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Put It Where Your Mouth Is

Category: Incest
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“Sammy? Sammy!” his mother called from downstairs, the second time a bit more panicky and urgent even though she had hardly given him time to respond to the first.

Sam had been lying down on his bed, relieved that the weekend had finally arrived and thinking about what to jerk off to tonight. When he heard the familiar yet annoying sound of his mother calling he sighed, got up, and opened his bedroom door.

“Yes!” he yelled, just as she was about to call him a third time with an even more panicky voice.

“Amber’s coming over for the weekend tonight, so make sure you clean up that messy room of yours!”

Slightly annoyed, he was about to ask why his sister’s visit required his room being cleaned, but then remembered: her old room had had a make-over a few weeks ago, and was now dad’s hobby room. The powers that be, i.e. his parents, had decreed that from now on Amber would have to sleep on his bedroom’s futon during her visits. His room was the biggest after all, and Natasha’s room was definitely too small, and instead of being such a Mr. Grumpy Pants he should be happy to get to spend more quality time with his big sister. She only came over from uni once every two months and on holidays so it shouldn’t be a big deal, or so his parents claimed. This would be her first visit after this new arrangement had come into play, and he was dreading it already.

He definitely didn’t look forward to cleaning up his room, but it was the thought of having to give up the last bit of privacy he had in his parents’ house for the whole weekend that made him feel slightly depressed.

“Can’t I do it tomorrow? I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care about the mess. And it’s my room, isn’t it my business how messy it is?”

“Absolutely not! As long as you live under our roof you’ll still have to follow our rules, mister!”

Of course. It was his parents’ go-to mantra for everything these days, having magically replaced “Well, when you’re eighteen you can make your own decisions!” around the time of his eighteenth birthday six months ago. He realized he had to get out of this house, away from his loving, suffocating parents and find a place of his own. Unfortunately this was not going to happen until he went to college next year.

While he reluctantly did his chores, his thoughts drifted back to Am. Even though she was two years older than him, they had always been close when they were little. Much closer than either of them was with Natasha, his spoiled one-year-younger sister whose bossiness always got on his nerves. Not Amber though, he had always adored her and lovingly looked up to his bright big sister. Over the last few years though, they had unfortunately started to grow apart slowly.

Her moving out last year to enjoy campus life as an undergrad was part of it, but the main issue for him was the feelings he had started having for her long before that. During her teens she had changed from a nerdy adorable little schoolgirl into a beautiful voluptious woman. As he grew older and started noticing these things more he found that he was often involuntarily fantasizing about her. He knew it was wrong to think about his big sister like that, and it made him feel very awkward around her.

Summers were the worst, when it got so hot you had to be at the backyard pool if you wanted to be somewhat comfortable. She would be parading her hot body around in her revealing bathing suits and bikini tops. On her last visit he ended up having a hard time hiding the hard-on in his trunks from her and Natasha. He never knew where to look when she talked to him, trying hard to keep his eyes from her big tits sticking out. It made him blush and trip over his words.

The conflicting feelings of lust and shame had eventually lead to him avoiding her most of the time. Yet at the same time he felt more and more desire to look at her body and couldn’t get her curves out of his mind. Three months ago he had ‘accidentally’ walked in on her while she was having a shower on one of her visits. The infamous bathroom lock had been broken for as long as he could remember, and was still an indefinite item on one of dad’s many ‘to do’ lists. He had pushed the door open as quietly as he could, and she didn’t seem to have noticed him coming in. The glass shower wall only showed a blurred watery image of her body, but it had been detailed enough for him. The shape of her big breasts and dark nipples moving gently as she lifted her arms to apply shampoo to her hair, the dark patch of hair between her legs…

When she had started rubbing her breasts with soap it had gotten too much for him to bear.

He quickly went back to his room, and it didn’t take long for him to cum. Many tissues were spilled that week. It was those tits… He just couldn’t stop thinking about them. The fact that they were his big sister’s just made it hotter, even though he loved her and knew he shouldn’t be thinking about her like that.

Three months later he still occasionally used the mental image of her showering for his jerk-off fantasies. It was easier to do while she was off at uni, as he could objectify her in his perverted mind as just another set of tits, mouth, pussy and ass like he did with so many other girls he jerked off to. But being confronted face to face with her pretty smile and loving nature just made him feel awkward. He never knew what to say or where to look, and felt ashamed of thinking such perverted things about the caring sister he had always looked up to so much.

Now she was going to be in his room all weekend; the only place where it was relatively safe to jerk off without Natasha or his parents walking in like clockwork. The shower was definitely not safe, as he had clearly demonstrated himself. It was going to be quite a challenge; he didn’t remember the last time he had gone for a full day without masturbating, let alone a whole weekend. Her being the subject of most of his sex fantasies definitely wouldn’t make it any easier.

Eventually, he decided to stop whining, be an adult and try to make the most of her visit. It wasn’t her fault he felt like this and he shouldn’t ruin her visit with his awkwardness. He finished cleaning up his room and prepared the futon for her.

