed with a woman.

Long ago she had figured that if she could be ‘forced’ to have sex with a woman, then she would get over the shyness and uncertainty that had so far stopped her. Today both of those secret desires were to be satisfied by two lesbian colleagues from her workplace, and she couldn’t help being scared of what was to happen. She expected, indeed wanted, to be used and to be hurt, but that didn’t stop her feeling frightened, even if it was frightened in good exciting way.

‘Hello Nicole, come in.’

Fiona opened the door and stepped back for Nicole to enter, but then instead of turning and leading the way as might be expected, she stood still and firmly blocked the way.

‘Have you done as we asked?’

For a moment Nicole was surprised at the question, but then understanding came and with it the embarrassment of the answer.


‘Show me.’

The blood drained from Nicole’s face and for a long thirty seconds she just stared at Fiona, dumbfounded and mortified by the request. She had not expected things to begin this quickly, but then she slowly unbuckled her belt, lowering first her jeans and then her panties to just above her knees, showing that her dark curly bush was gone and revealing a newly shaved pussy.

‘Good girl. You can go though now.’ Fiona stood aside and indicated for Nicole to lead the way.

‘No! As you are. Geraldine will want to see as well.’

Nicole had begun to pull her panties back but she stopped instantly at Fiona’s rebuke, reddening with embarrassment as she shuffled her way into the lounge to stand before Geraldine with the shaved pubes still on display.

‘You see.’ Fiona smiled triumphantly at Geraldine as she sat down. ‘I told you she’d do as we ordered, and we’ll soon see if she’s always as compliant.’

‘And you will be, won’t you?’ Geraldine asked, looking for confirmation.

Nicole nodded silent assent, instinctively knowing not to speak.

‘Good. Then you may get undressed.’

Nicole was surprised once again by the sudden and rather curt instruction. She hadn’t expected things to be racing ahead quite this quickly, but being completely undressed would feel more comfortable than in this strange halfway state, and so she slipped her clothes off without demur to stand naked in the middle of the room. She was slightly embarrassed to be the only one undressed, but then that was part of the deal as far as she was concerned. She wanted to be made to feel self-conscious. The two other women were some ten years older than she was, and that leant them a natural authority over her that she was happy to acknowledge.

In Nicole’s eyes the two lesbians were a strange couple, not at all what might be expected. While it was true that the petite Fiona wore her dark hair short, it was in no way a masculine cut, and Geraldine had her blonde locks long and flowing. Today they were both wearing jeans and a top, but at work they commonly wore flattering and feminine attire. Dresses and skirts were the norm and although they made no deliberate attempt to hide either their inclinations or their relationship, nobody would otherwise have guessed. Geraldine’s long athletic legs and full breasts were forever objects of desire from her male workmates, few of whom knew how pointless their lust was.

‘Would you like a coffee before we begin?’ Fiona asked her.

‘Yes please.’ Nicole smiled in some relief at the normally hospitable offer.

‘Good. You’ll find the kitchen through there, and bring us one each as well, milk, two sugars.’ Fiona pointed at a door to the right and relaxed back in her chair, turning to Geraldine and pointedly ignoring Nicole.

Once again Nicole stood open mouthed for some moments, stunned by the offhand instruction, but then, with colour burning her cheeks she stepped naked into the kitchen and looked around for the coffee. Fiona and her friend and lover, Geraldine, worked in the same supermarket that she did, and both were normally friendly and welcoming, but even though she knew that the women were adopting the manner deliberately for her fantasy, she still perversely felt hurt to be treated in that way.

Nicole was a little slower in the kitchen than she might have been, but then she was trying to find things in a strange place, and trying to avoid splashing hot water on unprotected skin. She just hoped that her two mistresses would understand that.

Suddenly she stood stock still, sugar jar still in her hand, as she realised what she had just admitted to herself. She had just frankly acknowledged Fiona and Geraldine as her mistresses, at least for the day. The realisation made her even more conscious of her vulnerable state of undress and sent a little shiver of anticipation down her spine.

She had placed the three coffees on a tray and then stood before the door attempting to change her grip in order to free up a hand to turn the handle when she overheard the faint conversation from the lounge.

‘Would you have let her in if she hadn’t shown you that she’d shaved?’ Geraldine was asking.

‘No.’ Came Fiona’s firm reply. ‘She said her fantasy was to be dominated and disciplined, and to do whatever she was told to. And I figured that if she really meant it then she’d shave her pussy for us and if she didn’t then we’d all be wasting our time.’

Nicole smiled to herself, happy that she had done as requested, even though her newly naked pussy had felt strange inside her panties. Things had got off to a good start, but then so far neither woman had attempted to touch her, and she still wasn’t sure how she would cope.

Forcing her expression into one of subservience she went back into the lounge, placing the tray on the long coffee table in front of the fireplace, before standing up and looking at the two women in turn, waiting for their approval. But they both simply looked back at her with blank expressions and she suddenly understood that they were waiting to be served. Swiftly kneeling down she took the tray and knelt before Fiona, offering the coffees for her selection and then doing the same for Geraldine before replacing the tray on the table and taking the remaining cup. Uncertain of what was required she then stood waiting to be told what to do until Fiona waved a casual hand in the direction of a small foot stool, clearly intending for her to sit down.

The height of the stool meant that her knees were raised and that made her pussy visible, but rather than trying to hide herself Nicole made sure her knees were just a little apart, rightly guessing that was what was required of her. To be naked and on display when the others present were fully clothed gave her a strange sensation, as if she were already an object instead of a person. It was a feeling she found she liked.

‘Have you given her a safe word?’ Geraldine asked Fiona suddenly.

‘No, and we might as well do that now.’ Fiona turned to face Nicole. ‘We have decided to give you a safe word so that you can feel secure and know that you can stop things at any time. So if things gets too much for you for any reason all you have to do is say ‘have mercy’. If you say that phrase then everything will immediately stop. But if you do, then remember that it won’t start again and that will be it, so don’t use it unless you absolutely need to. Do you understand?’

‘Yes Mistress.’ The word came unbidden, making both Fiona and Geraldine smile faintly around their deliberately stern expressions.

‘What do you expect to get out of today?’ Geraldine asked Nicole.

‘Red cheeks Mistress.’ Nicole giggled at her own answer. The others were hard put not to do the same.

‘Yes, very funny. Now perhaps you’d like to expand on that a little?’

The answer this time came out as something of a torrent. ‘I’m sorry Mistress. But that’s the truth. I want the cheeks of my bottom to be red from spanking and I want the cheeks on my face to be red from shame. I want to know what it’s like to be aroused by pain, I want to be subjected to anything you want, to be abused and embarrassed, and to be used for your entertainment. I want to know if I can please a woman, and I hope I please you both, Mistress.’

