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Yes, Sir

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He was waiting for me when I came home from work that Friday. As I stepped through the door and saw the leather collar in his hands, my heart began to pound. Dropping my bag to the ground, I immediately went to my knees, casting my gaze down demurely. My hands trembled with excitement as I took the collar from him and fastened it snugly around my neck.

“You will wear that for the weekend,” he instructed. “You will not take it off for any reason.”

The entire weekend? We had done this before, but never for longer than a day. I suddenly remembered that we had a dinner date the next day with a friend and his girlfriend.

“But what abou-”

He seized my chin and forced my head up to look at him. “Are you contradicting me?” he asked in a dangerous voice.

My breath caught. “No, Sir.”

“Good.” He released me. “Take off your coat and meet me in the bedroom.”

He left me, and I rushed to hang up my coat and follow him, knowing he wouldn’t be pleased if I made him wait.

When I entered the bedroom, I discovered that he had an outfit laid out for me on the bed: a black corset with matching sheer black, lace topped stockings and garter belt, and long, black satin gloves. Panties were conspicuously missing.

He stood on the other side of the bed watching me, a length of silver chain in his hands. He gestured to the outfit.

“I don’t need to tell you what to do, do I?” he said warningly.

“No, Sir.” I bowed my head meekly and began removing my work clothes. I pulled on the stockings first, sitting on the edge of the bed, facing away from my master. Suddenly I felt the bed move and his hand circled around me, his fingers twisting my nipple. I froze, a stocking halfway up my leg.

“Keep going,” he commanded. I finished pulling up the stocking as he kissed my neck, cupping my full breast and squeezing firmly. I moaned and he pulled away.

“Concentrate on what you’re doing,” he snapped. I nodded and reached for the gloves. He returned his attentions to my breasts, gliding his fingertips over the delicate skin, pulling and pinching my nipples gently, then not so gently. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, holding in my sighs. I was not used to holding back; in fact, I was normally quite vocal.

My master cleared his throat, and I realized that I had been sitting with my gloves on for several seconds. With a small gasp, I stood and hastily began fastening my garter belt.

He stood up behind me, running his fingers down my sides, then abruptly grabbed my hips and pulled me against him. His stiff erection pressed against me through his jeans. As I reached for the corset, I heard the distinctive sound of a zipper, and his bare cock slid across my rear, slipping down my crack, its wetness tingling my skin. I reflexively pressed back against it.


The sharp slap on my right buttcheek made me squeak.

“You are taking far too long.”

“I’m sorry, Sir,” I gasped and quickly finished dressing. When I was done, he turned me and roughly pushed me face down onto the bed, bent over the edge. Three quick spanks made me jump.

“Now,” he told me, “When I tell you to get dressed, you will do it quickly. Am I clear?”

“Yes, Sir.” The mattress muffled my voice.

A gentle tug at my collar and a metallic click let me know he had attached the leash. He pulled backwards on the leash and I stood, following when he led me from the room. In the living room, he sat in his plush computer chair, and with a downward yank on the leash indicated I was to kneel in front of him. His erection still stood exposed, and I tried not to stare hungrily. My master never liked it when I admired without permission.

He wrapped the leash around one hand, keeping it taut, and with the other unfastened his pants the rest of the way, pushing them down a bit.

“Well?” he demanded. “Get to work.”

I needed no further prompting. Taking it gently in one hand, I slowly dragged the tip of my tongue from the base of his shaft to the very tip, licking off the glistening wetness. Stroking my fingertips over the smooth skin around his penis, I smiled to myself as I realized he had shaved recently. My master liked to do little things to reward me for being a good slave. Flicking my tongue over the velvety skin at the tip, I cupped my hand around his balls, pulling gently. I slid his cock into my mouth, stroking it with my tongue and giving it a long suck.

One thing that still surprised me, and I was sure my master never fully realized, was just how much I enjoy sucking his dick. Not because I was giving him pleasure or because it was erotic, though those were definite pluses. I loved the taste and the feel of it hard and smooth, sliding over my tongue, filling my mouth. I loved licking it, stroking it with my fingers, swallowing as much of it as I could.

Lost in what I was doing, I let out a long moan of desire. A sharp jerk on my collar made me look up.

“I think you’re forgetting yourself.” My master frowned and pulled a pair of handcuffs from the desk. “Maybe this will help remind you. Put them on behind your back.”

