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Us Three

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My folks celebrated their 30 anniversary on Saturday with an evening at a posh restaurant, then home for a bit of nookie. (I know because I could hear them!) I think they thought I was out, as Mom was more vocal than usual.

Sunday was spent relaxing as we all had an early start on Monday, Mom (50yrs)and I (25 yrs) were dropping Dad (51yrs) at the airport at 5 am, (He was away on a business trip for a few days.)

Then going to see Mom’s sister which was a 350 km. drive. Aunt Sally was flying to Australia Monday afternoon for a six month visit, so we were driving up for lunch with her, and then back home again, Dad had put me on his insurance so Mom and I could share the driving. Dad’s car is a 5 series Beema! A bit better than my Focus, so, needless to say, I was looking forward to the trip!

We arrived at Aunt Sally’s just before 10, so had a good 5 hours with her before her flight. After saying our good-byes we headed for home, I was driving when the dash lit up. ‘Engine error, reduced power, proceed with caution’ The car promptly lost power!

“Leave the Freeway at the next exit,,” Said Mom, “Lets find a garage!”

About fifteen minutes later we came to a small town, the garage was easy to find.

Mom told the mechanic what had happened.

“Let me take a look.” He said, coming over to the car. “Start her up please.” He said, looking at me. Listening to the engine, “Rev her up.” He asked. “OK, you can switch off.” Then looking at Mom, he said, “I think that you have spark plug problems, I don’t have a set to fit your car, but could order them to arrive late tomorrow morning, personally I wouldn’t drive any further, but that is up to you.”

“Do you mind if I phone my husband, you could tell him the problem?” She asked.

“Not at all.” He replied.

Mom managed to get Dad, “Darling, we are having problems with the car, I am handing you over to Ben, the mechanic, so that he can explain what’s wrong,OK?”

Handing the phone over she said, “My husband, William.” The mechanic spoke to Dad, then handed the phone back. “OK, yes, there is a motel down the road… What! Are you sure? … Really?…I know but…” Glancing at me pensively. “Are you sure?… Well, yes, but… I know we did but…I don’t know… Whew, we’ll speak later, you ARE sure?… alright, I’ll see, love you too, bye.”

Turning to the mechanic Mom said. “Please order what’s needed, we will stay at the motel.”

“Will do Ma’am. The Motel don’t serve evening meals, but the shop is around the corner should you need anything, and we will get you on the road as soon as we get the plugs. I will order them now.” Saying which he went into his office.

I looked at Mom and said,”What was that about? Was Dad mad? I had better phone work and let them know that I won’t be in tomorrow.”

“You do that, Honey, no, he isn’t mad just being silly, I’ll go and book rooms, lets meet at the shop, and we can decide what we will eat.” She smiled and walked off.

I phoned my boss and told him what had happened, he said, ‘See you Wednesday then.’

Pocketing my phone I walked after Mom, she was coming out of the Motel as I got there, “Lets go get food then,” She said, ” Oh, and Honey we have a problem, the Motel is renovating and only have a double room available, will you be OK with that?”

“Uh, mm, sure.” I replied. Wow, would I get lucky and see Mom’s boobs! Was my first thought! “You OK with it?”

“Don’t see that we have a choice, but I don’t see a problem.” She said. “Now lets stock up on some food|”

We got sandwiches, crisps and some wine, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste! Then headed back to our room, left our purchases and went for a walk. Mom put her arm through mine and we wandered around for a while. It was lovely just the two of us, relaxing, chatting, no rushing to do anything. We had always been close, but this was somehow special!

“Lets get back and eat.” Said Mom, “I’m quite hungry, what about you?”

“Yes,” I replied, “I could also do with a shower!”

We turned the telly on and ate the very nice sandwiches, with a tumbler of wine! (No wine glasses.)

Mom turned the telly off. “Why don’t you have a shower, and I’ll give Dad a call.” Said Mom.

I had a lovely hot shower, played with the ‘little man’ but not seriously. Dressed in the clothes that I had been in all day, not nice!

Joined Mom, who said, “I couldn’t get Dad so left a message. Did you leave me any hot water?”

“Yes, I think so, it was still really hot when I finished.” I replied.

“Right, my turn.” Saying which she turned and went into the bathroom. a little while later, she opened the door, stuck her head round, and said. “Ryan, get those smelly underclothes off, I’ll rinse them through so they can dry overnight. Here is a towel to wrap around yourself.” She threw one at me. Wow! That was a boob!! “Just bring your things in.” She closed the door.

