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Looking at Condos

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As most of you know my relationship is coming to an end with Bob. I’ve been trying to find a place to live but nothing has struck my fancy. I want to live on the island where I work but fear that once the economy comes back that the real estate market will be out of my price range, or worse that I will purchase a house and not be able to afford the property taxes.

One of my clients at my bank is a successful real estate agent. Karen knew that I was stressing out about this and offered to take me out for a girl’s night. One thing that I’m not is a bar girl. In fact I hate going out for dinks, but felt pretty comfortable with Karen. Additionally I really needed to find some place to live and she had all the right connections.

Around six I met Karen at the restaurant that she suggested. She looked amazing in her sexy power suit. Yeah, the thought of taking her home did enter my mind but that is another story. Sure enough as we followed the hostess to our table all eyes were on us. All the guys and even a few of the ladies were checking us out. Talk about a nice little ego boost.

Karen told me about this condo that I had to check out. Now let me tell you about Karen. She is a beautiful woman with long straight blond hair. Karen is around twenty five, and very successful for her age. She’s enjoying better luck than I am at work. Now sometimes she wears skirts that are so short, well let’s just say that she can’t sit down without showing the world her business. One sexy thing about Karen is that she does have the body to pull of what she wears. Even though her skirts are a little too short she never looks like a slut. And let’s just say that she does have the legs for it.

She asked me questions about how long I wanted to stay in the area. Then about how much I could afford and where I might want to live at. After about an hour of her playing twenty questions she said that she had the perfect place for me. We made plans to go out after work on Friday to check out some of the dream places. Then we started to talk about Bob but I tried to stay off the subject. Not that I wanted anything bad for Bob, in fact I still cared about him and wish him the best. Hopefully he will find that person who makes him happy.

I’m pretty sure that Karen caught me checking out her legs a time or two. I felt this energy being around her which was something that I haven’t felt in a long time. There was this desire building in me which was really strange as I’ve never tried to seduce a woman before. However, I chicken out since I wasn’t sure Karen was into women.

The rest of my week was a bore till we got flooded with cranky snowbirds. What’s worse is that with the dollar down we have been getting a lot of Canadian tourist. These people don’t want to spend money and except everything for free. They just drive me nuts.

Finally Friday came and all I could think about was having fun with Karen. I dressed in something that should impress her and couldn’t wait till she saw me. She called me at lunch just to double check that we were still on.

Karen picked me up after work and off we went. We both were dressed to kill in our short skirts, hose, and sexy blouses. Getting into her car was a bit of a trick. Thank god that no one was around because her car is so freaking low that the only way I can get in our out is to have my skirt jacked up. Needless to say that wearing a skirt that short isn’t very ladylike.

As she drove to the first condo the question came that I didn’t want to hear. She asked, “So, how are you and Bob?”

“Ah, what can I say?”

“Oh,” she looked at me like she was reading a book. “Interesting.”

“Hey now, I love him.”

Yeah, but it’s over. I can read it from your body language.” Karen sat back, “So how many times have you slept with Mike?”

“Not nearly enough. I mean we haven’t?”

“Yeah right, so you got the hots for him.”


“He is a stud from what I hear.”

“And what else have you heard?”

“That he knows how to make you feel like a woman on a date and a slut when he beds you. So how does that sound?”

“Sounds about right.”

“Is that why you are ending it with Bob?”

“No, that relationship is over. We just weren’t right for each other. I wish him the best.”

“So are you going to start dating Mike?”

“Hum, I think.” I took a deep breath, “I think we’re just fuck buddies.”

“Ah, that sounds like fun.”

“So far so good!”

We both laughed like little school girls till she parked the car in the driveway of the first condo.

Looking at condo’s we started to joke around about the guys who hit on us. The condo wasn’t for me as it backed up to a school. Karen apologized and said that she had no idea about the school that the condos were new and this was an area of the island she had no clue about.

Karen backed up her car and then on the drive to the second to last condo we were laughing about how guy would flirt with us and I reach over and put my hand on her thigh while making a joke only she parts her legs. Pretty sure she blushed and then she grabbed my hand moving it up to her crotch saying “I love it when guys grab you, doesn’t this make you wet baby?”

However my nipples were now rock hard as she took my breath away. I felt the pressure against my chest from the excitement. Oh it was so hard to breath with my hand holding her pussy, her pantyhose wet. Was she really wet or was that my imagination?