When she arrived that night he didn’t know how to greet her. He always had trouble determining the appropriate ‘hug, hand shake or kiss’ protocol when greeting girls and women. It had caused many awkward half-hug-handshakes and unintentional air kisses in his time. But this felt worse, Am being his own sister.

She was wearing a tight white tank top that fit her like a glove, albeit a very small glove for she was practically busting out of it. He tried not to stare at her magnificent chest and looked at the ground instead. He raised his hand in some kind of awkward wave and mumbled:

“Hi sis.”

“Oh don’t you ‘hi sis’ me!” she said cheerfully. “Where’s my big little brother hug!”

Before he could replay she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him, squeezing him tightly like she always did. And as always, he couldn’t think of anything else but the feeling of her big tits pressing against him. They were so big and firm, and he could swear she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her top. At one point he even thought he could feel her nipples through her top and his shirt. The sensation made his dick grow instantly, and he had to break off the hug prematurely so she wouldn’t notice. As expected, he felt very self-conscious and didn’t know what to say.

Fortunately, their mother saved him.

“Dinner’s ready!”

At the dinner table Amber caught up with everybody, and told them about how great her time at the campus was. Sam tried to say as little as he could and just listened to her stories.

“So when do we get to meet this boyfriend of yours?” their father asked when they started dessert.

During her last visit she had told the family that she had been dating this guy she met at uni for a few months now, but so far she hadn’t told them much about him.

“I don’t know dad, maybe next time?”

“Oh, leave her alone,” mom intervened, and to Amber: “you can introduce him to us whenever you think is appropriate, dear!”

“Thanks mom!” Amber said and changed the subject.

Later that night they were hanging out in his room on their respective beds, chatting and watching bad Friday night movies and reruns on TV. He was doing his best to not be his uncomfortable self and have a nice conversation with her instead, but he had a hard time trying not to stare at her tits too much or think about what her pussy would taste like. She didn’t seem to notice though, and he tried to put it out of his mind.

“So tell me Sammy, how are things going at school?”

“Alright, I’m getting good grades. Not straight A’s like you of course but I can’t complain.”

“And are there any special girls in your life that you would like to tell your big sister about?” she teased, and winked. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom and dad.”

Again with the awkwardness. He thought for a moment of making something up to hide his embarrassment, because the truth was that he was very inexperienced with girls and hardly got any attention from them. He had already made up some stories for his classmates, but decided against doing that now. He knew he could always be honest with Amber.

“Not really, I guess they think I’m kind of weird.”

“Oh no! Don’t let anybody think you’re weird little bro, you’re very handsome and a great catch. I’m sure the perfect girl will walk into your room one of these days!”

“I hope so,” he said, thinking that she already had.

“Oh before I forget: I come bearing a gift as a token of appreciation for your generous hospitality, brother!” she said in a serious religious tone, and took something out of her bag.

It was a bottle of Schnapps.

“I thought since you’re still stuck here with mom and dad and little miss princess you might as well enjoy a little college spirit! You got a glass?”

He got up and rinsed out the toothbrush glass that had been on the sink in his room, and she filled it with liquor until it almost spilled over the sides. He quickly slurped up some of it and went back to his bed.

“Cheers!” they said, as he raised his glass and she raised the bottle. They both took a swig.

“Ah, that’s the stuff!” he said. “Better not let mom and dad see this though, or Natasha for that matter. She’ll definitely tell them. They’re very-”

“I know I know, ‘while you live under our roof you’ll have to follow our rules young lady, and I will not allow any alcohol in this house!'” she said in a perfect parody of one their mother’s catch phrases. They both laughed, and Sam started to feel a bit more relaxed.

“It’s so much fun that we get to sleep together again, just like old times huh Sammy?”

He was taken aback for a moment, thinking she had somehow picked up what he had been trying to push out of his perverted mind. He was just about to make some kind of excuse when he realized she was talking about the time when they were little and his room was being redecorated. He had been 6, she had been 8, and he had slept on a spare bed in her room for several weeks. He idolized his big sister back then, and would love it when she tucked him in and read him stories each night before going to bed. He smiled sheepishly, relieved that she was talking about a time so innocent and uncomplicated. Before she had become his sex fantasy.

“Yes,” he said, “does that mean you’ll be reading me a story later too like old times?”

She laughed.

“Maybe, if you behave like a good boy, but if you’re naughty I’ll have to punish you!”

His mind was already starting to turn that last comment into some kind of kinky scenario, so he quickly changed the subject in order to have a normal, pleasant conversation again.

“So how are things going with you and what’s his name?”


“Oh yeah, right.”

“Yes, we’re still together, and things are going well.”

He couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

“So what’s he like?” he asked. “How come you never mention him? I’m sure mom and dad would like to hear more about him too.”

“He’s alright.” She said with a hint of indifference. “I guess I’ll just wait introducing him to mom and dad until we’ve been going out a bit longer.”

“So is he into the same things as you are?” he asked.