I just stared, the vision of her boob swaying as Mom threw the towel etched in my brain, my dick hard! Slowly I stripped, taking my clothes, I opened the door, could hear the shower, so peered round the door… damn! The shower was steamed up! She was just a blur. “Mom, what shall I do with my clothes?” I called.

“Give them to me,” She said opening the shower door a bit, “And no peeking!” So I handed them over and reluctantly went back to the bedroom.

A few minutes later Mom’s phone rang, looking at the screen, it said ‘William’ so I answered it. “Hi Dad, how are you?” I asked. “Mum’s in the shower.”

“Hi Ryan, I’m good thanks, how about you? A bit of a bummer about the car, and you and Mom being stuck there, isn’t it?” He asked.

“Yes, especially the car, I got a heck of a shock when the dash lit up! Thought I had done something!” I replied.

Dad laughed, “Not your fault son, could you give Mom a shout, see if she is out?”

“Sure,” I said, getting up I knocked on the door. “Mom, Dad’s on the phone!” I called.

“OK, coming.” Said Mom, opening the door, holding a towel to her front, she reached for the phone, as I gave it to her she fumbled and dropped it, trying to catch it, she let go of the towel, which, due to the forces of gravity, fell… Slowly… Exposing first Mum’s luscious tits, swaying as she grabbed for both phone and towel, then her pussy, neatly trimmed, as she missed both… Eek! Oh no.” She exclaimed, trying to cover herself, I picked up the towel, handed it to Mom, then her phone. I heard Dad say ‘What was that about?’ Mom replied, “I dropped the phone and my towel, Ryan saw me…” Looking at me, she continued, “Umm, must go, speak in a while.” She dropped the phone, pointed at me and said,”Did I do that?”

My ‘little man’ had gone from nothing to rock hard in a nano second, my towel was jutting out in front of me. Before I could say or do anything, Mom grabbed and pulled the towel. My prick throbbed and bounced, Mom put a hand to her mouth, her towel slipped to the floor, again!

“Oh my, so hard!” She exclaimed. Reaching out she gripped my prick, I’m afraid I just groaned and my cum shot out of me, blast after blast, the first hit Mom just below her tits, the second on her bush, the rest on her hand and the floor. Licking my cum off her fingers, she said, “Mm, tasty!”

“Aargh, ooh, umm,” Was all I could say, as knees weak, I sank to the floor, looking up, Mom’s pussy was at eye level, god, was it beautiful. I reached round her, held her silky smooth bum cheeks and pulled her towards me, snaking my tongue out, I took a long lick, she groaned, spread her knees, tilted her pelvis, giving me better access and she held my head. I licked and nibbled at her pussy, taking one hand away from her bum I pushed a finger slowly into her, gently fucking her, her nectar was soon coating my finger, taking it out I licked my finger, looked up at Mom, she was looking down at me biting her upper lip.

When we made eye contact she smiled, held my ears and pulled me up. “Oh Ryan, Ryan Honey.” She said and kissed me… hard.

She fell back on the bed, pulling me with her, her legs spread outside mine, standing I pressed my still hard cock down to her pussy and pushed, slipping all the way into a very tight, wet, hot pussy, oh, heaven!! I held still for a few seconds, feeling Mom’s pussy milking my cock, slowly I started to fuck her, her gorgeous tits wobbling on her chest, her nipples hard little nubs surrounded by her wide areola which was all crinkled. My hands went to fondle and tweak them as I fucked her.

“Mmm, yeeess, ooh, sooo nice, keep going baby, keep going, pull my nipples harder, oh fuck yes, nearly there, aargh, ooh, fuck me harder, mmm, harder, ooooh, yeeessss, cuuumming!” Said Mom, arching her back as she came, her pussy clamping on my prick, her hands holding mine to her tits. I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock as I pounded into her, having just cum I was ok for a while yet. After a short while she said, “Ooh, Honey stop, please, lets change position.”

Slipping my cock out of her we both got onto the bed properly.

“On your back, Honey,” She said, and then she leant over me, took me into her mouth and sucked our juices. That nearly had me coming! “Mm, nice.” She said, smacking her lips and smiling. Climbing over me, she squatted, held my prick, slowly impaling herself on me, when she bottomed out she sat and worked her cunt on my prick. Wow, so intense, no girl had ever done that before!

“Stop Mom, stop or I’ll cum!” I exclaimed.

Leaning forward to kiss me, smiling, she said, “Isn’t that the general idea?”

