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Meeting Sunny in the Park

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Life in the detective bureau was anything but routine. Everyday there were new challenges. Crime never stops.

My day began at 8:30 am. I usually stopped off on the way to work to pick up coffee and some form of breakfast for myself and for the rest of the detectives, as well as the Chief. One of my duties was a review of the crime reports filed by the uniform division during the previous 24 hours. Cops often were not skilled writers. It was my job to review their reports for accuracy and completeness.

Eventually, many of these reports would find their way into evidence at a trial and we wanted them to be as “lawyer proof” as possible. This could be a daunting task as many of the men had very poor writing ability. More than anything, it came down to laziness. Nevertheless, I often had several dozen reports to peruse on a daily basis. This task usually took up to an hour to complete at the beginning of each day.

Sunny and I were seeing quite a bit of each other in the early eighties. She was bartending at night and I always worked the dayshift, so our time together was somewhat limited. But, we made do with whatever time was available to us. Often, that was simply meeting somewhere nearby for coffee.

The detective bureau came equipped with a private telephone line that was not accessible through the police department switchboard. We called it the black phone. Ostensibly, it was to be used for informants and other confidential business. More often, the black phone was used by wives and girlfriends who could reach their party without having to go through the switchboard. I gave the number to Sunny and she checked in with me nearly every morning. The sound of her voice always cheered me up. She was always so vivacious and sweet, it was impossible not to look forward to her calls.

On a typical day, the black phone would ring around 9:30. I would answer it. The other guys had to know it was Sunny calling, because my face would light up at the sound of her voice. She would usually volunteer to pick up coffee at the deli and we would meet in a park nearby to drink it and visit for a few minutes. After her call, I would wait a half hour or so, then tell the crew that I was going to the post office. I suspect they knew where I was going but no one ever let on and it was never an issue. I always took my personal vehicle to avoid anyone complaining about being with her in a police car.

The park was a couple of miles from headquarters. I had to navigate a series of narrow, winding roads that took me to the top of a small mountain, where the park lay in a three or four acre clearing. It wasn’t much of a park; just a few ancient oak trees and a walkway to a rock overlooking a cliff. According to legend, General Knox of the Revolutionary Army stood on this huge rock and observed the British Troops marching toward his position prior to the Battle of Morristown; hence, the name Knox Rock.

The road to the park actually bisected it. On the right side were a parking lot and a small, circular and heavily wooded picnic area, complete with old, rusty barbecue grills that had not seen service in decades. I pulled in there, found a comfortable parking place and awaited Sunny’s arrival. She was always prompt, so I knew I wouldn’t have long to wait.

Within minutes, I could see Sunny in her Toyota hatchback, heading into the park and then into the picnic area to meet me. She pulled in to my left and flashed a big grin in my direction. At the time, I was about 35; Sunny was 19. She was every older guys dream; cute, built and ready at a moment’s notice. Sunny had many good qualities, but, physically, she had the best tits in town. They were a solid “D” cup, yet firm and soft to the touch. Her pink areolas were silver dollar-sized and capped with little eraser-sized nipples that were fully erect. She also had very sexy tan lines, demonstrating that she wore the briefest of swimsuits. She had blue eyes, blonde hair and glowing white teeth. All in all, a pleasure to look at.

Sunny dressed to please. She knew I was a tit worshipper and did her very best to show them off to me whenever we met. She would often tell me that she was planning to wear “my favorite bra”, which really meant no bra at all. When she told me that, I started developing a hard on before I left the office. On this particular occasion, Sunny got out of her car and walked around to the passenger side of my car, carrying the brown paper bag with two cups of coffee in it. She was wearing red short shorts and a navy blue tube top, which barely contained her gorgeous knockers. They bounced as she walked the few feet to my car. My dick was as hard as flint.

Sunny sat in my passenger seat, handed me the bag and leaned over to give me a welcome kiss. She looked so hot, I thought the seats were about to catch fire. Then, she leaned against the door, putting her left foot on the seat, while leaving her right foot on the floor, giving me a view of her pussy as her tight shorts clung to it. Her tits were literally spilling out over the top of the tube top. It was hard to concentrate on anything.

I handed Sunny her coffee and we began to talk about the affairs of the day, but with her tantalizing me, I had trouble focusing and she knew it. She wasn’t much more than a kid, but she could tease with the best of them. When I told her how great she looked, she smiled and lightly caressed her pussy, but just for a moment; just enough to catch my eye.

