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Pure Fantasy Ch. 02

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Note: After some positive feedback from my first story I decided to continue with it where I left off. Thanks for all your comments. Feedback is always appreciated.

I don’t consider myself to be gay and have never experienced any sexual contact with another man, although there is an appeal that seems to draw me. I admit that I have watched men masturbate via video chat, I found this exciting and exhilarating.

Perhaps it’s the thought of being in an erotic situation with a man for the first time that appeals to me whereas my sexual history has always been with women. I am fascinated at the thought of undressing before a man and having him touch my body as I exploring his. Maybe it’s the feeling of doing something unknown that I like.


“Is this too weird?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “Honestly? I would have said yes earlier but now…I don’t think so. I mean university life is supposed to be about new things right?”

“Yeah,” said Ray with a smile. “All sorts of new things.”

We sat in silence for a moment. Then I said: “I don’t think women know mens bodies like men do. No woman ever wanked me off like that.”

“True. But they seem to be good at blowjobs,” said Ray.

Silence again as we both digested what he had just said. We looked at each other and then smiled. I was starting to get hard again. I reached out and placed my fingers around Rays dick. It was wet and sticky and already hard.

“Me first this time,” I said.


We were still laying next to each other on the bed, slouching backwards. I was gently stroking Ray’s wet dick in my hand. I decided to change our position to make things easier. Ray shuffled around so he was leaning against the wall, his legs dangling over the edge of the bed. I knelt on the floor between his legs, my chest resting on the edge of the bed. I suddenly realised this new positions gave me a completely different view of his dick.

I gazed at it thoughtfully, my hand continuing to stroke it slowly, I enjoyed the feeling of the hardness under my fingers, while being slippery from his ejaculation. I could see the traces of his spunk on his pubes and stomach from where I had wanked him only a few minutes ago. Neither of us had cleaned ourselves up after making each other cum.

For a moment I relived the nights events. First there had been the weird but highly erotic fumble in the nightclub toilets where Ray had shown me his erection. Where we were also nearly caught by the security guard. If that wasn’t bizarre enough Ray ended up in my bedroom after pulling a prank on one of my flat mates, farting in his face and running into my room to hide.

It had been a strange and confusing evening, but not entirely unpleasant. I was still quite drunk, but not drunk enough to not care what I was doing. I wondered if I had been sober would I have ended up stripping naked, masturbating in front of another guy, wanking another guy off and making him cum?

I doubted it. I was straight, right? I fancied girls. With my hand still rubbing Ray’s dick I decided I wasn’t worried if I was straight or gay or bi or anything, this is was an erotic situation that I might not experience again so why not make the most of it?

“Are you gonna suck me off?” Ray asked.

I glanced up at his smiling face with a jump. “Eh? Oh, right. Yeah. Course I am.”

I inched forward toward his dick, I could smell his body now, the scent of deodorant and aftershave was mingled with fresh cum and a slight tinge of sweat. I have a good nose for smells and all these combined turned me on even more.

I pushed his thighs further apart then as I rubbed his dick I cupped his balls with the other hand. I felt their weight, the short pubic hair tickled my fingers as I massaged them. My mouth was barely six inches away from Ray’s dick, another mans dick!!! I wasn’t going to put in my mouth was I? Could I really do it?

In the muted light from the window his bell end glistened. My mouth was almost touching it. I decided a few experimental licks would be best to start with. I extended my tongue and rested it against his dick then slid up to the tip where it was stickiest. Ray groaned quietly, I rolled my eyes up. He was staring down at me, watching my every move.

I licked his bell end more, feeling the hard hot skin with my tongue. I could taste him now, I musky kind of salty taste, not nasty and not unexpected. I had licked my own fingers once or twice when masturbating on my own just to see what the taste was like. Once I had decided to taste my actual cum, but as soon as I ejaculated I suddenly didn’t want to. I had planned to lick the white gloopy liquid off my fingers after cumming but for some reason I never did.

So here was my chance to taste sperm for the first time, and not even my own. I placed my lips around the tip of his bell end, my tongue slipping over it randomly. I slowly pushed my mouth downwards, the feeling of having another mans dick in my mouth was so arousing. I could feel my own rod between my legs, straining to be touched and played with, the tip of my dick touching my hairy bulging belly, rubbing it as I moved about.

I had his entire bell end in my mouth, my lips gripping the rim like a lollipop. I sucked slightly, feeling it tug in over my tongue.

“Fuck!” Ray grunted and sucked in air deeply. “Fuck me! That’s good shit!”