I obeyed, cinching them over my wrists, then leaned forward to slide my mouth over his dick again. It was a little more difficult without my hands, but soon he was breathing hard, groaning. I kept silent, though I wanted to moan and gasp, wanted to rake my fingernails down his chest. I pulled vainly at my cuffs.

He gripped my hair, moving my head back and forth.

A small cry escaped me, and he tugged on the leash, but kept up the pace, thrusting into my mouth.

I could feel wetness between my legs. I could tell he was close, and the anticipation excited me.

Suddenly he pushed me away and I sat back, slightly dazed. He stood, grabbing my hair again and forcing my head back. I barely had time to close my eyes before he exploded on my face. I licked the slippery goo as it slid down my cheeks and waited for directions.

I heard the chair creak as he stood and walked away. After a moment, he returned and tossed a tissue on my face.

“Clean yourself up,” he told me as he unlatched the cuffs.

As I wiped my face the best I could with the one tissue, he sat back down at the computer to surf the web. I noticed that he had his pants back on. Once I was as clean as I was going to get without soap and water, I knelt next to him with my hands folded on my lap.

A few moments later, he glanced at me, then reached over to unhook my leash. “I want steak and potatoes for supper.”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

I stood to make my way to the kitchen, catching a glimpse of his satisfied grin out of the corner of my eye.

An hour later, I placed two plates on the table, both loaded with food artfully arranged and garnished. I returned to the living room and knelt at my master’s side again. “Sir, your dinner is ready.”

He turned and patted my head, then rose and headed for the dining room.

I followed in time to see him stop at the sight of the two plates.

He turned to me. “I don’t recall saying you could eat at the table with me.”

I flushed, my brain freezing. “I’m sorry, Sir, I… what should I…” He wouldn’t let me go hungry, would he? Would he? No, of course he wouldn’t.

“You will eat on the floor, where you belong,” he told me.

I breathed a sigh of relief. I could eat. Wait, on the floor?!

He sat down and looked at me expectantly. I pulled my chair away and set my plate and glass on the floor. I reached for my silverware, glancing at my master to see if he would make me eat with my hands. He had already begun eating, so I snatched the silverware and knelt at my plate by his side. We ate in silence except for when he sent me for a drink refill. When he finished, he stood and looked down at me.

“Clean up the dishes and meet me in the bedroom.”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied.

I washed the dishes quickly and practically ran to the bedroom.

He had the lights off, with candles on the dresser throwing a flickering glow over the room. The bed was stripped of covers and pillows, and my master stood at the foot with my deep red tie in his hands. I knew what he wanted me to do; there was only one thing that tie was ever used for.

I knelt at his feet, lifting my head to let him slip the loop of the tie over my hair. He settled it over my eyes and cinched it tight, checking to be sure it wasn’t too snug.

Taking my hands, he lifted me to my feet and guided me onto the bed, laying me flat on my back. With the blindfold and the relatively dark room, I could see nothing.

A warm kiss brushed my collarbone, trailing up my neck to my jaw. He spoke softly into my ear.

“I found something for you to listen to, pet. To keep you… entertained.”

“Thank you, Sir, ” I whispered as he fitted noise canceling headphones over my ears. Expecting music, I was surprised to hear a woman’s low moaning and gasping. I smiled and my master kissed my throat.

“Enjoy,” he told me, barely loud enough to be heard over the sounds of passion in my ears.

He took my right arm and I felt a cord or rope winding around my wrist over the glove. After he bound my wrist, his hands moved away and the rope tugged my arm upwards, apparently being tied to the bed post.

He moved around the bed to each limb in turn, lashing them to the bed, until I lay stretched across the sheet like a specimen on display. Then he unhooked my corset, slipping it out from under me. Once it was removed, he disappeared.

With the headphones on, I couldn’t tell if he was still in the room. I lay in the dark, the candle scent filling the air, listening to the woman’s sighs and testing my bonds. They were secure, but not too tight.

Cold suddenly touched my left nipple and I gasped, arching my back. The icy wetness slipped down the curve of my breast and circled it, then lifted, only to touch down again on my right nipple. I moaned as he traced my skin with cold almost painful, the freezing, prickling sensation trailing over my stomach, my upper arms, my sides.

My gasps turned to a sharp cry as it touched the tender flesh between my legs. The touch was momentary, the ice moving up to rest in my navel. His fingers brushed gently over my clit as a hot wetness clamped over my puckered nipple. My cries mirrored the woman in the headphones as I writhed on the bed. His tongue circled my nipple and his teeth clamped down, stretching it towards the ceiling before releasing.

