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Melissa Makes Friends

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We’ve known Melissa for quite a few years. She was more Annie’s friend to start with but we socialise together every once in a while.

I like Mel. She is quiet, though not exactly shy. I honestly don’t know whether she even has boyfriends or lovers – that’s how quiet and straight Mel can be. She is small in height and a little plump but she carries it well and there is no going past the fact she has a nice bouncy pair of B-cup tits.

We both enjoy her company. Annie isn’t sexually attracted to her at all but I was very keen on seeing whether I could corrupt Mel – lead her astray and maybe into our little world of sexual pleasure.

Once or twice I’d made suggestive comments to Mel. But her being a bit reserved and me being in a relationship with Annie meant she’d ignored my hints about taking things further.

The time came soon enough, however, when the three of us were discussing sex in the way adults do. So I ‘let slip’ that Annie and I are not monogamous. Mel was shocked to hear that! Then, as if trying to reassure her that it wasn’t so strange for a devoted couple to be having sex with others, I mentioned that we also played together.

‘What?’ she stammered. ‘I don’t think I get it’.

‘Yes you do’ I replied, teasing her. ‘Sometimes Annie and I have a third person in our bed. When we can both agree on the other person.’

Annie was trying to get me to leave things be. I know she hadn’t expected to be outed like that. Even most of her closest friends don’t know about our sexual lifestyle. Fortunately for me, despite her protestations of shock and horror, Mel was warming up on the subject.

‘I could never be like that with a woman’ she blurted out. ‘Maybe kissing or something but I could never be turned on.’

‘Oh yeah’ I replied, trying to sound casual. ‘Its not for everyone. And we don’t do it all the time’ I tried to reassure her. ‘Only once in a while.’

‘But you really don’t mind letting Annie do that?’ she asked.

‘If she wants to’ I answered. ‘It isn’t really about me letting her do anything. If Annie wants it then its not up to me to say no’.

‘Even another man? So you can have two men at once?’ she demanded of Annie

That has been the least of Annie’s sexual adventures to date. But Annie quietly nodded, squirming with embarrassment and pleasure as she recalled some of her more recent nights.

‘But how?’

I laughed quietly. ‘I think you would need to find out for yourself’ I answered for Annie.

‘Well I could never…’ shot back Mel.

‘But you have thought about it’ I suggested.

‘I’m sure I couldn’t…’

‘Well you don’t need to. We’re not trying to convert you’ I went on (lying through my teeth).

But I was right and Mel had been thinking about it at some point. ‘The thing is I don’t know if I could feel safe’ she offered. ‘If I felt I was in control that might be different.’

She had been thinking about it…and I knew by now I was close to having her hooked. It was unlikely Mel would play with us and anyway, after the way I’d ‘put her in it’, I don’t think Annie was too impressed about the thought of Mel playing with me. But it was a rush to think I might be able to entice sweet, innocent Melissa into something debauched like her own private cock party. If only I could be there to watch!

‘Well its nice to be able to think about these things sometimes’ I said. ‘If you ever did want to know more then you know you can ask Annie or I.’

Which was where we left it for the time being. Later on Annie and I talked some more and we agreed it would be fun to see how far we could go in encouraging Mel to explore a very private fantasy. Annie definitely did not want to be involved. Somehow Melissa wasn’t someone she wanted knowing more intimate details about her. I knew not to make a big deal over my wanting to fuck Mel – but it was agreed I was free to organise a small cock party for Melissa if (a big ‘if’ it seemed) she was game.

From there I left it a few weeks. In time I sent Mel a couple of emails to her private address. Yes, she told me, she had been thinking about it. But she had no idea how to go about setting up a night with two men at once. She was sure she’d be too scared. It was something best left to the realm of fantasy.

I followed up with some research and sent Mel two stories from

Then she really did get interested.

Finally I ‘offered’ to help with a few ideas about how she could make this fantasy come true.

Mel wanted to know what Annie thought about the whole thing. There wasn’t much Annie could say – obviously she’d had a fantastic time herself being introduced to other cocks. Her one suggestion was that older guys were preferable – less clumsy and more stamina. But I knew Mel wanted to feel she could be control. Young guys were my preferred option – more grateful for the experience and they’d cum quick if Mel had a change of heart on the night. In keeping with that approach my role was to act as chaperone for Mel and make sure she would be looked after and have her wishes respected.

