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Harvey sat in his office. Looking up from his desk, he watched as Mary, his secretary approached his desk. She wore her normal work attire. Mini skirt, high heels, stockings, and tight blouse. Like all of his personal female employees, she was in her late 20’s to early 30’s. She was loyal to a fault, meticulous in her work habits, and submitted to any and every whim that Harvey requested of her. She had only been working for him for 1 year but in that year, she had proven herself over and over. As he watched her slow walk, he felt his dick twitch in anticipation. She came around his desk and bent to place the papers on it.

As she did, Harvey’s hand came up and rubbed her thigh. He let his hand travel all the way up her leg. He felt the catch at the top of her stocking, where her garter belt held them in place. His hand slid up till he reached her crotch. She wasn’t wearing any panties and his fingers found her slit wet. At 65, Harvey was still actively sexual with all of the women that were attached to his household. All the women in his household were employees of his company and they all knew that he owned them. The thought of owning someone in this day and age seems a bit crass, but Harvey had one unshakable attitude when it came to his personal life and his closest people. They owed allegiance to no one but him. He paid well for their loyalty and they paid dearly for their betrayal. Samantha opened her legs a bit wider to accommodate Harvey’s searching fingers. She moaned slightly as his fingers worked up into her wet slit. Samantha stood still enjoying his attention.

The door to the study/office opened and Martha, his oldest and most trusted manager entered the room. Looking up at her, he greeted her in his usual way. “Damn woman! Do you wait till I get my hands up the pussy before you come in?” Samantha opened her eyes and looked at Martha. Then she closed them and concentrated on the sensations coursing thru her cunt. Martha paid no attention to Samantha as she came over to the desk. At 55, Martha had served him as housekeeper, caretaker, sexual companion and friend for over 25 years. She had not only witnessed most of his sexual activities, but had participated in many of them. “Before you got to involved in fucking this poor girl, I wanted to remind you about your meeting in 15 minutes with His Honor.” Harvey swore, then pulled his fingers from Samantha’s cunt. Samantha sighed. Her disappointment at her pleasure cut short was evident on her face. She straightened up and stood there as Harvey signed the papers before him. Martha placed a folder on the desk. “These are the things you need to go over with him. The papers he needs to sign are all there. Samantha, may I see you in my office.” Harvey chuckled. “Well Sam, I guess Martha will have to put out the fire in your cunt,” he said as he smacked her on the ass. He signed the papers and nodded for her to leave.

Martha turned and led the way to her office. As soon as Samantha entered the room, she shut the door. “Get over here,” Martha said in a tone that left no room for hesitation. Samantha, knowing what was about to happen walked over to her. Martha unbuttoned Sam’s blouse. Then unsnapped her bra. Grabbing one of Samantha’s tits, she sucked it into her mouth. Her hands pushed up Sam’s skirt as her fingers pushed roughly into the young girl. “You’re his, but you also belong to me. Never forget that.” Samantha smiled as she put her hands down and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She leaned her small round ass on the desk. A shiver hit her as the cool glass made her cold. Martha sat down in her chair and rolled it close to the desk. Samantha lifted her legs until both her feet were resting on the arms of the chair. This left her cunt open and exposed to the older woman. With a moan, Martha bent her head and let her long tongue begin to work on the young girls sensitive pussy lips. Samantha’s hands went down to Martha’s head. Holding the woman gently, she said, “I will always be yours. I love you Martha.” Her voice said all the things she couldn’t as Martha’s tongue worked its magic. Wave after wave of pleasure shook Samantha’s body. She couldn’t wait for Martha to finish. She would give to this older woman some of the same pleasure she was receiving from her. With a cry, she gave to Martha, all the cunt juice she could push from her twitching cunt. Martha, sucking loud and hard, drank it all. No sooner had Martha taken her lips from Sam’s cunt, did they kiss. The kiss was long and sweet. Each on letting this show of passion and lust carry the unspoken words of love.

Samantha pulled Martha to her feet. Turning the woman around, she pushed her face down on the desk. Martha’s skirts were no way as tight as Samantha wore hers. Sam flipped the loose skirt up. Like Samantha, Martha wore no panties, just stockings and garter belt. Samantha pulled the coffee colored cheeks apart and smiled as she bent her head. Martha loved having her asshole rimmed even more than she did having her cunt sucked. Sam did it slow. She let her tongue wash and soothe the puckered hole until Martha was mewing like a kitten. Then she began to stab her tongue in and out as her fingers pulled the hole open wider. Martha began to beg, then plead. Sam knew just how far to take this. When Martha began to hump her pussy against the desk, Sam took her tongue away. She reached into the drawer and took out the vibrator she knew was always there. Rubbing it against Martha’s cunt to get it wet, she pushed it up into the hole. Martha spread her hands and held onto the edge of the desk. Slowly at first, Samantha worked it back and forth. When Martha began to curse, Sam increased the tempo and the depth. The vibrator was 7 inches long before the handle. Martha was taking all of it deep into her ass. Sam knew she was close so she opened the drawer and took out a thick fluffy towel. Pushing it against Martha’s cunt. She shoved the vibrator in hard. Martha’s scream made it clear that the room was soundproofed. At the same time, Sam felt the hot urine soak into the towel. She held it there until Martha had stopped shaking. Then taking the towel away, she turned the woman around and licked her pussy till she had cleaned her good. This time, Martha grabbed the young girl and the kiss was savage. They looked into each other’s eyes. Martha blinked and turned to see the time. “Go inside and take notes. You are there as a distraction so make sure you cross and uncross your legs often. You know the routine.” Sam smiled as she wiped her cunt with the wet towel. Then checking to see that everything was in place, she entered the study.

