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Prom Date with Mom

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At age 18, Paul Worthington had it all and was the envy of all his classmates at his high school in the upscale area of Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, one of the richest neighborhoods in California. Not only was Paul good looking, standing 6’1″ tall weighing about 195 pounds, with sandy brownish blonde hair, green eyes, muscular shoulders and “six pack” abs, he was also the star of the basketball team, playing power forward and the star wrestler.

Sports was not the only thing Paul was good at either. Paul was also very popular and very smart. All the girls thought he was “hot” and he was the SGA president, on the academic team, and was in line to be the class valedictorian.

If that wasn’t enough to make people want to be like him, Paul also had a mom, Steffie, who was as he friends said, a cool mom and not only that, but also a smoking hot MILF.

Steffie could be like one of those women you see on the reality show Real Housewives of Orange County but without all the drama and the snooty self centered bitchy attitudes. She was very wealthy, very attractive, and extremely sexy and she knew it, but she didn’t rub it in anyone’s face or thought that she was better than anyone else.

Physically speaking, Steffie could be a Kim Kardashian look alike but slightly taller. At 37, Steffie stood about 5’9″ tall, weighed 135 pounds, with shoulder length wavy dark brown chestnut hair which in some light almost looked black. She had a good very figure measuring 38D-26-37. Her breasts were supple and natural, her body was somewhat toned, and her legs were long, slender, well toned and rivaled those of a dancer.

What made Paul’s friends really jealous was not only the fact that his mom Steffie was extremely hot and friendly, but the fact that she and Paul had an extremely close and intimate relationship. They were more like best friends(BFF’s) rather than mother and son.

Also, Steffie was very proud of her body and not ashamed to show it off and dressed quite provocatively, even in front of Paul’s friends. However, she would keep it PG-13 rated when his friends were there, but when it was just her and Paul Steffie wore little if nothing at all. After all they were both adults, so she felt she shouldn’t hide her body.

Steffie was also very affectionate towards Paul and freely demonstrated it both in private and public. There were even rumors floating around that Paul and Steffie were much more than just mother and son. Paul knew about these rumors but did nothing to dispel them. He just let people think what they wanted to and enjoyed seeing people green with envy.

Even though Paul and Steffie’s relationship was close and quite intimate, much more intimate than most normal mother and son’s, Paul and Steffie never completely crossed the line so to speak in that they never had actual sexual intercourse. They did, however, enjoy flirting with that line, going up the precipice without actually going over the edge.

Paul and Steffie thought nothing about seeing each other naked, kissing one another on the lips, cuddling together naked on the couch as they watched a movie, showering together, or even sleeping together naked. To them, it was totally natural and just another way to express their intimacy towards other.

Steffie was a self proclaimed free spirit, sort of a throw back to the 1960’s hippies(free love, flower power and all the things that went with it) and after Paul turned 18, Steffie invited him to follow in her footsteps and Paul would do so quite willingly and quite readily. It was only natural that eventually Paul and Steffie would cross the line to lovers but that would not happen until the night of Paul’s senior prom.

Paul was scheduled to go to the prom with Donna, a girl in his class who he really liked and thought she liked him. Donna was his age, 18 and quite a looker. She stood about 5’11” had long blonde hair measured 34C-24-34 and could pass for a Taylor Swift look alike.

She was quite popular but also ultra high maintenance. Even so, Paul really liked Donna and thought she really liked him. They had even talked about how they would get married one day, but in reality Donna only hung out with Paul because of the status it would give her.

Anyhow, the day before the prom(a Friday) was known as Senior Skip Day, a custom going back some thirty-five years, since the inception of the school. Paul used that day to pick up his tux, finalize plans for the limo that would pick him and Donna up, and make reservations at Lucques Restaurant located on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. After dinner at 4:30 they would arrive for pictures at the Riviera Country Club at 7:00 and the prom started at 8:30 in the Grand Ballroom of the country club.

Paul arrived home just before lunch after picking up his tux and he was anxious to show it off to Steffie. Paul’s tux was the classic Black tux with tails and black cummerbund and tie He also got a top hat to go with it to add a touch of class. His shirt however was light lavender since he wanted to be different.

