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Pursuing Joanna

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Ah yes, she’s here again – the girl. I’ve been watching her for several weeks now. She and her friends hang out at the pool where I live. Several of them must be sub-letting for the summer because there’s no way a college student could afford to live here on a regular basis. Then again, who knows? Parents give their kids everything these days.

Of course, I like to give them things too. Just not the things their parents give them, or would likely want them to have. Like the best oral sex of their young lives and the opportunity to return the favor. Yes, I admit it – I am what is commonly called a “cougar”, a mature woman who likes sex with noticeably younger people – in my case, younger women. I don’t mind the term, either, as it applies so well. I enjoy stalking my prey and usually get her in the end. And in most cases, she and I are both more than happy with the result.

It makes it so much easier that I’m financially independent. I can thank my ex for that. Sure, he left me for some young cutie, a secretary at the firm he runs, but things were over by that time, and he was more than generous with the settlement (with a little help from my shark of a lawyer). So now I have this nice condo and plenty of money for clothes and entertainment, an essential part of which is the company of young women. That’s a desire that had been simmering below the surface for a long time and finally asserted itself before the divorce was even final. I haven’t looked back since.

And so far I’ve been pretty successful finding willing “prey”. It helps a lot that I can buy them things and take them to nice places, but I definitely have other assets to offer. I was always attractive, and I’ve kept myself in good shape. My breasts are still full and high on my chest (without a boob job!) and my hips have that mature look without being too broad. I work out regularly, but just enough to stay trim, not “buff”. I still like the soft, feminine look, and I wear my raven-colored hair a little longer to project that image. Overall, I have to say that I look pretty damned good for a woman of forty. So it’s not just the money and things that get me the girls; they like what they see, for various reasons. Some clearly have “mommy” issues, some are turned on by the adventure and the “taboo” of older women, and some are just plain horny. From what I’ve seen of my current target, she will fall into the “adventurous” category. And there’s no doubt in my mind that I will get her.

There are five or six in their little group, though two of them seem to be the common thread, almost always there while the others slide in and out. As it turns out, those are the two that have caught my eye, especially one, the strawberry blonde with the cute little body and lots of spunk. She seems to be the ringleader, the one they all revolve around, with a vibrant personality and a quick-witted, sarcastic style that make her the center of attention. I’ve been plotting how to get her into bed since the first time I saw her. Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to break the ice a bit, talking to her and her friends casually as the opportunities arose, making myself a familiar face, if nothing else. But today I’ll make my move.

Luckily for me, there’s a chaise open today right next to them, and my fantasy girl is right on the end. I saunter over casually and ask if the spot is taken. “Huh? … Oh hi. No, go ahead,” she says. I give her a friendly thank-you smile and politely drag the chaise a few feet away, still close enough to interact, but not crowding their space. I remove my swim cover and lie down, about six feet from my little redhead in the end position.

I pretend to read but I’m listening to their chatter, searching for something that will provide an opening for me. I quickly learn that my girl’s name is Joanna, though some of them just call her Jo. Her friend, the other one who’s there most often, is Jenny, a pretty brunette with a much different body type from Joanna – voluptuous and hippy, with a pleasant trace of lingering baby fat. I like her, too, and I catch a few other names, but they don’t really matter right now. I have my focus.

Her hair is a light, reddish blonde, short and straight, kind of punky – a look that fits her personality perfectly. She’s so feisty but such a little thing, trim and lithe, with boyish hips, a perfect, flat stomach and boobs that are small but nicely shaped. Her lime green bikini accents and exposes her body so nicely. She seems to be naturally fair-skinned, but right now she’s lightly tanned from the summer sun. I can’t take my eyes off her, though I keep my gaze hidden behind my sunglasses.

Their girlish banter fills the air, running the gamut from silly to boisterous, to rather ribald, bordering on crude. “Eat me raw!” I hear Joanna cry at one point, responding to some feigned insult. It’s a little too loud, and I notice a few of the older women giving the girls nasty looks. Interestingly, I also notice a recurring theme of lesbian references in their talk, usually with a negative tone, as put-downs to one another. I file that away for future use.