Grabbing her breasts again, I said, “Yes, but not too soon.” Mom sat upright again and used her pussy on me in circular motions then forward and back, all the time using her muscles to squeeze and release my prick.

It wasn’t long before I could feel myself losing it. “Aargh, ooh, Mom, Mom I’m going to cum, arrrgh, cuuumming!” I thrust up as hard as I could as spasm after spasm shot into Mom’s pussy. “Oh, that was fabulous, so good.” I pulled Mom down and kissed her, slowly my prick deflated and slid out of her. We held each other kissing and cuddling as we came down from our high.

Gently stroking Mom’s back, I suddenly felt, ‘oh no, what have we done!’

“Mom, I’m sorry! I wasn’t thinking! I’m so sorry!”

Looking at me in surprise, “What’s wrong Honey?” she asked.

“I just made you cheat on Dad! He trusts us, He’s going to be livid!” I replied.

“Oh sweetie, honey, it’s um, err, don’t worry love,! We wanted it to happen.” She said, kissing me.

“What do you mean Mom?”

Mom sighed and said, “It’s a long story Hun, let me phone Dad, and then I’ll explain” She got off me, gave my prick a kiss, grinned at me, “I cut his call short, I’m surprised he hasn’t called back!”

She called him putting the phone on speaker, he answered on he the first ring.

“Darling, what happened?” Were his first words. “I heard you say that you dropped the phone and towel and that Ryan saw you, then you said, ‘Speak later’ and the phone went dead, tell me did it happen?”

“Umm, yes, darling.”

“You mean that Ryan and you…?? Really! Ooh wow, great, sweetheart, thank you, did you enjoy? How was it?”

Looking at me Mom grinned, and replied, “Yes, yes and good. But Ryan is devastated that, as he puts it ‘he made me cheat on you.’ The phone is on speaker love, will you reassure him please.”

“Ryan, it really is OK, it’s a long story, maybe Mom will explain. Meanwhile I look forward to seeing you both on Thursday, until then have fun! Love you both, bye!” And with that Dad hung up.

“I really don’t understand what’s going on?” I said to Mom.

“As Dad said it’s a long story, I will explain it all tomorrow, meanwhile do you think we can get this chap up again?” Asked Mom, playing with my flaccid cock.

Looking at the beauty in front of me and having the go ahead from Dad, Mom playing with me, I said, as I felt him rising. “I don’t think that will be a problem.”

This time we made love, long slow love, Mom cumming twice before I shot my third load of the evening, we lay cuddled and drifted off to sleep. Waking in the morning spooned into Mom, my morning wood snuggled between her legs, my arm around her holding one of her breasts with her hand over mine. Bliss! Kissing her on the back of her neck she grunted and wriggled her bum.

“Let me turn over, Hun,” She said.

Releasing her, she turned over, we kissed, she pulled me to her and held my prick to her pussy, we both pushed and once more made love until we came. So lovely, such a beautiful woman,,,, We got up and showered together, washing each other, then drying each other. When we had eventually dressed we went and had breakfast, by which time we had to vacate our room.

Taking our bits and pieces we went to the garage, left our stuff in the car, Mom gave her phone number to Ben, asking him to call when the car was ready. Arm in arm we set off for a walk, after a few minutes, on the edge of the town we came to a foot path that seemed to lead towards some woods, so we headed that way.

“So Mom, are you going to explain why you and I fucked? I’m not complaining, I have never had a woman as wonderful as you, I still feel that I dreamt it!” I asked.

“Oh Ryan honey, yes, it’s along story, I suppose I should start at the beginning, we have got a couple of hours at least!” She replied. “Dad and I have always had a good sex life, sometimes we would bring fantasies into play to spice things up, one that kept recurring was a threesome, bringing a guy in, that really turned Dad on and we always had fantastic orgasmswhen we imagined that.” Looking at me she asked, “This isn’t to much information for you honey?”

Grinning at her, I squeezed her arm and said. “Hell no, it’s making me hard, imagine my parents getting kinky in bed!”

Mom playfully swatted me, “Careful I might stop telling you!” She said. “Seriously though, do you want to hear all this?”

“Yes Mom, I do, please carry on.”

“Ok, well Dad suggested that we turn the fantasy into reality, I wasn’t happy with that, but Dad kept bringing it up, so I said that I would try it. Dad was over the moon, and that got us discussing how, who, where and so on, I must admit by this time I wanted it as much as your Dad, in fact talking to you about it has got me horny! Anyway, we decided to try and find someone on-line, Dad found a swingers web site and put an ad up. It was amazing the number of guys who responded wanting to fuck a 47 year old woman.”

