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The Cabin by the Lake

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The form letter flatly stated that my grade point average had fallen below the University’s prerequisite for living on campus, so it was either apply for special dispensation, or find an apartment. I decided that four years in residence was more than enough for this girl, and hit the want ads that very afternoon.

My friends thought I had lost my mind when I soon chose to move into an apartment with two roommates; both of them male!

The two men were in their late twenties; and both were quite handsome. Tony was an engineer and Norris was an Air Canada pilot. Neither seemed the least bit troubled, or overly excited, by the fact that I was a woman.

The interview had been very pleasant and businesslike, and I immediately fell in love with the place as they showed me around the spotless, well appointed, three bedroom flat. I made up my mind the moment I saw the spacious, furnished room that would be mine.

Based on the tasteful furnishings, and the pristine condition of the apartment, I had assumed from the start that Tony and Norris were gay lovers. We became fast friends over the next several months, sharing meals, evenings of television watching, and lots and lots of discussion—although the subject of sexual orientation never came up.

Those many weeks did little to dispel the notion that they were not the least bit interested in girls, as I rarely saw them with anybody other than each other. It wasn’t long before I became very comfortable with them, and often walked around the apartment in various degrees of undress. In spite of my familiarity with the two men, I realized I didn’t really know them all that well. When they were not in the apartment, I had no idea where they were. At best, I knew them superficially; like one knows the people one works with. That all changed on a warm, spring afternoon in early June.

“Hey Lexie,” said Norris, “my laptop’s in the shop. Is it okay if I check my webmail on yours?”

From within the shower I answered, “Oh…sure, I guess. Go ahead.”

I was in a bit of a fog, both from the steamy water, and the fact that I was in the middle of a self induced orgasm at the very moment Norris had made his request. Just before entering the shower I had been reading a very erotic BDSM tale on a website that I had been frequenting for years.

Then I panicked! It suddenly occurred to me that I might have left the story on the screen! I quickly dried myself, wrapped a towel around, and stuck my head out the bathroom door, “Oh Norris…can you wait a bit? I…uh…need to check something first.”

“It’s okay,” he said from the living room, “I’m already done. Thanks Lexie.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. The fact that he was already back in the living room meant that I must have remembered to exit the website. I finished up in the bathroom, threw on some sweats, and then went into the living room to find the two men sitting on the couch, passing sheets of paper back and forth. Both were sporting very large grins. It seemed like all the blood in my body rushed to my face when I realized what they were reading.

“Well!” said Tony, “It seems there’s a whole side to our little Alexandra that we didn’t know about.”

I flumped down in a chair and stared at the floor. I could not remember a time when I had been more embarrassed. After a few moments I raised my eyes and looked at the still smiling men, then I jumped up, ran to my room, and slammed the door behind me. There I just sat and wept in silence.

I couldn’t even imagine what they must think of me, and I wondered if I would ever be able to face them again. I thought I might even be forced to move out.

Ever since puberty I had been secretly intrigued by the BDSM “lifestyle,” although I had never divulged…or indulged. I had several boy friends over the years, but none had even the slightest inkling that I harboured a yearning for submission…a yearning to be someone’s slave. My favourite stories were those of submissive women in relationships with dominant, but caring men. I have never considered myself a masochist, but the very thought of being bound and whipped to orgasm, by a man who truly loved me, triggered instant and fearsome arousal.

Almost an hour had passed when, from outside the door, Tony said, “Lexie? Sweetie, we’re really sorry. We didn’t mean to embarrass you that way. Come on out and let’s talk.”

Then Norris said, “It was an accident Lex, I just moved the mouse and the screen popped up with that story on it. I couldn’t help but read it…I shouldn’t have printed it out…That was an invasion of your privacy, and I’m really sorry. Come out now, okay?”

I was about to yell at them to leave me alone when Tony said, “Were both really sorry Lexie. We were just teasing, but we understand…Norris and I have been into the lifestyle for years.”

Holy crap!? What the hell did he mean by that? Had they been in a Dom/sub relationship all along? Is that what they did when they went out for the evening? My mind raced, trying to picture the two men…trying to decide who was the Dom and who was the sub. Neither fit the sub category in my mind.

My curiosity was beginning to overpower my humiliation, and I slowly built up the gumption to return to the living room. Once there, the two of them profusely apologized for their accidental peek into my secret world…and then they explained Tony’s prior statement…

“Norris and I have been best friends since university, and it was there where we were introduced to the lifestyle. We are both Doms; and no Lexie, we are not gay. For the last couple of years we have been going to this ‘dungeon,’ a BDSM club, and having sessions with willing subs.”

Norris added, “It’s not great, but it’s the best thing available to us at the moment. It’s not easy to connect with someone who we both could care about and who would feel the same about us.”

They went on to explain how they had joined the ‘dungeon’ and would hook up with different submissives—always women—and have “sessions” with them for the evening. The club was similar to a dating service, where Doms were ‘matched’ with subs. Their original hope was that they could find willing partners that they both liked and could build relationships with. It was important to them that the relationships would not interfere with their own friendship, so their options were somewhat limited.

Life was different for us after that, and for the next couple of weeks we rarely spoke of the secrets we had uncovered about each other. The ‘gay’ thing became a running gag, with both men sometimes acting blatantly effeminate and teasing me relentlessly. The biggest changes, though…were my fantasies. I found myself unable to shake thoughts of being a sex slave to these two men. Occasionally I would daydream while watching them go about daily routines around the apartment. On at least three of those occasions, I had to retire to my room for a little…maintenance.

One evening we were all sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching a movie. I was sitting in the middle wearing only a tee shirt and sweatpants. The movie was so bad that we were laughing and yakking away through the whole thing. To this day I am not sure what prompted it, but I suddenly blurted out, “What about me?”

It was obvious that I was not the only one with new fantasies over the past two weeks, as it was immediately clear that both Tony and Norris instantly knew what I was referring to. For the next couple of minutes the only sound in the room was that from the television.

Then Norris picked up the remote, turned off the TV, and said, “Are you sure about this Lexie?”

Although I could feel that I was blushing terribly, I looked him in the eyes and said, “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, and yes Norris, I am…pretty sure.”

I turned to Tony and continued, “But…I need some assurances…some ground rules.”

We spent the next twenty minutes laying out the way we were going to proceed. Both of them were terribly sweet; bringing up points that I would never have thought of—one of which was the safe word. We all decided that we would start slow, with that evening being fairly simple. There would be some innocuous “slave” stuff, then I would be bound to the couch and lightly “toyed” with; a little touching, some light flogging, etc. I was to address them as “Sir” for the evening, and all I had to do was say “Stop” and everything would halt immediately.