He showed the tux to Steffie and she was beside herself with glee and gave Paul a long warm loving hug and gentle kiss full on the lips. Paul could feel Steffie’s warm naked body press into his and he pulled her close to him as they lovingly embraced.

“My little boy has grown up,” Steffie said with almost a tear in her eye, putting her hand softly on his face. “I wish your father were still alive to see you now, hun. He would be so very proud to see how you have developed into a fine young man.”

“So you got everything all set,” Steffie asked as she led Paul to the couch and sat next to him and lit a cigarette.

“I think so,” Paul replied. “All I need is to find out when Donna is coming by here and we will let you get some pictures of us together.”

“Cant wait,” Steffie said but then she added “You know, Donna is one lucky girl. She doesn’t realize how sweet of a guy she is getting,” and with that Steffie gave Paul another long deep sensual loving kiss.

“Well, I would be nothing without you mom,” Paul replied. “I owe everything to you and even though I am going to the prom with Donna, she can’t even begin to hold a candle to you. You’re my one true love, the light of my life, the song of my soul and the desire of my heart.”

Steffie melted and a tear began to fall and Paul wiped it dry and they embraced and held each other close.

The rest of the day would go without event and that night Paul and Steffie would go out to dinner and then come home and enjoy a nice soft candlelit romantic evening together.

Steffie had put a blanket in front of the fireplace and she lit the gas log insert to provide and intimate setting. There was also wine, cheese soft music, and of course plenty of hot tender romantic foreplay. They would kiss, caress and held each other tight, their warm naked bodies pressed together moving together as one. Eventually they would fall asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day was Prom day and Steffie took Paul to breakfast and then they came back home to relax. Steffie stripped down to just her panties and put on her waist length white lace robe which she left open and Paul stripped to his boxers and they both cuddled on the couch and that is when the shit would hit the fan.

Donna called out of the blue and for reason canceled the Prom date. Paul was devastated seeing he had waited all year for this, the crown of his senior year and then his hopes dashed.

Steffie did her best to console Paul who was surprised at how crushed he was. “Was it true, did he really like Donna that much,” He thought to himself and for about an hour Steffie just held him like she did when he was a child and rocked him doing her best to ease his pain.

Steffie cradled Paul’s head in her bosom and Paul’s mouth was right next to Steffie’s supple pink nipples. Steffie just stroked Paul’s hair as he held his head there It wouldn’t take much for Paul to suck on Steffie’s nipples but he was really not in the mood for that so she just let him stay like he was.

Then it hit Steffie like a bolt of lightening and she smiled and said with a grin. “Well, if you really want to make the best of everything, you can still go to the Prom.”

Paul not thinking too clearly incredulously said ” Yeah, right! With who, myself?”

Steffie knew Paul was in pain and not his usual self so she overlooked that snide comment and then answered Paul

“Not exactly sweetie,” Steffie said with a smile putting her hand on his face and lovingly stroking it. “I was thinking you could have a date with a sexy vivacious woman who loves you very much and will never let you down or break your heart.”

Paul looked into Steffie’s eyes and he knew she was talking about herself and he knew right away that even though his plans had gone awry, fate had ordained this night to happen and for them to be together on this night.

“You’re on,” Paul replied. “I bet I will be the envy of every one there, walking in with the hottest woman in all of LA.”

“I think I still have a dress for the occasion “Steffie said as she sat up beginning to get excited about the prospect of going to the prom.

“No way mom,” Paul said poo-pooing the idea of Steffie wearing one of the dresses she already had. “This is a special night and you deserve the best. Let’s get dressed and let you get one you want, one that will make Donna realize just what she has been replaced with by turning down our date.”

“That’s so downright vengeful, spiteful, hateful and vindictive,” Steffie said and for a second Paul thought he had gone too far. Then Steffie smiled and added “but it’s so perfect for that little hussy bitch. I like your style.”

They got dressed and went to one of Steffie’s favorite boutiques and found the perfect dress. It was short black sequin gown with a scoop neckline. Along the neckline looked what was embossed leaf shaped rhinestones about ½ inch in diameter that were red, green blue pink and amber, and set off the sequins on the dress perfectly.