“What! you mean this was three years ago?” I exclaimed.

“Yes honey, anyway, as I said, we had a lot of responses, once Dad had sorted through them, there were four left who he considered ‘possibles,’ I was a bit sceptical, but agreed to meet them, one at a time, for a drink at a pub and to take it from there. The first one was an idiot, thinking that we were going to go to the car and let him, as he put it, ‘shag me silly.’ Gosh! I remember it all as if it was yesterday.” She said, blushing. “The second guy was a real gent, but I just didn’t click, the third, also a gent, we said that we would get back to him once we had seen all the ‘applicants’ probably in a couple of weeks. The fourth guy again I just didn’t take to. You sure you want me to carry on?”

Turning her to me, I said, “Absolutely.” And kissed her, holding her tight, my hard on pressing into her.

Rubbing herself against me. Leaning back, she looked at me and said, “I’ve got you horny, you are acting like a teenager, and can’t keep it down!”

“Ah, yes, but look at the beauty who is keeping it up!” I replied.

She laughed and said, “Flattery will get you everything, but not now, let me finish. As I said, we got back to the third guy, Adam, and arranged for him to come round to us. He arrived, bringing me flowers, kissed my hand, complimented me, in fact he was a perfect gent. We had a drink, I had two or three, I remember I was very nervous! We went to our bedroom and Dad suggested that Adam and I kissed, we did and it developed into a full on snog, he unzipped my dress, slipped it off my shoulders, stepping back I let it fall, standing in just my undies his eyes devoured me, Dad came up behind me, kissed me on the neck, undid my bra, pushed it off. Ryan, for the first time since we had been married another man was looking, no, salivating over my boobs! Adam knelt and pulled my knickers down, I remember stepping out of them and he held me and tried to tongue me,,,,,, Ryan, I just ran out of the room, into your’s and locked the door. I couldn’t do it, I realised that no way could I fuck a stranger, I collapsed onto your bed sobbing, Dad tried to speak to me, but only when he said that Adam had left did I unlock the door. I was a wreck that night, and cried myself to sleep in Dad’s arms.”

Mom had tears in her eyes just remembering, “It’s ok Mom, you don’t have to carry on.” I said, hugging her.

“No. it’s ok, honey, well, the next day Dad and I had a long chat, Dad said how good Adam had been, apparently it was him who suggested he leave, asking Dad to call him the next day to let him know how I was. Dad also said that we should forget the threesome idea, but I asked, ‘how about considering one of our single friends?’ To which he agreed.”

“So what happened to Adam, did Dad phone the poor guy?” I asked.

“When he said that he was going to, I decided that I should do it. So I did, it was not easy, although when I spoke to him he made it easier, I apologised for my behaviour, explaining that I just couldn’t go through with it, that it had nothing to do with him but I couldn’t ‘go’ with someone that I didn’t know. He was very understanding, and suggested that we meet again with the view to getting know each other. as, he said, what he had seen was very beautiful! We met for drinks once, but I was very uncomfortable, especially knowing that he had seen me nude, so we left it at that.”

We walked in silence for a while, then I asked, “Did you ask any of your friends then?”

“Not until a few months ago! We had brought it up during sex, and it still turned me on, god darling it really feels strange telling you, you are, after all, my son!”

“I know, I think it’s great!” I replied with a grin. “So what about friends, do I know any of your choices?”

“Ryan! That sounds awful, like a meat market!” She said. “Yes, you know the ones we thought of, only two, as it happens, Don and Robert, Dad was going to try to find out what they thought without actually asking them.”

“Robert!” I exclaimed, “He’s a jerk!”

“Why, thank you for your faith in us, darling, as it turns out you are right, however, he is the one who said yes. According to Dad, he said that he had always fancied me, so it was set up. He came round, again we had a drink, Robert said, looking at me with a huge grin on his face, ‘So slut, come here and suck my prick, tonight we are going to fuck every hole you have.’ Well, I’ve never seen Dad violent, but he went up to Robert and punched him so hard that Robert fell over! Dad picked him up by the shirt front, marched him to the door and threw him out!”

“Wow.” Was all I could say.

Mom smiled. “Wow indeed, anyway after that we decided to keep our fantasy as a fantasy, then one night a few weeks ago, I went to get some water, coming past your room I heard you call out to me, I was just about to open your door when I heard you grunt and say ‘fuck yea, thats good Mom’ and realised you were masturbating.”

