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You’re an Adult

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I live in a nice little development. We only have fifteen units which means we get to know all the other occupants of the units quite quickly. There are two central units facing the main street with an U shaped drive around them and the other thirteen units spread around the outer side of the U.

Recently the unit across the drive from mine fell vacant and a young couple picked up the lease. I got to meet them quickly enough but wasn’t too impressed. My opinion of him was that he was a dweeb. She on the other hand, while very pretty, seemed dreadfully shy. Totally lacking confidence in herself, from what I saw. The way things stood I couldn’t see them becoming my boon companions.

Mind you, there was one thing I appreciated. Like I said, Stella was very pretty, and she had this penchant for wearing tight yoga pants. Girls like her are why yoga pants were invented. You couldn’t help but lust after her seeing her walking along in those tight pants.

I came very close to meeting Stella by accident a few days later. I was reversing onto the drive when she decided to do the same. Her garage door went up and she was backing out, fast, as soon as the door was high enough to give her car clearance. Fortunately, I was watching my mirrors. I leaned on the horn and, as I had just changed into forward, I was able to tread on the accelerator and escape, but it was a near thing.

I stopped just short of the road and got out and looked at Stella. She just cringed slightly in her seat, mouthing apologies. I suggested rear view mirrors and slower exits wouldn’t hurt, returned to my car, and drove away.

That was the first incident. A few days later I was working in the garden. A bunch of young lads from some of the back units were standing in the middle of the drive with their bikes, yacking away about something. I saw the garage door across the way going up and remembered Stella’s previous exit.

I gave a yell of warning to the boys, telling them an idiot was on the road, or words to that effect.

They scattered and Stella came charging out right where they’d been congregated. It was like watching an eagle swoop on a covey of quail, only to see the quail head in all directions at the last moment.

Stella hadn’t even noticed them. She was changing gear, ready to take off, when I reached her car and yanked open the door. She looked startled, not having seen me.

“Damn it, woman,” I snarled at her. “Do you drive with your eyes closed? You near as damn skittled those kids on their bikes. It was no thanks to you that you missed them. Slow down in the driveway. If you can’t slow down, park in the street.”

She was full of apologies again, but as soon as I closed the door she took off, leaving me feeling irritated. If she wasn’t careful someone would get hurt.

It turned out that that someone was damned near me. I was at my letterbox, clearing out all the junk mail when Stella came swinging off the road and into the driveway, moving much too fast. She might have been in the process of slowing down but her initial speed had her swinging wide, her wheels brushing my lawn and the wing of her car brushing me. At least, it would have if I hadn’t taking evasive action. I tripped doing that and finished up flat on back anyway.

Stella continued on into her garage and parked, then came racing back to me. It seems that she had noticed me standing there and then seen me going backwards and was horrified to think she had actually hit me.

I was standing back up when Stella came rushing over and I gave her a very cold look.

“Why don’t you step inside for a moment,” I said, trying my best to put a wolf-sized bite in my voice. “I’d like a word with you.”

I turned and stalked back into my unit, Stella trailing nervously behind. Once inside I turned to her.

“Your driving is atrocious,” I stated plainly. “Three times in the past week you’ve nearly had an accident right here. I hate to think of the carnage on the roads when you’re actually out and about. Why the hell don’t you slow down a bit and use your damn mirrors?”

She dithered a little but there wasn’t much she could say. She was at fault and she knew it. She did try to point out that if I hadn’t just been standing there the latest accident wouldn’t have happened.

“What? I shouldn’t get my mail because you might hit me with your car?” I asked. “Are you sure you’re thinking these things through.”

She apologised all over again, promising to go slower in the future.

“Oddly enough, that’s what you said last time,” I pointed out. “Remember last time, when you nearly skittled the boys and their bikes. Or do you have so many near misses that they tend to blur into a generic whole?

Strictly speaking you lousy driving is none of my business. I should just tell your husband to speak to you about it, but I suspect he wouldn’t be much use. As I seem to be your favourite victim I’ve decided it’s up to me to do something.

If you were a child, this would be a lot easier. I’d just spank you and ground you. As you’re an adult I guess I’ll have to do something that will drive it home to you that you are a grown woman and responsible for your own actions.”

“Um, what do you mean,” she asked nervously. “What do you intend doing.”

I moved slowly around her, speaking quietly.

“Well, I’m just going to have to show you that you’re an adult.”

I paused behind her, took hold of her yoga pants and yanked them down to her knees. Her panties came with them. She gave a squeal, but didn’t move.

Back in front of her again, and she was looking at me aghast, face bright red.

“You shouldn’t do that,” she muttered. “Nobody has ever seen me like that before.”

