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Cruising on the Jenny Green

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The sun was just peeking over the horizon when I slid back the hatch cover and climbed up the short stairs to the deck of the Jenny Green. I had new clients coming on board at ten, and wanted to make sure everything was in order. Brandy had already cleaned the cabins, changed the sheets on the beds, and stocked up the galley. All that remained was to check the sails, rigging, and engine. After that, I’d make the short trip over to Fred’s to top off her water and fuel tanks, and get a couple extra quarts of oil.

The Jenny Green is fifty feet of grace sculpted in fiberglass and teak. She’s rigged to sail single-handed in a pinch, so the inexperience of my clients isn’t really a factor. She’s big enough to have two staterooms and captain’s and mate’s quarters, and carries a small galley with seating for six if they’re friendly. I can weather almost any wind that may blow up, but usually that isn’t a problem. The seas around Miami are pretty predictable except during hurricane season. When that time of year rolls around, I put her on her cradle and do my repairs.

One of the best parts of my job is the people who sail on my cruises. I get a feel for clients during phone calls and correspondence about the trip, and then, when I see them, I get to check out the picture I’ve put together. Sometimes, my hunches are on the money; sometimes, I’m so far off the mark it’s embarrassing. Wanda Sanders and Marilyn Beech are an example of the latter.

They phoned to inquire about a weeklong trip around the Keys. I asked if they wanted to help crew the boat.

“Good heavens, no”, said Wanda. “I’m fifty eight, and Marilyn’s fifty-nine. We don’t know the first thing about sailing. I just read this romance novel about a Caribbean cruise, and sailing seemed like it might be fun. Marilyn and I thought we’d try it out.”

Since the two women didn’t want to help, Brandy came along as my crew. Brandy’s my twenty-five year old assistant. While I’m off sailing the deep blue, Brandy takes care of my bookings, pays the bills, and checks in a couple times a day by radio. If I need anything, she arranges for it to be delivered at our next port of call. Brandy’s been sailing since she was old enough to hold a tiller and she can climb a mast like a monkey. She’s a big help when the weather gets a little rough. She also looks really great in a bikini, so she’s a big hit with our male clients. Unfortunately, I’m not her type. Brandy likes young, muscular guys. I’m forty-one, and the heaviest thing I like to lift is a scotch bottle. It’s probably better that we don’t have anything going. Office affairs never work out, even if the office is the cabin of a sailboat a hundred miles from the nearest port.

The first thing I noticed about Wanda and Marilyn was they looked a lot like our typical Miami senior citizens. It was pretty obvious that Wanda dyed her shoulder-length hair. I’ve seen a lot of redheads on these cruises, and natural red just doesn’t come that color. It did contrast well with the loose green blouse she wore, though. Marilyn had a silver blonde bob that I figured was probably real. Both women had pretty good legs, too, at least, the part I could see below their knee length shorts. Wanda wore a big floppy Mexican hat, to keep off the sun, I suppose, although it looked a little ridiculous. Marilyn wore an oversized T-shirt that said “World’s Best Grandma”, but she didn’t wear a hat. She had on one of those things that look like the bill of a baseball cap, but are just attached to a headband.

I noticed the second thing right after we’d passed the harbor buoy and I was setting the autopilot. I smelled perfume and felt the unmistakable swell of a breast pressing into my arm. Marilyn was looking over my shoulder and was leaning into me in the process. She wouldn’t have had to lean; Marilyn was in an awkward position that she could have easily avoided. I was getting the feeling it was going to be a different kind of cruise.

“Captain Rick, what does that thing do?”

“It’s an autopilot. I just set it for the compass heading I want, and the Jenny Green steers herself.”

“Oh my. Is it safe to do that? I thought you had to steer all the time, like in the movies.”

I noticed Marilyn was still leaning on me. Unless she was numb from the waist up, she had to notice it too, but it didn’t seem to bother her a bit.

“Well, I’ll still be here watching. The autopilot just lets me move around and adjust the sails if I have to.”

Marilyn removed her breast from my arm and beamed a big smile up at me.

“It’s a little scary, but if you say it’s safe, I’ll believe you.”

I looked up because her eyes had a dewy look that was a little disconcerting. Wanda was just climbing out of the hatch.

“Mari’, Brandy just showed me the tiniest little bar downstairs. I know it’s still before lunch, but I just had to make myself a sour. You simply must see it.” Wanda giggled. “You ought to go look in the drawer of your bed table, too.”

As both women disappeared down the cabin hatch, I couldn’t help but grin.

When you’re on a boat, and out of sight of land, you can’t just jog down the street to the nearest convenience store. Everything my clients are likely to need has to be carried on board. Some clients would be reluctant to ask for certain personal items, so Brandy came up with the idea of our “cruise survival kit”. In the bed table drawer is a plastic bag containing sample size bottles of shampoo and hand lotion, a tin of aspirins, a comb, a razor and small can of shaving cream, and a sample can of spray deodorant. The bag also contains a purse-size box of panty liners and a dozen condoms – six plain and six with lube. I was pretty sure the condoms were what had Wanda giggling.

Brandy joined me at the wheel.