He swept the ice off me and climbed on top of me, lying between my legs. He had undressed at some point; his skin felt hot against me. His hard cock pressed against me, slipping in my wetness, and as he pressed a fierce kiss against my mouth, he entered hard.

I gasped in surprise and a little bit of pain, quickly giving way to a deep need for him. He began to drive into me, filling me, each thrust an electric jolt through my body. I pushed my hips up towards him, needing more. He bit at my neck and my earlobe, twisting my nipples. I tugged at the ropes, needing to hold him, to scratch my nails down his back, needing to press him into me.

He pounded at me, harder and faster, and I felt my frenzy rise to the breaking point. My breath came in short gasps and I arched my back, straining at the ropes holding me.

My master stopped, holding himself inside me as I hovered on the brink, refusing to move.

“No!” I cried. Just a moment longer!

He pushed the headphones off one ear. “What did you say?”

I had told him no; that was a mistake, I knew, but I needed to come.

“Please!” I begged.

“I decide when you get to finish,” he said sharply. “If you get to finish.”

He rolled off me abruptly. I could feel the need start to fade.

Suddenly a sharp pain snapped down on my stomach, quickly fading. It lashed again, over my breasts, then on my thighs. He had the whip out, and he was not being gentle.

The whip slashed down again and again.

“You do not tell me no. You never tell me no. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

The whip trailed slowly over my skin, then lashed once more on my breasts before he climbed back on top of me.

His cock was inside me again, and the fiery need came back as strong as before. The woman in the headphones was coming now, screaming exultantly, but my master wouldn’t let me.

I tried to hold back this time, but he pounded hard into me, squeezing my breast, and I felt myself close again.

Again, he stopped.

I cried out, tugging on the ropes in frustration. “Please, Sir! Let me come! Please!”

“You want to come?” he whispered.

“Yes, Sir. Please!”

He traced a finger slowly over my lips, down my neck, and over my breast. “What if I decide to leave you like this?”

I bit back a sob. “Whatever you wish, Sir.”

“Hmm… that’s a good girl.”

He gave me a long, lingering kiss, then grabbed my hair, pulling my head back, and thrust into me sharply.

“Then come, now!” he commanded.

He drove hard and my pent up need exploded. I screamed as I came, shoving my hips up to meet him.

An instant later, he groaned, pressing down on me, finishing with a long, shuddering sigh.

After a moment, he rolled off and began untying the ropes. The headphones came off next, and the blindfold last. I blinked in the dim candlelight that suddenly seemed bright. He left me without a word, heading to the bathroom to clean himself up. I busied myself with coiling the rope and laying it neatly at the end of the bed with the tie and whip, and then I knelt beside the bed with my hands folded.

When he returned, he smiled at my work and told me to get myself ready for bed.

My nightly rituals didn’t take long, but by the time I got back, he had snuffed the candles, put away the toys, and replaced the blankets and pillows on the bed. Unlike the usual side-by-side position, though, one pillow lay in the center at the head of the bed, and one on top of the covers at the foot.

My master patted the pillow at the foot of the bed. “You sleep here, pet.”

The foot of the bed, fitting for the master’s pet. I nodded. “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

I curled up on the comforter, nude but for my collar, and laid my head on the pillow. He covered me with a throw blanket.

“I wouldn’t want you to get cold in the night,” he commented.

“Thank you, Sir. You’re very kind.”

He gave me a sharp look, probably wondering if I was being sarcastic, but he only kissed my forehead and smoothed my hair before turning out the light and climbing into bed.

“Good night,” he said.

“Good night, Sir.”


The bite of the whip woke me with a jolt. It lashed down over my shoulders and back as I struggled to make my brain work. I looked up at my master standing over me in jeans and no shirt. He paused, the whip half lifted.

“You’re awake.” He grinned at me. “Good. I’m hungry.”

He tossed the whip aside, pulled the leash out of his pocket and clipped it to my collar.

I sat up, rubbing a hand over my face. He tugged on the leash.

“Let’s go,” he said.

I climbed off the bed and followed him to the kitchen.

“Toast and bacon is fine,” he told me. He didn’t unhook my leash; instead he pulled a chair to the center of the floor and sat holding my leash, watching me.

As I pulled the bread and bacon out of the fridge, I could feel his gaze on my bare flesh, following my movement, sliding over the curves of my breasts and hips.

I stepped around him to the stove, trying to not let the leash get in the way. As I laid the bacon I am the pan, he pulled me over to him.

“Make enough for yourself, too. You must be hungry. ” A gentle slap to my backside sent me away again.

