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Reese and his Mistress

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A very soft, tingling sensation was nagging at Reese’s flaccid member, dragging him from the haze of a well earned sleep. Slowly, erotic thoughts of last night flooded his twenty-four year old mind once more, of how he had serviced his twenty-eight year old Mistress so well, she’d allowed him to cum twice in the same day, which was a rarity. The torment before his orgasms, however, had been so exhausting, he’d barely kept his wits about him while the lovely She-Witch rode him into oblivion.

The tingling sensation continued with a vengeance, sending a shiver up his spine along with a sudden flash of pleasure, dragging a low and mumbled groan from Reese’s lips. Reese had barely cracked his eyelids open when Mistress’s voice found his ears, sounding low and sensual as always.

“Mmm… Morning, Pussycat.”

Reese instantly flushed a deep red; he hated the nickname, but he couldn’t say much of anything to his Mistress about it. She used the name with such love, it was almost a caress to his ears to hear it. And then, as another short, unbidden moan was drug from his lips, he realized why there was pleasure starting to nibble at every nerve in his body. His Mistress had never dismounted his prone form when he’d passed out, and she was squeezing those amazingly strong cunt muscles of hers, sending yet another shiver of anticipation up his spine.

Biting his lip to quell the urge to give a long, unbidden moan at the wonderful pleasure sensations wiping away the bit of sleepy haze that had been left, Reese watched his Mistress raise herself off his chest by placing her elbows on the mattress, at either side of his naked torso. This gave him a completely unhindered view of not only her face, but her full, voluptuous breasts as well. Several times he’d been asked, nay; commanded, to lick and suck on those beautiful orbs to stimulate and arouse his Mistress. His mouth was almost watering at the thought of giving her breasts the attention they liked so well, as his gaze returned to her face.

Her lips were pink and full, her complexion clear, her nose small and dainty, slightly upturned at the end but rounded. Her cheekbones were high, and as she smiled down at him, her light green eyes gazing into his own, brown hues, he could see the dimple in her left cheek appear. Her deep red tresses fell slightly past her pale shoulders, unbound and slightly tangled from the night before. She, as always, looked beautiful to his wandering eyes, just as he himself looked amazingly wonderful to his Mistress. With his cropped, black hair, baby blue eyes, equally high cheekbones and a full lower lip, perfect for kissing, his Mistress couldn’t resist herself as she slowly leaned her head down, kissing said lower lip ever so softly. The tip of her tongue ran across the expanse of his lower lip before she drew it into her mouth to nibble on the soft, inviting, slightly tanned flesh.

This drug another soft moan from Reese’s mouth, though the sound was halfway muffled by the mouth over his own as he could feel his eight inch dick stirring from it’s slumber, starting to harden within the confines of his Mistress’s warm pussy. And all she had done was kiss him…! His Mistress, however, had felt him responding to her soft kiss, and pulled her head back to give him one of her wicked grins before her hips started undulating in a circular pattern, grinding against his pelvis. Instantly Reese’s eyes snapped shut as his jaw clenched, trying to resist a sudden wave of pleasure that crashed over his form, hitching his breath and causing his chest to heave upward. This brought his bare chest in contact with his Mistress’s already pebbled nipples, sending a shock of heat through the areas her nipples pressed against.

His Mistress’s voice, however, pierced the passion induced haze she had created as she asked softly,

“What’s the matter, Pussycat?”

Trying to ignore the lust building in his body, the passion enflaming him; consuming him like a wild fire, as well as the ever deepening blush starting on his face at the usage of that hated nickname, he forced through a throat restricted by pleasure,

“N-Nothing, M-Mistress, P-please give me m-more…!”

With those words, his back arched slightly off the ground as he pressed his chest closer to her full and inviting breasts, causing more fire to streak through his body as her hips continued to grind against his. However, as he felt himself slowly getting closer to the edge of his orgasm, he felt her hands against his hips, pushing him back down onto bed beneath them, and then her hips stopped all movement. This caused a need-filled groan to bubble up in the back of his throat, repressed by only his resolve not to break no matter how rough things became on him.

He and his Mistress had entered their Dominant-Submissive roles a few months before, and his Mistress, though rather cruel at times, never failed to disappoint him when it came to the earth-shattering orgasms she could help him reach. At the same time, he felt so amazingly loved and accepted by her, as he knew most everyone else would look down on him for his need to be controlled and dominated. It was just some of those times were more frustrating than others.

“You’ll receive more pleasure when I decide to give you more.” His Mistress said softly, though there was a slight hint of steel in her voice as she leaned her head down, raining little kisses upon his jaw line.