“They’re down there having a great time. Good thing we’ve got two quarts of bourbon on board. Wanda apparently likes her bourbon. Marilyn’s drinking scotch and water. They both seem like nice old gals. Wanda told me I was pretty, and said she wished her butt was as tight as mine.”

“Well, they’re friendly, that’s for sure. And as for tight butts…,” I glanced down at Brandy’s little shorts, “I think I like a little more meat on a woman. It’s that old thing about a cushion for the pushin’, you know.”

Brandy slapped me on the arm.

“Rick, they might hear you. They’re nice ladies. Besides, if you don’t like my ass, all you have to do is fire me and hire somebody’s Grandma. She probably won’t put up with your shit like I do, but her ass’ll be bigger.”

“Nah. I think I’ll keep you. You got a little butt, but you can sail the pants off anybody else I know.”

“And, you wish I’d sail yours off, right? Well, you keep hoping and I’ll keep sailing, but don’t hold your breath.”

“There is always hope, but I’ve learned about holding one’s breath. One is likely to turn blue if one waits for a certain deck hand to come to her senses.”

“Oh, I’ve already got all my senses. That’s why you’re still hoping.”

Brandy stuck out her little pink tongue.

“Well, it’s about twelve, so I’ll go fix their lunch. They’re going to sunbathe after they eat. Maybe I’ll put on my bikini – that little white number that always makes you get all google-eyed – and you can compare.”

I ate lunch with Wanda and Marilyn while Brandy took the helm. They were a couple of fun women. Both were widows from Chicago, and seemed to be best friends. I could picture them walking laps around the mall on alternate mornings and playing bingo every Saturday night. They laughed at my jokes, and chuckled when I flirted a little. It was soon time for me to take over for Brandy, and I excused myself. Wanda touched my arm as I turned to leave.

“Captain Rick, will there be many other boats around on this cruise?”

“Probably not, but you’re safe enough. The Jenny Green is a very sound boat, and we have lots of safety equipment in the event of a problem.

“Oh, I wasn’t worried about that. We’re going to sunbathe, and, well…, were not sure how many people would want to see that.”

I assured her that I’d warn them if I saw another boat, and went back on deck. Brandy and I were watching a cruise ship a few miles off to port when she poked me in the ribs.

“Rick, I’ll be damned. Would you look at that.”

Wanda and Marilyn had come on deck. Each carried one of my big white towels, a bottle of suntan lotion, and a fresh drink. Each was dressed in flip-flops, and nothing else except a big grin on her face. Wanda saw us staring and walked over.

“Captain Rick, you don’t mind if we sunbathe like this, do you? We used to go to a camp just outside Chicago, but it closed up. Since our husband’s passed on, we’ve been afraid to try another one by ourselves. We figured out here, we could go naked and nobody would care.”

I assured them it was fine with me. They grinned when I added that I might be looking from time to time. The two women sat down on the cockpit cushions and started putting on their lotion. Brandy punched me in the ribs again and grinned.

“OK, you horny old letch. I’m gonna go clean up the galley, but I’ll be watching you. You leave the nice ladies alone, even if you do like meaty butts.”

I watched out of the corner of my eye as Wanda rubbed lotion on Marilyn’s back. She seemed to enjoy doing that almost as much as Marilyn enjoyed the feeling. They switched places. Wanda shivered when the lotion dropped on her back, but closed her eyes when Marilyn touched her.

This was getting interesting. I realized I’d never seen an older woman nude before. They were really pretty sexy. Their butts were wider than Brandy’s but not at all fat, and if Wanda and Marilyn were representative, everything I’d heard about sagging breasts was grossly overstated. They had a few freckles here and there, and the hair on their mounds was a little sparse, but overall, they looked pretty damn good. I was daydreaming a little about how it would be to snuggle up to those soft breasts when Marilyn slipped her hand over Wanda’s butt and between her thighs. She didn’t leave the hand there very long, but my daydream evaporated into thin air.

We’ve cruised with lesbians before, and we’ve cruised with gay men. It’s all part of dealing with the public, and it doesn’t really bother me. Each to his own, and all that. True, I would rather the gay men kept their affection out of sight, but that’s just a personal preference rather than a prejudice. Brandy was going to die when I told her she was the one who’d have to watch out on this cruise.

It’s not unusual for the crew of a cruise boat to have the opportunity for a little lovemaking with a their clients. I’ve had wives come on to me right in front of their husbands. It’s usually best to ignore the invitation. A husband tends to become upset if he thinks the captain of the boat is fucking around with his wife, and I don’t relish the idea of swimming home. There have been a few occasions when the husband was a “watcher”, but I politely decline those offers, too. Call me modest, but having some guy watch me ball his wife is not my cup of tea. Kinda worries me that I might feel something knocking at my back door while I’m plugged in and pumping away, too. I’ll take my screwing one-on-one and in private, thank you. Brandy gets more than her share of passes, and she’s of like mind.

I’d be lying if I said it’s never happened. Neither Brandy nor I are prudes; if the situation is right, and the chemistry is there, things happen as they will. We just don’t accommodate any and all requests. Brandy says that’d make her feel like a hooker, and I agree.

About five, Wanda and Marilyn went below to shower and dress for dinner. We pulled into our berth in Key Largo about six, and had them seated at Gibbey’s Crab House by seven. We were having the shrimp appetizer and looking over the menu when Marilyn sighed.