Amber had always been a bit of a bookworm with a love for art and politics. While most girls her age were out partying with boys, she spent her teens going to museums and reading. Plenty of guys from school had shown an interest in her, but she mostly brushed them off politely. Sam had once asked her why, and she replied that none of them had the same interests as her.

“Not really, she said, he doesn’t read much, he’s more of a TV and video games kind of guy.”

“Is he following the same subjects you are?”

“No, actually a few months ago he decided academics wasn’t for him and quit. At the moment he’s still looking for a job opportunity that agrees with him.”

“Do you go to museums and festivals together a lot?”

“No he’s not really into art either, unless it’s the art of lighting up.” she joked. “I tried to take him to an exhibition a few times but he just doesn’t have the attention span if it’s not some kind of sports game.”

Sam was starting to wonder what she was seeing in this guy. It didn’t sound like they had much in common at all, and frankly he didn’t sound like someone who could provide any kind of intellectual challenge for her.

“So what do you like about him? Is he like super romantic or attentive? Good sense of humor?”

“Sure,” she said. It didn’t sound very convincing, slightly defensive even. “I mean he’s usually up till pretty late and gets up late as well, so our schedules don’t always match. But he often takes me for a drive when we go hang out with his friends to watch a game. Or he’ll come over and I’ll cook for him while he plays his games.”

This guy started to sound worse and worse, a boring inattentive loser not worthy of his bright big sister.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what do you see in this guy? He doesn’t really sound all that great, or even someone you would be into to begin with.”

“Well… Let’s just say I have my reasons for being with him, young man!” she said in a mock berating tone, then added: “Or rather: ‘reason’.” She giggled a little while looking down, then quickly added: “And it’s none of your business by the way!”

She stuck out her tongue like she used to when they were kids, and he returned the gesture.

“Come on, now I’m curious!” he said. “What’s this reason that makes him worth your divine affection?”

He said it as a joke, but meant every word of it.

“No! Just forget I said anything!” she said and looked slightly embarrassed.

“Rock paper scissors?” I suggested, remembering how we often settled things when we were younger.


“I see, scared of losing again huh?”

Amber had always been extremely competitive, and he knew she could never resist a challenge for a bet or a game. One thing she could stand even less was losing, and many of their board games had become airborne as she flung them through the room when they were little. He assumed this probably hadn’t changed much, and tried to push her buttons. He turned out to be right.

“As if! Alright little boy, you’re on. What do I get if I win?”

“Well, it would only be fair if I’ll tell you MY secret in that case!” he said without thinking.

“What secret?” she said.

“Don’t play and you’ll never know!” he said teasingly.

He had no idea what he would tell her if he were to lose, since the only secret he could think of was one she could never know about. He would have to make something up if he lost. But he had a feeling he could beat the odds.

“Alright string bean, it’s go time!” she said, and held out her fist.

“Rock. Paper. Scissors!”

As expected, she started out with rock and so did Sam. If her predictable pattern had not changed in the last few years, she would now switch to paper. As expected, he beat her in round two with scissors.

“Wraa! Well I’m still not telling!” she said quickly and stuck her tongue out again.

“Oh no, you cannot just throw the sacred rock paper scissor convention out the window like that, or we’ll all be savages in no time. Let’s hear it, now!”

“Alright…” she said reluctantly and took another large gulp from the bottle. She was blushing a little as she continued with a slightly hushed voice. “Let’s just say… that it’s a reason that’s a whopping six inches long…”

She quickly took another swig and couldn’t look him in the eye. For a moment he didn’t know what to say. What the hell was she even talking about? He could think of one thing of course, but… no that was probably just his perverted mind twisting things again. Also it wouldn’t really make much sense. But then he saw her face turning a darker red during his silence, and he couldn’t come up with any other interpretation.

“Am, you’re not talking about his… dick are you?” he asked incredulously.

She was visibly embarrassed and took another sip.

“What can I say, I guess your big sister just has a bit of a thing for big dicks, little bro.” she said jokingly, but visibly uncomfortable.

“Yeah… I can understand that, but what does the ‘6 inch’ part have to do with that? That’s really not that big you know.”

“What? Of course it is!” she said slightly offended again.

“It really isn’t, in fact it’s quite average. Hell, my dick is bigger than that, quite a lot bigger actually!” he blurted out, immediately regretting this awkward statement. He made a mental note to stop drinking Schnapps and keep his stupid awkward mouth shut. She didn’t seem to take offense though.

“Yeah right! You wish bro!” she laughed and threw a pillow at him. He awkwardly threw it back with hardly any force.

“What can I say, it really is!”

He couldn’t believe he was sitting here trying to convince his own sexy sister how big his dick was! It was definitely a lot bigger than 6 inches though, that much was certain. He had done the measurements, so he would know. He took another big gulp from the cup.

“But Ray says it’s a lot bigger than average!” she said, hesitating slightly.

Sam started to understand what had happened. Amber had never paid much attention to boys, and probably had never even seen an erect penis during her teens. He was pretty sure she didn’t watch porn either, so she wouldn’t have had any reference material when she hooked up with this Ray douche. He had taken advantage of her inexperience in order to compensate for being the boring loser that he was. He had convinced her that he was really big, rather than just in the middle of the bell curve. Now she just took his lameness for granted because she thought he was exceptionally well hung.

