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Rainbow Stone and Tile

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“Are you kidding me! Look George this remodel is already three weeks behind schedule…I don’t care, I’m not going to wait another month to have the counters done. Find some new guys… more expensive? I knew that was coming. Alright, …tomorrow then, bye.”

I was just about to lose my mind. My remodel was taking forever, and all that was left were the counter tops. I had been working on the remodel since my divorce. I loved the house but I wanted to erase any sign of my ex.

I was almost done renovating every room and all that was left was the kitchen and two bathrooms. The master suite was done. In the backyard I added an in-ground hot tub to go along with my pool and a patio with a bar. My revenge on my ex was that I was going to enjoy my life.

The following morning I answered the door and two men were standing there.

“Mr Jones? We are from Rainbow Stone and Tile. We are here for the job…George called us?”

“Yes! Great! Come in please…call me Jack…let me show you the job.”

The two young men walked in. They were both Hispanic, and in their 20s. One was named Ricky, and the other Juan. They were both about 5’8″ or 5’9″ with straight black hair and dark skin. Juan had an athlete’s build with broad shoulders and powerful thighs. Ricky was more slight but still exhibited the confident strength of someone that had to make a living with his hands. Ricky’s hair was cut stylishly with asymmetrical bangs and shaved down on the sides.

I had just taken an early morning swim and I was wearing a bath robe over my speedo. As I held open the door for the contractors, my robe fell open. I noticed Ricky stealing a glance as I pulled my robe shut and stammered something about having just gone for a swim.

I took them into the kitchen and explained the plan for the granite counter tops. As I jabbered away, Juan squatted down to look at where the sink would be placed. I finished talking, and Juan asked Ricky a question about the mounting of the sink. Ricky moved down next to him and gingerly rested his hand on the small of Juan’s back.

Having shared my home with an assortment of contractors for the past three month I have become pretty familiar with the “Dos and Don’ts” of tradesman. Touching is definitely a don’t.

We moved onto the main floor bath, and I showed the two young men my tile and stone samples. Juan noticed a receipt and asked permission to see how much I was charged for the tile. I said “by all means,” and handed him the paper.

Juan shook his head, “If you don’t mind, I know we can save you at least 30% on this same tile.”

“That would be great! This remodel is already costing me a fortune, any savings helps.”

We discussed the details of the job, and both young men struck me as smart, funny, and honest. I was beginning to feel like some good karma was coming around my way.

Ricky and Juan said they would be back the next morning early to start work. It was a Monday and they thought they could finish by the end of the week. I was relieved that I might have an actual working kitchen for the weekend.

The next day the two arrived on schedule. Again these guys were a little different then normal contractors. They appeared groomed, clean and shaved. I even detected a hint of aftershave. Juan was wearing a sleeveless, form fitting, Nike shirt. The shirt left nothing to hide and it was clear that this guy was built like a brick house.

Although I wanted to stay and drool over Juan, I excused myself, and left for work. Today was our quarterly review, and we were having lunch catered at the office.

I arrived home early to see how Rainbow Stone and Tile were progressing. It was 4:30 and the boys were cleaning up. I had several boxes of left over food from lunch in my car and Ricky helped me carry in the excess food.

Before they left I said, “Hey guys I am going to be working at home tomorrow. I have all this great left over food, why don’t you plan on joining me for lunch?”

At first they refused out of politeness, but I insisted. Finally Ricky gave me a smile and said, “Alright that would be nice. And anyway, you’re the boss.”

By now I was starting to have some unusual thoughts about the Rainbow boys. Recently I had begun surfing gay web sites. I had even participated in a couple of gay cam chats. I guess they were more like jack-off sessions than chatting to be honest. The idea of some man-on-man sex was burning in my mind. And the idea of sex with Juan or Ricky gave me an instant hard-on.

Back in my college days I had a friend who I experimented with. It all started with a few mutual masturbation sessions to taped VHS porn. As we became more bold, we soon discovered that a friend’s hand on your hard cock was so much better than your own. Soon we went beyond touching and started giving each other blow jobs. I freaked out after I sucked his cock one night and we kissed afterward. I thought I was becoming “gay.” Giving head was one thing but actually kissing seemed so much more intimate.

Now at the tender age of 48 I realized that sexual preference is much more flexible. I regretted not taking my relationship in college further. Being a single divorced man I had no more restrictions. I thought why not explore my bisexuality?