‘I expect you will, as long as you do as you’re told. But we’ll see, won’t we? Now, drink your coffee.’

‘Yes Mistress.’ The three women, two dressed and one naked, sat for a short while contemplating what was to come and sipping at their coffees. The time seemed to drag for Nicole, increasing her anticipation and apprehension.

‘You sorted everything out, didn’t you?’ Geraldine asked suddenly

‘Yes, everything’s ready.’

‘Yes, whips, manacles, chains, spankers, restraints, canes, everything.’

Just for a moment Nicole froze with panic. For a split second she wasn’t quite sure if they really were running a kind of checklist or if they were deliberately trying to frighten her. But then common sense prevailed and she realised it must be the latter. She didn’t comment; that didn’t seem appropriate.

‘We haven’t forgotten anything then, have we?’

‘No. But she has.’ Fiona looked at Nicole, who couldn’t prevent a look of puzzlement.

‘Oh? So what did she forget?’ Geraldine was just as confused.

‘Her manners. Is it not customary to offer drinks to guests first?’ Fiona asked, and then continued before anyone could answer, directing her remarks directly at Nicole. ‘If so, why did I get the first choice of coffees when Geraldine is a guest in my house?’

Nicole remained silent, desperately trying to think back.

‘For that lapse you will be punished. Kneel on that chair.’ Fiona pointed to the easy chair behind Nicole. ‘With your knees on the arms and your backside out.’

Nicole did as she was told, feeing very exposed and vulnerable with her legs parted to kneel on the chair arms and her naked bottom pushed out behind her. She gripped the back of the chair and waited, her heart pounding as she heard the two women walk up behind her. This was it.

‘You know you are to be punished for your bad manners, don’t you?’ Geraldine asked.

‘Yes Mistress.’

‘And do you consider it reasonable?’

‘Yes Mistress. Very reasonable.’

‘I think it would be better if you added our names. That would show that your manners are improving and there won’t be any doubt who you are addressing, don’t you agree?’ ‘Yes Mistress Geraldine.’

‘Good girl. Now stick your backside right out.’

Nicole did as she was asked, pushing her bottom up and backwards into easy reach, knowing exactly what was to come.

Fiona reached out and stroked Nicole’s bottom, her fingers softly trailing down the cheek. Nicole shuddered from the unexpected touch, her first ever sexually inspired contact with a woman, but then she realised that she didn’t mind.

‘You have nice cool skin.’ Fiona told her. ‘I think it’s time to warm it up, don’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress Fiona.’

‘There will be no set number of smacks. It will be clear to us when it is enough.’

‘Yes Mistress Fiona.’

Fiona’s hand lifted abruptly and came down smartly on the smooth flesh. It wasn’t a particularly hard slap, but it made Nicole give a tiny yelp from the suddenness of it. Fiona’s hand remained resting on Nicole’s skin for a second or two before being raised, and Nicole steeled herself for another slap. But the next smack was to the other side and harder, and this time Nicole cried out and lurched forward from a blow from an unexpected quarter.

‘I guess you didn’t know that Mistress Geraldine is left handed.’ There was amusement in Fiona’s voice. ‘Now take up your position again.’

‘Yes Mistress Fiona. Sorry Mistress Geraldine.’

Nicole lined herself up again and awaited the next smack, from whichever side it came, her bottom already tingling from the two she had so far received.

It was Fiona again, and then, as Fiona lifted her hand away, it was Geraldine. And so it went on, slaps alternating from each woman with metronomic precision, each successive blow stinging more than the one before until her bottom seemed to be on fire and she was crying out with each one.

She was aroused and rapidly getting more so, as if a direct connection had been made to transfer the heat from her bottom directly to her pussy. Each smack was making her just that little bit more turned on, that little bit more stimulated. She was gasping out loud each time, but inside she was smiling.

Nicole had never been spanked before in the adult sense and it was a new sensation for her. She had longed to try it, but only because the idea had struck a chord for her every time she heard it mentioned, and she had had no real idea what it would feel like, until now. Sure, it hurt, but it generated a new kind of excitement, both sexual and otherwise, along with a sense of satisfaction that she was taking it so well. It gave her a weird fulfilment to be the centre of attention for these two older women.

The spanking continued, the smacks getting harder and more frequent and her excitement growing – until suddenly they stopped and she could feel two hands just softly stroking and fondling her tingling, burning bottom. The contrast was amazing, sensual and erotic even though she was not yet being intimately touched. But still she froze, wondering what would happen next, believing that this was only an interval of some kind and not understanding that her punishment was over for the moment at least.

The two hands gently stroked and caressed her hot flesh, circling her buttocks, occasionally dipping between them but taking what seemed forever before one hand finally found its way between her legs and into the wetness that lay there. The sensation of that hand sliding along the slipperiness of her soaking wet pussy was wonderful, especially knowing that it was another woman, one of her own sex, who was doing it. She felt a surge of pride and relief at discovering that she could enjoy a lesbian contact.

‘She’s turned on.’ Geraldine announced to Fiona, thus identifying the exploring hand.

‘I thought she would be; it’s amazing how easily these so-called straight women bend. Is she wet enough to get up inside?’

The remark stung, as if she had tried to mislead them about her orientation, but then when a finger slipped deep into her vagina, sliding inside without any difficulty at all, it made her gasp in happy surprise.

‘God, yes, dead easy. You try.’

Nicole found it strange and very exciting to have someone else handing out invitations to play with her, as if she had lost all humanity and become simply an object, a plaything. She felt the other hand glide over the curve of her rump and into her cleft, fingertips passing over her anus as they searched for her entrance, guided there in the end by the presence of Geraldine’s finger and sliding in alongside it.

She gasped aloud at the marvellously erotic sensation of being fingered by two women at the same time, each digit probing her warm wet passage at its own pace and to its own depth, not caring about their effect on Nicole. But now she was more than happy to submit to this kind of careless attention, to let herself be played with in whatever way the two women wanted. All she hoped was that there would be more of it.

‘Yeah, she’s sopping.’ Fiona agreed. ‘It seems a good spanking makes her horny.’

‘I know the feeling.’ Geraldine replied, revealing one of her own inclinations.

For a moment one of the fingers withdrew from her and Nicole felt a brief rush of disappointment before it returned, bringing another wriggling in with it. Now she had three fingers wedged inside her and her cleft felt full of tangled digits, and so she tried to spread herself to give more room. But her knee slipped from the arm of the chair and she tilted to one side, frantically clinging on to the chair back to steady herself while the fingers within her automatically gripped at her pussy spearing her with sudden sharp pain.