“Well, Ray sounds like a bit of a liar then!”

“Pfff, you’re just jealous!” she said slightly offended.

“Hah, no reason to be!”

Alright then, ‘stud’, how big is yours?

“Why would I tell you? You don’t believe me anyway.”

“Come on, just tell me!”

“Fine, the last time I measured it was 9.1 inches.”

“Oh come ON! I think you have yourself confused with the actors in those movies you like to watch so much according to Natasha. Either that, or you’re suffering from delusions of grandeur!”

Sam stuck his tongue out again, and she also returned the gesture.

“Alright, believe what you want to believe… as long as you’re happy with your ‘whopping’ 6 inches!” he teased and lay back on his bed to look at his tablet.

She went back to reading her book, and nobody spoke for the rest of the movie except the TV. When the time came to go to bed he brushed his teeth and stripped down to his shirt and boxers. Just as he was about to get under the duvet, she asked:

“Aren’t you going to leave the room so I can change?”

“What? No way, this is my room, why should I leave?”

“Come on, you know that the bathroom lock is broken, I won’t be safe in there! Just give your big sister a bit of privacy!”

“I tell you what, I’ll close my eyes until you’re done!”

“Oh no, I know you better than that! You’re going to sneak a peek for sure! You’ll have to turn around and face the wall. Just play with your tablet or something until I say you can turn around again, OK?”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Shut up, if you had just gotten of your ass for a minute we wouldn’t have to do it this way.”

Sammy turned around and switched his tablet on.

“No peeking! Don’t let me catch you turning around to spy on me you perv, just keep your eyes on whatever it is you’re doing on your tablet!”

“Alright already, I promise!”

He tried to focus on his game, but couldn’t. On any other day he probably would have jerked off at least once or twice by now, and his dick and balls knew it. The idea that his big titted sister was undressing behind him didn’t help, nor did the alcohol. It took all of his self control not to quickly turn his head around and spy on her, or maybe even switch on the tablet’s front facing camera and point it at her over his shoulder. But she would definitely notice and would never let him hear the end of it. Or even worse, she would tell Natasha which meant everybody else wouldn’t hear the end of it, including his parents and people at school. Besides, he could never break a promise to his big sister.

All of a sudden he remembered: the solution was right in front of him! A few months ago he had used his savings to buy a new gadget: a wireless HD security camera. Besides simply being interested in the tech, he had got it because he suspected the little brat Natasha of sneaking into his room and mess around on his computer while he was out. He had set it up on top of the closet behind the TV, so that its wide lens would cover the whole room. The device came with a companion app on his phone and tablet that allowed you to control it remotely. While it was recording it would wirelessly upload the footage to his computer’s hard drive. But more importantly, the app also allowed you to see the live camera feed while it was recording!

At the time he had used it for two weeks or so, turning it on whenever he left the house and going through the recorded footage later. Once the novelty of the thing wore off it had gotten old real quick though: Natasha never showed up on the footage, and looking at hours and hours of his uneventful room that he was already in each day just wasn’t very interesting. He had stopped using it, and after a while had forgotten it was even there. If he was able to connect to it now though he could spy on her without her noticing and without him breaking his promise. After all, he only promised to keep looking at his tablet and not turn around. He repositioned himself so that there was no way she could see the tablet’s screen, turned off his game and switched to the camera companion app. He tapped the ‘connect’ button, and a second later his prayers were answered as the image of his room appeared in crystal clear HD color quality.

He saw himself lying on bed in the background, but was immediately drawn to the image of his sister in the foreground. She had just finished sorting out her clothes and toiletries on the futon, had already taken off her pants and was now taking off her top. He quickly tapped the ‘record’ button and had to stifle a gasp as she casually lifted the garment higher and her bouncing tits were unleashed. My God she was beautiful, with her milky white skin and her big dark nipples. He knew it was wrong but he could look at this for hours, and certainly would do so the moment she left.

He kept staring at her magnificent tits, mesmerized. He thought about everything he wanted to do to them: cupping them with his hands; sucking on those big nipples; rubbing them with baby oil and sliding his big hard cock between them. The list just went on. They swayed gently as she moved around. Just when he thought it couldn’t get any better, she slowly bent over and rolled her panties down while her big tits were dangling below her.

She got up; her voluptuous body was now completely exposed to the camera. He frantically operated the camera’s pan and zoom controls to get a better close up view of her pussy. He had dreamed about it for so long now, about licking it, fucking it. Now he had to capture every detail of it before she turned around or covered it somehow.

When the camera was zoomed in, he got exactly that: glorious detail. Unlike the natural bush he had seen in the shower that one time, she was now completely shaved except from a little triangle of black trimmed hair above her clit. It was pointing downwards, as if giving directions. Her outer lips were relatively small, but her inner ones were bigger and sticking out. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen. His dick got so hard it almost started to hurt a little.