I lowered my head, feeling his hard sticky penis travel along my tongue, my lips gripping him tight. I pushed down further and wondered how women manage to deep throat without throwing up. The tip of his dick touched the back of my throat and I felt myself gag. I withdrew quickly and took a deep breath.

Okay so deep throating must be an art form, I told myself. I rubbed his dick with my hand, feeling my saliva and his precum coating his entire length. His foreskin rolled over the tip and back again, I followed it with my mouth, once more taking him between my lips, but not too far this time. Now I knew my limits I felt more confident.

This still felt weird and alien to me, well it’s not everyday I have a guys dick in my mouth! But it was also incredibly exciting and arousing. My own dick was pulsing, yearning to be grabbed and pleasured.

I sucked up and down Ray’s penis, really getting into the feeling of is slipping its sticky way between my lips. The taste of his precum was getting stronger as little by little more of it seeped out.

“Fuck me!” Ray gasped. “You’re fuckin good at this!”

I looked up at him with his erection still in my mouth.

“You’re gonna make me cum…oh fuck!!!”

I wanted him to cum. I wanted to taste it so bad that I sped up my actions, pulling my head up and down faster, my tongue sliding against the underside of his dick and then swirling around his bell end as my mouth eased off it for a moment before plunging back down.

“Mark…fuck…oh fuck…I’m gonna cum…fuck me…oh fuck!!!!”

He inched back on the bed as if wanted to take his dick away. I shook my head and pulled away for brief second. “Cum in my mouth,” I said, giving his dick a quick lick. “I want taste your spunk.”

I placed my mouth back around his dick and continued my assault on his rock hard dick. Ray gasped again and again.

“Okay…if you’re sure…I’m gonna cum…fuck yeah…shit…in your fuckin mouth…any second…”

I sucked and licked like a mad person, desperate form him to ejaculate, desperate to taste his juices.

“Fuck! Fuck! Yeah….I’m cuming…..fuckkkkk!”

His dick jerked and I felt the first jet of spunk splash into my mouth. For a second nothing happened then it jerked again and again, several times, each time shooting a wad of cum into my mouth. I swallowed some before I even managed to taste it.

It was an entirely different texture and taste to anything I’ve ever had in my mouth. It wasn’t bad, not at all, it’s hard to describe but I loved it. His sticky sperm coated my tongue as I continued to suck the very tip of his dick. He stopped jerking a moment later and I squeezed his penis trying to urge the last drop out of the end and into my waiting mouth.

Ray’s body slumped down, his energy spent. He panted and wiped a hand across his sweaty face. I removed my mouth from his dick, some of his cum still on my tongue as I toyed with it as if I was tasting a fine wine.

“Show me,” Ray said. “Let me see my spunk.”

I opened my mouth to show his sperm on my quivering tongue. Then I closed and swallowed it down. “Fuckin awesome, Mark. Holy shit!”

I got off my knees and stretched my legs, I felt like I had been kneeling on the floor for hours. I was very aware of my rock hard dick jutting out into the air. I climbed onto the bed and lay next to Ray. Even though I hadn’t exactly run a marathon or anything I was a bit sweaty from my exertions, I wiped my hand across my brow and felt a bead of sweat run down between my meaty thighs.

“Was it any good?” I asked Ray.

“Do you even have to ask?” Ray said with a smile.

We laughed for a moment. This didn’t seem gay to me at all, just two guys enjoying sexual pleasure, what was the big deal.

“Do you want me to do you now?” Ray asked.

I nodded. “Sure. Suck me off.”

Ray ran his hand over my hairy body, over my round stomach and then he gripped my straining dick. Like Ray I hadn’t cleaned my previous cum up and I was slick and wet when he touched me.

Ray decided to opt for a similar. I brought my legs round until the hung of the edge of the bed. Ray slid down onto the floor and pushed my thighs apart, easing between them, teasing me with a combination of slow and fast jerks on my dick. He nestled between my thighs. I sat up a bit more, spreading my thighs wider so I could see down over my stomach at his face.

He glanced up at me with a frown. “Mark…not sure I can do this mate…”

I felt awkward all of a sudden. So far we had been happy to pleasure each other, mutual fun, but now…

“Look…you don’t have to…just wank me off.”

Ray stared at me for a moment. “Ah fuck it!” he said and engulfed my dick in one go.

“Shit!” I yelped.

His tongue was hot and wriggly around my dick, his lips slobbering up and down the length of it like he was an insane person trying to suck an ice cream down to the stick.

“Ray! Oh shit…fuckin hell!”

He was quick and forceful, unlike my tentative moves, he was fast and furious. One hand followed his mouth up and down the length of my wet sticky penis as his head bobbed about.

