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Principal Holly’s Mistletoe Magic

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The sky was low and dark and held an ominous look of snow in it. The winter had already proved to be a cold one, with several inches of snow already accumulated. It was no surprise to hear the weather man say, “…and more snow is on the way…”.

Christmas was near, and with the Elementary school’s Christmas activities being planned, everybody was busy. The new principal, Holly Baker, having recently moved to town, was doing everything possible to make things go off without a hitch. Her husband, being out of town on business, let her focus all her time on the school’s activites. She looked way too young and sexy to be a principal; only in her 20’s and 5’6″, she had the body of a high school cheerleader. Sexy light crystal blue eyes framed by long blonde hair, only added to her sensual side.

“I can’t believe this…” she murmured to herself.

“The weather…?”

Spinning around, she exclaimed, “Oh Candy! I didn’t hear you come in! Yeah, the weather…and just a few more days until our play.”

“We’ll do the best we can.” Candy assured her.

Smiling sweetly, the pretty principal said, “You’ve been a great help. Thanks, and yeah, we’ll somehow do it!”

Candy stood 5″1′, with long curly blonde hair and sexy deep brown eyes, and had a knock-out body as well. Being on the PTO board of the school her son attended, she donated alot of her time helping out. This time of year her efforts went towards the Christmas program.

On the night of the kid’s Christmas play, right before opening, the snow started falling. The Christmas program went without a hitch, lasting about an hour and a half, but by then the snow was really coming down now. A foot on the ground, and drifts dangerously deep, just leaving the parking lot proved a chore.

Finding Holly putting on her coat, Candy said, “My husband is taking our son home before it gets any worse. I’ll stay and help you.”

“Thanks!” she hurriedly said, then the two headed out into the blizzard like conditions.

Having got everyone on their way, the two tired blondes trudged back into the school. Another six inches had fallen, and with the plows not able to keep up, the roads were becoming impassable.

“Candy, there is no way you can make it home tonight…” Holly said peering out into the wind blown snow.

“Yeah, looks bad.”, Candy agreed and pulling her cell phone out dialed her husband. After a brief conversation she looked at Holly, “How about the nurses station bed until morning?”

“Absolutely not!” the principal said sternly, but then added, “You’ll go home with me.”

“You sure…?”

Smiling, Holly put her arm around Candy and said into the phone, “I’ll keep her safe until morning. I only live three blocks away and we can walk, if all else fails.”

Driving the three blocks proved to be almost impossible. Holly’s four-wheel drive labored furiously against the wind and drifts, plowing their own road.

“You know…” Candy softly said as she watched out her window, “…even with all the hardship it brings, the snow is so beautiful! To watch it fall…it’s so peaceful.”

“Not to drive in!” Holly replied, staring intensely into the “white-out”.

Once inside, after starting a fire in her fireplace, the tired, stressed-out principal longed for nothing more than to relax in a hot bath. “Listen, there’s some wine in kitchen…help yourself.”

Candy found the wine, and noticing some strawberries, grabbed them as well. Pouring some and finding it to her liking, she took her glass and the strawberries, and returned to the warm fireplace. Suddenly a thought struck her that made her smile. Holly had worked so hard on tonight’s program, then the snow, and now her husband gone…someone had to take care of her.

“What…!?!” Holly exclaimed as she jumped, sitting upright in the tub. Bubbles covered her athletic body, but didn’t completely hide her full breasts.

“Oh, it’s all right…just wanted to help you relax.” Candy said as she sat the glasses of wine and strawberries down on the vanity. Facing the mirror, she watched as the blonde beauty in the bubbles started to relax again. Noticing some candles, another idea hit Candy. Finding some matches, she lit the candles, then turned off the lights.

“Wow…” smiled Holly, “you really know how to pamper somebody! I’m betting your husband is really missing you about now!”