The next day Ricky and Juan arrived on time as usual. As Juan walked in the door I was disappointed to see that he was wearing a regular T-shirt and painter’s pants. However I got some new eye candy when Ricky showed up. He was wearing a wife-beater tank top, cut-off jean shorts, and work boots. He looked so hot, his shorts fit tightly, showing off his nice round ass, and his nipples looked rather large and prominent under the thin cotton fabric of his tank top..

I think Ricky caught me checking out his sweet looking bulge in his tight shorts because he gave me a little smile and raised an eyebrow as he entered.

“Good morning Mr. Jack.” said Ricky as he entered the house.

“Hi Ricky, how are you guys doing today? You didn’t forget our lunch date?” I said, realizing that I said “date.”

“Oh no, we are both looking forward to it.” Answered Juan as he easily lifted three full boxes of tile.

Around 11:00 I began to put lunch together. I set the patio table and made a pitcher of ice tea. I removed the food from the fridge and arranged it on a couple of platters. There was shrimp, smoked salmon, roast beef, and a number of side dishes. Honestly too much food for 3 people. I warned the boys that lunch was almost ready and brought all the food out to the patio.

It was a beautiful day and sitting in my very private backyard by the pool was a pleasure. Juan and Ricky strolled out, their eyes going wide at all the food.

“Jack, wow, this is a feast! You shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble.” said Juan.

“Please, sit. Don’t worry, it is all left over from my lunch at the office yesterday. My caterer always over does it.”

It was a nice lunch, both Juan and Ricky were funny, articulate, and sexy. I discovered that they both left Columbia and received asylum in the US. Both had parents that were killed in the joint US/Columbian “war on drugs.” Ricky confided in me that they were both gay, and it was difficult transitioning to American culture. Not to mention that they had no family.

“So what is that you do Mr. Jack?” I laughed at the “Mr. Jack” and asked Ricky to just call me Jack.

I explained that I was the CEO of a marketing company. I could see that they were perplexed by the term, and had no idea what a marketing company does (this really goes for most people). I explained that we helped people grow their business, help with advertising strategy, website, promotions, and other things.

“That’s what we need, MARKETING, if we could just grow a little we could buy a new truck, and make some more money.” said Juan.

“Yes, it is tough because most contractors don’t want to hire two gay guys. They think it’s a disease they can catch. We do so much better when we work directly with the customer. Like you Mr. Jack…Jack,” said Ricky smiling coyly.

“I think you have a golden opportunity, and I’d like to help. I know that the gay community in town loves to support gay owned business. I can make you a marketing plan, and website that will help you guys get more work without subcontracting.”

A little embarrassed Juan admitted, “Thank you Jack, but honestly we don’t have any extra cash for a marketing plan.”

“No worries guys. You already saved me over $1000 bucks on the stone and tile. I owe you guys. The marketing plan is just my way of saying thanks.”

“This is just what I’ve been telling Juan we needed! Thank you Jack, you are a good person.” said Ricky as he jumped up and gave me a big full body hug.

That afternoon I went to work on the plan. I had my web designer acquire a URL and build a web site for Rainbow Stone and Tile. I had just finished a marketing plan for a restaurant run by a lesbian couple, so much of what I did for Juan and Ricky came from the research I did for the restaurant.

As Juan was loading up the truck I came out of my home office to see Ricky bending over his tool box his tight butt looking good enough to bite. I was staring when he stood up and turned around.

Ricky smiled, “Can I ask you a question? Are you a…well you know…a gay person?”

The question and the fact that I had been caught staring at Ricky’s ass caught me a little off balance. My gut was to say “no” but then I realized the truth was that I was more than willing to engage in sex with the same gender. I was a single man, screw labels.

“Well Ricky, I don’t think that I would say that I am gay. On the other hand, if I met a man I liked I would have sex with him. So I guess I am bisexual, yes bisexual would be the right term.”

Ricky tilted his head and touched his hair, “that’s good to know.”

Ricky left the house and I was rewarded by watching his round ass bounce out the door in tight cut-off shorts. I smiled to myself and definitely felt my cock stir, as I considered our little exchange.

On Thursday I presented the marketing plan to the boys. Standing next to them I ended by showing them their new website on my iPad. This time I got a hug from both Juan and Ricky. They were overjoyed. I proposed that we celebrate their new marketing plan and my finished kitchen tomorrow night with steaks on the grill and some swimming to beat the July heat.