After drooling over the image of her pussy for a few seconds, he noticed a little flickering of reflecting light right below the triangle of hair as she moved. At first he wasn’t sure what it was, then when he saw it again he realized it was a little metal ring. He couldn’t believe it; his sophisticated, never stepping out of line sister had shaved her pussy and gotten a piercing through her clit! She must be really getting in touch with her wild side there on campus. There was no way their parents would approve of this, but then again how would they ever find out.

He zoomed out the camera again to get another shot of her gorgeous tits. He realized he was going to need tissues after she left, and lots of them. When he zoomed out far enough to get her whole body in the frame again he noticed to his shock that she had turned her head around and was looking at him on the bed now. Had she realized what he was doing? Could she see herself on the tablet screen after all from where she was standing?

“What are you doing, little bro?” she asked in a sharp, suspicious tone.

“Nothing, just playing my game” he said, as he quickly switched back to his game.

“Don’t you try to trick me little boy, cause I’ll notice it immediately if you’re trying to cheat! I’m keeping my eyes on you, so you better keep playing that game!” she said in a mock berating voice.

It looked like he was safe.

When she finished getting ready she turned off the light and got under her duvet.

“Night Sammy.”

“Night Am.”

It was silent for a few minutes before he heard her voice in the darkness.

“You were just bragging, right?”

“About what?” he asked, deliberately acting clueless.

“Oh please, you know exactly what I mean.”

“Alright then: no, I was not bragging.”

She thought for a moment.

“I’ve seen it before, remember? It sure wasn’t 9 inches!”

“And how long ago was that? Years, right?”

She fell silent.

They had both seen each other naked occasionally when they were kids, but that had stopped once their bodies started growing up.

“I’ve grown quite a bit since then. I mean the last time I saw your tits they were barely even there, and look at them now!”

“I guess…” she says.

“And besides, you’ve never seen it hard. The 9 inches only apply when it’s hard, as I’m sure you know.”

Again, he couldn’t believe he’s talking about his hard dick and her big tits with his sexy sister, and she wasn’t even offended! It must be the Schnapps talking for both of them.

“I still find it hard to believe. I mean 9 inches is just not natural, only porn stars who use whatever it is they advertise in those gross ‘grow your penis’ spam mails would have a size like that.”

“Well I guess sometimes it’s true for regular Joes like me too,” he replied.

“Maybe you used the measuring tape wrong? Were you measuring using the metric scale side of it instead of using inches? 9 centimeter would be a lot more believable.”

“Please!” He said, slightly offended. “I know how to use and read a measuring tape!”

She was quiet for a little while, then he heard her take another sip from the bottle and say:

“Prove it.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had been doing his best to keep his filthy incestuous thoughts out of his mind and have a normal conversation with her, but she really wasn’t making it easy.

“How am I supposed to do that?” he asked hesitantly.

“Where is that measuring tape you used?”

“In the top desk drawer?” he said, still uncertain.

Was she really going to do this? She turned on her bed light, walked over to the desk to get the measuring tape, and sat down on the bed again.

“Quickly!” she said excitedly and patted the futon. “Come over before I change my mind!”

His dick was so big and hard that it was sticking up from behind the hem of his boxers already, so he made sure his long T-shirt covered it before he got up and sat down beside her. He grabbed a pillow from the bed and put it in front of his crotch to make sure she couldn’t see the outline of his tool yet. He wanted to see how far he could take this. She stretched the rolled out measuring tape between both hands.

“Alright, Mr. Big, let’s see it. Time to find out whether you’re bragging or not. I bet you there is no way it’s going to be 9 inches or over. So put your money where your mouth is and show me!”

“Them’s fightin words! Care to make it interesting?” he said, playing on her competitive nature again.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, what’s in it for me if it really is 9 inches or longer?”

“My admiration?”

“Not good enough.”

“Plus I will tell all my girlfriends at uni what a big cock you have. You’ll be a legend by the time you go there!”

“That’s nice, but I still need more. I’m exposing myself here.”

“OK, what do you want then?”

It was probably the booze talking, but now that they had gotten to this point he felt he might as well gamble everything.

“Why don’t YOU put your money where your mouth is. Or rather, put my cock where your mouth is.”

“Excuse me?”

It was everything or nothing now.

“If I win, you have to suck my cock.”

“Oh my god you’re such a perv! you know I can’t do that, you’re my little brother! That’s incest!”

“Come on, cocks are cocks, no matter who’s attached to them! You said so yourself: you’re into really big ones, so you practically can’t lose! You either don’t have to suck an average cock or you get to suck a huge one. And besides, you don’t think I’m telling the truth anyway.”

“Right, I still don’t!” she replied laughing, but sounding a bit tipsy and more agreeable to the idea.

“So what have you got to lose, nothing really!”

“And what do I get out of this if you do measure under 9 inches, as I still expect you will?”

For a moment he considered offering going down on her if that happened, since it seemed a fair and equivalent counter offer. Then he thought better of it, realizing that she probably still would consider that more of a prize for him than for her. And she would be right. He quickly thought of something else.

