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Was A Gigolo

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I am the world’s greatest gigolo. Well, at least I was the world’s greatest gigolo. My clientele were usually wealthy women with husbands who rarely spent two seconds at home, much less tended to the raging sexual desires of their wives.

This is where I came into the picture. It only took a couple of hours a day to bring these women to their peaks and watch them explode. I made enough cash in an hour to get by for a week. Occasionally I accompanied a client on a weekend getaway or to some benefit or another. But in the hay was where the real money lay.

I had this one client, Tracy Augustine. She was a real knockout with red hair and green eyes to boot. She had a body that made other women turn and take a second look. She was 120 lbs and all legs. Her breasts were small, but perky, they filled a C cup nicely. Tracy had the sexual appetite of a wild animal; she could never seem to get enough. Her husband was CEO of a large women’s retail chain and on his rare trips home, he usually brought her all sorts of sexy undergarments.

She was wearing one of these sexy undergarments at our last meeting. As usual, when I came to her house, I walked around to the back door and let myself in. Her cat Whiskers met me at the door and wrapped herself around my legs. I picked her up and stroked her fur. She purred which such intensity it took my by surprise. I wondered if there was something in the air that caused the females in this house to be so horny.

I put Whiskers down and walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The kitchen looked as if it had been in a fight with a Julia Childs and lost. Flour was everywhere, coating the cabinets and streaking the walls. The floor was covered in what must have been a whole bag of the stuff. Eggs shells crunched under my feet. I noticed a glob of yolk drip from the sink to floor. Vegetables were strewn everywhere as well, carrots and celery were chopped into little pieces on the sink, and tomatoes marred the stove.

In the middle of this mess, lay Tracy; face down on the table with her ass lifted high into the air, surround by syrups and creams. She wore a lacey green g-string that matched her eyes perfectly, but did little to cover her pouting lips. Her breasts were only partially confined by a half-cut matching bra. I could just make out her nipple as she sucked it into her mouth. My cock sprang to attention at the site of her sprawled before me. She wiggled her ass at me and screamed, “Do me, ram your cock in me now!”

There was little I could do but oblige her. I unzipped my pants and walked up to her, grapping her hips for leverage. Pulling my 8-inch cock out, I moved her g-string aside, lined up to her pussy and slammed into her. She came almost immediately, Her hips bucked and she met me straight on, thrusting into me harder than I thrust into her. She almost knocked me off my feet with the force she was exerting. Her head swung from side-to-side and I noticed her face and tits were coated in flour, eggs and syrup. In her right hand she held a cucumber bigger than my cock. It had to be at least 3-inches round and 10-inches long. “A-ha”, I thought to myself, “she had been priming herself before my visit.”

My thoughts quickly returned to fucking that was going on. Her pussy muscles were strong and she milked my cock like a pro. She held me tight, my strokes became quick and short. My breathing became heavy and I closed my eyes. My hand began to sting and I realized I was slapping her ass with whipping blows. Her handprint radiated on her milky white ass. With each strike she screamed and squeezed my cock tighter. I could feel her pussy quiver and her body began convulsing. Animal cries escaped from her lips. I couldn’t hold out any longer, I pulled out of her and came in great shooting heaps across her back and ass. I came so hard I saw stars. I thought I would pass out. I held onto the table for support, gasping for air. She lay on the table, trembling, shaking her ass at the air as if she were still fucking. I grabbed her shoulder and turned her over. Her breathing was shallow and I watched her chest heave. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Those green emeralds danced in a seductive invitation that told me she wasn’t through yet. I leaned over her and took an exposed pink nipple into my mouth. She climaxed again as I bit into her flesh.

I spent over 2 hours at her place, licking and sucking every inch of her body and fucking nearly every orifice she had. I came at least 3 times and she must have reached orgasm a world record number of times. By the time we finished, she was coated in sweat, spunk and various foods. I even had the pleasure of fucking her twat with that enormous cucumber while she deep throated my cock.