I take a quick dip in the pool to cool off – only up to my waist, of course, making sure not to affect my hair and makeup. When I return, the topic has changed. Joanna is expounding about some boy she dated, or something. Apparently it wasn’t the best experience, or maybe she’s just entertaining her friends. In any case, she seems a little disdainful, making fun at the poor boy’s expense.

“…he had a little dick, but a really nice sports car, so it wasn’t a total waste. First things first, you know.” They all laugh at Jo’s comment, but again, the sexual reference doesn’t go so well with the residents who overhear it.

Luckily, the others decide to get into the pool, leaving me alone with my girl. I take advantage of the situation, leaning over to make a quiet comment on her little routine. “That was a funny comment about your boy friend,” I say, “but you know, some of the blue-hairs here aren’t so open-minded about sexual topics.” I smile sweetly and add, “I’d hate to see them make a complaint about your little group. I think you add something to the atmosphere around here.”

Joanna eyes me a bit, then looks around the pool before she responds. “Yeah,” I see what you mean,” she says. “Not the hippest crowd around here, huh?”

“Well, we’re not all so stodgy,” I assure her. I offer my hand, providing an introduction. “I find you’re very entertaining, By the way, I’m Lynn.”

Joanna takes my hand coolly, but I get a little thrill at the first touch of her skin. “Hi,” she says, “I’m Joanna. Oh, and he wasn’t my boyfriend, just some random guy I hooked up with.” I like the implication of that – her casual attitude toward sex.

I acknowledge my error politely, then change the topic, moving to something that will hopefully lead to more. “So you like sports cars?” I ask.

She smiles, suddenly warming up, and replies that she’s got a ‘thing’ for fast cars. “They’re such a rush,” she says with some enthusiasm.

Encouraged, I ask, “Are you familiar with the BMW Z4 M?”

She scrunches her face cutely as she tries to picture the Z4. “No, I don’t think so. I don’t know the names too much. I just know the looks. Sounds expensive, though.” That last comment seems to be a plus in itself.

“Well, yes, it’s a little pricey,” I say, “at least with all the options. But it’s worth it – you’re right, it’s a rush.” I pause for effect, then continue, “Mine is out in the parking lot if you want to see it. In fact, it’s a perfect day for a ride if you’re interested.”

There it is – my first move. I feel my heart pumping as she considers my offer, her head tilting to the side as she does so, probably wandering what I’m up to. I’m counting on her spontaneity and love of adventure to push her in the right direction. After a long pause, she gives a little smile and says “Sure, let’s go see it. I’m bored with this place anyway.” I’m thrilled.

We gather our stuff, slipping our swim covers over our suits, and head out to my parking spot. Joanna spots my little gem as we approach it and responds immediately. “Oh wow, is that it?” she asks. “It’s so cool. I love the color.”

“Yes,” I reply, “I think red is the only true color for a sports car. And I really like the look of this one – it’s hot, but not too ‘muscley’, if you know what I mean. It’s a good fit for a woman.”

Joanna’s only response is a quiet “Yeah,”, but I can tell she’s really excited by the car.

I take down the top to give her a good look, and she checks it all out – the chrome, the dials, the plush, leather seats, which she caresses like a lover. “So what do you think?” I ask. “Want to go for a ride?” I get a quick “Yes” in response and tell her to wait while I go get the keys.

One of the things I love about my condo complex is the bar they have in the pool area on the weekends. I take advantage of it now, returning quickly to the pool to order a double Mai Tai (“extra strong, please”) before returning to the parking lot. I find Joanna there, still admiring my expensive toy. I hand the drink to her, explaining, “I can’t do this while I drive,” I explain as I hand her the drink, “but you should. It really adds to the feeling.” I don’t say it, but I’m hoping it also reduces her inhibitions, though from what I’ve seen of Joanna, those aren’t terribly intrusive.

Joanna takes a quick sip and smiles. “Mmmmm, nice,” she says.