“Really? And have you ever had an irate man ravish you before?”

I don’t think her face got any redder, but her embarrassment was obvious.

“You wouldn’t,” she said, plainly horrified. “You couldn’t, anyway,” she added, sounding slightly relieved.

“I couldn’t?” I asked. “Why couldn’t I?”

“It’s not night-time, and even if it was I wouldn’t be going down to your bedroom with you.”

Was she for real? She certainly sounded as though she believed what she was saying.

“Ah, Stella, what makes you think a person can’t have sex unless it’s night and they’re in a bedroom?”

She gave me a perplexed look.

“That’s just how it’s done,” she explained.

In reply I reached down and gently cupped her pussy and squeezed it slightly. Her eyes went wide open.

“You can’t touch me like that,” she exclaimed.

“Why not? It seems to me I just did?”

“Men just don’t touch women like that, and you know it.”

They didn’t? That was news to me. What the hell did she think they did? I mean, she was married. She should have some idea of what goes on.

I unzipped. Thinking of taking her had got my cock semi-erect. Bringing it out into the light completed the job. Stella looked as though she was about to go into shock.

“What’s that supposed to be?” she wanted to know.

Come on! She couldn’t be serious. No way.

“Stella. You are married. Doesn’t your husband ever have sex with you?”

“Of course,” she said, blushing madly.

“Then surely you have at some stage you have seen his cock before he sticks it in you,” I practically snarled at her.

“Certainly not,” she said huffily. “He does that sort of thing at night with the lights off. He would never expect me to look at him naked.”

It was face-palm time. The man wasn’t just a dweeb, he was an outrageous moron as well, and it looked as though his idiocy might be contagious. I’d really only intended to scare Stella a little, enough to make her take more care when driving. Now, I was wondering what the hell.

Stella squeaked when I leaned down and finished pushing her yoga pants and panties down to her ankles, insisting she step out of them. Once she’d done that I ran my hand over her mound again, rubbing it lightly. Stella shied like a startled cat, backing away from me.

“Take hold of my cock,” I told her. “I think you need to know what one is.”

She did. Reluctantly, but she took hold of it, slowly running her hand along it.

“You know, Stella, I was just going to bend you forward over the nearest chair and take you from behind, but I’ve changed my mind.”

She perked up a little, looking relieved. Then came the let-down.

“I’ve decided you need to know a bit more about what men actually do to women. So I’m going to bend you backward so you can watch as my cock enters you. It’s nice and light here and you’ll be able to see everything. Won’t that be fun?”

Stella looked down at the little prize she was holding and shook her head.

“No,” she protested. “It won’t be fun. Will you look at the size of that thing?”

“Um, are you complaining that it’s too big or too small? Either way, that’s the equipment I’m stuck with. And that you’re about to be stuck with.”

“This isn’t funny. It’s too big and you know it.”

I didn’t know it. I’d always though it average. And how would she know if she’d never seen one before? For all she knew the dweeb might have one twice my size. She glared at me when I pointed that out.

“Of course he doesn’t,” she snapped.

“But you don’t know,” I told her. “I suggest you keep the lights on tonight so you can see for yourself. Take along a tape measure and you can get an accurate idea of his length.”

I don’t know. You make a helpful suggestion, but do you get thanked? You do not.

“Ah, well, let’s get the show on the road. Take off your top.”

Stella paled slightly. The way the blood seemed to rush to her face as she blushed and then fade away when she went pale, it was a wonder she didn’t faint.

“Why would I take off my top?”

“I’m going to make love to you, remember? It’s far nicer if I can play with your breasts while I’m doing so. Don’t tell me no-one’s seen your bare breasts before.”

The flush on her face told me the answer to that one. Her husband was obviously in for a short life. He was too damn stupid to live long.

“Well, this is your day for firsts. Take the top off. Do you want me to do it for you?”

She just stood there, arms by her side, looking helpless. I took hold of her top. She obediently lifted her arms on command and I lifted the top up and off. The bra didn’t take long to go.

Stella promptly covered her breasts with her hands. I just as promptly pushed her hands down to her sides, then stood back and admired her nudity.

“You look marvellous,” I said softly, my eyes on her breasts. To my amusement I could see her nipples puckering, as though sensitive to my eyes upon them.

There was an armchair conveniently behind Stella. I moved towards her and she backed off a little until she found herself leaning back against the chair. Her legs were nicely parted and I was now standing between them.

I moved my cock down and eased it forward, rubbing it lightly against Stella’s lips. Stella watched for a while and then gave this odd little sigh.

“Well, if you must, you must,” she said. “Go ahead.”