“Thank you, Sir, ” I replied with a smile.

I continued cooking in silence, my master watching me, until I had two plates ready. He led me to the table and I set his plate and fork in front of him, holding the other uncertainly.

“You’ve been good. You can eat at the table today.”

I smiled gratefully and sat down with my plate. “Thank you, Sir.”

Instead of beginning to eat, however, he reached into his pocket. He drew out a vibrating egg and handed it to me.

“Put this between your legs and keep it there until I say,” he commanded.

“Yes, Sir.”

He kept the controls while I nestled the egg against my clit. As soon as I had it in place, he turned it on, sending a jolt up through me. I moaned, half closing my eyes.

My master chuckled. “Better eat. It’s getting cold.”

I gulped a breath and picked up my fork. I had a slice of bacon halfway to my mouth when he turned it to the next setting. He gave me an amused look as I set my fork down again, whimpering.

I struggled through breakfast as he kept switching settings on the egg, sending fresh waves of pleasure through me each time. He cleaned his plate before I was half finished. He stood, and I moved to clear the plates, but he dropped a hand on my shoulder, pressing me back into my chair.

“I didn’t say you could get up. You need to finish your breakfast.”

I turned back to the food and he stood behind me, reaching around to stroke my breasts. He leaned down, kissing my neck, while he twisted my nipples gently. I gasped and moaned; with the egg pulsing between my legs and his fingers pulling on my nipples, his teeth scraping my shoulder, the last thing on my mind was eating.

Another agonizing minute passed before he pushed my plate out of the way and with a hand on the back of my neck lifted me from my chair and bent me over the table.

He kicked the chair out of the way and the egg fell clattering to the floor as I spread my legs for him. I heard his zipper and then he was behind me, pressing his hard cock against my crotch. His hand slid up my back to my head and he grabbed a handful of hair, arching my head back.

“Do you want it, pet? Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please, Sir. I want it. Please let me have it,” I moaned.

“That doesn’t sound very convincing.” He pressed against me, not entering, teasing. He slapped my back with the end of my leash. “You can do better.”

“Pleeease, Sir! I need you!”

He struck me again and pressed my face against the cool wooden table top.

“I want you to beg for it,” he growled. “Beg me to give it to you.” He slid into me just enough to make me cry out in frustration.

“Please, Sir!” I practically screamed. “Please, please! I need you! Please, Sir! I’ll do anything, please!”

“Yes, you will do anything,” he told me. “You’ll do anything I tell you to, because I tell you to.” And finally he thrust his cock into me, fast and hard, holding my hip with one hand, and wrapping the leash around the other hand, pulling it taut.

He took me forcefully, slamming into me and rattling the table. After only a few moments I exploded, screaming out and straining back onto him, but he left me no time to recover, pounding on furiously, until he pulled out of me suddenly, shooting onto my back with a low groan.

I lay panting on the table, shivering and gasping. My master slapped my backside affectionately. “Finish your breakfast and go take a shower,” he told me, and then left me on the table.


The afternoon passed quickly as he allowed me to go about my normal business of taking care of the house. As evening approached, though, he summoned me to the bedroom to get ready for dinner. He had again laid out my outfit on the bed, a clinging skirt, stockings, and a top with a considerably revealing neckline. He watched me while he changed into a dress shirt and double-breasted vest. I was adjusting my stockings when he snapped my backside with his tie – not the red one, of course – and crisply commanded, “Button me.”

I turned to do up his collar and fasten the tie in a smart knot. When I finished, he snapped the leash back onto my collar and stepped back to look me up and down, rolling up his sleeves.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

He stepped closer again and thrust a hand up under my skirt, his fingers probing between my legs.

“You don’t seem ready,” he admonished. His other hand grasped my hair and pulled my head back, and he trailed kisses down my throat around my collar. His fingers pulsed inside me, caressing, and I moaned, needing more. With a grin, he pulled away. “Now you’re ready.”

I swallowed and replied shakily, “Yes, Sir.”

As he led me through the house and out the door, I began to realize that he intended to keep the collar and leash on me all the way to the restaurant. My eyes darted nervously, checking for any neighbors watching, but there was no one in sight, and it was growing dark.

We made the trip in silence, my nerves growing worse with each minute, wondering when he would take off the collar and leash. Surely he wouldn’t lead me through the restaurant, with everyone staring. Not with our friends watching!

