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Meeting in the Mall

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A warm Saturday morning in the crowded shopping mall and Anne Metcalfe wandered disconsolately among the busy shoppers. She felt as if her life had arrived at crisis point. Forty two years of age, her two children, son David and daughter Maureen, had left home during the past year to take up their own lives, and a fortnight ago her husband Phil had announced that he was leaving her for Mavis.

This latter event was particularly humiliating because Mavis had been her closest friend, or she thought she had been her friend. The truth, when it came out, was that Phil had been having an affair with Mavis for at least two years before they decided to get together.

Naively she had accepted that Phil’s frequent visits to Mavis had been because she had a couple of kids and no man in the house, and there were jobs around her house that needed a man’s touch.

Still to be arranged was the division of the property; in the meantime Anne continued to live on in sort emotional limbo in what had been the family home, and fortunately her work as a speech therapist in the hospital gave her a more than adequate income.

More than the physical aspects of the situation it was the psychological affects that were weighing her down. Middle aged, living alone, she felt unattractive and unwanted, and the fact that men in the mall turned to give her a second glance went unnoticed by Anne. In short, she was telling herself she was old and ugly.

She stopped to idly look into the window of a shop that sold swimwear. Prominently on display was an item that announced itself as “Brazen Micro.” Anne supposed it to be a minimal bikini more notable for what it wasn’t for what it was.

Briefly she tried to image herself wearing this G-string-like garment that barely covered the model’s genital region and only just concealed its nipples. Smiling self deprecatingly Anne thought, “For a girl of eighteen, but not for an old back-number like me.”

She saw the price tag and almost laughed out loud. How could they ask so much for so little? For a few moments she was almost tempted to go into the shop and take a closer look at the garment, if such it could be called. They might even let her try one on, but she knew that behind the flattering remarks of the sales assistants they would be laughing at her.

She sighed and was about to turn away when a voice said, “Anne, fancy meeting you here.”

Recognising the voice Anne turned quickly exclaiming, “Clark, darling you’re back!”

Clark had been a close friend of her son David since they had first met at elementary school, and Anne had been almost like a second mother to him especially after Clark’s mother had died.

“Yes,” Clark said, “only got in yesterday, I was coming to see David this afternoon.”

Surprised, Anne said, “Oh, don’t you know, David doesn’t live at home anymore, he’s been gone for almost a year — he didn’t tell you?”

Clark, looking a trifle abashed said, “Oh well, you know how males are about corresponding, we sort of lost touch, what about Maureen?”

“Gone too,” Anne replied.

“So, there’s only you and Phil at home now?”

Anne was not inclined to go into her current marital situation in the mall, so avoiding the question she said, “So what are you doing back here, you’re father has remarried and moved, hasn’t he?”

“Yes, but when I got the two year scholarship to the overseas college I was more or less promised a place in the School of Medicine here — if I got though the college course okay, and so here I am.”

“You got through okay then?”

“Yes, it was tough going but…well, as I say, here I am. Just between our selves I’m not too keen on my stepmother so I’m not really unhappy about not living with her and dad; do you know she’s years younger than dad — twenty two and that’s only three years older than me?”

“Yes, I had heard,” Anne said carefully, and then changing the subject went on, “So you’re doing some shopping?”

“No, not really, I just decided to have a look and see if the place has changed in two years; and you?”

Anne gave an involuntary glance at the shop window, “Oh just window gazing.”

Her movement drew Clark’s attention to the window and the item it so prominently displayed. He stared at it for a moment and then said, “Thinking of buying Brazen Micro?”

Anne managed a slight laugh and said, “No, a bit too young for me.”

Clark gazed at her for a few moments. She was wearing tight white denims and a baggy white cotton T-shirt and in the manner of males his eyes focused first on her long legs and then her tantalisingly jiggling unsupported breasts, and not for the first time he imagined that beneath her garments there was a very desirable body.

“A pity,” he said, “you’d look terrific in it.”

“Flatterer,” Anne chuckled, and then changing to subject once again she continued, “What about a cup of coffee?”

Clark glanced at his watch and said, “Sorry, I can’t. I’m stopping in a motel room at the moment but I’ve to an appointment to go and look at a unit and so…”

“Well your visiting doesn’t have to be limited to David, so why don’t you come and visit me this afternoon, after all, we used to be quite close before you went away?” Clark looked at Anne tenderly and said pensively, “Yes…yes….we were close. So what time shall I call?”

