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Love, Lust and Longing For Luke

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It was only after his second marriage broke up that Craig began to have doubts about himself. Both his first and second wife complained that he was cold and that sex with him was boring. Surely they both couldn’t be wrong?

To Craig, sex had never been that big a deal. It had never felt as good as he had read and heard that it should and he found that he much preferred hanging out with his male friends to spending time with either of his wives.

But now that he was divorced Craig found that he was desperately lonely. Daytime was fine as he was at work and met and talked to various people all day long but at night the hours seemed to drag as he rattled around alone in his lonely house.

Flipping through the channels one day he came across a film about two buddies that were struggling to rebuild their lives after divorce and he found he could really relate to that so he grabbed a beer and settled down to watch it. The movie reached a scene where the guys had gone out on dates and had had a really good time but neither of them managed to get the sex they wanted from these women. And then wham! out of nowhere these two big bruisers started feeling each other up. Craig was shocked but somehow mesmerized and when they started to kiss – although he shouted his disgust at the screen – he had a massive boner in his pants. With his head reeling from confusion he took himself off to the bathroom where he pumped out a massive load and had the most satisfying orgasm he could ever remember.

For days and weeks after that the scene kept on playing out in Craig’s mind and each time it did so he became aroused. To try and get these dangerous thoughts out of his brain he turned to straight porn but it just didn’t do the trick, not unless he concentrated on watching the porn stud’s ass bouncing up and down and seeing his little pucker winking as he fucked. The unwanted thought of reaching between the man’s legs and caressing his big balls intruded into Craig’s brain and he could not shake it, no matter how hard he tried. There was no one he could talk to about this, no one to turn to and the more he tried not to think about men in this way the more turned on he became by men’s bodies.

He just couldn’t make sense of the changes taking place in his mind. Sex went from being no big deal to all he could think about, day and night. Each time he saw a guy in the street he stole a quick glance at his ass and wondered what it would look like in the flesh. He began to imagine peeling men’s underpants off their bodies and inhaling their scent. Even his own crotch scent on a hot, sticky day intoxicated him now.

Eventually Craig was finally able to admit to himself that the feelings that he had had for his buddies throughout his life were probably not quite the same as most other men experienced. Now he knew what was different about him: he wanted to go down on his knees for a man, wanted to touch and kiss him and feel that muscular body in his arms, wanted to plunge his shaft into a man’s tight butthole. Now he knew why sex with his wives had never been that exciting. But the worst part of all was that there was no way he was ever going to experiment with man-on-man sex in this neck of the woods. He knew he would be run out of town if anyone so much as suspected that he had these thoughts.

And then he met Luke. He could still remember the day he walked into the local bar and the only other guy in there, besides the barman, was this big bear in a checked shirt and snug jeans that displayed a big set of nuts in front and a shapely, chunk ass in rear. Craig had felt his heart pounding in his chest as he tried not to stare. Damn, this man was hot. Craig noticed Luke’s work-boots and wondered if he was a forester. He thought he had seen all of the guys working in the forest and he definitely would have remembered this hot man if he had ever seen him before. All of Craig’s residual doubt vanished in an instant. Right at that point in time he knew what he was: he was gay and he had a hungry ass.

Craig went up to the counter and ordered a beer.

‘Put it on my tab.’ he heard the stranger say to the barman in a deep, sexy voice. Even if this man had been the ugliest, scrawniest, skankiest man in the world Craig knew that he would go down on his knees at the sound of that voice.

‘Thanks buddy.’ he said, before flashing the guy the most masculine, neutral smile he could manage.

‘The name’s Luke.’ the stranger said as he thrust out his hand.

Craig was no small guy but his hand was drowned in that big paw. An electric spark arced through his body as the stranger’s flesh made contact with his own. Craig almost expected his hand to be crushed but Luke’s handshake was real gentle and Luke held on to Craig’s hand a little longer than he thought was normal and he could feel his excitement rising and oh! oh! oh! he had to pull his hand out of Luke’s hand and turn away to hide his boner.

But Luke had already seen it and he reached down and brushed his thumb over Craig’s cock head.

‘Mmmm, I don’t often have that effect.’ Luke said.

Craig brushed beetroot red and hoped that the barman hadn’t seen what had just happened. Fortunately the barmen seemed oblivious to Craig’s first ever cock-touch from another man. His cock still throbbed in his jeans and he dropped his hands to hide the bulge.

‘Why don’t we sit down, huh?’ Luke asked.

After that it was so easy. Luke was real easy to talk to and he was a very interesting guy who had traveled around the country working a variety of jobs. And now here was, in Craig’s little town and he had his eye on Craig. The beers and the conversation flowed, other men came into the bar but Craig hardly noticed them. One or two of his buddies came over to try and talk to him but he soon cut them short. He was drowning in the attention of this hot man, hanging on to his every word, and stealing quick glances at his big crotch bulge.