Mom had a huge grin on her face now and I was mortified!

“When I told Dad, we had a fantastic session imagining that you were the third person, Dad wanted me to seduce you after that but I couldn’t, so yesterday, he suggested I get a double room, and try to set you up, and, as they sweetheart, the rest is history.”

“I’ve fantasised over you for a few years now, Mom, if only you had said… no, I suppose you couldn’t” I said, “So can we have a quickie here, you’ve got me sooo hard!”

“I thought you would never ask,” Said Mom, smiling, she put her hands against a tree, wriggled her bum and said. “Come to mommy then!” Looking over her shoulder..

Stepping up to her whilst undoing my trousers,. I flipped her dress over her back. “Oh naughty, no knickers!” I exclaimed, fingering her slit, “And very receptive as well.” as two fingers slipped into her sopping cunt, I started fucking her with them.

“Aah, Ryan, fuck me son, put your cock in and fuck me hard and fast” She said.

Obliging, I thrust into her and fucked her as hard as I could, it didn’t last long, I felt myself getting to the short strokes, Mom’s pussy pulsed around my prick as she came.

“Aargh, oh yea, cummming, ooh fuck yea, give me yours Ryan, cum in me honey, cum for Mommy.”

I shoved into her and held tight as pulse after pulse I emptied my seed into Mom’s still spasming pussy. Mom pulled off turned, leant forward, took my still turgid prick into her mouth and sucked and licked our juices off. smacking her lips she looked up at me smiled and said. “Mm, yummy.”

“Oh! Mom, fantastic, god but you are sexy! Can I go down on you?” I asked.

“Honey, would you really?” She asked.

“Why not? You just did.” I replied.

Grinning, “Not now, nowhere for me to lie, the ground is too uncomfortable.” She said. opening her purse she pulled out her knickers and a tissue, placed the tissue on her pussy and put her knickers on. Looking at me she said, “Don’t want that running down my legs do we? Come on put your prick away, lets head back.”

Setting off, I asked, “Did Adam ever try to contact you? I know I would’ve?”

“Not me, but he has contacted Dad a few times, as Dad says, he lives in hope!”

We walked in silence for a while, Mom’s phone rang, it was Ben to say that the car was ready to go. Mom said we would be there as soon as possible.

When Mom had paid she asked to use the loo, after that we set off with Mom driving. After we had been on the road for about half an hour Mom said. “Look in my purse please honey.”

Opening it I saw her knickers… “Golly Mom!” I said looking at her’

She laughed and said, “Dad always gets a thrill when I leave them off, he always has, how about you?”

“Umm, yea, I think that’s very sexy, does that mean I can, um, let my fingers do some walking?” I asked.

“Why not.” She replied, ” But lets eat at this stop thats coming up first, I’m quite hungry, how about you?”

We had a meal and Mom asked if I wanted to drive, not thinking I replied, “Yes please.” She thew me the keys, I unlocked the doors and opened her door, as she swung her legs in, knees apart, I saw her pussy,briefly.

Looking up at me she laughed and said, Eyes back in your head buster! Time to get home.”

Once on the road again I realised that I would not be able to finger Mom.

Glancing at her I said, “You let me drive on purpose didn’t you?”

Mom laughed and said, “Plenty of time to play when we get home, so just concentrate on the driving.”

We made good time, but it was dusk before we arrived home.

“I’ll get supper on the go,” Said Mom, “Will you phone Dad please honey, I said that you’d call when we got home.”

“Um, you sure Mom, I haven’t spoken properly to Dad since, um, you know, since we, um, well since we fucked.” I answered.

“Then it’s about time you did, don’t you think, after all he’ll be back on Thursday?” She said going to the kitchen.

So reluctantly, I called Dad. “Hi Dad, how is business going?’ I asked.

“Fine thanks Ryan, better than expected, so I’ll be home a day early, could you ask Mom to pick me up at six tomorrow evening?”

“Sure Dad, that sounds great. I only get off work at half five so I won’t be able to come with her.” I said.

“Actually, Mom on her own is what I want, I want to hear how she feels about the last twenty four hours without you there!”

“Oh, um, oh yea, ok.” I mumbled.

He laughed and said,” You sound embarrassed, I take it you enjoyed yourself, the texts from Mom seemed to suggest that you did?”

