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Ravished By A Young Man

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I arrived at the address to collect the key for my holiday house in Spain. I knocked on the door and a young man answered. A very handsome young man! He was about twenty or twenty-one and had beautiful dark brown eyes, black hair and a deep suntan.

“I’m Kay and I’ve come to collect the key for the holiday home I’m renting for the week.”

“Right,” he said, looking me up and down, “I’ll get my mother.”

And with that he walked off. I watched his rounded, muscular buttocks disappear through another door. After a short wait his mother came out to see me full of smiles and chat and gave me the key. I then drove the few hundred yards, in my hire car, to my home for the coming week.

As my husband was away on business I was on my own, but I was looking forward to relaxing in the Spanish sunshine.

The house was right on the beach. It was smallish but had a large back garden with a very high fence giving absolute privacy. At the bottom of the garden was a gate leading directly onto the beach. What more could I possibly want?

I was hot and sticky from my journey so I opened my luggage, pulled out the first bikini I came across and put it on. Excitedly I jogged to the bottom of the garden, opened the high wooden gate, and strode onto the golden sand. All I wanted was a swim so I kept on going until I could dive into the waves. The coolness of the sea tightened my nipples. I swam out a fair distance and then along parallel to the beach.

After I had cooled down, and had swum quite a distance, I made my way to the shore to walk back towards my holiday home. The sun soon dried my skin and, at last, I felt relaxed and miles away from business and stress. As I got closer to my house I could see someone leaning against the fence by my gate. At first I couldn’t make out who it was, but then I recognised the boy from where I had picked up the key.

He was no wearing cut-off shorts and his body looked firm and well defined. “God,” I thought, “If only I was twenty years younger.”

His eyes were on me, as I walked towards him, taking in my breasts as they bounced freely under my skimpy bikini top. I felt a little flustered as I knew my nipples were hard and could easily be seen.

“Hi,” I said, “Off for a swim?”

He drew his eyes away from my tits, looked me in the eyes and said, “No.”

With that he walked away. “Obviously a man of few words,” I told myself.

I walked into the garden, closed the gate and made my way into the house. I felt strangely aroused at the thought of this boy looking at me and admiring my body.

There was a mirror in the living area and I glanced at myself. Looking back at me was a 41 year old business woman but one, I thought, who was in pretty good shape. Many years of yoga and exercise had kept my body toned and supple. I unhooked my bikini top and let my breasts fall free. They were a good size and had very sensitive nipples. I brushed them gently and a tingle made my body shiver.

My bikini bottoms were also soon discarded and I could see my shaven pussy, smooth and moist. I touched myself with one finger and was aware that my clitoris was firm and standing out proud. I took a deep breath and, for a moment, wished my husband was with me. I guessed that I would have to rely on my fingers and my vibrator to satisfy my sexual yearnings and desires.

I stayed naked as I walked around the house and unpacked my suitcases.

I had noticed a small restaurant nearby when I arrived so I decided to go out for my evening meal. I was feeling sexy so I simply pulled on a sundress over my nakedness. It felt so nice and free and I knew I would be very turned on by this when I arrived home again after my meal. I placed my vibrator by my bed in readiness.

I walked along to the restaurant and could feel my unrestrained breasts moving against the thin material of my dress. Needless to say my nipples became hard and firm.

I had my meal, with a few appreciative glances from the waiter, and started to make my way back to my house and my waiting plastic lover. I had drunk a fair amount of wine so my mood was very relaxed and I felt vibrant and alive.

As I walked homewards I heard footsteps behind me. I wasn’t too worried but I turned around to see who it was. It was the same boy from picking up the key and on the beach. A coincidence? Somehow I didn’t think so.

I continued walking until I reached my house. At this point the boy had disappeared.

I thought no more of this and went indoors. I had a shower and made my way to the bedroom naked. I glanced out of the window and there was ‘the boy’ looking back at me from the opposite side of the road. I realised he could see me but, for some reason or other, I made no effort to cover up. I just stood still and looked back at him. He must have been embarrassed at being seen because he moved away.