‘I’m sorry.’ She apologised instinctively as she righted herself.

‘So you should be.’ Fiona told her sharply. ‘Now stay still until we tell you different.’

Nicole hooked her toes over the inner sides of the chair arms and let her knees almost slip of the outer edges, effectively clamping herself in place as well as parting her legs just that bit further to allow the fingers within her penetrate just a little deeper.

‘Can you put another one in.’ Geraldine invited Fiona, making Nicole take a sharp fearful breath at the prospect.

In fact it was easier than Nicole had imagined and soon she had four fingers inside her, plunging and wriggling as the two lesbians thrust into her. She was full, stretched full, but it wasn’t uncomfortable just overwhelmingly erotic, especially when they both stopped for a few seconds with their fingers deep inside her and pulled her open so that, she hoped unseeingly, they could gaze into the depths of her vagina. She felt the first stirrings, the first indications that she might soon orgasm. She groaned softly at the beautiful thought of their eyes on her most intimate parts, feeling slightly disappointed when they resumed thrusting in and out, now synchronised so that all four fingers pushed into her together. She braced herself against their thrusts and groaned again.

‘Be quiet.’ Fiona’s voice came sharp and irritated.

‘Sorry, Mistress Fiona.’ She replied. ‘It’s just that I’m so enjoying being used by you.’ It was an unexpected truth.

‘It’s for our enjoyment, not ours.’

Fiona slammed her fingers deep into Nicole’s pussy as if to emphasise her point and Nicole had to bite her lip to hold back another pleasure sound.

‘Sorry, Mistress Fiona.’

‘It seems you’re always sorry. Any more and you’ll be punished far harder than just a hand spank.’

During this exchange Geraldine’s free hand had been searching under Nicole to find and take hold of her breast, her fingers squeezing it in time to the thrusts of her fingers.

‘Her tits aren’t bad though.’ She told Fiona, abruptly changing the subject. ‘You feel.’

Fiona’s hand groped under Nicole, seizing hold of her other breast and squeezing it hard enough to make Nicole wince involuntarily before settling to pull at it rhythmically in the same way that Geraldine was.

Nicole pushed herself back a little to hold the chair back at arms length, giving Fiona and Geraldine more room to play with her and allowing her to drop her head and gaze back under herself and watch. It seemed surreal to be totally naked, kneeling high on an easy chair with two fully clothed women pushing two pairs of fingers into her and pulling at her breasts. She was getting extremely turned on, as the wetness of her pussy and the hardness of her nipples against the women’s palms, and the growing heat inside her pelvis, all testified.

It seemed as if Fiona and Geraldine realised that she was getting close to coming, for now they just concentrated on fingering her hard and fast and rhythmically tugging at her breasts, saying nothing but concentrating on what they were doing. It didn’t take long before Nicole began to give short harsh little gasps as her orgasm got closer, and if she could have seen she would have known that Fiona and Geraldine were smiling over her back at each other, knowing what was going on and trying to make it happen. As it was Nicole was just wondering why she had not been told off for making the noises that she couldn’t stop and hoping that the four fingers inside her would not cease their hammering thrusts until she came.

When she did come and when her most powerful orgasm ever finally exploded inside her, flooding her with sensations, she gripped tight onto the chair, her legs quivering and shaking, and vocalised loudly, her cries only slowly dying away as her orgasm subsided.

When it was over and the two women backed away, she remained kneeling on the chair, with her eyes glazed, her chest heaving, her mouth hanging open and her muscles trembling, trying to get her head around the fact that she had just been brought to the most intense orgasm she had ever had by two women.

‘Did we give you permission to come?’ Fiona asked.

Nicole mutely shook her head, still trying to regain her breath.

‘What was that?’

‘No, Mistress Fiona.’ She gasped out.

‘And didn’t we tell you to be quiet?’ Geraldine put in.

‘Yes Mistress Geraldine. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.’

‘Then obviously you need to learn to help it. Take the coffee cups into the kitchen and wash them, and you’ll find some other dishes that want doing. Then, when you’ve finished come upstairs to us. Do you understand?’

‘Yes Mistress Geraldine.’

There were only a couple more mugs and breakfast bowls to wash besides the coffee cups and Nicole quickly ran water into the sink and washed them, flinching as drops of water splashed onto her skin and listening contentedly to Fiona and Geraldine climb the stairs to wait for her. She shivered in delicious anticipation, watching little goose bumps that had nothing whatever to do with temperature stand out suddenly on her naked body. She was sure that now they would be waiting for her with whips or canes, or something similarly cruel with which to punish her more severely.

She wondered for a moment if she should collect her clothing and take it upstairs with her, but she figured that if that was what was wanted, she would have been told so and so she climbed the stairs naked with a strange mixture of anticipation and apprehension.

The first room she entered was a spare bedroom and she quickly spun on her heels, hoping not to be disciplined further for her mistake. Her second choice proved to be the right one, but as soon as she entered it she stopped dead, gazing in surprise at what awaited her.

The soft white and gold curtains had been drawn, plunging the large, very feminine bedroom into a semidarkness relieved by several candles on the two white bedside cupboards. Between them a double bed with a padded white and gold headboard had been stripped of its pillows and duvet, and on either side, with golden candlelight shining on their skin, sat Fiona and Geraldine, both now as naked as she was.

As she stared at then in surprise she also registered how unlike they actually were, both beautiful but in entirely different ways. Fiona, with her mop of dark hair, was the smaller of the two, but now Nicole saw how athletic her build was, with pert rose tipped breasts over a washboard stomach and strong slender legs, but Geraldine was by far the more classically feminine, with larger, softer, motherly breasts, a slightly rounded stomach and a haze of blonde hair at the junction of her longer, softer legs. She took a sharp intake of breath, stunned and awed by the sight and wondering instinctively which she fancied most, and shocked by the fact that she fancied another woman in the first place.

‘Don’t just stand there staring, I’m sure you’ve seen naked women before.’ Geraldine stated mistakenly. ‘Come and kneel on here, between us, hands and knees.’

Nicole walked slowly and apprehensively across to the bed, climbing on to take up her place between them as ordered, only to find them getting up and stand looking at her without saying a word. She remained kneeling, anxiously waiting for whatever was to happen, leaning a little to one side to see better as Fiona went to the dressing table and opened a drawer.

‘You’re a nosy one, aren’t you?’ Geraldine’s voice was unexpected. ‘But that’s all right. You may as well see. In fact, it would be better if you did.’

