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Witches in the Moonlight

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“Slutty Nurse, Kinky Bunny, Slutty Pumpkin, Horny Devil, Fallen Angel” I read off the labels as I flip through the costumes. For the hundredth time I think, who invites some one to a dress up Halloween party with only 2 days notice?

Nasty Pussy wait, this one’s interesting… Oh, just cat ears, a body suit and a tail, for the bargain price of $99.

Sigh, it’s actually cute and in my size but I just can’t spend that kind of money on a costume. I’ve reached the end of the row but there just isn’t anything in my price range.

I’m about to walk away, when a sales person asks me if I found what I’m looking for. I reply “It seems like I’m just too late. Anything that would fit is just too far out of my price range.”

She looks me up and down for a second, “you’d be about a size 6 right? There’s a witches costume in size 6 that we were going to send back to the manufacture, since it’s missing pieces. If you’re interested I could give you a pretty big discount on it.”

“Sure, let’s take a look.” My hopes are rising, maybe I’ll be able to go to the party after all.

Actually the costume is a deluxe version, it’s supposed to have 6 pieces. A little bandeau bra top, I would be worried about popping out of. A short, sparkly skirt, that will probably barely cover my ass. The typical pointy hat, a wand and a pair of colourful striped socks.

We open it up and find that the top, the wand and one of the socks is missing. I’ve got a lacy black top at home that would probably fit better than the one that would have been included. The missing sock isn’t a problem, I’ll just wear my knee high FMBs. I think that I can find or build some kind of wand without much trouble. So for $20 I’m going to be a witch for halloween this year.

I wander over to a craft store and pick up a stick and a star to create a wand with and walk back to the dorm.

To get myself in a witchy mood I listen to the soundtrack of Wicked as I walk home. Completely oblivious to the world around me, I stumble and fall. I look around, hoping no one saw me, I am such a klutz. About 10 feet away from me there is a built, dark haired guy with a seriously grab-able ass walking away. Damn, he’s hot, I really hope he didn’t see. I get to my feet and brush myself off. I notice a piece of amethyst about the size of a coke bottle lid that I must have tripped on. It’s quite pretty, probably only worth $2, but still pretty. I revise my wand plan and decide to attach the amethyst to the stick, instead of the star.

2 nights later, I survey how I look in my costume. I think my lacy black top looks even better than the bandeau that was supposed to come with it. There is a satin liner that holds my 32-D tits sort of in place, then the filmy lace that clings to my stomach and down to the itty-bitty skirt. I can’t help but admire the way the fuck me boots make my legs look, so long and toned. Through a bottle found at the drug store, my long black hair now has purple streaks, crowned with a pointy hat. Even the improvised wand looks perfect.

I look so witchy I can’t resist pretending to cast a spell, “For enjoyment without haste, I will cease my year long chaste.” Yeah, maybe I should leave the poetry at home, I clearly suck at it. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to suck something much more fun.

My roommate walks in and tells me that I look seriously yummy, and if she was into girls, she would totally rip me out of the outfit and dance naked with me in the moonlight. I kinda wonder if Jamie is a little bi, I mean she’s always saying things like that. I wouldn’t mind experimenting with her sometime. I think I’m bi-curious, but I don’t really have the guts to say anything.

Jamie quickly changes into her costume, which is also a witch costume. I guess that they are poplar this year. She is decked out in a skin tight black dress, stripped socks, sparkly shoes and pointy hat. She has a broomstick instead of a wand. I tell her that if we were to dance together in the moon light she would be irresistible to any who came near, naked or not.

We walk out to the party, thankfully it’s was a warm night. The party is at a picnic area in a park just off campus. When we get there, the party is already in full swing. There are all kinds of costumes, from vampires to devils, from fairies to pumpkins. The women are showing a lot of skin, and several of the guys are having trouble keeping from leering.

The music is loud, dance music with silly halloween classics like the Monster Mash mixed in. There is a big bonfire, which most of the girls are dancing around. Fairy lights and jack o’lanterns decorate the area. There must be 50 people here.

Jamie and I are handed plastic cups with a generous helping of “witches brew”, bubbling with dry ice. It’s a sweet, fruity and very alcoholic punch.

As I finish the cup one of the vampires comes over and asks me to dance, we head over towards the music and start to dance. We dance close and I can feel that he’s definitely been enjoying all the costumes that start with words like slutty and kinky.

For the next hour I dance with one character after another. I’ve never heard so many corny pickup lines in my life. A guy dressed like Harry Potter told me he would like to practice his wand skills with me. An astronaut asked me if I was an alien, because my ass was out of this world. An angel asked me if I was hurt, because I must have fallen from heaven. It was all so cheesy, and so much fun. The punch was really tasty and far too easy to drink. The moon was full in the sky, providing just the right amount of light for the festivities.

Right around 11pm Jamie and 2 other witches pulled me away from the dancing. They said that they wanted to start a second bonfire at a site just around the corner, because this one was getting kind of crowded. I went with them, we got a small fire started and just sat around it for a bit, talking and enjoying getting away from the heat and the noise and savouring some more punch. One of the women I didn’t know said that she actually is a witch and it’s so nice to be able to be out with other witches. She talked about dancing skyclad (naked as a jaybird) at the witching hour on Samhain under a full moon. It sounded sensual and erotic. We sat and talked some more, asked her more questions about being witches.

We could still hear the music from the other party, and I wanted to dance again. I went to go back to the main party, but the other girls stopped me, saying that we could dance here without the press of everyone else. So we started to dance. It was different than dancing at the other party, here it was just dancing to feel our bodies move. Our movements were bigger and although I’m sure mine were as clumsy as ever, but the other girls motions were pure lust and sex.