More than once Melissa wanted to drop the whole thing. I was gentle with her, gave her examples of the kinds of sex play ‘other people’ get up to (trying hard not to hint too strongly at what Annie and I engage in). She took the bait – she still was nervous as all hell but now she saw that her fantasy might be pretty tame compared to what ‘some people’ get up to. Or maybe she’d just had enough of having such a quiet sex life.

So it was that a few months after that first conversation Mel had inspected some photos on-line, we had booked a hotel room and the chosen two guys were lined up for the big night.

Mel went in after work and checked in. Later she told me she was trembling as she stood at the desk. By the time I arrived Mel was nicely bathed and wearing nothing but a skimpy bra, G-string and suspender belt with stockings. At my suggestion she’d opted for minimal make-up. Her shoes had only low heels. Her plump body and her pale skin looked pretty sexy with the skimpy black lingerie and her tits were shown off to best advantage. I wanted to fuck her right there and then. In fact, she might well have accepted an offer along those lines if only to avoid having to face those two strange boys!

I left her with a small glass of wine (very small, for fear too much dutch courage would spoil the proceedings) and went downstairs to meet our other two participants. Simon was 23 and Chris was 21. We shared a quiet drink. I was enjoying the thought of Mel sitting up there waiting and getting all the more nervous. But I also needed to help put these two young men at their ease. It was vital to my plan that they were able to perform well for Melissa.

Just after 7 we took the lift up. As arranged with Mel I knocked quietly and then let us all in with a door pass. Mel had been sitting in a comfortable chair trying to watch TV and as we three entered she rose, trying her best to look confident and ready.

Introductions were done with firm handshakes. But that wasn’t the way to get the party happening. So I bent over and gave Mel a nice kiss on her cheek…then her lips, longer and fuller. The young guys were eager too. Mel took her cue and moved to Simon first and then Chris, giving each a small hug and allowing them a tiny peck on her lips.

‘Take her boys’ I said boldly and both Simon and Chris put their arms around Mel and the kisses were renewed in earnest. I don’t think they were the greatest of kissers but Mel hardly noticed as she was too nervous and amazed she’d allowed herself to be put into this situation.

‘Why don’t you boys get undressed and Mel can see what we’ve brought her.’

This was my turn to hold Mel tight and push my tongue into her hot eager mouth. ‘Oh my God’ she whispered to me. ‘I cannot believe I am doing this. Will they both fuck me?’

‘They’ve agreed to do whatever you want and nothing more’ I reassured her.

‘Bloody hell’ she gasped as she turned and saw the two young men mostly naked and their rampant cocks pointing to the ceiling. They were both athletic and nicely built. Their cocks were very adequate in size and steely hard. ‘I can’t believe this.’

Mel quickly slipped off her shoes and sat on the edge of the bed with both young men within easy reach. Simon was first and she slowly worked both her hands along his length. I’d guessed Mel was not a total stranger to cocks and it was obvious she knew what to do. Simon moaned loudly each time Mel started down over his shaft and he soon was starting to leak pre-cum.

Then it was the turn of the younger Chris. He’d taken my emailed hint and shaved his balls. It seemed his cock might be the larger of the two, though Simon certainly had the larger head. Mel spent some time massaging and feeling his balls as Simon finished stripping off. I remained clothed for now but that was all part of the deal. From where I was sitting, though, I had a great view of all the action.

And there was plenty of it. Far from being shy and reserved Mel was turning into a raging sex fiend in front of my eyes.

She moved back to Simon now and lowered herself to her knees in front of him. Mel looked up at him with a giant grin and she flashed me a look of wonder and thanks. Here she was, a normally demure, early 30s woman with two younger, rather good-looking guys eager to see to her every sexual whim. I watched as her eyes drank in Simon’s taut body and her hands felt his toned legs and bum. Then Mel stepped through the door into the depths of her fantasy.

She dropped her head and began to move her tongue and lips around Simon’s cock head. Her reward was another loud moan. Naturally this only encouraged Mel even further. Within a minute she was bobbing her head up and down, taking into her mouth as much of this young cock as she could manage. Mel was keen and I was sure Simon wouldn’t last long – but that was all part of my plan. Besides, it didn’t seem fair to make Chris wait.

