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Nudist Surprise with Sister

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I had a shocking, accidental, but very exciting and memorable encounter with my younger sister.

A few summers back, I had returned from finishing my freshman year in college, and my younger sister Jane (just turned 18) was just finishing her senior year in high school. Since we were little kids our family would often visit naturist resorts, so this family weekend was nothing out of the ordinary.

This one particular resort we frequently visited had great facilities, a good group of friends and families who we got to know over time, and a great lake / beach. The cabins on the resort were a little run down, so the last few years we decided to rent a cabin a 30 minute drive from the lake.

Jane and I were always close growing up, separated by just one year. Having been to nudist communities before, seeing her naked was nothing out of the ordinary. However, over the last few years she and I began to develop, and the past few nudist trips we went on I couldn’t help but notice her body. She had always been smaller, skinny and athletic (a bit of a tom boy), but seemingly out of nowhere her breasts grew to at least a C or D cup and her body into much more of an hour glass figure. Jane is a really fun girl, but a bit shy and reserved, so I don’t think she got too much attention from the boys at her high school (as the older brother that was fine for me!).

On this particular weekend, Jane and I were smitten by the fitness bug. I was trying to get in better shape for the girls at college, and she was about to go to college hoping to make the track team. The first morning we decided we would bike to the lake from our cabin, which took a little more than an hour. When we finally got the lake, we immediately stripped down but decided to keep our fitness kick going and went for a long run and swim. We felt like naked triathletes it was great!

After our hours of working out, we met our parents on the beach. They drove down and brought an enormous cooler full of picnic snacks, and some drinks! It was the perfect way to follow up an entire morning of working out! We ate, drank and relaxed completely naked. As the late afternoon rolled by however, our dinner plans back at the cabin drew us home before sundown. That’s when it hit Jane and I… we were looking at a LONG uphill bike ride home… After a full active day, the hot sun, a large picnic, that was the last thing either of us wanted to do. We also HATED putting our clothes back on after the lake, and were used to driving home naked and spending the rest of the night nude at home.

“Ha! No Chance!” I remember Jane laughing when we all thought about getting home. I suggested we put the bikes in the trunk and drive home, but my Dad insisted that would be impossible to fit into our modest Toyota Camry. Jane and I exchanged naked looks and we both knew how awful that bike ride home would be, so we set out to solve the issue. Completely naked, we spent a at least 20 minutes to FINALLY squeezed the bike frames and tires into the trunk and back seat. However, my Dad was quick to point out the massive cooler they had just packed up, which also had to fit into the car. It was getting late, and I was frustrated, so I picked up the cooler and crunched in into the back seat and said, “There, we’re going now!”. My sister smirked at me, proud of the success and avoiding the painful ride home.

The final issue was the back seat barely had room for me to sit, let alone my sister! At this point however, there was no turning back so the only solution was for me to take the back seat and Jane to sit on my lap. My parents expressed some safety concerns, but Jane had no problem and insisted we do it. At this point we were dead tired and just dying to get home. It was also at this time we realized our sweaty clothes were packed in the trunk, but since we would often drive home completely new, we didn’t bother unpacking the car again.

So we were off, driving down the country roads with my parents fully clothed and fastened in the front, while my completely nude sister sat on my lap in the back. The awkward arrangement of the bike tires and cooler in the back, and the seatbelt strap over her waist forced my one arm to rest in a way that my hand fell on the middle of Jane’s upper thigh. Still, the whole scenario seemed completely normal to Jane and I, and we just chatted away as normal.

About 15 minutes into the drive, the sun had almost set and we all became drowsy from the busy day. But suddenly, as we began to drive on the bumpy country roads, I felt something unusual… A rush of moistness spread on my lap. It took me a few seconds to realize what happened, but it was obvious very quickly, and I think Jane realized too. We were dead silent. I could tell that she realized what happened, because she shifted her weight on lap awkwardly to attempt to make her wet vagina less obvious.

A minute later I felt even more moisture, now on a different part of my lap so it was even more obvious! I kept my composure on the outside, but in my head I couldn’t believe what was happening. My sister was getting incredibly wet, and it was all over my lap. She shifted her weight again, and that again made it even worse. I was trying to imagine it was just her body sweating, but I had Goosebumps from the cold air conditioning in the car. There was no question Jane was getting wet all over my lap.