I lay on my bed and grinned to myself. It was nice to be admired and lusted over. My hands cupped my breasts and I felt so damn sexy. My nipples were on fire as I pulled on them gently. I groaned with pleasure and continued exploring my warm, freshly perfumed body. I stroked my pubic mound and one of my fingers stretched towards my clitoris. I groaned again as I felt how large and hard it was. I pulled back the hood so that my magic button was fully exposed.

Dipping one finger into my moist pussy I used this to spread the slippery juices over my clit. My mouth was salivating as I took my clit between two fingers and started to milk it delicately. My whole body was now trembling with anticipation and needed release. My cunt spasmed slightly as I continued manipulating my hardness.

I couldn’t hold off and any longer and let out an animalistic sound as I orgasmed. I could feel my cunt filling with my hot cum and I came a second time sweating and moaning.

In my head there was a picture of ‘that’ boy looking at me, his penis throbbing and erect. I had to reach for my vibrator now and thrust it deep inside my wetness. I wanted, no needed, to be fucked. In and out went the vibrator filling and stretching me. I pounded into myself until I erupted in a sea of wanton sexuality. Juices were running between my open thighs as I slowed down and pulled my lover from my gaping cunt.

I fell fast asleep until the next morning.


After breakfast all I wanted to do was to flop out in the sunshine. My respectable business life was miles away and all of the stress that it entailed.

I walked about the house naked. It seemed pointless wearing anything. I wanted an all over tan, so that was what I was going to achieve. I moved a sun-bed into position in the garden and stretched out naked. The sun felt wonderful on my skin and I knew the garden was private so I wouldn’t be seen.

I spent most of the morning lying still other than to massage suntan lotion into my skin occasionally. Heaven!

I think I must have dosed off as I suddenly jolted to a strange nearby loud noise. I looked up and there was the boy with a lawn mower starting to cut the grass – and there I was legs spread and naked.

I grabbed a small towel I had with me and tried to cover myself. The mower stopped and he said, “Mother says I have to cut the grass.”

“You could have warned me,” I said grumpily, “I wasn’t expecting anyone to come barging in.”

“I’ve got a key to the gate,” he answered, as if that made everything alright. Mind you, how could I be cross for long? He was standing there in tiny shorts, shoes and nothing else. Jesus, he looked like a Greek God, or something, and he was gazing at the shape of my body beneath the towel.

“What’s your name?”


“Hello Peter, I’m Kay.”

“I know that,” and he started up the mower again.

This time it was me watching him, the way he moved, the tightness of his muscles, the firmness of his bottom. I ‘accidently’ allowed my towel to fall a little so my tits were virtually uncovered. I saw him lick his lips when he noticed what I had done.

It was then that I saw the shape of his penis beneath his shorts. It was beginning to harden. As he walked up and down the grass his cock was getting larger and larger.

“What’s wrong with me?” I questioned myself, “Here I am fancying a twenty year old boy.” I did my best to pull myself together and covered my breasts properly.

I decided to go into the house until Peter was finished and wrapped the towel around me as best as possible. Once inside I closed the window blinds so I couldn’t be seen. I had left, however, a small gap in the blinds so that I could look out. I did so and I was shocked to see Peter with his shorts pushed down and his cock fully out.

I watched him breathlessly as he wanked his hardness. My towel was by now on the floor and one hand was between my legs. Fuck, he looked so good and it was like he wanted me to see him. There he was pumping his cock and then with a grimace on his face I watched him ejaculate. A great fountain erupted from him and fell onto the grass. By now my fingers were wet from my own juices and as he pulled up his shorts I staggered back to the settee. I lay down, my knees bent but my legs apart, as I brought myself to orgasm. I was panting hard, my pelvis was raised high and my whole body was shuddering.

I had never felt so licentious and almost immoral.

I got to my feet to look out of the window but Peter had gone. My God, I wanted him sexually so very much.

I didn’t sleep much that night. I tossed and turned thinking about the young man’s body and his penis, imagining what it would be like if he was in bed with me.