“You can call anytime, but shall we say, two o’clock?”

“Two o’clock it is,” Clark said with a smile.”

“Until then'” Anne responded, and they went their separate ways.

* * * * * * * *

Anne went home a thoughtful woman. She was delighted to have met Clark again but in her mind were thoughts of how things had been between them before he left on his two year scholarship. She had said that they had been close back then, but close was perhaps too bland a word.

It had begun soon after the death of Clark’s mother. His father seemed to be too bent on his money making to either grieve properly himself or support in his son in his grief. It was then that Anne had taken Clark into her household for a fortnight, and it was during that time that what Anne thought of as “The Incident” occurred.

It was Anne’s habit to sunbathe nude in an area of the back garden sheltered from neighbour’s eyes. Used to seeing her like that her own family took no notice of this habit, but she did not make allowance for Clark staying with them.

It happened that on the day in question all the family, including Clark, were away from home but Clark returned and sought Anne to ask her something. He had found her naked. Had it been Phil or one of the children it would have been no big deal, and for a few moments it seemed to be no big deal with Clark.

He was fifteen at the time and experiencing his youthful sexuality. As he stood transfixed, looking at Anne, she could not fail to interpret the look of sexual hunger in his eyes. She covered herself up, but it was too late; he had seen her naked and the desire it had engendered was to remain with him.

That had been the turning point in their relationship. She was no longer simply the mother of his friend who had a fondness for him, but a woman — a sexually desirable woman.

Clark returned home but his visits with David continued, and again, Anne could not fail to notice the effect she had on Clark. He seemed to want to be near her rather than with David, and she could often clearly see his erections in her presence — erections that suggested to Anne that Clark had a very substantial manhood.

She told herself that it was just the familiar younger man older woman syndrome, which was no doubt true, but in time it also became the older woman young man syndrome.

It was from about the time of “The Incident” that Phil first began to show signs of a lack of sexual interest in her, and this had led to an increase in her sexual interest in Clark. It was after all wonderful to have a young guy sexually attracted to her, just when she might have felt rejected by her husband.

Anne started to fantasise and dream about making love with Clark and increasingly became aroused in his presence: her clitoris becoming extra sensitive; her vagina becoming wet in preparation for penetration, and her nipples enlarging, and she often found it difficult to remain still in his presence.

Despite these frustrating signs of her arousal Anne still had hopes for her marriage and she had two children, and in any case Clark was not yet at the age of legal consent. Added to that was the sense that any sexual relationship begun between a woman in her late thirties, as she was then, and a young man so much younger than her, would have no chance of enduring, and since Anne was not the one-night-stand type of woman, everything seemed to militate against anything blatantly physical taking place between her and Clark.

That was how things stood when Clark won his scholarship to the prestigious overseas college where he was to complete the last two years of his high school education.

Nothing had even been said openly about what had become their mutual sexual attraction, and as much as Anne loved Clark and would dearly liked to have him as her lover, she was somewhat relieved when he departed from her life.

“He’s young and he’ll get over me,” she told herself, adding, “and I’ll get over him.”

Unfortunately the young man may “get over” the older woman, but it is not so easy for the older woman to get over the young man. It is the case than many women of Anne’s age and despite rumours to the contrary, experience an increase in their libido and such was the case with Anne.

Now, living alone, she wondered if she had been wise to invite Clark to call on her. If he had lost sexual interest in her while away then his visit might prove to be merely social, but she wondered if his flattering remarks in the mall had meant anything.

Finally Anne shrugged mentally and told herself that she had invited Clark, and so there was no point in worrying about it, but the vision of the good looking young man in the mall who had grown so physically attractive continued to disturb her.

* * * * * * * *

Right on two o’clock Clark arrived and as Anne led him into the lounge she asked, “How did it go about the unit.?”

Clark grimaced and said, “The place was a dump and they’re asking a fortune in rent for it.”

“So you’re still looking?”

“Yes, but from what I can tell the rents are horrendously high.”

