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Stranger in a Strange Town

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Call me Jerry. I was a stranger in a strange town. I know I’m stealing those opening lines from Melville and Heinlein but if you’re going to steal, steal from the best. I had recently moved to Florida and I had made a few friends in my new home but had yet to meet that special someone. My business occasionally took me on the road so here I was in another new town, knowing absolutely no one.

I had not made love to a woman for several months and had resumed my relationship with mother thumb and her four lovely daughters. Of course by now there was the internet and sites like to fuel the fire. I’m all for modern technology. At any rate, here I was – lonely and horny. I checked into a motel and found a restaurant/cocktail lounge close by. It was late afternoon, the cocktail hour, and the place was busy. I walked in, looked around and noticed an attractive woman sitting at the bar. She looked to be by herself and there was an empty bar stool beside her. I strolled over and, flashing my brightest smile, asked, “Is this seat taken?”

“Be my guest,” she said. I sat down and sighed a deep sigh.

“Long day?” she asked.

“Long drive.”

“Where did you drive from?”


She asked me what brought me to town and I told her briefly about my job. She told me she was a widow and had been expecting to meet a friend for dinner but the friend had had car trouble and had to cancel at the last minute. I commiserated and we continued to chat. She had blonde hair and a very winning smile, altogether a very warm and open person. She was wearing a rather loose-fitting summer dress – this was Florida and it was summer – but I could tell that she was nicely put together. I told her some of my life story and she told me some of hers and there seemed to be some chemistry. I believe that you can sense pretty quickly if you have it with someone else. We had another glass of wine and I said, “Would you like to have dinner with me?”



“Suits me.”

I caught the bartender’s attention and said, “This pretty lady and I would like to have dinner. Can we keep the drinks on my tab and move to a table?”

He nodded and caught the attention of the lady who was in charge of those things. Luckily a table for two had just vacated and she led us to it. I followed my new friend to the table and admired the view of her from behind. She walked with fluid grace and confidence, the way a woman walks when she’s content with who she is. We ordered dinner and continued the conversation. After dinner, while the waiter was bringing the check, I reached across the table and put my hand on hers and said, “I don’t want to say goodbye to you.”

She smiled at me, squeezed my hand and said, “Would you like to do something else?”

“Whatever you like.”

“Would you like to follow me to my house?”

Bingo. “Absolutely,” I said. “My car is next door at the Best Western. Wait for me in the parking lot and let me go get it and I’ll follow you there.”

“Okay,” she said, with a shy smile and a twinkle in her eye.

I walked – hell I may have skipped – quickly to my car and soon fell in behind hers. I followed her out to the suburbs and pulled into the driveway at a nice one-story house. I pulled in behind her. By this time she was at the door. The yard was well maintained – as was she. She smiled at me, opened the door and I walked in. She closed the door behind us. Her home was comfortable-looking. It was obviously a woman’s house but it wasn’t fussy and frilly as some women tend to be. Score another point for her. She motioned toward the sofa and said, “Can I get you anything?”

“Well, I don’t need any more alcohol but a cup of coffee would be nice, if it’s not too much trouble.”

“I only have decaf,” she said.

“That’s fine with me.”

She went into the kitchen and I made myself comfortable, feeling all together very pleased and expectant about how things were progressing. After a few moments she came back into the living room, carrying two cups of coffee. She sat down beside me – not too close but close enough.

“That was fast,” I said.

“Well I have one of those new foreign high-speed coffee makers and I only made four cups.”

“Good thinking. Isn’t modern technology wonderful?”

“I suppose,” she said.

“But some of the old things can’t be improved upon.”

“I agree with that.”

“Let’s drink to new friends and new experiences.”

We drank our coffee and just generally relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. I put my cup down on the coffee table and casually put my right arm around her. She moved closer. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes and I gently brought her towards me and moved my lips closer to hers. She moved toward me and we shared a kiss. Her lips were soft and warm. She sighed and so did I. I continued kissing her and pushed my tongue slowly into her mouth. She received it willingly and reciprocated.

She pulled her head back and said, “You’re a good kisser.”

“You’re a good kissee. I want more.”

