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It had been a long day. The kind that dragged forever with traffic moving slower than usual, an uncommon streak of red lights, construction at a busy intersection, a thousand small irritations that stretched the day. I was so glad when my small car finally pulled its way into the driveway. Free of the constraints and the prolonged time of sitting cramped behind the steering wheel, I luxuriously stretch my long legs and stride to the front door and step in.

The house smells comfortable, the warm odors of leather furniture, wood polish and unique scent that only belongs here. Sighing softly, I brush the sweat curls off my face and shake my hair loose from its tight bands and barrettes. The soft curls tumble down stretching to crest of the top of my thighs. A small shake of my head and they settle off of my face.

Smiling, I chirp “hello!,” and step your way. Just looking at you, starts my heart to dancing a merry little frolic that echoes in my blood. Your eyes light within, the corneres peeking upwards as you meet my own gaze for just a moment. Then you rove your eyes downwards, pausing at the swell of my breast and the arc of my hips. Holding my breath just a little till I see the edges of your mouth lightly turn up. I attempt to conceal a faint blush by lowering my eyes, as a gentle ache quivers though me from your warm appraisal.

I tilt my head up and broaden my smile before bashfully bowing my head. My steps carry me quickly to your side. Leaning up against your chest I press my hands delicately against your shirt. The fabric is soft and crisp. You heave your chest underneath my blooming cheek with each lungful of air. I deeply inhale your scent, masculine but clean. Your arms wrap around me, holding me close for just a second. My heart flutters its joy in your embrace, an exquisitely sharp flight. Reaching out, my lips massage nimbly the base of your neck, I am standing on tiptoes just to reach that far as my head comes no further than your chest. A slow burn is escalating inside me. You slide your hands up behind the base of my head cupping me tenderly. I reach up pressing my soft lips to yours, in silent answer. My hands steady against your chest then slide up around your neck. My nipples harden and strain a little as I feel your chest rubbing against mine. Parting my rosy lips, I dart my tongue across yours, teasing a little, begging entrance into the heat of your mouth. Slipping my tongue in your mouth, opening it with the soft onslaught of my lips. I get my first taste of you. My wanton tongue slides with yours, meshing and tangling in a enticing tango. Sweetly savouring your kiss like morning chocolate.

I tighten my long fingers behind your neck, the nails pressing just across the skin. My body tenses, and my breathing becomes slightly ragged. Wetness pools between my thighs, damp and warm, and startling hollow. I ache just to be nearer to you. Slipping my hands down I unbutton my white cotton shirt, my clumsy fingers fumbling over the first button. Passing once, than twice over the pearled fastenings, slipping it through. Then moving on to the next beneath it. My elbows bumping into your chest, causing shivers to run down my arms, and my hips to thrust a little towards you. The beating tattoo of my heart revs higher. Only the small breaks for breath interrupting the sweltering heat of your mouth, the rigid jab of your tongue thrusting into my mouth, mimicking my fierce longing for your cock.

Feeling your firm hands covering mine, removing the last of the buttons. You shove my shirt back over my shoulders and down my arms. The sudden coolness of air, causing goose bumps to run over my skin. The exposure of my skin to your touch only a shallow mirror of the exposure of my heart

A small gasp escapes from lips as I kiss you harder. Purposefully I thrust my hips in between your legs, seeking the hard length of your cock beneath your jeans. In a full body press the friction burns bewteen our jeans.

Releasing your tempting mouth from mine, you pull your shirt tumbling over your head. A whisper of a whimper escapes my lips. Soaking in every inch of you my eyes devour your nudity. The muscles of your chest ripple faintly beneath my eyes. “Hmmmmm,” I sigh. I bite my lip. Sanity is fleeing before me. In a ungraceful rush, I unzip my jeans. In a fevered race I begin sliding them down off my hips and letting them fall trapping my ankles. You match my eagerness, your hands sliding over my prosterior, cupping the cheeks upwards, then reaching only halfway down my thigh you squeeze. Grinning wickedly I abandon my own jeans still on my ankles to reach for yours. My hands still a moment when I feel you slide your hands down my naked arms. They slip just past my elbows and then back up coming to a rest against my chest. Your fingers slip underneath the cups of my bra, releasing my heated breast spilling over the top. Your fingers splay out over the milky whiteness of my skin, rolling the breast beneath them. Arching my back, I drive my chest against your hand. I moan a little, sighing out a small “yes.” This is what I have been wanting all day., this heat, this scalding inferno. Teased by you. You slide your hands over to my other breast freeing it to from the constricting binds of my bra. I whimper a little at the feel of your hands, one on each breast, I open my lust lidded eyes and watch your face, my tongue wetting my lips.