The hem line of the dress was very, very short just about four to six inches below the butt. If Steffie was to sit a certain way your couldn’t help but see her panties. Lastly, the dress had a black chiffon that was attached to the dress sort of as a cape.

Once Steffie had the dress she wanted, she picked out some black shoes to match(two inch high heels) and got some lingerie to go with it, a black lace set with matching thigh highs and garters. To top it off, she got a pearl choker necklace, six bracelets that accentuated the dress that matched the colors of the embossed stones in the neck line.

She also picked up a “little black party dress,” which will be described later in the story, another pair of black lace panties, but this time they were thong style and crotchless and she picked up another set of thigh highs, but these were fishnet and picked up a pair of black one inch pumps good for dancing.

The last thing Steffie would do, un beknownst to Paul would be to reserve the Sultan’s Suite at Aladdin’s Castle, one of one of the fancy Hotels near where they lived for the Saturday and night. She had also booked a flight to Los Vegas for the next day and reserved the finest suite in the Luxor Hotel for the entire next week. Steffie intended to not only to make it a weekend but make it a week that Paul would not soon forget and help make Donna just a fleeting distant memory.

Steffie got her hair and nails done and make up selected and they went and got a light lunch seeing they would be eating an early supper. Steffie packed a back pack where she put Paul another pair of pants and shirt to go dancing in and put her party dress, shoes and lingerie in. She then packed a bag for the time they would be gone but only enough for a pair of clothes for to wear to the trip to Vegas and a pair back home the Sunday afternoon of the following week.

Steffie also had made arrangements with Jenna to have the luggage she had secretly packed for the Vegas trip to the airport by 1. P.M, that Saturday, about an hour before their flight was supposed to leave.

Jenna was one of Steffie’s girl-friends(in more ways than one) and a charter member, partner and co-founder of Steffie’s Lonely Housewife’s Club. These were a group of sexy moms who got together once a week to drink, chat as well as unload and bitch about anything and everything including their husbands. They also engaged in plenty of hot sweet lesbian sex. However that is another story for another time. Back to the story at hand.

That evening Steffie and Paul took a bath together in the hot tub and toasted each other. They would help get each other dressed. Steffie was standing in the room wearing only her black thigh high stockings and garters and she was putting on her earrings.

Paul would come up behind her and he was naked as well and he put his arms around her waist and hugged her. Steffie moaned and turned her head back and kissed Paul.

“I am so glad you are going with the prom to me,” Paul said “I should have asked you in the first place and none of this stuff with Donna would have happened.”

Steffie turned to Paul and kissed him and draped her arms around his neck. “I promise you one thing hon, I will”(putting emphasis on the word will) “make you forget Donna. After tonight, she will be just a vague distant memory.”

“Sounds delightful, “Paul said “I can’t wait”

Me either hon,” Steffie purred and gave Paul another long sensual kiss.

Steffie then turned back around and continued to put on her ear rings then sprayed herself with some new perfume she had picked up at the boutique.

Paul caught a whiff and it turned him on and made him want to take Steffie right then and there. Paul couldn’t help himself, the perfume had an intense bewitching effect on him and he began kissing and softly nibbling the back and sides of Steffie’s neck, something he hadn’t done before.

This made Steffie swoon. Steffie just let out a soft passionate moan as her legs turned to jelly and she melted in Paul’s arms.

“Ooooohhhh yes Paul baby,” Steffie purred with delight.

Paul continued to nibble and softly kiss the sides of Steffie’s neck and his hands began to roam over her body. Paul’s hands cupped Steffie’s sumptuous breasts then they moved their way down her torso until they found her sweet pussy.

Steffie could not control the feelings and her pussy began dripping its sweet honey dew nectar. Paul gently massaged Steffie’s sweet clit while Steffie just lay in his arms panting as the feelings of ecstasy coursed through her trembling body like a massive storm torrent.

As much as Steffie wanted to give in to the pleasure throw caution to the wind and have Paul take her right then and there and make hot sweet monkey love, her common sense side kicked in and she came to her senses.

“Paul honey” Steffie said softly and when there was no response, she repeated it. “Paul honey” and Paul just moaned a faint acknowledgment. Steffie finally got his attention.

“Oh sweetie, as much as I enjoy this and would love to have you bone me right here and now, we have to get dressed if we are going to make it to dinner and the Prom on time.”