I put my clothes on and stumbled out the back door, envelope in hand with my days pay. I was glad she was my only client for the day. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to get it up again for at least 24 hours.

As I turned my car ignition on, a dark sedan pulled up behind me and a very large and attractive man stepped out. I never really looked at men, but he was extremely noticeable and one would have to be blind to not acknowledge how sexy he looked in his hip hugging jeans and polo shirt with sinewy muscled arms rounding out wide shoulders and a strong chest. I tore my eyes away from his physique; stunned by my own drooling and watched as he used a key to enter the very same house I had just left. I let out a low whistle and said to myself, “ Hello Mr. Augustine”.

I had left Tracy cuddled up on the floor recovering with that damn cucumber still in her pussy. At that moment I wished I were a fly on the wall so that I could hear her explain why the kitchen was torn to shreds and she was covered with spunk with a cucumber in her. However, as much as I wanted to hear this, I remembered how big her husband was and floored it until I was about 3 blocks away.

I went home to clean up and get some sleep. I stripped off all my clothes and ran the water to get the shower hot. I took a look at myself in the full-length mirror I kept in my bedroom. I knew I was an attractive guy; it helped when you were in my line of work. I had shoulder length naturally honey-blond hair. My eyes were clear blue as the sky. My friends would sometime joke that they knew when I was angry because of the storm that developed in my eyes. My teeth and were even and with the help of a dentist, kept pearly white. Living in southern California, my skin always maintained a deep tan. At 5”11 and 156 lbs, I was lean but not skinny. My body sported muscles in all the right places.

I admired myself for a while before stepping into the shower and letting the hot water do its work. My body ached and I smiled to myself. Tracy was surely the best fuck I had ever encountered. I closed my eyes and relived the last few hours. Stroking my body languidly, I was surprised when I realized my cock had sprung into action. “Down boy,” I murmured. I turned the water until it was freezing cold and forced myself stand there and endure for nearly 5 minutes.

After my shower, I dried myself off and padded naked into the kitchen. My refrigerator was full of fruit and vegetables and my cabinets overflowed with healthy snack foods. I wasn’t in the mood to cook anything, so I grabbed a box of Special K from atop the refrigerator and poured myself a big bowl of cereal. When I finished eating, I cleaned my bowl and put it away. I yawned a few times and soon retired to my room. I looked at the clock on my nightstand just before I drifted off and saw it was only 7:30 PM.

The next morning I woke up and stretched. My muscles put up a protest and I remembered the time I spent with Tracy the evening before. I also remembered her husband coming home just as I was leaving. I thought about getting up and calling her just to make sure she was OK as well as to find out what she told him about her state of being when he found her. I reached for the phone and thought maybe I would call her later, just in case her husband was still around.

I crawled out of bed and grabbed my appointment book off my dresser. I was suppose to see Becky Franklin at 3:30, but she had left a message on machine saying she needed to cancel since her husband was going to be home for a few days. Becky was another hot and horny bitch. She was also Tracy’s best friend and next-door neighbor.

The rest of my day was open, as I had not scheduled anyone else thinking I was going to be with Becky today. As I said, she was another hot piece of ass and would most likely wear me out just like Tracy. I scratched my balls, wondering what I was going to do to fill my day. I noticed I had my early morning hard on and went to take a pee.

Around noon, I decided to go running, so I pulled on a pair of running shorts and gym shoes. I don’t wear underwear; I like to feel free when I am running. My shorts went to my knees, so I didn’t have to worry about exposing myself to little old ladies. There was no particular place I wanted to run, so I pulled out my stopwatch and decided to run 10 miles.

I finished my run in just over an hour. As I approached my front door, I noticed that it was ajar. I quickly did a mental check trying to remember if I locked it or not. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember so I took a deep breath and walked into my home. Within seconds of clearing the doorway, I felt a sharp pain in my side and the room went dark.