I slip my hands further into your waist band, ruthlessly tugging open your jeans, pushing the zipper down, and opening the flap wider. Slipping both hands in, pressed flat and palms to your hot skin I work the jeans and white underwear over your hips and down.

Gasping, a minute, as they begin to slide off your rump, at the feel of your lips enclosing over an engorged nipple. “Ooh,” moaning, “Fuck. Hmm hmmm.” I grab your hips to steady myself, under the sensuous ravages of your mouth on my nipple. I whisper “please.” The word slips out of my mouth in guttural tone. Your tongue rolls my nipple pushing it, sucking it, raking it over your teeth. At the release of your tongue from my nipple, I drop to my knees.

Your cock rubs against my face as I lean forward brushing the head with my lips. My tongue darting out to glide over the head, concentrically spiraling over the fleshy cap, rolling underneath the cap and back up to your slit. Lifting my eyes off your now glistening cock, I look up into your face. Your hand snakes up behind my head guiding my face back down to your eagerly straining cock. My hand reaches out and grasps hold of your shaft holding it into my mouth as I push it in, sucking.. Slowly pushing your cock into my mouth, then letting it slide back again, I bob on your cock, my eyes never lifting from your face. The saliva pools in my mouth, enveloping you in the warm wetness. Rolling my lower lip under I push your cock up to the roof of my mouth and suck hard. One hand continuing to stroke you into my mouth, the other gripping onto your hips, guiding and encouraging your thrusts into my mouth. Savoring the velvet hardness of your cock in my mouth I moan against you a bit. The lavish feel of your cock thrusting into my mouth, oozing a little precum into the messy warmth of my mouth.

Eventually releasing your cock from my mouth, I slide my lips down your shaft, licking and teasing as I work my mouth down to your balls. My fingers stay wrapped around you, stroking you, sliding the slick saliva over your skin. “I do love your cock. You know.” Sighing “yes,” my tongue glances and skips over the skin of your scrotum, playing with the soft folds as I lick and torment you into my mouth. Gently inhaling, I suck the skin just inside my lips. Rubbing my tongue over the skin, guiding my mouth in lazy circles down to your perineum

Your hands reaching down into my hair, pulling and tangling the hair on my head, making my scalp tingle. The gentle pressure of your hands keeping my head pressed deep into your groin. You slide one hand down and then the other, unhooking my bra, letting the straps skate down my arm, as my breasts pop free, swinging a little beneath me as my body sways as I bob and tease your lovely cock. As I slide my mouth back up your shaft, I feel the pull of your hands on my scalp then underneath my arms, pulling me into a standing position. Moaning at the loss of your cock I stand, rubbing my chest up against your abs then chest as I slide up along your body.

Stepping out of your pants and underwear you grab my hips. My panties and jeans then joining the growing puddle on the ground. I feel your breath teasing my shoulders as you lean over me, your hands massaging my hips and waist, pulling my now naked body in tight against you. The feel of your cock hard and still slightly wet against my belly, causes me to shiver a little

Whimpering “fuck me please, oh, Sir, please.” My nails dig into your skin and along your back, holding tight into you, just kissing and biting at your skin. Pulling me with you. You shove me over to the bed, your weight crushing down on top of me as my knees buckle and I fall backwards down on to the waiting bed. Schooching backwards, sliding my rump over the cool sheets I make room for you to crawl up after me. Spreading my thighs with your knees, you spread my legs wide open beneath you, exposing my pussy fully to your view, your hands pin my shoulders down to the bed, your weight holding me pinned beneath you

My eyes wide open I watch you towering over me, your cock hard and poised, your muscles visible underneath the light hair on your chest. Whimpering, I squirm beneath your hands, thrusting my hips up a little.