Mel didn’t just suck though. Occasionally she would come up for air and lick Simon’s cockhead and rub her hands along his shaft, now coated wet with saliva. But after a few minutes it was obvious what she wanted – Simon’s cum!

I don’t know if she’d ever had a man cum in her mouth before this night. It didn’t matter. As Simon began to groan louder and louder Mel started to work both her hands and her mouth up and down along his swollen cock. She was doing her best to milk his orgasm from him. ‘Fuck I’m gonna cum’ he called out as a warning, but it made no difference to Mel. ‘Oh Melissa, you’re so fucking amazing’ he called out again.

And then his hips shifted forward and Simon started grunting with a funny, high-pitched sound. Mel slowed her movements. She held his cock tight and pushed her mouth down over his head. Obviously he was cumming – hard. And obviously she was drinking down all his seed! This was exactly what I’d wanted – to see sweet, quiet Mel acting like a slut.

Eventually Simon had to withdraw from that luscious mouth, his cock sensitive after a massive orgasm. He didn’t know what to say but Mel looked up at him with another of her wonderful smiles and just said ‘Thank you so much. That was amazing!’

With a gesture she had Chris take up position in front of her. She began to lick up and down the underside of his cock. If it was me I’d have had her using her tongue on my shaven ball sack – but Mel knew what she wanted! Next she gave Chris a small headjob, again eliciting groans of pleasure as her reward. But that wasn’t what Mel was thinking of.

She climbed back onto the edge of the bed and undid her bra. We all ogled as her tits spilled out. They were surprisingly firm and sat nicely on her soft body. Her small pink nipples were as hard as tiny pebbles. Three male mouths were watering at the sight and the thought of getting our lips onto her mounds.

‘Go between them’ she instructed Chris and cupped her tits for him. He got the idea quickly and moved forward to place his still wet cock into the older woman’s cleavage. Maybe Mel wasn’t as innocent as I’d imagined?

I wished now I’d negotiated with Mel to bring a camera along to record the session. I just had to hope she’d allow me to organise another night like this.

‘That’s it baby’ she murmured to Chris. ‘Move in there for me.’ And Chris, young and definitely less experienced, did his best to perform what I guessed was his first ever tit fucking.

Mel loved the whole experience. I could tell by the way she sucked her breath in and out and ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ as Chris worked out his rhythm. Simon came and joined me on the sidelines. His cock would be ready for more action pretty soon. I was wondering whether I would last out the session without taking a turn of my own!

Once the saliva on Chris’ cock dried out Mel dropped her tits and again took him in her hand. Slowly she resumed her wanking of his cock. She was staring at it, enjoying the sight of his large shaft, swollen and close to bursting for her. Mel had wanted to feel in control and there she was, taking charge of her young lover’s rock hard tool. Now her left hand moved down and found his shaven balls.

I wondered what Mel would do next – swallow his length or lap her tongue against his tight ball sack. For several more minutes, however, she was content to massage and stroke his cock. The room was filled with sounds of two people breathing heavily. Until Mel finally was ready to take her next step.

‘You wanna cum for me baby’?

‘Oh yes please, Melissa. Where shall I go’?

‘In here again’ she replied and once more cupped her soft tits for Chris to bury his cock.

Simon and I didn’t want to crowd the lovely couple. But it was so hard to stay in our seats on the side of the room. Still, we had a great view of Chris thrusting his hips and spearing his rod in between Mel’s luscious tits. Her mouth was hanging open – maybe ready to catch his seed or just her concentrating on the action. But it didn’t take long for the climax to arrive.

Chris pushed his hips even further forward and we all could see this was it! With each thrust now his cock spurted big globs of white cum over her flesh. There was Mel, happily wanking this young man with her tits and proudly wearing his cum. He was a quiet one – but Mel compensated. Each and every spurt of seed that landed on Mel was met with a grunt from her. His cum quickly pooled in her cleavage and across the top of her chest. One little spot did manage to fly up to Mel’s chin making her look totally delicious.

We all stayed put, admiring this once shy woman. I’ve known Mel for a long time and I could not believe what I had just seen.

Then Chris moved off her, looking almost a little embarrassed at what he’d done.