“Dad, honestly you have no idea how much, Mom is just sooo beautiful, she knocks all the girlfriends I’ve had into touch, it just seems weird talking to you about it!”

“Yes, I can understand that, also, don’t tell Mom this, but I have been jealous of you screwing her, I take it she has told you how it got to this?” He asked.

“Yes, we had a long talk this morning, I can’t believe that either of you considered Robert, he is such an A.H., I’ve never liked him, he always ogles Mom.” I replied.

“Yes well, Robert aside, my, or rather our fantasy, was always a threesome, by that I mean three of us, you’ve had Mom on your own, which has been driving me nuts, imagining what you two were doing, having said that I actually think that it is the only way it would work, by that I mean you and Mom on your own first, we will find out tomorrow evening.”

“Golly Dad!” I said, “I hadn’t thought of that, wow, yes, that’s going to be good!”

Dad laughed and said, “I certainly hope so, we’ve been waiting for this for a while now, I hope that it’s as good as I imagine. Having you screw Mom can’t exactly be forgotten if she doesn’t enjoy it!”

” I hadn’t thought of that.” I replied, “I will try my hardest to make it fun for her, she has made me feel really special while letting me know that she is yours.”

“That sounds good, Ryan, I am looking forward to tomorrow evening immensely, so until then, enjoy yourselves, love you son, bye for now.” He cut the call.

Mom had a simple supper ready, with a glass of wine. After we had eaten and cleared up Mom took my hand and led me upstairs, stopping outside my door she asked, “Do you mind? I’d like to save the first time in our room to be with Dad?”

“Um, no Mom, but when Dad bought me the double bed he did say no girls!” I said grinning.

Mom punched my arm, opened the door, “Don’t be cheeky young man, calling me a girl, I’m still your Mother!?” She said leading me in. She hugged and kissed me, holding tight, she lent back and said. “Ryan sweetie, I want you, tonight it’s just us.”

“Oh Mom, I love you so much, much more than as my Mom, this past day has been the most incredible time of my life.”

“Then lets not waste any more time, undress me honey.”

I felt for the catch on her dress, undone that, pulled the zip down, brought my hands up and unclasped her bra, peeled the dress and bra off her, she was standing, nude… “Mom still no knickers!” I exclaimed.

Smiling she twirled round, and went and lay on the bed. “Get undressed Ryan, and come here.”

I was soon naked and on the bed, kissing her on the lips, I then moved down kissing and blowing at the nape of her neck, gradually moving down, kissing and nibbling her. Reaching her breasts I suckled on first one then the other, her nipples responding and growing into erect little nubs, I spent some time suckling and gently biting those lovely orbs before heading down until I reached her mound, kissing and sucking on her pubic hair, then moving down. I lifted myself up a bit, looked at her, looking at me.

“Open your legs Mother dear,” I said.

Slowly she opened her legs whilst pulling and tweaking her nipples.

Looking down, I saw that her clit was poking out and her cunt lips were engorged and moist, going down on her, I licked and sucked on her clit, and used two fingers to fuck her, after a few minutes she started pushing up at me and making mewing noises, then suddenly she bucked her pussy up and down frantically as she came.

“Ooh yeeeesss uunngg, oooh, cuumming, stop so good noooo don’t stop, argh oh, yeeess!” She slumped back on the bed. “Whew honey that was good, now fuck me sweetheart, fuck me hard!”

Getting above her I slowly slid my prick into her, what a feeling, her cunt was still spasming from her orgasm! Slowly I started to thrust in and out, bringing my prick almost out then pushing back in as deep as I could, her breasts wobbling delightfully on her chest, the nipples hard nubs, the areola all crinkled, I couldn’t resist, leaning down, whilst thrusting in and out, I took one between my teeth and flicked my tongue around it as I pulled it up.

“Oh, yeess, that’s it pull harder, mm aaah, oh fuck, soooo nice, fuck harder, harder, cuuummming again, aargh, yeeesss!” From Mom.

Then her cunt was squeezing hard, I couldn’t stop and came, pulse after pulse shot out of me. “Aargh, cuummming, oooh fuck yea.” I said collapsing on Mom.

We lay joined like that for a long time, Mom wriggled and my prick slipped out.

“You are getting heavy honey.” She said.

I kissed her and rolled to her side, we cuddled and held each other for a while, eventually Mom said. “Lets go and shower.”

