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Pulled Over

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Here I was, driving in the middle of the night from one city to another. A friend was getting married in the capitol city where we went to college, but I had since moved away. I drove back for the wedding and was supposed to crash at an old buddy’s place. The buddy flaked out on me, so I had no where to stay. I really didn’t want to get a hotel room because I’m always on a budget. So, I just decided to pop a red bull and drive back home that night.

The drive was about 5 hours, and I think about midnight, I decided to leave the wedding reception and head back. I planned on stopping at the first gas station just outside of town to take a little break and change from my suit into some comfy clothes for the rest of the drive. I didn’t take into account that the smaller gas stations outside of town close at about midnight, except for the pay-at-the-pump, so I just kept driving.

By about 2 am, I was still in my suit and very uncomfortable. I realized I was making good time and didn’t want to ruin it. I decided to just change in the car while driving. I know what you’re thinking; it’s pretty difficult and dangerous, but I’ve done it a billion times. I untied my tie, and unbuttoned my shirt, something that I probably could’ve done easily a lot earlier, but didn’t think about it. I still had my undershirt on, and I just threw my dress shirt and tie in the back seat.

Keeping my eyes on the road, and began to unbuckle my belt, one-handed, which is a talent in itself. With one hand on the wheel, I lifted my butt off the seat and slid my pants down with the other hand. I put the cruise control on so that I could take my feet off the pedal and slide my legs out of my pants without having to slow down. I then threw my dress pants in the back seat. At this point, I’m driving my car in the middle of the night in just my underwear. I still had that undershirt on, and I was wearing boxer-briefs.

This was actually the first time I’ve ever worn boxer-briefs. I’ve always found them sexy on other men, but I never thought myself as sexy enough to wear them, so I’ve just stuck with boxer shorts. Well, until now. I’ve been working on my body for a while now, and I can happily say that I’m finally seeing results. Plus, since I was going to be wearing some dress slacks for the wedding, I thought it would be more appropriate to wear something with a little more, ahem, control and support. However, since I didn’t really know how boxer-briefs fit nor my new size after toning up a bit, I underestimated my size and got them a bit too small. It was fine, they just fit VERY tightly.

Anyway, I packed some gym shorts that I was planning on changing into in my tote bag, which was behind my driver’s seat, or so I thought. I reach blindly and one-handedly behind me searching for my tote bag. I couldn’t find it! Shit! I maneuvered my body so that I can turn my head enough to see behind my seat. In doing so, I swerved across the empty road. I still didn’t see the bag, so I just grabbed the wheel to align myself with the road while I thought about what I should do next.

That’s when I heard the sirens and saw the flashing lights. FUCK! A motorcycle cop must’ve seen my swerving across the road. It was about the time bars normally let out, so he probably thought I was driving drunk, which I’m sure happens often in these po-dunk bars in the middle of nowhere.

I pulled over to the shoulder of the highway. It’s always embarrassing to get pulled over, but then I realized that I was really the only one on the highway, so no one would likely even drive by. How was I going to explain my half-dressed situation? My pants were far enough out of reach that I couldn’t get to them without literally crawling into the back seat. I’ve heard about these country cops being a bit trigger happy, especially since everyone has a gun out here, so I’d rather face the embarrassment (or the indecency charge) than to get shot by making some quick movements. I just sat there with both hands frozen to the wheel thinking of what to say to the officer.

Before I knew it he was at my window. I glanced up, and I did a double take. This was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. I could see the arctic glaciers in his steel blue eyes. He was about my age and my height, but the body of a Greek statue. I must’ve been entranced because I didn’t hear him ask me to roll the window down.

“Did you hear me? I said roll the window down!” I quickly came back to my senses and obeyed. I rolled the window down, and stammered. “uh, uh, uh.” I couldn’t find the words! Great, he must’ve really thought I was drunk! Finally, I was able to clear my mind and speak. “Officer, I can explain…”

“Did I say you could speak?!?!” he yelled. I looked down in embarrassment. “Step out of the car.” I opened the door, about to fully reveal my predicament to this officer. I put my bare feet on the pavement and stood up. I was standing there in my tight boxer-briefs and undershirt in front of this man. The officer gave me a quick up and down, and chuckled to himself. “Have you been drinking or using drugs tonight?” he asked.

“No, sir, I…”

He interrupted, “Walk in a straight line towards the back of your vehicle.” I did as I was told, walking away from the officer. Once I got to the end, he said, “now, bend down and touch your toes.” I gave him a look, and he crossed his arms and waited. With my back facing towards the officer, I slowly bent down. My ass was in the air pointed towards the officer, my tight boxer-briefs outlining every contour.