As the door closed, Martha sat down at her desk. Her body still trembled at the waves of pleasure that ran thru her. No other woman or man beside Harvey had ever pleasured her this way. She smiled as she remembered how Samantha had come to be in this position. They were returning from an exhibition when this woman ran into the side of their car. She turned to Harvey as the car lurched to a stop. Only the quick thinking and superb reflexes of the driver saved the girl from being run over. Harvey traveled nowhere without his bodyguards. The two cars, one in front and one in the back of his limousine slammed to a stop. Doors flew open and men jumped out. With guns drawn, some of them ran to the girl, the others ran down the dark alley. Harvey stepped from the car and looked at the crying girl. Her clothes had been torn from her and there was blood running down her legs as well as across her face. One of the men looked up at him. “She’s been beaten and raped Sir.” Harvey looked at her and nodded. “Put her in my car. And James, make sure those responsible are never able to do this again.” James nodded and as one of the men placed her in the car, the other three took off down the alley. A few minutes later, the men returned. James nodded at Harvey and they got into their cars again. The caravan rolled on. Martha was sitting holding Samantha’s hand when she came to.

With a scream, she began to fight her unseen attackers, screaming and crying. Martha grabbed her and tried to soothe her. When Sam calmed down, she looked around in fright. “Where, where am I?” Martha wiped some of the grime from Samantha’s face.

“You’re safe now. No one will hurt you.” Samantha, still unsure of her surroundings, looked around. What struck her was the richness of the room she was in. there were paintings on the walls, what looked like very expensive carpet on the floor and all the furniture looked like it came out of those expensive books she had looked at in the library.

“Who are you,” she asked of Martha? “How long have I been here? I’m not in a hospital, this place is not like any hospital I’ve ever seen.” Martha smiled at the confused young woman. “What do you remember about last night?” Samantha began to tremble. Then tears ran from her eyes. “They raped me. Three men took me from the bus station and they raped me.” Samantha broke down into a sobbing, incoherent mess. She was blabbering and blubbering to the point that Martha couldn’t understand anything she said. Martha got up and returned with a glass of amber liquid. “Drink this!” Samantha drank and her sobs turned to coughs as the raw liquid burned her throat. At that moment the door opened and Harvey walked in. Samantha cringed as he came closer to the bed. “How is she doing Martha,” he asked? Martha turned to him. “She was just about to tell me what happened to her.” Harvey took a seat across from the bed. Samantha looked at this elderly man. Surely he did not present a threat to her. She looked at Martha. “Where am I and who are you people?”

Before Martha could answer, Harvey spoke up. “My name is Harvey Beatum. This is Martha, my secretary, companion and housekeeper. You are in my house. You ran into my car last night, your clothes were half torn off and some men were chasing you. Only my driver’s fast reflexes saved your life. I brought you here and had my doctor examine you. You are hurt but nothing that won’t heal in time. Now would you mind telling us what happened?” Martha handed her the glass back and Samantha took a sip. “My name is Samantha Quick. I arrived here in NYC last night by bus. I came here from a small town in Iowa. When I got off the bus this man that was nicely dressed approached me. I had been warned about such things so I tried to ignore him. I went out a side door and found myself on a lonely street. The man came out and I saw a gun in his hands.

He ordered me to walk where he told me. Two other men came up and we all walked together. One of them took my suitcase and they acted like we all knew each other. The next thing I knew, I was in an alley.” At this point, Sam broke into tears again. “They forced me to do all kinds of things to them. Then they took turns raping me. I was able to kick one of them between the legs and I started to run. Then I ran into a car. That’s all I remember.” Harvey sat there, never saying a word. Martha handed the girl tissues to wipe her face and blow her nose. Then Harvey, his face hard, stood up. “The doctor said it would be wise if you stayed here a few days. Do you have any family you would like us to call?” Samantha shook her head ‘no’. The only family she had was an uncle and she had run to NYC to get away from his attentions. Harvey smiled. “Then in that case, you are our guess for awhile.” He turned and walked out.

When the door closed, she looked at Martha. “Who is he?” Martha smiled at her and patted her hand. “Just someone who doesn’t like a pretty young woman being abused.” Samantha looked around the room. “He must be a pretty rich somebody.” Martha laughed. Try to get some sleep. I’ll look in on you later.” As she got up to leave, Sam called to her. “Ms Martha? Did they catch the men who raped me? Are they in jail?” Martha’s face grew serious. “Those men will never hurt another woman ever again,” was all she said. “Could you do me a favor,” Samantha asked. “Could you thank the driver for not running me over.” Martha’s laughter rang in the room as she closed the door. Martha walked into the study. Harvey was already on the phone. Martha stood there as he placed his call. He gave the person on the other end, Samantha’s full name and the town she had come from. Martha went over to a bar and poured them both drinks. Martha handed Harvey his drink and even as he continued to talk on the phone, unzipped his pants. The bulge in his pants had been hard not to notice. Even though Samantha had been in a nightgown and under covers as he sat and talked to her, he had been present when she was first undressed. Knowing what had happened to her did not stop him from getting hard as he noticed the dribble of cum that leaked from her pussy and asshole. His voyeuristic nature couldn’t wait to hear the whole story from her. He sighed into the phone as Martha, now seated in a chair before him, took his throbbing dick in her mouth.