Their earlier exaggerated checklist jumped back in to Nicole’s mind and she watched with a sense of foreboding as Fiona rummaged around inside the drawer. But it was neither manacles nor whips that Fiona retrieved, merely a black leather spanking paddle with a sinisterly studded handle. Even so Nicole regarded it with some trepidation. If hands could make her bottom smart, then how wonderfully sore could it be made by this dark looking implement.

‘Now.’ Fiona told her, approaching the bed once more. ‘We need to discipline you for your lack of control. It seems you can’t keep quiet and you can’t control your body.’

Nicole remained silent, turning her head to gaze at the mattress as she waited for her spanking to continue, but nonetheless seeing, from the corner of her eye, Fiona hand the paddle to Geraldine. She mentally and physically braced herself.

The sound of the leather hitting her flesh was deeper and more solid than that of hands had been, and the sting was so much more intense. The first stroke made her breath hiss with the hurt that lanced through her bottom and forced her to steel herself not to flinch away from the next one.

For a while Geraldine teased her, varying the interval between strokes, making her wait in dread of it and then gasp when the pain when it finally arrived. Once she even placed her hand lightly on Nicole’s bottom, chuckling darkly when the girl flinched at the contact. But then she set about giving Nicole a serious spanking, the blows falling almost continuously on each cheek and along the backs of her thighs, making her moan and cry out, twitching and twisting in an instinctive attempt to avoid the paddle. Her flesh burned and stung, smarting from the assault, and her mind saw nothing but a fog of agony. Eventually Nicole could stand no more.

‘Stop, please stop.’ She looked over her shoulder and reached backwards, trying to place a protective hand over her throbbing skin.

Geraldine just knocked the hand aside without speaking and continued, the leather rising and falling on her bottom once more, the sound echoing in Nicole’s ears in time to the surge of hurt that exploded out from the site of each stoke.

‘No more.’ She moaned. ‘I can’t take anymore.’

‘If you really mean that, you know what to say.’

Fiona’s voice cut through a haze of pain and brought home the reality of surrender. Nicole shook her head, angry with herself for faltering and all the more determined to continue.

‘Good girl.’ Fiona complimented her, as she took the paddle from Geraldine. ‘Now you’re learning self control at last.’

Nicole felt absurdly proud of herself at Fiona’s words although without really knowing why, but nonetheless she deliberately pushed out her bottom to receive more punishment, frightened but excited, hurting and yet so aroused she believed she could come in an instant.

Fiona lined her up, letting the cool leather rest lightly against Nicole’s overheated bottom for a few moments before raising it into the air in readiness. Back in control Nicole waited impatiently for her spanking to resume, anxious to prove that she could cope with whatever was dished out to her.

The paddle came down hard on her bottom, harder than before, the thwack of it resounding around the room, covering Nicole’s quick cry of pain. It was then left in contact with her skin for several seconds before rising, hovering threateningly for what seemed like minutes, and falling onto the opposite cheek, striking her so hard she was propelled forward slightly by the force of it. Tears prickled her eyes, wrung from her by the sheer pain of it. She wanted to shout out for mercy, but then she would miss out on anything else, and anyway, her pussy was wet again, pulsating as if it had been the target of the mistreatment instead of her bottom. She pushed herself back into place and closed her eyes.

Once again there was a discernable, fearful wait before it returned to her other cheek, the noise a good solid erotic thwack of leather on flesh. Fiona alternated her strokes, deliberately, forcefully, first to one cheek and then the other, each time making Nicole wait anxiously but eagerly with tears streaming down her face before the next painfully satisfying stroke, until finally she had given each cheek the time honoured six of the best, administered after Nicole had got so close to giving up.

And then there was nothing, no spanking, no touching, no words of censure or encouragement, nothing. Nicole waited with her eyes screwed closed, scared that there was another dreadful stroke was just waiting its time, and terrified that there wasn’t. In truth Nicole had just about reached the limit of her endurance, but she didn’t want to admit it, but when Fiona’s words finally cut through the haze of distress she was floating in, she reluctantly admitted it to herself.

‘Enjoy that, did you?’ She asked.

‘Yes, thank you Mistress Fiona.’ The words came out in tight little gasps as she fought to cope with her throbbing buttocks.

‘Yes, I could see that. And now you owe us an equally good time, don’t you think?’

‘Yes, Mistress Fiona.’ She gasped out. ‘Whatever you wish.’

‘Very well. What I wish is for you to go down on each of us in turn and make us come. Begin with Mistress Geraldine. You can do that, can’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress Fiona. It would be my pleasure.’

She had said it easily enough as she climbed from the bed to let Geraldine lie in her place, but actually doing it was not as straightforward and she stood for a few seconds even after Geraldine had spread her legs ready, trying to steel herself ready to put her mouth to another woman’s pussy.

‘Come on.’ Fiona urged her. ‘Get on with it.’

‘Yes, Mistress Fiona.’

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to do it, after all this was one of the reasons she was there, it was just that the reality of it was a little overwhelming. She knelt between Geraldine’s widespread legs and took a deep breath before lowering her mouth to her wet and swollen pussy.

She had not expected that initial experience to be enjoyable or to be exciting, but it was both of those. And it was inexplicably nice too, with the soft feel of Geraldine’s inner thigh against her cheek as she lowered her face, the soft feel of silken curls, not as profuse or as coarse as her own would normally be, and most exciting of all the deeply erotic scent of Geraldine’s arousal, making her body melt with pleasure even before she experienced the wonderful taste and the sensation of her tongue on Geraldine’s most intimate of places. It was, she thought, one of the sexiest things she had ever done and she wondered why she had never screwed up the courage to be with a woman before. She probed Geraldine’s pussy carefully, taking her time and savouring the moment.

‘Get going.’ Fiona’s voice from behind her interrupted her reverie, reminding her of what she was supposed to be doing. ‘You’re supposed to be pleasuring her, not testing her temperature.’

She didn’t answer; she just flattened her tongue onto Geraldine’s pussy and licked it from one end to the other, sweeping up and over her clitoris and then back down right over her entrance and almost as far as her anus. Geraldine murmured softly and raised her pelvis towards Nicole’s tongue to increase the contact.

Nicole pressed her tongue onto Geraldine’s flesh, feeling blonde curls against her nose as she swept it more firmly along the length of her slit, her hands having to find their way under Geraldine’s thighs to grasp her hips from below and hold her firm. She moved her mouth along and back, her face becoming smeared with Geraldine’s deliciously feminine juices. She relished the wonderful new taste and scent, the texture of a hard clitoris hiding between soft puffy labia and standing guard on a wetly inviting entrance. Her first intimate contact with a woman and she was finding it so much more stimulating than she ever believed, and it was so right. She could feel herself lubricating again.