‘Ooooh. That was so wonderful’ said Mel, her eyes snow fixed on his sticky cum coating her cleavage. Some of it started to run down the sides of her neck. ‘Thank you baby’ she called softly to him.

I didn’t want the show to end here so rather than let the pace drop off I suggested to Simon it was time to remove Mel’s G-string. I went to the bathroom to fetch a damp cloth to wipe off the cum before Mel became glued to the sheets. In just a few moments I was back, relieved to see Simon had taken my lead. There he was now, sitting on the side of the bed, with one finger slowly thrusting inside Mel’s cunt. Personally, I was delighted simply to get a look at her sex. She kept her pubic hair nicely trimmed but above her smooth cunt lips was a little tuft of mouse blonde hair. I was sure she’d taste great, but I reminded myself this was Mel’s big night – and that that was enough pleasure for me.

Not that I couldn’t take a little advantage from the situation! By using the wash cloth I was able to mop up most of Chris’ cum – and then suddenly I had my hands on Mel’s tits. I figured while Simon was busy at one end Chris could make himself useful by playing with Mel’s tits – and what else was I to do except lend a helping hand of my own?

Soon we had her nipples standing up nicely and then I, followed by Chris, started to lick and suck on them – to the obvious delight of the now irretrievably horny Melissa!

I told Simon it was time to lick her cunt and fortunately he was experienced enough not to be freaked out. I don’t now how skilled he was. But it hardly mattered since at this point Mel (who once had protested at the very idea of enjoying more than one man at a time) now was deeply involved in the experience of three eager lovers playing with her body.

He must have done OK though because after several long minutes of having three mouths working on her Mel suddenly started up with a series of small gasps. Her hips began to move and her mouth once more hung open. I could see her hands clenching at the sheets underneath her. It wasn’t the largest orgasm and probably not even notable for Mel – except for the fact that she’d cum in the presence of three men!

Still eager to direct the action, I told the two boys to swap places. Chris didn’t look sure. But I told him it was time for Mel to have a taste of herself and that Simon needed to bring his face, all coated with Mel’s juices, up to the top of the bed.

I moved back out of the way – back to my role as chaperone. It was a better spot to take in the action. Mel was loving the chance to smell and taste herself as she kissed Simon deeply, moaning all the while. And Chris didn’t seem to make too bad an effort on her cunt. In fact, he soon struck up the courage to slide two fingers into Mel’s sopping wet hole. That certainly did the trick and between kisses she hoarsely called out to him ‘oh that’s it…yes…please’.

There were three very hard cocks in that hotel room at this point. The action surely was as hot as Mel needed on this, her first ever night of group sex. But I wasn’t sure just how long Mel could last on her first time. Better to leave her wanting for more I figured. It was time for the boys to fuck her hot, waiting hole.

Mel let out a small cry when I made the suggestion. She gave me a strange look. I wondered whether it was just lust or whether maybe she might be having second thoughts. Was this the moment when my role as chaperone would prevail over my immense desire to see Mel fucked over and over?

Chris had gotten his condom on first and he approached the bed slowly. I was looking straight at Mel as he climbed onto the end of the bed. Her only response was to slowly spread her legs wide! She was ready and wanting.

He mounted Mel quickly and she guided his cock straight into her. We’d chosen well and the boys hadn’t lied about their experience. The younger Chris had no trouble striking a very respectable rhythm as he thrust in and out of her. Mel soon wrapped her legs around Chris. I wondered how many times sweet, shy Mel had done that with a man.

Then she reached up and began playing with the young man’s nipples. That just made me want to pull and pinch hers in return! But then I thought of how nice it would be to see her soft mounds really moving.

‘Roll over for him’ I murmured to Mel. ‘Let him in from behind’. It took only a minute and she was on hands and knees with Chris once more buried in her hot cunt. He didn’t exactly pound into Mel the way I’d hoped but her tits looked good as they hung below her. And that wasn’t all we could do with doggy style fucking.

‘Come on Simon’ I urged the other boy. ‘Climb up there so Mel can suck on that cock of yours’.

Quickly he manoeuvred himself into position at the top of the bed. For a moment I wasn’t sure what Mel would do. She seemed a little lost, unsure of herself. Was this too much like being a slut?

‘Jesus Christ’ she whispered loudly and reached out to Simon’s cock. Bingo!