I suggested that we spice things up a little when the time came for the flogging. We had all agreed that there would be no intercourse that night, but I knew it was inevitable that I would enjoy at least one orgasm before we were done. That seemed a little one-sided to me, so I proposed that they flog me until I “relented,” agreeing to administer to them orally. They both said that wasn’t necessary, but I insisted—fair is fair.

We also agreed, that when the night was over, if I was not comfortable with what went on then that would be the end of it. We would not speak of it again, and we would try to just go back to the way things were before. Realistically, that was probably impossible, but we all silently hoped that things would go well.

Finally, we were done talking and Norris said, “Please stand facing us, my pretty slave.”

It had started! The fantasy I had harboured all my adult life was about to become real, and I was so excited it was actually difficult to stand. My heart was racing, my breathing changed to light panting, and a warm glow was building in my tummy.

Tony said, “Please remove your tee shirt and sweats now, then assume a stance with your hands behind your back, your feet at least thirty inches apart, and your eyes to the floor.”

I stripped off my clothes quickly, threw them to the floor, and stood as instructed. The warm glow in my abdomen was rapidly changing to a raging inferno! I stand five foot seven or so, and I have a pretty trim body with, not huge, but ample boobs, and long, straight, jet black hair. I have had many men look lustily in my direction, but never like this. I was on display, an exhibit—and not for my fashion sense, or poise, or demeanor. I was showcasing my body; my sex, and all I wanted was for those two men to approve and desire nothing else but to ravage me. As their eyes surveyed every square inch of my nakedness, I became a little light headed.

After a few moments they stood and began to run their hands all over me. My shoulders, arms, sides, hips, thighs, tummy, abdomen, and finally, my breasts. I closed my eyes as they softly fondled me and rolled my rock hard nipples between gentle fingers. I was noticeably panting, and I had enough moisture between my legs to lubricate a bullet train.

Then Tony said, “Do you enjoy it when your two masters touch your body, little slave?”

Breathlessly I panted, “Yes Sir.”

“And,” said Norris, “are you becoming aroused, my pretty slave?”

I had to fight the urge to look in his eyes as I answered, “Oh Yes Sir!”

“Would you like to have an orgasm now, little slave?” said Tony.

I almost cried as I panted, “Oh yes please Sir…! OWWW!”

At that very moment Norris smacked the top of my bum with a rattan cane. It wasn’t a terribly hard hit, but it still stung quite a bit. Then he said, “Very well, my beautiful slave. Master Tony is going to treat you to a wonderful orgasm, but it will not be free. You will receive a healthy caning while he pleasures you. Are you still eager for him to continue?”

My butt was still smarting, but if anything, it seemed to the increase the fire in my belly, so the answer was simple, “Yes Sir, please. I beg you Sir, please!”

Tony immediately knelt in front of me and moved his head between my legs, and…H O L Y CRAP! It was like my pussy was a paint by number set, and his tongue was the perfect brush; hitting the right numbers in the perfect order…Then Norris again snapped the cane a little lower on my bum.

As before, it wasn’t really hard, but the pain was sharp. It caused me to recoil, which pushed me even more into Tony’s expert tongue…Then another smack.

I almost screamed, “OhhhGEEEZ!” as I came virtually the instant the cane touched my tender butt. My head flew back, I grabbed Tony’s head, and mashed my sex into his face with all my strength. Both men increased their actions; Tony sucked, and licked, and probed like he was searching for gold, and Norris rapidly caned my bottom like he was trying to swat an elusive bug.

The orgasm was as intense as I’ve ever had. My insides felt like they were liquefying and oozing out my vagina. Finally my legs buckled, and I collapsed in a heap on top of a somewhat startled Tony.

Norris quickly came to my aid, helping me stand, and sitting me on the sofa, “Are you alright Lexie?”

I was gasping for air, panting like I had just scaled Mount Logan, but I managed, “Yes Sir…just need a minute.”

Tony knelt beside me and held a much welcomed glass of cool water to my lips, which I sipped between breaths, eventually downing the entire contents.

I began to settle down, and my mind slowly remembered the sting in my throbbing bum…which immediately relit the fire in my tummy. Normally I would have moved or readjusted my position to alleviate the twinge, but I just sat there, relishing the prickly burn. Then Tony said, “We can stop now if you like Lex.”

Composing myself a little more I said, “No Sir. Please, I would very much like to continue.”

He smiled, kissed me on the forehead, and moved aside allowing Norris, holding a length of smooth, white rope, to move in. He motioned for me to hold my wrists together in front, then he bound them together, pulled my arms up over my head and behind me, and tied them off somewhere behind the sofa. Each of them took a length of rope and tied one end around my ankles. Then, with Tony on my left and Norris to my right, they slowly pulled my legs apart until I was spread very, very wide. They completed the task by tying off the ropes at each end of the sofa. Other than my butt, I had never been so “accessible” in my life!

I supposed they could have simply asked, but both men felt it necessary to rub and probe my womanhood to see if I was all set for stage two. They held their glistening fingers in front of me and smiled; it was clear that I was indeed ready to go. When they each held up a soft, rubber flogger for me to see, I was sure that I must have been dripping on the couch.

In unison they began to whack the outside of my legs, from hip to ankles. My eyes snapped shut and my head flew back as if by reflex. It was the first time in my life I had ever felt the touch of a flogger, and the sensations running through my body were overwhelming.

The two whips moved up the inside of my legs, and when they reached the tops of my thighs, I uttered a long, “OHHHGAWWWD!” My head was spinning so, that it sounded like someone else had said it.

The whips strolled up my body in perfect harmony; on my sides, my armpits, then gently up my arms to my elbows; my masters being very careful not to hit my face. They moved the floggers down to my chest; Tony just above my breasts and Norris just below. I was writhing in my bindings, shaking my head violently back and forth, and clenching every muscle I possessed. My body had never experienced anything like it; the electric tingling, the sharp stinging, and the overpowering arousal—all at the same time. Then they started on my boobs.

Tony on the left, Norris on the right. First the tops, then the undersides. I gasped then held my breath as the pain grew and grew. It was like spiked balls were inside my breasts, desperately trying to scrape their way out. I was close to fainting when they stopped; gave me about five seconds to catch my breath, then began alternately swiping the floggers on my yearning pussy.

I came instantly with the first hit. Both men were timing it perfectly, like two guys driving in a circus tent peg. Then Tony moved back to my aching boobs, but much, much softer. Norris had lightened up as well, but he kept whacking the whip between my legs as my orgasm seemed to crest, then fade, then crest again. The room was spinning and I was sure I was blacking out, but mercifully they stopped the floggers and gently used their hands to massage and fondle me as my climax finally waned.