Her hips stayed completely immobile over his own, her hands holding his hips in place with somewhat of an iron grip, one that he had learned before not to try and break. Her tantalizingly warm mouth continued to kiss his jaw for a few seconds before turning it’s attention upon his exposed throat, kissing down to his Adam’s apple. There, her tongue flicked out over his flesh, causing the hairs on the back of his neck to rise with anticipation of where her expert tongue and lips would move to next. He wasn’t disappointed.

He felt her lips gently slide over to the right side of his neck and over the red bite marks, having been left there the night before as signs of her ownership over his body. Reese of course, never complained, for the biting turned him on about as much as looking at the marks afterward. His neck was a sensitive place to him, and the both of them knew it, which is why Reese was unable to help a long, loud moan as his Mistress’s tongue laved over one of the still sore bite marks. His body tried to arch upward to meet hers; he could only lift so far, as her hands were still holding his hips down, but the motion he achieved pressed her full breasts tighter against his chest, enflaming his need and passion all the more.

Suddenly, Reese realized her hips were moving once more, grinding into his in the slowest, most maddening fashion she’d ever done to him, his breathing starting to hitch a bit more at the pleasure streaking like fire through his veins. He could barely feel the smirking lips against his neck now, all he felt was her warm tongue against his heating flesh, tracing over the red marks imprinted upon his tender flesh, her luscious, wide hips, grinding against his, and then slowly starting to slide upward. Her equally heated cunt, seemingly already slick with arousal at his slow abandonment in a lust-filled passion, slid easily over his fully hardened erection, straining into her even as she rose to the point he thought the head of his shaft might pop out.

She held such a position for a full five seconds, listening for the accompanying, low whine that she knew Reese couldn’t help but let out at the feeling before slamming her hips back down into his, encasing his dick within her warmth and causing his back to arch with white-hot pleasure. His body was trembling now with the intense pleasure pounding through his form, only increasing as his Mistress repeated the action with her hips while her tongue smoothed over a still slightly sore bite mark, one that had a small hint of bruising around it. His hands clenched tightly at the messed up sheets underneath him; he knew his Mistress’s rule of not touching her body without permission, and was determined to follow them, but damn, what she did to him…

He may have stopped himself from wrapping his arms around her body and thrusting his hips up to meet hers for now, but he couldn’t stop the shaky, lust-filled moan from bubbling up, out of his throat. His body jerked slightly with surprise and intense waves of pleasure, however, as a his Mistress began to nibble upon the bite marks on his neck, this adding to the already punishing pleasure building in his loins with his Mistress riding him as she was. It was starting to become too much for him to bare, but like a good boy, he tried to keep his mouth shut; minus the strangled moans and groans that were being drawn from his throat as he gasped for air.

His Mistress’s hips slowly traveled up the length of his dick once more as he felt her mouth switching the sides of his neck, trailing tiny little kisses as she went. But her teeth, suddenly clamping down on his neck had been unexpected, dragging a loud, muffled sound from his mouth as Reese bit his lip, trying to stifle most of it. However, he lost his grip on the sound as her hips suddenly slammed back down into his, impaling her wet cunt upon his even slicker cock, his mouth opening fully as he let out a loud groan of pleasure and delight at the delicious sensations now flooding his senses.

He could feel his moment of release bubbling up quickly; his body was trembling violently as he felt the precum leaking out of the head of his swollen cock, his hands tightening their grip on the bed sheets beneath him. Even though his pleasure-induced haze, Reese knew he wouldn’t last that much longer. Unfortunately, his Mistress had yet to give him the order to cum, which left him with only one choice; try and hold back the orgasm while begging her to let him cum. The first words out of his mouth, however, were slightly choked off from all the pleasure pounding through his veins.

“P-please, M-Mistress…! I’m c-close…!”

His Mistress’s hips, however, didn’t seem to heed his sudden exclamation, as they continued to thrust up and down on his swollen cock, driving Reese closer and closer to the edge, her warm, sweet mouth playing havoc upon his neck as she rained down tiny kisses to the freshest bite mark, her tongue smoothing over the red flesh. And then, just as Reese felt he might break his Mistress’s rule and explode his cum into her warm, wet pussy, it was suddenly gone as she raised herself off him. Her lips abandoned his throat in much the same fashion as she sat back on his thighs, exposing his heated and straining dick to what seemed to him like a cold breeze. A gasp was drawn from Reese’s throat, and he struggled to remain still, though he wasn’t able to help the frenzied bucking motion of his hips as he strained for more pleasure, but was unable to find any.

Letting a low whine escape his throat as he knew his Mistress so often liked to hear such sounds, he slowly cracked his eyelids open to gaze at her, and caught her own gaze riveted on his face, watching him with a small, cat-like smirk. Though his body still trembled badly, his hips slowly sank back into the mattress below, his breathing coming rapidly, but slowing down. As he stared at his Mistress pleadingly, he tried to bargain with her, tried to appeal to her softer side.