We hop into the car and I navigate quickly out of the city area to the curvy hill roads that are so perfect for this kind of driving. I’m going fast – not crazy fast, but enough to add some thrill to the ride as we swing back and forth on the winding roads. The top is down, of course, and Joanna looks even more appealing as she enjoys the brisk breeze ruffling her hair. She settles back into the embrace of the leather seat, smiling broadly, her eyes almost closed as she sips at her drink and basks in the afternoon sun. Despite the sun, with our light coverings the wind is cool, and I can see the little peaks of Joanna’s erect nipples poking out under her swim wrap. My god, she looks hotter than ever. I really want her now.

“Are you enjoying this?” I ask, raising my voice over the rushing wind and the roar of the engine.

“Yeah,” she replies, “this is great. Great car.”

I smile warmly. “I’m glad you like it,” I tell her. “You look perfect in this car. You need to drive it sometime.” As I say this, I reach down to place a hand tentatively on Joanna’s thigh, feeling its warmth through the thin fabric of the her swim cover. Joanna responds with a bright smile and an enthusiastic nod. I give her leg a little squeeze, getting another subtle smile in return. Encouraged, I leave my hand there, until I have to move it, reluctantly, to shift gears. I return my hand to her leg, a little higher up this time, but to my chagrin, she reaches down to gently push it away. I look over at her and get a little smile and a crinkle of her nose – no indication to go ahead, but not a complete rejection, either.

We drive a while longer, mostly in silence, Joanna finishing her drink while I watch the road. And then I decide to try something else. I turn up a long road and go until at last we are at one of my favorite spots – a beautiful overlook. “Let’s stop for a while,” I say. Joanna’s response is a noncommittal shrug, but she gets out and follows me to a bench.

We sit there, looking out over the ocean. The blue waters are just beautiful, capped by the white peaks of waves, with a sailboat here and there to add to the scene. “I love this place.”

Joanna responds with a simple, “It’s nice.” I can sense that she’s feeling the effects of the Mai Tai, which was far stronger than its sweet taste indicated.

The bench is small and we’re quite close to each other, our legs just inches apart. I reach over to touch her, but just on the hand, more cautious now than in the car. “I hope I didn’t offend you before when I touched you,” I say.

I get a little smirk from Joanna. That seems to be a common reaction from her. “It’s okay,” she says, “I thought you might do that. I’m used to it.”

That’s interesting. “Really?” I respond, “Why is that?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she replies. “Chicks just always seem to be coming on to me. I guess I have this ‘look’ or something.”

“I’d say the ‘look’ is simply that you’re so very attractive.” As I speak, my hand moves subtly back to her knee. “How long have you had this …’problem’ with other girls?”

Joanna responds to my compliment with a suspicious, sidelong look, glances briefly down at my presumptuous hand, then answers my question. “A while. It started at the beginning of freshman year,” she says in a very blasé tone. “I let my RA in the dorm do me,” She lets that settle in for a moment before continuing. “No big deal – I could tell she wanted me, and I was kinda curious, too, so I figured, ‘What the heck, could get some special favors out of it.’ I kinda did, too – a little slack on the rules, you know? – but really it was just fun. She was pretty good at it.” Joanna looks me straight in the eye and winks as she delivers her final line, “She made me cum. And she got off on it. That was hot.” I suppose that she’s hoping to shock or titillate me, but I just smile.

“And that was it?” I ask, knowing full well she has more to say. “Just the one time?”

She pauses for a moment, as if pondering how much she should tell, then answers. “Nah, we hooked up a few more times after that. And then I let some other lezzie chicks do me too,” She gives a disinterested shrug. “They wanted to and I was horny. It’s ‘interesting’ seeing a chick get all hot and bothered over you. And besides,” she adds with a naughty grin, “they give good head. And they loved making me cum.”

“But you never ‘did’ them?” I ask. I have to admit this talk is getting me even more aroused than I was to begin with.

Another shrug. “Not really …well, a little. I felt guilty a couple times so I sucked some tittie and fingered them off. But that was it.” She looks at me for emphasis. “I’m straight, really. Girls are fun, but I’m not into pussy.”

I suspect that she’s in denial, but I say nothing, just look at her, letting my silence encourage her to continue.

“So yeah,” she says finally, “I’ve fooled around with girls, but it doesn’t mean anything.” With a shrug she adds, “Fun, but nothing earth-shattering.”