The next day they finished all the work around noon and promised to be back at 6:30 to celebrate. As they were leaving the house both Ricky and Juan stopped at the door. They both hugged me and shook my hand.

Ricky, being the mouthpiece of Rainbow Stone and Tile, held my hand and looking me in the eyes said, “Jack we are so glad that we got this job. Juan and I hope we have made a new friend. You are a good guy and we would do anything for you…and do it happily.”

Ricky and Juan left and I headed upstairs for a quick shower. As I dried off I took stock of my image in the mirror. I was a middle age man in my 40s with a bit of girth, but still with good muscle mass from swimming and weight lifting. My best asset was my cock. Flaccid my cock hung at about 5″ over shaved full balls. When hard, I am over 9″ and very thick. One of my ex’s many complaints was that I was too big, but she complained about everything.

A splash of cologne, and a pair of white board shorts that showed off my tan would be the dress for the evening. It had been hot all week and today was no exception. I headed down stairs to prepare for the party.

The boys arrived on time, both wearing flip-flops, shorts and tank tops. Showered and cleaned up, they both looked sexier than ever. I brought them out to the patio and handed them a cold Patron margarita. The drinks disappeared and refills quickly followed.

It was still about 90 degrees out and I told the guys that they should jump in the pool while I prepared the food. I directed them to change in the ground floor bath. Ricky said they were wearing their suits under their clothes. Without hesitation, both Juan and Ricky disrobed on the patio. Juan saw me staring. He winked and flexed his muscles. We both chuckled as I went inside to get the steaks.

From the kitchen window I could see the two wet young men wrestling with each other then splash into the pool. Juan had on a pair of hip-hugger lycra shorts and Ricky was wearing a suit cut so high it was almost a G-string. Both had muscular legs and thighs and nice round firm butts. I could feel myself becoming aroused, but I had no inclination to hide the slight tent forming in my board shorts. I thought, “what the hell, let’s see what happens.”

I carried the steaks and veggies to the grill and started cooking. All of a sudden my arms were hooked, Ricky on one side and Juan on the other. The two strong young men lifted me off my feet and together all three of us went into the pool.

The gauntlet had been thrown. Lot’s of splashing and dunking followed. The three of us each trying to dunk the other, arms and legs wrapped together. Juan was a power house. He grabbed me from behind, wrapping his muscular arms around my waist. I could feel his bulge pressing against my ass. He lifted me off my feat and dunked me. As we both went under water I twisted so I was facing him, standing I used my height to gain the advantage. I am sure he felt my semi-hard cock rub against his torso and legs, but he didn’t pull away.

Like a bunch of teenagers, the wrestling in the pool was just a chance to grope each other. I got my hands on the goods as often as I could, and both Juan and Ricky did the same. It was obvious that we were all very horny. At one point In the tussle I was between both Juan and Ricky. I could feel Ricky’s hard cock pressing against me and Juan’s distinct bulge was pressing against my back. No question that the air was filled with homoerotic electricity and I was hoping that lightning would strike.

The horny horse play in the pool went on for an enjoyable, albeit too short, time. I realized I had forgotten about the food. I reluctantly gave the time out signal, “Whoa…wait…I surrender…I have to go flip the steaks!”

The three of us climbed out of the pool and I noticed that we were all sporting wood. Being the only one wearing a baggy swim suit my bulge was the most noticeable, but again I decided not to hide my manhood.

As I quickly tended to the grill, Ricky stood next to me. His body touching mine, he looked over my should and placed his hand on my back.

“Jack your meat looks so good, I can’t wait to taste it.” said Ricky provocatively.

Rubbing my back he continued, “You are in good shape, and I like your tan. Do you have tan lines, or do you sunbathe naked?”

“Thanks Ricky, it is very flattering to get a compliment from such a beautiful man. As for the tan lines…I guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself.” I said holding Ricky’s gaze as we smiled at each other.

“Hey you two, concentrate on the cooking, I’m hungry!” Joked Juan as he toweled himself dry.

I loaded a platter with the food and brought it to the patio table. More margaritas followed as we dug into the food. There was much kidding and laughing. Juan was going on that Ricky had a thing for older men. Ricky’s retort was that Juan had no preferences at all, and anything with a cock would do. Needless to say the conversation did little to deflate my swollen cock.