“Yeah dinner, prom,” Paul moaned half coherently still half crazed from the hypnotic effects of Steffie’s perfume.

As much as it pained her to do it, Steffie felt she had no other choice. She led Paul to the bathroom and turned on the cold water and pushed him in the shower and closed the door.

“Son-of- mother-fucking bitch,” Paul exclaimed loudly saying each word deliberately as he fully regained his senses. “What the fuck just happened? Why the hell am I in the shower and what is with this god-damned fucking ice cold water.”

Steffie just giggled and said “Sorry sweetie, it was the only thing I could think of that would bring you back to your senses.”

“Well it sure as hell worked,” Paul replied half exasperated. “What happened. The last thing I know was standing behind you, you had just sprayed some kind of perfume on yourself and the rest was a fog until I found myself in the shower getting peppered by frigid ice cold water.”

“It’s the new perfume I got today,” Steffie giggled. “It’s called Primal Lusts. It is supposed to bring out the deep seeded hidden primitive carnal desires in a man and I guess it really lives up to its name.”

“That it does,” Paul replied. Then he began to blush when it hit him what he might have done under the influence of the perfume.

“Oh shit!! What the hell did I do,” Paul said sheepishly half embarrassed and half scared.

“Well sweetie, Steffie replied, “let’s just say that if I hadn’t come to my senses and dragged you into the shower we would have not made it to the prom but we would have known one another in the “Biblical” sense.

Steffie and Paul got dressed and even though she still had the perfume on, much of it’s intoxicating effects on Paul had worn off.

Steffie and Paul got into the limo and once inside Steffie handed him a plastic card.

“What’s this,” Paul said as he took it and began to turn it over.

“It’s a gift from me to you so we can completely enjoy our night out,” Steffie replied and Paul had it turned over and was now looking at it.

“A fake I.D., where did you get this,” Paul said surprised.

“I’ve connections hon,” Steffie said with a wry smile somewhat pleased with herself. “Anyway, I got it so we could have fun tonight so if we get carded you are now 22 years old.”

“Cool beans”, Paul said with a smile and they went to the restaurant.

Paul and Steffie had a nice meal and then they went to the country club where the Prom was and had their picture made together. Paul’s friends were beside themselves with envy when they saw Paul with Steffie.

“Damn dude, I wish I had a mom as cool and hot as yours,” Brian, one of Paul’s best friends said jokingly. “I guess I know what you’re gonna do after the prom.”

Steffie just smiled and said “Wouldn’t you like to know, and who knows we may just send you the video!”

“Fuck dude,” Brian responded. “Hell I don’t blame you. if I had a mom half as cool as yours and just as hot, I would wanna do her too.”

Steffie and Paul danced most every dance and then they saw Donna when was with her date, who looked like he was some rich preppy frat boy from college. Paul thought he heard his name mentioned, Reginald or something pretentious like that he thought he heard someone say. He did his best to let it go but still the pain and hurt from this morning’s rejection was still there and Paul got quiet and sullen.

“Come on hon, let’s blow this joint and go have some fun of our own,” Steffie sweetly said to Paul as she whispered in his ear, sensing his anguish at seeing Donna with her new date. “I promised you I will make you forget her” Steffie added as she took Paul by the hand, leading him out of the banquet hall where the prom was being held and they walked outside.

Paul and Steffie got in the back of their limo and Steffie told the driver to drive across town to a new happening night club called Aladdin’s Playground, located in the lobby of the Hotel they were going to be staying in. The ride would take about 45 minutes and this would give Steffie the opportunity to change out of her black sequin dress into her little black party dress.

Steffie pressed the button to raise the privacy shield between the driver and them and then began to unpack her sexy hot little black dress, a party dress that looked more like a nighty than a dress Steffie would also take out a pair of black lace crotchless thong panties, and some black fishnet thigh high stockings with matching garters from the back pack she was carrying. Steffie nonchalantly proceeded to change right there in front of Paul.

“Unzip me hon,” Steffie said to Paul as she sat next to him with her back to him.