I gave myself a good talking to and told myself that I had to behave.

After breakfast I went for a swim – topless. I would have preferred to go naked but it was, after all, a public beach. I had my beach towel with me so I decided to lie on the sand to dry off afterwards. The sun wasn’t too hot as yet and the gentle warm breeze caressed my breasts and nipples.

I had closed my eyes. A few minutes later when I opened them there was Peter sitting a few yards away. His body was turned towards me and he was stroking his cock through his brief swimming shorts. It was as if he was showing off to me.

He looked around, to ensure no one else was about and pulled his stiffness out of his shorts. Fuck, he was going to perform for me. His hand was now surrounding his penis and he was moving it up and down, his foreskin being pulled right back as his hand moved downwards.

I know I should have left, but somehow I was transfixed. I lay there as he wanked, my legs squeezed together to stop myself from stimulating myself as well. His cock seemed to have now swelled to a huge size, the head like a maroon plum.

How I would have loved to have taken it in my mouth to savour the texture and flavour. Then suddenly, without warning he did his best to cover his penis with his shorts, stood up and walked away. I was left aroused and sexually wanting.

I lay still hoping the feelings of desire would subside but in the end I had to get up and return to my house. Once inside I switched on the television to see if I could find anything to take my mind off sex. Being mostly in the Spanish language I decided the only answer was a cold shower so I made my way upstairs.

I stepped inside my bedroom door, heard a noise and felt myself being grabbed by someone from behind. Before I had any opportunity to retaliate my hands were behind my back and I was thrown onto the bed. I felt scared at the power of my attacker as I was roughly turned over onto my back and then I saw that it was Peter.

“Please don’t hurt me.”

But he was sitting astride me now, holding my arms and pushing them above my head. He had some sort of material and he was tying my hands to the metal bed head. I felt so weak and vulnerable as I lay there while he secured my hands tightly.

“Please, there is no need to hurt me,” I pleaded, “I’ll do what you want.”

As usual he didn’t say a word, but continued to sit astride me. I had stopped struggling. His hands moved to my breasts and he cupped one in each hand. I couldn’t help myself and I sighed with pleasure and pushed my chest upwards slightly.

He continued to stroke my tits and my nipples responded sending pleasure throughout my body.

“Pull my nipples,” I whispered.

He took a nipple between his fingers and started to pull gently.

“Pull like you are milking me.”

As he did his best to follow my wishes I orgasmed lightly as I felt my nipples being stretched and my tits lifted with each movement.

I couldn’t understand myself. How could I respond like this?

He stopped his milking action and his hands moved downwards to my stomach and he circled my tummy button. He shuffled backwards so he was now sitting on my thighs. He started to pull on my bikini bottoms. They were only made of flimsy material and I heard them rip as he tugged at them determined to rip them to shreds.

I tried to lift up my bottom to help him, his hands were now beginning to scratch me as he continued to try to remove what was left of the garment.

“Just pull them down. I promise I won’t kick or struggle.”

He looked at me not knowing if I was telling the truth. He moved off of me and began to drag the bikini bottom downward over my thighs, past my ankles and finally over my feet. I was now completely naked before him. I knew I couldn’t stop him from doing anything he wanted to me … but, there again, I wasn’t sure that I actually wanted to stop him – as long as he didn’t hurt me.

“Do you want me to open my legs?”

He nodded. I spread my thighs slightly apart so he could see my pussy lips. As I was entirely shaven there was nothing to hide the view. The idea of him looking at me and seeing my most secret parts turned me on even more. I wanted him to see everything, my hard clit, my inside pinkness and my moistness.

I spread my legs further and then wider still. I was sure my cunt would now be slightly open and I wanted him to touch me, to explore me and then to fuck me. I was his, to do with whatever he wanted.

His hand reached out towards my inner core and I lifted my pelvis to try to make him contact me quicker. I was now desperate for release. If my hands had been free I’d have rubbed my clit to orgasm.

At last he touched my cunt, for that was what it was now. It was no longer a vagina but a pulsating wet, throbbing cunt. His finger slipped into me and I almost cried with delight.