Night had fallen and the temperature finally started to drop. The conversation was mostly of an adult nature, fortunately my backyard is very private. There was a lot of flirting and open talk of both Juan and Ricky’s sexual exploits. Hoping to move things to the next level, I suggested that I clear the table while Juan and Ricky go relax in the hot tub.

I quickly deposited the dishes on the counter. I was going to serve dessert, but decided that the real treats were probably in the hot tub. My hot tub was an in-ground 8 person unit. It was on a slope and surrounded by a juniper hedge that kept it out of the prying eyes of neighbors.

I could see the changing colors of the underwater lights as I rounded the corner. I stopped in my tracks when the tub came into view. Seated on the apron was Juan, his weight resting on his arms, his head back. This thick hard cock was held by Ricky who was in the water between his legs. Ricky was licking the underside of Juan’s cock, working his tongue up and down the length. Juan’s cock was about 7″ long and very thick, about as thick as a beer can.

Juan opened his eyes and gave me a wink, he said, “Come on Jack sit next me, Ricky will suck your cock too. He’s such a good little cock sucker.”

With his mouth stuffed with Juan’s penis, Ricky looked at me and grinned and nodded as best he could. This was what I had been waiting for. I sat next to Juan on the edge of the hot tub. My cock was now at full mast, straining against my board shorts. Ricky stopped working on Juan, and floated between my legs. He nuzzled and nibbled on my bulge still concealed by my shorts.

Grabbing the bottom of my swim suit in his hands, Ricky said, “Jack baby I can’t wait to get your big cock out of these shorts, I knew you were hung like a horse and now I get to see your big cock.”

Ricky pulled down on the suit as I lifted myself. When the shorts started to travel over my cock, Ricky slowed down, revealing my rigid member bit-by-bit. My cock is rather large, and Ricky’s eyes grew wide as more of my dick was revealed. Once free, my uncut pole sprang back, slapping against my stomach, hard as steel.

Ricky gave me a wicked smile, staring into my eyes the entire time, he licked up my clean-shaven balls all the way up to my tip of my cock head. He purred as he slowly teased me with his tongue. Taking my cock in his hand, he gently pumped my shaft a couple of times, cooing as he stroked.

“Mmmmm Juanito, look at this big, fucking cock. It gets me so hot. This thing is fucking huge. You have to taste it…mmmmmmm…it’s delicious.” Said Ricky as he pulled my foreskin back and took my cock head into his mouth.

I was in ecstasy and shock. I couldn’t believe this was happening, and how lucky I was to be in my hot tub with two latino hotties at the same time. Juan was running his hands from the base of my cock, over my stomach, and up to my nipples. Taking my nipple in his hand he twisted it gently.

“Do you like that?” said Juan.

“Fuck yeah, Juan your hands feel so good. Touch me any way you want.” I panted.

Juan had his permission, and he began to suck on my hard nipples. I wanted to have my hands free so I reclined onto a towel, my legs still dangling in the hot tub. As Ricky continued his expert blow job, I pulled Juan toward me. Without hesitation our mouths came together. I pushed my tongue into his hot mouth.

Making-out with Juan was such a turn on. I don’t know if it was the taboo, the novelty, or just enjoying another man, but shivers ran up my spine.

Juan whispered in my ear, “I want to suck your big fat fuck stick too baby.”

He moved around so that he was on his knees. Now Juan’s hips were by my head. He leaned down to join Ricky, who was giving my cock the best blow job ever. Ricky held my hard rod as Juan licked the pre-cum off the tip. I reached out and grabbed a hand full of Juan’s muscular ass. His butt cheek was solid yet soft and my fingers brushed his asshole as I squeezed.

I placed my hand inside his thigh and began to pull him toward me. Without releasing my cock from his mouth, Juan got the message. He carefully straddled my face. Now I was looking straight up at Juan’s cock and balls and it was an amazing sight, his muscular thighs on either side of my head, and his smooth shaven package there for the taking. I reached up and squeezed his erection producing a dribble of pre-cum. I hurriedly pulled his cock into my mouth to savor the salty nectar.

He tasted amazing and I devoured him. I swirled my tongue around Juan’s cock head, stopping to concentrate on the pee hole. My efforts were rewarded by a crystalline string of pre-cum. I noisily licked and sucked my way back to his balls, sucking one, then the other into my mouth. Continuing my exploration I licked from his balls back to his asshole, it was all yummy.