“Well, I just don’t know what to order. We’ve had crabs before, but I don’t remember which kind. They were pretty small, I think. That stuff the doctor gave us for ’em tasted just awful, so I don’t want that kind again.”

Brandy snorted her iced tea through her nose, and about fell out of her chair. I nearly choked on my shrimp until Wanda pounded me on the back. Marilyn had a devilish grin on her face.

“Gotcha there, didn’t I?”

I was starting to like Wanda and Marilyn. They were full of life and full of themselves. They’d lived too long to care much what anybody thought of them or what they did, and it gave them the freedom to do whatever turned their fancy. They fancied having fun.

We left Key Largo at nine the next morning, bound for Key West. On every cruise, we try to stay on the water at least one night. There’s nothing like sailing under a clear sky. Since there are no artificial lights around, the stars shine like diamonds and the moon glows like burnished silver. The weather forecast called for miles of visibility and a light breeze. Tonight would be a fine night for cruising.

The Wanda and Marilyn lazed around on deck naked all day, just as they had the day before. I was amazed at how comfortable they were. They’d not met either Brandy or me until a couple days ago, and yet, they were completely at ease laying on the deck cushions with their legs raised or spread apart so the sun could get to their inner thighs. If they itched, they scratched, no matter where the itch was. I confided to Brandy that all this bare skin was getting to me.

“I’ve seen you like this before, you horny old fart. Any bare skin gets to you. On that first cruise, you kept having me bend over to pick up things, just to see if my boobs’d fall out of my top. I figured I’d have to lock myself in my cabin before we got back.”

“You know you weren’t in any danger. I was a perfect gentleman. If you were so afraid, why’d you stay on?”

“Well, I got to thinking about it, and figured if you did try anything, I’d just sue your skinny ass off. Then, I’d own the Jenny Green, and I’d go hire me a couple o’ hunks for deck hands. Pretty good plan, huh?

Brandy flashed me a dazzling smile.

“Besides, I know you’re harmless. You’re forty-one.”

I ignored the shot at my age. One of these days, I’m gonna show her just how harmless I am. Well, no, I won’t, but I’d like to.

“Well, much more of this, and I’m gonna be wanting to see how many times forty-one goes into fifty-nine on the bow. Of course, you’d probably have a better chance than me. That interest you at all?”

She laughed.

“If what you say about them is true, it’ll be seeing how many times forty-one goes into the five on the end of your wrist. As for the other, yeah, I’ve thought about that a time or two. I don’t know what I’d do if it really happened. Never looked for the opportunity to find out.”

After dinner, we sat on deck with cocktails and watched the sun sink into the ocean. Right on cue, the moon came up and bathed the ocean in glistening, silver ripples. I love it when Nature cooperates.

About ten, Marilyn said she wasn’t sleepy and asked if anyone wanted to play cribbage. Wanda said she was tired and was going to bed. That left Brandy and me. We’d agreed on a four and four watch that night. I’d drawn the first four hours. Brandy said she’d play for a while, and the women all went below deck. I heard voices coming up the companionway for about a half-hour, and then everything got quiet.

Night sailing is a fantastic way to travel. You get everything trimmed out just right and then just sit back and enjoy. I heard the familiar frothy sound of the cutwater breaking the surface, and a quiet gurgle as the wake formed at the stern. A light breeze was blowing just hard enough to fill the sails and send the Jenny Green on her way. The whisper in the rigging was the kiss of wind on wire and cloth, and sang of the love affair between air and water and the caress of a sleek hull on moon-silvered waves. I leaned back in the chair behind the helm and looked up at the stars. A billion pinpoints of light beamed down through the soft white cloud of the Milky Way.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it.”

I’d been so absorbed I hadn’t heard Wanda come up the hatchway. She was standing beside me with two coffee cups in her hands, but my eyes didn’t linger long on those. The moonlight highlighted her hair with glints of fire and turned her black lace gown to transparent mist. I suppose it was her normal sleeping attire, and it didn’t hide anything. The lace draped sensuously over her breasts and hips, and accented every curve. After seeing her naked for two days, I thought I was immune to her curves, but that black lace changed everything.

“Yes. I love sailing at night.”

Wanda held out one of the cups.’

“Brandy made some coffee before they started playing. I couldn’t sleep after all, and got up to drink a cup. Thought you might like one, too.”

“Yeah, I would. Thanks.”

Wanda sat down on one of the cockpit seats and stretched her legs out on the cushions. We stared up at the stars for a while.

“What’s that funny looking bunch of stars up there called?”


“Right up there. Come sit over here so I can show you.”

Wanda put her right foot on the deck and patted the cushion beside her. When I sat down, she leaned over, took my face in her hands and gently pointed it toward the sky.

“There, that one with the stars in kind of a circle.”

I was finding it difficult to concentrate because her breasts were mashed against my back and she was breathing in my ear.

“Hmmm, I really don’t know. I can go get my star maps and find out if you’d like.”

Wanda leaned back, and I turned to face her.

“No, it’s not that important. Just looked different, that’s all. Say, would it be all right if I put my other leg up?. It’s kind of uncomfortable the way it is.”