Any inhibitions or doubts were gone now. It wasn’t easy for Mel with Chris still pumping into her from behind but she soon worked out how to use a hand and her mouth to pleasure a second cock. Now I really wished I’d brought a camera.

The three of them kept up this action for quite some time. I was a bit worried Melissa would end up dry or sore. It seemed, however, that her own lust and the delights of these two boys were keeping her well lubricated. Eventually Chris was ready again.

‘Is it OK if I cum?’

‘Oh yes gorgeous’ shot back Mel. ‘Yes, cum if you want…I want you to cum inside me this time’. Surely Mel had had more experience than she’d let on.

The young fellow tightened his grip on Mel’s hips and started to really pump into her. I was pretty impressed by his style – nice long thrusts with enough force to cause their skin to slap together and make Melissa’s plump arse cheeks wobble. She dropped her head from Simon’s dick but her right hand kept a firm grip on him. I saw the way her mouth hung slack and it was obvious Mel was going to cum – big!

I sat on the side of the bed and reached under Mel to find her clit. A little gentle pressure seemed called for, just to help things along. She must have noticed but I guess she was too far gone to think about who it was playing with her button.

When her orgasm hit Mel buried her face in the bed. Even so we all heard her grunts. They were powerful, sounding almost as if she was in pain. I think they even unnerved the boys a little. But Mel never missed a beat and pressed her hips back against Chris, meeting his every thrust as his own smaller sounds joined hers and he pumped his seed out.

Mel was gone – flushed in the face and breathless. But as soon as I passed a condom to Simon and he moved to roll it onto his dick Melissa was rolling over again. Chris and I made way. She wanted a nice traditional missionary fuck and we were so impressed by Mel’s display we definitely did not want to cramp her style.

Again she spread her legs wide. We could see well enough that her cunt lips were puffy and wet. Chris’ cock had left her hole nicely open. I had assured Mel that all penetration would be ‘safe’. All the same I was wondering how it would look to have a full load of man juice oozing out of her.

But then I was hit by another idea. I’d gotten so far in my plan to corrupt this otherwise demure lady. I was sure I could push her just a little further.

‘Reach down there for us Mel’ I asked. ‘Yes, masturbate. Let us see how you give pleasure to yourself’.

She gave me a strange look. I know Mel had never played with her cunt in front of an audience – certainly not three hungry males! She was unsure as she slowly slid her right hand down over her tummy. The whole time her eyes never left mine. Was she looking for reassurance or support? – or was she just watching for my reaction? Either way I didn’t care by the time her fingers slid through her little tuft of hair and started carefully to rub her clit.

We all watched closely now as Mel grew in confidence. She was wanting to give us a show. We all were thrilled to watch her fingers moved past her clit and began to slide along her slit. The boys couldn’t believe they were being treated to this. I thought about telling Mel to split her cunt lips and give us an even better look at her hole. On the other hand she looked so sexy touching herself in such a private way. Best not to interfere when the three of us already were standing there drooling over Melissa’s naked body.

It wasn’t enough pleasure for Melissa though. She reached up to Simon and spread her legs even further. ‘I want you now’ she said softly. I wanted to hear her say the word ‘fuck’ but though she was really enjoying her newfound slutty self she hadn’t lost all her inhibitions. But she was about to take a second cock inside her.

Simon moved into position. He took his time, slowly easing himself into Mel’s hole. She, however, was hungry to be filled again and once more moved to wrap her legs around her young fucker. When he still wouldn’t give her what she wanted Mel reached up and pulled him down into herself.

‘Oooh’ she moaned. ‘I want you inside me’.

Now Simon took the hint and picked up his pace. Mel started to give out a low moan each time Simon hit bottom. I don’t know if the bitch had ever been fucked like that before but I was really pleased to see she was getting her chance.

I saw Chris looking a bit unsure of himself. So I suggested he give Mel a chance to fondle his shaven sack. He moved into position but I had to help Mel find his little treasures. Chris was starting to pound her now and it was throwing her aim off. But she loved the extra stimulation and the extra chance to run her fingers over his soft, young skin.

Still unable to resist, I took hold of Melissa’s ankles and pulled them from behind Simon. She still didn’t miss a beat! Only when I started to pull her legs apart did she lift her head to look at me. It was a quizzical look -I’d broken the spell.