“That’s true,” Anne said, and then went on to ask about Clark’s experiences at the college. For a while he waxed lyrical on the subject and then went on to talk enthusiastically about his hopes for the future at the school of medicine. When that topic tailed off he asked, “How’s Phil these days?”

“You might as well know,” Anne said, “Phil has left me, gone on to greener pastures.”

“He’s…he’s left you!” Clark exclaimed, “how…why?”

“Oh, you know how it is Clark,” Anne replied, “middle age, a younger woman, off with the old and on with the new.” She laughed bitterly and added, “The older man younger woman syndrome, there’s a lot of it about these days.”

“Yes,” Clark said thoughtfully, “and the younger man older woman syndrome.”

“You think so?” Anne asked with a sigh. She knew that even if Clark had “got over” her, she had not got over him. The old attraction was still there and taking a chance she said, “You know Clark, I was very fond of you.”

He looked at her steadily for a few moments and then said, “And I was very fond of you, Anne, I still am.” He gave a rather shaky chuckle and went on, “I used to be very jealous of Phil.”

“Jealous, why?”

“Anne, you must have known…you couldn’t help knowing…I…tried not to show it but…”

“It’s all right Clark, I knew and…and it was rather beautiful, a young man like you wanting to…to…”

Neither of them seemed to be able to say the words that needed to be said.

After an awkward pause Clark managed to say, “You said you were fond of me, are you still fond of me?”

‘Yes…yes I am Clark, very fond of you in fact I…”

Clark seemed to come to a decision and said forcefully, “Anne, I was in love you, I still am. All the time I was at college I’ve been in love with you…thinking about you…”

“Don’t say that Clark,” Anne pleaded. “I’m more than twice your age and however you think you feel about me you’ll get over me eventually, I promise.”

“And if I don’t want to get over you,” Clark said vehemently, “suppose I want to go on loving you, wanting to be with you, wanting to be…” He broke off for a moment, looking fervently at Anne, and then in his agitation said impetuously, “Wanting to be your lover?”

Having said that Clark’s words seemed to hang between them like a guest that neither of them dared to acknowledge; Anne could see that they were at a pivotal point in their relationship and whatever was said or done now would determine the future of that relationship.

She told herself that in the past the situation had militated against any sexual relationship with Clark, but now? She no longer felt bound to Phil and the children…well, they had gone their way, and what would it matter what they thought? She had her own life to re-shape now so why not?

She still believed that a relationship with Clark would not last, but many things in life do not last — like her marriage — then why not get what happiness she could with Clark?

She did not immediately say the words that would bring them together in an act of sexual love; instead she approached it in a way that would still leave the matter open.

“Clark, you’re looking for suitable accommodation?”

Clark having revealed his feelings for Anne was awaiting her response uneasily, and her question had taken him by surprise. “Er…yes,” he replied uncertainly.

“How would you like to live here?” Anne asked.

“Here, with you?”

Still avoiding the heart of the matter Anne said, “Yes, I’m here alone and there’s masses of room. You could have David’s old bedroom and study.

Clark, somewhat confused by the change in direction said, “I…I could…er…how much would you charge?”

“Nothing,” Anne said resolutely, but then added, “If you’re prepared to share the household chores.”

“I…I could do that, but…but you know how I…I feel about you and…”

“Yes, I know Clark,” Anne interrupted, but if you can live with that…if we can both live with it I…I think we can…oh my God, Clark, I love you; I don’t want to but I do.”

They had been sitting opposite each other in armchairs, but now Clark rose and went to her, and kneeling in front of her gasped, “Oh Anne.”

He looked into her face and saw her eyes fixed on him, large blue eyes. There were other things more obvious to any man, especially a young man in love: her full breasts, rounded hips, her plump lips and that hair, that glossy, dense, radiant dark hair

Anne stroked his face and hair and when she spoke her voice was soft and low, and her and smile lit her face and in Clark’s eyes she was lovely. “Kiss me,” Anne said.

They had kissed in the past and as she bent over him he brought his mouth to hers and kissed her in the way he always had but there was something new in her response that set him on fire. They were passionate and breathless when their faces parted.

They kissed again, and this time the message was clear. Her tongue ran over his lips tempting him to open them. As his lips parted her tongue lunged in and began to explore every crevice of his mouth.