The activity and the heat of the fire made me feel very warm, I looked around at the other women and I noticed that they had started to remove pieces of their costumes, exposing their beautiful breasts to the night. I pulled my top up over my head and tossed it away. We continued to dance, feeling the night, feeling the heat of our bodies and piece by piece we were naked to the night, save the shoes on our feet.

A slow song came on and our motions slowed. We came closer to one another and the most natural thing in the world seemed to be to kiss what ever we could reach. I kissed the ends of some beautiful fingers, my shoulder was kissed, then I kissed someone’s lips, so slowly and gently. A moment later another girl came up to me and pressed her lips to mine, and we kissed passionately, crushing our lips together. I could feel her tits against mine, and I raked my fingers through her hair, pulling it slightly which caused her to sigh into my mouth.

One of her hands pulled me closer and the other came up between us, caressing my tit. She held it out, and another set of lips started to suckle it. I ran my hand down the hair of the girl kissing me, down her back to her ass, cupping it and giving it a little squeeze. I then pulled her hair with my other hand jerking her head up and away from me and I moved my head down to her breasts and started to kiss and fondle them.

There was a big blankets on the ground where we had been chatting earlier. We moved over there and lied down. I explored one women’s body after another. I caressed someone’s tits as if I was worshipping them. As I held and touched these beautiful full breasts, another lovely lady moved her hands down my body to my pussy, where she expertly played with my clit, pressing 2 fingers deep into me. Imagine my surprise when she looked up and I saw that it was my roommate Jamie. Only moments later she pushed me over the edge, and I screamed an orgasm into the night.

I pushed one of the other witches down, and she landed with her pussy right beside my face, I kissed her clit and explored her lips and slit with my tongue and lips. I nibbled and sucked on my clit and lips for a while, before I thrust my tongue deep inside her. I fucked her with my tongue until she orgasmed right into my mouth.

While this was happening one of the other witches found Jamie’s broom stick. She thrust the handle into her mouth to get it nice and wet, then pushed it into my pussy, and started to fuck me with it. It only took moments until I was having my second orgasm of the night.

I thought I was seeing stars , then I realised that it was camera flashes. A few of the guys had noticed that the witches had vanished from the party and had started a search party. They heard the sounds of the witches in ecstasy and found our little party. They were taking pictures with their camera phones. Unfortunately the phones weren’t able to take decent pictures with the light available, so they had come closer, to try again. This is when I saw them. Maybe normally I would have been worried about them posting pictures to the internet, but because of the light I was certain no one would be able to identify the participants from the pictures.

There were 2 vampires, 3 horny devils and the astronaut that had hit on me earlier. The other girls noticed the new additions to our party. We looked at each other, and started to crawl/stalk towards the men. I grabbed one of the vampires by his frilly shirt and pulled him towards the blanket. He came with me willingly. I kissed him hard, demanding a response from him. I worked my way down his body, opened his fly and pulled out his cock. I knelt on the ground and I started to kiss and suck on his beautiful 8″ cock. He twirled his cape around my body to hide me from the light.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and sucked and played with the tip and extra inches that were exposed. Then I moved that hand to let me deep throat him better. I deftly undid his belt and pulled his pants down. I paused the oral pleasure for a moment to pull him out of his boxers. I rubbed him and played with his balls. He was hot, hard and wanting. I reached around behind with my other hand and cupped his firm ass, yummy, I love a nice firm ass.

He stepped back a little and out of his pants, then knelt down with me and pushed me down. I lay down on my back and he started to push his hard cock in to my warm wet slit. He pounded in and out of me and moments later I was having an orgasm. I closed my eyes opened my mouth to scream, and then tasted another cock pressing deep into my mouth, fucking my face. I had a guy in each end and was spiralling in ecstasy, that seemed unending. They kept shoving their cocks into me.

They both pulled out and brought their cocks in front on my face. They shot their load all over my face and tits. The cute astronaut was getting sucked off by one of the witches, who was on her knees taking it doggy style from one of the horny devils. Jamie and the other witch were on their knees, taking turns playing with each other and one of the horny devils. The horny devil was clearly enjoying the show as much as he was the more direct attention to his cock.

The second vampire came up behind me. Without a word he pushed me into a doggy style position facing the other threesome. He pushed his cock straight into my pussy, causing me to immediately orgasm. After he slid in and out a few times he withdrew. He then pushed his big cock against my asshole. I’ve never done anal before, but it seemed the perfect time to try. I relaxed as much as I could, but it stung while he put the first couple of inches in. He kept pushing firmly, and it really started to hurt. I was about to ask him to stop, then one of the witches manoeuvred under me and started to suck on my clit. I started to cum and he slid his cock the rest of the way in.

He paused a few moments to let me get used to the feeling them started to move back and forth, in and out, faster and faster. It felt so good, and I started to cum even harder. He seemed to last for a long time, I must have had 3 orgasms while he was pounding me in the backdoor. He pulled out, had me kneel in front of him and he also sprayed his cum all over me.

“You’re a little slutty witch aren’t you?” One of the vampires said, as he pulled me across his lap, pushing his cock straight into my sopping wet cunt. I rode him then I felt a hand between my shoulder blades, pushing me forward. A guy started to push his cock into my ass. I was getting double penetrated and it felt so good. I felt so full, so amazing. They alternated one would push in balls deep and the other would pull out to the point where he almost came out, then they would switch. After a while they started going in and out together, it felt like I was being impaled by one enormous cock.

I lost count of the orgasms and partners I had that night, but I know that I would be back out to be skyclad for the next full moon.

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