After showering, we went back too my bed, chatted about tomorrow, Mom seemed really excited about at last having their fantasy come true. Eventually we kissed, said good night, turned out the light and went to sleep.I woke in the morning with a raging hardon, but no Mom. I could hear her singing, so getting up I followed the sound, she was in the kitchen, wearing an apron, had coffee on the go and was cooking breakfast. (I never get a cooked breakfast!) Coming up behind her I wrapped my arms round her and pushed my prick between her legs, kissed her on the neck.

She wriggled her bum and said, “None of that this morning, save it for later! Get dressed, brekkie is nearly ready, and you, my boy, have to go to work.” Turning round she kissed me, smiled and shooed me out of the room.

Dressed, I returned to the kitchen, sat too a huge breakfast, “To what do I owe this?” I asked.

Mom laughed, “Energy fuel for tonight honey, we have rather drained your resources over the last thirty six or so hours, and I want tonight to be really special for my boys!”

The day dragged so slowly, but eventually it was time to knock off, so I headed for home, arriving at six. I went and showered, and when I went to my room, saw that I had a text from Dad. ‘Have decided to eat on the way home. meet us at The Surf & Turf at 7. D x’ I decided to take a taxi, so we only had one car for the return trip.

The taxi dropped me off just after 7, I went in, found Mom and Dad who had ordered a drink while they waited for me. We ordered our meal.

Dad said, “I decided to eat out as I do not anticipate Mom wanting to cook at home this evening! Especially after what she has told me about the last couple of days.” With this he hugged her to him and kissed her. She blushed!

I must admit to feeling a little jealous, nuts I know, but I did. When we were eating, I noticed that, as he has often done in the past, Dad cut up his food and just used his fork to eat with. Nothing odd but knowing his penchant with Mom’s underwear, I wondered, was he, or wasn’t he??? My thoughts were soon answered as looking at Mom she was biting her lower lip, her eyes, oh, her eyes looked sultry, her breathing was shallow, suddenly she hissed, grunted and slumped against Dad. Mom had just cum on Dad’s fingers! Dad grinned, brought his hand up and sucked his fingers.

“That’s never happened before,” He said, “Mom is really turned on!”

“Oh, darling, lets finish the meal, we can have dessert at home.” She said.

We quickly finished, Dad went to pay and Mom and I went out to the car. While we waited, she kissed me and said, “I can’t believe I came so easily on Dad’s fingers. I can’t wait to get home, I really, really need you and Dad, I’m shaking in anticipation, oh honey, hold me.”

Dad coming out, unlocked the car, I opened the door for Mom, as she swung her legs in she spread them, held them high, her inflamed pussy winked at me, she smiled and I heard Dad laugh!

“I can’t believe that you just flashed Ryan, sweetheart, you are such a tease!” Said Dad, driving out of the car park.

Mom laughed and told Dad how I wanted to finger her on our way home, and how she had got me to drive to torment me. “And now he is in the back so can’t do anything now either.” She said.

Dad and I both said. “Just you wait till we get home!”

Once home, we went straight to the parents bedroom.

“I’ll watch.” Said Dad.

Mom pulled a face at him, “Just trying to embarrass us love?” She asked.

“No, darling, just want to watch, this is the fantasy finally coming true!” He replied.

Mom turned to me held out her arms, grinned, and said, “He’s right, honey, so come fuck your Mother so your Father can watch!”

I held her tight and we kissed, hard and deep, tongues duelling, Mom pushed her pubes into me, slowly I pulled the zip on her dress down, undid her bra, stepping back, slowly peeled both off, to leave this beautiful woman once again naked. Feasting my eyes on her I quickly stripped, my hard cock bouncing as it was released, I eased Mom back to the bed, she fell back, her legs spread showing her engorged, pouting pussy, leaking fluids.

Kneeling, I kissed her pubic patch then tasted her nectar, gently licking from perineum to clit.

“Oooh, fuck yea, like that, mm, nice, harder baby harder.” She said.

Glancing up, her eyes were on me while she tweaked and pulled on her nipples. I started sucking and nipping her clit, pushed two fingers into her soaking pussy, the knuckle of one finger pressed against her bum hole, she bucked, “Yeeesss,” She hissed, and came hard, I felt her pussy contracting around my fingers, Mom’s head was thrashing from side to side, she was pulling hard on her nipples, bucking her pussy against my face as I licked and sucked on her cum. Slowly she relaxed, arms flopping at her sides.

“Fuck that was intense,” Said Dad, “So hot!”

Mom and I looked at him in surprise, we had forgotten that he was there…

“Come and fuck me now Ryan, I want to see Dad’s face while you screw your Mom.” She said, pushing herself onto the bed.