Norris and Tony then sat beside me and just kept softly touching me—essentially petting me—as I slowly regained my ability to breathe normally. Tony remarked at how quiet I had been throughout, especially when I orgasmed. I just smiled at him, not revealing the fact that a girl living with two men must learn how to pleasure herself silently…and own a very quiet vibrator.

“You look amazing Lexie; like you just ran a hundred click marathon,” said Norris.

He was right. I was shiny wet with perspiration from my forehead to my toes, and I felt like I had just run a hundred kilometers as well, but it was a good race. No; a great race…! And I won!

Tony said, “You look exhausted Lex. I think we should call it a night.”

I was about to agree, but then I remembered, “Oh…no Tony…I mean Sir. I…uh…give in. I will pleasure you with my mouth.”

“Listen, Lexie,” said Norris, “we had a great time with you tonight. You don’t have to do that. I’m sure there will be many more opportunities—”

“No! No Nor…er…Sir. Please! I really want to do this. I beg you Sir, let me do it.”

It was true. For the first time in my life I really wanted to have a man’s cock in my mouth. I wanted to lick it, suck it, and savour his warm sticky cream. I craved it, and it showed. No further begging was required; my two generous Masters decided to let their little slave have her way.

Norris removed his track shorts, stood on the sofa straddling my hips, and moved himself forward. He was quite large and I was grateful that he didn’t ram himself into my mouth. Instead he let me take him in at my own speed, then he just moved gently in and out. His rock hard warrior barely fit, but I was still able to suck and lick to his obvious approval. Understandably, the evenings activities had gotten both men quite horny, so it wasn’t long before Norris erupted; and I sucked as hard as I could, determined to get every last drop. I was surprised at my eagerness, and the fact that I actually liked the taste of his cum…kind of nutty.

After he stepped off the sofa, Norris leaned down and kissed me, then gave me a few sips of water. Tony then stepped up for his turn. He was substantial, but not as large as Norris, which gave me a little more leeway to move his grateful ramrod around in my mouth. Tony didn’t last long either, and his face scrunched up like he was delivering twins as his body reluctantly gave up its fluid. His was a little different; sweeter…like honey; it was quite pleasant. Before that night, I would have scoffed at anyone who said that I would ever make that statement about a man’s ejaculate.

Once Tony recovered, they untied me and covered my with a warm afghan, then they both sat beside me and we all just cuddled for the next few minutes; none of us said a word.

A little later we all said goodnight and went to our respective rooms. Once in mine, I just let the afghan slide off, slipped naked under my cozy warm comforter, and curled up into a ball. My body was pins and needles and still stinging, but in seconds I was fast asleep.

The next few weeks went by as though in a dream. Our “get togethers” were more or less variations on that first night, and my two masters were both perfect gentlemen throughout; letting me acclimate at my own speed. We had frequent sessions, but only if all three of us were present. Norris was a co-pilot on international flights, so his schedule would take him out of country for a few days at a time; and while the temptation was always there, Tony and I would not “play” when Norris was away.

The truth was that I wanted to intensify things, but they kept reining me in, insisting that we take it slow. Still, it was wonderful. We grew much closer over that time and our relationship quickly became a truly caring bond for all three of us…and there was a promise of things to come, which became the focus of my nightly fantasies for days.

About a week after our first night, a tragic accident took the life of Tony’s cousin. They had been very close in their youth, and his friend had willed Tony a cottage on Monc Lake. Every weekend, for the next month or so, Tony and Norris, if he was available, would take the six hour drive up to the “cabin” to affect some needed renovations. When the repairs were finished, we were all going up for a long weekend—a weekend where I was going to be their slave for two straight days! Visions of being their plaything for an entire weekend invaded my dreams virtually every night after that.

It seemed to take forever, but finally the July 1st long weekend arrived. We were all up by six AM Saturday morning, and after a shower, breakfast, and a little last minute packing, I was just about to dress for the trip when Norris knocked on my bedroom door, “I have something for you, my pretty little slave,” he said.

The “pretty little slave” reference made it clear that my weekend was already under way, “Yes Master Norris. What is it?”

I opened the door to find him holding a blouse and skirt, which he handed to me and said, “We would like you to wear these, and only these, for the ride up to the cottage. Please give me your bag now, so I can load it in the car, and be dressed by the time I get back.”

With that, he took my pack and went down to the car. The blouse was a white, short sleeved “schoolgirl” shirt, at least two sizes too small…with all the buttons removed. I was just able to get it over my cleavage and barely cover my nipples. My only option to hold it in place was to tie the shirt tails tightly under my boobs. I laughed out loud when I saw that the skirt too was of the schoolgirl variety; a wrap-around tartan miniskirt that barely covered my bum. It was also a couple of sizes too small, making it more of an “almost wrap-around.” With a fair bit of effort I was able to get the button done up, but the tiny skirt left the side of my left leg completely exposed. To say I was “clothed” would have been a joke.

I slipped on some light sandals, then went to the living room just as Norris came back, “You all set?” he said.

“Yes, Master Norris, I am ready to go.”

As I started to head for the door, he said, “Oh, wait. Did you not understand my instructions as to what you were to wear?”

“Uh…yes, Master Norris, I think—” then I realized my mistake.

I quickly kicked the sandals off and said, “Oh…I’m sorry Master Norris, I wasn’t thinking.”

“I see…” he said, “Please turn around, bend over, and place your hands on your back…and hike your skirt up.”

I did as instructed, then gasped as he immediately administered a harsh spanking; ten sharp, rapid whacks, alternating cheek to cheek. It took my by surprise…and it hurt! I started to cry a little, then he said, “Stand up straight now and face me please…do you have anything to say?”

Still teary eyed, I said, “Thank you for spanking me, Master Norris. I deserved every smack for my mistake. I did not mean to disobey…and I will try to do better.”

He stepped forward, reached around me, and rubbed by burning butt, “Very well, my precious slave. It upsets me to punish you, so try your very best for me, okay?”

“Yes, Master Norris, I promise I will.”

He kissed me gently on the forehead, and then we headed down to the car. While we were walking down the stairs I had to wonder, as I had many times before, why I was so turned on when treated as a slave by my two masters. I am not a submissive person by nature, and I have never liked being pushed around by anybody. If you push, I will push back, but with Tony and Norris all I wanted was for them to tie me up, whip me, spank me, make me do things to them, and let them do whatever they wanted to me. I realized that I would never truly understand it, but it didn’t matter. I was already sticky wet between my legs…and would most likely be that way for the rest of the weekend.

Tony was already waiting in the rented SUV, and Norris directed me to sit in the back seat on the passenger side, then he buckled me in, spread my knees apart and told me to keep them that way. He went around and slid in beside me, and had me place my hands behind my back, again stating that I should remain in that position unless otherwise instructed.

