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Pummelled by Coach J

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Jason Walters, 178 pound high school senior and wrestling phenom finished showering and changing and grabbed his gear to head to the parking lot and go home. As he passed the wrestling practice room, he noticed the light was still on and the door was open a crack, so he pushed it open to see his coach bare-chested, in just his shorts and bare feet, doing takedowns with an imaginary opponent.

Jason froze, taken aback by the extreme muscularity of his bronzed 6’2″, 198 pound coach. He had never seen Coach Jenkins almost completely naked before, or observed his lightening speed and athleticism before. Every muscle danced and popped as his sweat glistened body moved with puma like speed and grace around the mat.

“Oh hi Jase.”

Jason felt embarrassed caught in the act, openly admiring another male’s body, especially one of his teacher’s and his coach. He couldn’t explain his increased heart beat or the strange sensation in his groin.

“Working out a little late tonight Coach?”

“Yeah, I had a bit of a rough day, and it always helps to work off the frustrations with a little sweat.”

“I’ve been meaning to tell you Jason how proud I am of you winning the State title and getting the wrestling scholarship to MSU. You’ve done a great job.”

Jason flushed, not knowing if it was from the compliment, or the now closeness of his coach now standing about two feet in front of him with his hands on his hips, and bulge in his shorts clearly visible. Jason had the strange urge to compare his 6 ½ inches to the coach’s to see if he compete with him, then mentally beat on himself for such a thought. Although he was a magnificent specimen for an 18 year old high school student, coach J’s physique outshined him in every way, so Jason figured he would also win a cock measuring contest.

“I just had a thought Jase. In all the four years I have been coaching you, we have never wrestled. Are you up for a match?”

The though of matching his power against the coach caused Jason to draw in a gasp.

“Sure coach. Maybe before the rest of the team arrives tomorrow?”

“Aww come on Jase. I was thinking right now. No better time than the present.”

“I just showered coach, and my singlet and practice trunks are dripping in sweat from practice, so I don’t really want to put those sweaty things on again.”

“That’s no big deal. You can strip down to your underwear and I will wrestle in my jock.”

Jason’s eyes got huge as he contemplated feeling his 28 year old Adonis’s hard flesh pressed to his own.

“I guess that sounds okay. Can we lock the door in case someone should come by?”

“Sure thing.”

After the door was closed, Jason moved to the corner of the room and slowly started removing his clothes, avoiding eye contact with his coach. When he finally removed the rest of his clothing he looked up to see Coach J standing with a smile on his face, hands on hips, looking at Jason’s crotch.

Although Jason knew Coach’s cock was soft, it was evident to him, that he had a huge package. He watched as Coach turned and slowly walked to a corner with his shorts and marveled over the tight muscular ass, and once again berated himself for the stirring in his own cock, thinking ‘I’m dating the head cheerleader, and women have always turned me on. I can’t possibly be having these desires over a man.’

Coach J, tossed his shorts into the corner and both men came to the center of the mat. Jason’s calves, thighs and biceps bulged, and his abdominals were a wonder of rippling flesh, but they just could not compete with the sheer perfection of the 28 year old coach. Although Jason wasn’t short at 5’11”, he had to look up into the piercing blue eyes of his taller, heavier, more muscular coach.

“Since we don’t have a timer for periods, are you up for a submission match Jase?”

“Um, sure, that sounds fine.”

“Great, let’s get it on.”

“Um Coach; Won’t you feel a little bad when one of your students kicks your ass?”

Coach J let out a hardy laugh and just said “Not much chance of that now pretty boy?”

Jason’s stomach fluttered at that comment and he thought to himself ‘Could Coach really think I’m good looking?’ He tried to brush it off and blustered, “Well I am an awesome kick butt 178 pound champ.”

“Well I’ll admit you are damned good Jase, but if you want to wrestle the big boys, you have a little growing to do. Are you ready to rumble?”

“Ready when you are Coach.”

Both young men took to the center of the mat and squared off, getting in a wrestler’s crouch. Both lunged simultaneously and locked up with strong grips around their opponents shoulders and necks.

Both sought an advantage, faking lunges for the legs, then in a lightening move, Coach went low and got the muscular adolescent in a single leg takedown and threw him to his back. Jason quickly flipped to his stomach, but Coach was on him in a flash, painfully working his arms behind his back, and bending his legs, holding them captive in his own. Slowly he was once again flipped to his back and his shoulders were pinned for a good thirty seconds. Fortunately in a submission match, pins didn’t count. Never before had any of Jason’s opponents so dominated him. He marveled at the strength and speed of his Coach as he bridged with his head, and with all of his might was able to escape to his stomach once again. Although they had only been wrestling for 1 ½ minutes Jason had expended so much energy, it felt like the match had gone on for a half hour.