Then she pulled my hand back up her thigh to rest on her knee. Why? I didn’t want to stop but what if she wasn’t bi? Was I misreading her?

“Why can’t guys learn a little foreplay?” She laughed. She moved closer to give me a kiss. Her lips were so soft which I liked.

Without warning we heard a car honk. The kiss was broken as was the moment. Karen started to drive to the next condo. “I hope that you don’t mind me saying but I love how you look in black pantyhose.”

I smiled, “Thank you.” I tried to hide my reaction from her. As I wasn’t sure how she would react if she knew how aroused I was.

“Wish that I could wear black instead of these ugly things but my boss has strict guidelines.”

Her hands move up and down my thighs and she has no problems with her eyes watching me, my fingers running under my skirt. Was she trying to tease me or herself?

“Well black does attract a lot of attention.” When her hand slipped further up my skirt I had to stop her, I slapped Karen’s arm, “Stop that you little flirt. You’re going to get us in an accident.”

Karen took a deep breath; her nipples were rock hard, “Fine, be that way. I was just trying to have a little fun.”

“Yes, but I would prefer that you watch the road and not my legs. However, I’m flattered. So why don’t you just admit it, you want me.”

“Admit it girl! That you want me, to want you!”

I slapped her knee, “Yeah right.” Still unsure how far this would go, I wanted to play this along. After all I was having fun and what if she was only joking?

Karen blurted out, “What if I wanted my cake and ice cream? To have both you and Mike?”

“Hey!” That comment caught me off guard, “He’s mine!”

“Oh, look at who’s now being selfish!” She parked her car at the second condo.

I looked at the brochure for the condo and it was way out of my price range. Puzzled I asked her, “Karen, why did you select this condo?”

She gave me that smile telling me something was up, “Oh, this condo is owned by a friend of a friend and I’ve been dying to get inside. Besides, this might give you some ideas on what you want?”

Some times it’s just best to go with the flow. Just by walking into the foyer I could tell this condo would be amazing. The place was so freaking large that our pumps were echoing through the condo was we walked. Not sure that I liked that, in a way living in this palace would be like living in a cave.

Walking around I noticed several pictures and the couple who owned the condo looked pretty happy and attractive. She had a great sense of style and even though this place was large the owner made it feel very comfortable.

Karen grabbed my hand, “Come on they will be gone for hours. We must check out their bedroom.”

After we walked into the bedroom Karen started to open drawers like she was trying to find something. My attention was focused on all the pictures and art work around the room.

Then I heard Karen giddily scream, “Bingo!”

When I turned to look Karen had a wide selection of dildos in her hand. “I knew she was a slut. Wait till you see this!” She set the toys on the dresser, pulled out an eight inch black life like dildo. “What a freaking slut!”

I didn’t know who she was walking about the only thing I knew about this couple was that they liked to travel. Well I assumed that from all the pictures of them in different places around the world. Now, Karen was searching through her personal belongs looking for incrementing evidence. When Karen started taking pictures of the toys and stuff that is when I started to become a little uncomfortable.

“I knew that she was a slut.”

I smiled at Karen, “How can you be so sure?”

Karen shook the big dildo, “Look at this freaking thing!”

“Okay but what if she does that for her husband?”

“Fine, I’ll give you that one but she still has to have a little bit of slut in her to enjoy something like this.”

“What is your hang up with her?”

“Oh, she just my nemesis and a real pain in my ass for the past ten years. Ever since high school”

Karen started to wave the cock around like it was a wand, “I wonder just how many times she has fucked herself with this? Wonder if her husband uses this on her?” Karen became very excited, “Oh or maybe if she has even told him about this toy.”

It was easy to see that Karen was clearly lost in her world with the wheels spinning. Wonder what she was thinking about? Hell, sure that I would find out soon.

“Ah now this is very interesting.”

I grabbed one of the pictures on the dresser, “Look at this stud, if you had him in your bed would you need a toy that big?”

She had that evil look, “Maybe he can’t do it, and after all she is a major bitch!”

Playfully I slapped her shoulder, “Oh you are so bad.”

Karen was having a field day checking things out from lingerie, clothes, the closet, and even under the bed. I kind of got lost checking out some of the pictures. Then I felt Karen behind me but didn’t think much about it till I felt something between my legs. Then when I looked down I noticed she had shoved the black life like dildo between my legs.

“I just had to see how this would look on you.” Karen was behind me, checking me out in the mirror on the dresser.