“I will spell Tony around the halfway mark,” he said, “but in the meantime remember that you are here for my entertainment, my sweet little vassal.”

“Yes, Master Norris. I am here for your pleasure, and Master Tony’s.”

Just saying those words turned me on something awful. It amazed me how little it took to arouse me when I was with those two guys. I wondered if there might not be something wrong with me—a faulty bit of circuitry in my brain perhaps. Well, if there was, then so be it. All I knew was that I was terribly excited, and whatever was to come next, couldn’t come fast enough.

Once on the highway, my two masters just guy talked about how nice the Overlander SUV was; how the Blue Jays had improved over last year; then more talk of the SUV. After a half hour or so, Norris lost interest in the conversation and turned to me. He pulled something out of his pocket, held them up, and said, “Do you know what these are?”

I had been daydreaming a bit, but the sight of the sinister looking, chained device instantly brought me back to reality, “Uh…yes, Master Norris…they are nipple clamps.”

“That’s correct,” he said, “Now, please pull your blouse aside and present those lovely pink nubbins.”

Grateful for the dark, tinted rear widows I dutifully exposed my breasts, put my hands back behind me, and then stuck my chest out.

I had no idea what to expect. I had never before had anything placed on my exceedingly sensitive nipples, and these looked particularly formidable. My face screwed itself up in an instinctive wince as Norris moved the clamp closer and squeezed the jaw open.

“OH SHIT…SHIT!” I turned my head away as the heavy clamp bit down. My breast felt like it had been stabbed with a machete. I began to cry and my breathing changed to short, sharp gasps. Nothing I had ever experienced matched the hurt of that dreadful device. I bit my lip and began to hum loudly as Norris moved in with the second clamp.

“NNNNNNNN!” My hum grew louder then changed to a squeal as the second appliance clenched my trembling nipple, and I began to openly sob. The pain seemed even more excruciating than the first, and combined, they caused my entire chest to ache horribly. I was being tortured, truly tortured, and for the first time since that inaugural night, I was seriously considering the safe word.

For the next couple of minutes Norris just sat and watched me, and I could see Tony taking furtive glances in the rearview mirror. I couldn’t keep from crying like a baby, but slowly I began to reach a point where I could tolerate the pain—barely.

“How’s she taking it?” said Tony.

“Not sure…” said Norris, “How are you taking it, my lovely slave?”

Through my sobs I said, “I…I’m okay…It really hurts, Masters.”

He said, “They look very nice on you, and I would like to keep them in place a while longer, but if you say so, I will remove them.”

It hit me like a boulder; it was decision time. We were moving to a new level, something I had been aching for since the beginning. Was it what I really wanted? Norris had made it clear; the choice was mine…and I always had the safe word. Yes! It was definitely what I wanted…what I had wanted for years.

Forcing myself to stop crying I said, “If it pleases you, Master Norris, I would like to keep them in place.”

Norris smiled broadly, moved in very close, and kissed me on the cheek. Then he whispered in my ear, “Both Tony and I love you very much, Alexandra, and we want you to be happy. You have to promise that, if any of this makes you unhappy, you will tell us right away…Promise me Lexie.”

I smiled back at him and said, “Thank you, Master Norris. I will…I promise both of you, I will.”

As I became more able to tolerate the torment in my abused nipples, I realized that my libido had been working hard in the background. In spite of the pain, or perhaps because of it, I was unbearably horny; the fire between my legs had jumped straight from a cinder to a four alarm blaze.

Still smiling, Norris grabbed the chain connecting the two clamps and said, “Open your mouth please.”

I did as he said and he placed the chain between my teeth, “Now, lean your head back to remove the slack.”

I slowly tilted my head back until the chain tightened and lightly pulled on the clamps. I began to hum again as even that slight tug felt like someone had shoved two hot needles into my nipples. Norris moved his hand between my legs and slid two fingers inside. He started to softly stroke my clit with his thumb, while his fingers hunted and probed for some unseen quarry. My very appreciative pussy was seconds away from showing its gratitude and I reflexively moved my head back, pulling even harder on those tenacious clamps. The pain shot down my body at light speed and commingled with the blaze in my abdomen. The orgasm was instant, powerful, and terrifying.

I was screaming; bawling like a baby and I couldn’t stop from thrashing my head around and yanking on those awful vice grips clenching my agonized nips. Norris fingers continued to work their magic, but I thought for a moment that I might not survive. It was like there were two of me; one frantically needing it to end, and the other greedily wanting it to continue.

Finally, the climax ebbed and Norris changed his probing to a soft, gentle massage, but even these light touches to my super-sensitive vulva were causing me to spasm, and again pull on that stupid chain. Coming to my rescue, he put his free hand behind my head and held it so that the chain stayed slack. It never occurred to me to simply let the chain go.

He kissed me on the cheek, gently took the chain from my mouth, then still holding my head, he slowly released the first clamp.

“OHHHHJESUS!” My teeth were clenched tight, but my eyes snapped wide open as the blood rushed back into my newly freed nip. For a moment I thought he had set it on fire! I cried even harder as he moved to release the other clamp.

“SHITSHITSHIT…JESUSSHIT!” It wasn’t pins and needles; it was white hot daggers and foot long hypodermics. My brain wasn’t even able to process the new sensations of pain. It was excruciating, but at least it was slowly subsiding.

“Hey Norris,” said Tony, “maybe a couple of ice cubes would help her.”

Norris said, “Oh…yeah, okay,” and reached into the cooler. He handed me a few cubes, which I immediately placed against my distressed buds. They looked like they weren’t any worse for wear, but they felt like they had been mangled in a Cuisineart.

The ice was heavenly, and in a few minutes my poor, mistreated nipples began to recover. When I removed the ice I was amazed to see that my little buds were erect and rock hard; like two little bullets. It was as though they were saying that they were ready for more. Stupid nipples!

From the front, Tony said, “Wow Lex! I couldn’t see much, but it sure sounded amazing. I can’t wait for my turn!”

“Uh…yes, Master Tony…I am looking forward to it as well,” I said, as I glanced down at my boobs and shuddered.

A little while later, at about the halfway mark of our trip, we pulled into a large service centre. It wasn’t exceptionally busy, but Tony parked near the rear of the lot, well away from all the other cars. My scanty outfit drew numerous stares as he escorted me on the rather long walk to the washroom. The stroll back seemed to attract even more gawkers—as though people had lined up for the show.

Norris was already back and in the driver’s seat, having purchased some coffees and snacks. When we had finished the food, Tony stretched out and said, “You know, I’d really like a hummer.”

I just sat there, assuming that he was again talking to Norris about cars. A few second passed then Tony said, “Uh…did my little slave not hear what I said?”

“Yes, Master Tony, you told Master Norris that you’d like to own a…oh…oh…please forgive me for being so stupid, Master Tony.”

