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A Clean Pair of Heels

Category: Fetish
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I’m sitting in the black leather chair as usual. The leather cool against my thighs. I’m dressed in a very short black skirt, a skintight low necked black top, black fishnet stockings and the main event: my six inch black shiny stiletto heeled shoes. I cross my legs and swing my foot impatiently, acutely conscious of the light reflecting off my shoe as it makes its arc through the air.

The door opens and in he walks, stopping in front of me, waiting for my approval. I take in his outfit: black lacy see-through women’s panties and his very own pair of black, thigh high stockings. The panties are decorated with red lace and little bows at the front and the stockings have a red and black pattern at the tops. I nod my approval, reaching out and stroking his bare thigh above the stocking top and caress his cock, semi-hard behind the black lace.

Standing very close in front of me he starts to rub his cock slowly through the panties, looking deep into my eyes, occasionally glancing down at my breasts, making my nipples hard. I watch with interest as his cock hardens inches from my face. He pushes the panties to the side, letting his cock gain its freedom. It is rock hard and very slowly he slides his hand up and down the shaft, his mouth open just a little as he concentrates.

I divide my time between looking him in the eye and watching his beautiful cock as he continues to stroke it, using his other hand to gently squeeze his balls. My mouth starts to water as I notice precum starting to leak from his tip and I lick my lips slowly and deliberately. He knows just what to do. He takes my hand gently, guides it to his cock. I run the ball of my thumb across his glistening head, feeling the slippery fluid coat my thumb.

‘Holy fuck’, he almost whispers, as his head falls back in pleasure but I make sure he’s watching as I put my thumb in my mouth and suck it hard tasting his salty flavour. The black lacy panties have done their work and he slides them off.

‘Get on the bed, slut.’ I command, firmly but not unkindly. He sits up against the headboard, his back against the black silk pillow, his legs spread; on display. I climb onto the bed, lay between his legs with my heels digging into his chest. He pushes back against my heels, challenging me to do as I wish with him. I dig my heels into his willing flesh a little more making the skin dimple. He catches his breath as I do so and I spread my legs a little wider, giving him a perfect view of my soaking wet cunt. His eyes glitter but my cunt is momentarily forgotten as I ask him,

‘Would you like to kiss my shoes?’ Not waiting for his answer I raise one of my feet up to his mouth and he kisses the long thin heel reverently, before taking it between his lips, as if it were a cock. His eyes close while he greedily sucks on my six inch heel, his hand still stroking his cock ever so gently.

I bend my leg slowly and carefully, so as not to disturb his sucking, and reach out my hand to his balls, squeezing his balls tight before letting my fingers travel southwards. He wriggles a bit on the bed, giving me free access to that sweet rosebud of an asshole. I rub it gently, running my finger back and forth before pushing at it gently. Pushing my finger in slowly, slowly up to the first joint, feeling him tighten momentarily against the intrusion, a sighed ‘fuck’ escaping his lips as I push my finger further in. I feel his strong muscle clutching my finger, wanting more, so I push it in all the way.

‘Oh fuck yes!’ he exhales as I continue to enjoy the velvety softness inside him. Slowly I withdraw my finger and push it back again, his hips bucking as I fuck his ass faster and harder with my finger. I push it in all the way and withdraw it suddenly, along with the heel in his mouth. He opens his eyes in surprise but a smile soon replaces that expression as he hears the lube squirting onto my fingers; the noise that heralds so much pleasure. I lube up his sweet asshole; using my finger like before. It’s all wet and slippery and so it slides in quickly, no resistance this time and he raises his hips eagerly. I quickly slide in another finger, watching his face. He’s ready. I smile at him and withdraw my fingers.