Before I could answer, she’d lifted her leg and set it across my thighs. The gown had ridden up almost to her waist. I guessed Wanda didn’t sleep in panties, because she wasn’t wearing any.

“Ah, that feels better. Your coffee OK?”

“Yes, it’s fine. How’d you know I like cream and sugar?”

“I watched Brandy this morning. She’s a pretty girl, I think. She seems to like you, too. You and her ever…, you know, have a little tumble between the sheets?”

“No. She works for me, and I don’t think those boss/employee things ever work out right.”

“I suppose you’re right. Marilyn thinks Brandy’s pretty too. ‘Course, Marilyn says the same thing about me. Marilyn’s a little different, if you haven’t noticed. Has been since her George passed away.”

I was thinking they were both a little different. I was also thinking Marilyn was right about both women.

“She’s right about one thing. You’re pretty good looking. You both are.”

“For our ages, you mean.”

“No, for being any age.”

“Really? Well, my boobs aren’t where they used to be and my butt isn’t high and firm like Brandy’s.” Wanda chuckled. “I guess you know that already, since we’ve been traipsing around the boat naked for two days.”

“There’s nothing wrong with either, if you ask me.”

“Oh, come on. Wouldn’t you like these better if they were up here?”

Wanda had cupped her breasts and lifted them about an inch higher. I noticed her nipples seemed larger and they pushed out the lace.

“No, they look fine where they were.”

“Well then, how about my butt. Here, feel it and tell me if it’s too soft.”

Wanda grabbed my hand and quickly pulled it to her left butt cheek. Before I knew it, I was off balance and falling toward her. I caught my weight with my right arm as we went down on the cushion together. Her breasts pressed into my chest and she wrapped her arms around me. My waist was cradled between her thighs, and she seemed to have moved them closer together. I realized our faces were only inches apart. Her eyes glowed deep blue in the moonlight.

“Well, what do you think.” Wanda’ voice was a throaty whisper. “Is it too soft?”

“Wanda, I don’t think –”

She cut me off by kissing me softly. God, that woman knew how to kiss.

“I don’t want you to think. I just want you.”

“But what about Marilyn?”

“Don’t worry about Marilyn. If my guess is right, she’s teaching Brandy a thing or two about cribbage that little girl’s never dreamed of.”

Before I could say anything else, Wanda had slipped her hands under the loose waistband of my shorts, and was cupping my ass cheeks. Her voice was even lustier than before.

“Mmmm. You have a nice ass there, Captain. I’ll show you mine if you show me…, oh, I guess I already showed you mine, didn’t I? Well…”

I felt her fingers on my belt.

“It’s only fair that we get you out of these clothes and see what other surprises you have hiding in there.”

She giggled.

“Tat for tit, so to speak.”

My last reserve disappeared when Wanda closed her fingers around my cock. Her chemistry was about as right as any I’d ever felt. After gently pushing her away, I stood up and shucked the rest of my clothes. Wanda pulled a couple of tie strings and sat up to let the lace gown fall away from her body.

“Come here, big boy. I got a little surprise of my own for you.”

There are blowjobs, and then there are blowjobs. They’re nice if done well. Once, when we were anchored while a client and his buddy went scuba diving, his girlfriend proved to me just how nice they can be. Wanda showed me a whole new world.

Her lips seemed alive, and her tongue….God, her tongue knew the location of every nerve. She cradled my balls in her hand and rolled them gently. Just the right amount of suction pulled me into her mouth and her tongue swiped my cock head. I felt her finger tickle the sensitive spot between my balls and ass. It seemed like only seconds before she had me stiff as a winch crank and aching for more. I don’t normally make much sound when making love, but I couldn’t control myself. I looked down at her face. Her eyes were wide open, sparkling and almost laughing at me. I groaned again, and Wanda dug her fingernails into my ass cheeks just enough to send shivers up my spine. Her mouth slowly moved over my cock, pushing me further and further through those soft, red lips until they touched my belly. She did something with her throat muscles that caused them to squeeze the head of my cock in a rhythmic massage. There was no stopping it. She’d taken me beyond the brink, or so I thought. I was wrong.

Just when the first little wave started, Wanda pulled off my cock and grabbed it around the base. She squeezed it tightly, and the little wave died.

“Liked that, did you?”

“Damn, Wanda, nobody ever did that to me before.”

“I’m going to do a lot of things I doubt you’ve felt before.”

When she stopped my release the third time, I felt like screaming. Wanda just giggled.

“Wanna go again, or have you had all you can take?”

I didn’t answer. I just pushed her back on the cushions and spread her thighs. The moonlight lit the soft lips that were parted with the heat of passion, and the folds of her swollen inner lips peeked from the satin cleft. They begged to be touched, so I did. Wanda moaned when my finger slipped inside her wet passage. She purred when I touched her clit, and pulled my face to her right breast. The nipple was swollen taut, and when I sucked it between my lips, she pulled me tighter. I felt her arms around my back. Her hands slipped down to my ass again, and her fingernails lightly scraped. I started rubbing down the right side of her soft little button, and she moaned in my ear.

“God, it’s been a long time. I’m ready, already.”