After a quick glance to ensure that no one was around, I knelt on the seat and moved close to him. He lifted his butt so I could pull his shorts down, and in short order I relieved him of a good supply of—what he called—”his tasty spooge.” A quick look in the rearview mirror told me that I shouldn’t waste any time moving to the front seat to take care of Master Norris as well, and it wasn’t long before he too fed me a generous helping of his “delicious non-dairy treat.”

We were soon back on the road, and the remainder of the trip was uneventful as both myself, and a somewhat drained Master Tony, dozed off in the back seat. It was around four in the afternoon when we were roused by Master Norris, “Okay kiddies, we’re here.”

The three of us piled out of the SUV, stretched and walked off the car stiffness, and then surveyed our surroundings. We were at the end of a long, gravel lane, and looking out over a small, pristine lake. At the other end of the lake, in a tiny cove, was a cottage; the only one on the entire shoreline. Monc Lake was indeed small, barely large enough to rate a name, but the entire body of water, and the land surrounding it for about fifty metres back from shore, now belonged to Tony.

There was a small channel, about one hundred metres west of the cove, which led to a much larger lake, but the waterway was very shallow, so it was rare that a boat would venture in. The bottom line was; Tony had himself his own private lake, and the kind of solitude that much richer men would envy. It was the perfect place for a weekend of bondage and discipline.

I stood on the floating, wooden dock while the two men loaded our bags into a small, open boat. When they were finished, they both came over to me, and Norris said, “A couple of things Lexie: First, you won’t be needing those for the next couple of days.”

He was referring to my clothes of course, so I remove the blouse, folded it neatly, and handed it to him. I did the same with the skirt, and then assumed the position; hands behind my back, feet wide apart, and eyes to the ground. I had never been naked in the outdoors before, and even though I was sure there was no one else around, it was exciting–actually exhilarating.

Tony stepped forward and said, “Lexie, the past few weeks have been wonderful for Norris and me, and we hope you as well. As a small token we have this gift for you.”

“Thank you very much Masters,” I said as I accepted the slim, gift wrapped package. I impatiently tore the paper off, and opened the velvet covered box. Inside was a beautiful, stressed leather collar complete with eighteen carat gold buckle and a tiny gold padlock. There was a small engraved plate; also gold, which read, “Exquisite Slave A, Property of Masters T and N.”

“Oh Masters! This is so sweet. It…it’s the most thoughtful thing I have ever received—”

“You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to,” said Norris, “It was just something we thought would show our appreciation.”

I smiled and handed the collar to him, then turned and lifted my hair, “Would Master be so kind?”

He slipped it around my neck and fastened the buckle, ensuring that it wasn’t too tight, then he said, “We won’t bother with the padlock—”

“Oh please, Master Norris…It wouldn’t feel right without it.”

He chuckled and snapped the tiny lock in place. It was no more functional than the collar itself; both were purely symbolic—a symbol of the powerful bond that had evolved between us. I wished I could look in a mirror, but instead I turned, again assumed the position, flipped my hair back, and said, “Do my Masters approve?”

They smiled broadly and moved close to me, showing their approval with kisses and some fondling. A little more of the latter would have easily gotten me off, but sadly they stopped and helped me into the boat.

Even the short ride across the lake aroused me, as the warm summer air washed over my nakedness and blew my hair back like a fluttering flag. I was distracted, however, as we neared our destination. All along they had referred to the place as “the cabin,” but the reality was that the cottage was as much a cabin as the Taj Mahal was an outhouse. It was a very large, gorgeous, hewn log structure, which sported a massive stone chimney at one side, a tall chalet peak in the front, and a huge bay window.

As we reached shore, Norris eased the little boat up to the dock, and Tony jumped out and tied it off. Norris got out, then the two of them helped me up, and without grabbing any of the bags, led me up the steps and into the cottage. We entered a large main room with a high cathedral ceiling and several heavy wooden beams running from side to side. There were also two very heavy wooden pillars supporting the entire structure. The only items that seemed a bit out of place were the numerous, heavy metal rings bolted to some of the beams and high up on the pillars. A heavy rope was looped through one of the rings near the middle of the room, with one end tied off at a pillar, and the other just hanging there…waiting.

They had me stand underneath the dangling cord, and then Tony went to a table near the wall, returning with a pair of suspension cuffs. Each taking an arm, they installed the cuffs snuggly, then lifted my arms up and clipped the cuffs to the ring at the end of the rope. Norris then went to the pillar, undid that end of the rope, and began to pull slowly. My arms soon reached as high as they could go, but he continued to draw the rope until I was forced to stand on my toes. Satisfied, he tied it off.

Both of them came over to me and began to fondle, squeeze, pinch, tweak, rub, and probe whatever they wanted to. I had never been tied stretched up in that manner before; the apartment just didn’t lend itself to that kind of thing, and my two Masters seemed to enjoy the new novelty a great deal, as they continued to allow their hands to run wild. The prolific touching was fanning the flames of an already raging fire in my tummy.

Sadly, they finally stopped, and Tony again went to the table to retrieve another toy—a wooden spanking paddle. It resemble as cricket bat, although only about half the size. Even so, it looked pretty solid.

Norris stepped forward and said, “We feel that you need to be ‘warmed up’ for this evening’s activities, so you will receive twenty spanks with the paddle. It is important that you keep track, so when you are ready, you will count out each smack and politely ask for another. Do you understand my pretty little courtesan?”

“Yes Master Norris,” I said, “Uh…please give me a spank at your pleasure.”

My bum had felt the sting of a paddle before, but I had always just been bent over their knee. I had to wonder if the fact that they were standing would allow them to put a little more pepper into their swing. That question was answered a heartbeat later.

“HOLYSHIIIIT!” Norris first smack was at least twice as hard as anything he had administered before. It forced me to arch forward and lift my feet off the ground…and my poor bum stung like never before!

After a few seconds I clenched my teeth and said, “Number one…If it pleases you, your slave would like another Master Norris.”

“Oh SON-OF-ABITCH!” He had wasted no time in granting my request, placing a second, equally strong whack a little lower on my throbbing butt. If it could talk, my ass would have been already begging for mercy. Geez those hits stung! I wasn’t sure if I could take twenty, and again the temptation to use the safe word grew strong.

He delivered three more smacks; each a little lower on my bum, and each as hard as the first. Dutifully I counted out the hits then begged for another. Tears were streaming down my face, and my tortured rear end was becoming frustrated with the rest of me for not using the safe word! It screamed at me to stop the torment; and it admonished me for getting more aroused with each blow.