Ricky got out of the pool, placing another towel on the deck. He kneeled behind Juan. I relinquished Juan’s cock for a second to see his smiling face over mine. Joining me in pleasuring his friend, he spread Juan’s ass cheeks causing Juan’s ass hole to gape. Expertly Ricky began to rim Juan’s smooth ass pucker. I went back to work on Juan’s cock, stuffing as much as I could in my hungry mouth. Juan responded with moans of approval.

Even with a towel covering the cement apron, the hot tub was not the place for this kind of fun. Juan stood to take the pressure off his knees. I was sad to have Juan’s cock leave my mouth but it was soon replaced with Ricky’s lips.

Kissing Ricky was different then kissing Juan. His lips were fuller and his kiss was softer, more delicate, less animal. Kissing Juan was more like a wrestling match. Ricky melted into my arms, I knew I had to fuck him.

After we kissed, I stood up and got a good look at Ricky naked. His body was smooth all over and his hard cock bobbed in front of him. He was uncut and about 7″ hard. As he turn to grab a towel I took in the view of his ass. His butt was a curvy, smooth, masterpiece, high and proud on his long, strong, slender legs. His torso glistened with a layer of wetness. He was a beautiful contrast to Juan’s angular musculature.

I moved in between them, my hands on their buns, I urged them along, “I think we should take this up to the bedroom.”

Juan went up the stairs first, with Ricky next, and me happily following in the rear. Ricky walked up the stairs slowly, deliberately teasing me by swishing his ass and looking over his shoulder and licking his lips. As we approached the top of the stairs I couldn’t take it any longer.

I grabbed Ricky and made him bend at the waist. He gave a little startled gasp as I buried my face between his ass cheeks. My long tongue licked from his perineum to his ass hole. I couldn’t get my face far enough between his magnificent globes. I rimmed his hole, then snaked my tongue into his tight pucker.

Ricky reached back and pushed my head forward. He moaned, “Ai Papi! Fuck you are such a horny bastard…mmmmm…I love it. Lick my fuck hole Daddy…I can’t wait until you stick your big fat fucking cock inside me.”

I wanted to fuck Ricky right there on the landing. I looked up and saw Juan stroking his fat cock as he watched us. Realizing there was so much to explore, and my king size bed was around the corner, I slapped Ricky playfully on the ass. I lifted Ricky off his knees and we moved into the bedroom.

Ricky and Juan embraced next to the bed. Ricky’s arms were around Juan’s neck, and Juan had his arms around his waist. They kissed passionately, their hips pressed together, they started a slow grind, their hard dicks rubbing against each other. Juan had his tongue in Ricky’s mouth and Ricky was sucking it like a cock.

I enjoyed the show, stoking my painfully hard dick. I needed to get in on the action, so I guided the boys onto the bed. In front of me were two beautiful young men on their backs, hard cocks displayed, resting invitingly against their stomach.

“I think tonight I am the luckiest guy in town.” I said before I dropped to my knees. There at the edge of the bed, I happily took a hard cock in each hand.

This was a fantasy come true. I was alternating sucking the boy’s cocks. Juan was oozing an impressive amount of pre-cum. I smeared it on my lips and chin enjoying the slippery, salty goodness. More than a fantasy come true I had my hands and mouth full of beautiful hard brown Columbian cock, what could be better?

Juan’s breathing was becoming short and erratic. I could tell that he was close to orgasm. Ricky had been making out with him and rubbing his nipples as I sucked. I could tell that Juan needed release. I motioned for Ricky to join me on his cock.

Together we licked up and down Juan’s fat pole. The slurping and sucking noise alone would be enough to drive anyone crazy with lust. Ricky stopped me for a second and squeezed Juan’s shaft. He licked his middle finger and used it to collect the stream of pre-cum that flowed from Juan’s throbbing member. He then took his finger and worked it into Juan’s asshole.

Juan was now moaning loudly and his back arched as Ricky pushed his finger into him. I watched in astonishment. Ricky obviously knew what he was doing, as he began to finger fuck Juan. Juan’s body gently convulsed as Ricky pleasured his asshole. Ricky placed his free hand on the back of my head and directed me back to sucking Juan.