‘You know I’m going to fuck you, don’t you.’ Luke said as he leaned in close.

Craig gulped and blushed.

‘I’ve never been with a man before.’ His voice was as soft as a whisper.

‘You’re in good hands.’ Luke told him. ‘I’ll be real gentle.’

‘I think I’m ready.’ Craig struggled to get the words out of his dry mouth.

Craig could tell that his buddy Paul was staring at him as he left the bar with Luke but he didn’t care. He needed a warm beef injection and this man was going to give it to him. None of the other men in the bar could meet his most urgent need. Craig resisted the temptation to grab a handful of Luke’s crotch when they got outside and instead hopped into Luke’s truck and directed him back to his house.

Craig just about skipped to his front door. He was going to get laid! He couldn’t believe it was about to happen at last after all these months of longing to be with a man. And what a man Luke was. On the short ride to his house Craig had reached over and stroked Luke’s powerful thigh. Luke had patted his hand.

‘I’m gonna fuck you nice and slow.’ He said in that gravel-and-honey voice of his and Craig could swear he felt his asshole twitch.

That short ride home had felt like the longest journey Craig had ever been on. As soon as the front door closed Craig went up to the big fella and nuzzled in close. Luke kissed Craig’s forehead and hugged him tight.

‘You’ve been waiting a long time for this, haven’t you?’ Luke said softly.

‘It feels like I’ve been waiting all my life.’ Craig replied.

And then the time for talking was over. Luke’s lips sought out Craig’s and as their tongues dueled their bodies pressed ever closer, mashing their hard cocks against each other with enough friction that Craig was afraid he would shoot his bolt. He was relieved when, at last, Luke broke off the kiss and asked Craig to lead the way to the bedroom.

‘I want to watch you.’ Craig said.

Luke nodded. He fully understood. He could remember the first time he saw a real live flesh and blood red-blooded hairy bear of a man strip down. Luke had been just a nineteen year old stripling then and the memory of that man would live forever in his brain and was still used as wank fodder from time to time. It pleased Luke that he would hold this place in Craig’s lust lobes.

Luke stripped slowly, revealing his hairy torso and belly. He watched Craig drinking in the sight of him, lusting him up like he was the hottest man on earth. Very slowly he undid his boots and peeled off his socks and Craig was shocked to find that he was even turned on by this man’s feet! He watched as Luke slowly pulled down his jeans and then stepped out of them. A large, fleshy cock was outlined above a pair of bull balls in Luke’s pale blue underpants. Luke hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his undies.

‘Wait!’ Craig cried.

He went and kneeled behind Luke and cupped his hands around that big, beefy ass and felt his excitement build as he fondled a man’s fuckflesh for the first time. Luke’s ass was just out of this world beautiful, Craig though before he buried his face up against the soft cotton and inhaled the scent of a man. Craig’s head was in a spin. A part of him was disgusted with what he was doing but another, larger, part of him was inflamed with lust. This musky stench was causing his precum to drool out of his cock. He peeled Luke’s underpants down his legs and marveled at the pale, smooth perfection of his lover’s big rump before parting his cheeks and seeking out the object of his desire.

Luke yelped as Craig’s tongue danced over his wrinkled pucker before urgently plunging into him. The big man bent over allowing Craig better access to his ass. For a man who had never had gay sex before Craig was proving to be one hot ass eater. Now that Luke was holding his beefy cheeks apart, Craig’s hands were free to roam over those muscular, hairy thighs and caress those massive, surprisingly smooth balls. Every now and then he reached up for a feel of Luke’s thick cock and wondered how the hell he was ever supposed to accommodate such a monster.

But Craig needn’t have worried. Luke moved away from him and gently pulled Craig to his feet. He kissed Craig deeply, tasting himself on Craig’s tongue and feeling his lover stroke his back and butt. Later, Luke would let him have that ass, but not right now. He slowly undid the buttons of Craig’s shirt and stroked his smooth chest. He teased Craig’s tiny nipples until they jutted out as proud as could be. Craig was shaking with excitement as the masterful man worked his magic on his torso.

And then at last Luke undid his fly button and lowered Craig’s zipper. He reached inside and stroked Craig’s cock through his underpants, feeling the wet spot where a puddle of precum oozed into the cloth. His expert fingers stroked Craig’s medium sized balls and made him whimper.

‘Please, please…’Craig begged but Luke just laughed and took his time.