It was funny. She didn’t seem scared about what was going to happen. A little nervous because she considered me too big, perhaps, but mainly she seemed slightly irritated that she was going to be inconvenienced. Just what sort of sexual experience had she had, I wondered.

I didn’t rush things. Her nipples told me she was slightly aroused, but a quick probe with a finger told me she wasn’t really ready for me. I started gently massaging, rubbing her mons, brushing back and forth across her lips, doing my best to get her aroused. A few more gentle probes and I found that she was coming along nicely. If I started off now she should be wet enough to assist my entrance, and that would probably make her even wetter.

Stella was deliberately looking elsewhere when I pressed myself against her, and I wasn’t having that.

“Watch,” I said, tilting her head slightly.

Blushing, she watched as my cock slowly pressed against her, encouraging her lips to move aside and let it in. She gave a startled gasp as I started to sink into her hot passage.

“What are you doing?” she gasped. “That feels odd. It shouldn’t feel like that.”

“Feels right to me,” I said. Now that I was entering her I felt free to take hold of her breasts. I gently rubbed them, teasing the nipples, while I slowly sank deeper.

“You do know that you’re supposed to press towards me when I enter you, don’t you?” I asked. “It’s the polite thing to do.”

“Really?” she gasped, squirming a little as I eased a little further forward.

“Really,” I said nodding.

I saw her swallow nervously and then she pushed towards me, assisting me to drive in deeper. It wasn’t much longer and I was nicely sheathed in her hot, wet, passage, feeling it clinging around me.

Stella was looking somewhat shocked, as though she didn’t understand what was going on. Apparently, she didn’t.

“What are you doing to me?” she whispered.

“Showing you that you’re an adult, remember?” I said quietly. “Now watch.”

I leaned back a little so she could have a clear view of where I was entering her. While she watched I pulled slowly out, halted when nearly clear and pushed back in firmly, admonishing her to, “Push, sweetheart,” as I drove in. I continued that for a while, Stella looking down at my cock sliding in and out of her, first pushing gently when I came into her and then with greater enthusiasm as she became more fully aroused.

Satisfied that she was riding along nicely I leaned back over her, hands capturing her breasts again, teasing them to a more vivid life. Stella pushed her breasts more firmly into my hands, her hips enthusiastically bumping up to meet me.

Little love noises were escaping from between her lips, sounds of amazement and appreciation. At some stage her legs came up and wrapped around me as I drove into her, helping to pull me in, wanting all of me as deep as possible. I deliberately tried to hold the pace down a notch, wanting it to go on for as long as possible.

After a while Stella wasn’t making any sense at all. She was just burbling while clinging to me and moving with me just as hard as she could. It was pretty plain that she was riding the cusp of an orgasm and would be tumbling over the edge at any moment. So I pushed her.

I drove in harder and faster, the increase in speed taking her completely by surprise. She didn’t have time to adjust, her climax just smashed through her, carrying her away, gasping for air.

I let my own climax run as soon as Stella fell, greatly relieved to be able to do so. Then I was able to relax while she got herself back together.

When she finally sat up a little straighter she found herself in the armchair she had previously been leaning against.

“What did you do to me?” she demanded, giving me an accusing look.

“I showed you that I considered you an adult. One who should be willing to take on the responsibility of driving in a safe and sensible manner,” I said. “Oh, and I had sex with you to demonstrate that I’m serious about this.”

“That wasn’t having sex with me. That’s not how you have sex.”

“It’s not?” I asked. “Well, that’s the way I do it and I enjoy it like that so I’ll just keep doing it my way. You have complaints about how I went, perhaps?”

“Ah, no, I don’t think so,” she said quickly.

Maybe no complaints about me but I suspected that the dweeb might be in for a rough time. That was his problem. Fancy not working to satisfy that woman’s needs. What was he playing at? I suspected that he’d have to learn pretty quickly.

“Might I say that I have no complaints about the way you responded,” I murmured. “You were an amazingly responsive partner.”

Stella blushed and kept silent but I could see that my words were a shot in the arm to her.

I kept Stella talking for a while, getting her to tell me about herself and what she wanted from life. She loosened up and chatted away, apparently not remembering that she was still naked. I wondered which would come first. The realisation of her nudity or my lust for a repeat performance.

Unfortunately, her realisation. She suddenly glanced down at herself, gave a gasp and scrambled for her clothes. Pity. She left shortly afterwards with a promise that she’d watch her driving.

I watched her go with a silent promise that I was going to repeat the afternoon’s performance, and soon. Very soon. Maybe I should tell her I’m willing to give her some sex education lessons – the practical kind.

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