Harvey looked down at Martha as she worked her lips back and forth on his dick. He always loved watching a woman suck him. He reached down and began to unbutton her blouse. Martha began to help him and was soon naked in the chair. Even after all these years of service, and all the female employees that had serviced his desires, her mouth was still the one he loved best. Martha stopped as he began to talk to the other person again. He slipped his dick from her mouth and motioned for her to stand up. Martha knew exactly what he wanted. With a smile, she turned and bent over the arm of the sofa. She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. Harvey looked down at her smooth chocolate colored ass. At 50, Martha still had the body of a much younger woman. And Harvey took advantage of her charms often. He finished his conversation and hung up the phone. Then he turned and pressing a button on the desk, picked up his drink. There was a knock on the door. Jessica, his maid came into the room. “You rang Sir?” Seeing Martha in the position she was in, the maid went over to Harvey and removed his clothes. Once she had him naked, she went over and knelt behind Martha. Harvey watched as Jessica used her tongue on Martha’s tight puckered asshole. It wasn’t long before Martha was moaning and humping her ass back at Jessica. Harvey leaned against the desk as he watched the two women. Jessica had her hand underneath her skirt and down in her panties.

Martha moaned, “Oh Harvey! Now, fuck me now.” Jessica moved aside as Harvey drew close to Martha’s round ass. Jessica guided him to the hole. With a mighty shove, he buried his dick in her ass completely. Pulling Martha back some, he watched Jessica turn around and sit on the carpet. She pulled herself between Martha’s open thighs. Harvey smiled as he fucked Martha’s ass. He could hear the slurping of Jessica as she sucked the juice from Martha’s cunt. Jessica reached up and began to fondle his balls gently. Harvey felt the maid’s finger rubbing his own asshole. Jessica had been schooled well. She waited until the tempo had built in both these older people before she shoved her finger deep into Harvey’s ass. With a grunt, he began to shake and jerk. Jessica continued to suck Martha’s cunt. Then with a cry, Martha also came. Jessica as she had been taught, sucked all the creme that ran from Martha’s cunt. Jessica was the last to climax. Her fingers were playing her pussy like a guitar. She moaned up into Martha’s cunt even as she came.

Harvey pulled free of Martha. Martha moved back to allow the younger maid to get up. Jessica went immediately to the bathroom off the side of the study and washed her face. Then she came back with a cloth and cleaned Harvey’s dick. Another cloth cleaned Martha’s ass. Only when she was satisfied that she had done a good job did she turn and leave the room. Martha turned and began to put on her clothes. Harvey put on a bathrobe. He handed Martha her glass. “From the way you fucked me, I gather you were thinking about our young visitor? She is very beautiful, although, not every pretty face you see is willing to be owned like we are.” Harvey smiled at her. “My dear, every person has a price. The trick is finding out what the currency to pay the price is. She will be here a week at best. Like she said, she has no place else to go. By tomorrow night I will know more about her than she does.” Martha sipped her drink. She knew Harvey had a vast array of people whose job it was to find out what he wanted to know. She thought to herself that Samantha would be part of their intimate family before long. “Shall I come to your room later,” she asked him. Harvey, lost in thought didn’t answer her. Knowing him for so long, she took that as a ‘no’. As she got up to leave, Harvey pulled her close and kissed her tenderly. “No my sweet. Tonight I think I will have Jessica take care of the rest of my needs.” Martha smiled and shook her head. She had always known his sexual stamina but even she was surprised sometimes. As she walked she could feel the amount of sperm he had shot up her ass. She knew that David the chauffeur would get little sleep tonight.

The next morning, Samantha awoke to see a very pretty woman in a nurse uniform sitting along side her bed. The woman smiled at her. “Hello! My name is Joan, I’m the nurse that will be taking care of you while you get better.” Samantha smiled back at her. “I really don’t think that I need a nurse.” She attempted to get up and realized that she ached all over. She felt stabs of pain shoot thru her body. She really felt the pain in her pussy and her ass. All the horrors of he rape came back to her and she began to cry. Joan got up from the chair and came around to the bed. She put her arms around the girl and held her. “Don’t worry dear, you’re safe now. Mr. Beatum won’t let anything happen to you.” Joan held the girl as she cried. “If you feel like talking about it, I’ll listen. And whatever you say will stay just between you and I.” What Joan didn’t say was that Harvey was listening to everything they said. Samantha sighed and recalled her story. She had been accosted at the bus station, taken to an abandoned building. Three men took her money, then proceeded to abuse every hole she had. She described in detail how they took turns fucking her, then making her clean their dicks with her mouth when they finished. She had only managed to get away when two of the guys fell asleep. The other man was busy fucking her yet again when she grabbed his head and smashed it against the floor. When she finished talking, Joan let her go. “I think a light breakfast then a nice soak in the Jacuzzi should help.” They had a light breakfast, and then Joan put her in a wheelchair and took her down to the basement.

