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Very Personal Trainer

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One day I got a call from a young lady in response to an ad I placed for my in-home personal training business. She was just out of High School, and had just landed a job. With her new salary wanted to do something to improve her body. She decided to flip a coin as to whether she should join a gym or go to a personal training studio. Luckily it gave “head” and she chose me.

When Sandy arrived for her introductory interview I was stunned at her beauty. She was even cuter in person than she was over the phone. At six foot one she was a bit taller than I, and more than a little bit over weight but in a very voluptuous way. She had shoulder-length red hair and wore a dark green dress that brought out the deep green of her eyes. The knee-length dress fit just snug enough that I could see that her weight, though ample, was well proportioned in her bust, hips and butt. The few extra pounds she had around her gut would be a breeze to work off. Immediately I saw that I could have her looking like a porn star in about three to four months. It was just a matter of getting her on the right program and the right diet.

During the initial interview I showed her the various pieces of equipment we would be using and discussed routines, diet, and general health issues. I stressed to her the importance of including some power-lifting moves in her routine to burn more calories, increase metabolism, and firm up the body parts that tend to sag when people get older. Then I had her fill out some forms and told her to come back in a few days and we’d get started.

When Sandy arrived for her first workout session she was dressed (if you want to call it that) in a pair of gray gym shorts several sizes too small and a stretched-too tight white Tee shirt with the words “Let’s party” stenciled in just below her tits. And, what a pair of tits she had! The way her T-shirt was stretched around those huge globes made them look like a couple of balloons somebody had filled with water—and she wasn’t wearing a bra.

It’s a good thing we weren’t going to be doing any aerobics today, I thought, otherwise those water balloons would bounce around too much and might break. Perhaps I should have warned her to wear a sports bra. Oh, well, there’s always next time.

Then there were her gray gym shorts. They were stretched so tight that not only did the “V” of her crotch stand out perfectly clear, but so did the bulge of her fat pussy lips and the long slit between. Yeah, that’s right, she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

As she stepped into the room, her clean, freshly bathed soap scent boosted by a touch of lilac aroma perfume filled the room making a nice contrast with the dank smell of iron dumbbells, plates, and barbells, and leather benches I was used to. All of my senses heightened like someone opening up a window to let the sunlight fill a darkened room.

The sight of her made my Adam’s apple bob in my throat, but I finally found enough of my voice to ask her in. We started out with a few light free-hand movements to warm up, then I had her do the bench press to firm up the muscles that support her boobs. First I explained to her how you had to lower the bar down until it touched the highest point of your chest, then push it back up.

“Don’t worry, Sandy,” I said. “The bar is not heavy and I will spot you and guide your movements until you get the feel for it.”

With that I gripped the bar just inside her grip and helped her lower it to her chest–until the backs of my hands touched her nipples. She smiled and then pressed the bar back up exhaling forcefully as she pushed up, just like I’d told her too. We got into a rhythm then, doing a dozen repetitions–and each time she expanded her chest with the downward motion as she inhaled making her tits swell upward, and each time the backs of my hands touched her ever-growing nipples. Then on the upward part of the movement her exhaled breath warmed my crotch which was positioned just above her face as I spotted her.

As she did her reps she stole an occasional glance at my crotch and couldn’t help but notice the growing bulge there.

After she completed her set I had her get up off the bench. “One of the things about working out you should learn is not only how to do the lift, but also how to spot other people. So, I am going to do a set now, and I want you to spot me just like I spotted you.”

I piled on a couple of plates on each side. “Okay, now stand behind the bench like I was. You have to get up as close as you can so you will have better leverage with the bar. Keep your hand on the bar, but don’t do any of the actual lifting unless you feel me giving out. Okay.”

“Okay,” she said, taking up her position.

From my position on the bench, I looked up at her crotch only inches above my face. I drooled over her fat pussy lips and the slit between. I wondered if she had shaved her pussy. Then, I let my eyes travel up her body, up above her gym shorts. Her giant tits loomed up above me like a couple of basket balls.

As I performed my repetitions I exhaled as forcefully as I could—right into her crotch on purpose. And, by the time I had finished my set, I could discern a tell-tale splotch of wetness begin to appear along the indentation in her shorts where her slit was.

“Okay, now we’re going to move on to the squat,” I said after completing my set. I racked the bar on the squat rack, then did a couple of repetitions to show her how to do it.

“Now, it’s your turn,” I said. “Get under the bar like I did, and I will spot you and guide you down. Now remember, do not go below parallel. In order to spot you, my hands will be just underneath your pectoral muscles and when you have gone down deep enough I will apply a little pressure lifting up on you. That will be your signal to return to a standing position.”

“Ummmm, sounds like fun,” she said, positioning herself under the bar.

I stood right behind her and placed my hands just under her breasts. It was all I could do to keep from fondling those huge suckers right now–but I had to behave myself. I must be professional about this, I kept reminding myself.