Turning towards her, Candy looked at her in her bath, thinking she looked just like an angel. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, sweet smile, and…and her body. She was perfect. Or at least what was showing. Handing her one of the glasses of wine, Candy sat down on the edge of the tub and both lifted their glass.

“To a relaxing evening inside…even if there’s a storm outside!” Candy declared. Silently, together they drank, letting the wine slowly relax their bodies.

Slowly bringing her other hand from behind her back, Candy softly asked, “You want a strawberry…?”

Holly looked puzzled until she saw the strawberry in Candy’s fingers. “Mmmm…”, she opened her lips with a large smile and quietly accepted what her friend offered. Looking into Holly’s beautiful blue eyes, Candy smiled back.

Setting her glass down, Candy whispered as she moved behind Holly, “You know what really relaxes a person…?” Lightly touching her shoulders, Candy started slowly massaging the tense, stressed muscles. Once again, as if to accept what was being offered, Holly silently turned her back more towards the woman behind her.

“Your’e so tense…” whispered Candy, as she looked down wanting to see more of the sexy, perfect body in front of her. “Lay your head back against me, and relax.” she softly commanded.

Silently obeying, Holly’s head slowly fell back, at the same time her breasts rose up above the bubbles. Candy couldn’t help but stare! They were beautiful! Firm, plump, and with nipples hard and protruding!

“That’s nice.” purred Holly, relaxing even more.

“Very nice…” came Candy’s reply, as she stared at the breasts that rose and fell with Holly’s breathing. Slowly running her hands down Holly’s arms, which were still under the water, she brushed the sides of both breasts. As she leaned down, her own breasts pressed against Holly’s head, starting a fire deep inside her pussy.

“How about a shampoo?”

“Are you kidding? I’d love one!”

Slowly she started massaging the shampoo into her hair and scalp, using her fingers to work out any remaining tension. Then without asking, Candy got a washcloth and soap, and started softly bathing the girl that lay beneath her. Working her way down from her shoulders, she washed her arms, back, and reached down to her buttocks. Switching around to her front, she began running the cloth around the swell of each breast. Candy could feel the heat in her own pussy begining to build, and wondered if her friend felt the same. She breathed deep, fighting to control herself as she washed Holly’s perfect breasts.

Moaning softly as her nipples felt Candy’s hands on them, Holly grinned out of embarrassment.

“Oh, that’s natural.” Candy assured her, “Don’t be embarrassed. Your body loves being touched and carressed, and it’s only right to enjoy it!” What Candy didn’t say, was how she was enjoying it…and not wanting to stop!

Not asking, but rather telling, she said, “Stand up so I can reach the rest of you.”

Hesitating for only a moment, the sexy blonde slowly stood up. As the bubbles dripped off her body revealing all, Candy’s surprise was quite evident. Her pussy was shaved and unbelievably beautiful! Candy stopped, swallowed hard, and stared.

“Everything ok?” came a weak question from the standing nude beauty.

“What…oh, yes.” stammered Candy, and then started once again to wash the erotic body in front of her.

Pushing her legs slowly apart, Candy started washing her inner thighs, moving slowly upwards.

As the cloth rubbed over her soft, pink pussy lips, Holly gasped slightly, while watching everything Holly did to her body. Both stared into each other’s eyes…

Finishing the bath with a rinse, Candy handed her a towel, took their almost empty glasses and left.

Sitting by the fireplace sipping more wine, Candy’s eyes went wide when she saw Holly come out wrapped only in a towel.

Holly said, “I hope you don’t mind…but I sleep in the buff.”

“Not at all…mind if I take a quick shower?”

Candy’s shower was quick, and upon opening the shower door, found a silk “nightie” had been hung by the towel.

“I knew you didn’t come prepared!” her hostess called out from the living room.

Returning to the warmth of the fire, Candy noticed a pallet in front of it.

Noticing her look of puzzlement, Holly said, “The lights were flickering. You know, the storm and all. I just wanted to be prepared in case we lost power. The rest of the house wouldn’t be as warm as out here by the fire.” Lighting several more candles, she motioned for Candy to sit down on the pallet, while offering her another glass of wine. Thiry minutes later, without warning, the power shut off.