Odd as that sounds, that’s exactly how it was. The part of my anatomy being mistreated seemed to separate from the rest of me; like it had become an entity in itself. The extremity under duress would scream for relief and beg for mercy…but the rest of me! The rest of me relished in it! The rest of me got more and more turned with each smack of the paddle, or each lash of the whip. I was thoroughly convinced that there had to be some sort of misfire in the mainboard of my brain.

Tony came back in with some of our luggage, deposited the bags by the bedrooms, and took the paddle from Norris. He then stepped into position behind me, while Norris went to the boat. Both my Masters cared for me a great deal; of that there was no doubt, and both were true gentlemen, but there was a distinct difference between the two. When it came to my “discipline”, Norris took it very seriously and rarely held anything back. Tony, on the other hand, just didn’t have it in his soul to really hurt anybody, no matter what the circumstance, so he always treated me like a China doll. It was something I hoped we would be able to correct in the future.

“Welcome Master Tony. If it pleases you, your slave is very eager for the spanking to continue.

“OHHHHGAWWWWD!” His first smack stung to be sure, but not even close to those from Norris, and while I would never fake an orgasm, a little over-acting for Tony seemed like the right thing to do.

I let a few seconds pass, then said, “Number six…If it pleases you, your slave would like another Master Tony.”

Like Norris, he readily granted my wish, smacking four more times. I responded with various screams and shrieks with each one, and because I was still crying a little from the first five, Tony seemed satisfied that he had performed his duty as a harsh task master. He seemed pretty relieved to hand the paddle back to Norris who had since returned from the dock. I loved Tony dearly, but I too was happy with the return of Norris, as my abdominal flame had been treading water since he left.

“Welcome back Master Norris. If it pleases you, your slave is very eager for you to resume the spanking.

“OHGEEZSHITGEEZ!” The smack was terribly hard; like the first time, it was near the top of my butt, and sent a sharp, white hot sting through the whole lower half of my body…My belly fire instantly relit itself.

I really did need a few seconds to regroup after that hit, but after a deep breath I said, “Number eleven…If it pleases you, your slave would like another Master Norris.”

Eager to please, he bestowed my aching ass with three more harsh blows; every one increased my sobbing by a factor of two, and my arousal by a factor of ten. Each hit caused my body to arch forward, and my feet to take a few baby steps. I’m not sure if it was the rubbing of my thighs together when I took those little steps, or just the spanking itself, but when the paddle touched my ass for the fifteenth time…

“OH MAS…I’M COMING! I’M COMING MASTER NORRIS!” It was the first time in my life that I ever had an orgasm without some sort of direct clitoral stimulation. Up to that point, I didn’t even think that was possible.

Norris moved in close and placed one hand on my tummy, while with the other he rapidly, but lightly, spanked away with the paddle. I was writhing on the end of the rope. My feet were off the ground, and I was twisting and flailing my legs. I think I inadvertently kicked him at least twice. He softened, then stopped his smacking as the fervor in my abdomen began to ebb. I settled down and got my toes back on the floor, but my legs were wobbly and couldn’t support me, so I just hung there. Norris, noting my dilemma, put his arm around me and lifted a bit to take the weight off my arms.

“You okay Lexie?” he said “How do your arms and shoulders feel?”

Still gasping, and softly sobbing, I said, “They’re okay Master. If you could just give me a minute…”

Tony came over with a bottle of lotion, “Maybe we should take her down now, Norris.”

Norris said, “Let’s just give a little time, then we’ll see how she feels.”

“Oh Master Tony. If it pleases you, I still have five more spanks coming.”

“I don’t think so, little slave, I think you’ve had enough.”

“But Master Tony—”

“No buts,” he said, “Your Master has spoken.”

With that he moved behind me and began to gently massage my grateful derriere with a liberal amount of Aloe E lotion. I smiled, realizing that he probably enjoyed rubbing my ass much more than spanking it. For a moment, I sank into a state of bliss, savouring the tenderness I was receiving from my masters; Norris easily holding me in his arms, and Tony lovingly caressing my bum.

Maybe I was a masochist; not in the strictest sense of the term perhaps, but I was beginning to understand my craving—at least some of it. The amazing sensations when I was bound and whipped; the incredible, but different, rush when bound and toyed with. The endorphin high when “forced” to perform fellatio for my two masters. Even just being naked in front of them brought on a buzz that was hard to explain. And then there’s the other end of the stick. Like the guy said when he was asked why he constantly banged his head against the wall: “Because it feels sooooo good when I stop!”

My meanderings were interrupted when Norris said, “I’m going to remove my arm now.”

He slowly released his grip so my arms could again take my own weight. My shoulders did ache a bit, but I was fairly trim and in pretty good shape. My regular exercise regime included a little weight training, so it didn’t bother me too much to hang by my wrists. A good thing too.

“Okay Tony,” he said.

“Are you sure Norris? She might be getting pretty sore.”

“It’ll be okay…She’ll tell us if it gets too bad.”

With that, Tony pulled on the other end of the rope and lifted me until my feet were about six inches off the floor. He re-tied it to the pillar as Norris said, “We’re going to make supper now, so you can just…hang around. Every once in a while one of us will come and check up on you, and remind you that we are still here.”

“Yes Master Norris.”

Even though I was their “slave,” I was never made to do chores. It was simple really; I was their sex slave, not their servant. As far as I could tell that was just the way it was, although the fact that I could barely boil water properly may have had some bearing on the decision; and my homemaking skills left a lot to be desired as well.

So…I just hung there while they went about preparing a pork loin roast and a nice assortment of side dishes. About a half hour later Tony came and stood in front of me, “How are the shoulders Lex?”

“They’re okay Master.”

“Are you sure,” he said, “Don’t be a martyr little slave. You must tell us if it’s getting too hard.”

“I will Master Tony, I promise, but I’m fine…really.”

“Okay…then spread your legs wide for me, little slave,” It was only then that I noticed the leather flogger in his right hand.

Holding my legs apart in mid air was harder than I expected, and I had to flex every muscle in my body to keep them there. It got even more difficult when he set the flogger rotating and landed ten straight lashes to my wide open vulva. I threw my head back and clenched my muscles as hard as I could; struggling to keep my legs apart as the leather flayed across my labia and clit. I was instantly hot, and with my muscles clenched as tight as they were, it would take only a few more…but he stopped.

“You can relax now little slave. Master Norris will be along shortly to check on you again.”

Damn! There I was, helplessly dangling on the end of a rope, and hotter than a nymphomaniac marooned on a desert island. He was teasing me; getting me really close, then walking away. They had done this before, and each time was more frustrating than the last…and they were getting real good at it! They would bring me oh so close, then stop. Sometimes they’d just watch me; sometimes they would wave the whip or crop so close that I could feel the breeze, but they wouldn’t land a blow…It was the most maddening thing, and in a way, the worst torture.