We pulled into the parking lot, and I pressed myself back into the seat, hoping nobody looked in through the windows. My master looked at me for a moment after we parked, amused by my probably bright pink cheeks. Then he pulled something from his pocket, a black satin choker style necklace.

“This will be your collar for now. You will still obey me completely, understood?”

“Yes, Sir.” I nodded with relief.

He reached over to unbuckle my collar and clasp the satin around my neck. It was tight, and not my usual style of necklace, but no one would stare at it.

He let me out of the car and I followed demurely. We found our friends quickly enough and sat down, smiling and pretending everything was normal. We perused the menus, and when the server arrived, my master went first, ordering the steak.

Then he added, “And she will have the chicken alfredo.”

My breath caught in surprise, but I handed the server my menu with a smile as if having my meal ordered for me was the most natural thing in the world. I eyed our friends discreetly as they ordered, wondering what they thought. If they noticed anything, they didn’t make any sign.

I found it hard to focus on the conversation through the meal, self-conscious of my low cut shirt, convinced that they knew something was different, afraid they might guess what we were doing. I was wound so tightly that I jumped when my master placed his hand on my leg under the table. He grinned at me, obviously enjoying my discomfort. I smiled back, my heart thumping as he slid his hand upward briefly before returning it to the table.

The rest of the meal passed in a blur. As we said our goodbyes outside, I breathed a sigh of relief… which only lasted until we returned to our car and my master removed the necklace, picking up my collar. I nervously glanced back towards our friends, still outside. They only needed to look back to see me being collared. My master followed my gaze with that self-assured smile. Finally, our friends stepped into their car and drove off.

“Now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” He kissed my cheek, casually dipping a hand into my shirt to cup my breast.

“No, Sir,” I said truthfully.

“You liked it, didn’t you? You liked showing off like that. You wish you’d been wearing your collar in there, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir,” I replied, not so sure that wasn’t truthful too.

He patted my head.

” You’ve been a good girl, so I’ve got a reward for you when we get home.”

He didn’t waste any time. The minute the door closed behind us, he slammed me against the wall, kissing my mouth hard. He unlatched my leash to pull off my shirt, but then snapped it back on again. The rest of my clothes were removed just as quickly, and he pulled me into the bedroom, throwing me face down onto the bed.

I lay for a moment catching my breath until I felt his warm breath on my thighs. Craning my neck to look back, I watched as he parted my legs, lifting them onto his shoulders, and began licking between my legs; long luxurious strokes that made me sigh, and then quicker, more forceful laps to make me gasp. I shook under his well-practiced tongue, burying my face in the mattress to muffle my cries.

After a few moments he stood, and with a quick zip, was soon sliding his hard length into me, making me cry out louder. He thrust into me quickly and I pushed back, craving all that he could give me. My desire had been on edge all evening, and now it felt ready to spill over. He slid a thumb over my round backside and down the crack. He paused for a moment, and I whimpered, but he only jerked at the leash.

“Do you decide when you get to cum?” he asked.

“No, Sir.”

“Who does?”

“You do, Sir.”

“That’s right.” He slapped my back with the leash end. “Don’t forget it.”

He began again, as quickly as before, and I felt something hard and slick slide down my crack where his thumb had been, then slowly begin to push inside. I twisted my head around to see and got a brief glimpse of my vibrator in his hand. He pushed it in gently, slowing his thrusts to match, filling me completely. I groaned and dropped my head to the mattress again. He built speed again, and I could feel myself on the edge.

“Sir,” I gasped. “Sir, I’m going to cum.”

“Did I say you could?”

“No, Sir, but… Sir, please… I can’t… Please!”

He gave me a stinging slap.

“Go ahead. I told you I had a reward for you. Scream for me!”

He thrust in harder and faster, both with the vibrator and himself, and I let go, shouting and swearing in ecstasy. He came nearly the same time, grabbing onto me tightly. I collapsed onto the bed and he slid out of me to fall heavily at my side. I caught my breath and pulled out the vibrator.

Setting it aside, I pulled myself up into the proper kneeling position, waiting my next orders. My master sat up and looked at me with a tender smile for a moment, then reached up and unbuckled my collar.

“Your service is done. For now.”

I raised my eyebrows. “I thought you said for the entire weekend. It’s still only Saturday.”

“Are you questioning me?”

“Of course I am,” I threw back with a cheeky grin. “You took off my collar; you’re not my master anymore. I can question you all I want.”

He pulled me in for a gentle kiss.

“But I still don’t have to answer you.”

I laughed and left to clean up for bed, looking forward to next time I would play the pet.

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