Jason struggled with his free right arm to rise up as his left arm was pinned behind his back. Suddenly he realized that something was poking at his ass, trying to gain access. He wondered to himself, could Coach have a hard-on? He tried to force his legs together, but as the hard intruding member forced its way into the crack of his ass he found himself helpless to close his legs and instead, parted them further.

Both combatants breaths were coming harder and faster as muscle strained against muscle, then Jason felt another strange sensation and Coach J gently inserted his tongue into Jason’s inner ear.

Jason gasped, “Oh my God! What are you doing Coach?”

“Just say the word Jase, and I will stop.”

Jason found that no words would come to his lips and Coach J once again probed Jason’s ear, producing electric shocks of pleasure and moans of bliss.

All the fight had gone out of Jason as he was completely under the power in 2 ½ minutes from the superior skills of his dominant coach. He was twisted to his back and easily his legs were drown up as Coach put one arm under Jason’ neck and the other under his legs, clasping his hands in a crushing cradle hold.

Coach looked at his beaten adolescent opponent and smiled down at him, their faces 6 inches from each other. Slowly coach lowered his head, allowing time to Jason to stop him with words, but none came as Coach hungrily took the young muscular student’s lips into his own. Now only tongues wrestled together as Coach held Jason firmly under his control. He moved to reign kisses and bites along Jason’s cheeks and neck, and to his armpits. Slowly he moved to Jason’s left nipple and greedily devoured it as he roughly pinched his right nipple. Down, his lips moved over the strong torso, to his navel, and as his tongue made slow circles and entered it in and out, Coach gently removed Jason’s underwear.

With strong hands, he moved Jason’s legs up, and separated the cheeks of it buttocks, inserting his tongue slowly. Jason never felt anything so exquisite in his life as he cried out in pleasure. Coach circled his puckered opening for 2-3 minutes, alternatively entering his opening, then moved to his balls and cock.

Coach replaced his tongue with two fingers up Jason’s ass as he alternately sucked each ball and stroked and sucked his rock hard cock. Jason was totally spent as he felt his head spinning from such pleasure. Suddenly the pleasure stopped and he looked up to see coach pushing his jock down his thighs.

Jason’s eyes bulged at the site of Coach’s hard dick. Never had he seen a larger or more beautiful cock and set of dangling balls.

Slowly he turned Jason over to his stomach, then with tender strong fingers began to massage his anal opening. Coach figured Jason was a virgin, so he took his time, massaging and lubricating with saliva, until Jason was moaning and begging him to enter him. Slowly and carefully Coach J placed the tip at Jason’s entrance, and inch by inch gently entered him.

“My God; you’re so big coach.”

“You can take it Jase. I will be gentle.”

Slowly, he entered, until all 9 ½ inches was miraculously in Jason’s ass. Coach lay on him, allowing Jason’s body to adjust and accept his large member, then Coach slowly pulled out partially, then reentered, producing moans of pleasure from Jason. After a minute of this teasing a bliss, Jason cried out, “Oh God. Ram me hard Coach!

Coach J thrust his member once, then twice, increasing the speed until both men were writing around the mat moaning and grunting in a combat of lust. Over and over Coach thrust, with Jason begging for him to move hard and faster. With all of his might Coach thrust a final 5 times, making Jason come like he had never come before. Coach J emptied his seed into Jason’s ass and thought his orgasm would never end. With ragged breath, both men collapsed to the mat sucking in wind.

Once they recovered, Coach J slowly removed himself from Jason, and they both rose silently to move to their clothes.

Once clothed, Jason headed toward the door, ready to leave, and just as he took the handle, Coach said, “Can you hold on a minute Jase? Something needs to be said.”

Jason was embarrassed and confused over what they had done, but more than that confused by the exquisite feelings he had just felt with another man.

“Jase, I realize this is all probably pretty new to you.”

After an uncomfortable pause, Jason said, “Yeah, Coach. It was incredible, and I guess I just never saw myself as gay.”

“Jase, there are a Hell of a lot worse things in this world than being Gay, but I think you are more than that.”

“What do you mean Coach?”

“I mean, I think you are more like me: “Bi. My wife knows I like occasional men. It is rare, but once in a while a man will come along who is built so wonderfully and whose personality is so fantastic, that I just can’t resist him. I have had the hots for you for the past 4 years, and perhaps I never should have acted on them, but don’t regret that I did. I know you date a beautiful young woman, so perhaps, you will also like women as I do, yet also be attracted to certain men should they come along.”

Jason felt much better with Coach’s explanation, plus the revelation that he was married, and no longer felt that his new found joy could only mean he had such a disease as being Gay.

“Thanks for telling me that coach. It really helped clear up my feelings. You know Coach, I still have about 6 months before I graduate. Do you think I could have some more private chances after practice to be the first student to kick you “old man” ass?”

Coach J offered a big relieved smile and said, “Count on it Stud.”

The End

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