Samantha was shocked when she entered the basement. The smell of chlorine was strong. When they turned the corner and she glimpsed the full size pool, weight room and Jacuzzi she was taken back by the amount of money that was put into just this basement alone. Joan wheeled her into the room with the Jacuzzi and pulled the drapes on the glass windows. Then she helped Samantha out of her bathrobe and nightgown. She sat Sam back in the wheel chair and began to remove her own clothes. When she saw the look on Samantha’s face she laughed. “I can’t let you get in alone silly.” Trying not to seem so obvious, Samantha turned her head when the woman stripped off her bra and panties. Samantha gasped as she turned to look at her. Joan had twin golden balls pierced thru her nipples, and twin balls pierced thru her shaved pussy lips. Samantha had never seen anything like it. Of course she had read about women who pierced themselves but to actually see one. Joan followed her gaze. “Never saw a woman pierced before? I did it for my lover. He loves the way they feel when we fuck. I even had my tongue pierced. That drives him crazy when I give him head.” Samantha had never heard such frank talk and even thru her cream colored skin she blushed. Joan laughed as she helped the girl in the tub. The hot water soon began to soak some of the soreness away. Samantha looked at Joan as the woman lounged back in the tub. She had full proud tits and the nipples seemed to be constantly hard. Sam had never even given thought to sex with another woman before. She was now wondering what the balls would feel like. She was caught unaware when Joan opened her eyes and saw her looking at her tits. “Wondering what they feel like with the balls attached? Go ahead, touch them.” Joan moved closer to the younger woman. Samantha reached out and touched the tip with her finger. “They won’t bite you. Touch them. You can even squeeze them if you like.”

Growing a bit bolder, Samantha began to rub the balls. Then she squeezed the nipple. “Pull the ball gently,” Joan, said. Samantha did as she was told. She was a bit taken back when Joan moaned and her hand slipped down into the water. “Harder,” the woman said. As if she had no will of her own, Sam pulled a bit harder. She saw Joan’s hand as she moved it back and forth under the water. “Doesn’t your lover make it hurt sometime?” In a husky voice that admitted to her getting excited, Joan answered her. “Sometimes he makes me cry out with the pain. But it always feels so good when I cum.”

“I uh better stop.” Samantha felt herself getting turned on by Joan’s words and actions. Joan nodded her head as her other hand slipped under the churning water. Sam knew what she was doing and couldn’t take her eyes off the woman. When Joan stuck her tongue out to lick her lips, Samantha saw the ball on her tongue. Even with what she had gone thru, her own pussy was throbbing as she watched. Then at the height of it, when she thought Joan would cum, the woman stopped. Samantha was disappointed. ‘Why did you stop? You were so close to cumming, even I could see that.” Joan sat there, her chest heaving as she fought to catch her breath. When she did, she sat there with her eyes close. The sweat from the hot water running freely down her face, she smiled at Sam. “I don’t have permission to cum. I can bring myself as close as I want, but I’m not allowed to cum unless my lover gives me permission.” Samantha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “How would he know?” Joan smiled. “He would ask me and I would tell him the truth.” Samantha was really confused now.

Joan stood up. Her pussy lips were flushed and swollen. Samantha looked up at her and noticed her nipples were even harder and more erect. Joan helped her up and guided her over to the shower. After a warm rinse off, she helped Samantha get dressed and wheeled her back to her room. The doctor came in a few minutes later and examined her again. She was told she could wonder the house in her chair but that she was not to try and walk on her own just yet. Samantha wondered into the library and was astounded at the size and collection of books displayed in there. It seemed bigger than the public library at home. Hours later, Harvey found her in the same chair reading one of the books. As he approached her and took a seat opposite her, she closed the book carefully and put it on the table. Harvey picked it up and smiled. “That’s one of my favorites.” His smile was so warm and captivating that she smiled back. “I don’t know how I’ll repay you for your kindness. I don’t have a job and those men stole all my money.” Harvey smiled. Picking up the phone he punched in a couple of numbers. A few moments later, Jessica came in and handed him Samantha’s pocketbook. She opened it and all her money was there. She began to cry. Harvey laughed as he asked, “do you cry at everything”? She looked up at him thru her tears. “No one has ever been this nice to me before. As soon as I get a job, I’ll pay you back for all you have done.” Harvey really let out a laugh this time. “My dear, if I took care of a thousand girls the way I did you, I wouldn’t even notice a drop in my interest payments. I have more money that I could ever spend in 20 lifetimes. No repayment needed. But tell me what are you going to do when you get well?” Samantha told him that she planned to find work. She said what she was capable of doing. Then she looked up at him. “Maybe I could work for you.”