As she lowered the bar, I squatted down with her following her all the way–my hands never leaving her chest. As she lowered the bar to the lowest position, in a deep squat, her ample butt bulged out against my crotch–since I had to keep my body close to hers in order to spot her. I tried to keep my mind clean but I couldn’t help but imagine that I was fucking her doggie style when we were in that position with my crotch plastered against her butt and my hands wrapped around her almost on her tits.

The next thing I knew the bulge in my crotch was turning into a full blown hard on. I wondered if she could feel the heat of it pressing against her ass when we were in the deep position. I watched her in the mirror and saw her nipples really sticking out through her T-shirt, and the tell tale trench in the front of her shorts getting wetter and wetter with each rep. And, I knew it wasn’t from sweat because her arm pits weren’t sweating yet.

When she completed her set, I removed my hands from her chest, placed them on the bar and helped her rack the bar. We both stood there motionless for a few moments, breathing heavily and looking at each other in the mirror. I inhaled deeply of the fresh shampoo odor mixed with a light touch of sweat emanating from her hair.

“That was fun,” she finally said. Then with a mischievous grin and a twinkle to her green eyes that just about floored me, “I really loved it when you pressed your hot crotch against my ass–like this.” She suddenly arched her back pushing her butt back hard against my crotch.

“Ummmmmmmm” I moaned as the sudden feel of her ass rubbing against my cock almost took my breath away.

“Also, I was kind of hoping your hands would’ve slipped and moved up a little higher on my chest like this.” She grabbed my hands off the bar and placed them dead smack over her tits.

“Ummmmmmmmaybe you’re right,” I said, pressing my body hard against hers while fondling her huge tits. “A little pectoral massage after doing those bench presses wouldn’t hurt, now would it?”

“A pectoral massage would be very, very nice right about now.” She began swaying her ass back and forth more vigorously against my throbbing cock while smiling at me in the mirror.

I began fondling her tits in earnest as my hips began to instinctively fuck my horny cock against her butt. “Oh, God, you’re beautiful,” I said, kissing her mane of red hair and nuzzling my face in against hers. I kissed the side of her face and her neck as I tweaked her very erect nipples.

“Perhaps the pectoral massage would work better If I take my shirt off,” she asked with a gleam in her eyes.

After helping her off with her shirt I had her sit down on the bench. I came in behind her and pressing my cock against her upper back I reached around to fondle her boobs. The weight of her breasts in my hands was incredibly erotic. As I fondled them, they felt like a couple of huge bowls of Jello—firm and yet not firm almost ephemeral like some sort of alternate universe that I could perceive but could not quite grasp. My index fingers teased her nipples—now there were a couple of objects that were more than solid.

I changed positions then, moving around the bench to kneel down in front of her. Holding her boobs in my hands once again, I admired them, then buried my face into her massive chest flesh kissing and licking like a mad orangutan.

Moaning softly, she squeezed her warm thighs in against the sides of my body as I began sucking hungrily on her nipples, first one, then the other.

“I think its about time you got a massage,” she said grabbing me under the arms and helping me to stand up.

“Ummmmmmmmy, my, my,” she said running her hands up and down the bulge in my shorts. “Look at what we have here. It looks like the trainer has got himself all pumped up.” She grinned up at me as she fondled me. Then she nuzzled her face against my cock, driving me crazy.

“Nggggggh,” I moaned.

She next began expelling her hot breath forcefully against my cock. The feel of her hot, wet breath on my organ sent goose bumps racing up and down my body.

I ruffled her gorgeous head of red hair while she toyed with my crotch.

“We’ve got to get these shorts out of the way,” she said, pulling my gym shorts down to my knees.

Once my raging hard-on was free of my shorts it slapped her hard up under her chin.

She giggled and began playing with it pushing it side to side, or pushing it down between my legs then letting it go so it would spring back to full staff with a “sprong!” Then it would quiver for a few moments before finding stability.

After a few moments of playing with my cock like that she began rubbing her huge tits all over my cock. “Let’s see you give me that breast massage with this,” she said wrapping her cleavage around my tool and squeezing her tits in from the sides.

“Ummmmmm, yes,” I moaned as I began fucking her tits. With each thrust of my pelvis the head of my cock poked out through the top of her cleavage.

She giggled at that and began flicking her tongue out at my dick each time it made an appearance. Then she let go of her tits, grabbed my hard-on with both hands, and placed her lips against the very tip of the head of my cock. As her lips spread out around my head, she began moving her tongue back and forth against the tiny hole. Her hands slid down my shaft to play with my balls.

“Ngggggggod,” I moaned.

One hand firmly holding my balls and the other hand fondling my butt she sucked me all the way down her throat. As she drew her head back her thick, juicy lips clamped around my shaft like a vice. Like a vacuum cleaner she sucked me so hard her cheeks caved in from the sides as she drew her head back away from the base of my shaft. Then as she sucked my organ back into her mouth to nuzzle her nose in my pubic hair, her cheeks bulged out with cock flesh.

After sucking me up and down like that a few times she removed my cock from her mouth and resumed teasing it with her tongue again.

I could no nothing but moan and run my fingers through her hair.

Then she began sucking on me again.