“Pull my cunt lips apart at the top and touch my clit,” I ordered.

“It’s so big,” he said. He actually spoke!

“The girlfriend I once had … hers was small,” he continued.

I was panting as he spoke. He was rubbing my clit’s length and I knew I couldn’t hold back.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” I cried out and my cunt pulsated and throbbed, tightening and releasing as I orgasmed. I could feel cum flowing from me.

I think he was shocked at the way I had cum and he pulled his hand away from my pussy. He hadn’t expected the power of my orgasm or the flood of my juices.

He started to speak, “I .. I .. I ..,” but somehow couldn’t get any words out.

“Why don’t you let my hands free and I’ll give you the best fuck of your life.”

“No. No, I can’t. You’ll, you’ll ..”

“No, I won’t do anything you don’t want. I won’t tell anyone either. It’ll be our secret,” I said.

“You whore!” he shouted in return.

He stripped off his shirt and then his shorts and sat naked his penis red, fiery and very hard. There was pre-cum running down the shaft, glistening and sticky.

“You are a whore, a fucking whore,” he said again.

I was getting a little frightened. He obviously wanted to have power over me. I closed my eyes and waited. I knew he’d fuck me.

The bed moved as he shifted his position to kneeling between my legs. I let him push my legs wide apart again so he could enter me. He was big and hard but I was so wet I knew it wouldn’t hurt. The head of his cock was at my entrance and he was leaning over me his mouth biting my tits and then sucking hard on my nipples. Pain shot through me as his hands squeezed my tits hard, his finger nails grazing my delicate skin.

“Fucking whore,” he cried out once more and he pushed his cock deep into my soaking cunt. His whole length was in me hard and throbbing. I tried to tighten my inner muscles to make him cum but he pulled out of me and then thrust into me with all of his strength. I tightened my vaginal muscles again and he groaned out loud as he ejaculated deep inside me, his hot spunk spurting over and over.

As his cock stilled I felt the familiar thrill from my tummy as the beginning of my own orgasm began to arise. I wrapped my legs around his bottom to keep what was left of his erection inside me. His pubic bone ground against my clitoris and with that I orgasmed, my cunt getting hotter and hotter as I came in floods, my tits bouncing and shaking as my whole body pulsated with the indescribable pleasure of a full, heavy orgasm.

We lay still and he then lifted off me reaching for his clothes. He stood as he dressed.

“Please untie my hands. I won’t tell anyone.”

Peter didn’t know what to do.


He reached up and undid my hands. The wrists were red from where they had been tied. Peter was gone. I heard his feet clomp down the stairs and the outside door slam.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:

I filled my time with sight seeing, driving into the mountains and swimming on various beaches. I felt constantly randy and went about just wearing a thin dress, shoes and nothing else. Each night after my tourist exploits I arrived back at the house ready to masturbate and, as I did so, I often thought of Peter. I couldn’t forget him as my body still carried his scratches and bite marks – but they were now fading.


The phone rang. I was surprised as it hadn’t rung all week and I hadn’t told anyone the Spanish number.


“Hello,” I said again.

“I .. I … I … could I, erm see you … please … I … I …”

“Sure come on over,” I knew that it was Peter.

A few minutes later we were sitting in the garden.

“I’ve come to say sorry, for what I did. I shouldn’t have, you know …”

“What’s done is done. And I won’t tell anyone.”

The relief on his face was clear to see. He still looked magnificent, his legs strong , his body sculptured and toned. He could have any girl he wanted with his looks.

“Why did you do it. Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“I did have one a couple of years back but she … she never orgasmed the couple of times we had sex and then she laughed at me, saying I was a useless lover.”

“Has there never been anyone else?” I asked.


I touched his face gently with my hand. He seemed so lonely and I wanted to hug him. Our lips touched and he kissed me gently. I just had to make love to him.

“Get undressed,” I whispered.