Paul unzipped her and she smiled at him and then had a seat on the bench across from him and right there in front of Paul, stripped out of her dress, thigh-high stockings, garters and shoes. Steffie also removed her panties and tried to remove her bra but the catch in the back got snagged and she couldn’t get it loose.

“Help me get this damned thing undone sweetheart,” Steffie said in angst as she sat back next to Paul.

Paul fumbled with the catch for about 20-30 seconds and with a little patience, was able to get it undone and Steffie let it fall to the floor.

“Hand me my stockings and panties will you sweetie,” Steffie said as she lay back against the door with her legs partly spread revealing her nicely trimmed oh so perfectly sweet pink pussy which looked so inviting.

Even though Paul had seen Steffie naked plenty of times before, he tried not to gape but he couldn’t help looking as Steffie slid her long luscious legs into the black thigh high fishnets. Steffie just laid back and smiled at him, flattered that Paul found her attractive and that she still had what it took to make a man want her.

Steffie sat back up and began put on her black lace thong panties but just as she was about to slip them up her legs, the limo took a sudden sharp curve and Steffie was thrown back in to Paul’s arms. Paul managed to catch her and as he did, his hands cupped Steffie’s soft sumptuous 38D breasts.

“Ooops,” Steffie said with a giggle and tried sit up but to no avail so she just lay their in Paul’s arms and Paul still had his hands cupped on her breast but she didn’t seem to mind.

“Thanks for catching me hon,” Steffie said as she looked up and smiled at him and softly and gently put her hand against the sides of Paul’s face, lovingly stroking it.

Steffie gave Paul another tender kiss on the lips. Paul and Steffie had kissed plenty of times before now the Prom was over and if they were late for the club well that was life.

They both knew the time was right and instead of fighting their feelings or partially giving in like they had so many times before, they succumbed to their passions, giving in to their deep seeded, latent, primal carnal desires. This would be the moment they would completely cross the line from just normal mother and son to lovers and once crossed, there was no turning back.

Paul and Steffie laid side by side with Paul behind Steffie and Steffie’s head turned back towards Paul as they passionately kissed. Paul would allow his hands to roam over Steffie’s warm soft naked body and his hand found her sweet pussy and he gently stroked it, causing Steffie to purr.

“Mmmmm yes baby don’t stop,” Steffie softly moaned as Paul continued to caress Steffie’s sweet pussy until her pussy juices gently trickled over his fingers.

Steffie would then raise up and kneel in front of Paul. She would unfasten and remove Paul’s tuxedo pants and underwear then remove his tux shirt and t-shirt, leaving him only his socks. Steffie then crawled in Paul’s lap facing him and they both embraced and began to passionately French kiss and make out right there in the limo.

Steffie would grind her sweet cunt against Paul’s growing bulging throbbing rigid hard cock as they passionately kissed and their bodies rubbed together. Steffie could feel Paul’s rigid pulsating throbbing 8-inch cock rubbing up against her pussy lips.

” Oh god, I gotta have you NOW,” Steffie exclaimed in a panting lustful moan as she whispered into Paul’s ear. “Take me baby I freely give myself to you.”

Steffie would take her hand, find Paul’s cock, guide it into her eagerly waiting pussy and fuck him right there, riding him hot and heavy.

“Oh god baby yes,” Steffie crooned as she rode Paul’s cock, bouncing up and down. “Make mommy cum!!!”

Paul and Steffie would passionately kiss and fuck for a good five minutes their hot bodies melting together and becoming one flesh. They would break the kiss and Steffie would put her supple breasts up to Paul’s mouth.

“Let mommy nurse her little boy,” Steffie crooned and Paul would suck her tits as they fucked.

They continued to fuck another five or so minutes and their passions were rising and climaxing. Steffie could feel her orgasm build and rise to a resounding crescendo of sweet release. Paul could feel his cock swell with cum and tried as they may, neither one could stem the tide of pleasure.

“Oh god ye-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s baby,” Steffie cried out as she let go of her sticky cream, sending her sweet honey dew nectar flooding Paul’s cock.

Paul could feel his cock twitch and he moaned “Oh god I’m gonna cum.”

“Gimme all of you baby,” Steffie moaned. “I wanna feel your hot manhood deep with in me to make me complete again.”

“Wha, what about pregnancy,” Paul moaned concerned.

