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Easter Surprise

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Bill pulled out of the church parking lot, relieved to get past another Easter service. He and his wife Terry weren’t usually church goers, but Terry always insisted on going on Easter and Christmas, as well as a few other times during the year.

Terry and Bill had been married for eight years. Five years ago they adopted a little girl who was spending Easter break with her grandparents. Terry had wanted more children but Bill was unable to have any.

The two of them made a nice looking couple. Bill was six-foot, slender with short dark-brown hair and brown eyes. Terry was 30-years old like her husband. Tall: standing 5’10”. She had short blond hair and a very pretty face with pouty-lips and green eyes. She was very thin; looking like one of those waif supermodels that would fly away in a high wind. But her ass and long legs were well-toned and shapely thanks to her daily regimen of running. With her tiny boobs and thin body Terry knew that her legs were her best asset and loved to show them off. Today she was wearing a tight yellow dress that stopped at mid-thigh so that her legs were well displayed.

In the back seat sat their three closest friends. Robyn and Joey were married and lived next door. Joey was living there when Bill and Terry got married and moved in. He met Robyn at one of their parties not long after she had divorced her first husband. Robyn and Terry had been friends since their senior year of high school. The two went to a local college together. Both had married the same year, but Robyn’s marriage only lasted four years before breaking up.

While she loved Terry, Robyn often found herself jealous of her friend. Back in high school and college Robyn was the one that guys were interested in whenever the two of them went anywhere together. She was equally as pretty as Terry in the face, but had a 36-C chest and a hot body. But all that changed after having two children in three years. Sure her tits went to double D’s before dropping down to a D. But that was the only benefit her body received. She had gained a considerable amount of weight and now faced a life-long battle to stay fit. She was now down to 145 pounds, but at 5’4″ she still needed to improve. Robyn missed the days when she would attract boys, like flies to honey, at parties, often leaving Terry alone while she went off to spend the night with someone new. Now she envied Terry’s ability to stay so thin. And she begrudged the fact that when the two of them are together in public she would catch the eyes of men on Terry’s tight ass instead of her.

Joey was a shy young man when he first met Terry and Bill. He had a fiancée’ once but that ended a year before Robyn broke up. After going a year without hardly a date, and nothing but his hand for pleasure, he was happy to accept the chance to go out with Robyn. The two began dating and were married seven months later. Robyn’s two children lived with them, but they were spending the week with their father.

The fifth person in the car was Shaun. He and his ex-wife had been friends with everyone for years as well. But their marriage broke up almost a year ago and he was finding it difficult living alone. Knowing that he would be depressed sitting at home alone on Easter Bill and Terry had invited him to come along with them to church, then to a nice Easter lunch.

Bill drove them to the next town to dine at a favorite restaurant. Bill had been smart enough to call the night before to make reservations, but had not counted on the parking lot being filled. He dropped everyone off at the door and set out to find a space on the street. Two roads down he found an office park with and empty parking lot. Not seeing any signs discouraging parking he pulled in and parked. Bill was somewhat concerned that the location of the lot was out of view of the main road, but felt that since this was the middle of the afternoon that everything would be safe.

After dining, and enjoying a couple drinks, the five of them left the restaurant. Bill offered to go get the car but the others agreed that since the weather was so nice that they would all walk. They headed off down the street and rounded the corner to enter the old office park. Bill spotted the two men wearing baggy jeans and t-shirts standing beside his car before the others did. Both men looked to be in the early twenties. Each was tall, standing at least 6’2″ and muscular.

“Is this your car?” One of them asked as he saw the others approaching.

“Why yes it is.” Bill replied. “We couldn’t find a place to park at the restaurant, so I pulled in here.”

The two men walked over to meet them. “You know this is private parking. You could have been towed.”

“I am sorry.” Bill apologized. “I didn’t see any signs. We’ll be leaving now.”

“Oh no you won’t.” The second man said, pulling a knife out of his pocket. “Ken, you got that door open?”