“Told ya!” laughed Holly as they both moved closer to the fire. The flickering candles, the crackling fire, and the wine, made the house seem even cozier than before the lights went out.

After sitting, talking, and drinking for a while, the two realized they had emptied the bottle. Jumping up, Holly said that she’d grab some more, and Candy jumped up to follow. Stopping in the kitchen doorway, Candy stood watching and admiring the girl’s body in front of her. Suddenly, as Holly bent over to retrieve another bottle, her towel moved up on her hips.

Candy gasped silently as the soft slit of her pussy came into view! Her erotic beauty was more intoxicating than the wine, and Candy began to feel herself getting wet.

Putting the bottle down, Holly spun around and walked towards Candy. With a grin on her face and a sexy twinkle in her blue eyes, she leaned over and kissed Candy full on the lips!

Pleasantly shocked, she asked, “What was that for!?!”

“Your’e standing under the mistletoe…isn’t that what you do?” Then laughing, they both returned to the fire.

Both sat enjoying each other’s company, and the warmth of the dancing fire. The wine had washed away all worries about the weather, and had broken down all remaining barriers between them.

Leaning back on her hands, Holly relaxed, spreding her legs ever so slightly. Her sweet little pussy peeked out in the dim light of the fire.

Candy stopped talking, and just stared! Holly was erotic, sensual, and tempting. The lust building inside Candy’s own pussy was about to drive her insane!

Looking up, Candy saw the temptress staring at her. She didn’t seem to mind at all, but rather seemed to enjoy the atttention.

“Hey, since you bathed me…maybe I could at least rub you down with lotion!” she said, breaking the silence. Then without waiting for an answer, she told Candy to strip and lay on her stomach.

Standing, it was Candy’s turn to let her body be inspected. Removing the gown, she could feel the fire’s warmth on her body…and the heat from the two eyes watching her. Feeling her arousal skyrocketing, she just stood and stared, as her body was being caressed by Holly’s eyes. Holly seemed to be enjoying the show immensely, and Candy loved her watching her.

Warming the lotion in her hands, she motioned for Candy to lay down. Watching her body all the way down, she just smiled…but the look in her eyes were only of desire.

Hands as soft as velvet started caressing Candy’s skin. Running her hands up and down her body, Holly’s breasts now rested on Candy’s back. Candy had lost all reservations, and now wished desperately to feel her naked body on hers!

The waves of excitement coursing thru Candy’s body was almost more than she could stand! Her buttocks, thighs, lower back…velvet fingers teased, massaged, and tempted.

Asking if Candy would roll over, she stopped massaging and waited.

Without hesitation, Candy gladly rolled over onto her back, wanting more… And to Candy’s amazement, Holly straddled her, putting her pussy directly on top of her mound!

Again warming the lotion, she ran her hands across her stomach, running her fingers around her navel and checking out her belly button ring. Moving up to Candy’s breasts, she stopped.

“Is this ok with you? I must confess…I’ve never touched another woman like this before.”

“Believe me…it’s very ok with me. Please, don’t stop.” Candy assured her.

But before Holly could move any further, the woman underneath her suddenly reached up and pulled her towel off!

“You are so beautiful!” whispered Candy.

Letting the woman underneath her have a moment to absorb her sexy, alluring, body…slowly Holly began to massage Candy’s own full tits. Pinching her nipples, and squeezing her breasts, she stared into Candy’s eyes lustily.

Abruptly, Candy stopped her and rolled out from under her. Saying she’d be right back, she told her to shut her eyes.

“No peeking!” she commanded as she knelt down beside the erotic, nude female.

Holly’s eyes flew open as she felt a pair of soft, hot lips being pressed into hers! Seeing Candy’s face next to hers, she also saw the mistletoe that was being held over her head! Smiling, she wrapped her arms around the body now merging with hers, and opened her mouth to accept the kiss.