“P-please, M-Mistress… I-I w-want… – ”

But she cut him off before he could utter anything further, her eyes gleaming in the morning light behind him.

“Not yet. I want you to cool down first, Pussycat.”

Clamping his mouth shut and trying to control the blush that heated his face as much as his dick felt heated, Reese just stared at his Mistress, as if being able to control her words and actions with his sheer force of willpower.

It didn’t work.

For what seemed like an eternity, Reese sat there under the critical scrutiny of his Mistress’s eye. Of course, his lightly toned and softly tanned body was amazing to look at, his Mistress thought to herself. What with his beautiful, broad shoulders and wide chest, dark colored nipples that were about as hardened as her own were, abs slightly starting to form themselves into a six pack, and his wonderful, class A cock that his Mistress loved almost as much as the man himself. It was slick with her pussy juices and his precum, standing stiff and rigid as she stared at it, even though there was no pleasure attacking his senses for now. A small smirk quirked her lips upward as she realized that his dick had slowly started to become a darker shade of purple, signaling just how much he needed his orgasm.

Finally, his Mistress became bored with just sitting still, even as his dick slowly started to slacken from lack of stimulation, and began running her hand up the soft, silken flesh of Reese’s left leg calf and thigh. His Mistress had shaved his body completely from the neck down when he’d moved in with her, and she loved the soft feel it granted, so she’d given him the order to keep himself fully shaved.

Reese groaned inwardly as he felt his Mistress’s hand against his leg, smoothing over his skin for a few seconds, moving slowly and tantalizingly. And then Reese wasn’t able to hold in his groan of delight as his Mistress’s hand traveled up the inside of his thigh before running over his halfway flaccid cock, sending a jolt of pleasure careening through his body. And then two fingers were on the head of his dick, smoothing around some of his precum, making the head glisten a bit more in the morning light. Within mere seconds, he was agonizingly hard again, his fingers digging deeper into the sheets beneath him, trying to find some way to alleviate some of the pressure building again.

“P-please, Mistress…” He found himself croaking out again, “B-be m-merciful…!”

But she gave him no answer, paid him no mind at all as her fingers continued to dip themselves in his precum and smear it around his head, exciting his body to the point that he thought he was about to burst into a million pieces, and more. His chest was heaving by the time her fingers started to trail down the side of his dick, his hands gripping the sheets even tighter as he felt his already painfully hard dick being caressed lightly by the pads of her soft, velvet like fingers. Gasping for air, he was dimly aware that his soft moans and pants were filling the large master bedroom as his Mistress continued to taunt and tease his desperate shaft with her loving fingers.

And then it all was just too much; the loving stroking, the teasing and denial, he needed some kind of solace and he needed it -now-.

“P-please, for g-god’s sake M-Mistress…! I-I h-have to…”

But even his pleading comment and the violent trembling of his needy body didn’t stop his Mistress from bringing the palm of her unused hand on his left thigh, smacking it. She hadn’t smacked him hard, oh no. He knew what it was like to incur her wrath and knew that he hadn’t. Yet. But the smack was enough to shut his mouth instantly. The maddening feel of her fingers on his heated and straining dick continued for a few minutes as she painstakingly smeared his precum around all his dick. Reese was almost at the point he was going to try to ask again to cum, even if it risked another smack, but he never got the chance to. His eyes opened a bit more to look at his Mistress when her fingers suddenly lifted from his engorged organ.

His Mistress was watching him with a devilish look as she brought the two fingers, now smeared themselves in his precum, and inserted them in her mouth. He could see her jaw working gently as her tongue brushed over her fingers, licking off his precum, and it was all Reese could do not to throw back his head and moan in longing. Oh, how he wished that it was his cock that was in her mouth right now instead of her fingers. Just the thought was pure torture… But then her fingers were released from her mouth and she smirked in that Mistress-y way of hers that always seemed to make his heart pound a tattoo against his chest; a tattoo with her name on it, branding him for all the world to see.

His Mistress leaned down, and before Reese knew what had happened, the most delicious and nerve-destroying sensations crashed over him as he felt his Mistress’s lips upon his length, smoothing over the area’s she’d coated with his precum. She was licking his precum off…! Reese could hear himself moaning loudly with pleasure, but he was far past the point of doing anything consciously for now, his hips bucking upward of their own accord, trying to prolong the pleasure. Whines started bubbling up from his throat; he needed to cum so badly now… But his Mistress just continued to smirk and ignore his whines, her tongue flicking out moving in small, tantalizing movements over his dick. She licked off his precum in a way that literally caused him to start squirming with the need this was building within him, the pleasure like white hot lightning jolting through his body with every touch of her tongue until he just couldn’t stand it any longer.