Someone yelled from behind on their left. Bill and the others turned to see a third man holding a door open. It was obvious that he had just broken into the place.

“You people better go inside with us.” The first man said, also producing a knife.

The five of them reluctantly went inside. “Please don’t hurt us.” Terry begged.

The two men laughed. “Hell, we ain’t gonna hurt you. We just want to tie you up so you can’t go running to the cops before we get away from here.

The five of them were led into what appeared to be the office for a mechanic’s shop that was next door. The two men— whom they overheard being called Hank and Jerry. Hank looked a little older than Jerry, but it was obvious that the two were brothers— found some rope and tied each of their arms behind their backs while the third man, a shorter fellow with curly brown hair named Charlie, went through the place looking for something.

“I’ve got it!” Charlie said, returning with a satchel. He stuck in his hand and pulled out a fist full of money. “I told you those bastards kept a bundle in the office. There’s almost a thousand in here.”

The three young men—obvious amateur thieves— were jubilant over what they considered to be a good take. Bill guessed that they were going to use the money for drugs.

“What about them?” Charlie asked.

“We leave them here. It will take them a while to get free and we’ll be long gone by then.” Hank replied.

“Not that, dumbass!” Charlie said. “How about their money?”

“Shit.” Bill thought when he realized that they were also going to be robed.

The three men began going person to person searching their wallets and purses for cash. Once emptied Hank said, “Don’t forget jewelry. This lady has a nice necklace.” He pointed out Terry’s silver chain and diamond pendant. It was only worth about fifty bucks, but looked more expensive. Hank removed the necklace while Charlie searched Robyn.

After taking the necklace Hank let his hands slide down the length of Terry’s body until his hands caressed her legs.

“Shit, guys. This skinny bitch has some nice legs on her.” He said while pulling her dress up high enough to reveal her yellow, silk panties. “What do you say we stay and play awhile?”

“Oh god, please no!” Terry began to panic. She could see the lust growing in their captor’s eyes. Terry enjoyed having men look at her, but she had only been with three men in her life. Two in high school. Then Bill.

“Leave her alone, mother-fuckers!” Bill cried out.

“Well, it looks like her hubby isn’t too fond of the idea.” Hank said.

“Maybe he’s afraid of being left out.” Charlie added.

“Well, let’s see if she’s good at sucking cock by having her do him first then.”

Terry was grabbed and pulled over to where Bill stood. Her hands were cut free and she was ordered to undo Bill’s pants and suck him off. She refused until they told her that they would make her husband pay for her refusal. Against Bill’s protest she unfastened his pants and dropped them, then began stroking his dick until it reached it’s maximum 5-inches.

“Shit, what a little pecker.” Jerry taunted as Terry dropped to her knees and began sucking off her husband in front of everyone. She was more humiliated at having Robyn, Joey and Shaun witness this. She tried to ignore the taunts of their captors as she worked her lips back and forth on Bill’s shaft. Despite his anger and shame at having his wife forced to put on such a show for everyone, Bill was forced to admit to himself that this was feeling good. He wanted Terry to stop but his balls were already growing tight as his orgasm was growing. Soon his legs began to quiver and he rolled his eyes as his cum unleashed into Terry’s mouth.

“Let’s see what she looks like naked!” Hank said as he pulled her up off her knees. Bill stood still; his cock continuing to throb as it went limp, a bubble of cum hanging off the tip giving evidence to his ejaculation.

Terry tried to fight but was unable to resist as her dress was unzipped and pulled down her body until it fell to the floor. Then her bra and panties were ripped off of her. Now she stood there exposed for everyone to see.

“Let her suck the other two off too.” Charlie suggested.

“No!” Terry cried out but she was grabbed by two of them and forced to kneel in front of Joey.

