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Little Firecracker, Big Bang!

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This story happened my freshman year in college. It was a hot August day, but more importantly, it was move-in day at the dorms. It took longer to get situated in my new dorm room than I first expected. My family was with me, helping to bring up all my stuff to my room, it was on the sixth floor. Most of our time was waiting for our turn on the elevator.

We finally got to my room, and started unloading my things. I knew I would be sharing a room with another person, but I had never met her. After an hour of unpacking, I heard a voice at the door. I turned to see who it was. She entered the room, and introduced herself to me. She told me her name was Shannon. At first I couldn’t believe that this was going to be my roommate. She looked like a freshman in High School, not college. The most obvious feature about her was her height. She was so tiny! She stood about 5’1″, and was extremely petite, wearing white shorts, and a tank top shirt that revealed her belly button.

The next most obvious feature about her was a magnificent tan that I would die for! Her body was a dark golden brown. I began to wonder if she had any tan lines. I noticed she had dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and the cutest little tits! Her bra barely pushed her tank top away from her chest, she wore a 32a cup. I returned my attention to reality and introduced her to my family. She then introduced us to her family who was in the hall with all of her things. As she was introducing them, I noticed her voice was so cute! She sounded almost like she had breathed helium. She was so adorable!

I finally got things situated, and my family and I had decided to go eat. We had invited Shannon and her family to join us, but they declined. They still had a few things to get taken care of. When we were done eating, my family and I headed back to my dorm, said our good-bye’s, did all the hugs, the usual stuff, and they left for the long drive back home. I went to my room, hoping to see Shannon, but she wasn’t there.

I started to take care of all the little things left in my room, when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it, and there were some of the girls on my floor introducing themselves. This really helped relieve some of the nervousness I had built up inside me. They were so friendly and nice! They asked me if my roommate was there, I told them she was out. Just as the girls said bye, Shannon showed up. I introduced her to them, trying to match their names with their faces. I was so glad I got it right! After a few minutes the girls had left and Shannon and I went to our room and began talking.

I watched Shannon unpack her things. She opened her top drawer and reached into her suitcase, and pulled out a stack of the cutest little panties I have ever seen. She then grabbed her tiny bra’s and placed them into the same drawer. She looked at my chest, and said the funniest thing I had heard all day. Sarcastically she said, “What are the odds I’d have to share a room with a girl with bigger tits than mine?” She then giggled, and I laughed with her. She began to hang her clothes in the closet. My eyes gazed on her cute little butt. Her shorts were riding up her ass. The bottom of her ass cheeks would show as she stretched to hang her clothes on the bar. I could see the outline of her white panties. She was making me hot!

The time came to get ready for bed. I normally just sleep in panties and a T-shirt, but I wondered if I should put on a pair of shorts. I had never shared a room with anyone before. I declined on the shorts, reminding myself we were both girls. I undid my shorts, and slid them to the floor. I noticed Shannon would glance my way occasionally. I was wondering if she was interested in girls also. I decided to test her to see if she would look, so I took off my shirt, unhooked my bra, and placed it on the bed. I felt my nipples immediately harden from the cool air. I wanted to pinch them right there, but I didn’t.

I walked to my dresser, and pulled out a T-shirt. I slowly turned toward Shannon as I slipped the T-shirt over my head. As I pulled the T-shirt down, I glanced at Shannon, and noticed her stare on my tits. When she noticed I had caught her looking, she turned away, and began with some small talk. I climbed in bed, wanting to rub my tits. I ignored the urge, and just continued talking with Shannon. I wondered if she was going to change clothes in front of me.

Finally, she did. She took off her shorts, and threw them in the corner. She stood up, and began to pull off the tank top. As she did, I glanced between her legs. She had a tiny mound. Her panties were bunched into her pussy lips. My heart started beating a little faster. She then threw her shirt into the same corner and reached back to undo her bra. She slid it off her shoulders, and I moaned when I saw them. They were as white as mine. She definitely had tan lines.

Her tits were small and came to a sharp point, almost cone shaped. They were mostly nipple, with a small mound of flesh underneath. Her raspberry pink nipples grew hard as the air hit them. I couldn’t believe how much those little nipples grew. They looked like a button just waiting to be sucked. She put on a T-shirt, got in bed and we talked late into the next morning. I don’t know what time we fell asleep, but we both got up about the same time.

A few weeks had gone by, and Shannon and I were becoming very good friends. I could feel a connection between us. I finally tested it one Saturday, when we went shopping together. Shannon had put on a jean skirt, that barely dropped below her ass. Her shirt was a backless style, with a couple of strings to tie it behind her. I wore a short dress. It was one of my favorites. It was sleeveless, about thigh high in length and was buttoned up the front. I always left a few buttons undone to show off my cleavage.

As I drove to the store, I kept glancing at Shannon. I started the occasional pat on the thigh, and the small flirtatious jokes. She didn’t reject any of them. I finally placed my hand on her thigh. She parted her legs slightly. It caused her short skirt to ride up. I could clearly see her panties. Her panties were tight on her pussy mound. I waited until I had to turn, and as I did, I let my hand slide to her crotch, until my pinky was touching her warm mound. Shannon kept talking to me like everything was normal. This helped so much! I was so glad she didn’t reject my touch.