As their lips parted once more they were breathless. Anne’s vagina was wet with desire and Clark’s penis hard and extended; yet still they held back from the fulfilment of their needs.

“I bought a present for you,” Clark gasped, and from his pocket he brought a small package.

Anne took the package and asked, “What is it?”

Clark did not respond directly, but said, “I knew you’d look lovely in it.”

Anne opened the package to reveal “Brazen Micro.”

“Oh Clark, I can’t, it’s not for me, it for a young…”

“Put it on for me,” Clark pleaded.

“Here, now? I can’t…”

“Yes you can,” Clark said softly, “let me help you.”

He took hold on the bottom of her T-shirt and started to pull it up. Anne was not wearing a bra and she felt vulnerable and unexpectedly shy. She whispered, “Don’t Clark, please don’t,” but it was too late, her breasts were exposed to his gaze.

“I always knew you had beautiful breasts,” Clark murmured, and reached down to undo her denims. Surrendering Anne stood as he started to tug them down, exposing first her firmly cleft vulva, then her thighs and lower legs. Her panties followed and she was naked.

Clark took the bikini to and placed the delicate cups over her nipples and clipped the top into place; this was followed by the bottom of the bikini and like the model in the shop window it barely covered her genitals.

“You look lovely in it,” Clark said, “but I knew you would. Why don’t you take a look at yourself?”

The only place to look at her self was in the long mirror in her bedroom, and taking Clark’s hand she led him there. Gazing at her reflection she was not sure, but if Clark thought she looked lovely that was enough.

Clark was standing behind her and putting his arms round her waist he said, “I want you Anne.”

She turned in his arms and kissed him pushing his mouth open with her tongue. He unclipped the bikini top, it fell to the floor and his hands found her breasts. She felt a pang of pleasure as he began to stroke her breasts and then her nipples.

Clinging to him she said, “Come to bed with me.” She drew him to the bed until they were sitting side by side. Pulling down the zip of his jeans she said, “Let me undress you.”

She undid the belt of his jeans and then the clip, and started to draw them off together with his underpants. His penis exposed she looked at it and said, “I knew you were big. He stood to let her finished pulling his jeans off and as she did this he removed his shirt.

Again sitting side by side Clark began to fondle her breasts again, and then bending over he took one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked. Anne started to stroke his penis until with a sudden movement she removed her nipple from his mouth, and bending over his penis she took its head into her mouth.

Clark reached down to fondle her breasts again and as Anne sucked his penis she started to bring him to orgasm. He pulled back from her saying, “No Anne, no, not like this, I want to come in you properly.”

Thinking, “There’ll be other times he can come in my mouth,” Anne removed the bottom of the bikini and lying back on the bed she spread her legs wide ready for his penetration.

To her surprise he did not immediately come into her; instead he moved to kneel between her thighs and drew her legs over his shoulders. She knew what he was going to do; Phil had tried it once and had hated it and now she tried to stop Clark.

“No darling…no…don’t do that to me…please don’t.” It was too late; he was already licking along the cleft of her vulva. “He’ll stop when he tastes and smells me just as Phil did,” Anne thought.

But Clark didn’t stop. His tongue penetrated beyond her outer lips to lick her soft inner lips, and then probed into her moist interior, and then he found her clitoris.

The muscles of her body began to tense for the climax. “Stop, your making me come” she wailed but Clark ignored her plea. She began to come, shaking like a tree in a gale as she clutched his head to her and ground her clitoris frantically against his face.

It was over and she lay limp and breathless. Clark leaned over her and kissed her mouth. The smell of her female odour was on his face. She lay prone. Clark moved to lie between her thighs and she felt his hand on her vulva, opening it, then his penis nosing in.

“It’s been so long oh God it feels so good,” Anne moaned.

He began to move in and out of her, slowly at first and then faster. His face was above hers gazing at her. The he bent his neck and looked down their bodies to where they were joined. Suddenly he slowed his pace, thrusting deeper.

He looked into her eyes and said, “Kiss me while I come,” and he lowered his lips to hers. She thrust her tongue into his mouth. His back arched and his head lifted, and breaking from the kiss he gave a cry like a wild animal, and she felt him spurt into her.