A few minutes later Norris was standing before me, “Spread ’em my little treasure…Nice and wide please.”

Perhaps a little too eager, I had started spreading even before he asked, and he immediately laid into my pussy with a few healthy lashes. He was going slower than Tony had, and he was watching me very closely…the bastard! Both of them could read me like a large print book. They could always tell when I was close, and sure enough, knowing that number nine was going to launch me, Norris stopped…at number eight.

Under my breath, but not under enough, I said, “Son of a bitch!”

He smiled and said, “Why Lexie, did you say something inappropriate to your loving Master?”

“Oh…No Master…I was…clearing my throat.”

He stepped closer and said, “Are you lying to me, my naughty little slave?”

I sighed, “Yes Master Norris. I’m sorry. Please forgive my outburst.”

Without a word he went to the table by the wall, picked something up, and returned, “We can’t have that sort of thing, little slave. It might cause Master Tony to become quite upset, and you wouldn’t want that, would you?”

“Oh no, Master Norris, I wouldn’t want to upset either of you.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” he said, “So…open your mouth as wide as you can please.”

I did as he said and he proceeded to shove a large, silicon dildo deep into my mouth, only stopping when I began to gag, “Now, hold that in place until one of us tells you otherwise…It looks very nice, don’t you think Tony?”

From the kitchen, Tony laughed and said, “Oh yeah! Very sexy Lexie!”

I couldn’t imagine how ridiculous I must have looked with that thing dangling from my gaping mouth. It was very lifelike; flesh coloured, and it even had realistic testicles for crying out loud! I just hung there, sighed, and lamented my humiliation…but in spite of my shame, I was still desperate for another whack from that flogger. The fact is, I’d never been gagged before, and demeaning as it was, it only served to increase the wildfire in my loins. When Tony came before me a few minutes later, I spread my legs wide in eager anticipation.

“Oh my, little beauty,” he said with a smile, “I do believe you are longing for more flogging; I might even say impatient. Perhaps we should delay a few minutes more.”

Damn him and his teasing! As best I could with that huge phallus halfway down my esophagus, I begged, “Oh PLEASE, Master Tony, have mercy on your little slave!”

I could barely understand myself, but he stepped forward, kissed me, and then stepped back and set the flogger twirling. He seemed to be trying to put a little more mustard in the hits, and like Norris, he went a bit slower…It only took four.

I threw my head back and screamed bloody murder into that dildo; the sound hardly audible to anyone but me. I fought to keep my legs apart as my long awaited orgasm finally, and ardently, exploded in my abdomen. It was as though a huge hand had reached up inside me, attempting to pull my organs out, and it would not have surprised me to see my spleen on the floor.

Tony stopped flogging and moved in close, replacing the lash with his hand. I continued to jerk and writhe, desperately trying to keep my legs apart, but finally I just couldn’t; I had nothing left.

As my climax eased my head fell forward and my legs dropped, trapping his hand between my thighs. Tony didn’t seem to mind. He kept gently rubbing while I hung limp and softly spasmed at his touch. Finally he put his strong arm around me and lifted, taking the weight off my arms, while Norris untied the end at the pillar and let go. My arms fell naturally around Tony’s neck and my head fell against his chest. At that moment, there was no place else I would rather have been.

“Let go now, my sweet,” said Norris, “Come on Lexie, relax your jaws for me.”

I hadn’t realized that, while all my other muscles had no strength in them, my mouth was gripping that silicon schlong like my life depended on it. I eased my grip enough for Norris to extract the dildo, then we all chuckled—me of embarrassment—when he pointed out the teeth marks bitten deep into the rubber.

Tony carried me to the couch and sat me down, while Norris gave me some water. Then they eased me down and covered me with a fleece blanket, and Norris said, “Just relax for a while Lex, and when you feel up to it, go grab a quick shower and get dressed, then join us for supper.”

“Thank you Masters. I’ll be there shortly.”

The two of them went back to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner, while I just lay there regaining my composure. A few minutes later, when I felt confident that my legs would work again, I got up, draped the blanket around me, and made my way to the bedroom.

In the shower I just stood and let the warm, soothing stream wash over me, while I contemplated the last few months. Could it get any better? Well…yes, but I would fix that soon. In the meantime things were pretty good. My two “masters” loved me deeply, and I them. They genuinely cared for me and never judged, or even joked about, what some would call my depraved appetites. While most girls I knew had to wonder when there next orgasm might come, my only problem was…how many could I tolerate before I fainted!

When I went back to the bedroom to get dressed, I chuckled as I saw my only clothing folded neatly on the bed—that tiny blouse and equally miniscule skirt. I had to laugh out loud as I struggled to get them to cover at least some of my privates, and I could swear they were even smaller than before. I was still grinning a little when I went back to the dining room.

I was greeted by my two smiling masters, and Tony graciously held my chair as I took my place at the table. Chuckling a little, he said, “Uh…we were just kidding with those clothes Lex, you coulda just put on the housecoat. Want me to get it for you?”

With a touch of sarcasm I said, “Oh no. I’ll be fine. After all, I am just here for your entertainment.”

“Aw, come on Lex, you know that’s not at supper,” he said.

“Just teasing, Tony,” I said with a smile, “Seems only fair with the taunting you guys just put me through.”

“Touché,” he said, “Well Norris and I would like to toast our lovely Alexandra. We don’t have the words to tell you how happy you make us. We love you kid.”

I accepted the toast as we all clinked our wine glasses and I said, “I love you guys too…but I’m famished, so let’s eat!”

Not withstanding the threesome thing, most would view our relationship as strange, to say the least. I was their sex slave for the weekend; willingly submitting to any torment, or degradation they chose to administer—except at mealtime. Then we were just three good friends, chatting about our respective days, teasing each other relentlessly, and basking in the love and trust we had for one another.

It turned out that we were all pretty hungry, so we cleaned our plates in record time. When we were done, Norris cleared the dishes then brought out three little glasses of Port and three dishes of absolutely scrumptious crème broulet.

“I don’t care how many times you deny it, Nobby,” I teased, “but no straight guy could make a dessert as good as this.”

Adopting his trademark, exaggerated effeminate persona, Norris replied, “I don’t know why I have to put up with this!” Then he waved a limp wrist and wiggled his bum back to the kitchen.

After supper we grabbed some headlamps and walked off our dinner with a stroll around the lake. When we returned I sat with a cup of tea on the veranda, while my two masters cleaned up the kitchen. It was remarkably peaceful; the only breaks in the silence were sounds of croaking frogs and lightly clinking dishes. I knew there was more to come for me that evening, and I looked forward to it, but at that moment I simply luxuriated in the solitude.

A few minutes later Norris stuck his head out the door and said, “Ready when you are Lex.”