“Hmmmmm, yes, I see,” I answer, “but they did give ‘good head’, as you say. And those were still just girls, weren’t they?” I run my hand lightly over her thigh and feel an almost imperceptible response as I continue, “You’ve never had a real *woman* make love to you? There is such a difference, you know, when someone is really experienced.” My fingers continue to insinuate over her soft flesh.

Joanna says nothing for a long moment. She sneaks another look down at my hand and I can see that she’s considering what I’ve said, and how she should answer. This is getting exciting. A secret smile curls the ends of her lips. Finally she speaks again, her eyes probing mine. “Something tells me you want to show me.”

Bingo! I keep my reserve, though I’m burning inside. “I’d love to,” I say coolly. “Would you like that?” My hand moves delicately over her knee as I speak. She tenses up ever so slightly, an almost imperceptible response to my touch. It is not a negative response, but not overtly accepting, either. I let my hand roam a bit farther as I continue my pitch, moving higher on her leg, then caressing the back of her knee. Joanna doesn’t say a thing, but I can feel her arousal growing. Mine is certainly doing the same, though we both do our best not to show it.

“Well,” she says at last, still feigning disinterest, “I guess it might be fun. I can see you really want it.” She really wants it too, despite her tacit denial. She doesn’t want to let me know, to risk giving me the upper hand. But I don’t care if she admits it or not. I’ve got the answer I wanted.

“It will be fun,” I assure her with a smile. Then, taking her chin in my hand, I apply a slow, gentle kiss to her sweet lips. Her response is muted at first, but she warms to my touch, allowing my tongue to wander languorously into her mouth, then using her own to wash sensuously over it. I feel a rush between my legs and want more, but this is not the place. Pulling away, I look at her with a combination of affection and lust. “Trust me, darling,” I assure her, “you’re really going to like this.” I take her hand and lead her back to the car.

We’re both pretty quiet on the way back. I know my reason – I’m doing my best to suppress my excitement. As for Joanna’s uncharacteristic silence, I don’t know. Maybe she’s nervous about what she’s agreed to, or maybe she’s like me – very turned on but not willing to show it yet. I reach over and run my hand softly up her thigh and get a winsome smile in return. That’s encouraging.

We’re still quiet as we make our way to my condo. I let Joanna in first and then follow her inside, where I immediately grab her, my hands on her waist as we face each other. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, both today and in the weeks building up to it, and I’m in no mood now for further delay. Joanna is looking at me intently, apparently slightly amused at my state. With a little smirk she says, “You really wanna do me now, don’t you?”

She’s right, I do want her, badly, and her cocky attitude only adds to her allure. Beyond her physical charms, there’s a wildness about her that I find irresistible. I want to experience that wildness in the most intimate ways. And I want to tame it, too. My response to her question is a non-verbal one – a hot, open-mouth kiss that produces a quiet moan in both of us.

Joanna’s hands move immediately to my head, holding my face with delightful subtlety. She may not be that into girls, but she sure knows how to kiss. Meanwhile, my own hands roam possessively over her sweet little body, up her back, pausing briefly at her neck, then moving down to cup her tight little bottom. I move to the tie of her swim cover, undoing it deftly, letting it drop to the floor in a heap. Now she is clad only in that skimpy green bikini, exposing her further to my touch. I can’t resist more and quickly undo her top, then bend down to strip off her bikini bottom. Joanna now stands naked before me, her trim curves fully revealed. She looks absolutely delicious.

I lead her to the bedroom where she plops onto the bed while I remove my own clothes. Joanna watches me intently as I strip, her legs open slightly to let me see her private parts, her hands moving sensuously over her own body – her breasts, her belly, touching briefly between her legs. She’s teasing me, enjoying the power she feels at the moment, and I have to admit it’s working. I want her anyway, but seeing her stretched out there, watching her play with herself, is incredibly exciting. And her demeanor, that “look what I’ve got for you” attitude, makes it all even better.