Harvey’s face grew serious. His look frightened Samantha somewhat. He got up and went to a cupboard. He returned with two glasses of sherry. Giving one to Sam, he sat back down. “My dear, do you know anything about rich people?” Sam shook her head ‘no’. “I’m not talking about those people who win the lottery and become rich over night. I mean the people who have so much money they don’t know what they have or own.” Again Sam shook her head. “Well I’m one of those people. Even though I’m black and most people have never heard of me, I am a very rich individual. And the people who work for me, I mean really work for me, not just some company I own, are totally devoted to me. All the people that you see on these grounds would give their life for me. As I would give my life for them. You could say that I own each and every one of them. Not in the sense of Master and slave mind you, but when someone signs a contract to work for me, they know that for 5 years, I own them. I own them body, mind and soul. And no one ever breaks a contract they sign with me.” He had said it so casually, but the implied threat made Samantha’s hair stand up on end. “With what you have gone thru at the hands of those three men, I don’t know if you would feel right working for me.” He could see that Samantha didn’t understand what he meant. He smiled and telling her that she would be expected for dinner, he left the room. When Samantha reached her room, she found all her clothes folded and put away. Her suitcases were on the bed, opened and empty. She put on her prettiest dress and when Martha came to get her, she was wheeled down to the dinning room.

During the lavish dinner that followed, Samantha noticed that all the women that served them were fairly young and very beautiful. Even the butlers were handsome and built like strongmen. The conversation was light. After dinner, Jessica came in and served brandy. Martha sat across from Sam and Harvey sat at the head of the table. Samantha took a sip from her glass, and then she looked at Harvey. “Sir? You said some very strange things today in the library. From what you described, you virtually own all these people. Surely even as rich as you are, no one will consent to being a slave in this day and age.” Harvey looked at the young girl. Then he began to smile. The smile turned into a laugh and he was soon hysterical. Samantha couldn’t for the life of her see what was so funny. Harvey sat his drink down. “Jessica would you come in here for a moment.” Jessica came in and stood by the side of his chair. “Jessica, how long have you worked for me?” Jessica, without smiling or looking at him, answered, “I’m in the third year of my second contract Sir.”

“And how much money have you accumulated since you began to work for me?” This time the girl did smile.

“Approximately 2 million dollars Sir.”

“And do I own you?” Her smile grew even wider. “Oh yes Sir.”

“Do you resent it?” Shock came over her features. “Never Sir!” Harvey smiled and turned back towards Samantha. “That is the way it is for each and everyone you see on these grounds. As long as they are in my employ, I own them. Oh I pay them very well, along with helping them invest their savings, and they know that they are sworn to secrecy. They are given free reign to travel to wherever they choose when not on duty. But they are on duty for months at a time.” Samantha looked from Jessica to this strikingly confident man. “But surely they are not slaves?”

Harvey looked from Samantha to Martha. “Maybe you could explain this to her,” he said. Martha sat her drink down. “When Mr. Beatum said that you would possibly not be suited to work here, it was because of what you have gone thru. See each and every woman that works here, including me, are subject to the whims and pleasures of Mr. Beatum. For as long as we accept employment here at the mansion, we serve and satisfy his desires.”

“You see my dear,” Harvey stated, “before I employ anyone, they must know the rules. I have allowed you to know this because I have had you investigated fully. I know about your schooling, your background. I even know that you left after being sexually used by your uncle. It’s my business to find out things. When you leave here, you will leave with a substantial bank account. You will have a good job and you will be sworn to secrecy about any and everything you have seen or heard here.” Samantha couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “And what if I say anything to anyone?” Harvey smiled. Sam imagined it was the smile a mouse sees as the cat approaches him. There was nothing that needed to be said. His smile said it all. The hairs on her neck felt like pickets on a fence. “And these people do whatever you tell them to do?”

This time, Martha got up. She walked towards Jessica. “Jessica, my sweet darling, take your clothes off please.” With a big smile, the younger woman began to remove all her clothes. When she stood naked and proud before them she was smiling from ear to ear. Martha turned to Samantha. “And if I told her to make love to me, Harvey or anyone else in this house, she would do it gladly. Just to please Mr. Beatum.” The entire room was silent. Jessica stood there still naked, oblivious to everyone around her. Harvey sipped his drink like nothing had been said. And Martha stared at Samantha. “You are told all of this because to the world outside these walls, Mr. Beatum doesn’t exist. His work for the government is very sensitive, and his power is very broad.” Samantha tried to stay cool. “Is that why he said that the men who raped me would never have a chance to do that to another woman?” The silence was her answer. She placed her napkin on her plate. “I think I need to go upstairs and think about this. Please excuse me?” She got up and wheeled herself to the big ornate doors. They swung open and Joan her nurse was standing there waiting for her.

“I think you need to go for some fresh air, don’t you?” Joan wheeled the woman out the front door. They went around the paved driveway to the back of the house. Joan pushed her thru what seemed like an archway and into a covered room. From the smell, it was another pool. The room was warm and moist. The pool was heated. Joan didn’t turn on any lights. “This is where most of us come when we have to think things thru. Martha recruited me right out of nursing school. That was 9 years ago. The doctor that treated you was my lover at the time and he recommended me for this job. I know that this must be a lot for a small town girl like you to take in, but it really isn’t as bad as it seems. Mr. Beatum likes to have people at his beck and call when he wants them. Oh for the first couple of weeks he may fuck you two or three times a week but I know you’ll enjoy it. He is an excellent lover.” Sam turned around to the woman. “Is he the lover you had yourself pierced for?” Joan smiled. “Oh yes! Once he gave his permission, he had the doctor do it in very clean surroundings. Did you know there is a real operating room here?” Joan let the girl think. She stood behind her and slowly and gently massaged her neck muscles. “Hey would you like a rub down? I mean a real one. I’m a masseuse you know.” Samantha, her mind still in turmoil nodded her head ‘yes’. Joan wheeled her over to a table and began to undress the girl. When she was naked, she was helped up onto the table. Joan started with Samantha on her stomach. She was strong but gentle and Sam was soon sighing under the experienced hands.