We arrived at the department store and we both went in. We looked around for a while, then Shannon walked over to a dress rack. She looked through them and said she would probably have to go to the “girls” section to find a dress that fit. I looked around and noticed hardly anyone was around. I stepped behind Shannon, and slowly wrapped my arms around her waist. She laid her head back into my tits. I leaned and kissed her on the neck. She tilted her head allowing me more access. My heart began to pound.

I slid my hand down her side, and then under her skirt. I pulled her skirt up to her waist and held it with my left hand. With my right, I slid my fingers under the rim of her panties. I slid my fingers through her pussy hair, and then parted her pussy lips. I felt her hard clit. I slowly began to rub it. She began moaning. Her cute little high pitch moans were getting my pussy wet. I continued glancing around the store, making sure no one was watching. I pressed my fingers a little harder on Shannon’s clit. She parted her legs just slightly. I slid my fingers down to her opening. She spread her legs even more, almost as to invite my fingers to go into her. I had no problem finding her opening. It was the warmest, and wettest spot between her legs.

Shannon’s breathing became erratic. She was shaking just a little. I pressed my finger on her hole, and my finger was swallowed by her pussy. It was so wet! I started to pump her pussy with slow strokes of my finger. I could feel her silky pussy walls clinching against my finger. Her pussy lips were clamped tight. I let go of her skirt with my left hand, slid it into her already open panties, and placed it on her clit. I placed two fingers on her throbbing nub, and rubbed it with passion.

It only took about a minute when Shannon began to lose control. She grabbed my dress, and clinched it in her fist. Her breaths became heavy, her moans a little louder. Finally, her body stiffened, her breathing stopped, as I felt a stream of warm fluid gush on my finger. “Ohh…unnnhh….unnhh…Mindey… I’m Cumming!” moaned Shannon. And cum she did! I couldn’t believe such a little women could cum so much! I waited for Shannon’s breathing to return to normal before I slid my finger out of her tight pussy.

I looked at my finger, and gazed at the white creamy glaze that covered it. I placed my finger in my mouth, and slowly sucked Shannon’s juice off my finger. Shannon grabbed my hand and told me to take her to the room. At first I was scared she was upset. Then she told me she needed more. We both left and I drove as fast as I could to our room.

When finally arrived at our room. I began to unbutton my dress, when Shannon told me that she has never done this with a girl before. Just as she said that, I had a little flashback, and I told her, “If you ever want me to stop, all you have to do is just say so.” She told me there was no way she was going to let me stop.

I let my dress fall to the floor. I stood there in my white see- thru bra, and matching panties. Shannon stared at my tits, and began removing her clothes. I unhooked my bra, and flung it to the floor. Shannon’s mouth was instantly on my nipple. My nipple grew hard in her mouth, as her little mouth sucked it like candy. She began groping my other tit. She gave my nipple a soft pinch, it grew hard.

I took off Shannon’s bra, and waited for a chance to experience her tits in my mouth. I lifted Shannon’s chin up towards me, and began kissing her. I took my thumbs, and hooked them on the sides of my panties, and slid them off. I reached for her panties, but she already had them half of the way off. Within seconds, we were standing there, completely nude.

I guided Shannon to my bed, and laid her down. Finally, I broke our kiss, and headed straight for her tits. I sucked her right tit into my mouth. Her nipple was already hard. It poked the back of my tongue as I suckled her entire tit. Shannon’s moans began to grow loud. She told me how wonderful she felt. I smiled at her, and climbed down between her legs. I grabbed her knees, and spread them apart, and wasted no time diving my face into her cute little pussy mound.

She had very little pussy hair. I explored her pussy with my tongue. She pulled her legs up, grabbed the back of her knees, and without words, offered her entire pussy to me. I was so turned on eating her tiny pussy. I could feel a wetness covering my face as I ate her. After a few minutes, Shannon came again. I smelled the fresh cum, and licked it out of her pussy.

When she caught her breath, she sat up, and threw me down on the bed. I was shocked at first. She grabbed my legs and spread them to the side. She buried her face in my pussy and explored it perfectly. I laid my head back, closed my eyes and enjoyed her tongue. I then felt something enter my pussy hole. I looked down between my legs and saw Shannon sliding two fingers into me. She began pumping my pussy, gradually increasing speed. She then began sucking my clit.

I could feel what was about to be an amazing orgasm build in my stomach. I could barely breath, I was almost gasping for air. My hips uncontrollably began to hump Shannon’s face. I began to moan uncontrollably. My pussy tightened on Shannon’s fingers. I bit my bottom lip, as a big gush of wetness erupted from my pussy. I literally screamed her name! I could hear Shannon’s fingers sloshing in my pussy. After pumping my pussy a few more times, she withdrew her fingers, and buried her face in my pussy.

After a minute, she looked up at me. Her face covered with my cream. She laid between my legs and we kissed each other passionately. I glanced to see her tiny tits pressed into mine. We fell asleep in each other arms. We had amazing sex several times that year.

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