I felt groggy and my head hurt. I tried to open my eyes and soon realized they were covered. I wanted to reach up and grab my head, but my arms were tied down. I recognized my kitchen chair underneath me and knew I was bound to it. My captor must have realized I was awake, he spoke, “Sorry if your head hurts man, you hit it when you fell to the floor.”

Another voice spoke, “Yeah sorry man.”

So I had captors I realized. The first voice was deep and I could hear real concern when he spoke. His voice came from the left of me. The other one’s voice sounded more amused, his voice came from the right.

“Do you mind telling me who the fuck you are and what the hell you are doing here I asked?” I ran my foot across the floor; at least they hadn’t tied my feet. I could tell by the hardwood floor and the echoes in the voices that we were in my dining room.

“Well,” the second voice said, “my name is Ken and by buddy over there is Buddy.”

The names sounded familiar, but I couldn’t determine where I knew them. Ken soon filled me in. “Our wives names are Tracy and Becky. Let me introduce us better, my name is Ken Franklin and off to your left is Buddy Augustine.” I held my breath. That Adonis I had seen yesterday was here in my kitchen? I frowned why did I refer to him as an Adonis? Apparently Tracy had ratted me out, and in doing so let Becky’s husband in on it as well.

“We should be very upset with you, you know? This was from Buddy. “You fucked our wives and turned them into harlots. Now my wife wants to fuck any and everything that she can fit up her twat. I came home from work yesterday to find her writhing on the floor covered in spunk and fucking a goddamn vegetable. How do you think it makes me feel knowing that when I am away providing for my family, my wife is out having the time of her life fucking vegetables.” I could hear his teeth grind as he said that last bit. “As I said, we should be very upset with you,” he repeated. “And indeed we are, that is why we are here. We have decided that since you have turned our wives into your fucking whores, we would make your ours.”

I froze in my seat. Did he just say what I thought he said? All trace of concern that was in his voice earlier was long gone. I felt a chill run down my spine and my arms broke out in goose bumps. The blindfold was removed from my eyes and I blinked rapidly at the sudden intrusion of sunlight. Ken was standing in front of me and slowly came into focus. He was almost an exact replica of Buddy. Just a few pounds lighter and where his eyes were dark brown, buddies eyes were even bluer than my own.

Ken reached down and stroked my hair. I glared at him and before he could react, spit in his face. He just smiled at me, not even attempting to wipe the spit from his face. I heard Buddy tear something and turned my head towards him, he slapped a piece of duct tape across my mouth. “Don’t worry”. Ken said, “we will find such nice uses for that lovely mouth of yours later.”

Now I flipped. I struggled against my restraints kicking out at the air and swearing profusely behind the tape. Both men just stood back and laughed. After several minutes of watching me struggle, Ken grabbed my legs and Buddy tied them together. I twisted harder, causing the chair to fall on its side. The fall stunned me and the men took the opportunity to untie me from the chair and bind my hands in front of me.

I couldn’t believe how easily they moved me around. As if I were nothing but a rag doll. Buddy picked me up and sat me back in the chair, I started to resume my struggle, but a quick slap caused my head to swim and my eyes to water. “Just stop struggling”, he said. “Your fate is inevitable. The more you struggle the harder you make it on yourself.”

Ken approached me with a pair of scissors and I tensed. He smiled as he cut away my shorts leaving me bare-assed on the chair with only my running shoes on. He reached into a bag he had brought with him and pulled out a pale blue replica of the sexy outfit Tracy was wearing the last time I saw her. I started shaking my head and struggling again when another slap jerked my head around. I was pretty sure he had left a mark. I tried to make eye contact with Ken, to plead with him not to continue, but he just laughed and commented to Buddy on how I was giving him the “come hither” look.

He dropped to my legs and I wondered how he was going to get those panties on me when I saw that they tied at waist. He leaned into me and instructed Buddy to lift me a little so that he could get the bottom half underneath me. Buddy put me in a headlock so that I would understand not to struggle and lifted me off the seat. Ken put the g-string on me and worked the string up the crack of my ass. He tied the two ends into perfect bows and then congratulated himself on his handy work. He gave my cock a quick tug and laughed as it immediately began to strain against the panties.