I bend his knees up and place my foot at his crotch, squashing his cock so that it’s pointing up his body. He looks intensely into my eyes and then closes his; the better to concentrate on the forthcoming sensations I imagine. I push the sole of my shoe against his cock so that the heel digs into his sac a little. His breathing increases slightly and I push my foot harder, giving him just a little taste of the pleasurable pain he craves. I slide my shoe down a little and gently nudge his legs wider apart with my other foot. I can see his sweet asshole all ready and so I push my foot in closer still. I position the six inch slender heel at his entrance and tilt my foot slightly, pushing the heel against his hole. I feel a little resistance but keep pushing and it slides in a little, just a half inch. I stop and he opens his eyes to ask (demand really; there’s no question mark there);

‘More, more.’

‘You sure?’ I tease.

‘YES!’ I can hear the capital letters in his insistence. I continue the motion and the heel slides in an inch. I love to watch it disappear into the soft pink skin. His cock lurches and I push deeper; another inch. I pull it out almost all the way and then push deeper. Three inches now impaling his eager asshole and his hips riding back into me.

‘Mmmmm – you’re such a slut’; I murmur encouragingly as I pull the shiny black fuck shoe out nearly all the way and push it back home. Hard. All the way. All six inches. He cries out in both pain and satisfied desire;

‘Oh God Yes!’ as the heel disappears. Six inches of black shiny stiletto heel buried deep in his ass. I begin to find a rhythm. Steady and firm. Strong and pulsing. Regular and building. Getting stronger. Harder. Deeper. Faster. He finds his cock and matches my rhythm; fucking his hand as I fuck his ass with my heel. I push my foot hard against him. I’m so hot and wet, totally getting off on the sight of my heel plunging into his ass.

He opens his eyes, slowing the rhythm of his hand and I smile as he takes hold of my other shoe; gently reverently. He twists my leg carefully and raises my heel to his mouth again. He licks the heel slowly from bottom to top, as I slow the movement of my other foot. He looks along the length of my leg; in this position he can see my cunt spread for him, the lips soaked in my juices. I bring my hand up and caress my clit feeling how swollen and tender it is. He sucks on the heel; his eyes locked on mine. As he takes more of the heel into his mouth I slide my thumb into my aching cunt, bring it to my mouth and suck the juices off. He moans incoherently, the heel muffling his sounds.

I resume the movement of the heel deep in his asshole now and begin to do the same with heel in his mouth. He sucks greedily and the heel disappears down his throat, slowly, like a cock he’s deepthroating. He grabs hold of his cock again, more roughly this time and his fist is pumping up and down on his cock. Precum is soaking his hand; he slides his hand down to my heel, letting the precum cover my high heel sliding in and out of his asshole. He’s fucking my shoe hard and deep; his balls are bouncing against my ankle.

He’s moaning loudly now; the heel in his ass and mouth push in at the same time and he’s taking all six inches in both holes. I can feel my juices trickling and I’m getting off on his excitement. I squeeze my swollen nipples hard and feel the tremors starting in my cunt. I snake my hand there and slide two fingers deep inside my wet cunt with my thumb rubbing my hard clit. I let him control the thrusts of my feet as he nears his climax. I finger fuck myself deep and hard and twist my nipple hard with my other hand. That’s all it takes and I cry out as I cum.

I know my vocalising will trigger his orgasm. He’s grinding against my heel moaning loudly as he leans back, opening his asshole wide for me for that last little bit of depth, breathing raspily as the other heel fills his mouth. The double penetration fills him physically and mentally, totally and absolutely: violently shaking and spasming he cums hard, almost roaring in his release. I quickly remove my heel from his mouth and allow his ribboning cum to spurt all over my shoe. The sticky, opaque creaminess splatters on the black shininess — all slick from his saliva.

‘Holy fuck… fuck… damn fuck!’ he intones breathlessly. He slides carefully off the heel embedded in his ass and leans forward in one oft practised movement and slurps noisily at the cum covered shoe. His mouth greedily cleans up and I can feel his warm tongue licking at my foot to get every last drop. He kisses one foot gently and then the other. Gets up and goes.

‘Thank you Mistress’, he says politely before closing the door behind him.

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