Joey struggled as Charlie pulled down his pants and forced Terry to start sucking his cock. He had always found Terry attractive, and had even masturbated thinking about her during the time he was single. As much as he loved his wife he could not bring himself to deny the pleasure he was getting from seeing her pretty face bobbing up and down on his hard cock. He could feel his wife’s eyes staring at them and did his best to act like he was repulsed, but this just felt too good to be denied. He hated that Terry was being forced to do it, but he could not escape the sensations that were filling him. He could feel his cock swelling even harder in her mouth. “I’m sorry, Terry.” He said to her only seconds before the first blast of his sticky semen launched into her mouth. She continued to milk his rod, then was quickly dragged to kneel before Shaun.

Shaun also considered Terry to be very attractive, but he had no desire to have his friend forced to suck his dick. Still, as much as he hated being forced into this, his cock responded with a will of it’s own. Shaun had not had sex since his wife left him so the feel of a mouth sucking him was more than his body could take. He strained while trying to prevent himself from coming, but it was no use. Soon he too was spilling his seed into Terry’s mouth.

Robyn watched Terry feeling envious once more. She was scared of what was going to happen. But her pussy was dripping wet. She had watched as Joey got off in her best friend’s mouth and now she wanted satisfaction too. She wanted one of these men to fuck her. Or to force her to fuck either Bill or Shaun. She would always be able to say that she had been forced into it, but in reality Robyn wanted, no needed, to be fucked. But as usual, all eyes were on Terry. She knew that Terry was about to be gangbanged and would not enjoy it. She only hoped that some of them had enough energy to take her as well. She wished that she could get her hands free and play with herself. Instead she just stood there with her hands bound behind her watching Terry finish off Shaun.

Now the other three men began getting undressed. Robyn and Terry both gasped as they saw the size of the erections on Hank and Jerry. The two brothers were both at least ten inches. Charlie was of normal size, but he and the other men all looked dwarfed compared to Hank and Jerry.

“Come here.” Hank said to Terry.

Terry came over and knelt before him.

“You can suck me later, babe. I want that pussy.”

“No! For god’s sake no!” Terry pleaded. Hank’s dick was twice the size of her husbands, and twice as thick too. Not only was she appalled at the thought of fucking another man, but she feared what he would do to her skinny body with as cock as big as that.

Hank shoved Terry onto the floor and climbed between her legs as she struggled. But no matter how hard she tried to resist Hank was able to secure a position and began pressing his cock into her blond haired pussy. Terry cried out and fear and pain as he shoved in deeper than anything had ever penetrated her before. Hank continued working his cock in until his balls slapped her ass. His cock slammed against her cervix as he began pumping her. Terry felt like a virgin being busted open under his assault. “Oh god, what a tight little pussy you have.” Hank cried out as he pounded her tiny hole.

Terry blushed in shame as she lay there on the floor being impaled by Hank as he slammed his rod into her time and time again. She could see her husband and friends all watching her ordeal and that made the humiliation even worse. Hank continued pounding her without mercy, using the petite girl as nothing more than a fuck toy. He didn’t know what was getting him off more, her tight pussy, or the thrill of forcing her to do whatever he desired.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum, baby.” He moaned.

“God no! Please don’t!” Terry cried out, not wanting him to pump his seed into her. But Hank ignored her pleas and thrust even harder as his orgasm spilled out into her twat. After fully draining himself Hank pulled off the quivering lady. Terry lay still on the floor, her pussy gaping open for all to see as a trickle of hanks cum dribbled out of her hole and down to her ass.

“My turn.” Jerry said as he replaced his brother atop their captive toy. Terry didn’t bother to resist as her cunt was stretched open a second time to accommodate another monster cock. Jerry fucked her just as hard as his brother, but used a little more skill in the effort. Terry whimpered as he rammed deep inside her with thrust after powerful thrust. He lowered his head and began sucking her left nipple. Terry blushed even more as this sensation, along with the growing feelings inside her filled box, began stimulating her. She could not believe that she was starting to enjoy this rape. She knew that it was her body responding on its own, but that did little to reassure her as she felt herself beginning to stir beneath Jerry. She wanted him to get off quickly to save her the embarrassment of climaxing with him. But Jerry held back as he savored every moment of her tight hole. He could feel Terry beginning to respond and increased his efforts.