We resumed kissing, deeper and more passionately than before. I stroked her back and shoulders and very slowly moved my left hand toward her right breast, looking for signs of resistance. There was none so I gently placed my hand upon her right breast and gently fondled it. I could feel the outline of a lightweight bra under her lightweight dress and almost immediately I felt her nipple respond and harden to my touch. She sighed and then thrust her tongue deeply into my mouth.

“Are you alright with this,” I asked.

“Are you?”

“God yes.”

She responded by pulling my hand more tightly upon against her breast and then dropped it to my right thigh and began to gently rub it up and down. I pulled my hand reluctantly away from her breast and reached to unbutton her dress. She stopped me and said, “Let’s continue this in my bedroom.”

“Show me the way.”

She chuckled and, taking my hand, pulled me up and led me there. It was as warm and comfortable as her living room except, of course, it had a bed and, I noticed a rather large mirror on the wall. I reached again to unbutton her dress and this time she didn’t resist. With fumbling fingers I began the long, slow process of unbuttoning. When I was done she took it off and hung it in her closet. I began to undress and was quickly down to just my boxer shorts. We looked into each others eyes and smiled and she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her breasts were magnificent – full and very shapely, slightly pointing down with delectable nipples. I quickly pulled my boxers down and dropped them on the floor. My cock was hard and standing out from my body with all the pride it could muster. She looked in my eyes, than down to my cock and slowly pulled her panties down and kicked them away.

“God, you’re beautiful,” I said, with a catch in my voice.

“I’m glad you think so”, she said. “So are you.”

I moved toward her and took her in my arms, gently running my hands up her back and down to her ass which I stroked reverently. We kissed deeply and I could feel her breasts flattening against my chest with the nipples adding tiny explanation points. I was slightly taller than she was so I flexed my legs slightly and moved down so my cock nuzzled against her pubic hair. She opened her legs slightly and let my cock slip in toward heaven’s door. She had not shaved her pussy and I liked that. She pulled away and began pulling down the bedspread and, fluffing the pillows, she laid down on her side looking at me expectantly and smiling warmly.

“Come here,” she said.


I laid down beside her and we resumed deep soulful kisses. She felt indescribably great in my arms and she was a terrific kisser. She began to rub her hands up and down on my back and ass and I moved my mouth from her lips to her right breast. I gently flicked out my tongue and licked it. It was as hard as granite. I cupped my right hand around her left breast and began to knead and stroke it and marveled for the umpteenth time in my life at the dramatic contrasts in a woman’s breast. Soft and warm and full to the touch but with nipples that harden and beckon.

Gradually I began to move my right hand from her breast and down toward greener pastures. I stroked my hand across her belly and down to her fluffy mound of soft and gentle pubic hair. It felt like soft and succulent Kentucky blue grass. Greener pastures, indeed. I gently played my fingers through her public hair and then further down to stroke her pussy. Her pussy lips were full and open and, to my delight, her cunt was wet and inviting. So much for the old wives tale that a woman’s pussy ceases to lubricate as she ages. She groaned a groan of pleasure and moved a hand down to grasp my cock She squeezed and I groaned contentedly. My pre-cum was flowing and she moved her hand up to capture some and began to slowly stroke me up and down. This woman knew what she was about.

I gently inserted my middle finger into her vagina and she flexed those muscles that only women have and took pleasure in my finger. I pulled her hand away from my cock and, moving down, placed myself between her legs on my knees. She spread her legs to accommodate me. Leaning back slightly up I picked up her left leg and put her toes in my mouth, sucking upon them. First one foot and then the other and then I began a slow trail of licks and kisses up the inside of her right leg.

“That feels so good,” she said.

“Darlin’,” I laughed, “you ain’t felt nuthin’ yet.”

I moved my eager lips up her warm inner thigh and quickly arrived at paradise. I stuck out my tongue and began to slowly lick up and down her snatch.

“That’s even better,” she gasped.

I chuckled and then moved my eager lips up her pussy and found her clitoris. It protruded enough that my tongue could easily find it and I began to gently suck and nibble at it. I stopped momentarily and said, “Do you like that?”

“Can’t you tell.”