“Don’t worry about that baby,” Steffie replied assuringly. “It’s not time for my cycle, and besides, I have already taken precautions. Trust me on this one hon.”

Paul implicitly as well as explicitly trusted his mom and so he gave in to the feeling, spunking his hot load deep into Steffie’s hungry pussy.

“Oh god baby yes, we are one,” Steffie said with a smile and they gradually slowed down their fucking and just held each other tight as they kissed and caressed and let their bodies rub together.

“We’re here,” the voice on the speaker said as the limo driver told them they had arrived at their destination. This jarred Paul and Steffie back into “reality” and the just both giggled because they knew the Limo driver had to have heard them.

“Give us a few minutes and we’ll be right out,” Steffie said giggling with Paul. “Come on sweetie, let’s go party with this group for a while and then we will continue our private party later.”

Steffie would put on her hot little black dress. As mentioned above Steffie’s dress looked more like a negligee than a dress. It had two spaghetti straps that went over the shoulder and had plunging u-shaped neck line that gave an ample view of her cleavage. Her breasts were practically spilling out of the dress.

The skirt part was very short as well. It came down just about three-four inches below her ass and flared out like a petticoat, showing off her luscious well toned legs. Steffie would also have on the black fishnet thigh highs, matching garters and a pair of one inch black pumps.

Paul would put on a dark charcoal grey pair of slacks Steffie had brought and a long sleeve French Blue button down dress shirt that had a white collar and cuffs. He would also put on a pair of casual black loafers.

Together they would exit the limo and Steffie would hand the driver a C-Note and said “You know what to do hon,” and with that Paul and Steffie walked into the club

The limo driver just looked at them with a wry smile and the look on his face confirmed Paul and Steffie’s suspicion that he had heard them.

“Damn, if I had a dollar for every couple that had fucked in the back of this limo, I could retire a rich man,” the limo driver thought to himself. Nevertheless, the limo driver went into the hotel, confirmed the room reservation and the bell man took the luggage up to the suite while the desk clerk called the Concierge and handed him the room key to hold for Paul and Steffie.

Steffie and Paul went into the club found a table and ordered some drinks.

“So what should I get,” Paul asked not having any experience in a place like this.

“Don’t worry hon, let me take care of it,” Steffie said with a smile kissing Paul on the lips.

Steffie ordered four shots(two a piece) of some of the best Tequila the club had. She had them put salt on one of the glasses and also bring them a lime. When the shots came, Steffie told Paul about how to drink the first shot of Tequila in one huge gulp followed by the second glass, after which you were to lick the salt around the edge of the glass and then suck the lime Lastly you were to slam the glass down on the table but not too hard as not to break it..

“Okay hon, on three,” Steffie said with a smile and she and Paul would down both shots lick the salt, suck the lime and slam the glass on the table.

“Whew what a rush,” Steffie said boisterously as the alcohol hit her system.

“Yeah,” Paul said as he sputtered and coughed.”

“Stick with me hon and you’ll get the hang of it,” Steffie said. “One more time,” and with that she ordered another round and then she and Paul repeated the procedure.

By now, Steffie had a pretty good buzz going and Paul was already there and on his way to being plastered. Steffie took out a cigarette and lit it and passed it to Paul. Paul knew his mom smoked but he had never had the desire to try it but something inside of him said “Oh what the hell, live a little. I won’t hurt you.”

Paul could just imagine the little devil dressed in red appearing on his shoulder telling him to do it and he said “Thanks mom, I think I will have one.”

Paul took the cigarette and put it in his mouth. Steffie lit it for him and smiled

Steffie would do something else Paul wasn’t expecting “Now since our relationship has gone to a deeper more intimate level and we are no longer just mom and son, there will be no more of this mom jazz,” Steffie said smiling. “My name is Steffie and I want you to call me that or you can call me just plain Steff. Either one is fine. Okay?”

“Okay Ma, I mean Steff,” Paul said correcting himself in mid sentence “I guess old habits die hard.”

Paul and Steffie ordered another drink a piece. On Steffie’s advice, they both got what was called a “Sloe Comfortable Screw Against the Wall-With a Kiss”

Paul snickered at the name and jokingly said “Hey Steff, what you trying to tell me here.”