I watched as he took off his t-shirt and then his shorts. Already his penis was hard. He looked embarrassed by his erection. I had laid a big rug on the grass and told him to lie down. He did as he was told and I knelt beside him and held his hardness with one hand. I could feel the power and the first pre-cum was oozing from his small slit. I leant over and licked away the salty nectar, enjoying the flavour and aroma.

With my mouth now wet with desire I took the head of his penis between my lips and into my mouth. I tasted more pre-cum and I slurped with my tongue to swallow my spicy saliva.

Peter was groaning and tension could be felt in his balls, which were now tightly raised, almost disappearing into his body. I took more of his cock into my mouth, as much as I could, and stayed still savouring the experience. With one hand still on his balls and the root of his cock I knew he was about to cum.

I sucked again but withdrew him from my mouth, his cock running with my saliva. I pulled downward on his hardness, his foreskin fully stretched and could feel his sperm desperate for release. His cock pulsated and the first spurt of his thick cream shot high over his chest and I watched the magnificence of his penis pumping out his manly juices onto his beautiful body. I relished in my own small orgasm.

I unfastened my dress so that I was also naked and sat astride his softening cock. My hands massaged his spunk into his body. My pussy was wet and I was aware that his cock was already beginning to respond to my warmth. The wonders of a young virile man!

I stimulated his growing stalk with the movement of my pussy backwards and forwards over it’s length. Fuck, it felt so good. His cock now firm I lifted myself up from him and took his hardness in one hand positioning it at the entrance to my cunt. With a yelp of pleasure I dropped my body downwards skewered on his cock, feeling myself stretch with his size. He was fully inside me every inch devoured by my hungry cavern.

I sat still, circling my tits with my hands as I concentrated on the senses and sensitivity deep inside my cunt. His length was, as if, deep within my womb. I lifted up an inch and let myself fall onto him again, bending forward so my clitoris ground onto his pubic bone.

His hands grabbed at my breasts and I lowered them so he could reach them with his mouth. He sucked like an infant wanting his dinner as my cunt pulsated with contentment – at least for a short while.

Peter sighed and I couldn’t believe he was ready to cum again. I leant back again to sitting upright and started to bounce slowly up and down on his cock. As I became more and more aroused I was using his whole length to stimulate my intimate nerve endings. I was an animal, a bitch on heat, desperate for his spunk to drench my womb and vagina. I wanted to be filled to capacity.

I screamed out loud, now also rubbing my swollen clit with one hand to increase my lust and wantonness. With my cunt beyond control my orgasm overflowed and my body pushed down so that his cock was full inside me. Peter now came as well and I could sense his juices being forced into my very soul.

I allowed his penis to soften inside me enjoying the warmth and comfort it gave and we started to talk about sex. At last his inhibitions seemed to have flown. He asked if he could see my clitoris again. With regret I dismounted my stallion and lay down next to him.

“See?” I said and he looked at my sloppy, wet, stretched cunt. I pulled back the hood of my clit fully for him to see. I nearly orgasmed at the thought of him looking at me. His head went closer and I guided it to my clit.

“Suck on it,” I ordered and pushed his mouth onto my hardness, “Suck on it … please!”

He did so, his lips warm and unbelievably soft. I was groaning with lust and looped my legs around his neck and head keeping him in place as I orgasmed again, my juices escaping from my now gaping cunt.

“Thank you,” I said.

His mobile phone then rang. It was his mother. She wanted him home to help her with something.

“Okay, I’ll be there in a few minutes,” he answered.

“I’ve got to go.”

As he stood his cock had sprung to life and I took it into my mouth and slurped like a desperate porn star . He stood still while I knelt before him sucking him, wanting him to cum once more before he left. I used every trick I knew and in a few minutes he was unloading into my mouth every drop of his remaining jism.

“I’ve got to go,” he laughed.

With cream trickling from my mouth I said, “Bye. Aren’t you going to kiss me?”

“No way,” he grimaced, “See you tomorrow.”

But I didn’t see him ‘tomorrow’, or ever again.


It was time to go home, back to England, back to business and stress and my husband. But, for a short while, I had been young, sexy and free again.

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