“Oh God no, don’t make me…don’t make me…” Anne begged, fearful of having a second orgasm that she instinctively knew would be agonising, but Clark did make her. Her orgasm swept over her, and even while begging him to stop her legs wound round him holding him to her. As he emptied himself into her Clark’s hands were under buttocks as they struggled together for ever deeper penetration.

At the height of his orgasm Clark moaned as he pumped his sperm into her. “I could fuck you for ever,” he cried out, but his ejaculations came to an end.

He was finished but Anne continued to thrust against him her pleas now changing, “Don’t stop…don’t stop…I’m still…oh Clark I love you so much…don’t stop…”

When it was over he stayed in her a little longer and then withdrew his penis from her. He gave a deep sigh of contentment and lay beside her for a while.

It was then that for Anne the unbelievable happened. He kissed her mouth, then raised himself to his knees and kissed each of her breasts in turn. Finally he kissed her genitals, and she moved her hips to push against his lips.

The thought of him licking her there while it was still dripping with his semen almost drove her mad, and she came immediately, crying his name until the spasms passed. She felt much loved and dearly cherished.

They lay side by side in silence for a while and then softly she said, “Why are you such a wonderful lover?”

“Because I love you,” Clark answered, and fell asleep. To her sleeping lover Anne said, “And I love you my darling, sleep well,” and then she closed her eyes.

* * * * * * * *

That first afternoon and night as lovers left Anne and Clark in no doubt about the future; Clark would come to stay.

Anne remained dubious about their long term future, telling herself that she would enjoy what she could of Clark. Her main doubt was the wide age disparity and she did raise this with Clark. He pointed out that there was an even greater age disparity between his father and his current wife.

He went on the point out that many young men these days are seeking older women, not only as temporary sex partners, but for a long term relationship and even marriage.

While discussing this Clark said he thought the reason for this was in part because older women are more giving in a sexual relationship, and such is the current situation in many families children don’t get the maternal affection they once received.

“If,” Clark added, “the cynics say that these young guys seeking older women are really looking for the maternal love they had missed, so what?” He called it a “Double header” and explained, “You get a mother figure and a great lover all in one.”

Some weeks after they became lovers their relationship faced its first great test. Anne was shocked to find she was pregnant. As they lay in bed she explained to Clark, “Darling, I didn’t think I could still get pregnant, not at my age.”

Wondering whether Clark would take this opportunity to leave her she told him that the doctor had told her she could easily get an abortion on the grounds of her age. It was Clark’s turn to be shocked.

“You wouldn’t, would you, not that?” he asked anxiously.

“I thought you might want me to have an abortion, after all, you’re very young to be a father.”

“But if you have an abortion now you might never get pregnant again.”

Anne was baffled, “You…you don’t mind…you want me to be pregnant?”

“Of course I do,” Clark replied, “but only if you think it’s safe for you.” Anne smiled and said, “Darling a lot of women are delaying having children these days, some of them as old as me and I’m perfectly healthy, and as long as you’re happy about it then we go ahead.”

“Yes, we go ahead,” Clark said, “as long as you’re sure.”

“I’m very sure my love,” a relieved Anne replied.

She began to stroke Clark’s body working her way down to his penis which was already erect and stroking it she said seductively, “I think I deserve a reward.”

“What?” Clark asked.

“I think you should come in my mouth tonight.” With that she moved down to his penis and took its head into her mouth, and still stroking it she began to suck and lick.

Clark had been surprised to discover that Anne considered fellation a special treat for herself, although he suspected it was partly because afterwards he gave her cunnilingus.

As she sucked and stroked along his length he felt his orgasm approaching. He put his hands behind her head, holding her to him, and started to jerk his penis. As he shot jolt after jolt of his semen into her mouth he cried out, “I love you Anne…I love you…”

When he finished he kissed her, tasting his cum in her mouth.

“My turn?” Anne aid demurely, and without waiting for a reply she lay back and parted her legs. Clark knelt between her thighs….

* * * * * * * *

Anne gave birth to a daughter. Now, eight years after they became lovers Anne and Clark are still together, and Clark attributes his considerable success in his studies to the contended sex and family life he has with Anne.

Anne does not often wear Brazen Micro, reserving it for special times when they play games of seduction. Brazen Micro has been long gone from the shop window, but every time Anne and Clark go shopping in the mall they never fail to stop and look in the swimwear window, and remember.

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