Steffie just smiled and replied “I am sure the one you give me in person will be a hell of a lot better.”

Paul and Steffie got up and danced to the music. The music was pumping and the dance floor was hopping. The DJ was spinning some funky dance music and the song playing was “The Point of no Return” by Expose Steffie danced around Paul as she mouthed the words and did the “come here” gesture with her hands.

Next the DJ started to spin hot Latin-salsa music. The first one played was “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin and Steffie was doing some of the down right dirtiest and nastiest most uninhibited dancing he had ever seen.

Paul saw a side of Steffie he had never seen before. She had changed from the moderately-conservative but some what fun loving mom he had grown up with into a hedonistic party animal hell bent on having fun.

The next song the DJ spun was “Let’s Go All Night” by the group Eleven-Thirty. Steffie would dance around Paul as she again mouthed the words of the song to him leaning her body next to his as she leaned into him and grinded her crotch against his.

Steffie then turned her back towards Paul and wriggled her tight little ass against Paul’s crotch. She would then have Paul put his arms around her waist and him slide his hands between her thighs. She then took Paul’s hands and slipped them inside her panties and allowed Paul to massage her clit.

It was a good thing it was dark in the club and that this was a club where any goes, otherwise, they might have been put in jail for practically doing it right there on the dance floor.

“Steffie whispered into Paul’s ear. ” I thinks It’s time we make this party private and do what comes naturally. Anyway, I am ready for that slow comfortable screw against the wall with a kiss you promised me.”

Paul was more than ready and he took Steffie’s hand as she led him out of the club and into the lobby of the Hotel

To Paul’s surprise, Steffie walked up to the Concierge, handed him a twenty and said “I believe you have something for us. The name is Worthington.”

” Oh yes ma’am,” the Concierge said. “The Sultan’s suite, a very good choice. Everything has been arranged and taken care of I see. Just take the private elevator to the left, slide the pass key through the PIN pad and it should take you directly to your suite and enjoy your stay.”

“We shall,” Steffie said, “we shall!!”

The Concierge knew that Paul was a young man who was about to get lucky tonight but if he only knew how lucky and who with, it would blow his mind.

As soon as they entered the elevator, the door closed and would not open again until the reached the Sultan’s Suite, a spacious 1100 square foot Penthouse suite located on the 23rd floor of the hotel, the top most floor.

Steffie wasted no time in undoing Paul’s tie, unbuttoning his shirt, removing his belt and unfastening his pants. Steffie also removed her shoes and her thong panties and as the door opened to the suite, she dragged Paul out by his shirt collar.

Once the elevator door closed they went at it like wild rabbits in heat. Steffie hurriedly stripped of her dress tossing it to the side then undressed Paul until he was only in his white t-shirt and socks. She then reached into her purse sprayed some of that Primal Lusts perfume she had on earlier and let it do all the work.

The perfume did its job. Paul took one whiff and he was like a crazed madman. He forcefully took Steffie and slammed her against the wall, pinning her with her arms up over her head. Paul had his forefinger and thumb wrapped around Steffie’s wrist in a pincer like grip and proceeded to have his way with her.

As shocked as Steffie initially was about seeing Paul this way, she also found herself being incredibly turned on by his forcefulness. It made her feel like a cheap dirty little whore and she actually liked it.

Paul would forcefully kiss Steffie and Steffie did not try to fight it but submitted herself to Paul and allowed him to have his way with her. Paul broke the kiss and began to kiss and nibble the sides of Steffie’s neck and the throat area under her chin. Paul was also bite Steffie and when he had finished Steffie would have two large hickeys on her neck.

Paul lowered himself down and after he had removed the strap of Steffie’s bra from her shoulder, allowing her breasts to fall freely down, Paul began to suck on Steffie’s breasts. After about five minutes or so he moved his way down her torso, kissing and nibbling Steffie’s flesh as he did.

Paul would finally reach Steffie’s pubic area and he inhaled the muskiness of Steffie’s womanly scent. Steffie had gotten so hot and horny as Paul had been kissing on her body that her pussy was dripping wet with honey dew nectar and Steffie’s sweet cream trickled down her legs on the inside of her thighs.