My clothes finally gone, I move to join Joanna on the bed. As I do so, I notice her eyes moving over me, taking in the sight of my body. It may be my imagination, but I sense an admiration in her eyes, an indication that she likes what she sees. I get onto the bed and take her in my arms, thrilling to the silky feel of her flesh against mine. I bring her lips to mine and my hands wander over her body as we kiss. Her skin is wonderful, so perfect and soft as I glide effortlessly over it. I pass briefly over her breasts – lingering, teasing – then trail lightly across her stomach, which quivers delightfully at my touch. Joanna is clearly excited now and she emits a little moan as my hands move over her belly and down to the delicious treat between her legs. I play there briefly, still teasing, my fingers running delicately over her lips, barely touching, just enough to further arouse her. Her hands go to my upper arms and stay there, holding on as I continue to stimulate her.

I pull away briefly to look into her eyes. They roll back slightly as I push a finger gently into her wetness, producing a pleasant “Mmmmm.” I finger-fuck her, starting off with a slow, steady pace, then gradually increasing the speed and depth of my thrusts. As I stroke her, the curve of my fingers rubs over the aroused tip of Joanna’s clit, drawing whimpering cries of pleasure with each touch. Joanna’s cunt is steaming hot and it feels incredible inside her. I kiss her again, passionately, and experience her whimpers in my own mouth as her tongue rolls eagerly over mine. Another thrust – all the way into her, three fingers in to the hilt – produces a fresh flow of fluids and a quiet shriek as her legs clamp together around my hand.

I swirl my fingers in her drooling slot, making scissors motions in her channel that she seems to enjoy. Then I reach deeper inside, gathering up a good coating of her natural lubricant before I slip out and down, to the tender pucker of her asshole. The little pink muscle contracts as I touch it, but loosens up immediately, letting me slip the tip easily inside. I feel it clutch and relax again and in one motion I slip my whole finger up her butt. Joanna cries out wantonly at the intrusion, shivering and grabbing frantically at my upper arm. At the same time, I slide my thumb up into her wet pussy and now I have two digits inside her.

I piston my finger and thumb in and out of her, alternating one in, then the other, occasionally pinching at the thin wall between her two channels. Each time I push into her ass, Joanna tenses up and gives a little “Ohh” or “Unngh.” With only the minimal lubricant from her cunt, it has to hurt a little going into her ass, but she appears to be enjoying it. I had a feeling she’d like it kind of rough, and that seems to be true – a little pain to enhance the pleasure. On my next stroke I plunge in harder, as deep as I can, and hold it there, vibrating inside her while she groans loudly and bangs the bed. Damn, this is good. I twirl my thumb in her pussy and she responds with a delicious whimper at the new pleasure there. Then I lean down to suck on her pert little titties while continuing to finger both her openings.

I work over Joanna’s tender nipples while she squirms and moans beneath me. But not for long. It’s time for the main event – it’s pussy time. I track slowly, sensuously down her body, teasing her mercilessly with my tongue, producing needy little cries as it makes tantalizing circles on her belly and in her cute little navel. As I move down to her hips, her legs are already spread wide, her body arching up in anticipation of what is to come.

At last I’m between her legs, staring into her beautiful cunt. It’s a sweet looking pussy, dainty and delicate, exactly what I expected from this petite little darling. I waste no time, quickly applying my tongue to the moist flesh. Joanna responds with a loud groan, ending in a heartfelt “Yeaaaahhhhh.” I lick her some more, but not too intensely, just light, leisurely stroke designed to tease her, to drive into a lust-crazed frenzy. I can tell she’s frustrated, but she’s also enjoying it immensely. I keep at her that way for some time, until she’s squirming frantically and making wonderful little whimpering noises.

My technique has worked beautifully and I’ve accomplished exactly what I hoped for, starting off slowly and gradually building the stimulation until she’s just out of her mind with need and anticipation for more. She’s like a different person now. Gone is the cocky, sassy young woman from the pool, replaced by this frantic girl experiencing new heights of passion and pleasure. She’s making pathetic, mewling sounds and literally begging for more as my tongue works mercilessly over her tender parts. Joanna is trembling, writhing about on the bed, her fingers pulling on her own nipples, her face flushed as her head jerks back and forth on the pillow. She’s getting desperate now, desperate for that last bit of stimulation that will put her over the edge. “Oh god,” she whimpers, “please … come on … just make me cum. Jesus … you’re driving me crazy!”