I resumed sucking and nibbling on her tender bud and slowly inserted my middle finger into her cunt, searching for her G spot. A gasp from her soon told me I had found it. I increased my tongue movement and began to rub her G spot, delighting at her reaction. She commenced to move her hips and her pussy up toward my mouth and, reaching down with both hands, brought my face even fuller into her femininity. I began to move my face from side to side, coating it with her scent and wetness. I stopped momentarily and said, “I love to do this.”

“I can tell,” she said, with a wicked chuckle in her voice.

“I’m going to make you cum,” I said.

“Oh yes, Most definitely yes!”

Quickening my pace and trying my best to coordinate my tongue and my fingers I worked her sweet womanliness for all I was worth. She began to move her hips up and down more vigorously and I held on. And then, in that sweet moment that every caring man desires, she began to cum. She gasped and cried and moaned and her already sweet pussy developed a richer, sweeter taste and I eagerly lapped it up.

“Oh stop,” she cried out, “I may have a heart attack.”

i stopped and said, “But you’ll die happy.”

She laughed and stroked her fingers through my full head of grey hair. I gently licked her pussy again and she moaned and I was tremendously pleased and eagerly awaiting the next item on the agenda. I got off my knees and stretched out beside her. We kissed and she looked down at my cock, standing tall. “Thank you,” she said. “That was wonderful but I believe we’ve been neglecting junior.”

She moved her hand across my chest and belly. Like most men with a full head of hair I had scant hair on by body. A little bit around my nipples and on my lower belly. My pubic hair is still pretty much the brown It always was with a little grey creeping in. She messed with it for a moment and then moved her hand to my cock. I’m about average size, about six inches from stem to stern, perhaps slightly bigger around then some and proud to say that “junior” functions well without pharmaceuticals – although it’s nice to know they’re out there if they’re ever needed. There was, by now, a healthy dose of pre-cum oozing from it and she tenderly rubbed her hand across the head, capturing some of it and began to slowly jack me off. “Poor baby, poor neglected baby,” she said, with a chuckle in her voice. “Momma wants to make you feel better.”

“Momma’s doing a damn fine job of that,” I said, laughingly.

“Would you like Momma to kiss it?”

“Damn straight.”

“Would you like Momma to suck it?”

“Yes indeedy.”

With that she moved to position herself between my outstretched legs. She leaned toward my cock and continued stroking me with her right hand and commenced to fondle my testicles with her left hand. In that big mirror that I mentioned I could watch and enjoy.

“You have nice big balls,” she said.

“Thank you,” I said. “I once had a lover who referred to them as fluffy.”

“That’s a pretty good description,” she said and then, “What would like me to do.”

“Whatever you want.”

“I think I want to do this.” She lowered her head and, sticking out her tongue, she slowly licked my cock on the underside from the base to the tip. As she passed the sensitive spot on the underneath, just beneath the crown, I moaned.

“That feels great”, I said.

“Darlin’ you ain’t felt nuthin yet,” she said, laughing heartily.

“I’m yours,” I said. “Do with me what you will.”

“Then I guess I will do you.” She put her mouth fully on my cock while continuing to stroke me up and down with her right hand while her left hand continued to fondle and play with my balls. I thrust my hips up toward her mouth and, reaching down, softly ran my fingers through her hair. She could sense that as I was about to come and she stopped and said, “Where do you want to cum?”

“Where ever you want me.”

“I think I want it here.” She moved her hands and mouth from my cock and, straightening up and straddling me, she began to lower her pussy toward my cock. She leaned forward slightly, putting her weight on both hands and said, “Put him inside me.”

She moved her pussy closer and I reached down, grabbed my cock, and quickly found the tunnel of love. She lowered herself slowly until I was completely inside her. She fit nicely. Well-lubricated, not too tight, not too loose. Just right. Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. She leaned back slightly, gaining leverage with her shapely legs and began to ride. I reached up both hands and grabbing her tits, began to stroke them. As she increased her riding motion I increased the pressure of my fingers on her breasts. Not in a hurtful way but letting her feel my passion. I was, by now, beyond words and just thrusted up as she came down, burying my adoring cock as deeply as I could into her welcoming cunt. I was surprised and delighted at how long I was able to hold out and glad that she was doing most of the work. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end and I began to spurt inside her. And to my wondering eyes and cock she also began to come. I spurted, she spasmed and we came together. Whether it was Kismet or coincidence I know not but it was one of the great fucks of my life.

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