“How do you like this top,” she asked as she pulled it down, revealing her magnificent boobs. I had seen them dozens of times before, but every time she revealed them, I was awestruck. They were stunning. She continued the tease by caressing them, one in each hand. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as my cock grew to full length and to a hardness that was capable of cutting diamonds.

“Are you kidding? It is wonderful, especially when you pull it down like that,” I replied. She was legally an adult but Sunny had a marvelous child-like quality that she combined with her natural assets in a way that would turn any man on. She continued sipping her coffee which she held in one hand, while touching herself with the other. She smiled and giggled as she knew the effect she was having on me.

“Are you enjoying the show?” The lump in my pants made the answer obvious. “Absolutely,” I said. “You are incredible, the sexiest woman I have ever seen. My cock is throbbing.”

“Good, now it’s my turn to watch. Stroke your cock for me baby.”

I leaned against the driver’s door, putting my right leg next to Sunny’s left leg . We both had our legs spread. Sunny’s beautiful tits were still out of her top. My hard cock was plainly visible through the thin fabric of my khaki trousers. A drop of pre-cum had spotted my pants. I started rubbing my cock while Sunny watched with fascination.

“God, I love your cock!! And I love how it reacts to me. My pussy is dripping just watching you stroke it like that.” She wasn’t kidding, either. Her tight shorts were now showing signs of her feminine dew.

“Please, take your cock out, I want to watch it as you stroke it.”

I looked around and there wasn’t a soul around. The woods were thick, providing the cover I would need. I undid my belt, put my service revolver under the seat, undid my pants and released my fleshy weapon from its Old Navy prison. If I have had harder erections in my life, I don’t remember them. Sunny provided all the inspiration necessary for a memorable experience. My cock was pointing to the sky and Sunny never took her eyes off it. I started to stroke it and she was mesmerized as she studied every movement of my hand. She spun around a bit and put her head between my legs to improve her view. I stroked slowly at first, and then increased the tempo as she watched eagerly.

Sunny still hadn’t touched me but this was among the most erotic moments of my life. I was closing in on a humongous orgasm. Sunny seemed to sense it and she decided to get more involved. As I stroked my cock, she leaned in and licked the head. It felt great!

“I want to touch it,” she declared. She didn’t wait for my approval, she just reached out and grabbed my cock and began giving me a hand job, with her own slow/fast tempo. My balls were aching for release, but Sunny was in no hurry. She put one hand in her shorts as she continued stroking me with the other. Her glorious titties were now caressing my inner thighs. Heaven could not possibly equal the pleasure of being with a half naked and fully turned on Sunny.

Every time I expelled a bit of pre-cum, Sunny was there to lick it off. She continued working on my cock but I noticed a small change in her manner. She stroked her pussy and it appeared to be warming to the task. As she jerked me off, her eyes got a little glazed and her breathing became a bit erratic. I could tell her ministrations to her pussy were beginning to bear fruit. In short, we were both approaching orgasm and it appeared that Sunny would get there before me. Once more, she spun around again, took her shorts and panties off in one very fluid motion and pulled my head down to her pussy.

“Eat me, please!”

I needed no encouragement as I spread her pussy lips with my finger tips, locating her clit. I gave her a lot of tongue action and in a matter of seconds, she tensed, tightening her legs around my head. She moaned loudly and grabbed my head, pulling it to her in an attempt to grind my face into her molten pussy. I could feel her quiver as she peaked. Then, suddenly, she relaxed. I looked up and saw her eyes closed and a huge grin on her face.

“God, that was great! Give me a minute and I’ll do you. I need some time to recover.”

Sunny was half reclining on the car seat, wearing no pants and with her top scrunched down and gathered at her waist. She was a mess. But the look on her face was one of pure contentment. After a minute or two, she opened her eyes and reached down to give her pussy one final caress. Then, she reached for her panties and shorts and put them back on.

Making no attempt to cover her tits, Sunny reached over and grabbed my now half hard cock. Under her skillful handiwork, Sunny soon had my cock back to full size.

“I want to make you cum now, just sit back and enjoy. When you are ready, just let it loose. I like it if you cum in my mouth, my pussy or anywhere you choose. I also love to watch you shoot. So, just let it fly. There’s no way you can cum that I won’t enjoy.”