Then Joan had her turn over. The combination of scented oils and strong hands had Sam in a dream like state. Joan started at her legs. By the time she had worked her hands up the Sam’s crotch, the younger girl had opened her legs and was slowly easing her hips up to meet the strong hands that rubbed her so well. Joan let her fingertips brush against Sam’s pussy lips. This caused a sigh from the girl. Joan smiled in the darken room. Sam’s pussy was wet. And she was getting excited. Joan listened to the increased breathing. “Does anyone else in this place fuck you,” she asked Joan in a whisper? Joan had moved to her upper torso and was rubbing and massaging Sam’s hardening tits. “Martha makes love to me a lot. Sometimes Mr. Beatum watches and even joins in. Of course I can make love to anyone that I am attracted to. But no one can just fuck me cause they want to. I have to consent to them and they have to consent to me. It has to be mutual. I can even say no to Mr. Beatum. But not too often. Even he realizes that you’re not in the mood all the time. Your nipples are hard. And your pussy is very wet. Would you mind if I relaxed you? I promise to stop if you tell me to.” Samantha sighed. “If it feels half as good as you are making me feel now, I won’t tell you to stop.” Just before Joan bent her head to capture Samantha’s nipple in her mouth, she glanced at the corner. Yes, the camera was on and recording. She would give Martha and Mr. Beatum a good show.

Samantha moaned as Joan’s mouth covered her nipple. But that noise was nothing like the moaning and screaming she did as Joan’s practiced tongue did things to her pussy that she had never felt before. Both women lay on the table. Joan held Samantha tightly as Sam continued to whimper. “Teach me to please you too. It’s not fair for me to have all the pleasure.” Joan kissed her tenderly. “When you get better, I’ll show you how Martha and I please each other.” With that, she got up off the table and began to dress. “It’s time to get you to bed.” She helped Samantha dress and took her up to bed. She left her sleeping and went down to Martha’s bedroom. When she opened the door, Martha was standing in the center of the room. She was nude except for the fat strapon cock that she wore. Smiling Joan began to undress. “I was hoping you would be here waiting for me.” Joan’s screams were not lost on Harvey. Even as he plunged his fat swollen cock in and out of Mildred, one of the other maids, he licked Jessica’s nipples. Jessica happened to be straddling Mildred’s face at the time. He knew he had this young girl on his payroll after all. This caused him to fuck Mildred even harder. Glad that all the rooms in the mansion were soundproofed, no one heard the young girls’ screams.

The rest of the week went on normally. Samantha was free to roam the grounds. Most of the time, Joan accompanied her. Other times, she was seen walking arm in arm with Martha and a few times Harvey escorted her. On a day when she was walking with Harvey, she met Dario. They had been walking down a path; Samantha was admiring the flowers when they came upon a man working in the dirt. He turned at their approach and Sam saw a man who looked a lot like Harvey. Only he was a bit older. “Hello Dario. I would like for you to meet Ms Samantha.” Dario stood up and taking off his work gloves extended his hand and shook hers. Dario turned to Harvey and moving his hands began to sign to him. Samantha laughed, and to everyone’s surprised signed back to Dario. Harvey, his face registering his shock, stood mouth agape. “You understood what he said?” Sam smiled at Harvey. “Oh yes! He said that I was very pretty and I had nice tits. I signed back that he had a big smile.” Dario signed again, only this time to Samantha herself. “Apology accepted. Next time be careful what you say.” Dario, smiling like a fool, began to move his hands very fast. Samantha, laughing in turn moved her hands in reply. Harvey stood shaking his head in disbelief. “Only Martha and I can really talk to Dario in sign, but you seem to have us both beat.” Samantha turned to Harvey. “I guess that your source of information can’t tell secrets it doesn’t know. Very few people know I can sign. That was always a secret between a friend and me. I can read lips too.” Harvey was really stumped now. He tried to remember what might have been said in front of Samantha that she shouldn’t have heard. Sam had turned back and was talking to Dario. He was telling her the names of the different flowers. This was the first time he really had someone talking to him on a level he felt comfortable with. She was able to keep up with him and she never told him he was going to fast. Harvey interrupted them and asked that Dario return Sam to the mansion when they were through. Dario just nodded and went back to talking to Samantha.