I started to kneel between her thighs but Wanda pushed me gently away, stood up, and walked to the back of the chair at the helm. She bent over, spread her thighs wide, and rested her arms on the chair back. Her twin spheres of her breasts hung down from her chest and her swollen nipples pointed at the deck. The sight of her ass stuck up in the air was fantastic. The twin little hollows just below her ass cheeks framed her swollen sex that glistened in the moonlight. Wanda rolled her hips invitingly.

“Oh, fuck, come on. I’m gonna die if you don’t.”

She was heaven. I slid my cock in and felt her wet passage close around me. Wanda swayed her back, and forced me deeper. Her hips began to rock even before I pulled back. A little moan slipped from her throat. I caught her hips with my hands and began stroking. At the end of each stroke, Wanda would sway her back again, and the head of my cock ran into something soft, wet and warm. I reached beneath her and lifted her left breast. The nipple poked into my palm as I massaged and gently squeezed. When I brushed the wrinkled tip, Wanda gasped and pushed her hips back at me. A little rolling motion with my fingertips caused her to jerk and her entrance squeezed me tight. I felt her move one hand to her clit and begin rubbing quickly. In a minute, she was moaning, thrusting at me, and shaking all at the same time.

For me, there is nothing so erotic as a woman responding to my touch, and Wanda was responding with everything she had. Her hips ground into me with every stroke. They lifted and pushed until that hot, wet softness encased me and then she squeezed me. Her voice was continuous low, raspy moans and groans. I was trying to pace myself, but Wanda was making it difficult. I like to think I have a reasonable amount of skill at lovemaking, but I knew I wasn’t doing all of this. Wanda was a woman who really enjoyed sex, and that joy was taking me to places I’d never been before. I managed to grunt, “I’m…I’m sorry”, before her writhing body took me past the point of control.

The first spurt of seed sped up my cock and instantly turned her passage into liquid heat. I felt for her other breast and tugged on both nipples. The second wave was on its way when Wanda cried out. Her hips shook at an unbelievable rate and I felt her passage tightly grip my cock. A low mumble began to flow from her lips. It gained pitch and volume as her body stiffened. Her back arched, then dropped and drove my cock deep again. The mumble changed to another cry. She started to quiver, and gasped. I felt her wet, hot, clasping passage ripple. Wanda cried out again, and sagged against the back of the helm chair. She would have fallen had I not slipped my arm under her belly to hold her up. My cock spurted one more time.

Both of us were panting like dogs on a hot day, and we stayed locked together for a few minutes. After my cock slipped out of her soft sheath, I helped her stand up.

“Wanda, that was…, unbelievable. You’re one hell a woman.”

“Well, Honey, you’re pretty good yourself. Why’d you say you were sorry?”

“I couldn’t wait. You were…, it was more than I could take, and I just couldn’t hold back.”

She grinned.

“That’s what was supposed to happen. When you get going really hard and fast, that’s what does it for me. Well, that and you squeezing my nipples. You’re very good at that, too, by the way.”

We sat down on the cockpit cushions and cuddled for a while. Then, Wanda kissed me, stood up and went below. I got dressed, checked the compass, and leaned back in the helm chair to listen to the rush of the water and the soft singing of the wind. Brandy came up about half an hour later to relieve me. She didn’t say much, and I was tired, so I just went to my cabin and fell asleep. The alarm woke me at six. When I went topside, Brandy was standing in the bow staring at the distant, thin strip of green that was Key West.

“Still on course, I see. Everything else OK?”

Brandy grinned broadly.

“After about three hours of thinking, it’s getting better.”

“Oh. And what was my pretty little first mate thinking about?”

Brandy lowered her eyes.

“Remember yesterday, when you asked me if I’d be interested in Wanda and Marilyn?”


“Well, Marilyn seduced me last night. I’ve been up here thinking about how I feel about that.”

“Uh, she seduced you? That’s interesting.”

“Yeah, isn’t it, though? We were playing cribbage, and I was getting stiff from leaning over the table. I stretched to get out some of the kinks. Marilyn asked if my back hurt. I said, no, I just had a little cramp. She said her husband had been a chiropractor, and she knew how to fix that. The next thing I knew, I was laying on her bunk, and she was giving me a back rub. Her hands were so soft, and she knew all the right places to massage. I was in heaven. I started to wonder a little when she raised up my top and unhooked my bra, but all she did was use those soft fingers some more. You’ve never worn a bra, so you don’t know how itchy they make you feel under the band. Marilyn made all that go away, and she almost put me to sleep.

“She moved down to my waist and what she was doing felt so good. A few things popped when she pushed just right, and after that, I was as relaxed as I’ve been in years. It was like I just turned to jelly, you know? That’s when she started on my legs. I must have tightened up again, because she explained why she was rubbing there. She said your legs cause most back problems, and that by massaging them, she was really helping my cramp. My cramp had been gone for a long time, but her hands felt so good. I relaxed and let her go on. By the time she slipped her hands up the leg of my shorts, I was so far gone I couldn’t stop her, and I really didn’t want to. One thing led to another, and she started taking off my clothes. She said it would help her get to some places she couldn’t reach otherwise. We ended up naked together. She reached some places I didn’t even know I had.