Paul put his lips to Steffie’s pussy lips and gently began to kiss them and run his tongue up and down the length of them. Paul would then find Steffie’s clit and begin to suck on it and he would use his tongue like a little cock along with one to two fingers to bring Steffie off to orgasm after orgasm.

Paul buried his head in Steffie’s snatch as he ate her out only coming up a few times for air. Steffie took her hands and placed one on the top of Paul’s head and grabbed his hair and the other she would put at the back of his head. Steffie used both hands to hold Paul’s head to her pussy while Paul feasted on her womanhood.

Steffie would also begin to buck her hips forward and fuck Paul’s face, making the pleasure that much more intense for her and that much more of a challenge for Paul.

Wave after wave of pleasure crash though Steffie’s body as it shuddered and she fought to keep on her feet. As hard as it was, Steffie managed to find the stamina to keep on her feet, but it wouldn’t be long until she would climax.

As hard as she tried to fight the feeling, she just could not stem the tide of ecstasy building up with in her and finally sweet release came and she flooded Paul’s mouth and face with her hot sticky cum.

Paul would then stand back up and Steffie’s legs were trembling. It was all she could do to stand but she managed. Paul took his rock hard throbbing pulsating 8 inch cock in his hand and placed it at the edge of Steffie’s soaking wet pussy and Steffie wrapped her sweet stocking clad legs around Paul’s waist and locked her ankles.

Paul moved forward, thrusting his tool deep into Steffie’s waiting box in and it slid in with very little effort. Steffie’s sweet wet cunt lips enveloped Paul’s cock like a hand in a glove and Paul began to slowly and “comfortably” screw Steffie as she was pinned against the wall.

While he did this, Paul and Steffie would passionately French kiss, thus Paul was giving Steffie just what she had ordered some 45 minutes earlier in the bar, a “slow-comfortable-screw-against-the-wall-with-a-kiss.”

Paul and Steffie were getting into it as they slowly and methodically fucked and kissed. It wouldn’t take long until Paul could feel his cock start to fill with cum and he also felt Steffie’s pussy quiver and her juices flow over his cock.

Steffie let go of her next orgasm and she just softly moaned as she wrapped her arms around Paul’s neck and pulled his head into her bosom.

Paul let Steffie know he was ready to cum and Steffie lustfully panted saying “Oh yes baby, gimme all of you. I wanna feel your hot manhood deep inside of me.”

It wouldn’t be quite a minute later when Paul’s cock twitched and he let go of his monster load, spewing forth his hot jism like lava from a long dormant volcano.

Steffie kissed Paul passionately then said “Oh god yes baby, I knew the one you would give me would be better than the drink.”

Paul and Steffie moved from the wall and into the living area and made it as far as the couch. Steffie sat Paul on the couch, put her bra and dress back on reached into the bag and pulled out a CD of hypnotic dance music. Steffie then put the CD into the DVD player and as the music played, gave Paul a strip show he soon would not forget.

During the show, Steffie would sit on Paul’s lap facing him embrace him and they would fuck in this position while they passionately kissed. They would also fuck on the floor cowgirl style and finally they would make it into the bedroom where Paul would hammer Steffie cowgirl style and do her missionary style.

It would be about 5:00 A.M. when Paul and Steffie finally collapsed in each other’s arms, both drenched wet with sweat, soaked in cum, totally exhausted but completely and utterly satisfied.

Steffie and Paul would wake up around 11:00 that morning, get dressed and Steffie would have the limo driver drive them to the airport and Steffie would surprise Paul with the week vacation in Vegas.

In Vegas Paul and Steffie would sleep during the day and at see the shows, gamble and party until the wee hours of the morning and of course they would enjoy plenty of hot sweet sex.

Paul would show up back to school and many of his friends wondered how the prom night went and he just smiled at them like the cat who swallowed the canary which made them that much more envious of him.

Donna would end up dumping the fellow she went to the prom with and try to get back in good with Paul but he would have nothing of it. He told her she made her bed and she would have to lie in it because his heart and soul now belonged to another.

Looking back on it, prom night would be a night neither Paul or Steffie would ever forget, and like Steffie promised Paul, Donna was now just a vague distant memory, a miniscule speck of sand in the hourglass of life.

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