Rubbing your cock over my slit you tease me, the head of your cock parting and slipping over the lips of my pussy, becoming soaked in the wetness between my legs. Straining hard to catch your cock into the depths between my lips. You evade me a little, before sliding your hand down and spreading the lips wide open you thrust your cock in deep and hard. “Oh fuck yeah,” I buck beneath you, wrapping my legs up around your hips, squeezing tight. You thrust into me, first throwing your head back, and letting your hips grind into me, then glancing down at me, watching me as slip a little with each rocking thrust you give. That’s right my girl, milk my cock, squeeze it darling. Mmmhhmm. Let me feel you tight around me”

Compressing tight around you, I clench and unclench my pussy on your cock. Bucking harder, grinding into you as best I can, whimpering a little when my clit brushes against you. Breathing hard and heavy, my chest heaves and bounces a little in front of you. My eyes close as my head pushes back into the bed. I arch my back up , exposing my neck and chest to your eyes. Sliding your hand down between my breasts your stroke my skin, crooning, “Yes darling, buck for me.” Listening to the erotic meter of your voice, I buck upwards. I lose myself a little in the feel of your cock shoving and plunging into me, my thighs pushed firmly outward as you thrust in between my legs.

Raising your righthand, you slap my left breast, causing the skin to tingle and the blood to rush to the surface. The breast jiggles a little, coursing shivers through my body. My eyes close in surrender to you. Each of my sense opening evening further like a rose in winter under the greenhouse sun.

Moaning, I gasp and open my eyes to look at you. Watching your eyes, I bite my lip, quivering beneath you, silently pleading for you to continue. A knowing smiles peeks behind your eyes as you know my body is now yours. Slapping my other breast you thrust deep, holding my hips pinned beneath you, hard into the bed. Whimpering I begin to beg, anything to get you to move your hips again, absolutely needing to feel your cock pounding back into my cunt. My nails dig first into the bed, balling the sheets around me, before reaching up and sliding behind your shoulder blades, pulling at you, working at you. Small red lines threaten to appear beneath the creamy contours of your back.

“Please, please Sir,” I reach again up towards you. “Hmm mmm,” I moan. “Suck on me please. Please! Please take my niple into your mouth.”

Being none to gentle you lower your head taking my whole aerolea into your mouth and suckle hard. As you feel the nipple tightening even further in your mouth, you bite downhard, twisting a little as you catch the niple between your teeth. “Fuck yes, of fuck please…” I moan into incoherrantness. My fingers dig into the back of your head holding your mouth tight down into my breast.

“That’s right my girl beg for me.” You command

And I do.

Grabbing my hands you hold the above my head, pinning beneath me as you beign to thurst even harder and fster, grinding and graoning into me as you fuck me. Riding me hard, deep and so achingly good. Flexing and shoving your cock into my cunt, filling me stretching me around you, the lips of my pussy tight and fast around your cock you continue to bury deep, each thrust cresting further..

“Kitten, my girl I am going to come. Are you ready?”

Begging eagerly, wanting absoultely to feel your cock twitch and jerk inside me

“Oh God yes, plese, please, give me your come, twitch in me, let me feel your cock jerk, oh pleaaaaase com”

Catching your breath in your throat you moan, “Fuck. Yes, Kitten, yes uh unn..” You spasm inside me. I feel the last twitches of your cock as you come inside, filling my pussy. Your come is hot, wet and sticky. Collapsing onto me, releasing my wrists you lay agianst my heaving chest, your weight solid and warm over my still slightly twitching body. Reaching my hands up I genlty hold you to me as my breaths begin to lengthen.whispering softly under my breath I love you, I give you a squeeze and reach up and kiss the side of your neck. Slowly sliding out of me, you leave a small trail of wetness behind as you lay your body down beside mine. Turning to my side and watching you, I slip down your body and lick your shaft clean. Then sliding back up I rest my head on your chest.

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