“The first time, I felt it coming and it felt weird, you know? I mean, she’s a woman and I’m a woman, and it’s not supposed to happen that way, but I couldn’t stop it. I’m surprised you didn’t hear me. She was using just one fingertip, but…, well, you being a man, you wouldn’t understand. The second time, I just laid back and enjoyed it. I even tried to help her after that. I don’t think I was very good, but she seemed to like what I was doing. Then, she showed me that she could drive me absolutely crazy. She did this thing with her tongue that…, shit, I thought I’d pass out. Anyway, she seemed to want the same thing, so I tried that too. Two days ago, I’d have thought it was gross. Once she showed me what to do, it was kinda neat to be able to make her feel so great. You should have seen her, Rick. The look on her face was beautiful. Afterwards, I got to thinking about how I felt, and if this meant I was a lesbian. I don’t want to be a lesbian, but damn, I’ve never felt that way before.”

“They’re not lesbians, Brandy.”

“But you said – ”

“That was before Wanda brought me a cup of coffee last night.”

“You mean…, you and she…, in the cockpit…”

“Yep. Wanda is definitely not a lesbian. I doubt that Marilyn is either. I think they just like playing on both sides of the street. So, that make it any easier for you?”

“I’d already come to the conclusion that I couldn’t just be with women. I like men too much. I think I’m starting to get it all sorted out, but it’s still kinda confusing. Does that make me weird?”

I couldn’t help the grin and my chuckle.

“No more weird than Wanda or Marilyn.”

Brandy slapped me on the arm.

“That’s not a great lot of comfort, Rick.”

Breakfast was interesting. Wanda and Marilyn sat at the little galley table and whispered to each other for about five minutes. Finally, Wanda took a sip of coffee and cleared her throat.

“I hope you and Brandy didn’t take last night the wrong way. We’re not just a couple of horny old women out to get our jollies. We could have done that back in Chicago, although we’d never do that. We talked about it yesterday for a long time. If we didn’t really like you, we’d never have done what we did. We don’t work that way.”

Marilyn grinned.

“See, it’s the same, now, as when our husbands were alive. Wanda and I have been friends forever, and when we got married, our husbands hit it off too. After a couple of years, we left the kids with their grandparents and took a vacation together in the Bahamas. We all got really close on that vacation, if you know what I mean. Wanda and I went naked on the beach for the first time, and found out we really liked it. Our husbands really liked it too. They spent the whole first day walking around stiff as pokers. They dragged us off to bed about four times that day, and they still couldn’t stay soft. We had to do something to help the poor dears. Wanda and I talked it over. We all liked each other a lot, so the next afternoon, we sent my George to the cabin for some drinks and Wanda followed him. They didn’t come back for an hour, but Frank and I didn’t miss them. Those seagulls got an eyeful, and Frank got me. When George and Wanda showed up with the drinks, they had this sheepish look on their faces. Frank and I just laughed because we knew what had happened. We told them we’d done the same thing. The vacation was even better after that.

“We went on like that for almost thirty years. We joined a nudist colony, and had some great times. The first time George saw another woman he really liked, we all sat down and talked about it. We decided that we loved each other enough to understand, and that afternoon, Julie and her husband joined our little group. Didn’t last very long, though. Jerry didn’t understand as much as the thought he did, and they left us after a few months. There were others over the years, but we always talked it out before any of us did anything.”

Wanda put her arm around Marilyn.

“Mari’ and George were always our favorites, though. It was almost like the four of us were all married to each other. Of course, Frank and George never…. They liked each other and all that, but it never went that deep. They encouraged Mari’ and I to get together, though.”

Marilyn giggled.

“The first time, we did a lot of fumbling, but it turned out pretty good, and the guys loved it. They screwed us silly afterwards. Vacations got even better. Wanda and I also started having coffee in the afternoon before the guys came home from work. I’m glad we did that. Now, it’s all we have. We checked out a swinger’s club, but nobody really seemed to really like each other there. All they wanted to do was have sex and go home. Besides, everybody was a lot younger. Please don’t think to harshly of us. We do like you both, a lot, and when we like someone that much, we think it’s fun to show it.”

We tied up in Key West and had dinner at Jake’s. The atmosphere had changed. Wanda seemed really interested in what Brandy had to say, and Marilyn stuck to me like glue. Wanda and Marilyn also spent a lot of time whispering to each other. I was getting an idea of what the rest of the evening might bring. The taxi dropped us off at the harbor about nine. I checked the mooring while Brandy and the girls went below. They were sitting around the galley table drinking and talking when I walked down the hatchway.

“Brandy, Sweetie, don’t worry about it. Life’s full of things you have to worry about. You should just accept the things that make you feel good and keep doing them. It helps make the worrisome things seem smaller. If Wanda and I hadn’t had each other over the last couple of years, I don’t know what we’d have become.

“Listen to Marilyn, Honey. Just because you liked being with a woman doesn’t mean you have to start wearing spikes and riding a motorcycle. We’ve never done that.”

“You forgot that time in Vegas, Wanda.”

“Well, we didn’t ride motorcycles. Anyway, that was one of those parties where you were supposed to dress in costume. Frank and George thought it was kinda neat, and you didn’t seem to mind too much, either.”

“I minded that little whip you kept using on me. It hurt.”

“You didn’t even mind it when we went to bed that night.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that night. The next morning was pretty nice too.”