She moved one more time, and I tried as well, but we were so snug back there it accomplished nothing. In fact, it made it much worse. I knew she was accidentally aroused, but now I was doing everything I could to stop myself from getting hard. I shifted to sit more upright, but my hands were trapped on her lap and to her side, so the position. The more I thought about the scenario, the more difficult it became. She shifted one more time, and sure enough, I could feel the blood rushing to my cock! I tried to slump back in the seat but there was no stopping it.

As my dick began to push against her, I looked to see my Dad driving right in front of us. Luckily and he was listening to the radio and focused on the road, he never noticed the awkwardness in the back seat. It was hard to tell from the angle but my Mom looked sound asleep to the right of us. Jane and I remained dead silent, and I was about to be rock hard.

Then it happened.. Jane uncomfortably shifter her weight on my lap once again, and I jointly tried to sit upright again. My cock was rock hard. As soon as Jane felt it she perked up, and did her best to lift her weight off my lap. The head of my dick was pushing right on her, and there was no way either of us could ignore it. I could tell she was doing her best to lift herself higher off me, but we were so crammed there was nowhere to go. Her moist pussy kept juicing all over my cock, and we sat in silence awkwardly, looking straight ahead. It felt like an eternity.

I had my eye on the car clock, and figured we were probably only about 5 minutes from our cabin, so thankfully the end was in sight. But the more I thought about the situation, the more I continued to be rock hard. And I know Jane felt the same, because her vagina was only getting more and more moist.

Jane was still trying to keep her weight off my rock hard penis for a few minutes. But then, to my utter surprise, she did something shocking. She moved one hand off her knee and placed it on top of mine placed her other hand under my leg, and twisted her head sideways to catch my in the corner of her eye. She smirked, and then she pushed down on me firmly. I felt the tip of my dick slip right inside of her. My jaw dropped, and I could not believe what was happening! But at the same time I’d never felt anything so amazing. She looked straight ahead again, lifted herself slightly off me, then pushed down firmly again. I went in even deeper this time. I could not believe it.

In my freshman year at college I had my share of unprotected sex, and knew how everything worked and felt. But I’d never felt anything as surreal as that moment.

Jane pushed down again. And again. Slowly, discretely, but very methodically. I could NOT believe that I was inside my sister, and she was going for more! Even more crazy was that our parents were in the car right in front of us, completely clueless.

After about 5 or 6 thursts downI knew I was going to cum at any moment. knew that as well, and was getting excited by it. She lifted herself up a little higher and prepared for one big push down. But in doing so, she pulled herself a little too far up, and my cock slipped out of her wet pussy. So we sat there with my fully erect cock about to burst, right in between her wet upper thighs. After about 20 seconds of awkward confusion, Jane clenched my hand tight, and used her other hand to tuck my cock back up into her. I could not believe it. This was no longer just an accident, Jane WANTED me to fuck her now. And that was all it took. Two quick pumps and I ejaculated everything inside of her. I squeezed her down on top of when I did – it was definitely the biggest load I’d ever gotten off.

Jane could feel it too, and she peeped out a little high pitched “oh!”. To my horro both my parents noticed! Thankfully Jane played it off as if some thought popped into her mind.

Less than a minute later, we pulled up to our cabin. My cock was still rock hard inside of her, and I could tell she was still enjoying it. My dad nudged my mom awake and started to get out of the car. That’s when Jane piped up, “don’t worry dad, we made this mess back here, we’ll figure out how to bring it to the cabin”. Jane and I just sat there, pretending to organize some things in the car. Thankfully my parents were perfectly content to leave the car and start making dinner in the cabin. When they were inside, I took off the seatbelt but Jane still just sat there. My dick was still firm and half inside her. The cum began to trickle out of her and down on my balls. We sat there for a few minutes until she finally started to lift off of me.

I thought she was about to get out of the car, until she pushed back down onto my cock even more aggressively than ever before. I was immediately turned on all over again and this time we went at it! There was no need to be discrete, so we went hard. I rubbed her vagina with the hand stuck on her lap, and massaged her tits with the other hand. It felt so amazing, and Jane was really into it as well. She was suddenly very vocal, making sexy moaning sounds that made me want her so much more. In less than a minute I came inside of her again. At the same time she went, and I could feel a rush of her cum between her vagina and my dick. To this day I have never had a better orgasm.

We finally got out of the car, and I had to use an entire beach towel to clean up the mess of cum made on the car seat. After we finally unpacked the car, fixed the bikes up, Jane looked at me and said with a sexy clever smirk, “we should bike to the beach again tomorrow!” And I could not have agreed more.

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