Samantha didn’t return until 4 hours later. It was well past dinner so she went into the kitchen and the cook made her a plate of food. She took it into the servant’s dining room and found most of the house staff sitting around drinking coffee and eating desert. Joan was there and she introduced Sam to most of the people seated around. Sam found that most of the women were young and beautiful, the men were handsome and built. A few let their feeling show as they undressed her with their eyes. One man in particular paid little attention to her but did say something to a man that was outright leering at her. The man got up and came over to her. “I apologize for being so crude,” he said then turned away and sat back down. The man that had spoken to him stood up and came over to her. Extending his hand, he introduced himself. “Hello Samantha Quick, my name is James. I’m head of security here at the mansion and the man who was present when you ran into our car. You have to excuse Carl, sometimes he lets his manners slip. We all heard that you could speak to Dario even faster than Martha and Mr. Beatum.” Just at that moment, all heads turned as Dario now dressed in slacks and a shirt entered the room. Many people got up to walk over to him. He shook hands with everyone and laughed with a few. Sam turned to Joan. “They act like they haven’t seen him in a long time. Joan, a big smile on her face, shook her head. “He hasn’t come in here to eat in almost a year and a half. Not since he had a big argument and ended up hurting one of the guards.” Sam looked at Dario. “Him? He’s so gentle he could never hurt anyone.” Samantha turned to say something to James. She was shocked. James was looking at Dario with a look that bordered on admiration. There was the beginning of a tear in his eye. Dario came up to him and smiled. James threw his arms around Dario and hugged him hard enough to make everyone wince.

Dario looked at Samantha. He also had a few tears in his eyes. He bent and taking her hand kissed it. Everyone in the room began shouting and cheering. Martha came into the room in response to the noise and stopped dead at the sight of Dario. He turned to her and bowed. She ran from the room and returned shortly with Harvey. The room quieted as he entered. He walked up to Dario and gave him the same bear hug that James had given him. He turned to Samantha. “I don’t know what you did my dear, but ask anything of me and it’s yours. I never thought I would ever see my brother enter this house again. But thanks to you, he is back with the family that loves and missed him.” Samantha didn’t have a clue as to what the hell was going on. “Would someone tell me what this is all about?” Martha, tears running down her face, took Samantha off to the side. She was about to say something when Harvey called for everyone’s attention. “James. Put security on automatic and call everyone into the main ballroom. Jessica! Go down to the cellar and bring up a case of our house champagne. My brother is back in my home and we are all going to celebrate his return.” Harvey was crying as he hugged Dario again. Martha turned to Samantha.

“Awhile ago, Dario and another guard got into an argument. Dario has been dumb since he stopped a bullet meant for Harvey 15 years ago. The other guard could sign also and no one really knows what they said to each other. Before anyone could stop it, Dario got mad and lashed out. The other guard was barely conscious when they took him to the hospital. Dario walked out of the house vowing never to return. He hasn’t been back in her since that day. Nothing Harvey could ever say to him would make him return. You have done something no one else could have ever done. Harvey will be so grateful and my dear so am i. Anything I can ever do for you I will.”

Half-hour later, they were all assembled in the grand ballroom. Samantha had not seen this room before. She was still amazed at the real size of this place. Harvey and Dario stood in the middle of the floor. They had their arms around each other’s waist. Harvey called for attention and the room became quiet. “Almost two years ago my brother left this house and took up residence in the garden home. For all that time, I have been living my own private hell.” Harvey was crying openly and many of the servants were crying also. Harvey looked at Samantha. “Young lady, when you came into our house, no one could have dreamed the difference you would make.” He turned to everyone and smiled. Everyone had a glass of champagne in his or her hand. Raising his glass, Harvey said, “Our family is once again complete”. Everyone sipped their drink, then the room echoed with cheers and clapping. The celebration went on into the night. Samantha left the room and went up to her own bedroom. A soft knock on her door caught her as she was taking off her clothes. She opened it in her bra and skirt. Martha stood there, a bottle of champagne in her hand and two glasses. “You left the party before it really got started.” Samantha turned and went back to her bed. “It felt more like a family reunion and I’m not part of the family.” Martha sat on the bed. “Well Samantha, we have told you about our family and job opportunity. You have had time to think about it. You’re are well enough now to make up your mind. Do you think you would like to sign a contract or would you just want to sign a statement of secrecy, take your money and leave.” Samantha was taking off her bra. She noticed the look on Martha’s face as she continued to take her clothes off.

Samantha looked directly at Martha as she unsnapped her bra. She reached up and massaged her tits. “Yes Martha, I want to become part of the family. They would be like the family I don’t have.” Martha smiled at her. “You understand all the consequences of your decision?” Samantha was slowly pushing her skirt and panties down as she looked at Martha and nodded her head. “Take your skirt off and put on a bathrobe. You know where my bedroom is, meet me there. Martha walked out and nearly ran to her room. By the time there was a knock on the door, she was naked and lying in bed waiting for her. Samantha walked to the bed and Martha flipped back the covers. Sam looked down at Martha’s body. It was hard to believe she was as old as she was with a body as young as it looked. Martha looked up at Samantha as Sam opened her robe. Seeing the young girl’s body caused Martha’s pussy to leak its wetness. “Joan told me that your pussy gets very wet when she sucks it. She also said she taught you to suck her pussy and you do it like no one else. I intend to find out.”