To put the bra on me, they needed to untie my hands. Buddy held each hand in a crushing grip as one arm and then the other was put through the bra straps. Ken fastened the bra in the back and Buddy pulled me into standing position so that they could admire me. I felt ashamed and excited at the same time. Soon the panties would no longer be able to contain my cock. My balls were already protruding and getting bigger every minute. The material was soft on my skin and I liked the way the panties wrapped around my cock.

“Now don’t you look pretty?” Ken purred and stroked my hair once again. With his other hand he reached down and fondled my balls. “Yes, you sure are breathtaking.” He grabbed my head and kissed me through the tape, grinding his lips against mine and pulling me back into him so that I could I feel his hardening cock pressed against my ass. When he broke the kiss, I saw his eyes gleaming with pure satisfaction.

Buddy still gripped my hands in his, he shifted so that one hand was free and began stroking my cock. “Looks like someone is enjoying himself. I am going to let your hands go, don’t make me have to hurt you.” He turned me loose and I dropped my hands to my side, enduring their touch.

Two pairs of hands touched every inch of my skin. My cock grew stiffer, so Buddy pushed the g-string aside and freed me. My cock slapped him in the chin. He flashed me even white teeth and swallowed me whole. My knees buckled and I collapsed to the floor. His mouth felt incredible, hot and wet. Between the two of them, they lay me out prone on the floor and untied my feet. They must of known they had me once Buddy began sucking me off.

Buddy moved so that he was lying between my legs and enveloped me once more. I could feel his nose snuffling around in my pubic hair. He would deep throat me and then retrace his steps dragging his teeth along the length of me. Although bound by the duct tape, I was unable to stop the groan that escaped my lips. I was in pure pleasure heaven. He was able to take my fully into his mouth without gagging. No woman had ever been able to do that. I knew that he had done this before.

Ken knelt near my head and continued to stroke my hair. He seemed to have taken a liking to my locks. Shivers ran down my spine when he would knead the area where my neck met my hair. His hands left my hair and I felt lost. I saw him moving beside me and realized he was shedding his clothing. He stood and dropped his pants. My eyes bulged at the size of his cock. It had to be at least 9-inches long and 3-inches wide. He stood over my head and stroked his cock. Pre-cum accumulated and he watched as it dripped from his cock and landed on my forehead. After a few more drops created a nice pool, he dropped to his knees and began to massage it in my hair.

I really began to get into him touching me. His hands were soft but strong. I noticed he was tugging my hair a bit harder, so I craned my neck to see what he was doing. He had wrapped my locks around his cock and was jacking himself. Seeing this turned me on even more.

Buddy stopped sucking my cock and just licked my balls instead. This was equally as intense. He stopped his administrations and stood to remove his clothes. When I saw his cock, I began to squirm. He had an elephant cock, at least 4 ½ inches thick and over 12 inches long. I started shaking and realized that I had just cum while looking at his cock. I shot my spunk all over his legs and feet.

I was expecting him to be angry; instead he reached down and wiped it from his skin only to place his finger in mouth. Ken saw this and struggled to his feet to stand next to Buddy. He reached out and wiped my cum from Buddy’s thigh and placed his finger in his mouth. Both men continued to do this until all of my cum was eaten. Buddy then grabbed Ken and rammed his tongue down his throat. He looked like he was trying to get back the cum Ken had eaten. His hands reached down and grabbed Ken’s ass, stroking his finger along his crack. I was pretty sure that the two of them were doing each other.

Buddy knelt between my legs and Ken straddled my chest. I couldn’t see what Buddy was doing, but I could feel him jerking himself off and using his precum as a lubricant on my ass. I knew what was coming and I tried to struggle. But with Ken sitting on my chest, I knew my fate was sealed. Finally, Buddy leaned in whispered something to Ken. Ken just nodded before turning to look at me with the most sinister smile. I tried to speak, but the tape kept my words from becoming audible.