“How about I’ll do all your chores during this visit?”

Whenever she came over from uni, their parents’ “our house, our rules” principle came into effect and she had to help with the trash, dishes, cleaning, and so on. He knew she hated doing all those things, so this might be a good bargaining chip.

“Ha, not good enough! No way is that an equal reward to getting your dick sucked!”

Well, it was worth the try. He thought about what else he could offer her, when she surprised him and said:

“Maybe if you’ll do my chores for all my visits FOR A WHOLE YEAR!”

He pretended to consider it for a while, and then agreed to her terms.

“Alright, now show me so I can measure it!”

“Whoa, hold on sis!”

“What, backing out already? An unfortunate case of spontaneous shrinkage perhaps?” she sneered.

“Not at all, but as I said, it has to be hard before we can measure or it won’t be fair.”

“OK… So make it hard!” she said matter-of-factly.

“Well, it’s a bit awkward when there’s somebody else in the room, especially if that someone is my own sister! I’m going to need a bit of incentive.”

He didn’t mention that his dick had been rock hard since the moment she started undressing, but thought he might as well try to get a bit more out of this wager.

“What do you mean, do you want to watch porn or something?”

“I’m sure if you show me your tits it would do the trick!”

“My God Sammy, are you really such a horny perv that you’re turned on by your older sister’s breasts?” she says, “You should be ashamed!”

“Says the girl who wants to see her little brother’s big hard cock!”

“That’s different.”

“Not to me it isn’t. Besides: tits are tits no matter who they belong to, especially big ones.” he said. “My cock doesn’t see the difference and will get hard regardless, thank you very much!”

She couldn’t really come up with any other excuses, though she certainly tried. Eventually she gave in:

“If you ever tell anybody about this I’ll kill you!”


She hesitantly started lifting her nightshirt over her head. Her big tits got caught on the fabric and bounced down gently as she lifted it higher, leaving her naked except for her panties. He was already as hard as he could be, so all he did was stroke it more while pretending he was trying to get hard. She sat still, looking a bit shyly at his stroking hand behind the pillow.

While jerking off, he couldn’t control himself. He had to touch them. He reached out with his free hand out to her glorious tits.

“Hey!” she said, flinching. “That wasn’t the agreement! Look but don’t touch!”

“I have to Am, I need the incentive or we’ll be here all night.”

She pouted a little, then moved back forward and let him fondle her.

He almost came when he felt one of her firm tits and squeezed it, and he had to stop actually jerking off. Instead he just moved his hand up and down behind the pillow, pretending he was still trying to get hard. He rubbed her nipple, feeling it get hard as a direct result of his touch. He pinched it, and she involuntarily let out a breathy high-pitched squeal. Both her nipples had gotten big and hard now. It was such a turn on to see and feel!

“Oh my, maybe I’m not the only one perving on their sibling here after all?” he teased, looking at her raised nipples.

She blushed.

“Shut up.”

“I’m going to need a little more, can you show me your pussy as well?”

“Oh come on, this is getting ridiculous! I’ve shown you more than enough, it’s time you show me yours so we can settle this bet!”

Sam thought quickly. He longed to see her actual pussy up close, not just on a screen. He had to smell it and, if possible, touch it. A new idea formed in his mind.

“How about another wager?” he proposed.

“Another one? We haven’t even settled the first one!”

“This will be a wager inside a wager.”

“What do you mean?”

“How about this: If I can accurately guess what your pussy looks like, you’ll have to move your panties aside and show it to me, AND follow any other instructions I might give in order to get hard.”

She was thinking for a moment.

“Agreed, and if you guess wrong, you’ll have to show me your cock right now and let me measure it, hard or not. No more delays, no more preparation. You better get ready for a year of dishes boy!”

“OK, it’s a deal.”

“Alright let’s hear it. What do you think my pussy looks like?”

“Wait, what’s to stop you from simply pretending I got it wrong when I actually guess correctly? I mean, you could just act like it was the wrong answer and I would never know.”

“I think we’re all adults here, so we should be able to rely on the honor system, right? If you guess correctly I will honestly tell you, I promise.”

That was good enough for him, as promises had always been sacred between them regardless of the topic.

“Alright, here goes nothing…”

Sam knew the trick was to describe her pussy accurately enough, without giving away that he had already seen it up close in high definition less than half an hour ago. And that he hadn’t been able to get the image out of his head since. He had to use everything he knew about her personality and combine it with a bit of BS. He started:

“Let’s see… You’re very clever and intelligent, but you’ve always been a run-of-the-mill kind of girl by nature. Never stepping out of line or doing anything different. You never gave in to fads like crazy hairdos or tattoos. You never rebelled properly, or went partying during your teens. You didn’t have any interest in impressing or turning on boys, or any kind of desire to be kinky in any way. So you’ve probably always kept your pussy all natural, no shaving or waxing except for your bikini line.”

Her face showed the hint of a smile.