I feel a little pity for her but I don’t give in. I’m enjoying her too much to stop already. Her pert little butt feels so good in my hands, round and soft, almost dainty. Her silky soft buns slide over my palms as she wriggles about in response to my licking. She’s never had her pussy eaten like this, never been teased and tantalized until she thinks she just can’t take any more. But she’s going to get more.

Joanna’s pussy is absolutely on fire, the inner tissues vivid pink and glistening with juice, the lips swollen and protruding. I lick into her molten center and reach up to maul her smallish breasts, brushing her hands away, covering the modest swells with my palms. I grab her nipples with my thumb and forefinger, twisting, pinching. Yeah, she definitely likes it rough. She responds with a delicious squeal of pleasure-pain as I twirl her little nubs with increased vigor. At the same time, my tongue works steadily inside her. She’s wet as hell now and tastes wonderful in my mouth.

Joanna grabs my head and continues to cry out in ecstasy and need. Her hips buck urgently, wiping her wet cunt back and forth against my mouth. “Oh fuck! … fuck… motherfuck,” she grunts. She has a mouth like a truck driver and it sounds so hot coming from that dainty little thing, especially since I know I’m driving her to it. I keep eating her, adding new tricks with each passing minute, licking over every inch of her needy flesh.

I pause for a second, unable to resist another question. “Is this what it was like with the other girls?” I ask. Before she can respond, I pinch hard on her nipples and lick up into her.

Joanna squeals again as my tongue hits a particularly sensitive spot. “No-o-o-o-o-o …” she cries, gasping and squirming frantically, “… oh god … I never thought it would be this good.”

“Mmmmmm,” I reply calmly, spurring her on, “didn’t I tell you? And it only gets better from here.” That brings a pathetic “Oh god,” from my little vixen as I go back to licking her, faster now, more urgently. Her hips pick up the quicker rhythm and she starts into a continuous, undulating moan.

Now I raise her bottom up a bit and reach down to let my tongue swipe lightly over the pink circle of her asshole. Her body tenses and she groans loudly at the contact. “Omigod,” she cries quietly. I bet none of her girly playmates did this for her. I go back for more and she squirms in my hands as I eat her sweet little ass.

Joanna is thrilled by this new reat. “Unnnghh … oh god,” she moans incoherently, “what are you doing to me????”

“Mmmmm,” I respond, “just showing you what one woman can do for another.” I take another slow, wet lick at her asshole, tickling the center as she swoons again in my hands. “So you like this, dear?” I ask. “Has no one ever done this for you?”

“Ohhh… ahhh… No,” she groans. “Oh god, it’s so good!”

I’m thrilled at her response, by her obvious pleasure and by the knowledge that I am the first in this particular endeavor. I quickly flip her onto her knees and her head drops hard onto the pillow. Her cute, round bottom juts upward, lewdly rotating, waiting for me to get back at her. I can’t resist and plunge right in, spreading her cheeks and licking heartily at her hot little hole. God, she loves it! Joanna is moaning loudly now, between quiet murmurs of “Oh god,” and “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” I feel like I’m about to cum myself just from what I’m doing to her.

Now I up the ante, pushing two fingers into her drooling puss as I continue to lick over her pretty, pink rosebud. Joanna groans at the intrusion as her stimulation level rises even higher. I work my fingers inside her moist channel, searching for the hardened lump of her G-spot. I find it quickly and massage it as I continue my licking, drawing louder, almost pathetic groans from my wanton little whore. She’s actually shaking with pleasure now. This can’t go much longer.

I diddle inside her a bit more and suddenly she’s there. Joanna’s whole body tenses, then a desperate “Motherfuck!!!” explodes from her lips and she starts to shimmy and shake. I keep my fingers moving while my mouth covers her sweet quim, sucking and licking as her intense groans fill the room. A low, guttural noise accompanies her climax and I feel a rush of fluid seep onto my tongue.