As I bobbed up and down, Juan exclaimed, “Oh shit…oh shit…uh…uh..uh…uh…that’s going to make me cum…uh…uh…uh…”

Ricky said something to Juan in Spanish, then directed me, “Keep sucking him Papi, let’s make Juanito cum. You can do it Jack, make him shoot a big fucking load of cum all over. Yes suck that cock baby!”

Juan’s body convulsed as he exploded in orgasm. My lips were clamped tight around his cock head when the first volley filled my mouth with surprising speed. I instinctively squeezed his pulsing, fat cock shaft and pointed it toward Ricky’s open mouth and extended tongue. Juan convulsed again and he growled, a second explosive wad shot from his angry cock head across Ricky’s cheek and tongue.

Ricky clamped his full lips around Juan’s cock and he purred as he sucked. Juan was twitching and moaning as Ricky released Juan’s cock from his mouth, a long pearly strand of semen attached to his bottom lip. He offered the still hard cock to me and I eagerly lapped up Juan’s last dribble of semen.

Ricky removed his finger from deep in Juan’s ass. He slid up to Juan and they exchanged a kiss. Ricky lifted his lips off of Juan’s, from his tongue ran a long gelatinous stream of saliva and sperm onto Juan’s waiting tongue. They kissed again and Juan sat up, he pulled me toward him and stroked my cock as we exchanged a sticky cum-coated French kiss.

“That was so good.” said Juan, “Now it’s your turn Jack, I think Ricky needs to get fucked by that big cock of yours.”

Rick was sexily biting his lower lip as he reclined on the bed, holding knees, his legs spread, presenting an inviting target for my erect penis.

“Mmmmmm yes, Papi please fuck me good with your big hard cock,” whispered Ricky.

I opened the drawer of my nightstand and retrieved a bottle of lubricant. I crawled back onto the bed and positioned myself between Ricky’s splayed legs.

As I rested on my knees I realized that my cock was as hard as it had ever been. I generously coated my tool with lube and poured some onto Ricky’s perfect ass pucker.

I added some lube to Ricky’s cock and balls making them glisten. I gently eased a slick finger into his waiting ass. He purred and encouraged me to use two fingers. I slowly finger fucked him with my right hand as I stroked his shiny cock with my left.

Ricky was so sexy. His body undulated under my anal probing. Taking my wrist in his hand he said, “Come on Papi I am ready, fuck me, and fuck me good and hard.”

Pulling the foreskin back, I placed my glistening cock head against Ricky’s asshole. I began to push and tingling sensations of pleasure crossed through my body. Sex is my drug of choice and this night I was experiencing an incredible prolonged high.

My cock head pushed past Ricky’s sphincter and I began to slowly pump my fat swollen cock into him. I saw Ricky wince in pain and I froze.

“Baby don’t stop…keep fucking me…please baby…I want all of that big cock inside me. I can take it, keep going. I want to fuck all of that huge cock,” he panted.

I had half my erection in Ricky’s tight ass and I could see him relaxing. I continued to easy more of my cock inside of him, enjoying the sensation and the sight of his beautiful body below me.

Now completely inside, I began to fuck Ricky with long steady strokes. Sweat ran down my temple and I could see that he was perspiring as well. I changed my position so we were in a classic missionary. He wrapped his legs around my waist and he nibbled on my ear as I picked up the pace and intensity of my thrusts.

“Fuck me, pound me harder Papi. Fuck my boy pussy , that’s it, YESsssssss! Damn your cock is so big and fat Papi…mmmmm I fucking love it. I want to be your bitch, come on, fuck me so good.”

As we made love I felt a hand run down my back and push on my ass, matching my thrust. It was Juan who had rejoined us on the bed. There were now two hands on my butt, and thighs. Juan was kneading my ass and spreading my ass cheeks as I fucked Ricky. I turned my head to smile in approval.

“Mmmmm Jack you are doing a good job fucking that little bitch. Watching your big cock stretch his hole is getting me all horny again. You have such big fucking balls, I bet they are full of lots of cum,” said Juan as he played with my ass.

Juan’s hands were now cupping my balls and rubbing me from my nut sack to my asshole and it felt great. I let him know that I was enjoying his touch and soon I felt the cool sensation of the lube running down my ass.

Juan started by rimming my ass with his finger. I moaned to let him know I was receptive to his touch. As I continued to fuck Ricky, the desire to have my own ass filled made me even more crazed with lust. Juan pushed first one finger then two into my lubricated hole. Soon Juan was timing my thrusts so that I was both fucking and getting fucked at the same time.