Candy’s tongue shot into Holly’s hot mouth, intertwining with her tongue, probing as deep as she could. All inhibitions gone, both women exploded into a sexual frenzy! Hands exploring each other, tongues probing, bodies rubbing!

Pressing their breasts together, their nipples ached to be touched! The fire in both of their pussies out of control, they were instantly lost inside their desires!

“I want to suck your breasts!” Candy breathed as she shifted down. Sucking hard and biting her nipple, she heard Holly moan. Out of control, she began rubbing her pussy against Holly’s, wanting to fuck her so bad! Going from one breast to the other, she nibbled, sucked, and squeezed the beautiful breast beneath her!

Moving swiftly down, she kissed her stomach, navel, and moved towards her inner thighs. Letting her shoulders push Holly’s legs apart, she began kissing and sucking on her inner thighs. Candy’s hot breath teased Holly’s hot and wet pussy, making Holly beg.

“Do me Candy! Pleeease! I want you to fuck me!” she moaned loudly.

Running her fingers inside her soft lips, Candy teased Holly’s clit, driving her even further out of control! Holly’s hips now moved up and down with every move of Candy’s fingers, wanting more!

Slowly, Candy slid her fingers inside the wet pussy underneath her! Gasping out loud, Holly felt an electricity go thru her body that she’d never felt! The excitement was so intense, she couldn’t believe it!

“I’m gonna fuck you baby! Do you want that!?!” Candy almost yelled.

Holly gasped, “Do me…please fuck me!”

Candy’s fingers began furiously fucking Holly’s hot and wet pussy, while her tongue flicked across her clit! Rubbing and squeezing her own breasts, Holly raised her head to watch herself being finger-fucked by another woman. Ramming her as hard as she could, Candy felt the little sex kitten under her racing for her climax! Licking, sucking, and fucking…the two were lost in lust and desire!

Sensing herself about to cum, she suddenly stopped Candy!

“I want a turn at this!” she lustily said, and began sucking the breasts hanging down from above.

Both women were beyond control, and they only wanted one thing. It was the same thing! They wanted to fuck and be fucked by the erotic female with them!

Flipping around to the “69” position, Candy attacked Holly’s throbbing wet pussy with her tongue! Following her lead, Holly did the same, and both raced each other to the finish line! Eating each other like two starved animals, they both felt each other starting to cum, and both bodies tensed together! Wave after wave of ectasy rolled thru both of their bodies, both cumming hard and long!

Holding each other long after their orgasms subsided, they both stared into the dancing flames. Two bodies laying in the dim, flickering light…close, warm, and content.

“You know…I’ll probably have to sleep out here with you. After all, this is the only warm room in the house.” Holly whispered.

Staring into her crystal blue eyes Candy replied, “Oh, there’s plenty of room…but you might be safer in your own room!”

Both laughed, and both thought and felt the same thing; they were wanting each other again!

“Just promise me one thing…” Holly softly said.


“Promise me you’ll fuck me again…and again…and again!”

Leaning over and kissing Holly deeply and slowly, she said, “I promise!”

When morning came, Holly rose early to keep the fire going and to turn on the news. It was going to be another snowy day and the newscaster advised that everyone stay inside. Even all the flights were canceled; Holly’s husband could not make it home either.

Calling her husband, Candy checked on the road conditions. He knew of no local roads open yet, advised her to stay put, and asked how her night went.

“Principal Baker was a perfect hostess!” Candy exclaimed, and then added, “I’m sure we can find something to do today until the roads are open!”

Her husband paused, reading between the lines. Then she heard him laugh, and say that he wished he could be there just to see what kind of a hostess she really was…!

“I really should go. Holly…uh, Mrs. Baker…has my bath ready and waiting for me.” she said.

Candy had no idea what lay in store for them that day! Holly’s mistletoe did a lot of magical things the previous night…she couldn’t wait to see what it did for them that day!

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