Joanna collapses onto the bed, twitching and whimpering as the post-orgasmic spasms shoot through her. I back off a little, not wanting to over stimulate her, but nonetheless keep busy, my fingers rotating slowly inside her, my tongue taking quick, teasing swipes at her quivering flesh. Her arousal is diminished but still at a high level – just what I want for the next step. I move up to kiss her, my body slinking against hers as my hand continues a subtle caress over her swollen labia. She whimpers delightfully into my mouth as we kiss, clearly ready for more. My hands work over her, between her legs and over the smooth expanse of her chest and abdomen, keeping her at a fever pitch, until finally I go for the next step.

“Okay, darling,” I whisper sweetly, “it’s my turn now.” I run my finger suggestively over her supple mouth, reach inside to touch at her soft, wet tongue. “Time to please me.” Before she can even respond, I grab her shoulders and roll onto my back, pulling her on top of me. Our mouths come together and we’re kissing again as my hands roam over her back, her ass, her legs. Despite her earlier statement, Joanna seems more than ready to do what I want. I break off our kiss and nudge her head downward.

I take it slow. “Start here,” I tell her, holding one full breast up to her half-open mouth. My other hand reaches for the back of her head, urging her forward until her lips open to take in my already erect nipple. Then I reach down to her crotch, roaming delicately, lightly touching her cunt to maintain her arousal.

Joanna sucks beautifully at my tit, taking in more and more of my tender flesh, her enthusiasm building until she is actually moaning with passion from the experience. I move her to my other breast, and she pounces on it with a lusty cry. I hold her there, my fingers running lightly through her hair as I enjoy the delicious feeling of her mouth on my nipple. I keep the pace slow, allowing her to get comfortable with pleasuring me, until finally I can’t wait any longer – I need some relief. Gently, I urge her head downward. Feeling the pressure, Joanna looks up at me, her eyes wide with question and concern. She’s about to do something she’s never done before. I just smile knowingly and ease her down.

Joanna knows what to do. Her tongue trails wetly over my skin as she moves over my ribs and down my belly. As she moves down farther, close to my waiting cunt, a little cry escapes her lips. I can’t tell if it’s a cry of passion or anxiety, but it’s arousing in either case. She’s about to do the deed and we both know it.

At last her head is between my legs, though she makes no move to do anything. I run my fingers through her hair and just hold her there as I smile encouragement to her. There is a brief silence, broken only by the sound of our breaths, uneven and deep. I cradle her head in my hands, then spread my legs a wider and look into her eyes. “Go ahead, darling,” I whisper, “Eat me out.”

Joanna’s eyes close briefly, then open again and she does it, her tongue flicking out to swipe tentatively at my swollen lips. It’s a barely perceptible touch but nonetheless sends an electric thrill through me. A brief expression on her face says that it isn’t as bad as she imagined and she takes another lick, longer this time and a little deeper into me. She looks up at me for approval, and I react with a quick “Mmmm,” and then a longer, quivering groan as her tongue moves up and down several times in my slit.

Getting past her initial reluctance, Joanna starts to eat me in earnest, her tongue moving everywhere, rolling deliciously over the surface of my lips, touching lightly at my clit, then exploring deep inside me. She moves away for a second, hoping to tease me with tender kisses on my thighs, away from my cunt, but I’m in no mood for teasing now and move her back to the main course. To my delight, she emits a quiet moan as she licks deeply again into my quim. I hold her head tighter and start a slow, steady motion with my hips, grinding easily into her mouth as we both make noises of sexual arousal.

This goes on for a while and Joanna is really into it now, pleasuring me wonderfully. I’m wet as hell from making love to her earlier, and I know I’m creaming her face, but she doesn’t care and is obviously enjoying it. Her tongue makes wet, squishy sounds as it moves back and forth inside my tender folds. She’s in another world, moaning mindlessly as she burrows further into me, her mouth creating deliciously soft vibrations in my throbbing cunt. This is better than I ever imagined. I didn’t think she’d get so excited by eating me out. She’s turned into a total pussy whore, and she’s all mine to enjoy.

As I look down, all I see is her eyes and the top of her nose, shrouded in the light brown tuft of my muff. The rest of her face is buried in my cunt, up to her cheeks in my open gash. She looks up at me and I get the exquisite thrill of seeing the total passion and need in this little slut’s eyes. She’s actually ecstatic doing me. She may not have loved pussy before, but she sure does now. I can’t hold back anymore. I grab her head roughly and grind harder into her luscious pink mouth.