The feeling was amazing and I told Juan, “Oh my God Juan! That feels so fucking good…I don’t know if i’m coming or going and baby I don’t fucking care!”

Juan spread our legs and moved in behind us. I could feel his cock head pressing against my ass. Juan asked, “Ok Jack are you ready for some cock?”

“Fuck me.” was all I could pant as I hammered away on top of Ricky.

I stopped thrusting as Juan pushed into my ass. After a brief moment of initial pain, I couldn’t believe how amazing it was to be stuffed full of Juan’s fat cock. Not to mention that now I was sandwiched between two men.

We had to change position, and Juan directed us so that we were all on our side. Ricky in front of me, my cock in his ass, and Juan behind me giving me the fucking of a lifetime.

Now we could set up a rhythm. This also gave me the opportunity to reach around and stroke Ricky’s erection as we fucked. It was a train of lust. I had never experienced such erotic pleasure in my life. I was nearing orgasm and I let the boys know. With each thrust Juan’s fat dick was hitting my prostate and electric jolts raced through my body.

Juan was now in control. He directed me to get on all fours on the bed. Entering me doggy style from behind he could fuck my ass with the full length of his dick. As Juan began to fuck me, Ricky crawled under me and sucked my cock as Juan fucked me senseless.

As Juan hammered away, his balls slapping against mine, my cock being sucked by Ricky, I looked down. There was Ricky’s hard cock, yet another gift. I took it in my mouth and happily went to work. Now no hard-on was left unoccupied.

I wanted this to last forever, but that’s usually when I reach the point of no return. I let the boys know that I was going to cum soon and both Ricky and Juan, responded with a simple, “Do it!”

I think that my eyes literally rolled back in my head as a heavy rope of semen shot into Ricky’s mouth. My abs tightened as the second orgasmic wave hit me causing my ass muscles to squeeze Juan’s cock hard. In my haze of ecstasy, I could hear Juan groan as his own orgasm filled my ass with hot spunk.

Ricky was now pumping my cock, as another mind bending explosion of cum spewed from my cock. My cum filled Ricky’s mouth and oozed out down his chin and cheeks. Juan had buried his cock all the way into my ass as his orgasm peaked, creating an unbelievable storm of elation.

A third wave of spasms hit me as my orgasm continued. As Ricky pumped my cock, semen shot across Ricky’s torso covering his chest and stomach. I had never cum so much in my life. Although it was only seconds the sensation was so wonderful it was as if time had stopped.

Regaining enough composure to see Ricky’s hard cock below me, I leaned down and took his cock back into my mouth and sucked him hard. My oral administrations did their job, causing Ricky to explode. As my own orgasm subsided I was again rewarded by a sweet load of delicious cum.

I swallowed Ricky’s first ejaculation, but my mouth was quickly filled to overflowing by a second and a third. Greedily I licked and sucked, my face covered with his nectar. I licked his cock clean as Ricky twitched below me. Still on fire with lust I worked to collect everything that Ricky’s cock could provide.

Juan’s semi hard cock left my ass gaping wide as I rolled onto my side. I was joined by a sweat covered Juan. Ricky rose over the two of us, his entire body virtually cover in semen. I pulled him on top of us and the three of us traded wet cum coated kisses. We were all a mess but no one cared.

“Papi you almost drowned me in all that cum, that was fucking amazing. You fucking cum like a bull.” said Ricky as he collect a wad of cum off his chest with a finger, and smeared it on my bottom lip.

With a sexy boy on either side of me, I said chuckling, “I can’t fucking believe it..”

“Believe what?” asked Juan all smiles.

“That I have those douche bag contractors that left me hanging, to thank for the most amazing night of my life,” I said in disbelief.

Juan said, “Yeah, it’s like this is destiny. We get a new web site, you get your work done, and then the best part is that we all end up in bed together!”

I kissed both Juan and Ricky then suggested we get cleaned up.

In the shower there was lots of soaping, groping, and making out. After we had dried off, we collapsed exhausted into a deep sleep on my king sized bed.

The next morning I awoke early, my morning wood nestled between Ricky’s butt cheeks and Juan’s warm naked body pressing against my back. Both boys were still sound asleep. I pinched myself just to make sure this wasn’t a dream.

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