Wanda and Marilyn were full of stories. I guess when you’ve lived their lifestyle for that many years, you accumulate lots of them. Some were really odd, some were sensitive, and others were downright hysterical. It seemed only a few minutes had elapsed, but when Wanda asked the time, my watch said it was midnight.

“Midnight, already. I’m having more fun than I’ve had in years, but I really must get to bed. Oh, there’s one thing I’ve been meaning to ask one of you about.” She looked a little embarrassed. “After last night, I’d like to change my sheets, if that’s all right. Brandy, Honey, if you’ll show me where they are, I’ll do the changing.”

I think Brandy knew what was happening just as much as I did.

“That’s OK. I’ll do it. We take care of the clients on the Jenny Green.”

They both went into Wanda’s cabin. I looked at Marilyn.

“Can I interest you in another drink?”

“Can I interest you in bringing it to my room? I don’t think Brandy will be back to join us.”

Wanda had been bold and fast. Marilyn was bolder, but slower, and she had amazing stamina. Evidently, both women compared notes frequently, because she knew the same tricks as Wanda. I was a little more prepared this time, and I was determined to give as good as I got. I let her use her lips and talented tongue until I was ready to whimper. She lay back on the sheets, winked, and crooked her finger at me.

“Come ‘ere, Cap’n Ricky, and show this horny wench what ye be made of.”

I showed her. I loved the way she arched her mound against my face and cried out in release. After three, she pulled me up the length of her body, held me close and kissed me. She was panting and her voice was oh, so seductive.

“You think you’ve worn me out, but we’re just getting started, Honey.”

I felt her fingers find my cock and gently begin stroking.

“We’ll just get this peg leg all straightened out again, first.”

Marilyn got it straight, all right. She pushed me on my back and lowered herself over me, pinned my arms beside my head and wouldn’t let me touch her. Instead, as she slowly rode my cock, she lowered her breasts to my mouth, and made me play “catch”. When I succeeded in capturing one of her small nipples, she would make a tiny little moaning sound. I was allowed to play for a few seconds and then Marilyn would pull back. The fourth time she did this, I bit gently to hold on. Marilyn gasped.

“Oh shit, how’d you know to do that? That drives me insane.”

She kept pulling and I kept holding her nipple between my teeth. It finally popped free. Marilyn groaned, and pushed her other breast in my face. I caught this one and rolled it with my lips and teeth when she pulled back. Marilyn cried out, and slammed her hips down on my thighs. I couldn’t help pushing back. When she felt me lift her off the bed, she ground her mound into me.

She fell on my chest and began rocking her hips up and down. With each stroke, her little button raked over my cock. I felt her breasts rolling between us. Marilyn raised a little and raked her nipples over my chest hair. Those movements also put my cock at an angle that sent chills up my spine. Her mouth locked to mine and her tongue tickled my lips.

The end came quickly. Marilyn stroked down hard and gripped me with her passage. Seed churned up from my loins. I grunted and thrust deep into her body. Marilyn gasped, lurched up and then down again, and collapsed on my chest. I was good for another thrust that caused her body to quiver.

If felt good to have Marilyn on my chest. She nestled her face against my cheek, and lay there until she’d stopped panting. All the while, I felt her marvelous muscles massaged my softening cock. It took about a minute to realize it wasn’t going to get completely soft. The warm, wet massage was stirring my loins again. Marilyn raised up and grinned at me.

“See, I told you we weren’t done.”

She turned around. Her shapely ass rose off the bed in front of me. Fingers groped for my cock and found it. I watched as Marilyn began rubbing the head between her curl-framed, wet lips. I’d not thought about this position being erotic before then, but the sight was fantastic. She stroked the head of my cock over those lips, and then tried to push herself over me. It took only a couple minutes before she succeeded. She sighed when her hips met my belly. I sighed when she raised back up. Her inner lips pulled at my shaft, and I could see and feel their velvet caress. When she sat back down, her swollen sex would swallow me. The sight and sensations were inescapable. I was soon thrusting into her with every stroke.

Marilyn leaned forward until her breasts rubbed my legs. I felt her playing with her nipples. She lowered her back even more, and her clit hit the underside of my cock. When she lifted off me, it stroked up to the underside of the head. I’d never felt that before. After only a few strokes, I was getting close. Evidently she was too. Her strokes became shorter and faster until she was only letting me barely enter her. I felt the stiff little nubbin rubbing furiously over that sensitive spot on my cock. Marilyn moaned, then moaned again. She pushed herself down over me and I felt her body begin to shake. She cried out just as I lost it.

It took a while longer, this time, but Marilyn wasn’t ready to give up just yet. She spread my thighs and knelt between them. I watched as she lifted both breasts and wrapped them around my cock. She began to rub them up and down over my limp cock. Her nipples peeked out between her fingers and I saw she was pinching them at the same time. It looked great and felt even better, but I thought I was done for the night. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I might have been done for the week, too. Marilyn was having none of that.

I don’t remember much after she took me in her mouth. I just closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations. Marilyn was as good as Wanda and she had patience. She must have tried to get me up again for about ten minutes before she succeeded, but she did succeed. I was so sensitized by then, I lasted only a couple more minutes, and when I came, I only spurted a couple drops. It may have been only a little but it felt like I’d shot my balls through my cock, too. I was evidently pretty loud this time, because Marilyn was shaking in silent laughter.