I keep her there for a while, humping her face, enjoying the feel of her sweet lips. Then I pull her face out, just for fun. Joanna is surprised by the newfound freedom, her eyes wide as she looks up at me, her breath coming in gasps. Her face is coated with my juices and the sight is more than I can take. I jam her face back into my crotch and cry out quietly as I feel her tongue go immediately back to work in my aroused folds. She’s moaning again as she eats me, clearly loving what she’s doing now. A few more licks from that eager tongue and I’m off, grunting and groaning as I cum in her lovely whore-mouth.

“Swallow it. Swallow it!!!” I gasp between groans, holding her firmly in place against my spasming cunt. I want her to take it, to submit totally to my will and pleasure. And she does. I look down to see her mouth moving, her eyes wide with amazement that she’s actually doing this. I’m out of my mind with excitement as I fuck her face and feed her my cum.

She continues to lick me clean and I come down a little, but not all the way. Joanna looks up at me, still pleasuring, but asking with her eyes if I’m done. I definitely am not. I smile greedily, grab her head, utter a simple “More,” and pull her firmly back into me, once again grinding her face into my open cunt. Her eyes flash wide with a muffled cry, then close again, and I can’t suppress a moan as she complies and gets back into me.

I hump Joanna’s face for a while, and soon I’m close to another climax. But I want more from my conquest – more pleasures and more submission. I pull my legs back, up in the air, opening myself further. Joanna looks up at me, wondering what’s next, but I have a feeling she knows. Her hands move to the backs of my thighs, holding my legs up and out, exposing all I have for her as her tongue licks over my legs. It feels great but I definitely know what I want – I want to take her to the next level, to have her submit in my favorite way. She kisses lightly at my thighs, but I push her head down, back to my crotch and beyond, and in seconds she is doing exactly what I hoped for, her warm, wet tongue rolling deliciously over the circle of my anus. “Oh yes, dear,” I moan, “right there.”

Joanna has turned out to be such a good little whore. Her eyes are closed, immersed in an erotic dream world as she wantonly licks at my anal ring. The proud leader of the pack is completely gone now as she provides this most intimate, intensely submissive service. I clutch lightly at her hair and she opens her eyes. Now it’s my turn to moan as I see that lovely face looking up at me, holding my gaze as she dutifully eats my ass. God, this is good. I’ve turned her completely. She’ll do anything I want.

“Get inside, sweetie,” I purr, and she dutifully obeys, her tongue pushing in as my ring relaxes and opens for her. Oh my god, it’s incredible, that warm wet muscle probing lewdly inside me. I groan shamelessly and pull her in farther, pushing her nose up into my wet slit as her tongue does the nasty in my ass. My legs come back down, resting on Joanna’s shoulders as I relax and just enjoy the experience of her serving me.

I make Joanna eat my ass for a long time, until finally I can’t take anymore. I need to cum again. I pull her up a little, back to my pussy and clit. She looks so hot, her nose shining with fluids from my cunt. I spread out wider and pull her in deep, feeling her sweet tongue working against my inner walls. She’s such a good slut now. I let her enjoy my taste for a bit, then direct her higher, to my aching, swollen clitoris. “Suck me, sweetheart,” I say. “Suck on my clit.”

Joanna gives me just what I need, her cheeks caving slightly as she delicately sucks on my little nubbin. It does the job and in seconds I’m in the throes of another orgasm, crying out her name as the waves sore through me and my cream gushes into her mouth. Joanna stays at me through the climax, then brings me down with sweet, tender licks as I shimmy in post-orgasmic bliss. Then at last I’m through it and I pull her up on top of me to share a lovely, leisurely kiss.

We spend the rest of the afternoon making love, interludes of tender kisses punctuating wilder sessions of intense orgasms, until she finally falls asleep in my arms. I teach Joanna other ways to please a woman, and she shows herself to be a willing and able student. But I hold some back, too, leaving more pleasures for future encounters.

And believe me, there will definitely be more encounters.

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