His other free hand grabbed my large balls and cupped them, massaging them roughly as if trying to tease my spunk out. I sighed and moaned from his oral onslaught, and I knew I wasn’t going to last as long as he had.

“I’m gonna shoot…oh shit…shit that feels so fuckin good…” I moaned. I tried to gauge how loud my voice was and if any of my flat mates could hear me. “Ray…I’m so close…I’m gonna cum man…can I cum in your mouth?”

Ray nodded, my dick plopped out of his mouth. “Um…yeah, why not! Do it, Mark! Cum in my mouth!”

That was enough for me. My body tensed. “Shit! Ray I’m….urghhhhh!”

My dick jumped as I ejaculated into his hot ready mouth, jet after jet of sperm splashed into his mouth. All the while he sucked me, his hand rubbing me as I came. I didn’t think I’d shoot much after already cuming once that evening but it felt like a tap had been turned on or something.

Eventually I collapsed. Rays head rested on my stomach, his breath ragged and short. After a moment he climbed up next to me and lay there exhausted. He had every right to be after the speed and energy he’d exerted on my dick.

“Jesus!” I said to me. “You don’t hang about do you?”

Ray laughed. “I wanted you to shoot fast and hard,” he said.

“You got what you wanted,” I replied. I glanced at him. “Did you swallow it?”

He nodded. “Yep.” He opened his empty mouth. “This is a night of firsts don’t you think?”

“A night of discoveries,” I agreed. “Do you think we’re gay?”

Ray seemed to think about this. “Don’t think so. I got a date on Friday with Stephanie whatsername…the girl your mate Phil knows. I intend to keep it.”

“Don’t blame you,” I said. “She’s tasty.”

We lay there in silence for ages. I glanced at my bedside clock. It was 4.30am and from a distance away I could still hear someone playing music in the flats opposite. I wondered if Ray was asleep or not.

“Any regrets?” I asked him.

He didn’t answer straight away. “No,” he said. “Not one. You?”

“Me neither,” I said. “It’s not like we’ve done anything wrong though is it?”

“Not that I know of,” Ray replied. “But I’m not going to be singing it from the rooftops tomorrow either.”

“Me neither. A secret then?”

Ray nodded. “Yes.”

More silence. Neither of us seemed ready to sleep.

“I think we should promise each other not to act like a twat in the morning,” Ray said and looked at my puzzled face. “I know I’m still a little drunk and I guess you are too. What I mean is that when we wake up it’s going to be a right bitch if we both act embarrassed.”

“Okay. Deal.”

“I loved tonight,” Ray said.

“Me too,” I agreed. “We’ve experienced something new. I never thought I’d do anything sexual with a guy.”

“Technically we didn’t have sex,” Ray pointed out. “Well not according to Bill Clinton anyway!”

That made me chuckle. “Oral sex doesn’t count does it?”


“So we’d have to actually have penetrative sex with each other before that counted as sexual relations then?”


We lay there in silence once again. I know what I was thinking and was pretty sure Ray was thinking the same thing. Okay, so it was one thing to watch a guy masturbate in a nightclub toilet, big deal. It was okay to watch each other masturbate in my bedroom. And we had made each other cum not to mention sucking each other off.

But sex was yet another level, another line to be crossed. Were we going to cross it? Was I ready for that? Was Ray? I was prepared to feel stupid and ashamed at what we had done before we did it, and now I felt exhilarated at having done it. But sex with another guy?

Okay, I admit that right there and then as I thought about it I started to get another erection as I imagined what it would feel like to slide my dick inside Ray’s ass. I was just trying to picture the feeling of having Ray fuck me when he reached over and grabbed my penis.

“I reckon we’re thinking the same thing,” he said quietly.

“Fucking each other?” I asked him.

“Yeah,” he replied. He gave my dick a squeeze. “Do you want to?”

“Do you?” I asked him.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“Okay, honestly the idea turns me on,” I said. “I don’t know if I’m ready to go that far yet, how about you?”

“Same here.” Ray took my hand and placed it on his erection. “I’m hard just imagining you pushing your dick inside my ass but…”

“Leave it for now?” I asked. “Another time maybe?”

“Good idea,” Ray agreed. He chuckled. “Why rush things eh?”

“See what the morning brings,” I said.

We fell asleep holding each others dicks. I dreamt of Ray pushing his slippery dick inside my tight ass, his body very close to mine as he filled me up, grunting in my ear as he fucked me from behind. I dreamt of pushing Ray onto his back, lifting his legs up and fucking him on top. He’d be wanking his cock as I fucked him, and his cum shooting out coating my large belly, making our skin sticky and slippery just as I would cum inside him. It might have been a dream but dreams can come true can’t they?

To Be Continued…

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