‘Its OK’ I whispered. ‘I just want you to feel his cock right deep inside you. I’ll be careful’.

And with that Mel dropped her head back onto the pillow and relaxed her legs. Now I could spread her wide, opening her cunt to Simon’s thrusts and helping Mel to look like the slut she’d wanted to be this night. And what a sight it was!

Simon leaned right forward now and started to quicken his pace. Chris, feeling braver now, grabbed a handful of tit. Everything was moving toward a big finale. Mel, too, was getting in on the act and I could hear her breathing getting faster and more shallow.

Simon came first – his face went all red and he threw his head back. He seemed to lose sense of where he was because for the first time that night he really began to let loose. He pounded into Mel now as his own orgasm leapt out of him. The room was filled with the sounds of his skin slapping against hers. I could see his cock punishing her tight little hole. Each and every thrust forced a little grunt from Mel.

Perhaps for only the second time in her life, quiet shy Mel was being properly fucked. It did the trick too – another orgasm burst inside her and she arched her back and pushed her hips up to meet the last of Simon’s thrusting. A smaller climax again but it hardly mattered on this night. I watched her face the whole time and I swear I have rarely seen a woman looking so pleased and even grateful for what had been done to her – for what she had accomplished.

Quickly her legs went back around Simon and she held him inside her for as long as she could. ‘Oh darling’ she murmured. And then to Chris – ‘Thank you to you too’ she said with a big smile. Both boys did their best to say something gallant.

I moved off now. My last suggestion for the night was that Simon and Chris do the gentlemanly thing and stay with Mel while she came down from her high. The two understood and quickly slid onto the bed next to Mel. I turned on the TV as the three of them cuddled, Mel in between her two young lovers. She kissed them both and stroked their chests. They responded gently. Later Mel once more helped herself to two handfuls of young, semi-rigid cock. At that signal the boys both moved to her tits and Mel again felt the delight of two mouths working on her nipples at the same time. I tried to watch the news on cable but it wasn’t easy with the gentle moans coming from Mel across the room.

Finally Chris needed to make a move home – to his parents place no less! Simon might have been keen to try his luck for some more action but I’d made the rules clear when they were invited. Once Mel or I said the night was over then that was that. And this seemed an opportune time to allow Mel to regain her former straightlaced self.

She simply pulled a sheet over her as the two boys dressed. They each gave her a nice long kiss and thanked me on the way out.

I moved to make myself scarce. The deal had been Mel would stay in the hotel for the night. I was to call her at work on the following Monday – and it would be entirely up to Mel as to whether or not either of us ever spoke a word about her amazing night of debauched pleasure. But suddenly Mel wanted to change the plan.

‘I need to thank you’ she said.

‘Oh Mel – there’s no need’ I replied quietly. ‘It really was my pleasure – just like I said it would be’.

‘But it was so totally incredible. And you were the one who made it possible. I have to give you an extra little thank you’.

I was encouraged to try my luck. ‘Well, you could really feel like a wanton woman and let me fuck you. Just so you can finish the night with a more mature and experienced man’ I said with a chuckle.

‘No, I’d feel bad for Annie if we did that’ she replied. ‘But I still want to do something special for you’.

And she climbed out of bed and came across the room to me. I wanted those tits so badly at that point. And I wondered how she’d enjoy having me gently play with her arsehole.

But as I was wondering Melissa got to her knees in front of me and started to undo my trousers. I was shocked but I did nothing to stop her. This would indeed be something special to remember the night by.

She looked up and gave me the same look I’d seen her give Simon. She’d sucked cocks before and enjoyed it. She certainly had enjoyed her work that night and was ready for one last effort – on my swollen tool.

Mel wrapped her fingers around my shaft. Her small hands made my cock look even bigger. She slipped her hands up and down, gripping me gently. Oh yes – this little slut had done this before! My balls always are shaved and Mel couldn’t hide her delight at having another set of eggs to play with. She carefully stroked my sack and felt the shape and the weight of its contents. ‘You can lick me there y’know’ I offered. Her only reply was a low murmur as she shifted position to give herself easy access to my balls.

I shifted too – sliding forward a little to give her an easier angle. It was more than worth it to have this once seemingly naive woman lap at my scrotum. It didn’t last long, however.