Geraldine’s murmurs became louder and more insistent, and she pushed herself back harder, almost rubbing herself on Nicole’s face as her hips twitched and thrust when her orgasm began to show itself. Nicole hung on, trying to maintain contact, trying to perform the task she had been set to make sure that Geraldine came, and came hard. Suddenly Geraldine’s hand entwined themselves into her hair and Nicole was pulled hard and painfully onto Geraldine’s pussy, her tongue flat against her slit, feeling the little hard bud of a clit rubbing frantically up and down it. Geraldine called out the single word ‘yes’, repeating it louder and more frequently until, just as she lifted her pelvis from the bed to thrust herself forcefully into Nicole’s face as he orgasm exploded, they all ran into one unintelligible cry of ecstasy, and then Nicole was thrust away, pushed clear to let Geraldine lie spent and panting on the bed. Nicole smiled inside as she sat on the edge of the bed and tried inconspicuously to work a pubic hair from between her teeth, picking it out with her fingertips and at the same time wiping the worst of Geraldine’s wetness onto the back of her hand.

‘Not bad.’

Geraldine’s compliment sounded grudging, but her eyes told a different story, revealing enjoyment and satisfaction and sending a shiver of submissive pride through Nicole. Geraldine rolled from the bed and stood beside it looking across at Fiona.

‘Your turn.’ She informed her lover. ‘And actually she’s pretty good.’

Geraldine glanced down at Nicole.

‘Now I’ve said that you’d better not let me down.’

‘No Mistress Geraldine. I won’t.’ Nicole felt sure she could comply, even though her tongue already felt achy and sore.

She watched Fiona climb onto the bed, parting her thighs to reveal the smoothly shaven pussy that waited now for her attention. Fiona settled herself but then, just as Nicole was about to climb on between her legs she put up a hand to stop her.

‘I’ll say when.’

It was another reprimand that Nicole knew she deserved. She had to learn to obey without thinking for herself.

‘Right. I’m ready for you to continue.’

The sudden instruction drove the thoughts from her mind and she climbed onto the bed to kneel between Fiona’s widespread knees.

Fiona tasted just as beautiful as Geraldine, but her body was much more athletic and muscular than Geraldine’s, making the sensation of oral sex with her very different. She was smoothly shaved, so her labia and pubic mound felt soft and smooth to Nicole’s nose and cheeks, but as soon as Nicole mouth found her pussy she closed her strong legs around Nicole’s shoulders to hold her gently but firmly in place, partially restricting her access and ability to lick her. Because of this she concentrated on Fiona’s clitoris, clamping her mouth over it and stabbing at it with her tongue, short quick little dabs that flicked over its tip in rapid succession, making Fiona grunt with surprised pleasure.

‘Fuck, that’s good.’

Nicole heard Geraldine’s voice in the background enquiring what was said but Fiona ignored her, placing her hand softly on top of Nicole’s head in a kind of mute encouragement. Nicole continued, flicking Fiona’s clitoris and then sucking it between her lips to nibble lightly at the very end. Fiona’s hips jerked and twitched in response.

‘I’m nearly there.’

Nicole felt a little rush of happiness when she heard that, and she redoubled her efforts, licking and nibbling harder, faster, listening to Fiona grunting hoarsely as she came closer to orgasm.

Then Fiona’s hand twisted in her hair, pulling at it while pushing her head hard down onto her pussy even as her pelvis pushed it up against her mouth. Nicole could do nothing except keep her tongue moving against Fiona’s clit, knowing that she was making her come. And when Fiona finally slumped back, gasping and panting, wordlessly pushing her face away from her pussy, she felt strangely proud of her achievement. She made to move back, but Fiona immediately grabbed her arm, holding her silently for a couple of minutes while she regained her breath.

‘It’s time to try something else.’ She panted, releasing Nicole’s arm and climbing unsteadily from the bed. ‘Stand up.’

Nicole obeyed, clambering rather gingerly from the bed and surprised by the wetness between her legs. She waited fearfully to find out what was coming next, frightened but excited, hurting and yet so aroused she believed she could come in an instant. Her foreboding was not helped when Geraldine came and laid pillows in a pyramid in the centre of the bed.

‘I will ask once.’ Geraldine turned to her. ‘Do you wish to continue? Would you like to find out how far you can take your pleasure?’

Pleasure? This is pleasure? The thoughts raced though Nicole’s mind, but she knew the answer. It was pleasure, deep concentrated pleasure, more pleasure than she had ever experienced. It was just a different, more intense kind of pleasure.

‘Yes please, Mistress Geraldine.’

‘Then lie on your back on those pillows.’

Nicole was surprised at the order, automatically expecting to be face down, and wondered what they had in mind. But she obeyed anyway. Of course she obeyed. She would obey without question whatever was asked of her.

The result was that her middle was raised, while her head and legs remained on the bed, putting her into a mildly uncomfortable form of the crab position with her belly and pussy high in the air. She felt so delightfully exposed and vulnerable, especially with the cool feel of the pillows on her hot bottom to remind her of what she had experienced. She lay and waited in this awkward position, docile and obedient, wrapped in her own world of discomfort and pleasure while Fiona and Geraldine fiddled with something unseen at each side of the headboard.

Fiona’s hand suddenly clamped around her wrist, dragging her arm towards the corner of the bed. She wondered why for a moment, but then Geraldine did the same to her other arm and she understood what was happening. With sudden fear and an adrenalin flash of sheer exhilaration she realised that she was being tied to the bed, and then Velcro restraints were clamped around her wrists and she knew she was right.

She parted her legs, deliberately inviting the same for her ankles, and out of the blue a hand slapped across her breast, making her jump and yelp from the shock of it.

‘Don’t try and pre-empt us.’ Geraldine told her sternly. ‘We make the decisions.’

Nevertheless, her ankles were given to the same treatment and she was effectively starfished over the bed, totally defenceless and completely exposed. Her heart began to pound at the thought her own helplessness.

‘You’re wondering what’s coming, aren’t you?’ Fiona asked. ‘Well I’ll show you.’

Nicole turned her head and watched as Fiona pulled the same drawer open again.

‘I wonder…’ Fiona seemed to think out loud, but Nicole knew it was simply done for her benefit. ‘I wonder if she could cope with this?’

Fiona looked at Nicole, and then appeared to sink into thought once again.

‘Probably not, not this time anyway. I think we’ll settle for this.’

When she turned back it took Nicole a few seconds to figure out what she was carrying. For a moment it appeared to be an oversized African fly whisk, but then she realised it was a multi stranded flogger, long narrow strips of leather fastened into a phallic handle.

‘I didn’t know you had that!’ Geraldine seemed as surprised as Nicole.