“Well, how’s that old peg leg feeling, now.”

“Like he’s never going to get hard ever again.”

“Oh, nonsense. He’s good for a couple more times. See, he just jumped when I touched him.”

“He’s trying to get away. Marilyn, no woman has ever done this to me before.”

“Well, OK. If he’s that tired, he can rest a while. If I had a few weeks with him, I’d get him in real shape, though.”

She snuggled to my side and kissed me goodnight. At some time later, I felt her stroking my cock again. I tried to feign sleep, but it didn’t work. She just threw her leg over my belly and pushed me inside her. I didn’t make it that time, but to judge by all the moaning and thrashing she did, Marilyn enjoyed herself tremendously.

About ten that morning, somebody was trying to break down the door of the cabin. They were pounding away with a jackhammer, or so it seemed. I opened my eyes into Marilyn’s. She was smiling.

“Wanda says it’s time we got up. Brandy’s got us started, but she needs you to help her with the giblet, at least that’s what I think she called it. Here, I brought you some coffee.”

It was with great effort that I staggered on deck. Every muscle in my body either hurt or trembled with exhaustion. I made it to the bow by clinging to the cabin railing and taking very small steps.

‘My God, Rick. You look like you’ve been pulled through a knot hole backwards.’

“Something like that, only it wasn’t a knothole, and nobody pulled me. I was pushed through…, several times, in fact. Marilyn is…, unbelievable.”

“So is Wanda. After last night, I’m contented as a kitten. It’s amazing how many ways she knows to…, hey, you sure you’re all right?”

“Yeah, I’ll just sleep a couple days and everything will be fine again.”

“I wouldn’t count on that. They were talking at breakfast and well, they have plans.”

“Plans, what kind of plans.”

Brandy giggled.

“It’s better if I just let you find out for yourself. Besides, I promised I wouldn’t tell. You’re gonna like it though. Just help me get the jib up and you can go back to bed. I’ll call you before we make port.”

The rest of that cruise is kind of a blur. For the next three days, Wanda and Marilyn spent their days on deck, naked as usual. Somehow, they’d talked Brandy into joining them. I’d known her body was trim and fit. I didn’t know her nipples were so huge, or that she’d react so strongly when Marilyn kissed them.

The plan, as I later learned, was to excite me all day long by the sight of three women fondling each other, and then Wanda and Marilyn would take turns with me. Brandy stayed with the one not attempting to screw me to death. By the time we reached Miami, I was a wreck. I was a happy wreck, but I was still a wreck.

When Wanda and Marilyn left the Jenny Green, they looked like grandmothers again. They wore knee-length skirts, lacy blouses and sandals. The eyes I’d known to show devilment, passion, lust, and laughter were hidden behind sunglasses. They turned and waved just before they got in the taxi that would take them to the airport.

“Well there go a pair and a half. Brandy, how is it that you women can be one person on the outside and another, completely different woman on the inside?”

“Can’t tell you that. It’s a secret. The woman’s code. You understand.”

“Well, it’s damned unfair, that’s what it is. They could have at least given me some warning. I’d have been eating oysters and vitamin E for two weeks if I’d known what was going to happen.”

“You didn’t like it? I liked it a lot.”

“Oh, I liked it, all right. I just might have screwed my last, that’s all. I don’t want to see another naked woman for at least a week, and I think it’s going to be about a month before I even think of sleeping with one again.”

“That’s a real shame, Rick, because you impressed me a lot out there.”

Brandy casually ran her fingernail over my chest.

“Marilyn and Wanda both say you’re really good, so I thought, you know, once we get the boat cleaned up,,,, we might…, you know. They taught me some special tricks, and…, well…, our next clients don’t arrive for two whole days.”

I knew she was kidding. Her eyes had the look that guaranteed I’d find little horns if I looked under her short black hair.

“Brandy, as much as I want to, after those two, it would kill me. I’ll be in my cabin. Just set a bag of chips and a few cans of sardines outside the door before you go home. Oh, and a bottle of scotch would be nice. I’ll see you on Monday.”

“OK. By the way, Wanda and Marilyn scheduled another cruise next year, the same week as this. They said something about bringing a couple of friends along this time. Jean and Wilma, I think are their names. Marilyn says they used to belong to the same nudist colony. Oh, and they want at least two nights at sea. Wanda said she really liked that one night better than the rest.”

Wanda would. Must have been the helm chair. Well, I had a year to get ready. Maybe if I went to the gym on the weekends? I could work out and get myself in shape. Or, I could just sell the boat and go into hiding. I grinned to myself. Nah. As tired as I was, it had been a fantastic cruise. Wanda and Marilyn were two women who come along only once in your life. I’d had the pleasure of knowing both, and that was something special. Next year, I’d be a little more ready, and I’d remember some of the things they liked. It did seem like a good idea to schedule a week off after their cruise, though. After just the two, I was a shambles. If they brought two friends along, I’d need at least a week to recover. It would be hell, but I thought I’d be up to it by then. If I wasn’t…, well, Marilyn knew how to take care of that little problem.

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