I finished my tea, and after a quick trip to the bathroom, I stripped and returned to the living room. My two masters, still a bit lazy from the meal, had decided to watch a movie, so I was relegated to kneel off to the side of the television. I knelt up, off my heels, with my hands behind my head and my chest out, patiently awaiting any commands they might have.

Every few minutes one of them would say, “I need to tweak a nipple,” or something to that effect, and I would dutifully arise, walk over, and present my boobs for tweaking. A little later they paused the DVD and I was ordered to dance for them, then I was told to get myself off with that absurd dildo. For that, I knelt on the carpet, slid the lubricated phallus inside, and then laid back and put on a show. While pumping the dildo in and out was agreeable enough, without any other stimuli it would have taken all night for me to climax, so for the first time, I faked it. I moaned and groaned and humped and pumped. I rubbed my boobs with my free hand, let out a few “OHHHGAWDs”, and then finally, and noisily, I writhed and jerked to a bogus orgasm. They knew it wasn’t real, but they didn’t care; it was just the show they were after; and my performance must have been pretty good because when I was done, both my masters insisted on immediate hummers.

The rest of the evening was pretty much the same; I was tweaked, prodded, and probed with various devices, including the infamous dildo, a frighteningly large cucumber, any number of fingers, and a “rabbit” vibrator. Finally, I was bent over each Master’s knee and roundly spanked as a “reward” for my unflinching obedience. Then it was time for bed.

A few days before the trip I decided it was time for me to allow my Masters’ ever eager warriors to bask in the warmth of my tight, but somewhat lonely, vagina. My pussy ached for something other than a dildo, and the cottage would be as good a place as any to relieve its anxiety. When I mentioned this to my Masters—not in those exact words—they both fervently agreed with my logic, and immediately stocked up on condoms.

While Norris put the DVD away and tidied up, I took Master Tony’s hand and led him to his bedroom. There I turned down his bed, undressed him, neatly folded his clothing, and put them aside. I knelt in front of him and began to kiss and fondle his cock, and in no time at all it was ready for the condom. Using my mouth, I slowly slid the latex tube over and down his stone hard manhood. It was clear that he was already very, very close.

I laid him back on the bed then straddled his legs, and slowly slid myself down over his impatient penis. As I started to undulate my hips he closed his eyes, moaned and grabbed my boobs, and like a virgin teenager, instantly exploded. I could feel his cum trying to blast its way through the latex as he pumped his hips into me. I winced as he gripped my breasts like a vice; so much so that I feared he might do them harm. Finally his ejaculation began to ebb, and mercifully he relaxed his grip on my abused boobs.

I leaned down, kissed him and said, “Thank you Master Tony; that was most enjoyable. I’ll get a cloth and clean you up.”

With that, I arose, went to the bathroom to retrieve a moistened facecloth. I then removed and disposed of the condom, gently cleaned him, and then covered him with the comforter. Another kiss then it was off to Master Norris.

Tony really was like a teenager really. Although he was definitely into bondage play, for him it was really about the sex. Master Norris, however, was another matter. I entered his room and found him standing, awaiting my visit. He was already naked and immediately took command, “Turn down the bed, my little slave.”

“Yes Master,” I said as I complied.

He then commanded, “Now come here and rub my dick until it is ready for the condom.”

“Yes Master.”

I stood in front of him and began to fondle his cock, and in short order it was ready for duty. Norris handed me the already unwrapped and lubricated prophylactic, which I then smoothly slid over his substantial member.

“Kneel in the middle of the bed now Lexie,” he said, “Facing the headboard with your wrists crossed behind your back. Bend down with your face on the mattress and spread your knees wide. Make sure that lovely ass of yours is sticking up nice and high.”

I positioned myself on the bed as he had instructed and waited. His commanding tone had me pretty excited and already very wet, and when I felt the mattress move as he moved in behind me, I let out a little gasp.

As I felt the tip of his throbbing cock touch my labia, he locked my wrists with one hand, grabbed a handful of hair with the other, and rammed himself into me. If it could, my aching pussy would have been sporting a huge grin. This is what it craved; not a vanilla cock that was only interested in its own pleasure, but a commanding cock; a cock that was in there for a purpose, and meant business!

Norris continued to ram himself hard into me, and I could feel his testicles slapping against my clit. It was hard; it was rough; and it was hot! I had never before been so aroused having sex with a man, and I was close to erupting when Norris said, “You be sure to tell me when you’re ready to come, slave.”

“Yes Master!” I answered breathlessly, then just a few moments later, “Now Master…! OHGAWD… NOW MASTER!”

He immediately ramped up his motion; rapidly hammering his warrior deep inside me. The sound of his thighs smacking against mine echoed through the room as my orgasm detonated around his relentless jackhammer.

“UH…UH…UH,” was all my brain could muster. My entire body was working overtime; both in the orgasm, and fighting to contain the ferocious invader mercilessly thrusting itself deeper and deeper.

At the peak of my climax I held my breath until I could feel my face turn blood red—then, “OHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh…”

I was positive that lights were popping on in cottages on the next lake; all their residents wondering as to the origin of the lamenting cry floating across the water. Tony must surely have heard it, and for a moment I felt a bit guilty; that it may have caused him to feel a little inadequate, but as Norris gently extricated himself the feeling passed. The guilt was effortlessly pushed aside by the euphoria and peace that flooded my entire being.

When I was able to breathe again, I said, “Thank you, Master Norris, that was…amazing…! I should get a cloth and clean you up now.”

I forced myself to get out of the bed and headed for the bathroom. Moments later I was back in the bedroom with a damp cloth and towel, but Norris was already fast asleep so I decided to leave him be and grab a quick shower myself before bed.

* * *

Standing under the gentle, warm cascade my thoughts move to the future. Tomorrow is likely to be more of the same, and while it is enjoyable enough…it must change; it just has to! This weekend was supposed to be a jump to the next level, but it is clear to me now that our ideas of the “next level” are vastly different.

I turn off the water and begin to dry myself off. I had hoped that after all these months, my two “Masters” would realize that I need much, much more. Like a fish needs water, or a vampire needs blood, I crave…abuse! I need to be treated like a slave–a real slave, not this “precious” little sex toy. Instead of a soothing shower, I should have ended this day chained to a post in some dark, dank basement; filthy, miserable, and thoroughly used up.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror and wonder…is there something wrong with me? Probably, but there’s no turning back now. I am who I am, and I need what I need. My two “Masters” are going to have to step up; or step off. Norris is in the ballpark, but Tony is definitely going to need work.

I watch my reflected likeness change from thoughtfulness to consternation. It’s time for the gloves to come off, and tomorrow is either going to be a new beginning…or the end.

To my own image I say aloud, “It is time for this little slave to take charge!”


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