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Lonely Turns New

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It had been a boring day and with my boyfriend spending the night out with some friends and not home to spice up the night, I decided to have a few drinks alone and go to bed. However, slightly tipsy and feeling naughty, I flipped open Brandon’s laptop and started snooping around for some porn. I quickly found a small library of porno movies and chose one that looked promising. The scene opened with a woman on all fours talking dirty and getting her pussy licked from behind by a muscular guy.

Anticipation was making me horny so I decided to have a little more fun. I put on a pair of crotch less panties I’d been saving for a special occasion. I watched as the man slowly began moving upwards, licking her ass cheeks moving closer and closer to her little pink puckered asshole. I moaned as I slipped two fingers in my pussy rubbing my clit with my thumb. The man on the screen plunged his tongue full into her ass as she moaned and I pumped my fingers in my pussy harder wishing like hell I had a hot dick in me. Suddenly I heard a key in the lock and slammed the laptop shut. Running to get my robe I just had enough time to get it on as my boyfriend Brandon walked through the door with a few of the friends he had gone out with. Furious that he’d brought them over with out asking and even more upset because he’d interrupted me I dragged him in to the bedroom.

“You look hot, baby” his said. I didn’t get a chance to yell at him before he pulled me tight and kissed me hard. My anger fizzled as my desire grew.

“Too bad you brought company…” I said, giving him a playful pout. He smiled and reassured me they’d be leaving soon, they just wanted to see the new place. I slipped on a pair pf pajama pants under my robe and joined Brandon in the living room.

There was a couple Tom and Kate that I always enjoyed spending time with and a single friend of Brandon’s we all called JJ. After about an hour of small talk, I was going crazy and decided to go to bed leaving Brandon to entertain. Once I closed the door I threw off my robe and pants and reached for my vibrator. I had been terribly aware that I was wearing crotch less panties the whole time I was in the living room and now indulged myself in enjoying them. I heard the clink of glasses and a few loud laughs and realized they were drinking. I wouldn’t have to be as quiet as I thought.

Lying on my back I massaged my breasts with hands, rubbing the nipples and then pinching them hard- I could feel myself getting wet again. Easing one of my hands down to my pussy I ran a finger down the opening feeling my lips soft and smooth. I began to massage my clit slowly let out a moan. I heard some loud talking suddenly and realized someone was leaving, maybe if I slowed down Brandon would be able to help me soon… I listened and realized that Tom and Kate had left. JJ would be gone soon. I put the vibrator away and went back to massaging my pussy. Squatting on the bed with my knees apart I pulled my pussy lips down and apart fingering my clit and going back to pulling on my lips. I heard the front door shut again and knew that Brandon would be in any second. I was dripping at the thought of what I would soon be doing and began to finger my clit harder. Remembering he was a fan of doggy style, I got on all fours with my legs spread and continued to play with my pussy hoping he’d be walking in soon. I heard the doorknob turn I leaned forward resting my shoulders on the bed spreading my ass cheeks with my hands.

“I’ve been waiting for you…”

In response I felt a warm tongue dive into my pussy and fingers rapidly rotating my clit. It was driving me crazy.

“Oh god, fuck me now!” I moaned.

“Not yet”, it was a voice too soft and sweet to be Brandon’s. I spun around surprised.

“KATE!! What are you doing here?”

“The guys went to JJ’s I told Tom to come back here later on to pick me up. I said I didn’t feel too good that I drank too much and wanted to lay down for awhile. They won’t be back for hours… I hope it was ok…?” She gave me a sweet smile. I had never been with a girl before but it had always been a fantasy.

“Of course it’s ok… what would you like to do?”

“Why don’t you turn back around…?”

I did what she asked and felt her tongue lightly lick my pussy lips. She pinched them between her teeth and pulled them apart while she thrust two fingers inside me.

“Oh god YES!”

I was in heaven, rubbing my breasts with one hand as I felt long licks stroking my asshole.

“Can I do what ever I want?” Kate asked.

“Absolutely” I gasped.

I felt her tongue lewdly lick around the edges of my asshole. Then spreading my cheeks apart with her hands she placed her mouth square on my little rosebud and sucked hard.


She sucked on my ass a few more times.

I loved it. “Fuck my ass with your tongue Kate!” She gladly obliged and I felt her tongue penetrating my rear as far as she could.

“Mmm that’s good baby- you want some more of that?” she asked me.

“Oh yes keep going.”

“If you want more you’re going to have to change positions… I want you to sit on my face…” I almost came when she said that.

I situated myself straddling her face.

“Now give me that tight ass…”

I dipped my ass down farther and her tongue slipped through my loosened hole. It was amazing. I rubbed my clit furiously and started humping her face.

“Oh yeah put it in my ass deep.” She reached up and started pinching my nipples hard. The pain felt good and I begged her not to stop. I grinded my ass into her face and she moaned. Looking down I realized she was finger fucking herself and the sight made me even hotter.

“You like my ass in your face don’t you? You like having your tongue buried in my tight ass..?” She moaned into me and pinched my nipples harder. I was getting close and I could see her fingers working faster and faster on her own pussy. I did the same and grinding my ass into her face hard, I came… dripping my pussy juice onto her neck and chin.

She was still tongue fucking my ass and I saw her still working her own clit. I started to move to help but she clamped a hand around my thigh to hold me in place. I groaned as her tongue plunged hard in and out of my wet ass. Moaning loudly she started shaking and pulling my ass down onto her I felt her tongue push even deeper as she squirted her own cum onto the bed.

Rolling out from under me she began to lick her fingers.

“How was your first time with a girl?” she asked.

“I can’t begin to tell you how good it was…” I replied.

She smiled knowingly, “well I’ve got more to show you…”

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