“But that changed since you entered campus life. You probably started to realize that there’s more in life than books and art, and you’ve been discovering your wild side ever since. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have started to rebel against your mild and conforming nature since then, showing yourself that you can be a wild girl too. But of course not in a way that mom and dad could notice, because you’re too chicken for that.”

“Whatever!” she said, still smiling.

“So I’m guessing you’ve probably changed your all-natural look down there, and got rid of most of that bush. But you wouldn’t shave it completely because you think that’s something only slutty girls do, so you probably left a little bit of hair, like a landing strip or a mustache. Actually it’s probably a triangle at the top, since you like symmetric geometric shapes so much in modern art!”

Her smile had turned into an unbelieving frown.

“But that’s not all,” he continued. “Trimming and waxing is just something superficial and temporary, and can easily be undone completely in a few weeks. You wanted to make a bigger statement, something permanent that would stay there for the rest of your life. I’m guessing a piercing, like a stud or a ring through your clit. Yes, a ring, again because you like geometric shapes.”

She looked at him incredulously.

“What the fuck.” she said slightly disturbed, blushing again and looking distraught.

“Did I get it right?” he said hopeful.

He could see she was trying to figure out how he could have known any of this, but she apparently couldn’t come up with anything explanation. Eventually she must have concluded that she was just more predictable than she thought.

“Yes, you got it right you pervert.”

“Great! Let’s have a look at that shaven pussy!”

She reluctantly spread her legs and pulled her panties sideways, briefly flashing her pussy before quickly moving the panties back.

“Oh no you don’t!” he said. “We had a deal, remember?”

Her cheeks turning red and pouting, she pulled it aside again and let him have a closer look. To his surprise, she was visibly aroused. Her bare labia were swollen and wet. His mouth got dry as he started stroking himself again.

“It looks like your mouth is not the only body part eager to meet my cock!” he teased again, breathing a bit harder.

“Oh just get on with it!” she said, visibly embarrassed. “I can’t believe I’m even going along with all this.”

“A bet’s a bet. Can you play a bit with your pussy?”

She looked like she was about to object, but then probably remembered that part of the agreement was to follow all further instructions. She leaned back until she was resting on one elbow, then slowly started rubbing her fingers over her wet pussy.

“Man that looks so hot! ” he whispered with a hoarse voice. “Can you moan a bit as well while you do it?”

“Come on Sammy, it’s so embarrassing! I never moan when I play with myself, or even when Ray and I have sex. A bit of heavy breathing is as loud as I get.”

“Just fake it then, it would really help me out!”

She started making overreacted moaning sounds, as if she was imitating a faking porn actress.

“Not like that, make it sound real!”

She tried making more of an effort and he pinched one of her nipples again, harder now. Her gasp got mixed with her moaning and it sounded really convincing now. It was the horniest thing he ever heard, and seen for that matter. She seemed to be getting more into it, moaning and breathing hard while moving her finger up and down in her pussy.

He couldn’t take it any longer. He quickly took off his boxers, got on his knees in front of her and removed the pillow. She was still lying backwards, leaning on one elbow while the other hand was pleasuring herself. She was still moaning when she saw the huge throbbing cock dangling in front of her face. Her moan turned into a gasp.

“Oh my God it’s so big…” she said, looking at his tool hungrily. She apparently was convinced it was as big as he had claimed, as she didn’t even pick up the measuring tape any more. Instead, she grabbed his cock with one hand, moved closer and put it in her mouth without another word.

Sam was in absolute heaven. This is what he had been dreaming about for years now. His sex goddess of a sister’s head moving up and down, pleasuring his cock with her hot wet mouth and looking up at him with big eyes. She took his hand and placed it on the back of her head, indicating she wanted him to push down to get his cock deeper in her mouth. With his other hand he started rubbing and fingering her wet pussy.

Her moaning got more intense as he rubbed her clit harder, and she took his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her cheeks were flushed with a mixture of shame and lust. After a few minutes there wasn’t much left from her original reservations when she said:

“Can you please lick my pussy Sammy?”

She got on her knees and wriggled her butt up high in the air, exposing her swollen genitals. He got down and started licking and fingering her drenched pussy. She started moaning again and eventually he felt her tighten and spasm violently as she came.

“Oh my God brother, you’re a real talent!” she panted, “I hope nobody heard-”

Sam had gotten on his knees behind her and couldn’t help himself. He had to fuck her dripping wet cunt, sister or not. His cock was still wet and so was she, so he was able to shove it in with relative ease, although it was extremely tight. She gasped again.

“No Sammy, we can’t! I’m your sister! Oh my God! Sammy, you have to…Oh!”

What had started as protests slowly turned to surprise and then to moans of pleasure.

Not that it mattered much, as he was deaf to her pleas at this point. He was fucking her frantically like an animal, relentlessly pumping her as hard and fast as he could. He was also taking out several years of sexual frustration on her wet tight cunt.

“Oh God Sammy, your dick is so hard…” she gasped, her voice trembling from his pounding. “Please don’t stop, fuck your sister hard little brother!”