Since I was aroused already the vibrating part felt good, “Or you mean in me?” I decided to play alone and tease Karen. Maybe I would get some?

She then pulled up my skirt exposing my pantyhose clad pussy.

When the black dildo was tight against my pussy she turned it on. Our friendship just hit new levels; maybe she thought I was wearing panties? Then again, what the hell was she thinking?

Karen nestled up to me, whispered in my ear, “I love the shaved pussy.”

Then I could hear my juices being vibrated by the black cock. I’m sure that she could hear it also. Talk about being embarrassed. My friend had a life like cock vibrating between my legs and to my horror and dismay I loved it.

“Oh, I see not only are you a naughty girl but a little slut.” She reached up and pinched my hard nipples, “I love the fact that you are not warning panties. Wonder if your boss knows that you’re a closet slut like I am?”

I loved the fact that someone could bust us, “Stop that!” I tried to push the cock away.” This wasn’t very professional and we shouldn’t be doing this. After all I had no idea who this woman was, and how would I explain having her toy between my legs?

Karen smiled, “Yeah, I would if I didn’t think you liked it so much.”

We both could hear how wet I was. Was I aroused from the toy or by what she was doing?

“Come on stop that before someone will catch us.” What she didn’t know is that I loved public sex. The rush and excitement of being caught really gets me off.

“Not until you cum. I know you want to cum. Look at you, your arousal is coating your hose. You are a little slut aren’t you?”

The sad part was, that I was a slut. I loved sex! I loved being with a guy and also enjoyed being with a woman. Yeah my relationship was pretty much over but I still wanted to be loved. Granted, Karen didn’t love me. This was just sex, pure and simple.

My hand went down on her dresser giving me support. I was lost and gone. The only thought in my mind was getting off. Karen was an expert wielding that cock around like some hung stud doing me. Oh, it felt good. My toes tingled from the vibrations and my orgasm was building as I started to drift into a little fantasy of this couple walking in and busting us. I was thinking about this husband rock hard and the wife undressing and directing us and using her husband for all of our pleasure.

“Oh, oh that’s it! Oh I’m going to.”

“Oh year baby, let it go!” Karen kissed my neck.

There it was, oh yeah. My body trembled as my orgasm hit me. Oh it felt like a mach truck slamming into a brick wall! “Oh yeah!” Both hands were now down on the dresser for support. “Don’t stop. Oh, oh yes!” My orgasm just ripped through me.

Once I was back on earth Karen then moved over to the bed, and sat down. When she leaned back she pulled up her skirt revealing she was wearing stockings and then I noticed her shaved pussy.

“I want to leave something for my dear friend.”

To my arousal I watched her take the toy into her pussy inch by inch that black cock slipped into her.

“Next time she fucks this toy, she will be fucking me too!”

I was memorized by Karen as she lay on the bed fucking herself with that life like vibrating cock. She looked like she was really enjoying herself and watching her enjoying that toy made me feel empty. I really wanted a cock in me too.

“Oh god,” she screamed. “I have to get me one of these!”

Watching Karen was way better than watching porn. Sure I like to watch a movie when I just want to get off and there wasn’t anyone around to do me, but watching her pleasing herself was so much better than some silly movie. Watching the way the pleasured herself, the way she was using the toy to get off was exciting, and then watching her getting closer and closer, her orgasm building till she let out a little scream! She tried to muffle her passion.

Talk about a sight if someone walked in, Karen on her back with a life like cock in her pussy and my hand under my pantyhose rubbing one out watching her!

After she was finish adjusting her skirt she gave me a quick kiss like nothing happened, “You have to invite me over some night next week so that we can seduce your little stud boy! I want to watch him do you.”

Then just as quickly as it started, it ended.

She drove me back to my car. On the drive home all I could think about what just happened and what it meant. What was going to happen to our friendship? When I got home Mike wasn’t there. Good thing for him, as I was on fire. Like a high school guy I really needed to get some. It was a long night, even longer in that Mike didn’t come home.

The next day I was sitting in my office when she walked in. She came over to my desk and introduced herself. I recognized her face in the pictures, crap it was Karen’s nemesis! She walked over to me and introduced herself. Then she told me about her home security system and that she enjoyed watching Karen and myself having some fun. Finally she handed me a large envelope and then told me to open it in private.

Embarrassed I took the envelope from her. She knew what we did, and we both knew it. The question is what did she want?

The end of this little chapter.

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