“That’s it, bitch. Come for me.” He said.

Terry tried to resist but she could feel her insides burning more with each thrust. Her breathing became raspy and her ass thrust up and down with a will of its own. She cried out in defeat as her climax overtook her. As her passion released so to did Jerry’s and he pumped his semen deep into her belly.

When Jerry got up Terry looked around the room at the faces of her friends. She could not believe that they had just watched her orgasm with a complete stranger. Then she saw that Bill, Joey and Shaun all three had erections. Terry was angered that her husband had become aroused from watching her get raped. But her anger was postponed as Ken jumped atop her and drove his pecker into her pussy. Terry was relieved that he was smaller than the other two men were. But even so, he was still larger than her husband was. Knowing that Bill was hard from watching her Terry gave in to desire, wrapping her arms around Ken and began fucking back with all her energy. Her climax had opened up a torrent of lust that needed to be fulfilled and Terry was going to let it be satisfied.

“Oh fuck, she’s enjoying it!” Ken called out as he continued fucking Terry.

Terry no longer cared that everyone was watching. She wanted to cum again. Unfortunately for her Ken was too caught up in his own enjoyment and spilled his load too soon for her to reach her second orgasm.

As Ken got up Terry lay there with her legs spread, hoping that one of the men would take another turn.

“I think she wants more.” Hank said.

Terry heard his words and became hopeful. But his next comments brought her back to reality.

“Let her fuck her friends.”

She wanted to be fucked, but not like this. She had already been forced to suck Joey and Shaun’s cocks, now she was going to be made to fuck them too. Terry struggled as Jerry and Ken hoisted her off the floor and dragged her over to where Shaun sat bound. When her struggling became too much Hank joined them and they lifted her off the ground. Holding her over Shaun’s pecker with Hank and Ken holding her arms while Jerry held her legs until they were able to guide her wet pussy to the tip of Shaun’s stiff cock.

After three fucks it took no effort to slide her pussy down onto her friend’s pole. Terry cried out as she felt his dick entering her. But once her ass settled onto his lap her pussy sprung to life again. Jerry let go of her legs and Terry began riding Shaun’s cock while the other two men fondled her tiny boobs and tweaked her hard nipples. Terry threw her head back as she climaxed on her friend’s cock.

Shaun could feel and hear Terry cumming as she fucked him. It was too much to deny and he began thrusting his hips up and down, trying to sink his pecker as deep as possible into her pussy. Her hot box was driving him wild with excitement and he enjoyed every minute of it until he blew his load into her.

Without a moment’s rest Terry was pulled off of Shaun and thrust over to Joey. She resisted only enough to put on a show before settling atop his lap. Joey was thrusting immediately as Terry’s cunt enveloped his shaft. He grunted and groaned as he did his best to pound upward into her. Terry climaxed a third time only moments before Joey’s cock erupted inside her pussy.

Terry was ready to mount her husband but the Hank had another idea.

“Let’s see what this other lady has to offer.” He said and the three of them pulled Robyn’s skirt up and ripped her pantyhose and panties off to reveal her think bush. Ken thrust his finger into her cunt, feeling how wet she was.

“Oh, she needs it too.”

Hank agreed. “Let out sweet thing’s hubby do her.”

Bill was then untied and forced to kneel between Robyn’s legs. Robyn held them open wide. She was disappointed at the size of Bill’s cock, but she welcomed what she could get. And she also welcomed to opportunity to make Terry watch as Bill fucked her after seeing her own husband fucking Terry.

Bill shoved his cock into Robyn’s waiting pussy. He knew he was erect from watching his wife getting gangbanged, but thought that it was more of an involuntary reaction than anything else. But once inside his wife’s friend’s cunt her realized just how horny he really was. Bill began pounding Robyn. She was moaning with pleasure, as she never took her eyes off Terry. She could feel her pussy responding and welcomed the coming release. But Bill beat her to climax and emptied his balls into her.