‘Didn’t I tell you?’ Fiona smiled as if to say she knew full well that she hadn’t. ‘I bought it because I thought it might be handy to have.’

As Fiona walked back towards the bed and came closer, Nicole could see that it wasn’t made up of black leather strands, but instead a mix of black and red suede ones, all about half a centimetre across and maybe forty centimetres long. Nicole shuddered, partly with fear and partly with excited anticipation. She could feel the first tiny trickle of juices running from her exposed pussy and she wondered hopefully if the two other women had noticed.

Fiona reached out and Nicole felt the long tails drape lightly across her raised stomach, the filaments trailing between her legs and over her hairless pussy. For the next few minutes it was dragged slowly and gently across her entire naked body, catching on her hardened nipples and sliding between her thighs until she was quite literally panting with expectation.

‘I’ve been practising with this.’ Fiona told Nicole, making a statement intended to reassure sound ominous instead. ‘I even tried it on myself, so I know it works.’

‘Then for God’s sake try it on me as well’ Nicole’s screamed silently at Fiona, adrenalin generated by fear mixing with arousal to make her desperately need to feel it on her skin.

Fiona lifted the flogger and with a quick flip sent the tails flicking across Nicole’s abdomen, stinging the skin and making her yelp with sudden pain.

‘Nice?’ Fiona asked.

Nicole nodded. ‘Yes, thank you, Mistress Fiona. Beautiful.’ It was too.

The flogger came down again, this time the tails flicking the upper surfaces of Nicole’s thighs. Nicole yelped again, the hurt cruel and sharp on her legs. Again and again it rose and fell, each stroke a quick flick finding a different part of Nicole’s body to torment, until she was wriggling and squirming, trying desperately to avoid the sting of the thin suede strips. She was burning hot, her skin pink and striped from neck to knee a willing victim of a systematic flogging that suddenly ceased, ending as abruptly as it had begun.

Nicole burst into tears, sobbing and gasping, her breathing ragged and shallow and her tears streaming down her cheeks. She wasn’t sure why she was crying, especially now the ordeal was ended, all she knew was that she was feverishly hot, aroused to the point where all control had gone. She wanted to come, she was desperate to come and only a hairs breadth away from getting there.

‘Did you like that?’ Fiona asked.

Nicole licked her lips and nodded hastily. ‘Yes thank you Mistress Fiona.’ Her voice was half way from a gasp to a croak.

‘Has it made you feel horny?’

Nicole knew at that moment that her wetness had been noticed and she felt good inside.

‘Yes Mistress Fiona, it has.’

‘Would you like me to help you to come now?’

Nicole felt a sudden stab of anxiety. How was she to come? Was There something else, equally fiendish, awaiting? But then, she needed a climax no matter how it came.

‘Yes please, Mistress Fiona.’

Fiona smiled, looking in knowing triumph at Geraldine, standing all but forgotten by the other side of the bed.

‘Very well.’

Fiona turned and put the flogger on the top of the chest and returned to the bed empty handed. Alarm spread though Nicole once more, she had somehow expected Fiona to use a vibrator or some other toy, but it was clear that this was not to be. Nor, in the end, was it to be the obvious alternative.

Fiona sat on the bed beside Nicole and gazed thoughtfully at her face, making no attempt to do anything except smile faintly. Nicole’s mind was a maelstrom of thoughts, and she was sure that Fiona was playing on the fact. She tugged at her restraints, scared of what might be done to her, but needing every second of it.

Fiona’s hand reached out towards Nicole’s pussy and Nicole held her breath as it settled over her mons, cupping the shaved pussy in her palm.

‘Ready to come?’ Fiona teased her, understanding and playing on her qualms.

‘Yes Mistress Fiona. I’m ready.’ The words came readily from her mouth through her overwhelming urge to climax. Her pussy was throbbing with the power of it.

Fiona settled her hand on Nicole’s naked pubes, the heel resting against her pubic bone, and lifted her fingers away from her pussy. For a second or two she paused like that, seeing and enjoying the uncertainties on Nicole’s eyes, and then she brought her fingers down in a sudden sharp rap on Nicole’s highly sensitized clitoris. Nicole’s body jumped and a yelp of surprise escaped her lips.

Nicole had never thought of smacking her clitoris, and so it was an entirely new and wonderful experience. She could feel her body responding to the very appropriate technique as Fiona’s fingertips beat a tattoo on the little nubbin. It wasn’t painful, just intense and her orgasm was very soon building higher, rapidly and powerfully.

‘You may come if you wish.’

Fiona’s permission was just what was needed to finish the job. There would have been no way that Nicole could have held back, but the verbal consent allowed her to let go in a far less inhibited manner. She cried out noisily, almost screaming as her orgasm finally exploded inside her. She jerked and twisted against her fastenings, her stomach bucking and juddering as if trying to shake Fiona’s tapping fingers free. Her arms strained to be free, nails clamped against palms, and her legs attempted to bend and straighten all at once as her body tried to cope with the overload of sensation. Rat-a-tat-tat. Fiona’s fingertips continued their rhythm all the time that Nicole’s orgasm lasted, only finally coming to rest when Nicole slumped back onto the mound of pillows, gasping and trembling and from time to time shaking with the aftershocks of her most powerful orgasm ever.

Fiona sat on the edge of the bed, a half smile on her face and her hand still resting over Nicole’s pubes, enjoying the satisfaction of what she had done, and the sensation of Nicole’s shaved skin under her palm. She let her hand remain stationary for a moment or two, and then began to softly massage Nicole’s pussy, not making any attempt to penetrate, but just gently squeezing and manipulating her labia, her eyes fastened to Nicole’s face until she was sure that the still slightly anxious Nicole was not intending to object.

Nicole felt too exhausted to move, her body throbbed from her orgasm and stung from her spanking, and in any case she was still tied to the bed. She was aware of Fiona’s hand on her pussy, but it didn’t seem to matter, even when the hand began to quietly play with her. She moaned and unthinkingly opened her legs as far as her restraints would let her, looking up and finding blue eyes smiling down at her as the hand played gently between her legs. What a way to have spent an afternoon.

‘Thanks, Fiona. That was fucking fantastic.’

‘It is still Mistress Fiona, if you don’t mind. I don’t remember either of us saying we’d finished with you yet.’

Nicole’s heart, already pounding from her climax, leapt at the rebuke. What more was there to come, what more could she stand?

‘I’m sorry, Mistress Fiona. I thought we had finished.’

‘We have not, and we will tell you when we have. Be careful you do not earn a harsher punishment.’

‘Yes, Mistress Fiona. I’m sorry.’