Martha drew the girl into bed. She held her and they kissed long and hard. Martha let her hands roam all over Sam’s body. Sam did the same to Martha. Martha guided Sam’s head to her tits and Sam sucked them eagerly. Throwing the covers back, Martha bent her knees. “Show me how well you eat pussy child.” Sam bent her head but instead of just licking Martha’s cunt, teased around the lips. She continued to do this until Martha became so excited and frustrated, she grabbed Samantha by the hair and pulling hard until the girl cried out, did as she was told. Martha was not ready for the ferocity with which Sam ate her. Sam licked, sucked, bit and nibbled until Martha came like she hadn’t in a long time. Martha held the girl between her legs until she stopped cumming. Then she pulled her up till their lips met. Sam’s face was covered with the fluid of Martha’s oozing cunt. Martha licked it all off as she showered the girl with kisses. Then to her surprise, Samantha turned her over onto her stomach. Samantha pulled Martha up onto her knees and bending her head began to lick and stab at Martha’s asshole with her tongue.

Martha was not used to having her asshole attacked with such passion. Samantha was like a sex-starved woman. Her tongue pushed past the tight muscle and she tongue fucked the older woman over and over. Samantha reached between Martha’s thighs and her fingers pushed up into Martha’s cunt. Martha had her own hands behind her. She was pulling her cheeks open to give Samantha as much access as she could. This time, Martha’s climax was accompanied with her scream of release. Martha lay there, every nerve in her body twitching. Samantha, seeing that Martha had cum hard as she did, lay next to her. Martha turned toward the young girl. This time the kiss was soft and tender. Then Martha began to kiss her way down Samantha’s body. When she got to Sam’s cunt, she licked it slow. Samantha felt like a flower that was blossoming. She felt her pussy lips open like the petals of a flower. Samantha pushed her hands down to her pussy and pulled the lips open even wider. Martha smiled as she got up off the bed. Sam followed her with her eyes as Martha went to her night table and withdrew her toy.

Samantha watched as Martha slowly strapped it in place. When Martha looked back down at the girl, she had been transformed into a woman with a dick. She crawled up on the bed between Sam’s thighs. Samantha grasped the fake dick and guided it to her throbbing pussy. Just like men have fucked her, she felt Martha pushed in. Then Martha began the slow in and out movement. Samantha was surprised that Martha could mimic the actions of a man so well. Samantha bent her legs and grasped Martha by the hips. She was pulling the older woman deeper into her. Martha looked down into the young girl’s face. “You may belong to Harvey by signing his contract, but you will always belong to me too.” Samantha wrapped her legs around Martha’s back and humped up into her. She matched the older woman stroke for stroke. Each time Martha pushed her dick in, Samantha pushed her hips up to meet the thrust. Having only been fucked by men, Samantha was surprised at how long Martha was able to fuck her. Before too long, Sam was begging the woman to stop. Martha smiled and pulled out. But to Sam’s surprise, the woman turned her over and pulled her up by the hips. This time Martha grabbed her by the hips and held her as she pushed the fake dick back into Sam’s cunt. She fucked her without mercy this time and Sam cried and screamed as Martha pounded her. Sam came harder than she knew she could. This time the two worn out women fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Samantha was seated in Harvey’s study talking to him and signing different papers. Martha came in followed by Joan and Jessica. Harvey had his face bent down as he filled out various papers. “Samantha stand up and take your clothes off please.” Samantha expected this to happen so she just stood up and began to undress. When she stood up Harvey nodded to Jessica and Joan. They approached the girl and began to fondle her. Samantha couldn’t help but get turned on and she was soon swaying and moaning as the two girls continued to play with her. Harvey smiled as he watched the three girls. “Jessica I think that Samantha would just love to suck your pussy.” Jessica pulled her skirt up revealing her naked cunt. She sat up on the desk and Samantha knelt down on the carpet. The sounds of Jessica’s moans filled the room. Harvey stood up and came around the desk. He tapped Sam on the shoulder and she stopped eating Jessica and stood up. Harvey unzipped his pants. Samantha saw the biggest dick she had ever seen. For an old man, Harvey had a dick that looked like a log. He was about 9 inches long and fat. He put his hand on Samantha’s head and she bent her head to take him in her mouth. She licked and sucked until she had a good portion in her mouth. Then she felt Harvey as he began to buck his hips. She tried to swallow all the hot cum he pumped into her mouth but it was too much. Some of it dribbled out her mouth.

To her surprise, Jessica and Joan were kneeling next to her and they were licking it from her lips as it came out. Harvey held her until he stopped cumming. Then he made her stand and he took her in his arms. She was surprised that he was still hard. Knowing that this was a test to see her willingness, Samantha was not surprised as Harvey bent her over the desk. His dick forcing it’s way up her cunt made her grunt as he pushed it in. she had never before been fucked while others watched. But she found she enjoyed letting him fuck her as the three women watched.

Time has gone by and Samantha has found herself so relaxed and at home that she rarely leaves the mansion. She has enjoyed the pleasures of Harvey, Dario a few of the other men and many of the women. Martha made Samantha her personal secretary. And to her credit, Samantha proved herself worthy of the task. Although she loves when Harvey gives her his special attention, Martha takes up most of her nights. They even have adjoining rooms so that Samantha is readily available whenever Martha wants her.

Harvey found that her ability to sign and to read lips has proven invaluable many times over. Like today, she was to sit in while Harvey met with a judge and a few other men. She was to lip read what the men said between themselves. She already knew that dressed the way she was with her skirt so short and revealing would distract them and allow Harvey to gain the upper hand. But right now, she wished he’d use his hand further up her thighs.

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