The next time she pulled away for air, I broke free of her and moved back over to the squat rack. “You are driving me crazy,” I said, sitting down under the squat bar with my legs straight out in front of me. “Come on over here for a moment and pretend that you are getting ready to do another set of squats.”

Giggling she came up to stand over me, one foot on either side of my body and her hands grasping the squat bar. Her drenched gym shorts were only inches from my face.

Slowly I ran my hands up and down the backs of her legs while admiring the sloppy wet indentation in her tight shorts. My mouth only inches from her crotch I breathed hotly on it like she’d done me, while fondling and caressing the backs of her legs.

I could tell she liked what I was doing by the way she squirmed and moved her hips back and forth as if she was trying to squeeze her pussy lips between her thighs and her shorts.

When my hands reached her ass I inhaled deeply letting her musky sex smell fill my lungs and drug my mind. Then I pulled her crotch in closer to my face and nuzzled my nose up and down the hot, wet valley in the middle of her shorts.

Squeezing her ass tightly I mashed my face into her cloth-covered cunt. I munched and sucked and licked and kissed and munched like a crazy man. Her musky cunt smell growing strongly with each loving lick and suck of my hungry mouth. Her already drenched gym shorts grew even soggier partly from my mouth but mostly from the hot juices pouring out of her cunt.

“Nggggggggggg,” she moaned as she fucked her cunt against my face.

When I felt her start to quiver and shake, I knew she was about to cum, so I stopped eating her and just blew gently all over her steaming crotch. Then I slowly rolled her shorts down her legs while continuing to blow on her cunt.

“Oooooooo!” She moaned.

When I had removed her shorts and tossed them aside, I grabbed her ass forcefully again but before diving in I said, “okay Sandy, dear, now show me what a naughty, horny girl you can be and fuck my face for all you’re worth.” Then I mashed her dribbling cunt to my face and munched like crazy.

“OhhhhhhhGgggggodfuckkkkkkk,” she moaned as her whole body began thrashing wildly. Had she not been holding on to the barbell on the squat rack she would have surely toppled over.

“Nnnnnggggggggg” she moaned as she shivered and came all over my face.

I licked up her juices tenderly while she cooled down for a moment.

“I want to feel you inside of me,” she said moving over to the bench.

I stood up, took my T-shirt off and joined her beside the bench. “Since you’re the one who wanted the workout you take the top,” I said laying down on my back on the bench.

She knelt down beside me and licked my cock a few times before straddling the bench and lowering herself down to my shaft. Her fat pussy lips were so sloppy wet it didn’t take much effort to get my tool inside of her. Moaning she slowly lowered herself down until her ass was almost crushing my balls and her clit throbbed against my pubic hairs.

“Nggggggg, nggggggg,” she grunted as she began working herself.

I held on to her hips and ass and helped her work my cock up and down, back and forth, and around and around.

She played with her tits as she fucked me. With each fuck she tried to dig her clit ever deeper into my pubic hair.

I felt my balls contract ready to explode. “I’m going to cum,” I moaned.

She exploded into overdrive then, thrashing her body ever which way and giving my cock the hardest fuck it has ever had. I exploded into her flexing my buttocks muscles and thrusting my hips up off the bench as if trying to bury my cock even deeper into her hot, gooey hole.

“Yiiiiiiii!” She screamed as she too came and gushed another flood of hot cunt juices all over my cock and balls. Then she collapsed on me and we embraced and kissed while our cum juices mingled in our crotches.

After we rested a bit, I had her stand adjacent to the Bench Press bench and bend over with her hands on the bench so she could support the weight of her upper body with her arms.

I sat down on the floor underneath her to play with her huge boobs hanging down. I sucked her inch-long nipples into my mouth like an emperor nibbling grapes off of an overhanging vine in a Roman garden. Then I moved around behind her to kiss and lick all up and down the backs of her legs from her feet to the backs of her knees to the backs of her thighs. Moving up higher I fondled her huge ass, kissed her cheeks—and rubbed my aching cock against the backs of her knees.

I reached a hand up under between her tree trunk thighs to rub her pussy, then to taste her wetness on my fingers. Like an animal I climbed up on her. Wrapping my arms around her torso and holding of for dear life, I entwined my legs and feet around her legs for additional support so that she was supporting my entire weight, as well as her own. Suspended completely off the floor like this, my throbbing cock jabbed its way between her thighs and easily slipped inside her dribbling wet, cock-eating orifice. Once inside I pumped away at her like zoo ape on steroids, my abs smacking against her butt like a battering ram against the walls of a castle. My hands found their way to her huge globes hanging down and I grabbed a hold of those suckers as I pounded my cock as hard into her cunt as I could.

I was a maniac, my body seemingly suspended in air I thrashed it violently back and forth pumping my tool in and out of her steamy slit. I grunted like a wart hog—and had the best cum of my life.

I slid back down off of her body, and we both crumpled to the floor exhausted, but happy.

After a couple of more rounds we called it a day but not before agreeing to make these “training” sessions regular. Needless to say I never charged her for my “training expertise.”

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