‘Hmmmmmmmm’ she said and moved back up to the head of my cock. There was that smile again. Mel was a lot more relaxed than she’d been at the start of the night. She was pleased at the thought of what she was going to give me. And she was just as pleased with herself for having taken charge of three cocks in a single night.

I watched intently as Mel’s lips close around the head of my cock. She closed her eyes now, seemingly to savour the taste and feel of my meat in her mouth. Then she slowly began to work herself up and down my length. With each downward move she took more and more of me into her hot warm mouth. Melissa was right, of course – Annie hadn’t been planning on me getting my rocks off with her. Annie had been somewhat shocked at Mel’s own ‘coming out’ and rather doubted she would get up to anything too wild. But as I felt Mel’s lips and tongue work on my shaft I knew there could be no doubting.

The whole night had left me feeling so horny it was only a minute or two before my pre-cum was oozing into Melissa’s sweet mouth. In the past I’d wondered how Mel managed without a regular sex partner. Now I had to admit I was impressed at how brave this little slut had become. One mouthload of man juice already that night and here she was working on her second.

In fact, she was showing remarkable stamina. My cock is at least as thick as that of young Chris and I know how to control myself so as to make the fun last. Mel alternated sucking and licking my shaft, patient enough to wait for her reward. I’d never have wanted her to suck me off out of a sense that she owed me. To have her so obviously enjoying her task and the sense of anticipation was a turn-on in itself.

Eventually I gave her some coaching, showing her the best place to put her hand at the base of my cock and how to stroke in time with her bobbing head. At that point I decided we’d both waited long enough. ‘Gonna cum in a second Mel’ I announced. And she just tried to smile around the edges of my cock.

I slid further even more, trying to encourage her to take even more of me into her mouth. She took the hint but knew what to do with her hand so as to keep things comfortable for her. I didn’t mind – after all, I was about to explode in her mouth!

I gave up watching at that point. My head was full of the sensation of the velvet of her mouth sliding up and down my swollen cock. She was a slut alright and right then she was my private little slut. This was something once forbidden. I’d never expected it and I figured it might never happen again. At that moment all I wanted was to feed her a full load of my cock juice.

And at that my own orgasm was upon me. Oh, how I growled and swore as she held herself still half way down my length. I felt my cum shoot into her again and again. I revelled in the power with which my semen was jetting into her mouth. She took it all of course, the final proof that inside Melissa was a slut just looking for an opportunity to burst out!

She stayed down there between my legs for a long time afterward. It was the final indulgence for the night. Her head rested on one thigh and Mel contented herself with gently stroking and inspecting my softening cock and my still tight ball sack.

Finally I pulled her up to me and she took a seat in my lap. She was all smiles. ‘Thank you Mel’ I said. ‘You are wonderful’. To which whispered, ‘No, thank you. This whole night…I just can’t believe any of it’.

I moved then to cup her breasts – the temptation was too great. Mel didn’t react at all. She was happy enough for me to sample her, but it was clear she’d meant what she said. Out of respect for Annie there was a firm limit to how much of a treat I was to be granted that night.

And so at that point we wound things up. I quickly got my clothes back in order as Mel found herself a bathrobe and picked up the phone for room service.

I have to confess my own head was spinning somewhat at Melissa’s escapades that night. I’d never have believed it either if I hadn’t witnessed it myself. She’d been a slut alright and a very successful one too. I’d been privileged to play a part in it.

My plan to corrupt sweet Melissa had worked! I made sure to give Annie a full report the next night. She was almost as surprised as me at how wanton Melissa had been – almost as surprised cos I think she’d suspected something all along. Anni still was happy not to have played a part in the night though I really don’t know if she was happy with me having shot my load into Mel’s throat. Oh well…

The rest of the plan went as discussed. I called Melissa at work on the following Monday to ask her how she was. The reason for the phone call was not mentioned by either of us – but then that wasn’t really necessary. ‘Sure you’re OK?’ I repeated. ‘It was a very nice weekend’ was as far as Mel would go in acknowledging the events of the previous Friday night.

‘Well maybe I can send you some more of my research some time in the future’ I suggested.

‘Hmmm’ she replied before pausing. ‘Yes, maybe later. I’ll make sure you know when I need some more reading’.

I want to fuck the little bitch – no doubt.

Guess I’ll have to wait for the next time Melissa is ready for a new experience.

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