Fiona took her hand away and stood up, leaving Nicole watching her walk to her chest of drawers with a strange sense of loss. This time it was what appeared at first to be some sort of black material on an elastic strap, until Nicole realised that it was actually a blindfold. Fiona came back to the bed and lifted Nicole’s head, and the last thing she saw as the blindfold was applied was Fiona turning to speak to Geraldine.

‘Do you want to pop downstairs and fetch the bucket up, please Geraldine?’

Footsteps padded across the bedroom and out through the door. More alarm, more apprehension. What bucket? And what on earth could they want a bucket for. Nicole was suddenly very, very aware of how vulnerable she was bent backwards and naked over a pile of pillows. She shivered, instantly blaming it on sweat from her orgasm cooling her skin, and waited in the ominous silence of the bedroom until she heard the footsteps return.

Strange into the darkness of her blindfold Nicole listened, straining her ears for any hint of what was to come, and what they needed the damn bucket for. But she heard nothing to give her a clue, no sound of a bucket being put on the floor, no sound of water sloshing, only a short whispered conversation of which she understood nothing. Footsteps again, but this time paddling softly around the bed, one set to each side, and then silence. She waited with fear crawling up her spine.

A sudden drop of ice cold water landed on her breast. Then nothing. And then once more cold water dribbled over her skin. What was happening? This was obviously something to do with that bucket, but what. Another gap, another wait, and then a droplet of water landed her nipple, this time followed by a new sensation as an ice cube was applied directly to her overheated nipple. She gasped in shocked pleasure as it circled her areole, her brain suddenly understanding that it was an ice-bucket that had been referred to. She almost laughed out loud at her own stupidity, and probably would have done in different circumstances and if the ice had not been sending shivers of delight down her spine.

She wondered hazily who was holding the ice cube, but it didn’t really matter, all she was concerned with was the fabulous feeling as it moved in ever increasing circles around her breast until almost the whole of the mound was beautifully chilled. Now a second ice cube joined the first, circling her other breast until she moaned softly with pleasure.

Then it stopped. The ice cubes were very abruptly lifted away and she was left wondering what had happened. For long moments there was nothing, and then, just as suddenly, more ice. This time sliding over her belly, two separate pieces following separate journeys around her skin, their paths taking them all over her torso, cooling where she had earlier been flogged, arousing where she had not. Ice slid over her abdomen, up and around her breasts, along her arms, onto her neck and then down again, right down and onto her thighs. Sometimes one would be at her breasts while the other was just skirting her pubic mound, and sometimes they would work together, sliding along the inside of her thighs, turning swiftly away when they came close to her pussy and rising to loop around her hips. She was now writhing slowly, gyrating her hips as much as the restraints would allow, soft moans escaping her lips.

Then once again everything stopped and she was left in the same delicious but frustrating limbo. Again she lay bewildered, wanting more, needing more, but unsure where it was heading. Then once again a Mistress struck without warning. This time the ice cube was placed directly against her clit, the sudden cold giving it an absolutely electrifying sensation, before being removed, again without warning and leaving her once more in suspense.

The next time ice touched her skin was on her labia, two cubes, one sliding up and down each side, grazing the top of her thigh and the softly sensitive skin of her vulva until the cold became painful and melt water trickled down her crack. Once more she was unable to prevent herself from moaning, so intense was the feeling. She tried to open her legs wider, straining against her tethers, trying to mutely hint that she still wanted more.

Yet again the ice was suddenly removed, but this time Nicole knew it would return and the sense of loss and desperation wasn’t so intense. She simply lay and waited, her pelvis slowly rotating and her hips rising and falling in invitation.

The ice, a single cube this time, came down on her clit, pushed hard against it and held there unmoving. She gasped at the strength of the cold and then, as it grew more numbingly intense, she began to whimper, tiny cries of distress and fear. In her head the image of her frostbitten clitoris began to frighten her. Once more rivulets of melt water ran down her slit, chilling her pussy and even dribbling coldly around her anus. It had begun to hurt, to really hurt, when it was moved. Not lifted this time, just moved, slowly and purposefully the cube, smaller now, was pushed down her slit until it found the entrance to her vagina. She gasped as she understood what was intended, and then shivering fearfully as it was pushed into her, two investigating fingers making sure it went in beyond recovery.

The fingers went away and she was alone on the bed again, her skin feeling the chill dampness of the ice soothing the heat of her flogging. The twin sensations stoking her need again, the acute coldness of the ice within her passage simply adding to her resurfacing arousal.

Without warning came something new. Just above her naval something stung with the power to make her cry out. It was both pain and pleasure, on the limit where intense mind-blowing pleasure gives way to searing pain. It came again, a little higher, making her groan heavily as her arousal turned the hurt into ecstasy. A third time, a little to the side, making her twist and pull against her bindings. God, this was so good. A fourth time, and then almost immediately, a fifth. She shouted from the pain, but now, as she began to be acclimatised, she suddenly understood. It was candle wax. Someone was dripping candle was straight onto her naked skin, perhaps that was what the lighted candles had been for all the time that she’d thought them there just for effect. It came again, and she was sure. Her pain was heat, heat that came within a hairs breadth of burning. It was the opposite to the sensation of cold that she could still feel within her, and much more intense.

It came again, this time on her thigh, and she found she wanted it. She was waiting for the next spot, wondering where it would land, hoping it would be somewhere tender — but not too tender she told herself, thinking of her already cold abused clitoris. The possibility of yet another orgasm was conceived at that moment.

The spots of wax began to fall faster, maybe now from two candles. And just like the ice before it, the wax was spotted all over her body as candles were moved around as they dripped. Each new spot brought another little gasp, another moan of pleasure. Sometimes the spots ran together as someone tipped the candle sending a little stream of molten wax cascading onto her skin and making her cry out with the extra intensity. Liquid fire rained down on her, on her belly, her arms, her breasts and her thighs, even, on a couple of occasions, on her pussy, making her screech loudly from the pain of it.

She was hurting, twisting and contorting as she made herself cope with it, taking pleasure in it, hating it, and fearing it all at the same time. The idea of damage flitted through her mind, of scarring perhaps, but it didn’t seem to matter. Whatever happened would be worth it for the ultimate sensations she was enjoying, and yes, she was enjoying them. God, she felt so fucking horny. The pain was translating directly into arousal. She was stronger than it was. She could take it and turn it into pleasure, into a rapidly growing need for sexual release.

Finally it ended, and though she waited in hope and expectation, no more wax fell on her eager skin. She lay panting and writhing, still coping with the stinging in her skin, hurting like hell but waiting willingly for whatever came after that.

For a few minutes nothing did, she was allowed to rest and get some of her breath back. But then she felt someone take hold of each ankle, releasing the straps that held them before moving to do the same to her wrists. Automatically Nicole rubbed her wrists.