Reese was gasping; panting heavily by this time, barely able to think for all his Mistress’s maddening movements, driving him closer and closer to the orgasm he knew he wasn’t allowed to have yet. In a futile attempt to gain some mercy in his fleeting state of mine, Reese forced his words from a dry mouth, made such a way by his heavy breathing.

“M-Mistress…! I-I h-have to c-cum…! P-please!”

But the only thing this accomplished was removing the stimulation from his dick just seconds before he knew he would have broken her order not to cum without her permission, sending both relief and frustration pounding through his veins in his pleasure’s absence. His Mistress sat upon his thighs, looking at him with that same small smirk that told him he was hers, and no one else’s, before saying seductively,

“Not yet, my slave. This is going to be drug out for a while.”

Reese gave a small, choked off whine, staring up at his Mistress helplessly, begging silently for mercy even as the pleasure induced haze slowly -agonizingly slowly- started to fade.

“H-How long is a-a wh-while…?”

“Oh… I don’t know. Perhaps a few hours…? Perhaps more?” His Mistress chuckled out, reaching out her hand toward his dick once more.

But he knew once she touched his dick again, he’d be all but lost, and so he desperately tried again, tried to reach her merciful side before he couldn’t contain himself any longer.

“P-Please M-Mistress, P-please, I b-beg to c-cu -” But that was as far as he’d gotten before four of the gentlest fingers he’d felt traced their way up his painfully hardened shaft.

But their gentleness didn’t count for anything; any touch would have had the same reaction from him, as his head and neck slammed back into the pillows beneath it, his back arching dangerously and a gasp arising from his throat before one of the loudest moans escaped his open mouth, sounding breathless and tortured. Her soft strokes continued, and each time Reese’s head and shoulders would try to bury themselves further in the pillows beneath them, his hands clenching in the sheets hard enough it was a wonder the sheets hadn’t ripped yet. His eyes had long since shut tightly, trying to block most of the feelings coursing through his body, though with no luck.

Then he felt his Mistress’s mouth upon his thighs, licking and nibbling so close to where he wanted and needed her mouth most, but avoiding it now, her hand stopping it’s gentle stroking as she nibbled. It was about this time Reese’s body started to convulse with all the pleasure pounding through him. It was becoming far too much for him to hold in. His mouth drawn into a taut line in an effort to stifle the loud moans and pants that had been coming from there before, his head started flipping back and forth against the pillows, his chest heaving with his heightened sense of arousal and sexual need. His reluctance to cum was quickly fading, his Mistress’s rule being pushed into the back of his mind as the pleasure ripped through his body like scissors through a thin piece of paper.

And then his Mistress’s mouth was gone from his thighs, her hands reaching down to his ankles and dragging them upward. Without thinking about it, Reese tried one last time with a voice cracked and husky with desire and need.

“I-I c-can’t hold it b-back…! I-I need t-to c-cum, M-Mistress…!”

His ankles were far above his body now, his legs stretched out and his knees bent slightly as his Mistress poked her head through the small gap in between his legs, watching his flushed face with one of satisfaction. She watched his lithe body trembling violently in the throes of passion, becoming insanely turned on, though she was more adept at not showing it than he was. Suddenly, before Reese knew what to expect, the palm of his Mistress’s hand suddenly slammed down on his raised and bare ass, a red handprint taking the place of her hand as she raised it once more. The effect of this spank was another few seconds of convulsing and a pleasure induced scream followed by a lusty moan as Reese continued to writhe around, desperately trying and failing to control himself.

He was at his limit and his Mistress knew this.

“Cum for me, Pussycat.” She ordered him, but he was too far gone to respond to his nickname; the second the word ‘cum’ left his Mistress’s lips, his hand rose to his dick in one quick, though violently shaky movement.

In mere seconds, his sticky seed shot out across his stomach, chest and head even as the second blow of his Mistress’s palm landed against his naked ass, only serving to heighten the pleasure of his long-awaited orgasm. His pleasure lasted longer than he could have ever hoped for, and he was only dimly aware of his Mistress laying his legs back down upon the bed. With a soft whine as his dick slowly started to become limp in his shaking hand, Reese’s eyes opened to see his Mistress looming over his face before dipping down and lightly licking at his cum-covered lips.

“Love you, Pussycat,” His Mistress said softly, her face still looming inches from his, though he was aware of her crawling up his slick, cum-coated body.

He could feel his face heating up again, but for a reason other than the name itself; his Mistress lifted herself up before placing her hands against the bed post behind Reese, her knees sinking into the mattress on either side of his head as her cleanly shaven pussy pressed itself to his lips. Her scent was intoxicating enough as it was, but the fact he was receiving such a treat almost made Reese giddy with happiness.

Though he couldn’t force the words out because of the beautiful cunt above him, Reese thought to himself as his tongue snaked from between his lips, and into her feminine folds, ‘Yes Mistress, I love you as well.’

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