He grabbed her ass and thrusted harder, making her bury her face in the pillow in order to not wake up the entire house with her moans and screams. She had another orgasm, which forced his cock out of her contracting pussy. He immediately shoved it back in and fucked her even harder. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he was doing the exact opposite of everything he was ever taught at any sex-ed class, but he had lost all form of rational control the moment he had entered her. Now his whole being was bent on thrusting his massive cock as hard into this soaked pussy as he could.

When he was close to climaxing, he considered maybe pulling out. Then he felt her pussy tightening again around his cock as she was cumming yet again, and immediately that logic went out the window as well. Hoping she was still on the pill, he thrusted harder and filled his moaning sister’s juicy pussy up with cum as her screams of pleasure were muffled by the pillow.

He laid down next to her, both breathing heavily. He was exhausted, and slightly overwhelmed by all these feelings of love, lust and gratitude he felt for his big sister. They dosed for a few minutes in each other’s arms. He had never felt this good, and he wished they could stay like this forever: her head resting on her shoulder, her big heavy breasts pressing against him, and her leg draped over his. He thought about everything that had happened so far and how amazing it had been. Sure it was going to be awkward in the morning when the booze had worn off, but this moment could never be taken away from him. They would worry about the rest tomorrow.

“Congratulations, ‘big’ brother, you won the bet…” she whispered in his ear. “Oh my God you’re going to make so many girls cum screaming with that thing, you just need a bit of self confidence…” They both fell into a blissful sleep.

When he woke up the next morning she had already gone downstairs. When he met her and the rest of the family for breakfast it was as he had expected: awkward. She avoided all eye contact and barely spoke a word to him. The rest of the day she avoided him as well. His parents didn’t notice, but that afternoon Natasha did ask if they had had a fight or something.

It was too bad, but he didn’t know what to do about it. For him it was the best night of his life, and at least he had the video recording of the whole thing as a souvenir. He hoped that eventually things would go back to normal and they would just pretend it hadn’t happened. In fact, he should probably suggest exactly that tonight, maybe that would make things less awkward.

But when he got to his room that night she had already gone to bed and turned off the lights. So much for talking then, he didn’t have much choice now but to go to bed as well.

He woke up abruptly from one of his sex dreams when it was still completely dark. For a moment he thought he was still dreaming, because he could definitely feel his sister sucking is rock hard cock again. She must have gotten horny, climbed into his bed and made him hard while he was sleeping.

“Am, what are you…” he started saying, but she shushed him as he felt her move her leg over his face so that she was sitting on top of him, still sucking his cock. He smelled her wet pussy hovering above his face and hungrily started licking it. It didn’t take long before they were both pleasuring each other with their mouths. He could tell she had a thing for big cocks, because she just couldn’t get enough of his. She desperately tried to get as much of it in her mouth while caressing his balls. Meanwhile he worked on her pussy with matched enthusiasm, playing with her lips and the little ring through her clit and fucking her with his tongue until she came.

Then she moved her body forward until she was sitting in the reverse cowgirl position. She took hold of his dick and gently lowered herself on top of it. She started bouncing up and down hard, fucking herself with his big cock and trying not to moan too hard. It didn’t take her long to cum again. When she got her breath back, she said with a little girl’s voice:

“I want you to cum in my mouth little brother!”

She got off him and got on all fours. He got on his knees and shoved his cock back into her mouth. He held her head with both hands and started mouth fucking her. It felt so good it didn’t take him long either before he came in her mouth while groaning loudly. She greedily swallowed his cum as best she could, but in the dark his squirting cock quickly made a sticky mess of her mouth, chin and tits. When he was done she went to the sink to clean herself up and went to bed without saying another word. He could learn to live with this kind of awkwardness, he thought. When he got up the next morning she had already left for campus again.

The following days he jerked off several times a day, thinking about the things they had done together. Sometimes he watched the recorded footage of them fucking and sucking together. Initially he had been annoyed with himself for not turning on the light during their in-the-dark activities. It had been a pleasant surprise to discover that the camera had actually switched to infrared mode automatically the moment it got too dark.

On most occasions however he felt that his own memory was an even bigger turn on to jerk off to than the footage, remembering the smells, tastes, and textures. He wondered what it was going to be like to see her again in two months, and whether things would still be so awkward between them then.

That Friday he was having breakfast with his parents and Natasha.

“Oh by the way Sammy,” his mom said, “make sure you clean up your room before tonight, Amber’s coming again.”

He looks surprised.

“So soon?”

“Yes, apparently she just broke up with her boyfriend and now wants to spend more time with us, poor thing! She’ll be visiting every weekend for now.”

Sam could already feel his dick starting to get hard again.

“Oh, that’s nice.” he said, trying to sound uninterested but not quite being able to suppress a smile.

“Isn’t it? She also said she had a great time hanging out with you in your room last week, and was looking forward to doing it again this weekend. I’m so happy that you two still get to spend time together! Anyway, make sure you’re prepared for when she comes!”

Oh, he most certainly would be. In fact, he already was.

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