‘Stand up.’

A hand took hold of her arm to steady her as she stood beside it, still trembling from her heightened emotions. She could hear someone moving about, perhaps moving the pillows, and then she was guided back.

‘Sit there.’

She sat on the edge and waited as patiently as her needy body would allow her. Strange noises filled the room, a drawer opened and closed and she heard a rustling fumble beside her. Unable to make any sense of them at all she simply shrugged her mental shoulders and waited.

‘Right.’ This was Geraldine’s voice. ‘Kneel on the bed, hands and knees with your behind raised.’

That put her back roughly into her first position and she braced herself for another spanking, knowing how often she had been reprimanded and how often she had made a noise without permission. But once again she had things wrong.

She became suddenly aware that she could feel something hard and cold sliding along her raised cleft, seeking her entrance. She held herself rigid; wondering what was happening but knowing she would have to submit to anything they wanted to do to her. Whatever it was found her vagina and pushed a little way inside, stretching her open as it did so.

Suddenly she thought she understood. It was a vibrator that Geraldine was trying to push into her, but such a big one that her slippery wet passage was having to expand just to accommodate it. She had often used a vibrator on herself when the need arose, but never had anyone else used on one her, especially one so big. When it’s on, Nicole thought to herself, smiling inwardly at her own silliness, it’ll shake me to bits.

Geraldine pushed another inch or so into Nicole, making her wince and gasp, instinctively wanting to pull away.

‘Hold still.’ Fiona’s voice came unexpectedly softly from beside her. ‘I like this one and so will you.’

Geraldine pushed it a little further into her, until her hand wrapped around the shaft came up against Nicole’s labia. She felt a flash of disappointment that it barely seemed long enough if that was all of it. It was hardly anything special except for its girth. But then Geraldine took her hand away and the vibe stayed in place. For a split second Nicole wondered how, and then everything became wonderfully clear. Geraldine’s hands gripped at her hips and pulled her back onto the shaft of what was actually not a vibrator but a strap-on dildo. She felt its entire length sink into her until the base was pressed against her crack as Geraldine shuffled forward into position. She groaned involuntarily, feeling Geraldine’s hands gripping her hips, holding her immobile and ready to be fucked.

Geraldine drew back and began to thrust into her, long powerful thrusts that sent the entire length of the dildo in and out of Nicole’s overstretched pussy, making her groan each time from both the pleasure of being dildo fucked and the discomfort of taking such a large object. Nicole gasped, feeling Geraldine’s hips slam into her bottom, still tender from being spanked. Fiona was right, she did like it, her pussy was soaking wet and the dildo had gone in without any real effort, and that budding orgasm was still there in the background.

Geraldine began to speed up, thrusting faster and harder, gripping Nicole firmly and holding her still, concentrating on the unfamiliar movement. Nicole surrendered to her sexual need, letting Geraldine fuck her and slowly beginning to enjoy the sensation of the artificial cock sliding in and out of her without worrying too much who was behind it.

‘Is that good?’

‘Yes Mistress Fiona. Thank you Mistress Fiona.’

‘I don’t think it’s me you need to thank.’ Fiona chuckled as she watched her friend thrusting the strap-on deep into Nicole’s pussy.

‘Thank you, Mistress Geraldine.’ Her voice was beginning to sound strained.

‘That’s all right.’ Geraldine answered breathlessly. ‘You may come when you’re ready.’

‘Thank you Mistress Geraldine.’

Geraldine was going much faster, plunging the dildo into Nicole, the tops of her thighs slamming into the still tender cheeks of Nicole’s bottom as she fucked her, her breathing becoming heavier both from the effort and its effect.

Nicole pushed back, setting up a matching rhythm of her own, her breasts swinging beneath her and rubbing her nipples against the bed to add to her enjoyment. Her climax was very close now, and it crossed her mind that once again she was being made to come by another woman. This time she didn’t mind, she welcomed the fact, knowing that if anything it seemed only to add to her embarrassment and through that to her arousal.

‘I’m coming.’

Nicole was too hot and too near to remember her manners, this time she could feel the volcano inside her about to erupt like never before. It was going to be bigger orgasm even than the one she had enjoyed only a half hour ago, so big it frightened her.

‘Help me, I’m coming.’

With a remarkable flash of insight Haley understood what was needed. She went to the bed and crouched beside Nicole, draping her arms around her neck and whispering in her ear.

‘It’s all right. Let go, let it rip. It’ll be okay I promise.’

‘Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!’

The series of noises was made deep in Nicole’s throat as she erupted into orgasm, blending slowly into a long animalistic screech that died back to another series of gasping, sobbing noises as the short but immensely powerful orgasm began to die away. The speed and power of her orgasm overwhelmed Nicole, who collapsed forward, almost dragging Geraldine with her before she managed to release her hold on her hips and allow the dildo to slide from her pussy.

Then she just lay on the bed, shaking and crying, her sobbing so uncontrolled that both Fiona and Geraldine began to feel concerned for her. Fiona removed the blindfold and let her arm lie across Nicole’s back, squeezing her shoulder reassuringly while Geraldine rapidly shimmied out of the dildo harness to squat beside her to the other side, also wanting to comfort her ‘victim’.

‘It’s all right.’ Fiona repeated her earlier words. ‘It’s all over now. And you’re not hurt are you?’

‘I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.’ Geraldine joined in from the other side, running her palm softly across Nicole’s back and completely forgetting that hurt had been the main aim of the session. Nicole giggled at the comment, her tears turning instantly to the laughter of release.

Geraldine suddenly realised what she had said, followed a second or so later by Fiona, and all three women burst into uncontrollable laughter, mirth that was magnified, especially for Nicole, by the sheer sexual emotion of the moment. It was several minutes before they regained their equilibrium.

It took a while even then before any of them was able to speak coherently and by that time they were sitting in Fiona’s lounge, fully dressed once more and sipping a well earned coffee. Only then was Nicole able to speak about what she had just been through, telling her friends how intensely powerful it had been and how she doubted that she would ever do it again, even though she wouldn’t have missed it for anything, and ending with a request.

‘When we go back to work tomorrow, can we keep what happened today to ourselves? I know I did enjoy it, and it was right for the time, but I don’t want to be pressured by anyone else to do things with another woman. You both respected my boundaries, but I’m not sure that others would.’

‘No problem.’ Geraldine told her ‘Both Fiona and I know how to keep things to ourselves, and that’s a promise. There are things that belong to a time and place, and nowhere else.’

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Oh my goodness, that was such a sensual, erotic and hot story! And a big turn-on too. Yes, would love to have been in Nicole’s place to experience such intensity. Great story.