I started to get up, but the officer quickly commanded “keep your position!” I did. I could hear him walk up behind me. I could feel his presence behind me, staring, examining. Honestly, I felt a little turned on by this situation, but I was able to keep from getting an erection, thank goodness. While I was still down there, he asked “Are there any drugs or firearms in your possession?”

I answered, “No, sir, I…”

Again he interrupted me. “I’m going to have to search you.” I thought to myself, where could I possibly be hiding anything? “Stand up and put your hands on the back on the car.” I did as I was told. The officer came up behind me and placed his hands on my shoulders. He started patting me down. I’ve never been searched before, so I didn’t know the proper procedure, so I just went with it. He then patted under my armpits. Then his hands wrapped around to my chest. I could’ve sworn he was teasing my nipples. I started getting a little hard from this rubdown. Any little stimulation gives me an erection. Even going to the doctor’s office for a physical ends with me sporting a hard-on. It didn’t help that this guy was absolutely beautiful.

Slowly, his hand patted down my sides and down my abdomen. He reached my waist band and felt the circumference, looking to see if I was hiding anything there. Coming across the front, I felt his hand graze across my semi-hard-on. How embarrassing. Again it grazed, and then again. I’m sure he’s being professional and is not doing that intentionally, I thought to myself. Finally, his hands patted down my hips to my legs to the point where my underwear ended. Good, he’s done, I thought.

Then I heard, “Remove your clothing.”

What?!? “I don’t have any drugs or firearms!” I replied with a shaking voice.

He repeated, “Remove your clothing.” I didn’t know what exactly kind of drugs or firearms I could be hiding in my underwear. I sighed, and decided I would just comply. Luckily, I still had my back to him, because I didn’t want him to see the embarrassment in my eyes. I removed my undershirt first. I threw it on top of the car. I grabbed the waistband of my new boxer-briefs, and then in one swoop, they hit the ground. I kicked them off of my feet to the side. Then I just stood there, trying to cup my now full erection with my hands. Not to toot my own horn or anything (maybe I am? haha), but it was almost no use. My hands really didn’t cover much. I’m a bit more well-endowed than the average man, and my erection wasn’t really helping the situation.

“Put your hands back on your car,” I heard from behind me. Damn it. I let go of my erection and did as he said. I thought, maybe he won’t see my erection from back there. I’m sure it was just wishful thinking, though. There was silence for what seemed like an eternity. I kept thinking, what the hell is going on?

That’s when I felt it, something pressing against my ass. The first thing that came to mind was a cavity search. I quickly turned my head around and saw the cop, naked, in all his beautiful glory. He was up behind me, pressing his full staff up against my crack. I looked at his face, and he gave me a quick smile and a wink. Though this was completely unexpected, I felt ok with this situation. I just instinctively turned my head back away and grabbed my ass with my hands and spread my cheeks apart. The already slimy head of his cock slid up my crack until it found my hole. He gave it a bit of pressure, and I could feel my hole opening up for him. Slowly he put more pressure. His head popped all the way in, and I felt a jolt of pain through my body. I let out a scream. He stopped pushing. The pain subsided, and I grabbed my ass-cheeks again and spread them. This was his cue to continue.

He spit on his cock, rubbed it, and then started pushing again. I could feel him sliding deep into me. Soon, I could feel his whole body against my back. He must be in all the way, I thought. I hadn’t had sex with a guy since college, so I was a bit tight, but damn, I didn’t remember it feeling this good. He pulled out a little but, and started slowly pumping his cock into me. He moaned as he started picking up the pace. He soon was working a good rhythm. He bent forward and started kissing my shoulders, my neck, my ears. I was so turned on. I grabbed my own dick and started working it too. I didn’t realize until then that gobs of precum were dripping from it, which made me recognize how much I was enjoying this.

I didn’t really last long before I was cumming. It seemed like a never-ended series of squirts shot from my dick and showered my car. My orgasm must have tightened my ass on his cock quite a bit because I think it sent the officer over the edge. He wrapped his arms around my chest from behind me and squeezed. He was pumping veraciously, and he started to moan. I felt a warmness inside of me as he shot his load deep within me.

His pumping slowed and his grip around me loosened. He was spent, as was I. I could feel his cock withering inside of me until it just slipped out. We were both panting heavily. He grabbed my shoulders and spun me around. We were finally facing each other. He placed his hands on the back of my head and brought me in for one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever had. We finally broke the kiss and both smiled at each other. We both started grabbing our clothes off the ground and got dressed. Neither of us said anything.

Once we were both dressed, we kind of awkwardly looked at each other and chuckled. He walked back up to me, planted a kiss on my lips then walked back off towards his motorcycle. He got on his bike, and said “drive safely.” He started his engine and off he was. Meanwhile, I stood there outside my car watching him ride off with a smile on my face. I felt his cum oozing out of my ass soaking my boxer-briefs. Wow, was I glad I made the switch that day.

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