He stroked Craig to the edge of orgasm before finally lower Craig’s trousers. Now Luke went down on his knees and pressed his face against Craig’s crotch as he hugged him close. Craig’s fingers worked through Luke’s dark hair, massaging his scalp and desperately begging for what he really wanted. Luke brushed his lips against the outline of Craig’s seven inch cock straining against his tight, white underpants until he came to the wet spot and tasted his man’s excitement. Craig’s cock lurched in his undies as Luke licked his cockhead through the cloth while fondling his balls that were drawn up close to his overheated cock.

‘Oooh, please, please….’ Craig tried again.

Now at last Luke lowered Craig’s underpants and Craig’s cock sprang up and thwacked against his flat belly. Luke laughed as he pulled the hard cock away from Craig’s belly and slowly jacked it, watching the soft succulent foreskin pucker and then melt around the knob as he slowly milked this beautiful cock. It was easily one of the most desirable cocks Luke had ever seen and he abandoned all thoughts of fucking Craig now. Instead he opened wide and let that beautiful cock slide over his tongue, savoring the taste of its sex slime as it pressed into the back of his throat. His hands stroked Craig’s warm, furry little butt and when he heard the excitement building in Craig’s grunts and sighs Luke reluctantly pulled away.

‘Do you have any lube?’ he asked, perfectly prepared to ride that beautiful seven inch man sword with just spit.

Craig was a little embarrassed as he handed Luke the lube, fully expecting to have his asshole probed. Instead he watched the big bear throw his legs up in the air and work the lube into his bright red pucker. The sight of that slippery asshole, framed in that big butt crack was almost more than Craig could bear; it was the hottest thing he had ever seen and he had to pinch his cock hard to stop himself from spraying.

‘Give it to me.’ Luke demanded when he judged his asshole ready to receive his lover.

Craig stepped between Luke’s widespread legs and pressed his cock against Luke’s slick love-lips and immediately started to slide inside. He gasped as the warmth of this tight man-chute enveloped him. Luke growled his appreciation at the first feel of his lover inside his horny ass and squeezed his ring tight against Craig’s cock, just about making him jump out of his skin. He looked down and saw Luke’s thick cock jutting out of a jungle of dark fur with a bead of precum glistening in the eye of his cockhead. Craig reached down and slowly rubbed the cooling gel into Luke’s big, flared mushroom cap making the big man whimper in delight.

Craig fucked slowly, savouring each stroke as he played with Luke’s thick nine inch cock. It felt so warm and powerful and silky and unusual yet familiar in his hand as he worked the loose skin over the rigid shaft, pulling Luke’s foreskin all the way forward before watching it disappear again on the downward stroke. He was glad he wasn’t on the receiving end of that monster cock just yet and extremely glad that he was buried to the balls in that warm, sexy ass.

Luke’s eyes were closed and he was pinching his large, brown nipples as Craig fucked him and stroked his cock. This was turning out to be the fuck of his dreams. The moment Craig had walked into the bar Luke knew what he wanted to fuck his ass but he would wait until Craig was ready to receive him because this lovemaking was every bit as good as that would be. In the stillness of the room the only sound was their heavy breathing as on and on Craig fucked. Once he got past his initial impulse to cum he was finding it quite difficult to reach climax now. This was his first assfuck and he wanted to remember it forever and he wanted it to be good for Luke and perhaps he got a little over anxious because now that he wanted to cum it was eluding him.

On and on he stroked, just on the edge of climax, feeling that familiar prickle behind the eyeballs and the curling of his toes but…nothing. He looked down at Luke, whose chesty was all flushed and heard him grunt and he knew he was fixing to blow. Craig watched in amazement as a rope of thick spunk blasted up into the air as Luke bellowed his climax. Jet after jet of man-sauce followed the first and lay steaming on Luke’s furry belly.

The sight and smell of Luke’s fresh cream did the trick. Seconds later Craig felt relief as his balls let loose a volley of hot love juice deep into Luke’s well used ass. Craig felt dizzy as his head exploded and he lay panting on Luke’s chest while his cock softened and slipped out of the big man’s love-trap with a loud plop.

‘Wow! I think I’m in love.’ Luke said as he looked up at Craig.

Craig’s could feel his chest swell with pride. His first fuck with a man had been a major success and he had the distinct feeling that this would not be the last time that he made love with Luke. So much so that felt bold enough to say ‘I hope I get to see you again?’

‘Are you kidding?’ Luke replied as he hugged Craig tight ‘you’re going to have to fight me off with a stick if you want me to keep away.’

There was a big smile on Craig’s face, and a huge wet spot on his sheets, as he drifted off to sleep in Luke’s big, strong arms.


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Bob wrote

I want more stories this was so hot nothing like a bear to be loved by.