“No…” She caught herself saying as he pulled his dick out.

“You want more?” Hank asked.

Robyn tried to look away from his massive, throbbing cock.

“Let’s let your friend lick her hubby’s cum out of you then.” Hank continued.

Both Terry and Robyn froze. Neither had ever entertained the thought of lesbianism, but that was what was now being proposed.

“Eat her pussy!” Jerry ordered. When Terry didn’t respond they grabbed her and dragged her to Robyn. Then Ken forced her face into Robyn’s wet snatch.

“And you can lick our cum out of your wife’s cunt.” Hank ordered Bill.

Slowly Bill got behind his wife and began lapping at her gaping twat with his tongue. He could taste the sperm of the three men with each lick but did not dare to stop. Terry too began licking Robyn’s cunt. She was repulsed at first, but as Bill continued to lick her pussy she began doing the same to Robyn’s box.

Robyn was blushing as everyone watched her being eaten by another woman. But her pussy was in dire need of release, and Terry’s tongue was bringing her closer and closer to it. She gave in to desire and began enjoying the thought of her best friend being forced to eat her cunt. She wanted to cum on Terry’s pretty face. And she wanted everyone to see it happen. Robyn rocked her hips as Terry continued to eat her. She was moaning loudly as her climax approached. Then she cried out as her orgasm began and she could feel her juices spilling out onto Terry’s face.

Terry was pulled away from Robyn and found Jerry lying on the floor with his huge pecker standing upright. “Sit on my cock.” He ordered.

Terry slowly mounted him, but before she could begin riding he grabbed her arms, and she could feel Hank climbing behind her. “Oh god no!” She cried out as she realized what was happening. Hank was positioning his massive cock against her ass. Terry had never taken so much as a finger in her asshole before. Now she was about to take one of the largest cocks she had ever seen there. She panicked at the thought of what damage might be done to her tiny body. Hank pressed forward, slowly breaking through her tightly clenched anal ring. Terry screamed in agony as his head broke through, followed by inch after continuing inch of his massive rod. Both huge poles rubbed tightly together on either side of her thin veil of flesh that separated them. Terry thought that she would black out as the two brothers began fucking her holes.

While Terry was being fucked by the two men Ken untied Robyn and made her get on her knees before her husband. He began fucking her from behind as she started sucking Joey’s cock. She could taste Terry’s pussy on her husband’s cock but did not care. Ken’s pecker was driving her to another climax and that was all that mattered to her.

Terry was still screaming with pain when suddenly her body exploded with another orgasm. Her cries were replaced with ecstasy as a series of multiple orgasms overtook her body. She was jerking around like a rag doll as the two cocks fucked her senselessly to climax after climax. She felt Hank blast his load into her asshole first, followed soon by Jerry in her pussy. Both men continued fucking her until she had one final orgasm then they pulled out and she collapsed on the floor.

Ken blew his wad into Robyn’s cunt and pulled out. Then the three men untied Shaun and Joey and ordered the three men to start fucking the two women. Robyn gladly knelt before Shaun and took his cock as she began sucking Bill. Joey ran over to where Terry lay on the floor and climbed on her and began fucking her well used cunt. The five of them were lost in their lust as they continued fucking until each man had cum again. When they finished they looked around to see that their captors had fled.

Without a word they dressed. They looked outside to see if anyone was around then ran to the car and sped away. No one knew what to say. For her part, Terry was totally exhausted and slept the night away. She missed work the next day, feeling too sore to do anything. She tried to deny what had happened but knew that everyone involved was fully aware that she had ended up enjoying everything far too much to report it to the authorities. The same was true of Robyn. After all, she had practically begged to be fucked. And for their part, none of the men were complaining. In fact, after some discussion, Terry and Robyn thought that maybe they’d have to get the guys together every weekend when the kids were away…

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