I crawled up on top of Mom, she reached down, held my prick, looked at Dad, and said, “Are you ready for this William? My pussy is going to be fucked by our son, are you sure you want it?” looking at me she said,” Now Ryan slowly, push your prick into your Mother’s pussy, let Dad see how well you fuck me.” She pushed up to meet my downward stroke, I pushed until I was completely buried in Mom’s pulsing pussy.

Dad groaned, “Fuck that is so erotic, I nearly came… fuck her Ryan, fuck Mom’s pussy.”

“Yes, hard please Ryan, I’m so horny I need to cum again.” Said Mom.

I started thrusting as fast as I could, first short strokes then long ones, Mom’s pussy seemed to be alive, I could feel it contracting around my prick, I was not going to last long.

Mom’s legs came around, her feet on my back, she held me in, thrust up and came. “Aaargh, yeesss, ooh darling, cuuummming, yeeess.” She said, her pussy milking my cock sent me over as well!

“Aaah, Mom oooh, sooooo tight, cuumming.” And I erupted deep in her cunt, spasm after spasm of cum shooting into her, finally finished, I collapsed on Mom, we kissed, murmering to each other how good it had been.

I rolled off Mom, my prick slurping as it left her tight pussy.

“Anne, darling, that was incredibly hot, you have no idea how fantastic it is watching you being fucked, my turn now.” Said Dad, mounting Mom.

I must admit that it was very erotic watching him penetrate her, she held him and said, “It was erotic knowing that you were watching, now fuck me sweetheart, fuck me hard.”

“Oh no!” Said Dad, “I’m too worked up, can’t hold it, aargh, oh fuck cuummming.”

He thrust hard then went into uncontrolled short stokes as he came in Mom.

“Wow that is soo intense, watching my parents fuck, love it.” I said.

Kissing her Dad said, “Sorry darling, couldn’t stop cumming, just to worked up.”

“Shush love,” She replied, “I’ve come twice this evening, I’m fine!” She held him and kissed him back.

I was quietly fondling Mom’s boob, she turned, looked at me, smiled and said, “Thank you, I really enjoyed that, having both my men was wonderful, it has been worth the wait.”

Dad got off Mom, “Yes,” He said, “Especially good to have you, Ryan, someone we both love and trust. Tho’ I must admit, it has been strange for me seeing my own son screwing my wife, his mother! You two have had a couple of days to ‘get to know’ each other ”

“Mom, umm, err, can I… I mean.” I said, trying to speak.

Mom looked at me, her eyes widened, she smiled and said, “Golly Ryan, what have we unleashed, you’re hard again.” Looking across to Dad she said, “William honey, can our son fuck me again?”

Dad laughed, “The thought is making me hard, how about we we both do you. darling, Ryan, pussy me mouth?” He asked.

“Ooh, yes.” Said Mom, getting on her hands and knees, she wriggled her bum at me, so I pushed into her pussy, held her thighs and started to thrust hard and fast, Dad got in front, his prick now hard, Mom took him into her mouth, and I saw her fondling Dad’s balls with one hand, pushing hard in and out of her I could feel the cum oozing out of her, as her pussy pulsed around my cock, absolute magic, each time I thrust into her she swallowed more of Dad’s prick, after a few minutes she gagged, pulled off him, took a deep breath went down on him again, with my next thrust her mouth was buried in his short and curlies. Blimey she was deep throating him!

Dad threw his head back, growled, held her head and erupted. “Aaargh, shiiitt, cuuummming, ooh fuck yea.”

This sent me over and I rammed into Mom, and shot load after load deep in her pussy, which was spasming around my prick as she came as well.We all collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed.

“Darling that was awesome,” Said Dad, “You’ve never swallowed me before, what happened?”

” Mom smiled and said, “When I gagged I just thought ‘I can do it’ so took a deep breath and, well, swallowed, you enjoyed it then?”

“Hell yes!” was all he said.

After a while we took turns to shower, put fresh linen on the bed, Dad got a bottle of wine, we toasted each other, and Dad said, “I think we should go to sleep, we have to work in the morning and it very late.”

I went to go to my room and Mom asked “where do you think you’re going?”

“To bed.” I replied.

“Tonight you are sleeping with us,” She said, “The bed is big enough.”

With a grin I jumped in, we cuddled and kissed, said “Good night.” With Mom cuddled between us Dad switched off the light and we went to sleep.

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