A man doesn’t get those kind of orders very often. So, I did what the lady said; I sat back and enjoyed it. My legs were back to being spread and Sunny sat between them. She grabbed my cock and resumed jerking me off. I was nearly hypnotized by staring at her tits. I petted them and tweaked her nipples as she giggled. Then, when my cock was sufficiently hard, she kneeled down on the floor and began sucking me off. Sunny was an expert cocksucker. She could get me off quickly and rarely used her hands on my cock. She did, however, play with my balls as she sucked. Her tongue beat a rhythm on my cock as she bobbed up and down on it with enthusiasm. She was a master at the art of deep throat. In a matter of seconds, she had me to the brink. But, she was having fun and wasn’t about to let me cum that quickly.

She allowed my cock to flop out of her mouth. Then she gave me a pretty solid squeeze just below the head on the underside of my dick. “I don’t want you coming too soon,” she said as she looked me in the eye. “I’m going to torture you a bit first.”

“Sounds ominous.”

“Believe me, you’re going to love it. Now sit back and let me continue sucking you.”

This brief interlude took some of the urgency to cum away. My balls still ached for release, but I knew the end was near as Sunny took the top third of my penis into her mouth and began pleasuring that sensitive spot just below the head. She never stopped looking into my eyes as she bobbed up and down merrily. It didn’t take long before I was back at the precipice of orgasmic pleasure. This girl could make her tongue dance over your cock in a way unequalled by most other women.

Once more she brought me to the edge before backing me down again. I was in agony but it was such sweet agony. She spit out my cock for a final time. “Now it’s time to get serious,” she declared. Sunny had her own ideas about how this blowjob was going to end. She directed me to stand up outside the car while she scooted over into the driver’s seat and faced out. My cock was now perfectly aligned with her mouth. She had her feet on the ground as she sat in my seat. She reached for my cock and pulled me close to her as though I was on a leash. When everything was in the proper order, Sunny began sucking my cock again. This time she combined her lips and tongue with a steady, rhythmic pulsing of her hand. I could sense that wonderful and familiar feeling beginning deep in my balls.

Sunny knew she had me close. She also knew this was going to be a monster load and that she would have to deal with it.

My standing blow job only took a couple of minutes and I was ready to cum. Man, was I ready. I looked down at Sunny’s sweet face as she worked my cock over with her mouth. She was sucking me with considerable vigor, yet I could still see the suggestion of a smile, even with a hard cock in her mouth. She loved what she was doing.

My pleasure grew exponentially and I was now seconds from the first spasm of orgasm. Sunny knew it and increased the tempo of her sucking. Finally, I was swept away with a wave of internal pleasure. My cock spasmed and shot a tremendous bolt of cum into Sunny’s waiting mouth. She didn’t even flinch. Then, moments later, a second and more powerful shot of cum expelled itself into her mouth. Before the third spasm, Sunny took my cock out of her mouth and worked it energetically with her hand. She aimed it at her tits and before I was done, six or seven more eruptions went flying out of me. She watched with considerable fascination as her boobs were covered in cum.

“God, I love watching you cum,” she said.

“God, I love it when you make me cum!”

I was amazed at her. I was nearly limp from one of the most memorable orgasms of my life and she was happily smiling and watching my cum shoot out of me, like she was at the circus watching a trapeze act. My knees were weak as she licked the remaining cum from my cock head. I looked down to see that Sunny’s chest was literally covered in cum.

“What a mess you made,” she giggled. Then she rubbed the sticky fluid into her skin.

Then she got out of the car-still topless-and stood in the sun allowing its warmth to dry up the moisture on her skin. I was still standing there with my now deflated cock out. She noticed the final remnant of cum dripping from me and she flicked it away with her forefinger before licking it clean. My balls continued to ache but it was the ache of supreme satisfaction.

“This was great,” she said. “I got to swallow some of you and got to watch you shoot, too. We need to do this again soon.”

I knew I was gone from the office for quite a while, so I checked my watch. Amazingly, all this only took 45 minutes. For the first time since we arrived, I watched as another couple pulled into the picnic area, parking on the other side of woods from where Sunny sat on a picnic bench, sunning her huge boobs. When they parked the car, Sunny realized that since she could see them, they could see her. So, she reluctantly pulled up her tube top. We finished our coffee, chatted a bit more, then Sunny got in her car; I returned to mine. I waved goodbye as she drove away, still smiling. By now, the other couple appeared to be going at it, as all that was visible was his head. “Have fun, folks,” I thought as I put my car in reverse and headed back to the office.

“I hope your coffee break is half as good as mine was.”

Some 25 years later, I have never had a coffee break that came even close to that one in the park with Sunny. I think of it still, every time I have a cup of coffee.

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