Buddy momentarily left his perch to rummage through my refrigerator. I knew he was looking for some kind of lube and wondered what on earth he would possibly find. I got my answer seconds later when he returned and cracked an egg on the floor. He let the yolk run down into my crack and massaged it in with his finger. He eventually worked two fingers into me and then three. I felt a little pain and closed my eyes to prepare for what I knew was next. Buddy positioned my legs on his shoulders and lined his cock up with my ass. At that moment I remembered doing the same to his wife’s pussy. I wondered if he would slam it into me as I did her.

Fortunately, for me, he did not. He pushed at my sphincter until his head popped through. The pain was intense. My eyes smarted and I thought I would pass out. It felt like I needed to take the biggest dump of my life. I cried out, begging, I knew they understood my pleas.

Buddy remained still for what seemed like an eternity and Ken tried to soothe me by stroking my face, while wrapping my hair around his cock. Finally the pain subsided and I relaxed. Sensing the change in my body, Buddy began to thrust slowly into me. The pain returned but not with the same intensity. I could feel him sliding deeper and deeper into me. He was so big I thought he could go on forever, and then I felt his balls slap against my own.

I didn’t know where he put it, and was amazed he managed to fit all of himself inside of me. I was completely stuffed. He slowly began to leave my body and I felt a sudden sense of emptiness within my bowels. When he was halfway out, he slowly reentered me, making me feel whole again. He kept this up for several minutes until he was convinced I was stretched enough for a true fucking.

Around the fifth time he exited me, he stopped and tapped Ken on the shoulder. Ken reached down and tore the tape from my mouth. He slid his cock along my lower lip leaving traces of precum. Finally he nodded his head and Buddy thrust deep into me. I opened my mouth and let out a huge moan. Ken took this opportunity to slide his cock deep into my throat. He leaned over me and began to fuck my mouth with his cock at almost the same speed that Buddy was fucking my ass. I gagged several times and tried to slide my tongue around Ken’s cock to suck him off. Realizing the torment I was in, he slowed his pace and I wrapped my lips around him, using my hands to assist with my first blowjob.

Buddy’s cock seemed to grow in me. I could feel him stretching me out even more. My own balls tightened and I blew the biggest load of my life. My whole body became stiff as a board and seemed to lift off the floor. I nearly dislodged Ken from his place on my chest. My body felt like a piano being strung.

I held onto Ken’s cock and continued pumping him while I reached my own delirious orgasm. Seconds later, he too reached his orgasm, pumping thick threads of spunk down my throat. He filled my mouth and began shooting all over face and into my hair. When he finished he fell to the floor next to me gasping for air.

Buddy soon reached his own orgasm and slammed into me so hard I skidded at least a foot across the floor. He continued to pound into my ass like a wild animal, making noises I had never heard from another human. Finally he pulled out and laid prone one floor, breathing heavy. Huge spurts of cum still erupted from his penis, landing on his chest. I moved next to him and took his monster tool into my mouth to suck him dry. I licked the splatters from his chest, leaving no traces behind. Finally, when convinced he was clean enough, I lay back on the floor.

I rested there for a moment thinking how I had just managed to come not once, but twice without touching myself. How these to men had come to my home to make me there whore and had succeeded. My ass and throat burned from the abuse, but I was sure with practice I would get better.

Ken crawled over to me and began to kiss me, tasting his own spunk on my lips as well as Buddy’s. He twisted my nipple before dragging his teeth across my nub. I instantly became hard again. I heard Buddy get up and go into the kitchen. I was enjoying Ken’s attention when I heard Buddy clear his throat. I turned my head to look at him and saw him holding what had to be the biggest cucumber on the face of the planet. “Seconds anyone?” He waved the cucumber and we all started laughing. Only I was hoping he wasn’t joking.

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